Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 3, 1967 · Page 12
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 12

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1967
Page 12
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Maho Frc-fc Press i Calduell Ne.vs-Tribme, Monday, July 3,1967 - A2 Astrological Forecast By Currull Righter ( J E X K R A L T H N D K N C 1 K S : a d v i c t . a w i l l i n g ear. Hi- Many delays tan occur in w h a t - helpful as only you can hi*. don't be up«t if t h e y are put oK bill use the extra time afforded you to get every- t h i n g in more perfect w o r k - ing order und c o n d i t i o n . You find nnc u p o n w h o m y o u h a v e relitd ha* * m u c h lo do. lhat he can't help you now. Carroll Rlghtsr A R I E S : ( M a r . 21 to Apr. 15) S t u d y your accounts and bee w h a t needs to he p a i d , and then add value lo p r o p e r l y sensibly, and w i t h o u t loo m u c h e f f o r t . Your i n t u i t i o n is not w o r k i n g just right. Don't rely on it and use clear j u d g m e n t . TAUKl'S: (Apr. 20 lo May 20) Take real pride in y n u r fines! features and t h e n do w h a t e v e r w i l l accentuate them. Avoid the social for Ihe lime being, since t r o u b l e could s t a r t . Await a belter day, l i m e . Keep at important matters. G E M I N I : (May 21 lo J u n e 21) Ideal m o r n i n g for making interesting plr.ns for whatever H uppermos! io your m i n d , d o i n g some secret angling. Show l o y a l l y and f a i t h f u l n e s s to kin, t a i n s to c r e d i t or career in a very d i s t i n c t i v e way and he certain nol lo irk higher-uus. Don'l make any radical changes. See to il t h a t you improve image instead of lessening it. VlK(iO: (Aug. 22 lo Sepl. 22) A l i t t l e d i f f e r e n t approach can now help you lo enjoy Ihose new interests l h a l fascinale you. New f r i e n d s h a v e i n g e n i - ous ideas l h a l will help y o u gel problematical affairs solved wisely. Listen to I hem. I.llillA: (Sept. 2:1 lo Ocl. 22) Find Ihe right manner in which lo tfain Ihe f a v o r nf one tu whom you are very m u c h at- traded.'Stop being so self-conscious. Follow your i n l u i t i n n and you slay o u t of t r o u b l e t h a i could be just a r o u n d Ihe corner. SCORl'IO: (Ocl. 23 to Nov. 21) 1'arlners arc apt lo be in a slrange mood so do n u l criticize, etc., and work them up to a fever pilch. Show t h a t you are a d i p l o m a t i c person. K i n d bet- ler ways to have greater ac- o v 2 ' to - - » MOOX CHILDREN": (June 22 to J u l y 21) It's all Hghl to nsk help of good friends, bul don't be too demanding, forceful. Re rnort patienl w i l h pals who have p r o b l e m s and want y o u r Side-Long Pleats! Dec. 2 2 l o Jan. 20) Some h e a u t y and c h a r m added lo y o u r surroundings can make life more pleasanl. help you to operate more efficiently. He t o n l e n l w i l h inexpensive delights. A ready s m i l e helps lo (rain new 1 friendships. Alll'ARIUS: (Jan. 21 to Keb. 19) Associates '.