Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 17, 1962 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 28
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Kennedy's New York Speech!Four Jailed Here 1 ndicates Rockefeller Foe By JACK BELL WASHINGTON ' A P ' -president matters but remarkably close on Kennedy apparently has reached the conclusion -- if he had any doubts--that Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York will be his 1964 opponent for the presidency. some national economic prob- ';ms. Kennedy told Ihe Economic Club the rate of insured unera- iloynvnt in New York has been This was the explanation in po- persistently higher lhan the na- lilical circles (or Kennedy's aiming a series of barbs at the Republican governor in his Friday tiooal average In hi- latest pronouncement on national issues -- before the Na- night speech to the Economic Club tional Association of Manufactur- in New York. Because New York will be one the state's unemployment rate of the principal battlegrounds in the 1964 presidential contest, politicians busied themselves comparing the positions of the two men on major issues. They founi Alcatraz Escape Fails for Pair SAN FRANCISCO 'AP' - Two bank robbers sawed their way oul of Alcatraz. the foreboding island prison in San Francisco Bay. Sunday night but were retaken alive after losing a battle with the icy water. One swam only about 100 yards before quitting. The other made it three miles with the help ol homemade water win"* and he came the first escaper known to reach the mainland after ureak- ing from the maximum security institution. John Paul Scott, 35, from Leitchfield. Ky.. made it to shore but the swim proved too much for him. When spotted by two chil dren on a roqky shore he appeared to be dead. Doctors at the Army)s by Lettcrman General Hospital, where Scott was taken, said his grees. Waters in the bay average 54 degrees. '" Bank robber-kidnaper Darl Dee sooner because of the cold waters. He made- a dash of about 100 yards lo a pointed rock o f f t n e balance of international pay- Alcatraz' western end, mails.. Both opposed inflationary Parjter just sat waiting on what act ions. Both said profit margins known as 'Little Alcatraz" 'as mus ' be improved. Both rejected thtm far apart on New York; Boord |Pi(C* 28 GREELEY TR1BINE Moa, Ott. 17, \9t2 Four Rt. i. !yjaisvi!!e. residents were brought her- and lodged in ers on Dec. 5--Rockefeller said were taken prisoners by a Da-| cono area farmer who claimed he caughl them stealing -lay. Ilie farmer. Henry Johnston ol Kt. 1, Erie, who farms two miles soulh of Dacono. notilied Ihe Sheriff's office at 11:10 p.n. Sunday that he had been Kiting hay for swnelinie, and lhat he had caught some people stealing hay "has been less than the national rate for 23 of the last 28 months." Presumably both men could be right. Kennedy was talking about the number drawing unemployment compensation. Rockefeller was talking aboul the number of jobless. Kennedy went on to say that the "increases in personal income and employment have both been slower here 'in New York state' than in the nation as a whole." Rockefeller said that while the rate of increase in "the real personal income" of the people of New York, had lagged behind the national average during the prior state democratic administration, "in the past four years it has Loyal Head-Hunting Jungle Clan T Dl , tons British Borneo Fighting ^^S^SSSSf jail Sundav alter" tnev By JOHM T ' * H8ELS * |S miles west of Brunei Town . · · I M I D I C n » n . . . n l - / A I l l D - i - !_··»!