Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1970 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, May 26, 1970
Page 6
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P«te 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tu«s., May 26, 1970 Other World of the Alaskan Railroad By JULES LOH AP NtwtfeaturM Writer HURRICANE GULCH, Alaska (AP) -- The blue and gold train, ntmed the Aurora, inched around the blind curve of the mountain and rolled ever so cautiously onto the spindly trestle. 300 feet below a turquoise creek rippled between banks of alabaster ice etched with the nervous paw prints of small creatures. Off to the west Mt. McKinley's pink-white crags; loftiest in the hemisphere, pressed against a cobalt sky. To the north haughty Dall sheep raised their curled horns at the train's approac and glowered in silent disapproval from their lambing grounds across a steep canyon. Halfway Chuck Cameron remarked, I Deaths and Funerals HDflMSON "We're about halfway." Halfway? Cameron, the engineer, explained that Hurricane Gulch was about halfway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, the two passenger terminals of the Alaska Railroad, 356 miles apart. Had he wished to refer to its GATES James W. Gates of Plalte- Title. Husband ot Mrs. Alta Mac fiates. Father of Virgil A. n a t e s of Laffay- eue". T,a., Charles E. Gates of Platteville, Albert W. nates of St. Edwards, Xebr.. Elmer D. Gates of Platteville, Glen JI. Gates of Aurora, Jimraie .T. Gales of Ft. Lupton, Mrs. Jla.xine Sraotherman ot Sterling Ohio, and Mrs. Evelyn M. Thiel of Denver. Brother ot Earl Gates of Olympia. Wash.. Dee Gates of Glasco. Kans., Mrs. Grace Cross of Tacoma, AYash., and Mrs. Huby Brooks of Compton, Calif. Also survived by 22 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Services 2:00 p.m. Wednesday from the Adamson Memorial Chapel. Interment Mizpah Cemetery. psychological distance from the Harding drove the ceremonial golden spike at a point near the Tanana River where, before they built the bridge, the tracks were simply laid across the ice. Oldlimers say it was truly a rinkydink railroad in those days --was, in fact, right on up through World War II: balky equipment, wobbly trestles, warped track. After the war the government spent ?84 million rebuilding bridges, doubling the weight of the track, and also, alas, replacing the romantic old steam engines with diesels hauled all the way from Iran. world's turmoils and hatreds, from Parrot's Beak and Kent State and Wall Street, he undoubtedly would have said all :he way. In truth the Alaska Railroad [ravels another world. Its riders experience only serenity, beauty, tlioughtfulness, peace. 'And, at times, adventure. At one point on the route, where ;he train hugs the side of narrow, twisting Nenana Canyon south of Fairbanks, the tracks are laid on permafrost. With every summer thaw they move. Three years ago they slid three feet down the mountain side in one 12-hour period. In winter, which is usually, snow crews must continually plow a furrow the length of the railbelt through drifts deep enough to hide a telegraph pole The railroad's main hazard though is one for which 6( years of experience has founc no solution. Moose. Indeed, the train's popular Alaska name applied unabashedly by one anc all, is the Moose Gooser. The humor of the nickname Red Troops (Continued From Page One) two Americans of the 101st Airborne division were killed and three wounded last Saturday night when they were hit by their own artillery 16 miles west of Hue. The accident is under investigation. The U.S. Command said an Air Force F4 Phantom fighter- bomber was hit by ground fire Monday while on a combat mission over Laos, but the two . crewmen flew the crippled jetjp n c e he and a coworkerwent so over the South China sea where! far as (o wna ck a moose on the Forest Fire Danger Reported Mounting ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) --The fire danger is increasing in national forsets of Arizona and New Mexico, rated from extreme in the southern half of both states to high in the north. Firefighting teams are in the forests and have been kept busy snuffing small man-caused fires. One major blaze in t h e Coronado Forest in southern (Continued From Page 1) successful that he has God on iiis side. God UndtntMtft Eastern thought, on the other hand, places more emphasis