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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 17
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1*1*1*1 n|»*» -v DA wants restoration of law group's funds Due to the igency'i thr**- month undercover program, PMTICI IN TMI DISTRICT COURT IN AND *« THB COUNTY OFWILDANOITATI OF COLORADO Nt. 1M1-A OWNtMS: MAILING AOD«M: HARL AN K. HOU'TCHENS i IHIHHV M. NMJTCNINI.' SUMMONS IN THE DISTRICT COURT. CIVIL ACTION No.1HH STATE OF COLORADO, CountyotWeld JOSEPH E.WILLIS, Davidson said the j ) is. ) OWNERS: Plaintiff ) NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT vs. GERTRUDE HURST; TheHeirs 1 of Gertrude Hurst; MRS. 1 HARLOW J.CLARK, aka Mrs. 1 H.J.Clark,-JOSEPH fl. HURST, 1 aka Joe B. Hurst; LOTTIE ) WELTY, aka Lottie M. Welty; . ) The Heirsof Lottie welty, aka ) Lottie M. Welty; AVIS W. ) BEAGLES; DU ELI. J. WELTY; ) andall unknown persons who ) claim any Interest in the subject ) matter of this action, , Defendants ) THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO, TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE- NAMED--GREETING: 'You are hereby summoned and required to file with the Clerk an answer to the complaint within 20 days after service of this summons upon you. if you fail so to do, judgment by default wilt be Id ken against you for the relief demanded In the complaint. If service upon you is made outside Ihe State ot Colorado, or by publication, or if a ropy of the complaint is not served upon you with this summons, you are required to file your answer to the complaint wilhin 30 days after service ot this summons upon you. This is an action, to quiet itle to the* following described real property, to-wit: The Edit Half E'.?1 of Section Eight (8). Township'Seven (7) North, Range Sixty- two (62) West of the Sixth P.M., Weld County, Colorado. Dated March 29, 1973. KAROWSKY,W!TWER OLDENBURG Attorney for Plaintiff. 3158thand8th Building GreHey, Colorado 80631 MaryM.fonnell Clerk ol said Court. By Glenna Carter Deputy Clerk ( S E A L ) The Greeley Daily Tribune Apr. 4,6,13,20,11,1973 NOTICE OF SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT Pursuant to C.R.S. 89-2-2, notice is hereby given thai a Petition has been filed with the Boflrd of Trustees, of the Town of Evans, Colorado, for the creation of a Special Improvement District lo Improve Criminal Justice. the street known as Pueblo Street from 35lh Street 10 37lh Slreel, in the Town of Evans, Colorado, by constructing an asphalt street with two (2) inches of asphalt paving over a four (4) inch base. The cost of such construction will be payable in full at completion of construction or in five (5) equal annual installments and it deferred with interest thereon at a rate not to exceed six percent (6?b) per annum. The probable cost is Three Dollars ($3.00) per front foot. The District shall include trie following described land: Pueblo Street from 35th Street to 37th Street, In Ihp Town ot bvans, Colorado. The Board ot Trustees of Ihe Town of Evans will consider .an Ordinance authorin'ns Ihe improvement at 7:30 o'clock P.M., Tuesday, Ihe 1st day of May, 1973, at the Town Hall, Town of Evans. The map, estimate, schedule showing the approximate amounts to be assessed and all resolutions and proceedings are on file and can be seen and examined by any person interested at theotticeot the Town Clerk, Town Hall, Evans, any time before the consideration by Ihe Board of trustees. All complaints and objections made at the meeting or in writing con cerning Ihe proposed improvement, will be heard and determined by Ihe Board ot Trustees before final action is taken thereon. Dated the 17 day of April, 1973. TOWN OF EVANS, COLORADO Irene Noyes tan Enforcement Goupe-an was one of growing concern to viously been lacking agency he says has done more area residents and to police He than anyone else in combating said local law enforcement agencies were unable to cope' with it without outside hlep. OF COLORADO Davidson made his appeal, to iHTHE«TMElT(S^ imt the State Council Division of THEDET ERMINATIONOF ,,_!