_ _ I . , . . . "* ( AP - BritishjThe spokesman said questioning and was holding them at guii- lon ? hLstor ' . ss headhunters. '"besmenlof rebel captives wa- yielding MIRI ' roo!s alld lo - vaj tightened a ring around the main; much information. He declined rebel force southeast of Miri unj disclose details but said 11X1 Sara- Sunday. killing six insurgents and ; »ak rangers with dogs were in capturing more than 100 Hown lo act as jungle guides for: Official sources said there wereloperalions beginning Monday no casualties among the British' "'"· - r or among the loyal Kenya and Kaday;m tribesmen, who have a point. Deputy Sherilfs Bernard Mon- heiser and E. L. McDevitl went to Johnston's place and brought the four prisoners to the county jail. They were identilied as Bertha Gellman, SO. a 17-year-old girl, and two boys, one 14 and one 12. all of Rt. 1, Louisville. been increasing more rapidly !han the national rate." Kennedy said expenditures in state government in New York "have risen in recent years at the rate of roughly 10 per cent a year." He said in nine years ci- villian expenditures in Ihe federal government have increased an average of 7.5 per cent a year. Rockefeller offered no comparable figures. But he said state aid to public schools had been increased 60 per cent in four years. Pope Names Committee To Redraft Plans VATICAN CITY i.AP' - Pope )lm XXIII named members of a pecial commission Mon to coor- nate redrafting of proposals be- re the Roman Catholic Ecumen- al Council. When the council began a nine- onth recess Dec 8. the Pope Id ils 12 drafting commissions use the recess to condense and msolidate proposals. He said a special commission body temperaliire was down' to 94 aid to higher education by 260 per cent and highway construction mileage had been tripled. There were a number of things Parker, 31. of Canton, Ohio, quit on which the potential 1964 rivals seemed agreed. ·Both expressed concern about is ,a searching prison boat spotted · him. Both men" were returned to Al- calraz. ... Warden'Qlin Blackwell said.the '.two men worked in the prison kitchen and Vsomehow cut their way out through, a window in the kitchen basement." ; H was ilie second breakout from Alcatraz this year. On June 12 John ,and ·'Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris, three 'Southern bank robbers, broke, out after long preparation. They : are presume! drowned. Patents Held Valid in Rock Wool Processing ·' CHEYENNE. Wyo. (AP)-U.S Judge Ewing T. Kerr Mon. rulei that U.S." Gypsum Co.'s patents for a new mineral wool making process'are valid. · He"also ruled that the company was entitled to court relief to en join Rock Wool Insulating Co. Pueblo;"Colo.; and its business associates from using the process and : to damages suffered by a pat ent right infringement. Kerr heard-tiic case, in U'.S. Dis trict Court for Colorado. U.S. GypSum contended il wa. the assignee and owner of pal ents for the new process issuec to Richard M. Downey ahc .brought- aclion to enjoin Roc] Wool Insulating Co. from usin] elicit spending as a cure for the agging economy.- Colorado Pilot Hunted in Lake NEW ORLEANS (AP)-A Coasl Guard search delayed by fog was scheduled to resume Monday in Lake Pontchartraih; for a West minster, Colo., pilot whose plam disappeared .as.' he approach* New Orleans for a landing Satur day night. ' . . ' A fellow -pilot in another craf landed safely. . The missing flier is Alfred W Pepper, 35, who, with Ron Brink lioff of Englewood, Colo., was fer rying a new plant from Dothan Ala., to Denver. They operate a flying service at Broomfield, Colo A 40-foot patrol boat, severa aircraft and a helicopter took par in Sunday's search d e s p i t e a heavy fog which socked in the big lake. · the process. Kerr 'ruled thst Ihe ;ecorc "leaves no doubt that defendant infringed plaintiff's patents froi aboul November 1 W54 lo thei i - j summer or (all of 1-67 " I SO «!"P "nd po; Attorneys were given 15 clays R "*° Sc ? c 8 a1 ' to prepare the judgment and in- ·junclion for KCIT'S .signature. Police Break Up Parliamentary Revolt in Dakar DAKAR, Senegal (AP)-Arme police seized the National Assem bly building Monday and broke u a parliamentary revoll agains Premier Mamadou Dia. A showdown appeared near Ihe simmering feud