Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 10, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1961
Page 4
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5«li_GREELEYJfRIBUNB Friday, Nov. in, 1961 Meeker Home Report Tall Pine Probably Planted By Meeker Toppled by Wind UPF-A-DAY By MRS. HELEN LARSON Last week; during ' the wind storm, a tall pine, blew over m tho mu5*utn yard, this trt« Was - probably planted by Nathan Meeker and has stood near the'street these many years. It rtacted warlyto Ihe entrance when felled. ' The U'cc Is a great losi 16'ttw yrounds, it might be a good project for some group to replace the tree.-The many bird nests located in the tree were destroyed. The museum Has received gifts during the past month. Many papers ond clippings were received from trte George H. Bradfieki family. When tle processing is com pletcd, there will be a great deal ol maleribl available for research purposes. This useful.for stutknU of Colorado history.; One interesting- article receive* from the Bradfields is a penc) sharpener. It is made of very heavy material. and is quite dlf fcrent from llie streamlined ones we have today. Ttjis one is'very old. Mrs. Cora Erickson presented bell to the museum. This bell be longed to. .tho brother- of Horaci Gfeeley. ; U was given to Mrs Eriekson by Mrs. Mary Greelej Atkinson about' 1920. Mrs. Mar; 'Atkinson *as-a niece ; of llorce . Greeley..·-.-.;· '. . . Mrs. Eriekson also gave I lie museum ,-three..volumes of Tlic ,'. Life of Washington by Washington ''Irving. These.:· volumes odginaily ·belonged td.J.'.T. Atkinson, who served under General Grant dur- : ing the v/a'r between the stoics. the' McDowell ^ family from . .- Grover gave ihft-Kiuseum a sur. veyor's chain: The chain is 100 'feet long arid is marked every 25 feet. This Is,very old and was ,-uscd in making Ihe early roads : and the line fences on many : ranches. The McDowell family has th« museum many 1 articles of Interest. There is an Interesting little xx* In the museum. It is a litlle album containing locks of hair This litlle book belonged to Mrs Jennie Horn. It has little strands Of. her girl friend's hair which are tied' with ribbons of different colors. This Is Ihe same idea ns an - autograph book. Each piece is : marked-with, a girl's liarne. There have been visitors from seven states and one from Ireland during (he post month. Over 230 guests signed the register. *" | Several schools and clubs have' visited this morilh. Early In llic : month, the upper grades from; Carr 'came down. These boys andi girls were very interested in all the articles- in the museum, especially, in the dress that Josephine Meeker mndc whilo she,was held captive by the Indians. Later In the monlh, the lower grades came.. These children were especially Interested In" the clothes and pictures. The entire scliool from Ashlon came ohe afternoon. They were divided into two groups and came with their res|eclive groups. These cEiildrcn were interested in the kitchen. They tried to find open U Ux public and ticked *re| available from mernberi, GUMS were enjoyed with trim* foiiig o times. HKory CynUnakl, Jack Dtno and John Sarchet. . · Clifford Duval wu * menWr of a dtputatlon tein) from Kansas Wesltyan University .whk* cop- ducted the averring mcctint *« MeUwdij* Youh Fttomhlp at kUacbntcr, Kta., Sunday night. Duv*ll, a IMt YalleY High School graduate, ti toe son of Mr iad Mrs. Eugene Duvall o( Rt. 1. The previous Sunday young Duvall gave the call to worship for he Church Council Day at University In Salina,,Kan. NOTICE op rum,to THUSTKE'S SAI.I-1 , STATE.OF 1 COLOKADO. ) County or Weld ; ' \Vhert*hs, JACK KERN'S w» -address is circcloy. C o u n t y | Weld, Stnto ol Colorado, grtii ..'