on meditation and believes that God is underneath. "In fact, if you trace Eastern philosophy far enough you will believe that everything is God, whicli leads to the lack of compunction of a believer to take a gun and take the life of another, because really it is only God killing God -- a sort of game that God plays." Under the pantheistic Eastern religions there is nothing to be saved from and nothing to be saved into. "It eventually leads to despair and worlhlessness,' Dr. Dolphin declared. Dr. Dolphin cited passages in the Bible to show that God actually is all about and lives within each person -- "the true temple of God." ' ' M u c h as the ancienl more at- 900 acres. .conceals the tragic truth that Arizona destroyed vegetation on declared. ieach year the train kills bun- "" 'dreds of the huge creatures. Orrin Nichols, a conductor, has been with the Alaska Railroad 30 years and is still sick- Israelites cleaned temple to make it tractive as a house for God, we today need to clean the temple -- ourselves," he Chicago Grain Market CHICAGO (AP) - Grain and soybeans futures prices declined on the Chicago. Board of Trade today. There was some jelie! that the com- nodity futures was in sympathy with the continuing weakness of he stock market. Despite constructive factors in some commodities, sources said that a deep concern over the state of Ihe economy has influenced traders to disengage in futures activities. Most commodities opened lower, moved up somewhat to a mixed position around noon, and then dropped lower as trading progressed during the afternoon. Wheat futures were down as much as 2 cents, corn and nearby soybeans were down about 1 cent and oats were off fractionally. Near the close, wheat was off by more than a cent, July 1.35%; corn was off about a cent, July 1.39; oafs were down fractionally, July 64V4 cents; rye was about steady. July 1.07% and soybeans were off fraction- MARKETS CHICAGO (AP) - USDA) Cattle 700; slaughter steers weak o 25 lower; slaughter heifers teady; choice 950-1,375 Ib slaughter steers yield grade 2 o 4 29.25-30.00; choice 850-1,000 b slaughter heifers yield grade 2 to 4 29.25-30.00. Sheep none; not enough for a market test. DENVER (Al')--USDA--HUM 400; liar, ows ami Kilts slow, mostly 1.00 IUWIM-: ·2 200-220 Ills 24.25-21.50: 1-3 200-230 IDs 3.75-21.110! 2-4 230-250 11)3 22.50-23.50: 250 80 Ills 21.00-22.50: sows SO-1.00 lOM .-3 35-650 lllJ 16.75-18.00. Shrpu 200: slniiKhlcr lambs steady: [laughter ewes steady; not enough feed- TS Tor market test; spring slatixhlor ambs mostly cliok-e. to'prlnio 105-110 Ills 28.25-28.50; pin-kiwi! 118 His 2IUO; slauuh- er ewes cull to flood 4.50-7.00: feeder ambs chulcii and fancy 85-1)5 Ibs 28.00- out thelally July 2.39%. b y annual slaughter. they bsiled out. Both were rescued. B52s Are Busy U.S. B52 bombers continued rump with a snow shovel to chase him away. In these days of vanishing passenger trains the snaking KUXKLER Mrs. Ida Louise Kunkler their heavy attacks in the north-| Railroad . sn aking through ern part of South VielnamU mer j ca i s ] as t g rea t wilderness, where a new North Vietnamese recalls a bygone era when a pio- buildup is reported under way. llcer - s on iy ij,,k w ilh civilization About 20 bombers attacked ...!..·..·!., , :...._ of 2124 9th Street. Wife of Richard Kunkler. Sister of Howard Weiss of Creeley, E. H. Weiss of Denver, Mrs. Vivian Pennington of Denver, Mrs. Lola June Lindbloom and Mrs. Lena Eldred both of California. Graveside services 10 a.m. Wednesday from Ft. Logan N a t i o n a l Cemetery. Denver. Friends who Tvish may Jiive to t h e i r fnvorite charity. MAHES EvangPlina, Mares of 101S B St.. Greeley. DaiiKhler of Mr. and Mrs. M a t i a s Wares of Greeley. Sister of Ernest Mares, Mrs. Lydia Leyha both of Kama Ana, Calif., Mrs. .losc- jihinf Stutz of Platteville. base camps and storage depots (wo miles south of the Demil- tarized Zone and along the Laotian border. was a thin ribbon of iron. Here that is still the case. Its timetable lists 10 station stops and 39 official flag stops but the train will stop anywhere to take On the diplomatic front, Ihe aboard or discharge a passen- Soviel Union disclosed that itjger. had xvarned the Cambodian gov-j 12 Hour Trip One of Three Skyjacked Planes Returned to U.S. MIAMI (AP^ - An American Airlines plane hyjacked to Cuba Monday by a lone gunman arrived here today. It