between th Socialistic premier and middle-o the-road President Leopold Seng hor over Ihe nalion's economi Tom Harrison, head ol a tribal irregular force, said his uniis were being moved out for new operations against olher fleeing members of Ihe North Borneo national army. Harrison, who is curator of Kuchmg Museum, worked jehind Japanese lines in North Borneo during World War II. lead ing a similar irregular army. Borneo tribesmen reportedly took many heads of Japanese soldiers they killed as well as some civilians before being brought jack under control. Harrison said no heads were taken in this present operation. At Brunei, a military spokesman announced the capture of Abdul Manik Hamid Manir Khan, identified as the rebel's second- in-command in Ihe Tulong area. commissions. Today he named x cardinals and six prelates lo Ms important coordinating body. The nominees: Francis Cardinal Spellman, Bundy Denies He Gave Magazine Stevenson Dope WASHINGTON ( A P I - Mc- *'° rk "L" 1 ! Gwrg"e"tody,"special' presiden- rchbishop of New York: Achiile ardinal Lisnart, bishop of Lille, ranee; Julius Cardinal Dnepfner, ·chbishop of Munich, Germany; *o Jozef Cardinal Suenens, arch- shop of Malines-Brcssels, Bel- urn; Carlo Cardinal Confaloni- ri, secretary of the Consistoriai ongregation. and Giovannia Car- inal Urbani, patriarch of Venice, aly. The six prelates are Archbishop cricle Felici, secretary of the atican Ecumenical Council;, and he five undersecretaries of the ouncil. The five undersecretaries are: J'chbishop John Joseph Krol of 'hiladelphia, Pa.; Archbishop Pirre Veuillot, auxiliary of Paris; Bishop Wilhelm Kemnf of Lim- lirg, Germany; Archbishop Casimiro Morcillo Gonzales of Zora- ;oza, Spain; and Archbishop Phil- ppe Nabaa of Beirut ol the Mel- inites. Vatican circles said all council Jements -- progressives, con- ervatives and moderates--appeal o be represented. The other council bodies will :xamine 70 projects, or theses, [rafted by precouncil committees. Pope John has asked thai ihese iroposals he boiled down lo 20. Some prelates have said the louncil could last years, but the Pope has expressed the hope il vould finish by Christmas 1963. I ipened Oct. H, and resumes its work next Sept. 8. lial assistant for national security affairs, says he was nol Ihe source of information for a magazine article that set off Ihe Adlai E, Stevenson controversy. The former Harvard dean has figured in press speculation as possible source for a Saturday Evening Post article portraying Ihe U.K. ambassador as having dissented from the National Secu- rily Council's consensus in favor of imposing an arms blockade around Cuba. In a television interview Sunday ght, Bundy said "I don't think nyone who participated in the olicy decision would want lo gi to Ihe business of lalking wilh ^porters or others and discussing ic individual positions taken dur- g lhat lime of great tension and real danger by individual mem- ers of Ihe group." "1 certainly would not wanl to o so and have nol done so, and know of no member who has," d \en- CSC Briefs Minkil Eltcttd S«cr«t»ry of Gtographefi Dr. C. W. Minkel, assistan professor of geography at Colo rado State College, has been elect cd secretary of the Great Plain --Rocky Mountain Division of th Association of American Geo graphers. The CSC educator and Dr. H. Lundin, assistant profes:»r of g lography in Ihe samfe departmcn program. The government imposed \en- will be in charge o/ arrangement I guards aroilnd Italy Spurns Red Proposal To Withdraw Dia ordered police to take over Ihe assembly building after about Denver ;na!f the 80 members of Parlia- j ment assembled to vote on a mo- jtion censuring his government. 