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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Monday, June 4, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN '. A fine, example' of "community cooperation waa shown in'Las Cruces over this' weekend" when residents themselves helped restore wV^ter for..the cily. It .wis a . f i n e piece of work. LasCr ·News AH IHWCHWT MMM SUHMY NSWSMPek XWm SOUTHERN NEW.MEXICO THE WEATHER LAS CIIUCEB 'AREA:? Parlly cloiuly today, tonight and Tuesday; Somewhat coolef.-tcnipci'a-' tures until Tuesday noon, then clearing. Last 24 hours: Las Cruces 80-51; State .Cpllcgc 81-50. VOL. 71--No. it ASSOCIATED. PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO/MONDAY^ EVENING; JUNE 4, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Near Control CUWDCROFT.-'-N.^i., : 3pnc '.4 ' (,1*1 -- Firefighters reported a, forest blaze near this 'southern New Mexico mountain resort 'nearly tin; der control today, j The .flames, started by Hghtn-, Ing, had burned menacingly over n 20-rnlle course in Lincoln National forest and 'little more than a;dozen miles from Clou'dcroft in the past three days. !Word was .sent from the fire lines this morning, however, that there were, no fresh outbursts. High humidity and lack of .wind to fan the embers spurred hope t h a t further damage prevented. Close*! Front- Forest rangers said only one segment remained to be closed in the long and winding fire front. Previously it received only cursory attention while firefighters concentrated on more dangerous areas. Burning" P. three-mile swath along James. I'enasco, Bear and Cox canyons, the blaze has left a 20-mile'ribbon of charcoal where virgin timber stood only-Thursday. More than 15,000 acres were burned over. Damage was estimated hy the forest service at $250.000, with cost of battling the blaze put at another -580,000. Nearly 1,000 mil- Wary men. Mcscalero "red cap" fire fighters, crnck forest service personnel, nnd men .living In the area were mustard. against the flames. . . HIT Mnns Stop ' 'And fire lines around tlie fire nrca today.were believed to have stopped the raging 'Us Iracks,. just IS.mUea away to the southeast. Fire lines ' arc clear strips 6 : 8 feet wide, - · . The .village of Mayhlll and residents of Peiifisco canyon wore, prepared to evacuate, :but ! the- fire WHS controlled enough that they decided -to stick. ;lf~bUt'."Nb · direct injuries from the fire were re po'rtcd; · However, State Policeman A.. J. Smith of Rtiidoso -^. tired after K hours in the fire ilnc near here -- failed to make a curve while driving home for a brief rest. He was hospitalized at Ainmogordo w i t h a broken collarbone. Smash Tnick The fire was almost, tinder control Saturday night, when 40 M winds fanned it back to life. More winds were forecast for today, but the weather bureau said thoy arc expected light and should not cause too much damage. And, salt the forecaster, rains in the area arc almost certain. Sagarnaga Case fo Go Miry Trial of Francisco Sagarnaga. ihargcd with embezzlement, was expected to go to a Third Judicial District jury early this afternoon. Sagarnnga, charged with . the heft, of four tires froni a lowei ;alicy man, was the first of three persons slated for trial on the locket today. Confederate Vets just Won't Fade -Plan New Meet NORFOLK. V»., June 4 t/ll -- Officials had hilled this ycar'w reunion of tlie UniUtl Con Me rate Veterans, just r,on- cludctl here, n.s the final one. It seems tKcy just didn't reckon uith the stamina of old Kolrilcrfl. The three I Oil-.year-old Civil Wnr veteran* who nitwitted this year's gRt-tOfclher have promised to join the Sons of Confcdrratr. Veteran* meeting at JackKon, Ils«., next June. Kntnrtaco Sttgarnapi drew n two-tn-titrce year prison »rn- tcncfl Jit 2 p. m. Unlay after pleading guilty to clmrjjes of Ills unexpected plea came on the luwJs.of testimony of three witnesses. SECRETARY OF STATE Dean