_._ , . ,. ' wiviwun m INTERESTS IN PROPERTYOF ALBERT M. DARLING, GOTTFRIED WEIMER * I* joint tenancy NOTICE OF FINALSETTLEMENT ' No.P-lDB5f Estate of CHARLES B. DYDEakflC. B. DYDE (Deceased). Notice Is hereby given lhal I have filed my final report in the District Court of Weld County, Colorado, and that any person desiring to object lo Ihe same shall file writ ten objec lion wilh the said court on or before May 29, 1973. Dorothy D. Smith Executrix of said Estate M.E.H.Smith Attorney 909 Tenth Avenue Grcclcy, Colorado 80631 The Greeley Daily Tribune April ?D,?7,MayX,11,1973 NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT No. P-12276 . Eslate of REUBEN LEHL, also known as REUBEN F. LEHL, (Deceased). Notice is hereby given that I have filed my final report in Ihe District Court of Weld County, Colorado, and lhal any person desiring lo object lo the same shall file written objection wilh Ihe said court on or before May 30, 1973. MargueriteB. Lehl Administratrix of said Estate ClarenceL. Bartholic Attorney The Greeley Daily Tribune April20,27,May4,11,1973 also known as ALBERT MORTIMER DARLING Deceased. drugs in the Otero County area. CHILDREN. ·' j * TO: ELVER RICHARD KLEIN, Parent. You «re hereby notified (hit on the 17th day of April. 1V73, petition for adoption was filed in this Court by Willard D. Giines and Donna A. Gainei tor the adoption of Richard Donald Klein and Ronald James Klein. You are further notified that said petition is set for hearing on Wednesday, THE PEOPLE OF THE S T A T E . O F COLORADO: To: Willard M. Darling, Duane M Darling, Eda E. Darling, to all other persons who are or claim to be heirs of said decedent, and to all persona In. lerested, GREETING: TAKE NOTICE that a petition has ft«n filed in this cause alleging that the above decedent died leaving the following described property: An undivided one-fourth (Vith) Interest in and to the SEW of Section 23 and the WW of the SW'A of Section 24, Township 6 North, Range 65 West of Ihe 6th P.M., Weld County, Colorado. That the petition names the above persons as the heirs of decedent and the present owner of said property. You are notified to answer said petition within 20 days alter service of this notice, on you (if served by publication within JO days after the last publication of this notice) dnd in default of 'an answer, the Court will proceed to hear the matter as provided by law. NOTICE OP FINAL SETTLEMENT Ne. p. 1)442 Estateof JPSIE WHITE HE1MBIGNER (Deceased). Notice is hereby given that I have filed wL" n rm r T° l V r ! ' he Di5 ' riCl C ° Url ° f Ma * 30 - 19 "- al ?;M a - m - in this Court Weld Counly, Colorado, and that any person desiring to oblecl to lhe same shall file written objection with the said court on or before May 21, 1973 JackL.CIasby Executor ' Melvln Dinner Attorney for Estate 300 First National Bank Building Greeley, Colorado 80631 352.2081 The Greeley Daily Tribune April 20,27, May 4,11,1973 You are further notified Ihe Court r terminate your parental rights and grant the'adoplion as sought by the petitioners. Witness my hand and the Seal of this Court this 17th day of April, 1973. MARYM.CONNELL Clerkoflhe District Couri by: Rosalies. Adams Deputy ( S E A L ) The Greeley Dally Tribune April 20, 1973 OWNERS' MAIUINO'AODRESS: . FUST ADDITION TO PANORAMA PARK WINDON M.DAVIS j«7ioihSireei OWNERS: 'MAILING ADDRESS: «ARCUS K. MEILAHN * NANCY LEE M E I H N . in II137«lh Avenue Place NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION public notice is hereby given that the regular biennial school election will be held on Tuesday May 1, 1973 in School District NO. Re-12 at the school library, Weld County, State of Colorado for the purpose of electing two directors whose term of office shall expire May 1977; that each of the following named persons is a registered qualified elector residing in School District No. Re 12, and has filed with the district secretary a written notice of his or her intention to DB a candidate for the office of school director, thirty two days prior to the election date, together with a nomination petition signed by at least fifty or fifteen percent, whichever is less of the registered electors resident in the director district in which the candidate resides: . Namesof Candidates Director District Term Expires Meiva Jean Porter Q May, 1977 Jack Anderson . B ' May, 1977 DeeJ.Shull D May, 1977 Any qualified elector in Sthool District NO. Re-12 whose name appears on the registration list of the school precinct in which such person resides shall be entitled to WILLIAM M. SOULE fc MARTHA F. SOULE. In |oint OWNERS: tenjncy . MAILINGADDRESS: J7J1 BuenaVista Drive PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2721 BuenaVista Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 3, Block 1, First Addition to Panora Greelev OWNERS: MAILINGADDRESS: JAMES H. LINE ELIZABETH J. LINE, in joint tenancy 10W Ulh Avenue PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2709 Buena Viita Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 4. BlocK 1, First Addilion to Panorama PAI Greeley OWNERS: MAILINGADDRESS: PAUL F. KOPP B. EUDA K. KOPP. in joi 2)00 Slh Avenue Dated at Greeley; Colorado, this Sth day Y? te on """"dales tor school director at the regular biennial school election to be held P^P'ERTY ADDRESS: 2643 Buena vista Drive lf A P rIi ' 19 "- . «*,_"::'. ,. M - _ .. , ' LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Ut 2, Block 2. Flrsl Addlll MARYM.CONNELL Clerk of said Court By: Glenna Carter ( S E A L ) D eputy The Greeley Dally Tribune Apr. 13,20,27, May 4. 