-an give fine ideas just h u w lo make h o m e life far more s a t i s f y i n g , impressive, peaceful. Gel f u n d a m e n t a l affairs improved. You need to feel m o r e secure and can lake righl sleps.toward such goal. I'ISCES: (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Impress bigwigs with (he precision and accuracy w i l h whicji you p e r f o r m your p a r t i c u l a r job. C o m m a n d a higher income, lie sure t h a t every figure is correct, t h a t you u n d e r s t a n d m i n u l e detail. IF Y O U R C H I L D IS liOHN TODAY . . . he. or she, w i l l be Ihe possessor of great ingen- u i t y and will early in life interest bigwigs, business persons who can assist in career, making m u c h money, and how lo become skilled in whatever Ihe f o r l e may be here. He sure t h a t ethics are studied earl) for best results with this most fertile, almost c o n n i v i n g m i n d . "The Stars impel, t h e y do not compel." W h a t you make of y o u r life is largely up to Y O U ! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast f o r your sign for J u l y is now ready. For y o u r copy send your h i r t h d a t e and $1.00 to C a r r o l l R i g h t e r Forecast ( n a m e of newspaper). Hox 1921. H o l l y wood 28. California. Sllr up admiration in a side- uleivt skimmer that's pure princess every inch of the way. Delight to sew In waffle, weave plnue. linen blends w i t h bows poised on hips . P r i n t e d P u t i e r n 4S-iii. Misses' Sizes ID. 12. 14. 1C. 1. in. Size 14tiihefl.lT« yds. JS-ln, FIFTY CENTS In coins for each p a t t e r n -- add 15 rents (or eai'h p a t t e r n (or firsi-clnss mulling and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care o( ia'io Free press Pattern Liept.. 213 West 17th St.. New York, NT. lii"ll. P r i n t N A M E . A D D R E S S with ZIP. SIZE nnd STYLE N U M B E R . S u m m e r ' s Kitsliions iir*- a FOR ALL SIZES: See ll.i styles. 2 free har fabrics. ;V:-i'PsrirU-5 iiiK-Siiini'iHr P a t t e r n f a t a . i l i f t foitpnti fcr tr-p J t»-ni iu ['tuning. Send 50c ONE ry OF RWN AND JARS. KICKAMAWUE IS PLEADING FOR OLD SOL TO COME SHININS THRU' IN OUTER SPACE YOU RE NOTHIWG.COPPER.' CO CHASE VOURSELF.' -BUT STEALING THE 3O MILLION DOLLAR SfftCE COUPE WILL PUT ^YOU BEHIND BARS. w CHIN CHILLAR.NOOR SALVAGE CLAIM TO THE ORBITING MONEY IS LEGAL THEY REPORTED YOU MISSING AND THEY GAVE US YOUR NAME. THAT FOR ME.TOO.' 40. Printer's measure 41. Started 43. Experiments 47. Guldo's highest note 48. Purpose 51. River Island 52. Guide 53. Girl's name 54. Scottish nrctlc navigator 55. Lampreys 56. Profound 11. Recording ribbon 16. A support 20. Sainte (abbr.) 22. Score. 23. Ogled 24. Fabulous bird 25. Mountain on Crete 26. To steer 27. Combine 29. Be in debt 30. Man's nickname 35. Greek letter 37. Consolidated 39. Old- womaniah 40. Sea eagle 41. Endure 4 2. Charles Lamb 43. Spreads grass to dry 44. Assistant 45. Solitary 46. Break suddenly 49. Bora 50. Dancer's cymbals VERTICAL l.Seed 2. Mental concept 3. Loiters 4. Entertained 5. Oceans 0. Pismire 7. Cravat 8. Icelandic works 9. Shinen 10. Dry MARY WORTH I TOOK yOUR MONLY U N D E R FAbt PRatN5K.--.50 I'LL RE.TURN I T ! - : N F U l !·-.REALIZE. THAT THE. RAVJ «ATUIM ISPKLIIV 5AD AIM...BUT I 1BOUGH1 t~ I 50JIPTOR..