Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 47
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 47

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 47
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Stock Market Closing Prices New York (AP) --JonLau ISM-- W Tef sday'a closing Kaiser ~ 23»i-- tt New York Slock Ketmerolt M\4-- ^ Exchinge - Mlccfed Kraft - 4 5 prices: " Alrn M AIM Ch AIM Sir Alls Ch Alcoa Am list Am Arl A Bds ABC Am Can A Crj'S A Cj-a , * 30 _i 21i-l ISSia SKS 3Hk- li Martin 3«-- M McDoa 305 k-- « Merck Am EIV27 -- 3i MinMM A MClx 2OT1 MnbilOII 50Vfc_ t'li Am Mot 71i-- U Moris an I 53!i-- »i A SmR m',- ttMoniDU 3lU- ({ Am SW 14U- «l MonlPw !5 -- }', ATT 43 MlVucI JM-t- ?i Amr*x TO- « MlsiaTT 21 AnctU 191ii-- Mi NalCash 3(M-- l»k Armco St 22W-- 14 NatDis 1654 Arco 65^1--1V1 Na(Gyp 19 -I- it Alls C 2'/i Nat In B -- it Avon llltt-3 Nal Sll 41V»-- 'i Beat F «U-^i Nias 1614 Bch A 22!t- »li NVstAir B1i+ 1,4 fill Hw 67^-- W Nvt-lBan 4514+ *4 Btlx 45 --111 Occid 12Vb-- 5k Boeing 22V'*~ 14 olin 17!'*-- Vi Bols Cs 17W-- H Omnrk 13«-- i Bris M MW-- V4 fhrtbd 57\$-- ^4 Urit H 1SU-- H Invcn 111 52^-1- V, Brnswk KUi--114 PacGsB ITtt-- tt llacy E 2Slt-- ?4 FacPL 23U- i Bed Co 1814 W PacTtT 17«-- u llrl Ir.d 37 + Vi PnAmW mi- 14 Erl.Nr 4714-- Vi PanhEP 3314- W Hrfclis 16614--374 PeimCen 4Vi-- 14 Csll Ck 17V-- V4 PcnDlx 10V«-- 14 Clr Tr l?8-(- 16 Pcnnoy 79W-- H Clns Cp 61 --Hi, Pppsl 81 --2 Ccrro 15!fc-- % Pfizer ,vni-- .-14 Crl-ld Slli Phclps 4l-« -- T4 CSS Ar 29H-- IS PhllMor MV«-3H Chs 0 57 -- }i PhillPcl ZSii-- U Chrs'Slr 3314--154 Polaroia 123H--»1 cil Sv 40 -- II, Prcct 8714--114 Coc CWaI24M--in PubSC · CU PI M'.*- 14 PngSPI. Col lull 30V Pullman C o l l l G 28?l - - l.i HCA Cml SIv 23 4- 1J KopSU f' fil 1 .*-- } floyn In Con Ed 25^4 HcynMct Cti:i Fds 40Vfe--US HoyDul Cut Air 2iW-- '.i Safeway Cnt Cn 33 -- "f, StJoe Cont O 26 -- % Sincgis Cil Dla 62 --115 SCM Cp Cvls Co WVi-- 4 ScwltPnp Cra Col 11%- »k Ssars Cm Z 32?S- « ShellOil Cits \S'rt 25 --1 SoCalEd DH ltd 53^i~ ^ SoCo Deere . Gl -- 14 SoPac Dl Mlt 2351 Sony Uilon 35 Sperry Disny 1WW--2 SIBran Dw Ch Qy.'t SlOilCal EMI Pd 2fi!i -- ',1 SlOilln Falrch US}!--l?i SlOilNJ Frslnc 25V* Slauf FMC 2614+ « SlerlDrE Fd Fair 13?4-- 1« SludWor Frd Mo 7114--1M Swift Kr AlcK 24Vj-- M T«ktronx 47 + 14 Frp M 2214+ 14 Telcdyn 23!4-- Fruhl 4114--% Tenncro GAC 1114-- W Texaco Oam SVo 3I51X-- ^ Tex OS Gnlt ·H'A-- Vi Tex In (In Dyn 32 I v 4 Textron Cn Elc 8754-- 34 Thiokol (in.Fd 2B14+ W Timkcn Gn Mis 4714- */t ToddStip Gn -Mol M--11'* TWA G PbUt 2H» Trar.smr GTE 2fl^l,-- V* TriCon Gn Tire M?i-- 14 TRW In Ga Pac 4G1V- r 4 TNsenCen GHIe 1 -- M UAL Gl AM 11* - Ik UM(J Gdrch 2314 . li Ur.Carb GUr 31=\fe - afi UnEl Grace Z55S- 1* UnOilOil Drss Ir.d 3W-- 14 UnVac d j Pnl 169H--MB Uniroyal East ArL 26H--2 UrrAir Kas Kt 114^1--l^i Unflran El PNG 1714-- 14 UnCp (it WUnt 11W+ i4 UnSlM Gr GLnt 2514 US Gjp Grjhd 1S14- '.» US in Gull O J514 US Ply - llcl M 161* - 14 US Smell 27S-- tin- Pck 55W-- 14 US Sll 31U-- 14 l l l l y Sug 15M:-- H UnivCpg "" ' II milk 21'l4-- 14 Varian Jlonyu-l 144^t--3^i WarLam Ida Pw 3015-- IS \VnBan fell Us 19'.*-- 54 WnUn II Cnt 37-14-- »' t WesleEl IBM M1M--314 Wcycrlis Tnl flrv MVj-- 14 WhiMot Inl Nkl X1-W- ?A WoolMlh Ir.l Pa 3K5- '.i Xerox 11T Jen el 191i-- 29 -- l 4H4-- /, 38V4-- »i 21 74«-21i ffl^h-- ^i 35?l 3!