·by deed of t r u s t dated tho 19th -'-day of December, I5fiy a n d re ...corded In llio o f f i c e of the Conn \ty Clerk a m i Jlecordcr of Weld ".County, Colorado, oti December ' I d , 1360. In Look 1513 Al page \,4J7, convoyed to the P u b l i c Tnm- - ,tee o£ .said (Veld County, Colo" rado, ' the f o l l o w i n g described i.premlaea M t i m i o In tho Comity : ol Weld, islulo of Colorado, lo- vrlt; '·'; Lot T h i r t e e n (13j, Rloclt '0 On* U ) , Hrtjiuwood Park, !u .··; the City of CJrecley; k n o w n V; flud n u i n b c r e r t na 2301 - 23rd -. S t r e e t , G r c o i o y , Colorado , i n . irust .to secure a promlisory c n6t« of e v e n Onto with mid d«erl :o( t r u s t for iho principal sum of ', Ten Thousand ($J0,000) n n d * .no/100 DollAra payable to the Border ot The JtJmylre Savings, ' Building nnd Loitn Association .,;aft:er the dat6 'thereof, w i t h \\\;. lerest at 6»4 |ier cent. j i o r . a n n u m , v payable In mortlhly I n a t n l l m e n t s -. beffjnning 1 February 1, 10(1. · Whereas,-U is p r o v i d e d th : deed ~o( trust .thttt In c.iie ol 'default In the payments of a a it! ' note or the Interest thereon w h e n '·due", or,the pnynifrnt of the ta.\eit on *nld premises, that tlie holder .of sftid" note may elect to declari . th« aatd note du« and payable ;and '*· Wlioreaij d e f a u l t has been . by p6rformn said grantor In the f the and conditions Imposed u p o n hlri by the t e r m s I m p c and conditions ol (ems used today and yesterday. They found very few. Tlie third and fourth grades from Barnesville came with their teacher. These children had plenty of time to look and were a very interested group. Dr. V. A. Cypher and his class fr6m CSC, Ed. -80, came during one of the regular class periods. Dr. Cyphers pointed out to the students the value of field trips for school -children.-'He said a trip isn't just a few minuses for Many of these ladles retnemberec using ar display. Cub Scout packs 507 and .250 from Jaclsson school were repre senlcd by having Den 4 froi each pack visit the museum These boys were required to vtsi a historical building during the month. We are very happy lha the boys chose Hie museum. Winter hours are In .effect Hours are from 1 to 5 p.m., ccpt Sunday. This is a fine lime 'or Greeleyites, who have nig ecled lo come to visit Ihe mu but is definitely a look into the past which should be preserved. Tire ladies from the Hereford Circle werejri Greeley for luncheon 'and'toured the museum as their program for the afternoon. I k e .VOTICI-: or Aii SKTTI.I:II:.\T n l y Court In N N i t f*r t i l t C l l U B l j 1 (if \\UI M M d 5(n(«- uf C u l u r a d u . ··· 'No. 86S8 ( \ ESTATE OF - - ) TACOn D A N ' I R l j ) H R I l j M A X , Ei. li. A. ) J A C O I 1 1). H E I L M A N ) Deceased ) Xolicc Is hereby given t h a t iVe f i l e d , my f i n a l reimrl In t h e County Court of Weld C o u n t y Cold ratio, A n d thru d e s i r i n g ah*ll fl\ the j u l d c o u r t on or befor* No- pe r« on t o : qhjeTct to the same written o b j e c t i o n with v e m b e r S!, 1SG1. FIX3nE.\'CE M. I t E I I . M A N . . E x e c u t r i x . W i l l i a m It. Kelly. A t t o r n e y The ( i r c c l c y Daily T r i b u n e Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, 17. 1361. (he Ike . K a t f t t s WARDS. All TO C K H D I T O K 3 M t t l j C*mrl In MM 4 for M K l ? «r Weld n»4 le n( Cblorii^* Xo. SSC4 of K L M K R V. ED "I like you, Biff, but this semester,I ne«d someone who is strong in math." Platteville.., By MRS. ROLAND MILLER PLATTEVILLE--DD Club m a t - t h e home of Mrs". Fred Taylo with . seven .members and oh guest ( Mrs. Roland Miller, pres cnl. 500 was enjoyed during tli the children to get out of school afternoon with prizes going lo Mrs Roland Miner; high; Mrs. Stev Miller, low;, and Mrs. Dean Rid: ardson, traveling. Martha Circle met at the horn of Mrs. Virgil" Ellers with Mrs Myrtle Williams as co-hosless Mrs. Jennie Stevens presided