was the third jetliner - including two American -- diverted to Cuba fith a 24-hour period which began Sunday night. " The crew of the American Airlines plane brought the airliner to Miami International Airport from Havana. The Delta plane was commandeered by a red-haired xvoman who used a 12-year-old boy -presumably her son -- as an in Dr. Dolphin, brought here by the Greeley Centennial Commission (o address the joint baccalaureate services for all high school graduates of the area on next Sunday night, has Jul Sep Dec been filling s p e a k i n g engagements in many of the churches and before youth groups. He presently spends much time counseling young people and traveling around the country. He once took part in an LSD experiment in scientific research and noted that LSD immediately puts a person into an Eastern state of Mind. The baccalaureate service at which Dr. Dolphin will be the main speaker, is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. in the Garden Theater on the campus of the University CHICAGO (AP) -- Tuesday: Prev. High Low Close Close Wheat 1.37V2 1.38% 1.34 7 , 8 1.35% 1.37'/i 1.36 r !a 1.37 1.3814 1.41 5 -s 1.4214 1.43% Mar 1.45'/4 1.43!i 1.43',4 1.45V May 1.44% 1.44 : j: Corn Jul Sep Dec Mar Oats 1.29T8 1.28*8 1.29 1.30 1.2814 1.27'/ 8 1.27'/4 1.28% 1.23 1.211-i 1.21»i 1.2214 1.27'/z 1.2514 1.20 1.27 Stock Market Closing Prices NKW YORK (ADKencott 39W- ".4 _ Tutndty't Mleet-KtTr WV4+ X4 ·il New York Stock Krafteg 33Vj-- «i ·;.\cliins« clMinUKremw 37 -H'.'i ,ilees- Libby 5Vj-- Yi Clone Che. Utl'Jn 171H I!!'.- % OMAHA LIVESTOCK OMAHA (AP)-lIora 8.500; bnrrmrs and Kilts mostly 75-1.1)0 lowi'r: 1-3 lUO-'JJS Ibs . - - a.25-24.00; 2-3 230-210 Ibs 23.2S-23.7i; sows steady to 50 lower most downturn oi weights over 4» Ills; 1-3 350-150 Ibs 18,00 lil.oo. Sheep 1.200; slaughter lambs and eive) steady: spring slauphtrr Iambs chuiee ant: prime 30-100 Ibs 2!1.TM.3I).25; shorn slaucli er lambs choice with end prime 117 Ibs . ewes cull to good 7.00'j.liO; eattle 7.000: Alcan Al M'.i Allied Cli 16W+ Allied Sir 18 - Allls Clllll 13%- U Maey Alcoa 60 -- W Mad W . li lone S C 15 -- H i i Lolift S .G mln-- 4k LVO Cl H-lfc-H. lless 2t + Mi Manvo.x 23 - i Am Alrllii 10 -- % Maratlm 217'ti-t- ?« Am Hinds 29tfH-- V* Marco ' 374i-- V» Am Ittlcst 2IV4+1 Martin 12Mi+ .\ Am Can 35 --1 MiHon D 13Vt- "i Am C.vSK 15«l-l»t Merck 78-V4-3' 22 ; !S- !'» Minn 2.1-1!,-- ^4 Mobil 30:*»--\Vi Monsan ze-si-- Mont 1) tl 2!Hi+ 77«-- Vt 39 -- !'· Am Cy;in Am El.t' AJIct Cl Am Mtis Am Smelt 25 : »'i·- Id Monl Pw Am Sill 28',i-- »4 MlFuolS zTM-- ·« Am Ti-T 4311,-- ^i Nat Cusll 5011 + »i ftnmcx H : H+ L i Nut Disl 1414+ 'i Aiiunmil 22'it-lU Nat Gyps 1IM+ % Armra Stl lifts-- W Nat Lil «'.i-- '.'t Armour -ll'ii-- -T» Nal Sll 34!j Arillst Ck 24'.4- '/ Niim MP 15!*- li All nidi '1514+ li Nwsl Air IB-Mi- U Atlas Corp 214 N«'l -Bane: 28 - V4 AviMl I'll 12«?i~2Tli Oeeldfnt 14V4 + V« lle.1t l-'lls 2li -S.Olin Cn Heeeli Air a 1 ,;-- '.'« Omark 1S1H- M Bull How 2G Outbd. 13 -1 Bcmlix Sl'i- W Owens 38J- «. Beth Stl 2J11+ 1» I'ac G E 2414-- "·» Boulno 1G'.'«+ '.t I'ac P L 17 -- U llt.iso Cas «V4--XMil'ac T T 17 -- li Brist My 48 --2 I'an Am 8'* vlth "No" f Sits «S5r'di'grn"InMlitol!:TM» m * "«T,'-' '' ilrk! Cnt ealves 25; staimer'Veers 7iir heifers! liui1 ' 1 Co W4- 14 [|TMn Cnt 12 : 'i + 25 lower. Instances SO lower; cows steady Hurl Hid . 33W-- W l_c»" Dlx HV'T o stronx: bulls slently: feeder trade B'irl Nor 30I-! iti'nriy; .'laughter steers hlcli eliuice and llnrjihs lo:W, irime 1125 His 30.10: ehuiee 1000-1275 His r.1*e .II 9'k- Jli.75 29.511; fioo( l and oliok-e 975-12511 ll)s Cater '1'r 3l'i-l- 28.25-29.00; good 26.50-211.25; stiiDdaitl and on- sooU 25.50-26.50; slnusliler heifers ilKh choice nnd prime 1000 His "'" G5: Kootl and choice 800-1000 Ibs 28.00-28.75; Koud 25.50-28.00: Ktamlard and «oinl 21.5025.50: cows utilily and commercial 20.5022.00; cannor and culler 19.50-21.00: luillp utility, commercial and suml 27.00-2fl.5u: high good and choice 950-1025 Ib feeder steers 29.00. Celan Cp 4! Ccrro Cp Cerl-lil Cessna A Penney Pepsi Pllzer I'helps IM-2'-; Phil Mnr 17 ; 'i-- V* rhil.Pet -- I'olariil 1:1 -- i R Procter 3mi+ W 27 36 -- L i 29 + s ii 32W+ U 65»4+ '« 40Vi-]'/ -- 1B'4+ lii Pub S Col 17H-- Clies Ohio 4811,- 'i I'lifR PI/ 21 ? - Chrjsler Cities svc :ir«-'u IICA . .1.4 Pnllman 3G a «-- 1 .65W .03 .65 Jul Sep Dec Mar Rye Jul Sep Dec " '" Mar .64% .62',4 .C2',4 .62 !'