Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 12, 1975 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1975
Page 12
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The Idaho Kree Press. Wednesday. Kcbrujry 12. 1075- 12 Soil Conservation staff assists in snow surveys t ' A T . T U V V T I «»:-! i .. CALIIVVELL - Michael Ycrby of Ihe Soil Conservation Service at Caldwell. recently attended a snow survey school at Big Sky, Montana. The SCS staff at Caldii-ell assists annually in Ihe snow survey program held from January through May l, with . prime responsibility for (he Silver City and South Mountain snow courses, in addition lo Ihe entire counties of Owyhec. Elmore, Ada, Gem. and Boise. According lo Ihe SCS. all irrigation water in southwestern Idaho comes from melting snow- on the mountain water sheds. This melted snow-water flows down rivers and canals until it reaches homes and farms. Since Canyon County farmers usually have adequate water supplies lo raise good crops every year according lo the SCS, residents are not loo concerned about snow surveys and water supply forecasts. What does interest residents is the prospect of flooding along Ihe Boise River, Ycrby points out. Information gained from measuring the snow depth at high mountain snow stations, plus records from previous years on storm frequency und water yield, arc used to decide how much water can be expected in the Boise River Reservoirs. This adjustment of reservoir storage is a difficult and touchy problem, Yerby explains. If the situation looks like there may be excess water, Ihe reservoirs are lowered through the river until a safe level is reached. This early release of water may cause some local flooding along the river through Ada and Canyon Counties but it averts a much greater problem later on. Perhaps if too much waler is released, the reservoir will not fill and area farms are deprived of adequate irrigation water for Ihe coming season. If too little water is released there is danger that a heavy storm may dump a lot of snow on the watershed and cause Ihe reservoir lo fill too quickly. Then excess water has to be spilled from the reservoirs to keep (hem from breaking over and flooding the cily of Boise. This release can cause heavy local flood damage alone Ihe Michael Yerby, SCS, explains soil surveys river. Snow surveys and water supply forecasts help government officials manage Ihe Boise River and its reservoirs at a safe and useful level. Without these water forecasts, management of the reservoirs would be very difficult and dangerous. Yerby comments. Workshops scheduled in credit management BOISE - Boise State University professor Dr. Robert Behling will be in Nampa Thursday and Friday evenings, Feb. 13 and 20. lo conduct a credit management and finance workshop designed lo assist small businessmen. Behling. who was a Ph. D. from Ihe University of Northern Colorado, teaches accounting and dala processing al 11SU The two-session workshop, he soys, "outlines not only (he nauire and role of credit, but the function and management of credit, handling of interest computations anil discounts, the establishment of financial rnun;teF" i "'nt. 'i r "W«:[,-i tiding there-turn on investment, how (o determine what is really profit, and what (o do with profit after il has been made." The .S'ampa Chamber of Commerce. Small Business Administration and Boise Slate University are sponsors of Ihe workshops. They will be held from 7-10 p.m. Ihe next two Thursdays in room 113 of Ihe Wiley Learning Center on (he Northwest Nazarc-nc College campus. Fees are S12. liiisint'asmen interested in (he workshops can contact Al Ferguson ;il Ibp BSU Center for Business and Economic Research, plinm- 3B5-1571 School problems studied MKHIIHAN - The Task Force, a voluntary group of approximalely 125 parents working wilh Meridian school officials, heard