Acheson (left,) is shown on the witness stand as he con- tinues'his long-awaited testimony on "political" aspects of Gen. Mac-Arthur's dismissal. Sen. Joseph McCarthy, (R). Wis., (right) top congressional critic of the State Department, relaxes as he listens to Acheson's testimony. McCarthy, though not a member of the joint committee investigating U. S. Far East policy, has supp_" _ lied it with ammunition. '{International Soundphotos) Acheson Tells Senators No Red Influence Framed U. S. Policy On China Situation Three irt'tncra were heard toda; They were the victim* from whom he tires were allegedly stolen, a .bird person who bought the tires, »nd Deputy Sheriff Frank Romero who made the an;est. - Other cases slated for'trinl today ace Corrl'n'c Alvillar. .charged with l A l c - o t intoxicating liquors without 'a license, and a reckless driving, charge against Samuel Gall- rdo. . ; ' '· The case of.the state vs. Ricardo Cardpn, charged with ' grand -larceny. Is scheduled on the court docket tomorrow., 'Court will continue wilh several minor' ca's'eJT 'this -week, recessing until June 18 next Friday. Murder- manslaughter charges against Jerry Nuzum in connection i-ith the death of Oylda Cooglcr, and emhczzlemcnt charges ftKalnst former county school superintendent C. W. Clarit ,nre slated for the week of June 25. Sheriff Returns Ex-County Man 7. On Felony Charge Three Cited For Drunken Driving In Two Accidents Three persons were cited foi driving while intoxicated in con ncction with two · highway accl dents over the weekend. One of the trio was injured slightly in addition to a pRsscngc in one of foiir vehicles involved in the two mishaps. Charged with driving while i n - 1 toxicatcd was Alice Terry Basley.' S3, Mcsllla Park, whose car collided with a truck and trailer combination near the Tortugas intersection of-Highway. 85'south of Las Cruces., She posted 5150 bond on a guilty -plea". Mrs,':Basley .suffered severe head .lacerations. · The Iruck, · owned by the Gear Gasoline company/was. driven by J. W. Moore, 25, Lprdsburp. He was uninjured.' 'According' to state police, Mrs. Easlty'ji car failed to stop n t a stop sign while approach- Ing the. intersection onto the main El Paso highway. Also charged with the DWT offense were Juan Gomez. 21. 1206 East Lohman. nnd Gabriel'F. Apodaca, 46, 341 East Hartley. Cars driven by Apodaca and Gomez collided on State Highway 28 in Old Me.inlta. A passenger in the Gomez car, Fernando Silas. 22. 1115 Kast Kansas street, suffered minor facial injuries.. Gomes and ,'Anodaca will be arraigned on the chnrgea today. Mrs. Kflslcy will appear in district court on the chHrges. Former Crucen Dies In California June 1 Word has been received here of the death of J. Q. McClellan, ST. who died in Sacramento, California, of a heart attack. He is survived by his widow, Ruth, and a daughter. Mis. Lcona Ruth Lihton, who 1 lives north of Las Cruces. Two grandchildren also survive. The funeral is to be held tomorrow at Sacramento. Dona Ana county sheriff's department officers returned Saturday night from Yakima, Wash., vlth a former Dona Ana county man in custody for a 'felony charge. ' . . '. · The prisoner, .Jyf- C. Hensley, formerly of LAS Cruces, was arrested in Yakima last month on a warrant issued here charging obtaining,, money un(l cr false.-.pj-e- tcnses. " The'-charge ' was- in connection with tho illegal cashing of check belonging to- another person. Sheriff's officers Jim Flanagan :uid Jess Williams Jr., said Hensley was arrested in Yakima after he attempted, to automobile .under, an assumed, name. A reference in Arkansas led to his arrest in the Washington city. Arraignment on the charges was held before Justice of Peace Martin Hcrcrni.' Hensley declined to enter a pica', and was allowed preliminary hearing set for 10 a. m. Wedncsday. Bond, S1,500, was imposed on the charges. Hensley voluntarily waived WASHINGTON, June 4 -- I/V-- Hecretnry