.| .62V4 10718 1.06^4 1.0G 3 ..t 1.07V4 - 1.10',-i 1.10 : ',4 1.13 1.1214 1.12 r '8 1.13 1.171!. 1.18 KANSAS CITY (Al'l -C.llllc calves 10: steers steady to 25 Inwer: 1 steady to weak; row* and frei fully steady: choice steers;, KOotl and choice 28.75-29.25: Rood 20 50- Cuu Kdi; 28.75: heifers, pood and low choleo 26.25-1°"" I '" u ° l1 28.25; hiEh choice 29.25; cows 21.00-22.50;', Coal Airl choice feeder steers 400-600 Ib 36.00-13.00: I*0 " 1 c an ·hoice 500-600 ]b 31.00-37.00: WO 1,000 11) Co " 1 °" 29.50-3il.50; Rood and choice 950-1050 H) 29.00-30.00; Rood 400-950 Ib 2H.50-38.Ofl: feeder heifers and heifer calves choice 400-750 Ib 29.00-3P.50: pood and low rhnit-t? 4511-725 Ib 28.00-30.50. lloj.'s 4.500: barrows and Rills uneven]* '5-1.25 lower: 1-3 200-240 11) 21.00-24.25; 240-2.-5 Ib 22.25-23.50; 2-4 230-275 Ib Soybeans Jul 2.71',4 2.69'.i 2.C9 : ',4 2.70',i lerpreter. Earlier, a Mexican ernment against relations with! The 356-miles trip takes 12 Saigon. |hours assuming few tinselled- ^ sajd hjs , an( , was CQm . The government newspaper!uled stops and no moose on the,H ccm| by four men w h o 'S Izvestia said the Soviet ambas-j I rack, which means the tram elaimcd they'were avenging a sacior in Plmom Penh delivered axwages 30 miles an hour | { Ruerr \i\ a leader. a note saying "development of The pace is about right. of Northern Colorado and wili be open to the public. The prayer breakfast was Aug Sep Nnv ,Jnn Mar iMav . . 2I.J5-23.00; 3-4 270-310 Ib 19.75-21.75: so mostly 50 lower; 1-3 330-450 111 10.25-19.50:! ..^^ Sheep 500 spring lambs steady; shorn i iim'v* Him 50 .\es :,0-1.0 l u u e i : (.j'nilK Iambi, i Inure -Lii ess Ind 24' and prime 29.00-50; choice 2H.50-29.00; dnPonl loo 1 ewes. C.00-8.00. !-: 13' ST. JOSEI'll ( A P I -- Caltle 3:00. ralvrj 11 '- 11 " 11 Vil 1 ' .Coca Cola n i + -it I t c p u b S t l 29'.i+ H Coin Pal 31'4-Ui Buy Mi'l 23»,+ U 10)10 Intst 2r,'i-- li Hey Tub 34 : '(,-- ^i I Cull! Oas 27^i Roy Dut 31 B- I j I Coml Solv 2(ilp-f *r safeway 22-'*,-- li :!com», 26 + » ! « £ » S J g t X ·ir,i:_,-iL SaKc Ind 20-i-t- 'i Sehenly 19""»-- H Schring -ir, 1 ..-- »i, SCSI ll»i,-- »« Scott 26'vf- i; Sears Shell C Sou Ca Sou Cu Sou Pac 26 -- '* Knu By 44»t-- =« Sperry 24'i-- li Slid llrnds 38^,--3 Sid O Cat 39'! Sid (1 Ind 3fi'i-- M i'-j-- 14 ; 5JH-3 20^;+ l'i .lilt H -- L. 4»,+ ·· Cont D Cowlcs Crow Cni Crwn /ell 23'--l Curtiss W !!·'»- '·' 3!)art Jnd 2!1 : U--2' '. jUccrc Co 2!rsi+ ^i ' Ucl .Mnle 21 -- V HenH Or 15T|+. -1 5l a i-l r -: 3S'i-- ' i [ F. 2-T-a-- », ; !Pillon Co II 1 ! 2.09',-i. 2.67'.i 2.67'.i 2.68 263 2.61'.i2.C2 2.02 1 i 2 no 2.58V4 2.58 3 -'i 2.5!) J .'i 2 G « i 2.02^8 2.G3'a 2.64's 2 C 8 2.6C'.i 2.GGVJ 2.W. i'TM." 2.70'« 2.G9'.i 2.69'.i 2.7fl'!S:b«.7s:: 25: slaughter steprs nr.d heift-i relations between Cambodia crvbodv has lime to enjoy the Marriage Licenses Ismael Garcia and Elizabeth and the Saigon administration j matchless scenery and to pon- . . . will not only seriously u n - d e r the place names posted ^^ ^ determine the international pres-!»long the track even whereJ F , both ^ v i i t ^ , . tige of Cambodia, but it contra-! there are no signs of a village orj M j c !, a e ] Thomas Inman, "' 'Greeley. and Terry Lee Balte, Frederick, M r s. Elvida Herrera of 0111, -Mrs. Helen Range). Jlrs. Ernestine FHgerlierg. .M atlas Mares Jr., .lames Mares. Miss K a t h e r i n M a r e s a n d Paul Mares all of Greeley. Evening Service 7:00 p.m. Wednesday from the First diets the vital interest of the 1 even i Cambodian people." ' l l e ! "Unless measures jto withdraw the U.S. ' troops. Cambodia plunged into a long, civil war." "Those xvho connive Uniled Stales government .Tulsa, Oklu. taken ibuilt the Alaska Railroadlanelit Ed \' ario ' Ruben Lopez and . 1-oi-n.iinc fml:iv t h o nn v t n i m a n i ... -- , . _ . i _ . K Jaycces. Alice Barela, both of remains today the only .O...I...K:.. h" I federally owned and operated. |;^ f ne ' H was completed in 1923 and,^ 1 ^ Macy S m U h i GenMi tne""n'ou a :=;s« ^ TM£ «» »S ^.