1 A power struggle between Dia land Senghor has been brewing f" r months. A Cabinet shakeup Nov. 112 failed to bring peace between i the two leaders. next September, (when the A: socialion of American Geograp! ers holds ils national meeting Fire Kills Man, 90, at Denver Milita r y sources in Labuan. v'orth Borneo, said four !sn^- ·ange helicopters three others, lilh a shorter range and six sin-! [le-engine Pioneers and being irought in for the second phase of the mopup operation. They will ialrol and also lift troops as far as the Indonesian border with Sarawak and North Borneo in an altempt to round up the hard core )f rebel leaders. The informants said the British ire particularly interested in the escape route the rebels are lak- ng. It reportedly runs from southeast of Weslon. aboul 25 miles easl of here, In a southerly direction to the Indonesian border Harrison said he had gone on an aerial reconnaissance south uf Limbang, in northeast Sarowak, where another largp rebel fnrrp s heading south with British marine commandos in pursuit. Harrison said he believed the rebels would be caught and expressed doubt they could reach the Indonesian border because of the jungle tribes and terrain. SINGAPORE (AP) - A North 3orneo political leader appealed o the Indonesian government Sunday to avoid direct involve menl wilh the Brunei revolt. Donald Stephens, chairman o! he newly formed pro-Malsaysia Sabah Alliance party, told newsmen here: "I sm convinced from all recent pronouncements, both n Indonesia and by (Sheikh A.M.) Azahari (self-styled revolt lead er), that there is some outside power giving direct or indireit en couragement to Azahari to con tinue Ihis vain slruggle. "I only hope Ihe Indonesian governmenl is oul of Ihis revoll but it cannot be doubted tha someone, some outside power, is behind this move. We want lo maintain good and friendly relations with Indonesia and we do ot wish Indonesia to be involved n this uprising." plans for Ihe new junior and sen- iw high sci.yol buildings will be reported al the Grceie; school board meeting al 7:30 p m. Wednesday in Ihe superintendent's ol- fice. The business meeting was postponed from last week. The agenda: 1. Resignations and appoint- menb. 2. Tax sheltered annuitk-s for .-iiuol employes. 3. Jackson heating plan! suit. 4. Secondary school building plans. 5. Discussion meeting December 26. 6. Colorado Committee on Ed- at the University of Mississippi, ucational 7. Assignment of responsibilities of Ihe Office of Personne, and 'upil Services. 8. Miscellaneous: i a change orders on schools under construcion: t b \ elieih.iity for excess ;rowth units in Stale School Fi- lance Act; u-i teacher's aide al Franklin; ( d ) . purchase of Crestview site: 'e, sale of portion of Brentwood site to cilv. NEW YOPiK iAP) - Missis-1 an article in the curre* bM* oj sippi's Gov Ross Barnett-despitelLook magazine says, public vows of defiance--had' The article says Barnett *»· made a secret deal with L'.S. (erred by telephone with Kennedy Atly. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy to through the four days preceding enroll Negro's James H Meredith the Sept. 30 riot al the university and proposed a plan that would allow Meredith to enter Ole Misi. Reached by telephone for comment on the article, Bornett Midi "I haven't seen it. I don't know anything about it, «nd I hav« no comment." Look reported: The plan called for Barnett and Lt. Gov. Paul) Johnson to lUnd at Ihe university's gate, backed up by unarmed state patrolmen. Kennedy was lo have Chief U.S. Marshal James McShant and » to 3U marshals bring Meredith I* the gate. "Barnett would refuse to M Meredith in. At this point, Me- Shame would draw his gun, and GW Officials Visit Weld : actories Great Western Sugar Company irectors and officials toured actories ill Greeley. Eaton. Windor and Johnstown Friday and aturday. The tour was led by Frank emp. president of the company. He was accompanied by: Harry arr of Greelcy, a GW director; red Holmes, vice president of the other marshals would llap gricultural administration: Lloyd ensen, vice president of oper- B. Bunker, assistant lions said. The article was written by vo