of State Acheson tuld Senators today he docs not belie vc "Communist influence" has figured in any way in framing o£ U. S. policy toward China. . For the third tiny, Acheson was testifying at Senate hearings on the dismissal of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. In response to" a request. he read a long summary of American policy in the Orient for the last five years. When Acheson concluded it, Senator Wiley (R-Wis) asked | supply in the city and other prob- about "the purported influence of lenis in a semi-monthly ineetlnii. Local Government Boards Schedule Meetings Today Bulh Las Cruces city and Dona Ana uouniv commissioners will hold meetings today. City eonimisisonerii tire faced with decisions concerning: Governor Will Address AM Seniors Tonight . i Gov. Kdwfn L. Mcchcm tonight j will address 188 New Mexico AM j jniduntea EiL the school's fifty- I eighth annual commencement ex- [ ercises at S p. m. in Aggie Me-. moriiil stadium. Jesse Richardson, chairman of j the college's board of repents, will present awards and scholarships. President J. W. Branson will confer degrees nnd diplomas. j At bii ecu laureate services l a s t , nig-ht nl the college, Rt. Rev.! James M. Sloncy, Episcopal bish- · op of New Mexico and West Texas, j delivered the address. "Sulrhliil Win-Ill" - j Bishop Stoncy told g r a d u a t e s ! "Today you are lonhinj; out upon a world t h a t is trying lo commit suicide.; a world where men have learned to liiitc ftnd God 1ms said to love. Bishop Stoncy mlmilted Ihr adults had n o t l e n the world i n t o a 'terrible mess' --- in far worse shape lh:in it was when I hey took it over. Men have learned, he said. lo settle t h e i r differences other fa Ihan by the durl. Vet. there i a day when t tin t wan I he Big-League Too iMucli For Grandma Moses COOl'KHSTmVN, N. V., J u n e ^ f,-7') -- Crandiiin Moses, famed p n i n l c r nf life riiral-primillvr, snys :i hijf-lt'iiffiH* baseball gnmr inlfflit hi- tor iiuir.h for her !)1 From lu-r home In Eagle llriil"!-, Kenssflm-r county. Mrs, A mm Mary Kohi-rlson ((Inutil- ma) Muses sent n "no tlum]: you" l e t t e r lo iifflchils nl Iv.isc- hnll's liiill of faints here. They had i n v i t e d hot 1 lo 1m pu-M »r honor jit a Shrine In-iiefit muni' here .Inly 23 between the Itroi.ilt- lyn Dodders mill tin' Philadelphia Alhlt'tics. "1 I'm !)t years uld and Hie exeit-.-mciit mijjlit prove inn much for me," Die Idler said. Emergency City Wafer Rulings Are Cancelled Communist sympathizers the ,, Uii (State) department during period, whether you know of their having- any influence in arriving lit the determinations that you' have described here as the various', steps'which were f i n a l l y arrived at?" No Ited InfliiMiM! Acheson said: "I do not believe there was or is any Communist influence any way affecting the determination of Chinese policy, cither then or now." In his policy summary. Acheson and will hear a detailed report of disposition of a request fur a hike in_gas rates Vj the city. The Dona.. Ana ,county..£0jnmis- U. N. Hard Hit By Red Thrusts ISy Wll.UA.M C. I I A K N A U I ) TOKYO. J u n e -I - i/l 1 ' Allied troops fi^hi'my Umiu»h driving rain tnv redouhl rd the main Communist :i North Korea ben t nf F savage Red c o u n t e r a t t a c k s today. Artillery t h u n d e r e d over the .sound of h a n d grenades us United N a t i o n s forces t h r e w linck Ihu thrusts. Reds a t t a c k e d nil threatening U. N r . spearheads. They f m i p h t stubbornly every where iigHinsl tin? crunching 1 . Allied ad- 1 v.i nee. j I,'. X. oll'Icers said the offensive | appeared lo be r e a c h i n g the m a i n . Red defense line. one .who t-an f i n d H w a y j | ( ( l l l l i', M -t]fi r ;itiitim the world a w:iy o t h e r ] On |hc e . lst( .,. n f n l l t Chinese .settle differences a m i ; f o l l j , h l r m n i heavily constructs nations have not learnc'i lo settle ! the differences of nations