^ ** Claudia Stegner. the U.S. and Saigon intervention will bear the responsibility for. this." | The Hungarian nexvs agency locomotives I Panama. President Warren G. Spanish Assembly of fiod jMTT reported in Budapest that! Police Olnirc'h. Services Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the; F' m 't ''""iemliiv ''of" c'lod [deposed Cambodian chief of ciHirch" "iniprmeni Sun- 'sto-te, arrived Monday in ilanoi retirement sei .Memorial Gardens, l-'riends who wish may (Continued From Page 1) of former Police Boulder Denies Gravel Pit Permit Request BOULDER (AP)-The Boulder County commissioners have denied a permit for a gravel pit on the St. Vrain River east of Lyons. Western Paving Construction Co. said in seeking to establish Lyman W. Howard and j the pit that there was a critical Maybl Estelle Pool, both of shortage of sand and gravel Greeley. 'for construction in the Denver Lencho V. Rosales, Greeley, area. Greeley. and Maria Alvina Martinez, Milliken. Norman C. Gibson, Carol Evans, Wendt, p i v e t o the Foundation. Leukemia .'for a visit. The report said Si-^Chief Karl Towning Jan. 30. i Greeley. ·hanouk was accompanied by his Originally over 100 men aii-j Robert Charles Weber. La iwife and officials of the govcrn-'plied for the job. Cruce \yilhjSalle, and Vicky Lou White, ment-in-exiie which he set up in i h e assistance of a five-;Greeley. Commissioners said the quest was denied because sufficient attention was given to Wall Street ,., k t n ;KII'll50 N 15 M lower, rows weak In 51) MWIT; ' hulls'P'f 111 ? 1 ! 1 . 1 ~slcaily: fiTdiT Has^s f i t in: . s l m m h l f r : f.; 1 " 1 ' , ^, strcrs rhnii-e am\ prime 11UO-1175 Ib 2!i.!(5-!-",,', ,...,_ ,, :i0.nn: chnlre 100n-115n llio 2 f t.L l 5-^!'.7.'i: liii;li (.',,,,/ \f (1 t ^',1 rhoicp 1372 Ib 23.00; RtioU mil clioii-e un- j.- ol - i' ( .Ks \7- rlor 1*00 Ib LM.25-2H.003 HIMJIJ ^il.Wi-iil.Sl): ' i-'n-i-n Su'l 11 hlfifi KIKH! ami low cholci? 1117 Hi Hnl- |n i ( .h Cji -AT 27 25; hciforji choloi* BK-KSW I b . l l A C Cp i't .SO: cowl nnd choice ;ti.0it'»s.7.'i: ·(liini .Sko lit Kmul :'S.50-27.50; u l i l l l v nmt tiitiimrrnjil .f.iinm-U 1« 3 2D.50-a2.5ii: cannor ;inU futti-r Hi.rn- r,cn »yn i-- ^ sicri n H siudwth --3'fc Swift j-- :'·* Tektrnlit -- : * T L -ti'dn J- -'* Tt-nncnt Ti'xnro i Ti-\ C. Sul 1-1' -- '" Tc\ Ins HI' '.·+ '* T,.xtrn 25%- "« 2K - l»fc no --v-m H'. 171 i-- 11 24'I,-- ta iiiilily. fninitU'tTinl anil JIIMM! but! 125.M-29.WI: choice 5!» 11) fcnicr MIMT I :io.tU; clioii-L- flcsliy t«3 Ib tri-di-r lu-ik-i '30.00. -- TIlG' HOBS 7000; barrmv* ami cilf (··« (; co 1''K 1m r; ).;i n SO 1(" over 5WJ Ibs II.JK) ci, sm: -piinc NEW YORK (AP) stock market moved sharply : 2 i.-s! downward this afternoon after ajjj^ small technical rally in mid-ses-' 'sim sion crumbled. Trading xvas ;|TMj]| heaX'V. i r r i m u At 2 p.m. the Dow Jones aver- 1u ' s use of 30 industrials xvas off G.V1 CARLOT DRESSED MEAT to 034.G5. Earlier it had been up' .CHK-.WO..A.., U;SDA.,-T,,,, more than three. Decline? increased their margin over advances lo 2 to 1. i,. h ,,,,. p ,,,,..,,, ,,,, ,. M fiml m . M ,-,,, The report that the govern- 45.011: nm- ix-.-t miiny .am menfs index of leading cconom- »" d "'"" ' r '' Mi ·"« """ """' r '» .Cm Mot r,'H-..~2 ! R Ti-l Kl ;r,+ i ii-Mii; utility i tow. sieer In'ef steady l 'er and cow In-ef Mendy. 500-7IX) His 47.W, 71M.HOO l tb-i 45 vt: i-.^id WKVHAO iii ityin- .(ioodrch bmbs ;,,ydvr "·S lull) c , «. nl ; n me,.- nnd c l i e i n C.t l a u g h t e r r.i,.\lmd .Hull Oil llcrla M HI-W r.-H-k ::':·! · Hiillv Siii; i:, 1 . 1 SO linn-r; |»..||. llnnii'Mli V f . . - . r lici'I cliiiH-i-.HnniMl HT'w- .', I'| 'll,',M',,|pllli:l l l , « " o . V «.DO: lififi-r I x ' f h l l l l'i-nt 17U- indicators fell 0.1 per cent!.'» last month and that a revision was made in the March figure may have contributed to t TMl,""_° market gloom, analysis said. i Generally, concern over rising ' i Ibs ni;.^ii.n7.iH)! lirlfpr tin ,1X1: arm clnu-Us 110 lh ilmui HIM Inl H n r v in. Ir.l Nii-k H J ' , Int T4T j:i', .If-Ui-l Co 3C- 1 , ·I'liliiknl 7i«-- I* ·Timkrn SS 1 ! ~ Ti · T»ilil Slip 1!" "· TWA l l ' i -- "'« ·-· Trans Am 13'«- U Trl Cnt r-2'i+ «i '- TltW 11 -- ' · « T»\enl Cnl B · I ' A I , l i t ' t - - - '* ' I'll Curb 2?';- »l i 1'N Klrc 171-1+ i « l i 1:11 O Cnl 2.17s-- Vlt '· rn r.ii'C'i 3i · rn I'.-ivvc Mlt- "t i I'nlrynl 13 + '0 f n l t Air 57 -- '. ' 1'nlt Cp B'i- '» '·· fn rii ap;-- ' ' i rs Kmit 23'4-ri "·- rs sti ^0:1.-- f-f '* Vnrlnn 12'j- »« '-.- l-im S.T j-- ad '· W.n ITi^J- ', '- XVjln Air :n.+ "i. Wn lianc 3 3 , - T * »l XVnlt'El 'si',-'« \\'ryrlis-r :i!) T ^-i. 