1973 The Greeley Daily Tribum April 20, 1973 THE CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO ORDINANCE NO IJ7J AN ORDINANCE VACATING A PORT/ION OF37TH AVENUE COURT, IN THE CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO AS LAID OUT AND DEDICATED IN THE PLAT OF PROPERTY KNOWN AS PLUMB ANNEXATION AND IN THE PLAT OF PROPERTY KNOWN AS STH ADDITION TO EDWARDS HOMES. WHEREAS, the plat of property known as Plumb Annexation showed the westerly thirty (30') faet of a street designated on said plat as 37th Avenue Court, extending northward from West IQtn Street in the City of Greeley, Colorado, and WHEREAS, the plat of property known as Slh Addition to Edwards Homes showed the easterly thirty (30') feet of a street designated thereon as 37th Avenue Court, extending northerly from West loin Street in the City ot Greeley, Colorado, and WHEREAS, the areas shown on said plats as comprising 37th Avenue Court have never been opened to the public for street purposes and have never been used as a private roadway for access to any privately owned property, and WHEREAS, B new 37th Avenue Court has been established and dedicated on the plat of Pepper's Subdivision, sald37th Avenue Court lying to the east of the areas shown on said other plats as 37th Avenue Court (which areas are hereinafter referred to as "old 37th Avenue court"), and WHEREAS, the owner of the property adjacent to the old 37th Avenue Court, on each side thereof, has petitioned the City to vacate old 37th Avenue Court, said owner having petitioned the Greelay Planning Commission pursuant to the procedure set forth In Sec. !3-« of the Code of Ordinances, City of Greeley, Colorado, and WHEREAS, the Planning Commission has recommended to th« City Council that the old 37th Avenue Court be vacated, subject to Ihe reservation of an easement for existing utility tines and drainage easement; NOW,THEREFORE, BE ITORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCILOR THE CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO: Section 1. The property described in Section 3 of this Ordinance, which Is the same property referred to above as old 37th Avenue Court, is hereby vacated for street and road purposes and the City of Greeley hereby relinquishes all right, title and interest In said property and hereby authorizes the appropriate city officials to execute any necessary documents to accomplish such rellnqulShment. The foregoing vacation and relinquishTM wit Is subject to a reservation and retention of an easement for drainage and for utility lines and appurtenances, along the easterly fifteen (IS') feet of the property described in Section 2. hereof. Section 2. The property to which this ordinance relates is legally described as follows: A tract of land located in the Southeast Quarter (SE'/4) of Section 2, Township 5 North, Range 66 West of the Sixth Principal Meridian, City of Greeley, Weld County, Colorado and being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the Southeast Corner of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SECor SWA SEW) of said Section 2, and considering the West Line of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE'A SE'A) ot said Section 2 to bear North 01° !»' 00" Eait and with all other bearings contained herein being relative thereto: Thence North 01° 18' 00" Hast, 80.68 feet; Thence North 83" 52' 30" East, 20.18 feet, to the True Point of Beginning; Thence North 01» 18' 00" East, 412.75 tiet; Thence North 01° 54' 18" West, 11.95 feet; Thence South 90° 00' 00" West, 18.95 feet; Thence North 01° 17' 22" East, 11.51 feet; Thence South'83° 52' 30" West, 30.17 feet; Thence South 01° IB' 00" West, 445.36 feet; Thence North 83° 52' 30" East, 50.35 feet, to the True Point of Beginning. Said tract of land contains 0.49? acres. Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect five (5) days after its final publication, as provided by Section 3-16 of the Greeley Charter. PASSED AND ADOPTED, SIGNED AND APPROVED This ... day of \m. ATTEST: THE CITY OF GRCELEY, COLORADO By City Clerk Mayor APPROVED: * Jack D. Huffman William E. Shade City Manager City Attorney SALLYA.SCRIPTER CITYCLERK I, Sally A. Scripter, City Clerk of the City of Greeley, Colorado do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of a certain proposed ordinance Introduced and read before the City Council of the City of Greeley, at a regular meeting thereof held on the 17th day of April, 1973, and ordered by said City Council to be published as the law provides. Sally A. Scripter City Clerk of the City of Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Daily Tribune April 20,1973 THE CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO ORDINANCE NO , 1*73 npn?S?!,r=c CE AMENDING CHAPTER 22, ARTICLE III, OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES, CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO, BY ADDING THERETO PROVISIONS REQUIRING APPLICANTS FOR SANITARY SEWER SERVICE TO T£ p£m!?I RDAc ~ HARGE T ° BE USED T0 MAKE PA RTIAL REIMBURSEMENT ftpTT n 0 n ERS ° NS WH ° HAVE PA ' D FOR SEWER LINE EXTENSIONS. COLORADO BY THE CITV COUNCIL OF THE C1T Y OF GREELEV. Section 1. Sec. 32 of Article II I, of the Codeof Ordinances, City of Greeley, Colorado, is hereby amended by adding thereto two sections, said sections to benumbered Sec 22- 61A and 33-61B, which new sections shall read as follows: '"'Nn'nlf; *^r?l:^ r « d '°_ r «""««»?. *° P ublic »"»"Y sewer lines. Town Clerk NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the biennial election of the legal voters of School District No. Six, in ths County of Weld and State ot Colorado, will be held Tuesday May l, 1973, for the purpose of electing one (1) member of the Board of Education for Ihe term of two (2) years, two (2) members for the regular terms of six (6) years, as provided by law and In* question of increasing the number of School Directors from five to seven. The duly nominated candidates are: TWO YEAR TERM SIX YEAR TERM QUESTION Maria Arellano ' Carole A. Anderson Vote "FORor AGAINST" F. pale Hammer Donald E. Cook M.D. increasing the number of Louis C. Rieker James L. Gossman School Directors from LydiaRuyle Thomas V. Schmidt Jr. five to seven In School Eiias Tapia District Number Six. The polling places will be open from seven o'clock a.m. to seven o'clock p.m of said day. For Ihe purpose of said School Election, School District No. 6, the County of Weld and State of Colorado has been divided into ten (10) School Election Precincts The Precincts and Polling Places therein are as follows- School Election Precinct Ho. t Consists of City of Greeley, General Election Precinct No's. BOOM 8002-1 8003-1 8004-1 8127-1 9126-1 Voting Place: BILLIE MARTINEZ SCHOOL GYMNASIUM School Election Precinct No. 2 Consists of City of Greeley, General Election Precinct NO'S. 8005-1 8809 8810-1 HIM 9109 Voting Place: MADISON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM School Election Precinct No. 3 Consists of City of Greelev General Election Pr«-inrt No's. HIM 8813-1 B814-1 8B15-I 8816-1 9817-1 . rKinCt Voting Place: FRANKLIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MAIN HALL Poles open from 7:00 *.m. to 7:00 p.m. Date April 2, 1973 The Greeley Daily Tribune Apr. 13,20,27,1973 Signed Orvile Harms Secretary School District Re-12 lion to Panorama Park. City of inl t THE CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO ORDINANCE NO.31,1*71 Section 1. The City c ° E CITY COUNCILOF THE CITY OF ^TM! re ^.'! n ? ! Ihflt th * im P r °vements which are more fully Voting Pl«ce: CAMERON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM S^SEBETSSS TMTM ls of Cily " Or "" v - Gemr " Elec "° n Voling Place: OUR SAVIOR'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Voting Place: ARLINGTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM School Election Precinct No. 7 Consists of City of Greeley, General Election Precinct No's. 8019 3 8020-3 8022-3 8033-3 8024-3 8025-3 8026-3 8820-3 Voting Place: JACKSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM f^tec? 1 ^th^' 0 * 1 Pr * cinct No- 8 Consist5 01 'nose portions of Geneifal Election Precincts Voting Place: CHAPPELOW WEST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM School Election Precinct No. » Consists of those portions of General Election Precincts listed within the District (East of City of Greeley) B118 8128-39110 Voting Place: EAST MEMORIAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MAIN HALL IU!?H L'thfet?!! W!!? M?; 10 Con5ists of tnose portions of General Election Precincts listed within the District. (West of City of Greeley) BB1B-2 8819-2 8605 9804 Voting Place: GREELEY WEST HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROOM The qualifications of electors are as follows: A registered qualified elector who is at east eighteen years of age, a citizen ot the United States, who has resided In the state three months, and who has resided in the school election precinct thirty-two days Immediately preceding the election at which he offers to vote. OWNERS: MAILINGADDRESS: PROPERTY ADDRESS LEGAL DESCRIPTION: PANORAMA PARK JESSIEMEBANE 63019th street 27*3 Reservoir Road Lot 1, Panorama park, City of Greeley The Greeley'bally Tribune April 13,19,20,26,1973 Melvin L. Foxhoven Secretary of School District No. Six County of Weld and stateof Colorado OWNERS: JESSIE MEBANE MAILINGADDRESS: 62019lnSlreel PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2733 Reservoir Road LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 2, Panorama Park, City of Greeley OWNERS: JESSIEMEBANE MAILING ADDRESS: 62019th Street PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2725 Reservoir Road LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot3, Panorama Park, Cltyol Greeley OWNERS: RUBY N. COLE B. BROOKS C. COLE, MAILINGADDRESS: 7631 Buena Villa Or ivC PROPERTY ADDRESS: 3631 Buena Vista Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 3, Block ?, First Addition to Panorama Park, City of Greeley Section 3. The assessments shall be payable in five IS) annual initaHniwijj due on December 15, ol each year, and the first installment shall be due December^, 1973. Intffreit at the rate of ilx percent I4S) ihalt be charged on Ihe unpaid porjj«n ol Ihe asseitmenls, beginning sixty (60) days alter the effective date ol Ihis Ordinance. The entire amount of assessment or ihefull balance thereof remaining alter the pay mortal one or more annual installments may be prepaid, at provided in Sec i? !fl of th Code of Ordinances, City of Greeley. Colorado. ^ Section 4. The public hearing regarding the assessments made by Ihis Qtdinance shall occur at the regular meeting of Ihe City Council on April 17, 1973, and jiolice ot such hearinq shall be given as provided In Sec. 19-27 ol Ihe Code ol Ordinantttj City of 'Greeley, Colorado. · **' Stctloti S. This Ordinance shall become effective five (51 days allef*lls final April, 1973. THE C l f Y O I : GJtj.ELEY By Richard A. Ptrtr.lik CITYCLERK ''MAYOR APPROVED: ^ CITY MANAGER CITY ATTORNEY ATTEST: i?,i SALLYA.SCRIPTER ' =« CITYCLERK ^ STATE OF COLORADO ) '' * COUNTY OF WELD ) 55. ·'*. CITY OF GREELEY ) -, ,i I, Sally A. Scripter, City Clerk of the City of Greeley, County and Slate aWresaid, d hereby certify that Ihe foregoing Ordinance was Introduced, read In full, antfpassed 01 firsl reading at a regular meeting of Ihe City Council of the City ot Greeley Keld on th 20th day of March, 1973, and that the same was published In the Greeley Triune on th 23rd day of March, 1973. -^ I further certify that at a subsequent regular meeting of said City Council held 01 Ihe 17th day of April, 1973, said ordinance was again read, passed, given the Nb. 31,197; and published a second lime on Ihe20lh day of April, 1973, to become effective five (5 days after said second publication. · . ' * IN Wl TNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of W City o Greeley, this IBth day of April, 1973. ^ Sally'^.Scriple ''£Uy Cler . The Greeley Daily irlbune ' i April 20,1973 THE CITY Of GRtELEY, COLORADO ORDINANCE NO. X, 1971 OWNERS- MAILING ADDRESS: PROPERTY ADDRESS: LEGAL DESCRIPTION: NOTICE OF ELECTION As secretary ol the Aims College Committee. .1 hereby serve official notice lhal Ihe Aims College Commiltee has divided Ihe Aims Junior College District into voting precincts, boundaries as described by general election precincts, and voting locations as included herein In accordance wilh Colorado Revised statute 123 Article 23-13 AIMS DIRECTOR DISTRICT NO. 1 District 6 (Greeley] School Precinct No. 1. Consists of City of Greelev, General Election Precinct Nos. 8001-1, 8002-1, 8003-1, 8004-1, 8127-1 and 9126-l! Voting Place: Billie Martinez Elementary School, 341 14 Avenue, Greeley. School Precinct No. 2. Consists of Cily of Greeley, General Election Precinct Nos 8005-1, 8B09. 8810.1 and 8811. 