}i_ 14 3nfe-- li 44 1314-- l'i 15?k lira--114 4J5H- Ik 241!,-- Ik 1914-- 14 49 -- Vi S314+214 M",-- li 49i4-- 14 55 -- 14 61 -- U 70Si- li 42^i - 14 43*«-- »k 411i-- 14 321i-- 2414-- $4 301i-- IS 1714-- ^4 149«-- H 3414-- 54 19 -- « 4SS4+ 14 2^b-- 14 52 --214 2114 -- % 2914-- Ik 3.V, li 2614-- 56 47V,-- 1 17^1-- 14 2J'.', MU-- M IT!;- 14 37M+HI 1W-+ 14 914 - Vi 2111 . 27 23%-- 1 16S4-- li a? --11. 34W-- ^i 152 --114 S2 18 7 571 ^ 4-- ?i , S4144-H4 "*i+ li 135»i-- Hi 45ii f 14 Salt! 17.D30.0CO New York ( A P I --Kd lies Mi-- '/ Tuesday's - selectedFrnlr A 1H4-- li American StockGn Plud 31i Exchange prices: Husky 18 -- U Clou CK 3 Kai5 In 7U- 14 Arjl 27!t-- 14 Mid Fi 2654-- 14 Ark L 25 -1- *.'* Keury R]i 17^k+ l« Asmra 21M--114 Synicx 52?«--17T« Cnrma 3 -- 14 Tenclr 2I»S--114 Dla CU 411 NE\V YORK (AD -- F3W Jones sfock MARKETS rOTATOEl - Market sleady. "Cdium AA 32-33; A Beacs DENVER AP Sroners 1971 crt._ ^'^K^SS: i2 S?"?' " le No. 2. 9.35, Job Nebraska rale basis -- GcilPMl bids t i'inlos: U.S. No. OMAHA, Neb. (API -- (USDA) -- Ln-cslock quolalions .Wednesday 6WO; barrows and ijlis ), rng Wed., April 2fi, 1072 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 47" 23.75-21.S5i 210280 lbs _ __ K'K- J M i °? c '"'"M al'2sTibs 2I.M-21.M n: °" J ' S " ?aaj ' : 350GO ° lbs (.'allle 3.500; calvrs 25; steers lo slrons heifers stronj; Jo 25 ng: hii;h choii-e and His 35.00-3j.25; p art load'i'.IM choice 9i5-1.250 lbs 3425^500- I H a r-". [lju ' t^Kiice 31.25-31.25; several niEb clxnre and prime 075-1.050 »J-J1.yo; rnrxre 825-1.050 lbs 33 50. ,,i-i-i' S . "'11 to "' rhoicc !8.50-3J.'5n ; uliluy Rr.d comn-.ercia] cou-s 23 30-25 Sfl- career ar.d culler 20.SO-J3.50 "· X2S ' K ' and pnme J.M725 .^^^tf^: ass spring slaughter lambs 31.50'" "^ f0011 sUonl c LIVESTOCK · -- Calllc 7CO; Umiled midweek suppiv, neilers sleady no! er.oug'li :alves 10 steers and OS GfEcr for a full sleady lo slrons; fe . choice and prime -35.03; mi\ed a rocd ar.d 35.»;' choice 33.!5-31.5o! CC arket lest; co*s i-nrce steers .50i choice cho-cc 3350- a! "l Prtoe ml\eil Eood ih n ^ i c o . Ib 34.00-50: choice, fleshy Ib feeder heifers 32.50^3.00 llogi 5,000; barrens and rjilts higher, Instances 50 higher; ' · - 750-125 fully · 3.23-75; o Ib 22. IndU! UUI5 PSS.35 059.14 913.63 915.49 --10.09 108.BG 109.31 107.97 108.49 -0.32 266.93 267.50 262.55 263.03 -5.73 Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) -- Prices firmed up on the stock market today after a weak start. Trading was active, On the New York Stock Exchange, advancing issues pulled within range of the declining items, which at one time had a lead of nearly 3 to 1. The 2 p.m. Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up to 949.05. At one time it been more than 3 points Estimates for csllle 2.0W; calves 200; hogs 6,000; sheep loo. Stock Market In Review NEW YORK (AP) _ Slock market prices gave up Ihe ghost after a brief midsession recovery and dropped sharply ·i moderately active trading 'nesday. The Dow Jones average ot 30 industrial stocks fell' 10.99 lo 94R.49. At one point it was off only 4!