Washington newsmen Charles iartlelt and Stewart Alsop. I. Germans Foil 0 Escape Tries : or One Success FRANKFURT, Germany (AP)- lorder guards of Communist East lermany manage to foil 10 at- empted escapes for every sue essful flight through Ihe wallcc nd barbed wire border arounc Vesl Berlin. That was reported Monday by iruno Krajewski, a former Eas" German major who 10 days ago made a dramatic escape in an nflated rubber boat with his wife year-old daughter and two riends. Krajewski. who had the jnb o low lo tighten the border, sail most arrests were made in thi controlled area behind the border "Relatively few people caught on the barbed wire barri cades Ihemselvcs." he addrt "Must people who get lhal fa manage to get away." He said chances of a succcssfi escape are steadily dwindling. II discussed Ihe border situation wit newsmen at a news confercnc arranged by Western security au Ihm'ities under whose protectio IP. has been since his escape. By DORIAN FALK ~~ GENEVA ( A P I - Haly t u r n c d i r i ' I n down Monday Soviet demand.-. ur\ I 10 PI Q3 D3 DS elimination of foreign m i l i t a r y ' bases i!.- a hrst step in world dis- armamenl. The I t a l i a n delegate Flancesco! Cavalletti. iniri th" IV-nation dis-j armament talks tiinl lln-M: haws' 'orm an essential part of the WoMern world 1 !, Ho [Shipments of jCitrus Fruits Helen Holdemon )ies at Hospital Mrs. Helen Haldeman, 88, died unday at the Weld County Gen ral Hospital, where she had been patient since Oct. 28. She had ecn making her home with aughter. Mrs. Truman Hall ol 4 Alles Drive, since 1943. She was born Aug. 5. 1874, at \ewanee, Wis. She moved to St 3 aul, Minn, and then to North Dakota, after which the family ettled at Grand Island, Neb. 'hen she was two years old. She was married lo Robert P. Haldeman Sept. 15,1905, at Grand sland, Neb. They moved to Den- ·er in 1918 and lived th':re unti: lis death June 8, 1943. when Mrs laldeman came to G eeloy. Besides Mrs. Hall, she is stir ived by two other daughters Mrs. Verne 'Ada! Collier of Col irado Springs and Mrs. Johnii Harriet) Faust, Woodland Park wo grandchildren, Mrs. Roller A n i i a ) Helton and Truman C lall Jr.. both of Greeley; a bro .her, Henry Pospcsil of I nvcstigating escapes and advising Beach, Calif.: two sislers, Mrs Graham Denies Norstad Named Telstar Head WASHINGTON (API-Philip L. Graham, chairman of the board which will set the L'.S. communications satellite corporation, sail] Mon. several lending Americans are under consideration to head the corporation but no decision Is expected for several weeks. Graham, president of the Washington Post, issued a statement on [he matter in Paris because ol published reports that he offered Ihe job to Gen. Lauris Norstad. retiring supreme Alliec commander in Europe. "I have no authority to make such an offer and I have made no such offer." Graham said. He added lhat as a longtime friend of Norstad hi had some knowledge of Ihe general's Ihoughls aboul the ulure "and I believe they do not iclude any participation in Ihe jace communications project." At the White Hou.'ic. prcss'sccre dry Pierre Salinger, when asked bout the Norslad report, said, " on't know anything about it." President Kennedy named i oard of 13. headed by Graham o organize the space communica oils corporal ion in accordant - ith a law enacted by Congress ·Sen. Wayne Morse. D-Ore., go ut a statement saying it woult lot be "in the public inlerest" to Norstad or any oilier military ma i head the corporation. Norslad retires in January n upreme commander of Allic orces in Europe, a post in whic! ic will be succeeded by Gen. Ly man L. Lemnitzer. Morse was one of Ihe loader Ihe bilter. unsuccessful figh againsl Senate pii.ssuge this yea jf a hill lo create a government egulatcd, but privately ownc corporation to operate the L'.S larl of a global cnrnniunicaliiin satellite syslem. He and others charged il amounted to a "gigun- ,a Vetta