1. Voling Place: Madison Elementary School 24th Avenue 8, Sth Street, Greeley. School Precinct No. 3. Consists 01 Cily ol Greeley, General Election precinct Nos 8812 1, 8813 1, 8814 1, 8815-1, 8816-1, and 9817-1. Voting place-. Franklin Elementary School, SOB 35 Avenue, Greeley. School Precinct No. 4. Consists ol Cily ol Greeley, General Election Precinct Nos 8006.2, 8007.2, 8010-2, 8011-2, and 80122. Voting place: Cameron Elemenlary School, 1424 13th Avenue, Greeley. School Precinct No. i. consists ol Cily of Greeley, General Election Precinct Nos 8008-2, 8009-2, 8013-2. 0014-2, and B015-2. Voling Place: Our savior's Lutheran Church, 1800 21 Avenue, Greeley. :5chool Precinct No. 6. Consists of City 01 Greeley, General Election Precinct Nos 8016-3, 8017 3, B01B-3, and 8021-3. Voting Place: Arlington Elementary School, 9lh Avenue 8. 23rd Street, Greelev. School Precinct No. 7. Consists of Cily of Greeley. General Election Precinct Nos. B019-3, 8020-3, 8022-3, 8023.3, B024-3 8025 3, 8026-3, and 8820-3. Voting Place- Jackson Elementary School, 2002 25 Street, Greeley. School Precinct No. 8. consists of these portions of General Election Precincts listed within the District (territory comorisinp. Ihe Evans and Ashton School Districts before merger) 6027, 8028 and 8029. Voling Place: Chappelow West Elementary School, 1100 37 Street, Evans. School Precinct No. 9. consists ol those portions of General Election Precincts listed within Ihe District (east of City of Greeley) 8118, 8128-3, and 9110. voting Place: East Memorial Elementary School, 20lh Street and Balsam, Greeley School Precinct No. 10. Consists ol those portions 01 General fclection Precincts listed within Ihe district (west of City 01 Greeley) 8818, 8819. 880S and 9804 Voling JESSIEMEBANE 420 19th Street 2719 Reservoir Road Lot t.'Panorama Park, City of Greeley MAILING ADDRESS: PROPERTY ADDRESS: LEGAL DESCRIPTION: HENRY A. SCHNEIDER OPAL E. SCHNEIDER, fn folot tenancy 3707 Reservoir Road 7707 Reservoir Road Lot s. Panorama Park, City of Greeley OWNER.S: JESSIEMEBANE MAILINGADDRESS: 620 IS h Street PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2701 ReVervot Road LEGALDESCRtPTlON: Lo,6, Panama p'r ol Greeley, Color a oil ?«« at at See. M-«. License lei schedule! (or sanitary icwer. ' -"4 (a) I mid* ciiy. The following licenses based upon the water lap are hereby t.xed, imposed and levied upon the owner, lessee or user of lanltary lewir within lhe limits ol the- city, which sums shall be a part of the storm sewer and sanitary lewcr revenues al iho city zxsxs: ,*sr ^~ "*·» . JWMryl.HM IIH '°° J«nuarn. l«4 "»»» January I IM4 "MOO Mnturyl 1M IS «.»0 »ni»ryl,|!u fee shall be iso 00 tee. Iheiowner. Imeeor urn of any «wer itiall ply required ,n tupping tht stwcr main, installing the itned by me H 1 * inches 2incn « "nches 6inchcs flinches Storm sewe for all servlci superii labor and material pipes, trenching and repairing of'slreel as defen tender,! ot sanitary sewers. All cost! shall be paid in l ! ; ! . « T j"f '""""'"a "tenses based upon Ihe waler I . Cityo, Grre.ey MCELHANY 8. LOUISE MCELHANY. in i MAIL ING ADDR ESS: 2633 20th Street SW PROPERTY ADDRESS: 263320th Street 5W LEGALDESCRIPTION: Lot?, Pano r i «,, ' cl " rael Payable for reimbursement purposes. (a) All persons desiring sanllary sewer service for buildings located on charge If all of the following circumstances exist- ' "*" " '° P ° V a " CXIrS (II The section of the public sanitary sewer line on which the property abuts was constructed In accordance with City specifications and requirement and with prior approval by the City, at the expense or one or more private persons ; (21 The section of the public sanitary sewer line was constructed along the entire frontage of Ihe properly of Ihe person or persons who paid for such construction; (3) The person against whom the extra charge is to be assessed ap P Mh orsan ' tar )' sewerscrvicc wif hin five (s) years of Ihe completion «l The building to be served wilh sanitary sewer service is located on land which was owned at the time of construction by a person or per sons whodid not participate in the cost of construction (bl As toeach property for which sanitary sewer service is applied for the extra chargewith respect to that application lor service will be computed with reference to the construction costs ol the section of public sanitary sewer line on which thepropc-rly abuts. In each case, the extra charge will be computed by the construction cost, without interest or other charges, against Ihe inralved pr ° pert * abutting on Ihe section of public