£ points. Lucien Hooper, an analyst at W. E. llutlon Co., said in- veslors were reacting to "the Price Commission's announcement it would investigate all -onipanies lhat had good quar- lerly reports and order price j rollbacks and customer refunds i.cjwiiere necessary." Other analysis observed con- :crn about the deteriorating Vietnam silualion, continuing inflation, and high unemployment were pulling (lie market lower. But. they added that Ihe market was only making nor- Jul mal readjustments on the gainsjSep 2.56 had off. Helping support the market was a Pentagon report that U.S. officials felt, the South Vietnamese had blunted the attack from North Vietnm. Some investors seemed to show optimism over what President Nixon would say in his compared with 3.83 million address tonight about Vietnam, brokers said. A block of 75,000 shares of United Aircraft larded at 38, up Big Board prices included Crowell-Collier, up 14 to H',4; American Telephone, off V-i to ·12%; Time, Inc., up l?s to 55'A; Pfizer, off */i to 30%; and Republic Corp., up % to 815. On the American .Stock Exchange, the more active issues Included Kaiser Industries, off '.» lo 714; Champion Home Builders, up 3!'« to 8D'/»; Cordon International, ahead V« at 13 and Austral Oil, up l'-4 to 31%. Local Interest Stocks (As of 11 a.m. Wednesday) Bid Asked Monfort M 3 '' IJayly 27 3 ,i 28Ti Geriatrics 9"' 9% Itel 914 9^ Skaggs 29 2914 Aft. Bank Shares 3654 3? l ' Hewlett-Packard 563. 5631 CNB Bank Shares 21!'i 22 Vipont Chemical 6 fi'/z Home U. Power 27fe 281i Local Market Wednesday, April U Beans - - H.OO Wheat _ --2 - 15 Oats (38 Ib. or better) 2.40 Barley ._- 2 ' 15 Corn ..- 2-M EXPANSION PROJECT -- Highland Nursery owner Glen 0. Bechtholdt stands in front of new addition lo nursery at 5002 W. 20th St. in Grceley. The 1,100 sq. ft addi- lio " is expected lo be ready for a grand opening Friday, Bankers Charged With Illegal Sale of Ute Indian Stock Saturday and Sunday. Bechlholdt said the additional space will be used for store area and power equipment showroom. (Tribune photo by Ron Stewart) WASHINGTON (AP)-The LJ.S. Supreme Court has ruled hat two officials of tire First Security Bank of Utah acted raudulenlly in the sale of Ute Indian slock to non-Indians. The court, however, exonerated the U.S. government from "lability in the case. A lower court had found the government liable in a suit wrought by 12 mixed-blood Utes but this was overturned by an appellate court. The Utes then appealed to the highest court. The unanimous court action Monday named John B. Gale and Vci-1 Hansleni, officers of the bank's branch in Hoosevelt Utah. In Salt Lake City, First Security officials said the bank "did not buy or sell any Ute Chicago Grain Market CtlfCAGO (AP) -- fleavy liquidation encountered stop-loss selling and soybean futures fell back more than 5 cenls a bushel on Ihe Chicago Board of Trade today. The nearby May wlreat option advanced nearly 4 cenls. Corn closed nearly 1 cent lower and oats prices were mixed. Soybean prices had been ir- ·egular through most of the session. At the close, soybeans were town more than 5 cenls, May 3.51'/i; wheat was nearly 4 cenls higher, May 1.112-l'n; corn was mixed, May 1.23 and oats were mixed, May 66% cents. CHICAGO :lay: WHEAT (AP) -- Wcdncs- Kigh Low Close May 1.62% 1.47 1.5!)'