'I, '· Whlio M 14'j-l- t» '·- Wi-nhuli 26'i + t '· Xornx 7 l ' j -I '- ' T o t a l X.V.' 4 Slm-k 1 f S:l!i-?,: I7.0.1fl,IXX). CHICAGO ( A I M -- 1ilrai;n the environment in the pit area',prices, unemployment and in- i W PIT cent ur tk-tlr proposed for the pit. Index NEW terest rates and falling corpo- r;itc profits were cited by bro- Ike'rs as market depressants. The ( 2ti; stunii.-irils DENVER DEANS I f! M:\V \'OHK l.M'il-va Hsrci i.'- llii-Mlny'i, lPl.-.-|.Ki,inllrr 12 it! Ann-iu-lin Slix-kCi-n Ply 1 Ai-Ii;mi;c clusini: llnvky A Clits,' Cll«i! Mnl Fin ); A n i n k - t V , '·* Sntrrv A l l : 1. r.:i I'J'i- ] i Svnlcs I'dll ,1;IM- 7 -- '.. Ti'rhnrn n -- N Wn ,\ui-lr . . . YORK (AP) -- XcwJsHuation in Southeast Asia and N«.' 2."y.Eo ' 1 member citizens committee. MACY A L L N U T T MORTUARIES PckinE Japanese Foreign Minister reviewed liiese applications i.nd] Fort Collins, and Beatrice,Index: Kiichi A:chi appealed to all na-'selected 15 lo be given further; Juanita Salazar, Greeley. Market off 40 cents Reynaldo Maiminio Salazar,|York Stock Exchange closing!the Middle East also added to o iions with troops in Cambodia to'considcration. J. Saltid Range!, Greeley, andjindex BALEXT Mr«. A n n a Balent of Mil- I peace, l i k p n . Mother of Albert ! _, Balent of Anaheim, Calif., and Mrs. Ella Spomer of H i M t k e n . G r a n d m o t h e r of Mrs. Fred F. Harlettani of San Fram-isro. Ralph Ra- lent of T a r z a n a . rallf.. Mrs. Raymond M i l l e r of Greeley. Mrs. Noel Van Hayes, Jr. nf Saratoga. \Vyo.. and Mrs. .Ion T. Stephens of Xew York City. R e c i t a t i o n nf the Rosary S:00 p.m. Wednes- d a y from t h p D r a w i n g Room. Mass of the Resnr- rei-tion l l : 0 n a.m. T h u r s d a y from St. M a r y ' s C a t h - olic Church. I n t e r m e n t Linn drove Cemetery. If f r i e n d F wish, memorial gifts may he made to St. Mary's O-tholio Church or a f a v o r i t e r h a r i t y . GOETZEL Mrs. Jessie Ooetzel of the Fairacres Manor. Mother of Lester V. Onetzpl. and William W a d l i n Goetzel hoth of Greelpy. M r s . G«ors;e ( F r a n c p s l Lindsley and Mrs. Krt morotliy) Pope both of Pueblo, Mrs. Robert i M a r y ) Blake of Cnpperhill, Tenn.. and Mrs. Leo (Louise) Billings of Spokane, Wash. Recitation of the Rosary 7:30 p.m. Tuesday from the D r a w i n g Room. Mass of the. Resurrection 1(1:(10 a.m. Wednesday from St. Mnry's Catholic Church. Interment Linn Grove Cemetery. heed the call by the recent 11-; These 15 along with six local jjosefa Trujillo, Kersey, nation Asian and Pacific confer^police officers «'lio were in ence on Cambodia for withdraw-'lerestcd then were given a 100-! al of all foreign forces and new question written lest which i international efforts to bring Cruce had prepared. : The test grades along with' MUmaPA , L COURT The conference also called for information from the references, sid Cn)son 2047 81h Ave revival of the three-nation Inter-.the applicants had submitted carc , ess drivjll g S15 !ln the Courts Industrial Transportation Utility Finance investor said. pessimism, analysts I-'01I DinviT i-;it norlhrrns Hi Ni-binska r 37.69 off 0.51 Prices on I lie Big Board in- ^S 39.0G off 0.57 eluded Occidental Petroleum, 7-ru-..s 2G.59 off 0.19|up la to 14; Dart Industries, off ;!','r,TM','''' 33.23 off 0.32lTk to 30'.; : Bristol Meyers off ' · J - M a i l r t sLMily. filers Ti paid i,.r .^iMimrr iu'",,!hi'd'T,v'°'i',ny,." 48.41 Off 0.57 DENVER CASH GRAIN Wheat No 1 hard winter ordi- imlly IHVi larBi- A 2731, mnsllv; " 1 ' ' ' i u TM 3 * ' n M " " y '" 6:{ 1 ' i (0 '18'U; and I B M , Up '.2 to ir,. 2 241'.:. Earlier IBM had been up « ,," 11 '' 4 '! i1u6 TM m ;«ti? 3 H*'is. A block of 79.100 shares of Xe- national Control Commission for|then were of reviewed and the applicants to be ; nary 1.21;' No 2 cwt sorghunvrox frnded at 70, Cambodia, made up of India,inumber . Canada and Poland. Canadian'given further consideration was Prime Minister Pierre Trudead 1 reduced to seven. 'SrtiriSusin, 1225 i2lh!l-«»-»: yellow corn 2.25-2.28. Ave.. flashing red light, ?3 and NT.W VOUK ( A I M -- Do\v Junes «tnrk lVrr.-IKl's Oncn Hiqh Low Clo?^ N.C. Inr!i:t In7 '\j f.ll.r.l i;:'7.4fi ini.lfi-in.::! n , l'.'.T5 I3H.2I Un.M 1.11.53 -2.31 !;.. !i!l.IO '.(O.-l-t M.fiO 97.Bl~n.K1 5 Slks 21(1.T, r i l . G t 206.9.1 COfl.CC --3.11 Ti:uisa( linns In slofks tliwl in avirnjli'S KV iaiu:e «'f 60 stock] High Low Clost N.C. 313.5 .131.5 3:11.3 --1 7 1 1 1 . 1 ItW.G 107.6 --2.« 115.7 l i : . B 11.1.8 -- 1 . 