sanitary sewer line CO Private persons who pay for Ihe construction ol sections of public san.tary sewer lines and who desire partial reimbursement for such payment in ihih IV T. "i TM ri "f" * curnenl lo thedirector of the water department setting forth the total construction cost and scttinc, forth the name and address of an individual, bank, or other organiiation authorized to receive payments from Ihe City pursuant to this subparagraph. As extra charges are paid to the City pursuant to this section, the City shall transmit such payments to such aulnoriied individual, bank, or other organi/ation. The City shall have no respons,b,l,ly to see that such individual, bank, or other organisation properly deals with such funds. The City shall not rccognije any recipients or claimants ...«.. " a "" ic " amcdl " diviliual '"a"*, "r other organization, section J. The procedures for reimbursement provided by the amendments as set forth in section I ol this Ordinance shall apply lo all construction of privately financed public sanllary sewer line extensions In the City completed alter Ihe effective dale of this Ordinance. This Ordinance and the amendments set lorlh In Section I hereof shall not be deemed to affect in any way any contract or agreement relating to reimbursement lor sanitary sewer line extensions, to which the City Is now a party. Section J. This ordinance shall takeellecl five (51 days after Its final publication. »s provided by Section 3 I6of the Greeley Charter. PASSED AND ADOPTED, SIGNbD AND APPROVED This day of A T T E S T : THE CITY OF GREOLEY, COLORADO citycicrk By ·;.'.,,:; APPROVED: M8y0r iSZZST -'--- ATTEST: SALLYA.SCRIPTGR CITYCLERK Ir fally A. Scrlptcr, City Clerk of the city ol Greeley, Colorado do hereby ccrtilv- that Ihe lorcgolno is a true copy of a certain proposed ordinance Introduced and read -'~-e the City Council ol lhe City of Grcoley. at a rcoular meetlna thereof h*m «n ih» Election Precinct No. SI 19. Voting Place: Election Prinrinct No. 8120. Voting ction Precinct Nos. 8121,8122, 6125 le Town Hall . ' , t ,, The Greeley Dally Trlbure April ?0, lt?3 d Clty Council to b » P Sally A. Scrlpter City Clerk of the CltyofGreetav, Colorado Oistricl Re-1 (LaSrtlle-Gilrrost PMttcvillel School Precinct No. l.Coi LaSallc- Town Hall. School Precinct No. 3. Consists ol Goners Place: Gilcrest Town Hall. School Precinct No. 3. Consists of Gpnrrai Fit 890), 6608 and 9SOA. Volint] Plnri?: Pl^lievil District Re-2(Cnton) School Precinct No l. Consists of General hlcction Precinct Nos 9103 9105 9106 9107. 9108, 9109 dnd 9110 dnrt also described as thp boundaries of Re-2 School District in weld County. Voting Place: Junior High Complex Band Room in Eaton. District Re 4(Windsorl School Precinct No. 1. Consists of General Election Prrcinct Nos. 9BOJ, 8805, BSOfi 9GOI, 9fi02, 9803. 9105. 9106, 9108, and 9109, also described as Ihe boundaries of School District, Re-4. Voting Place: Tozer Primary School ' ooufiadries .°' DKtrkt Re-5J (Johnstown Millikrn) School Precinct No. I. Consists nl toner til Election Precinrt Nos. BBQ7, 8806 8808 and 8305. Votino Plarr-: Ronsevplt High School. 616 North Second Street, John stown. District Re 7 {PlatlD V.illpyj School Precinct No. 1. Consists of Genf-rat Election Precinct NOS 9103 9111 991! 9113, 8120, 8119, ond B-118. Vntinq P| flf e: Those north ol the Soulh Platte River at theold Sriencc Room in th- School Building in Gill; those uulh of Ihe South Platto River at Ihe ilimnt.irv gymnasium in Kersey A I M S D I R E C 1 0 R Q 1 S I R I L 1 NU.J Dislrlcl Re 3 (J) (KronnshurqHudsnn.Prospect Valley) School Precinct No. 1. Consists of General Election Precinrt NOS. 9114. 9001, 8130 and 8121. Voting Plarp. Hudson Fire H.lll. School Precinct No. ?. Consists ol Election Prorii Votino Plc-Ki 1 : Keeneshurg Town Hall. School Precinct No. 3. Consists nf Grnerflt Flection Precinct Nos. 9002, 9001, 9113 .ind orc.i formerly known ^ ihr Sunnydale School Oistrirt No 2? Votino Place: Prospect V.illry Elfment.iry Srhool District.Re8(Fort I.union) School Precinct No. I. Consist of G^ Election Precinct Nos 8123 and 91)7 Votim, Place: Leo Wm. Biinrr Primary Srhool, Fort Lupton School Precinct No. 2. Consists ot Grnrrtl Election Precinrt Nos. 8121, 8122, 9115 ,-mfl 9)l. volino Pl.ire: St. William Catholic Church, Fort Luoton AIMS D I R E C T O R D I S T R I C T NO.J District Re 9 (Aull-Hijhl,in(!) School Precinct No. 1. ConsiMsol General Elect Community Hall, Nunn. School Precinct No. 2. ConsiMsnl General Election Pi Town Hull. Pierre. School Precinct No 3. Consistsnf Election Pi · High School, Aull. District Re lOf J) ( School Precinct No. 1. Consislsol Election Precinct No. 9103. Voli. RC 10 (J) School Auditorium, nriqqsd.Hc District Rc'll (J) (NrwR.iymor) School Precinct No. 1. Consistsol Clerlion Precinrt No. 9101 Votino Pi/ice Pr-iirio Hloh School, New Rnvmrr. School Precinct No 1. Consists of General Election Precinct NO. 9102. voting Place- The elet lion will be held on Mnv 1. 