/i 1.45% of recent months. Big Board volume was 17.03 million shares compared with 14.C5 million shares Monday. The New York Slock Ex- Jul change index of some 1,300 common stocks dropped .59 lo There were 313 advances and 1,141 declines out of 1,753 issues traded on the Big Board. The market had 25 new yearly iiighs and 103 new lows. The American Stock Exchange price change index dipped .18 to 28.02. There were 2CO advances and GD5 declines out of 1,214 issues traded. Volume was 5.25 million shares, shares Monday. The Associated Press 60 stock average slipped 4.2 lo 335.8, with industrials off 6.2, rails off 3.5, and utilities off .6. Standard k Poor's 500 stock index fell 1.07 to 107.12. The NASDAQ composile index of Over-lhe-Counter stocks dropped 1.06 to 130.0 while the industrial index lost 1.32' lo 139.12. Dec Mar CORK May Sep Dec Alar May 1.4814 1.47'A 1.48 1 /! 1.5B'i 1.50W 1.51% I.SS'/i 1.5P/H 1.53% 1.23 5 ,i 1.23 1.23 1.27% l..27!d 1.27'A 1.20 1.28% 1.28% 1.28-T 1.28 1.28% I.33Vi 1.3214 U3!'» 1.36 1.35 1 !! 1.36 OATS May Jul Sep Dec .6714 .68'A .68 3 /i SOYBEANS .66% .68 .68'/i .71% .68% .72 May Jul Aug Sep Nnv Jan Mar 3.S7W 3.49 3.5P/1 3.62'/i 3.5414 3.56 3.61 .154 3.55 3.42% 3.351i 3.37'A 3.23% 3.17 3.I8'/4 3.27'/i 3.21'/i 3.21'A 3.30% 3.25 3,25 CHICAGO (AP) -- USDA Potatoes arrivals Wednesday 28; on track 81; total U.S. shipments 223; old--demand slow; ·narket dull; no carlot track sales reported; new--demand slow; market dull; carlot track sales: Texas round reds in 50 Ib sacks 3.15-3.25. Distribution Corporation stock and made- no profit from the purchase or sale o( the securities." It said the only income came from transfer fees totaling statement said involved in the $1,505. The bank $129,000 was transactions. "The bank's involvement stems from the transactions of two employees acting as individuals and not on behalf of the bank," the statement said, adding, "However, under the court's interpretation in this case, the liability of the bank is considered to be co-extensive wilh lhat of Ihe two individuals. " The court sent Ihe case hack to District Court to determine the amount due Ute stock holders who sold their shares. The case arises out of the Ute Termination Act, under which the Indians are being terminated from supervision by the federal government. The act provided for the partition and distribution of the tribes assets between the mixed-blood and full-blood tribe members. Under rules of ization established organ- handle stock sales of mixed-bloods, no stock could be sold lo non-Indians without permission. The suit accused bank officials and the government of violating this provision. EPA To Make Aerial Survey Of Tailings DENVER (AP) - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will conduct aerial radiation surveys over Grand June- lion Thursday and Friday lo see if such scanning for uranium mill tailings might be feasible for large cities. A spokesman for life federal agency said Grand Junction was chosen for the test because of the large amount of mill tailings used there in the past for construction. The survey is tentatively scheduled lo begin Thursday afternoon and continue Friday, the spokesman said. A while, four-place Iluey helicopter will tie used. If successful, Ihe spokesman said, the same method could be used in Salt Lake Cily mobile scanning already has begun. Salt Lake Cily, like Grand Junction, was at one time the site of a uranium mill. Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 2 hard red 1.67'/n; No 2 soft red l.6.V/in. Corn No 2 yellow 1.25'Xin. Oals No 2 extra heavy while 70n. Soybeans No 1 yellow 3.53'/in. Soybean nil 21.C9n. Colorado Rated Above Average In Safety by Insurance Institute By G. DAVID WALLACE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The ment officials said will be made public Wednesday. The evaluation graded the Real Estate Transfers Documen, fees listed are at the rate of on* cent p«r $100 of the selling price. Property selling exempt. lor less than $100 is April 17 Tarry A. Cowan to Jack P. Henfroe, Lot 9, Block 10, except west 60 ft. thereof, Alta Vista Add., City of Grceley, DF $1.55. Ihe S'A of NWW; the NEW of Namara lo Daniel and Maria M. Pisano, Lot 1, Block 32, Clayton Park Add., City of Greeley, DF $.85. Ilonnie R. and Janet S. Uimih By JOHN HOTARD Associated Press Writer For HAL BOYLE DALLAS, Tex. (AP) seems (he dream of many red-blooded American boy is lo get his own pad and lead the '''at- life of an bachelor. Sometimes are not always black and while, but more gray--a lillle along wilh Ihe fun. unfettered young Ihe facts of life pain Webhan Corp. To Richard A. n d Nancy F,. Wolfe, all of lx)t 20 and norlli 2.5 ft. of Lot il, Block 1, Westmoor First Filing, City of Grceley, DF $2.37. J. H. and Alice A. Clirislmnn lo Marlynn, Inc., Lois 11, 12, 13, 36 and 37, Block 6, Town of Kersey, I)K $.20. Scotl lically Co., trustee lo lo Martin and Viola Mae Frci, Lot I, Block 2, Village Sub., Second filing, town of Evans, DF $1.95. Ivan L. and Ruth V. Kent to Leroy L. ami Lauretta C. Lambertson, NW/4 of NWVi; snd SE'/i of Sec. 7. W'A of SW'/; and SEV of Sec. 6. (lie N'A of NE'/i; the SK'A of NE'A NWW; and S% of See 8. also SW¥» of Sec. 9, all of Sec. 22, the NE'/i and S14 of Sec. 23, J. Schinidl, Ixits 2 through 7, Block 7, Cascade Park Third Add., City of Grceley, DF $2.50. J. Gnle Moody Fodriv.zi, SW'/i of the E44 of W'A; Sec. 27, the and and EJ4 of W14 of E'/4 of Sec. 26, the SE'/i of Sec. 25, all in T ION., H 02 W., DF $4.30. Edward S. and' llernice A. Williams lo Lorainc C. Karen L. Hart, part of and of SW'/4 of NE'/4 of Sec. 33 TIN., H 68 W., DF $4. Ronald G. and Ixslha H. lluflon lo Edward S. and Bernice A. Williams, cast 250 ft. of north 175 ft. of Lot 5, Ranch Eggs Inc., Sub. DF $3.20. Howard Stcwnil to .John .1. and Barbara I). Wolfe, Block 6 and Block 22, Dream Acres Sub., DF $.65. Weld County Lumber Company to Richard E. and Darlene llelzer, a tract of land it) NE'/i of SE'/ of Sec. ,16, T 7 N., R 66 W., DF $2.45. Harvey L. Sroll ami homas J. Cowan to Doris C. and Ellen C. Sclander, Txl I, Cascade West, City of Greeley, DF $1.75. Johnnie Gerald Coals lo Daniel 1. and Itosclta J. Kcrr, Lot 6, Block 8, Callahan Heights Add., Town of Johnstown, DF $1.55. James Hesslcr and Chris! lo Paul Sec. 18, 2N., a U7 W., DF $G.!ifl. John F., Joseph 1. mid Pclc Rock In Uirry L. Rule, SEW, part of SV4 SVi NIS'/i and EV4 SW/4 of Sec. 35, T IN., H 67 W., also part SK'/f SW'/i and S'/4 SW'/i of Sec. 30, T I N . , II C7 W., DP $20. Joseph T. Aragon lo Frnnk L. Reynolds, Lot 13, Block 12, McCutcheon's Second Add,, Town of La Salic, DF $1.30. Carl C. Jorgensen to. Ronald K. and Sally Armknecht, a trncl ot land in NW'A of Sec. 8, T 2N, U 57 W., DF $.34. Weld County Lumber Company to Allen u: Dhongo, lxl 3, Illock 3, lieplat of nil of Ley Sub. Second Add., Town of Ln " 1)F$I.OO. Like the lalesl happenings at 2450 Lakeshore, a bachelor pad boasting a view of a lake, a boat, .and man's best friend, Joshua. A paradise. True, but not without. ' work and a bit of man's ingenuity, blood and (ears. First, a fence for Joshua is now up. Note Ibe key word- up." A Irivial thing, you say. Obviously you have never built a fence. The Salurday Aflernoon iingl- lecring Society, (SAES), an organization which does very little engineering, came over to liclp. The fence is of five-foot high welded wire wilh 2x4-inch mesh ind referred to as "no climb" jecmise il is nigh impossible or a dog (o gel over It. Ccr- lainly not a small Collie like Joshua. Unforlunalely, il was mwlo to ic slrclchcd along ground .vliich almost has no slopes. The SAES was undaunted, lowcvcr, and stretched stapled il and now lias a fence as straight as one will find in these purls. Except. Regardless of bow deep gale or corner post is sunk in concrele, it will lean If it is mil braced. Boy/e Sees /f By HAL BOYLi The fence looks great. iusl lhal the gales hang :ibout 65 degrees. ' - :,,·.;; Attention then turned lo the''.' Mat, a H-foot knockabout;'-which had not been taken ou}V,', since being bought second^ :iand. ' j,' The motor is one of those:* which you start by pulling ir''' coi-d. v.-l'i It was rather difficult to get--'' good firm pull at first bf-i; cause the pullee's feet kcpK, slipping in the oil which coaled:" lie deck. '|' Oil? Whal oil, you ask. Th£; ; ' oil from the can which oveiv'i' turned on Ihe deck. ?!:: The oil was not as slippery as-!': it could have been, though, bo-'-', cause the inrushing walerX quickly diluted it ·'.'· Walcr? What water, you ak',:; Well, you see, if n boat's drain.; 7 lug isn't screwed in, vvaler-' lends lo flow into the boat--in ! -;real quantities. .',·:, In fact, Ihe engineering.', society discovered an important':/, scientific law: v^ Water flows through a half-C"' inch hole faster than a person'- 1 ' can bail with a halfgallon jug. i;*'We then were joined by Josh,-'- ia, who came down lo the laker.', and watched master nndifrlefid.;.' go boating. i^'-' Josh? I Ihought he was f«nc ; [-. : cd in ... t;'-i Unck lo Ihe ynrd for n mental"-''.;' iipliludc test for one dog. ·-·· ·.·?·' It's a simple procedure;: , : ,'|-'. 1 Place dog in enclosure andtC vigorously call dog, slapping bolh panlslegs sdvcrfil times. Z; Dog quickly runs and-crawlJ,-/' under the high end of (he gale.cj-t Current thinking is that 4xi'-. posts must be added nliDiit cv^r';' cry two leet. ; '. 'aiv Enforcement Officials Discuss Drugs I)KH MOfNUS, Iowa (AP) - Almul 15 narcolic and drug enforcement officials from nine midivcslcrn stales met bcliind locked doors here Tuesday to exchange iiiforiiialion nn inlnr- slalc drug traffic. Henry Mayer, assistant (liroi 1 - lor of the narcotic and drug enforcement division of Hie Iowa Dcpnrlmcnt of Public Safety, barred newsmen from Ihe meeting, saying he didn't need legal reason In hold the se- Business Mirror JOHN CUNNIFF AP Busln«t N«w» Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - In (lie pnsl six years man has as- saullcd height records of varl ous soils, lie has lopped in feet 'n the pole vault, erected 110 ilory buildings, sent instruments toward Ihe stars and stepped on the moon. Hut in that sanii; lime the old )nw Jones Industrial Average s stuck rljjht where it was in . II has iHiiincccI about dur- Iliis time, shaking; louse a ew fortunes, lint its rebound is ike that of a worn (ennis ball. It reached Mb in istf, anil suspcct. C. Jackson Grayson f V, Price Commission thairman,^. observes lhal some ore illcgalljy high and will result in rebates.