around j the peace table. They still go t o ' r -- wars fire to kill young men. They are becoming 1 something to k i l l n i l people. Ufe's Spun Perhaps there is auinn»- ou graduate , to find pe;u-c. | f n r t i f i r a t i n n a built by North Kor- Hut as bad a.s tin; world 1;:. U i - i onus in prewar iltiys. FoliaRP had shop Stoney conlinucd. over them in n a t u r a l cani- sio'n, meanwhile, disposed of rou-1 T Ot iny jife's span is Line business early today, and will|y c n i .,. Many wonderful stepping mil into the safest world j ouflapc. Chinese wailed u n t i l in the history of mankind. Back ; vancing American. 1 ; can '" when he was horn, he continued. | ingiy within a few ya liis life's span was 30 yearn plus, j they opened up. ,:' this, afternoon, together with the county assessor as the board nf equalization to adjust tax matters. City Clerk Ray Howoll said this morning lie had received a copy of an order suspending a propose'! change in gas rates from t h e fed. , eral power commission. The order replied to various points of c r i t i - j w a s ac ti, 1K on a petition by the Bl clam which have been made againaL Pa50 natura | ffas Company seeking; Far Eastern policy. a r a j s c j n gas rates of about He said the United States "did j p ercen t. not know whether we, had an atom- included in the order have been done and much p i t has been made. But it is a changing woild and who IhiiiRs with f l a m e throwers. ogress I "Von can't call t h i s a delaying i:titiii any more," one high officer lid. "The w a y the enemy is ucl stepped forth f i o m years ago did not then and they do n il many years later. any i and d u p - i n nnd .shooting from well- indei-Htand it \ prepared bunkers anil the delet- it understand initiation nf hin defenses shows we ; an- iTdlly h i t t i n g a m a i n line." A temporary emergency declared by the city to alleviate an ncute water problem in the city's dontcs- tlc supply has ended,' since enie'rg- ency measures were undertaken. . . ··Clly Manager Pat McClernun said today the reservoir is nearly full Lo its tin ec'million gallon ca- pacity'shortly before noon. "Wo want to extend our thanks lo those cooperative residents who heeded public notices in the press to halt irrigation in the city u n t i l we could catch up on our water supply," McClernon said. 1111 Reservoir "Through iheir cooperation we have been able to bring nnr res- i- up to a level t h n t will forestall tiny shortage tn high areas of t h e city unions we should experience n prolonged heat wnvo in t h e city again." He said the footage pained tn (he reservoir brought It up nearly 50 per cent of Ha capacity over t h e weclie.nd after local residents heeded a request to Unit excessive use of water. "We have a JOO-gallun-pur-mln-. lite well in operation at the. Las Cruces Municipal .swimming pool, sn there is no drain at t h a t point," McClernon said. "In addition to t h a t saving, n regular river w a t e r i r r i g a t i o n period Is slated for June 9." ICmls Kmergeuey . lie poinled out t h a t the city certainly has no desire to impose Wider regulations when an a c t u a l emergency docs no longer e.xlsl. "Thanks lo cooperation of everyone in the city." he said, "Tho emergency is at an end." I le gave one note o f . caution, however. "Use of a m i n i m u m of domestic; water for irrigation pur- now- j pnses will permit us to ..Keep our Then | high level In the reservoir until such a time as the irrigation situation improves." Me said a prolonged worm spell, such an wns marked earlier this year with temperatures reaching 105 degrees, mifihl niisapportimi water again. "If we keep our level out Because science, he conlin- *'»»1" »»IH'"* « r '" r « « I Small b u t sharp battles flrued ." be said, "we may even be lo forestall any controls." ued, our world has become the safest and securest ivorld known; science has opened up ne\i ficltis. U n f o r t u n a t e l y , many peopli litivc come to believe it has tin (Continued on page f o u r ) ! 