0 ^L'H.O iai.U 2J2.2 --3.4 traffic school. Steven Heckman, 323 21st said in Tokyo that his govern-1 Last week Cruce, the ci i/ens Aye carel( , ss drivingi 515 and ment can try to help revive the.commillee and members of City' lraf f| c schoo ). commission,'but all forces fight-|CounciI held a number "' ing in Cambodia must agree they want peace. first improper turn, $25. Michael Ave. Ct., Iraffic school. WINDSOR, COLORADO EITEL Louie Eitel of -llli Locust meetings at which the four men from outside of Greeley \vere interviexved. Monday evening two of the three local policemen were interviexved. Cruce said Tuesday lie hoped i j} av ' en ' p ort to have another meeting xvilh 1 ' the citizens committee and council members this week and make a final decision about the selection of the ncxv chief by the end of tiie week. Brenda Harms, 2-102 7th St., Marich, 2C24 speeding, $10 14th NEW Y O R K ( A P ) -- Pnlato nuurcs: Mai i-losnl 7 to 4 Sales 246 cuiitiat.-t9. High 2.47 2.7R Apr .May 3.57 Books MONUMENTS and MARKERS Quality Werkm«nihlp Open AN Day Saturdays GREELEY MONUMENT WORKS, Inc. Rulph Hcllitter John Dalton 1018 7th Ave. 352-1807 (Downtown--Ovfr 50 Y«»r«) St.. Windfior. H u s b a n d of jpolice chief Mrs. KiUherine Eitel ol' Windsor. Faihcr of Mrs. H a r o l d (Florence') Heffel of M a r s h a l l . -Mo., Mrs. Don i v n i m n ) H e r n h a r d t of Windsor. Also survived hy 4 pcrando.hildren. Servinps Thursday, 2 p.m. at St. John's L u t h e r a n Church. Windsor w i t h Interment, Lakeview Cemetery, Windsor. The actual appointment of Hie be made by under the powers given 'the city manager by the City Charter to appoint heads of cily departments. Senate Schmanski-Vetter Funeral Home Fort Lupton, Colo. ELLIOTT Ouy A l v i n Elliott Rr., 311 JUiKinley, Port L u p t o n . Husband ot Mrs. .Mary Elliott. Father of G u y A. Elliott Jr.. Greeley. Mary Y v o n n e E l l i o t t , fort Litp- ton. Son of John K. Elliott, liirch A v e n u e M a n o r , Oree- Ipy. Brother of Roy Elliott and l.oyd Elliott, both of Fort Lupton, .Mrs. Wynne Fsdders. Goodland. K a n . Also survived by 2 grand- c h i l d r e n . 10:30 a in. \Veiinpsrlay. S r h m a n ski C h a p e l : i n i p r m o u r M i z - I'.-ili O m p f r y , r i s l t ' - v i l l e . r r i » n i l s may s^nd menviri- nl c i f t = to A m e r i c a n I'nn- , , .· s o r i o t y in rur'"; of ninr- T h e o d o r e Pelerschmidtl loxva. careless'THE SIDE DOWN. By William Rayner. Morrow. Most of Ihe novels xve read about the American Revolution , i{j c i iar( j Griego, 114 9th Ave., Jake Martinez, 1014 Cth St., ^ drunk, $30 and 30 l a ysl| lave an orientation toward Ihe suspended. j colonial side. This one, by an . , Robert Ritlenhouse, Denver, i Kng | ish al i thor of adventure sto- failed In obtain marriage' JeSj centers around a British license, $15. officer. M;) J j ames Blackford is with Kmlak To! Tel llulnv.1 W.-il ! Djirt lull ' I n l Ti'l Trl j n i v Slin.'s 4Hi 13'i inMinn . lOD.Otfl . 111:1,201) 'Cash Grain Market -- r; -- 2 s « +1 -- "i +2 + M -2VI (Continued From Page 1) announced for American forces. He said any involvement after June 30 xvotikl make American participation probable in a war Pentagon To Get a small British raiding force in Meditation Room the wilderness of Virginia, in WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secre-'l'Bl. A plantation owner who laryof Defense Mclvin R. Laird' has been posing as a Tory, apparently thinks generals, ad-:aclually is a rebel, betrays hisl cr ,, rr, ,,= N,,. 3. « ; r ,75 n. mi?als md their civilian bosses! force There is an ambush. j TM ? ,-K 'f ·» « need to meditate at least as Blackford is wounded and barc-j much as congressmen. ;ly escapes with his life On Laird's orders, workmen! He is nursed back to health by Steels, motors, man UIUCI-IL- --·- '^7 lons '"-, H ;. 1 ms T-JsVi'.s. NO. tail, metals, chemicals, and air-.s.wi; Ariz, mma mis ii.oo-n.!5: NO. lines were all generally higher.; 5 - 00 ' nimrd ^M^IOJIMJS cents. Oils, utilities, electronics, air-i crafts, and rubber issues xvere! |/-,rnoc W mixed. J a m t J b ". Prices on the American Stock; nipc S u n u Q V Exchange began firming after _ * modest losses in early trading. 3 J r c H The Amex price-change index xvas unchanged at 19.57, after! j ames \y Gates of Plalteville having been down 0.08 earlier. ()je( | s un( i a y a t Birch Avenue' CHICAGO (AP) -- Wheat No Declines led advances by a E ooc '.