^.'*' That war in Viclnam liuil so.v.' many analysis wauled In wrllo;'. off as n sifiiiifJL'iiMt factor lias;.' nnw reached a pilc-li that call-?'-'-' mil be ignored by Wall Sli'cct;.-:; liccausc of Ihe Ihrcat of signifi-,'-- cant (Millcy chiingcs. ,.--, And llwso iiiiitiinl fund ra-,'v Icmptions. I'Vir (|iiile n whilc^ nosl analysts ignored I ho re-p icalcd news lhat fund share 1 -:"/ Kildcrs were cashing in (hen,':'; lien tumbled to 74-1. IL ci'awledjchips. Temporary, they .said. In 'JXi in lilfill and then fell lo Now they arc mil so crot .s-cssiop. Robert Alex and Margaret Ruth Felfc lo Alex Felle, Lot, ( ^ rrnn ,,=,,,.. Roll, Sub., First Filing, of| m STM r ^ mecling involved depnly II relmiiiidcd In BSD in 1371 but plunged again to 7!)H in the same year. Once more il is back lo fl7(! bill there again Ihu "as- Tlie rodcmptions continue, sug-i;' fi thai I lie great growlli;/' of the mutual fund in-.';' 1 may have ended. Tlia(!;i moans a loss In the market of a,':' ICarly in Hie week il read and some of Hie stock marki'l corn- said i! : Filing, $2.05. Weld Alfred K. nud Marian Louise Aragon lo Joseph T. Aragon, Lot 13, Block 12, McCulcheon's Second Add., Town of La Salic, DF $.80. April 18 Tri-Cily Development Co. lo Robert D. and Ardis K. Uoso, Lot 3, Block 4, Wtxxlbriar, First City of Grocfcy, DF County Lumber Company of Stephen 0. and lionnio L. Gray, Lot 2, Block 3, Replat of all of Ley Sub., Second Add., Town of La Salle, DF $1.BO. Galen L. and .James M. James M. Iff Callcnder to Van- Valk Cattle Co., SW'/i of Sec. 26, N'/4 of Sec. 35 and N',4 )f Sec. 35, all In T ON., R 65 W., DF |2fi.5I. 1-onie W. and Laura \fay Dent lo Daniel P,. and S. Danofle Arroyo, I/jt 20, 21, and 22, Block 7, Town of Erie, DF ficd infmrination." Mayer said saull" seems to linve slallrdistc'''^ " (IW r investment rs l» siippnrl prices. '·.:·: All Ihcfc factors can lake oiiV Irllcr writers were showing lhc:'i different incanini; ovci 1 cum-'-.'" strain. Jim; days and weeks. iN'iit ratly^- As explained by one, James,will Hi; 1 evenls rliamje liul. in ii''.', Dines, tlic market lias iiiiccjinj'slifyinj; way, I li c infcr^i; im reached lhal noinl wlinrc ]ircliilinn of cvcnls mlRli'l;' 'aiiiilysts an: jiisl ijetlinj; tiiu'chaiiiie also. ''''· jbiillish. Sn watch mil. i This is Hi" ·,]'." «f man Ilie'S now iconnclasl, in which rccoi'dn^., . f t . . . " . ... (lull t M N Ml- J ' . J I M I I I I \ V for officials o gel to know e a t l i - j , , , nc .,,.,.., jllst ,,,,,!,,,. ,,,,, ,, nlttftr- nn '» fit-t-l .11111 w. li-.i-l,. n . i r l . , . . . _ . . . . _ " other on a first-name basis and lo arrange dirccl ,,r | i( infi wliidi ntcalmns among slate cmnnni-| S p !lvvnc ,| w , lmmy | )C;ir Attending the njicnliiy siun, which Iowa nlfiduls called the first of its kind in the nation, were representatives of Illinois, Wisconsin Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Iowa. iIni(j:|, C | K . ; , ,,,,., | no , , )( , n ,| CI ses-| when Ihe D.IIA ,,,,,,..,,,, and beliefs and inslilutions assaiilRd. Thai 1,000 mark D.IIA remains nil mi:* eiirrcclion can-ihowever, and seems to giw:'J jsai.Tcd wilh agiv .··', nears l.rinil! Ralher lliau Irving In under;-!'.'