1971, lo elect one six torm Commilloc men- ber re|)rosentmo Amis Junior College Olslrkl No 1 (Publlr School Dlstrlrl 6) in ir Z^IR "',!'; COIOr " dn R ° viSr " Sl1 ""° '"·"'° ( 1 ) ""· TM* election commence ·inu polls will le seven .Vrlockflm MOT nnifconrlude with nolK belli, seven o'clock p.m. MDT. ma Park, City of Gre.ley OWNERS: ARVEL B. STEWART, JR. 8. DOROTHY H. STEWART in Joint tenancy. MAIt ING ADDRESS: ?«3 Reservoir Road PROPERTY ADDRESS: 2623 Reservoir Road LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lots, Panorama Park, City ol Greeley OWNERS: JESSIEMEBANE MAILING ADDRESS: 470 19th Street PROPERTY ADDRESS: 7613 Reiervoir Road LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 9, Panorama Park, City of Grreley OWNERS: ROBERT L. BAUMBERGER a. SHIRLEY J BERGER, in iolnt tenancy MAILINGADDRESS: 1048 East 16th Street PROPERTY ADDRESS: 1*09 Reservoir Road LEGALDESCRIPTION: Lot 10, Panorama Park, City of Greelry Silt ofwiter t»p H Inch to 11nch 1 inch 2 Inches 4 Inches 6 Inches B inches Storm si . 1300.00 H 50.00 1750.00 -er connfctlon fee than be 1200.00 iddltlon to lhe above fee, the owner lej«c O r ibor and maierials required in lapping .h Effective D»te January l, 1964 January), \9tt January 1,1964 January), 194* January 1,1964 January!, 1964 lor all .. HU ,, eu service pipes, trenching and repairi tendentof sanitary Sec. 22, 10-15-63) i*rol any jewer shall pay 'ewer main, Installing Iht -lermlned by the luperin is shan be paid in advanc*. (Ord. No. 1M1. OWNERS: MYLES E. LUNDSTROM a, JANET D. LUNDSTROM. MAILINGADDRESS: 7603 Res e * nCV PROPERTY ADDRESS: 7603 Rcsei Road ir Road LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lotn. Panorama Park.Cilyof Greeley OWNtRS: ROBERT J. BRUNNER NANCY A. BRUNNER. in joint MAILINGADDRESS: 2638 Buena Viita Drive PROPERTY ADDRESS: ?62fl Buena Vista Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 13, Panorama Park, City of Greelry OWNERS: AGNESM. DEVINE MAILINGADDRESS: 2632 Buena Vista Drive PROPERTY ADDRESS: 7632 Buena V!sl» Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 14, Panorama Park, City ot Greeley t Nos. 9001 and 9113 MAILINGADDRESS: n Precinct No. 9104. Voling Plnco: vinrt No. 910V Voling Place: ·rinrt No. 9106. Voting Place: ing Place: BURKHARD - ' : Lot 15 and all (hat parl ot Lot U more particularly described as follows; Beoinnlno. at the Northwest corner ol Lot 16, thence South 40»«' w«t 5.01 feet, thence South 51° 41 West m.38 feet, Ihtnc* Norlh 3l« 02' East 335 feet thence North 52° 4V We»l 11? |»t to the point ol beginning Panorama Park, City of Greeley St A |enInc TH ° MPSON * GLADVS M THOMPSON, in y tine ol said 101 5.01 leet) thence in addition to I for ail labor and material requir service pipes, irenchinq and r suDfrintendenr of sanitary sewer (b) Outside City. The tollowino o ' ^ " " ' " " " ' eornlr ». ,-, TMIITM«««1V from Ih. » u th,,,| corner ot said lot; thenct norlheaitwly along salo" ot ?he'n""' V ,""" "'"'" "" to "" «""n«tl cornel uu ooln ol i. ", °? "TM "»lnMll«rlv lln. of ,.ld lot u In. point 01 beginning Panorama Park, city of Crtllly Sally A. Scripter City Clerk APPROVED; Jack D. Huffman City Manager A T T E S T : S A L L Y A . S C R I P T E R C I T Y C L E R K STATE OF COLORADO COUNTY OF WELD C I T Y O F G R E E L E Y ^xaK^~,, 'VED This 17th day of April, 1973. -''Y OF GREELEY, COLORADO BV Richard A. Perchlik Mayor William E. Shade City Attorney 1 SS. ) eing closed At o'!"""!? 1 " "" "" ° no sl »'Vi»r term ol commlltman nro as follows- Htnrv M Petro; Donald L. Feldhmis, Victor R. Nottinghnm; and Karl E. Sahoc OWNIiRS: JESSIE MEflANE MAILINGAODRESS: AIO IPIh Street PROPERTY ADDRESS: "01 fluena Vlsla Drive LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot 17. Panorama Park. Cllyof OrHIfy The Greelev Dally Tribune April i, 11,20, J7.19U Mflrqaret C. Moutchcnv Secretary Alms Junior College District , MAILINO ADDRESS: »IO Hum. V l||, Orlv. PROPERTY ADDRESS: ,5r " UEGAI. DESCRIPTION: U, II. P.noram'.^ The Oreeley Dally Tribune April 10, lf/1

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