Wright of Alamosa, am vlrs. Victoria Clark of Glendale Calif.: and two great grandcbil drcn. Funeral services will he at i.m.. Tuesday from Adamson Me morial (.'hapel .with inlcrmcnt a Crownnill Cemclcry, Denver. Tea Exports Highest BOMBAY--India's tea pxpnrl during the first nine months 1962 totaled M8.00n.noo pounds, new nine-month record. o Kemp, and other officials from tc Denver of I ice. Lee Butler, district manager fur 3W. accompanied the group. their hands on their holiteri. Barnett would then step aside and allow Meredith to register. The Mil- sissippi highway patrol would maintain law and order. "In his talk with Kennedy, th« governor worried about how th« Tour of the Greeley factory' was scene would look lo '« bis crowd.' eld Friday afternoon. The parly| If only one man drew his gun. hen went to Fort Morgan and eturned to the Eaton factory Saturday morning. From there the lour headed for Vindsor and then lo Johnstown. A luncheon was held Saturday t Ihe Greeley Country Club. -utheron Pastor )iesat Longmont The Rev. Walter H. Siffring, 63. lied suddenly of a lieart attack lunday at his home al Ijmgmont He was currently serving as lastor of Our Savior's Lutheran Church al Longmont and St. ohn's Lutheran Church at Platte- ·ille where he had lived until S58 when he moved to Longmom. Rev. Siffring was born Dec 4. 1899. at Rising City. Neb. He married Edna Raucher Aug. !5. m at Amherst. Neb. He had *rved in the ministry since 1S28 nainly doing mission work in Colorado. Survivors include his w i f e ; three sons, Ixiren of Rochester. Mich.,,, (olland of San Diego, and Jerome] of Westover AFB. Mass; a daughter, Mrs. Mildred Endorf of Iranrl Junction; tour brothers, red of Tucson, Ariz.. Rudolph of :olumbus. Neb,, David of Ogaln- a, Neb., and Chris of Rising City, S'et.; lliree sisters. Mrs. Emma Ilinze, Mrs. Marie Onnen and Mrs. Minnie Malhja. al! of Rising City; and six grandchildren. Funeral services will be at 2 xm., Wednesday from Howe Mortuary Chapel at Ungmont with interment a t Mountain V i e w Cemetery at tangmnnt. Friends may call al ihc Mortuary until noon Wednesday. Barnctl left thai he could not back down. So Kennedy reluclanllr agreed to have all the marshals draw iheir fiuns. t'uder federal guns, Ross Barnell could surrender lo prevent bloodshed." The article said lhat on tept 30 Barnett telephoned the attorney general and suggested a new plan. The next morning, according to the plan, Barnett "would wait at the university gate backed by a phalanx of state trooperi, who would be backed by sheriffs, «ho would be backed by eitiieni and students. "Meredith should arrive with a large army force." the srtlcU went on. "The governor would read a proclamation barring him from Ole Miss. Then, Kennedy'i men slwuld draw their guns. Bar- netl would, he said, step aside." 'Ilie attorney general wai incensed, said the ankle, and warned thai "unless Barnelt cooperated and helped maintain law and order while Meredith went on campus, the President would ft nn television and tell the country Harnett had I To pruve it. the President would ell all about the behimi-seenn dickering." Tlie article continued: "Thil had a devastating effect. The governor's resistance seemed to melt away. Again and again. Barnett asked thai Ihe President MY nothing on television that would unveil Ihe nature of Ihe tecrtt phone calls." ic giveaway" of resources Iw onging to llie taxpayers, In his statement today, Morse said he has been warning lhat 'an attempt was being made lo :urn over t!ie administration of lie space communications system :u a military man aboul lo be retired." Contending civilian control is needed in the public interest and .0 maintain the confidence of al- ies. Morse said: Former Greeley Man Dies in Maryland Senegal Premier Overthrown by Assembly Head DAKAR, Senegal (AP) - Tht government of Premier Mnmadou Dia was overthrown in a power . fctruggle wilh President Leopold ruriwalsemces were held lasl Senior Monday. Dia was report- week at B)thcsda. MH, for Dr. cd to have d i s ; ppl , arcd . Joseph ,V Tregoning, 81. of Bclhe.irt.