-COULO 6RIK / OUT BLMJTV-..F.VIN IN / DURIlit A COMHINGI SE«:OH,ALK HAS iUDKNLY TbRNtD SIRLV AND HAR'ILVl CRITICAL Of Hli PUPlL Answer to Saturday's puzzle. KIM 5/WVER HOME !N u OKiy.'THERE'S THEPHOKc.'MATO DAD/ Attract lime ;,f MJtQtlun : 24 minulti. 18 1967. KlnK Features Synd . Inc.) : THEU5S.GETTYSBURG POCKS. ^JOO.^EMBWK FROM VIETNAM fiK ANXIOUS TO MEET SWEETHEARTS, WiVES WO HOttFfOLtt. SHOWN HIM JUBT A AT A TfME COME, cuewooo I WANT YOU TO SEE SOMETHINO REX MORGAN, M.D. HORIZONTAL 1. Large lizard 5. Glut 9. Rodent 12. Dutch cheese 13. Girl's name 14. Macaw 15. Governed 17. Inline rae 18. Church services 19. Apart 21. For example (abbr.) 22. Seed integument 24. Peel 27. Reimburse 28. English school 31. Harem room 32. Spanish exclamation 33. Female sheep 34. Cavern 36. Ancient 37. Employed 38. European country Today's Almanac By United Press International Today is Monday, July 3, the 184th day of 1967 with 181 to follow. The moon Is between its last quarter and new stage. The morning star Js Saturn. The evening stars are Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Born on this day In 1900 was American aullior John Mason Brown, On tills day in history. In 1775, George Washington assumed command of the Continental Army in Cambridge, Mass. In 1819, the Bank of Savings in New York City became the first of Its kind to open with 80 depositors on the first day putting into their accounts $2,801. In 1892, .workers a t . the Carnegie Steel Co., In Homes- lead, Pa., went on strike. Before- it was over on Nov. 20, 1892, seven guards along with 11 strikers and spectators had been fatally shot. PHONE 466-1891 or 459-4664 lo place your classified ad. H's fast, easy Si economical. Ratio's They'll Do It Every Time 9 So SOONER OR LATER CO/AES A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY CAY-- NOW WHAT K SHE MOANINS ABOUT? fv.HAT WVOj'TlviNOKtKTwuA p MR. KESSLER MA5 BEEN IN AN ' 1HIVK ABOUT \-HIS MOMENT. ,\||Jj J CONSTANT STATE OF ANKlET" A3 l.-?v*1s^?5 ? L ll!NTK ' : JWBS^ . f *»' ?-EAS£~REASSURE HI.' IN AN AIMOST\ "1 ASOUT \ ; .---^..M-., HIM IF VOU I i h- POSSIBLY CAN.' I'M 8E6IMMiN5TO '· ; Y TMWV TH;S VVWOLE THIN6 ' ' -AS 3EENJ TDU.-HEK ON HIM THAM iriUS ON 'i OH, IF ONLY THE SUN WOOLO COWE OUT- I'M \ SO SICK OP RAIM I'D S1VE ANYTHING / FOR A LITTLE SUNSHINE-··· THAT OLD SUN WILL FADE THE ROSS AND THE NEW SUP COVERS.' 'nib b MR KESSLECi NUMBER MJTOR' PLE-ViE JALU H ! \ * COLLECT UH.VT V OUK IHIZCS-"^/, SlC^iS ARE JOS !N.T HI-; V V IFF 15 UAttl.\\3 V R H S t V PriJNE CALL, ' '·' HA HA HA HA HA HA WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING 1 LOVE TO WALK IN I GRAS5 8AREFOOTED-- IT TICKLES MY FEET-HA HA HA HA HA IT TICKLES fAY FEET, TOO JlWK HU AT1P OfTHElJS J r /mRKRlC6E, M,J. DONALD DUCK TO DEMONSTRATE MAY ir-»-»n-n My:.. BEETLE BAILEY OKty. TIL TAKE HEADS THE FLINTSTONES MB SW(x TENOR 1 YOU'LL HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST/ WILMA. GET A HAT AND CAME ...YOU'RE TO SIHOr TENOR IN OUR BARBERSHOP QUARTET.' \ AWTTERUlTHALU LET 5 TALK IT UP! LET'S HEAR 60ME CHATTER Cin" THERE! COULD UHINE A LITTLE.. Aftf ff OK I SWETOI6? /

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