a progress reporl at a recent meeting al the Eagle Elementary School. The main purpose of the group is lo study the district's problems and investigate possible means of solving them. Al present Ihe largest problem is overcrowded classrooms in Ihe elementary and junior high schools, due lo the rapid growth of Ihe area. The group has investigated boundary changes of Ihe school district lines, the district's override levy, increasing Ihe bonding limit, and meeting wilh a developer's group. The feasibility of double sessions, year-round school, and busing students lo Boise lo less crowded schools are being in- vesligaled. All areas, including legislalion and olhnr bills concerning schools introduced by representatives are being studied. The group hopes not only to be of some help to Ihe Meridian School District but will also try to help other school districts of Idaho that have the same problems. Assisling Mrs. Robert Fulwyler, chairman, are cochairmen Dr. Doug Mitchell of Eagle area and David Wheeler ot Ihe Easlside area. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says Ihe farms within a 600-mile radius of Kansas Cily account for 78 per cent of the nation's wheat, 89 per cent of its hogs, 80 per cent of the cattle, 90 per cent of the corn, 93 per cent of the sorghum and 89 per cent ofIhe soybeans BSU to host flight competition B O l S E - B o i s e S t a t e University is one of six U.S. colleges and universilies invited lo host (he first U.S. Precision Flight Team Competition. The National Pilot's Association selected BSU for their Region 1 meet. Ontario Municipal Airport, Onlario, Oregon will be the site for the two day nieel, March 1 and 2. Results from Ihe regional meets netting five winners each will compete al the National Meet in Santa Fe, N.M., April 16. Four national winners in flight competition will bo selected and Birch Lecturer ROBERT ADELMAH SpeoKrn? On 'WHY YOU'RE GOING BROKE' Friday, Feb. 14 at 8 P.M. ol the Nampo Community Cinl«r Saturday, Feb. 14 at 8 P.M. ' Mill Block Restaurant in Miridlan Students, $1 U,K,$2 Double Steel Belted Radials 2nd rire-'/z Price when you buy 1 at regular price W.OOO MILE TIRES BUILT FOR 1975 NEW CARS Th " c G°°Jy"'» '"*' ^'«i "dials ID save money. [2] u sc- CHIC KV tllC DCrill to DBirr less ' I;l '' ' 3 ' provide lunger mileage, ami [4| help conserve nu ciWrTFC n « T « Am " rica ' s r ' ?5Durccs - Nuw is lht t i m c ' " bu ' lhnsc 1975 nc "' un oinuLtj Un o t t o car raubls. Sale prices remain in elfecl through Saturday. WHITEWAU SIZES BR78-13 DR78-14 ER78-14 FR78-14 HR78-14 GR78-15 HR78-15 LR78-15 FITS MODELS OF: Vega, Coll, Ca:l, P,.ilo. Fakon. k'ustarg S otters G.'emlin. Hcrr.el, Javelin, Valiant. Dustei. Banacuda. Maverick clheis Matador, A-nbassaib. Nova, Cheve'ile, Camaro, Darl, Mustang, Cougar clhe r s Toriro, Anbassacbr. Camaro. C'jl'ass, Chevelle, Challenge:,, Charger J olheis Matador Wagor., Sportwaicn, Vista Cruise,'. LeVans Wajon, ChJ.'ie.- Wjjon £ olhers Chevrolet, Po'aia, Cyanic, Mcnleiej. Furj, Calalina i or-.ers LeSabie, Rme'a. NcApcil. Galaiie. Monterey. O'cs. Ponluc 8 cU-e.'S Cadillac 8u;ck hlale Wagon. l-iperal. Mcnaco Wagon olr.ers REGULAR PRICE EACH $65.20 $67.85 $69.00 $71.55 $83.75 $79.80 $85.75 $92.85 2ND TIRE' HALF PRICE $32.60 $33.92 $34,50 $37.27 $41.87 $39.90 $42.87 $46.42 PLUS F.E.T. PERTIRE OLD TIRES $2.16 $2.45 $2.55 $2.67 $3.09 $2.% $3.17 $3.46 Goodyear wants America on Radials Ixt's Go America! Goodyear is having a nationwide 1 saloon money-saving double steel belted radial fires for American cars. Sale Prices In Effect Until Sat. Night GOOD/^EAR 6 Ways Id Charge · Our Don CuittmtrCrerfll Hi* tirr.eiicin Ii?(t» Mener Cut · Miitir Chjift *Dinen Out $ 6 OFF MIIi - miLS - CQlJpolv T I K M A m M M «k-^* X^V-* \~S M. ' THROUGH FEE, 15 EngineTune-Up Reguia/i) 534.95 · Wilh ciec'ror.ic equip- mcni our professionals [inC'iuRr your cnjjinc, insulting nei* poinis, plugs tt condcnitr * Helps maintain a s.