^i anol . where he had been a 2 hard yelloxv 1.4IK1H; No 2 soft margin. ; resident for over four years. He'red 1.43 : |.m. Corn No 1 yellow ' ' health for the 1 !- 3 ': ^'o 2 yelloxv 1.31. Oals No 2 j extra heax'y xvhile GS^-in. Soy- I beans No 1 yelloxv 2.73 '/in. Soybean oil 11.70n. ..·had been in KANSAS Cl'l'V ( A l ' t -- Wheat :i!l ears:. linrlinnrnl lo ' 7 timer; No. 2 hard ami liaSt flVC VOBl'S dark haul 1.4(F-',.1.5;'4; No. - ' "' ~ " l.lili'i: Nn. 2 letl wheat 1.4:i' Xo. n. l.-ll'i-l^^^i n. Gates was born Sept. 10, 188G, "'lin Concordia, Kan. He and the S 1 ,' 1 former Miss Alta Mae Clints- i n i m a n were married June 30.IDENVER CASH GRAIN L ' 1H15. The couple came to Plalte- ville in 1(130, where they had im.l!l are building a wood-paneled a girl^nd her father^ whn^arc "meditation room" in " " '""'" the Pen- neutrals in the conflict , sane-ling that tne rebels xvill find him;;!* before long, Ihe British officerjb'ee Halle; Saeheil liran 42.fn..n.2:,. Saeket! shuns 41.lin-4I.7r) Wheat futures clusetl f i n i n WHEAT F U T U R E S : Open High W; l.M'i 12'i 1.32" i Low 1.301* 1.31 1.31' ment of Cambodia, headed by As the Defense Departmentjdisgu^iscs himself as a slave by explains it: "Secretary Laird, a Premier Lon Nol. The .Senate amendment still to be scheduled for a vote xvould! visitor to he forbid spending on activities =-""="''"' H '» support of Cambodian forces, staining his skin. The rest of Ihe tale is a rather "The thrust of that amendment is to say that we shall not become engaged in a longer war in Cambodia without the Congress, and thereby the pco- non-denominalional place meditation in the Pentagon. ajish lines. He is picked up by a for pair of renegades who have served with, and deserted from, AUK Wheat No. 1 hard xvintcr ordi1.21: No. 2 cwt sorghum made'theirlome-^^Gate^.O^.OO; yellow corn 2.26-2.29. worked as a farm laborer. I ~ -Surviving are his xvife, Mrs.; Over-Counter Stocks Alia Mae Gates of Platteville; (Corretced to May 26) Asked 7!i 5!4 17 up Vt off "ii Bid CIOM!eight children, Virgil A. Gates' of Lafayette, La., Charles E. Monfort Gates and Elmer D. Gates of Geriatrics Platteville, Albert W. Gates of Bayly Mfg. St. Edwards, Neb., Mrs. Maxine llowlcl-Packard Smother-man of Sterling, Ohio,'ltd Mrs. Evelyn M. Thiel of Den-! ---- -- jvor, Glen M. Gates of Aurora!LoCQI MOfket 5 15V4 27% 6','s Open HiQh Low LIVE BEEF CATTLE By the time the meditalion'both the British and colonial|,, rr( , room is finished about mid-June forces. Before long the dark-i-i 2H.W1 28.3(1 cioiojand Jimmic J. Gates ot Fort MZO '' u P lon ; f° ur brothers and 20 m VIM KM aim sisters, Dee Gates of Glasco, S"-.M M SS Kan - Mrs - Gracc Cross of it will cost about $15,000. skinned Blackford very nearly iTalrd voiced his philosophy in is killed for a brutal crime com' Ai.r Jun Salos: 2fi. r itl 2R.70 2R.OI1 h2B.10 28.80 2B.50 28.75 «28.35 a28.35 2!l.20 2P.(W1 3?l.OO 2S.SO 28.7S 29.00 June 1.417: All? 3.S2I1: Ort 1.060: l-'el) tin; April 7: .lune'71. 2. FROZEN PORK BELLIES ill 1R.8D 3S.W1 37.70 a37.70 t Washington, Earl Gates of Olympia, Wash., and Mrs. Ruby Brooks of Complon, Calif.; 22 grandchildren and nine great- grandchildren. !£o e n "'ccUertin 1 '" l " at "^ I idling Vco^en.ion^mililary'mittcd by his captors 1 ChiirMd te a^umed Nix-'chapteins last month: i The story has modern nriph- TM 'on xvmikl rojecl any Cambodian: "Wo adhere l» the principle of cations in ils passages about ,«, _ _ ^ SSlSS;Wcdnesri from 'rcquesl thai VS. fnrc-cs rcmain'scparation nf church and state, slavery but primarily it is an Sa]fs: , i]]y ,,,,.. ^ ag t ^ t . Foh Bi:i M l i m n r i ./ r h a n p ,in lhat nation aftrr June 30. Bull Hut this principle does not im-.tcntly done I^Sw*, M»V », M, M» 'lip al=o nolrrl that Saipnn has ply a separation of man from,adventure story It is coinpc-;,,,,!;. rh ] W 7 . j, arch 2nl dpclarrd ,Ms troops xvill stay. God.' Miles A. Smilh i I . B . I ; ..-oftrr-,:. ,,-Nominal. (Corrected to May 26) Pinto Beans $10.00 Oats 2.20 Wheat 1.12 Barley 2.00 KATMANDU (AP) -- Nepal opened an exhibition of 55 South Services \\iil bo bolt! al 2 p.m.!Knn\in paintings and Education the Adainson|Minister N. K. Pradhan said he i Memorial Chapel, with inter--hoped it xvonld lead lo closer ment in Mizpah Cemetery in cultural relations bctxveen the Platteville. Mxvo countries.

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