19-15 Russia into tn tradition on'.the warrant when or-' pan. Some critics have protested dercd to return to New Mexico to _ that _ the agreement gave Russia face 'charges. . DRUGGIST CONVENTION ' , * ) ' " ALBUQUERQUE, June 1 UPi -New Mexico druggists begin their 22d annual convention in Albuquerque tomorrow with a golf tourney. ic bomb or not" when it signed the s t f l l c m c n t j rom the federal agency i t^onunueujm jn^ 19-J5 Ynlta agreement. ,to bring ; t n a t ,. aucn p ro p DSC( j ra tes are ""^ " Pope Pius X Is Beatified propi war against J a - 1 foum i to be unjiidtificd, and may be territory permitting her now threaten Japan. U. S. Not Cause, unjust, unduly discriminatory, 01 preferential, or otherwise u n l a w - ful." Howell said if the proposed rate dike Imd been approved by the fed- Jn effect, Acheson denied, Loo. j cra] agency, the total a m o u n t to Free-For-All Fight In Negro Ball Game Ends In Death LQVTNGTON, June 4--i/Pi--A free-for-all fight over a baseball game here late yesterday resulted in the death of a 24-year-old player on a Carlsbad Negro team. James E. Brown was killed by blows struck with a 2x4 length of wood. Asst. Dist. Atty. Max Edwards satd the fight was : ."not a race riot", although-several were engaged and cars containing white women and children were pelted with rock's tossed byNegroes. Arlton Evans Barber, 23, white, of Lovlngton, was arrested in con- nection'with t h e killing. . . . · ' · . . , Barber was charged with manslaughter · this morning nnd released on 51,000 bond. Edwards said Barber and another white man, Boyd Burge of Lov- ·*Jnglon, were watching the game ictwecn Carlsbad and Ixivinglon Negro teams when an argument with some Negroes started. Brown tvas a player but he was not on tlie field at the time. Barber told Edwards that Brown became abusive in the quarrel, then "swung on me". Barber said he struck back. Then, Barber related, he saw an open k n i f e in Brown's hand. that the Chinese Nationalist government was defeated by the Communists for lack of U. S. support. . He said the United States had authoiUi-J J2,000,OOI),000 in aid to the Nationalists--half in military consumers in the Las Crnres area might raise as higli as $15,000 annually. Water matters before the city commission are expected to be disposed of without imposing any new and half in economic supplies regulations concerning the use of since the fall of Japan. And he : WHlcr , n ttie c itv. T | lc coun t.y commission plans declared that 7f» per cent of all Ihe j i U. S. war material furnished to the I Chinese Nationalists was captured by the Communists. Woman Is Fined For Shoplifting Mrs. Cornelius Jones was fined 910 nnd costs in Justice of Pcaco court this morning On a charge of phopliftlnff. The womitn was nr- tested by city officers Saturday on a complaint filed by manager .of a locnl grocery slore. Tho Items were * MH.of, pepper and'.A quantity ot nitliiml. woman pleaded frullty to The the clurf* btforc Juillo"of P««ce M. · this meeting lo be the last galh- crlnjj as the board of equalization to adjust tax matters in the conn- IWoiiiiclcr In Korea County Youths To Be Held As Draft Delinquents An active list of delinquent Dona Ana county youths who have failed to report to their Selective Scivicc board was announced today by Mrs. Marie Hcrrcll, local board secretary. Thl! ty youths are on the list In classification 1-A. Date of delinquency In most cases was in 1950. Their namca have been forwarded to the stale director of Selective Service In Santa Fe, who will turn tholr names Into '.he U.S. Attorney-General's office for actlpn. The following youths arc named on the current list which -shows them In H delinquent status as of May 31, 1051. M»y Be In Service Mm, Harrcll pointed out Hint some of the men may be In active service with tho armed forces and ·o far, such voluntary