-i,' formerly of Ore-ley. Dr. Tregoning, a chemist with Ihe Geological Survey, died Dec. at hi* home He Steam' born ot and received liis bach,-brand master's degrees from Colorado State College. From 1929 (o W34 he laughl school and was a high school principal in Colorado anil Arizona. He received his doctorate from "The Kennedy administratinni'nc University of Colorado lad made a horrendous mistake in pulling its .stamp of approval(in Hie satellite communications approving i)f it." a military orientation LIMA-Stcps will improve Peruvian sr Ix- taken ti 1935 and then wenl to Washington, ). C. Hi-sides IMS wife. Alia, and Iwci cartel in Ihe firsl place. H should daughliTs. he is survived by two nol compound its mistake by now sisters, Mrs. Grace Buxlon ol Denver anil Miss Blanche Tregoii- ing of Greek 1 ) 1 , and a brother, C. Raymond of Greeley. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Earlier in the day, police apparently friendly lo Dia hart occupied the National Assembly and posted guards around the Radio Senegal building. But Lamine Gucye, president of the assembly, called on the deputies to meet at his home. It wa» there lhat 48 deputies voled to overthrow llio premier. The assembly has 80 members. The struggle between Socialistic Dia and Hie middlc-of-the-rnad president had been building for over Senegal's economic program. 1 in 5 Is Lay Teacher WASHINGTON - I.iy teachers iii-ciiunt for one fifth of the ulaff rit Catholic grammar and high schools in Ilie t'nited Slates. i A P ) -- A n aged .semi- invalid was burned lo death in his ibed Sunday when flames swept Ihis combination apartment-variety store in lower downtown Denver. The victim was Harvey Web sler. aboul 90. He suffered from arthritis, and walked only with Hip aid of a cane. A neighbor, alerted by a passerby, firsi rrpoitcd the fire and al- lempted lo rescue Webster. Hr LAKELAND. Kla. ' A P i - A f t i - , , . system.;r, | , m . Monday, ixi fresh drnen back by the intense He es,iesstd his iwernmcnTsjiruil can be shipped out of ·Wwiicm will, ,h, A,n,-r,c:m prn-jiH, l,, r ,,, ,| ; ,,, | W( . bsl(M . livn(] ,|,, m , jn Ulc ,, (.'tarn lor i-r;,.| '!,m,n:,lion of! Th- Florid.-, C i t r u s foi imnmsKin. an I'mc'rj'.cncy session Sunday, io-day embargo io imposed || I( . lki'i'ii off th,. market cilrus fruit .H,,, tt , v ,|, nia ,,,, d , ,,,, wwk . 5 ap.irlmcnl. Firemen said Ilie blaze storied near the litd on which Ihc victim's body lay. DF.NVKI! 'AI''vnlnrs were military .si ' ndcr (he Amerir ^n ('av.'illcttj s.-iid. bases would (heir military |xi!i-nli.Vi gi.iilu.-iHv'.' »"»"· baUce between Ihe Com-i The rmbai'jj'o w i l l ,,,nlinur untii:iisrIi," 1 '«en!'"of'f"Ln7h'olels and \ U - M i r n j B | i m . ])n 27. At liial lime a'ri-s^iurants J.PU- in the dark when new 14-day ban on 'be shipment i a svirlc'prciiri pouer failure hit i ol frcc/iMlanuigcd quus w i l l he- "lid-town Denver Sunday morn-' by Kin. l/i run until 6 p.m.. Jan. 10. ling. Ihc ycond embargo.| An inf|iiisit:\,-- squirrel (.iiised it 1 fnul titr-i c;n, pass insofdinn bv all, by short eir'.-uilinfi six majfir blf«- and the w r i r j d . Ah'ilition 'if all foreign li.'i Ihc first stace. a ricmnndcd by tbf Soviet I'nifin as a prrrondition lo Ill- 'in ill* 1 mnfcrctH e lo (iisriiss l-er- rifn Minislci .Vlam Kapai'ir« plan for neulrnlizaiion ami de- mnlcarir.alion «f c r n l r a l Europe. I cir llilv ·ii»-,,« minulcs. bounded I'ulilk Sen ice Co. l.'iiine la^ed In, ly affected H, oi'dwav »' KNOS AIlsKS ~ 'IV' nine far-old Trade and Payment Pad mu ,« Ka uv »in;. n w«v am, ,nc| /· , r 4 · . i « i i h Ihe Soviet Vnion is being|V»lley Highway and by Hlh ave-' ( - a " (w A l'l'»ntmcnt. 1 *"*? Inue and tiie pialle River. j STEREO CONSOLE

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