. Ihcrc is a d i s t i n c t , ohscrvahlcjsland. [ici'baps we .should ac 1 --' and this lime for a number reasons. shift from confidence ID rauliunlccpl in ' e x p l a n a t i o n a lennrally usctl in nnothcr con^ v cxi: ..j:. Why rau'l I lie stuck market:.' Those belly corporate profits 'in which many investors hasc'lup I.OfJfl nn Ihe D.IIA? Ihcir hopes nrc now somewhallcaiise it's Iherc. Insurance Inslilufc nf Highway slates from zero to 190 depend- Safely luesday reported an increase in the number of slates whose highway-safety pro-; grams fail to measure up lo federal standards. Last year 19 stales were lisl- cd as "failing to demonstrate acceptable progress." This year 2! slates are in the category, according to the institute. A spokesman for the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration, which handles the program, declined comment on Ihe report. The institute report is based on tbo Department of Trans- ing on their degree of compliance with 16 proposed federal standards covering such programs as periodic auto inspection, motorcycle-helmet laws, drunken driving laws, emergency medical services and highway design. Virginia ranked highest, according lo the instilule's version of the DOT report card, wilh a score of 1,485 out ot a possible 1,600 points. Alabama ranked last wilh 739 points. DOT is authorized to withhold 10 per cent of federal highway construction funds if (he de- porfalion's annual evaluation o f j p n r l m c n l isn't satisfied wilh a stale programs, which govern-] slate's highway siifi:ly' |ro ;ram. The power has aeen invoked. I The DOT rankcrl 50 stales,! 'he Dislrict nf Columbia and 1'iicrlo Rico as above average, average and helow average. The states rated below average, with their point totals, were: Nevada 1,010; Wyoming 1,007; Georgia 935; Puerto Rico ; Norlh Dakota 953; Indiana 938; West Virginia 884; Iowa 883; Mississippi 861; Kansas 826; Alaska 759; Alabama 739. Rated above average were Virginia 1,485; New Hampshire 1,405; Delaware 1,387; South Dakota 1,336; Maine 1,325; Colorado 1,322; Di.str'ct of Columbia 1,288; Massachusetts 1,281; Utah 1,262; New York 1,261); M i c h i g a n 1,258; California 1,255; Pennsylvania 1,254. Hobcrt and Gladys M. Ochs to Manuel 0. and Andrea never; Marque/, all of Lots 9 find 10, except Ihe west 1 of I/it 10, lilofk 17, Town of Krale.rlck, DF $.55. Farrcll Ii. ami Spencer lo American ·Incelyn Rccrea- lion Mobile Home Corp. of Colo., Lot 33, Unit One, Glens of Dacono, Town of Dacono, DF $.12. State Wide Builders, Inc. lo Augu'stin ami Juanila Puenlo, Lot 8, Block M, Kerns Sub., Town of Windsor, DK $1.81. Stale Wide Builders, Icn. to Ben M. and Delia Dominguez, Lot 6, Block 14, Kerns Sub., Town of Windsor, !)F $1.81. John R. P. Wheeler lo Cache National Bank of Grceley, a tract ol land In Suburban Add., I Cily uf Greeley, W $.50. j MAULED TO DEATH -- Polar bears form where hears were and began laklng to ',:' ll Sfrnhnn TJnvrl Ifnmllfnn-T.vnr-h IR nf lhim tin tuna Minn /Miffarl rn,l ··«*,.I**,! u.. Vf'-' maul Slcpbcn Lloyd llamlllrm-Lynch, 18, of South Perth, Australia, Snmlny in bear pit at Ihe Soulli Perlh '/m. An eyewitness said Ihe man fell or dived into punl in Iho Itears' enclosure, then swam ;ien« Ibe nwl In nlnl- Idem. lie was (hen cuffed and mauled by (he bears. Police said Ihe man died from miilliplc injuries, including crushed cliesl.;'r.-v (AP Wirepholo hy Cable from London)

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