enlistment h*a Ml bun brought to the at M i»(« (our; Barber snid he ran, fleeing the park toward his car parked 100 yards away. He wild he stopped several times to throw rocks at the pursuing Brown. When ho reached his car, Barber said. Brown--about 10 to 15 feet behind r-- threw a rock. It struck the car in which Barber's family was waiting. Barber said there was n scuffle and he picked up a 2x4 about two ami a hulf feel long. He did not recall how many times he struck Brown, but Brown was knocked eight feet" iltBtflnl. Meanwhile, Barber told Edwards, Burge was In R fist fight with another Negro, Burge broke away, Joined Barber In the car. and they drove away. Barber was arrested later. Brown dl«d at 9:SO p. m. Sunday In a Hobbs hoiplUl. Word has been received t h a t Ffc. Ismncl A. Rel, was wounded in Korea May IS. Rcl is tlie 'JQ-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Rel of the Old Picacho road, near Fairacres. The wounded soldier is ;i gradil-. .... . Ic of the Junior High school. ' i n g peace" for the world. Acheson cited a November, 1IM8 i t v 'pjiey expect to remain in scs- rcport by General Barr, head o f j s j o n U I l ui a p. m. today. the military misalon to China, t h a t ; _-.-" battle lias been lost since, my 1 , J C f\*i t / » i * c Snlf'l IIM* arrival due to lack - f -"»»i"iH"" ! 1 -" 115 *-" U*'·"*· U U l U i u i or. equipment." "Worst Leadership" "Their {the Chinese Nationalist! i military debacles, in my o p i n i o n , « can all be attributed to the world's i worst leadership and many other j noraln-dcstroylng factors t h a t led to a complete IOHJ of the will to | fight," Barr reported. On the point of MacArthur's dismissal, Acheson .said the F;u {Continued on pa(r*» four) Former Las Ouccii Given Gray Lady Posl In Germany MUNICH, Gcnuiiny (Special) Mrs. Gtilcstn J. Hare, formerly of I-n.s Crnces, recently romplcted the Gray Lotties volunteer service course nl the U8lh General hospital Ill-Munich Military Post. Her ccitlficale was presented by Colonel Knu-ry. K. Ailing, Com- lurntiing Officer of the hospltnl. Said Colonel Ailing: "Your interest in constructive civic nctivi- lics Is indicated by your willingness to dcvolc lime to the cave of hospijftl patients and your completion of the course reflects credit on you us a civic-minded American. I congratulate you on your accomplishment in completing the course and Lcongratulntc the hos- pltnl on hnvlng you na n part of HH ataff. . Mr*. Bare IK the wlfft of Colonel George H, Bare, quartermftHier, Munich Mlllltary I'osl. HOME. June -1 /V -- Mori'- tlum 200,000 devout Ciithulir.s j a m m e d St. Peter's Basilica nnd square yesterday for the Pope Pius X. Pius X, who reigned from Hlo;i ; a l l alone tho saw-lmith f r o n t from ! newly captured Yonchon in Un 1 . west to Kan-siing In Ihe east where i R c i l s attacked Ihe Allies' deepest | penetration of Morih Korea. ! Tank-led U- N. forces hacked out j small gains of one to three miles in spills. .In other places they ' .stood -still. | Spears of i n f a n t r y m e n and ar- I nior pushed northward trying ty. ! reach nnd break the Reds' "Iron ', Triangle", tipped by Chorwon. K u m h w a and Pyongyang. They , were t h r u s t i n g up from Yonchon, I n miles below Chorwon: from I YnnRpyoni; and Yongong neiir the I 38th parallel; and from Hwachon, lo 19M, was know in his life lime as the "Papa Hiinlo" the Pope Siimt. Beatification is t h e first step towards ssinthood in the Roman Catholic, ritual, l i e is (he first pope to bf State Decides It Will Not Evict Mechems SANTA FE. Juno 1 iff' -- Tlie overwliclniirifi oihls nrc tli»t. (.Jov- i-rnnr »ml Mm. Edwin Mcrlu-m wilt not lie cvicteil from llu? stluu-'s i?v t ; riiuve resilience. HlnLcs JUKI don't K" a i u u m l ovk 1 - UIIK t h e i r yovcnioi-M. lint Lhc It mi! lablH r»Ih f n r lh«ni tn yet out uf the Kiivmior'rf nHl(lcnuc by July 1 nnd »mvp i n t o it lomponiry home u n t i l tlif im- piiHeil new governor'.