-nooii-. rtsinir.g engine a^e ·Irxlii'leDjisur. foystiA'WA light irucks Brake Overhaul $4595 RcgularJj '54.95 ' · Our profcsiionils insld!] new linings, seals, springs. piCCision-grjnd drumj ' Ar.slyiii of ;oiit eni-jic site, dcpcnt!ab!a service JDU cm tcusl · Any new wheel cylinders, if enquired. nnlySlOciiiK GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Tl111st.St.So. NAMPA 466-8411 OPEN: 8:00 a.m. to 6:OU p.m. Man. thru fti. .9:00 a.m. lo 5:00p.m. Sai. represent Ihe U.S. Cup (earn la compete in Gavle, Sweden, August 24. 25. 1975. The European competition will be sponsored by the federation Aergnaulique Inlerna I ionale. The Region I meet will be unique in that Alike Laeninf a Boise aviation businessman, is Die new national president of Ihe National Pilot's Assoc., Washington,- D.C. President Loening plans to attend Ihe Region I meet and Region II al California Stale University at San Jose. Pilots with at least 100 hours flying limp are urged to contact John Herring [retired major general! USPFT. COB ISIh Street, N.W.. Suite 623, Washington, D.C. 2005. Local information can be obtained from Wayne E. White, program director, aviation management. Boise Slate University, 385-3365. Pilots from Oregon, Washington. Montana, Idaho. Utah and Nevada are eligible lo participate in Ihe Region I competition, according lo prolessor While. BSU's Alpha Ela Utio Aviation fraternity «'ilh supporting assistance (rom aviation sludenls al Treasure Vallev Community College. Ontario, will help with the meet details Chief judge will be Cecii Taylor, a Boise veteran national intercollegiate judge with assistants and scorers coming f;om Ihe Boise and Ontario aviation community. f Paradis, La., southwest of New Orleans, is so-called because 1 fte surrounding country, atounrjmg in a great variety of game, ^-as considered a "sportsman's paradise," according to the Louisiana Tourist Commission. Let us show you our great appliance savings' +hrtpjcrLivJb QUALITY-BUILT TWO-DOOR AT A LOW-LOW PRICE! MODEL CTA12CP 11.6 cu. ft. capacity Sell-Cleaning filler Rinj dssi.rcs Ihorojgh l-nl ronoval WLW I500P Peirr.anenl-Press ant Pcly-KnilSeltirss !'? lo.i'l, $r-o.-.n DLB(DLL) 1550P Dryer with Permanent-Press Poly-Knit Settings · Ren.ivafc up l.'cnl I ni Miri ·Stnuli' Marl rr.nlrti' Single-Speed WLW 1500P Washer BOTH ONLY · Pr. p lor.1 ltd Lti 1c* mproved · fin ^inV (J'^in ho?£? · I'oicelam en^nel firuh prclecls · A-.ilrnnlii se'l c-viD'nj; 375 I lul_pjcrLri-t QUALITY BUILT CONTINUOUS FEED DISPOSAL!.' FOOD WASTE DISPOSER MODEL HMA300 34 00 COMPACT COUNTERTOP HIGH FOOD FREEZER MODEL FH8CR · Big on Iheiniirlo-has 8.3cu. ft. opacity · Slim on the outstcfa-- only 35-1/8" wide » Counlarlop high · Convenient!^!-out basket LIMITED QUANTITIES 259 00 ' 9.13 cu. ft fresh food section never needs defrosting · 2.46 cu. ft. freezer holds up to 86.1 pounds · Full-width slide-out vegetable crispor ^3fc door shelves · Covered butter bin Pockotert egg racks 279 00 · Oven timing clock · Infinite-Heat surface unit controls · Two high-spaed 2700-watt surface units "Hrrtpjtrurct LIGHTED ELECTRIC RANGE WITH TWO EASY-CLEAN-OVENS MODEL RC556 Full-width cooktop lamp · Patterned panorama oven-door window · Self-cleaning Calrod = stay-up surface units with removable trim rings and lift-out drip pans · No-drip cooktop -Lift-off oven doors makes all areas of the oven easily accessible LIMITED QUAHTITIES 429 oo · Automatic ice maker accessory (available at extra cost] can be installed when you buy it... or it can be arided later · Three adjustable cantilever shelves in fresh food section · Adjustable meal he«p«r · Twin slide-out crispers "HxrtpjcrunJb BIG-CAPACITY NO-FROST 2-DOOR ON WHEELS MODEL CTF1 SEP 17.7 cu. ft. capacity 30V wide, 66" high · 4 7 8 cu. 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