-! rcHuLeiirc is completed. . _ · The prcHcnt residence Is Hliitrd tn Jjocnme Icinponny nfflcc Hptia 1 miles from Kumhwa. ': I!. X. UWt i U. Gen. .lames A. Van F l e e t , ! July 1, the date tor renu I U. N. ground commander, made it I work to begin on other slat' dour his forces have no inlenUoi ! nl stopping although the "pur.tul bcati- · phase" of theii 1 f i i u n t c i o f f r n s l v i fied in ^71) years and the e i g h t h in ! ended when the Hud.s esca the nearly 2000-year iiisloiy nf the Roman Catluilic t t i u r c h . During the ceremonies served body was exposed to t h e ! gets in N o r t h view of the f n i t h f u l in a f l o o d l i t ; can be used in I Us nu-n continue ti and cry.sUt casket. AmoiiK lliosiu who viowci! it were 20 cardinals and, '200 bishopH and archbishops and nearly a l l the diplomatic corps nlliicneil to the Vati- r.ion K angie" (ol buildiiiRs. Su far. Miys Stale PurPhiishu? Agent G. T. 'McWhlrler. the ML- ehum'.s have not f m m d i i plactf to live. R e n t i n g of temporary quart- ei.s will go t h r o u g h McWhlrter's purchasing office. Pinna for the new residence, to }r constructed at t h u north outskirts of Santa Fc'between Tnos nnd Bishop.i Ixidge highways, are being completed, H will be u one- story Stint R Ko style residence iml its fuinishcd, Is expoctod to Pius X I I , the n Fli;ct said, "will ilroy m i l i i a r y t a r - Kntva before they u n lipjircfisfve iiiiH- t h e Kighlh Army." LO thi.s is the "Iron T i i from which the Chiiu-sr launched tliclr sprlnR offensives and now the Urgct of U. . un the west and centm! f m n t s . j , u n i( liout $100,000. Other Allies hacked their W H V i When plans and specif lea t inn* ploied the new blr.ssed In IntertriMle i throilKh t wlth Cod lo obiain "true and la«t- \ t r u l frnn us t other are L-ompleieil. wtll lie let un bl its consLruetinii Patent Is Granted To Two Cruces Area Brothers For Auto Brake Safety Device CO'lTON M.AKKKT (CourtrMv U. T. lliv.ver Co.) ' High Urn- C1..M- A patent for a new hydraulic Inalic safely device lins been g r a n t ed to a former La Uniun man anil his brother of ilesllla. The new device is expected to be i Hie markel shortly. Hucben H. Alvare?., nnw a Loi Angi-'lcs automotive engineer, deigned the new invention wllh the assistance of his brother Crux A l - ui'z. Mesilla. Cruz will he special ·presentalivc of the fim when the device Is placed on the m a i k c t . The potent, No. S,!U1,081. Was olilalned hy the two Ill-others a f t e r many months of research and dc- algn on Die invention. It Is Intended lo provide rim- fltant automatic adjustment of brakes on nil types of automobiles nnd other motor vehicles. Once Installed, no f i u l h o r adjustment of hiakc» Is needed. According lo the potent granted hy tho tJ.S. I'ntent Office In Wash CBUZ ALVAREZ Ington, Ihe device "piovldcs control of rharai-ter stutir \vluL-ll is to luljust, autiunalirally. the normal spacing of thn linihe shoes from the In-nlip ill-inns MI as In m a i n t a i n t h r brakes ill proper adjustmi.-nt ri'gaidli'ss of Wearing of Die .shoes, and resultant expansion and '.:«}N- trai-llim nf I hi- liquid column." The M r a k e m a s t e r m a n u f a c t u r - ing ro, I5;t Konth .Spring stroet, Los Angeles, is making plans to the Alvarez inveil' tliiu, anil will announce a markel ilate at an early date. Alvare/.' aiiloiimllc hydiaiilic brake adjuster was thoroURhly inspected and tested by some of California's leading automotive engineers, who pronounced the device the best automotive brake adjusting unit they had seen In action. The Dona Ana county inventor (Continued on page four) .so Mar. i May ' J u l y Oct. ns.os Dec. :i7.oi New July :iti.!ir New Oct. 3-1.PS * Nominal ·11.65 ;i7.fis ,'Ifi.fil) 11.71 37.71 Contact the right -people for that -Job. Sun-News Wnnt Ads help you find those people. Try Sun-Ntwi Want Adi!

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