the meeting with twelve member and one guest, Mrs, D. K, Smith present, Mrs. Conrad Walter gav tlevottons -and was in charge ,"o ihc program on Latin America. A joint; meeting will be h«li with the .Naomi 'Circle Dec.'f Hostesses will be Alines. Jenni Stevens, Carrie Siler, Jean Calto' and Conrad Watte]'. Activity chair men for the_ month of Decembei Mmes. John Uirich, Marie War dell and Charles. Reed will, be charge of the family Chrislma b a v i n s cl^lm* Oic uliovc iitiKif rl c s l n t f t are . r c q n l r c i l ' t o f l i c lliem for al- lo^vnuca in t h e C o u n t y 1'onrl of \\ld C o u n t y , Colortido, on or before Hie 1 5 t h day or M n y , I d 6 2 or snlrt claims shall be forever burred. P K A H L K D W A H D H E x e c u t r i x ·~ satd deed of t r u s t , I n this. ( o - \ v l t Tiiat s a l c T N g r ^ n i o r hna failed nny Die A \ ) f f U 3 t and S f p l e m b e r Installments; Into charges; In' ; suranco an1 tax reserves, In. mrance p r e m i u m s 1 and : Whereas, tho legal holJer of x n l d n o t e aid Jndebleilne.'-s ha filed .lyith the 'TindersiRrieJ Pub-. Ho Trustee in and for Weld C o u n t y , Colorado, notice and demand In w r i t i n g , d e c l a r i n g such defaults and e l e c t i n g to dcclarf 1 tlic ' w h o l e I n d e b t e d n e s s secured by Bald deed of trust, dua and "'payable, and demanding the salt · o f . described. In ; «mtd deed of "trust. N"6w, Therefore, notice U hereby glveii, that pursuant to said notice 'of election And demand, . and under and by virtue of the authority: vested in ma by cald · d«ed of trust and the law appU- i otihla .thereto, . lj JAilES H. SHELTON, Publlo Trustee In anri for ^yeli County, Colorado, w i l l sell the above described land and premise* for cash, at public auc- ' lion to th« highest bidder, at th» East door of the Court Houat In Oreel*y, County of Weld, State of: Colorado, on Nov«nib«r it, 1)61, at 10:00 o'clock In th« fora- , noon for the purpose of paying 'safd note, interest, taxes, attorney's fees if any. Insurance And all expense* of this and wjll rive to th* purchaser thereof a c«rtlflca(6 of purchase therefor as provided by law, Dated, Greeley, Colorado, Oct o b e r 3d, 1961. J A M E S H. SUKL/TOX P U B L I C TRUSTEE IN AND FOR WELD COUNTi" COLORADO. The Creeley D a i l y Tribune. Oct. 13, 20, 27, Nov. 3. 10, 1 Clay R. 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Plans .were made for the nnual' turkey dinner Nov. 12 a ic school cafeteria. Dinner is cently for a turkey dinner In hon-' or of the assembly president's at the home economics room ul the Cheyennt, WJo., speal Ih* week with Mr. toA Mrs. G«orge Brlcck- «r. Mrs. Jones and Mi's. Breck- l«r »r* sisters. Mrs. SUnley Bucholi of - Wa- kc«ney, Kan,, U spending. «om«- ime with hfr grandmother, Mis B*jsl«. Schlcct nod Mrs. Merle Coze. . Norm*, Cotton ot Clinton, Okla., is spending th« week a't'the homo of Mrs. Bessie Schlect. '· Mr. and Mrs. John Turvey ami be'held Dec. 1 at the »" °{ ^^ **** lh « * Nkcnc] wilh her parents, Mr. »nd Mrs Chet Cullor. Ing' will be Dec. 11 at 1:00 p.m., visit. Mrs. Gail McDermed, noble jrand, presided at the'meeting NJrs: '.Donald Norgren presented the Assembly president, Mrs. Carl Why'inih, of StMli'ng'v/ilh a corsage. 1 Mrtf. Howard Johnson then prefeiiltd Mrs.' Whyman a gilt from I lie lodge.'. l Guests introduced were: Mrs Whymah of Sterling; 'Mrs. Ada Griffin, past president; Mrs. Ui- denn* tennlhill, conduclor; Mrs Mary Mimmicli, grand matrlach; Mi's. Helen Harding, grand mar- shall; Mrs. Ida Copes, g t a h d OSSLEA; James Griffin, grand Mr. and'Mrs, H, C. Jones of secretary and scribe;'Mrs. Edna Pryor, past DD president district So. Two; Mrs. Florence Barber, DD president ot district No. Two: officers of the day"department association, Mrs. Gertie Feurt, Carl Whyman and fhvanS B a r b e r Platteville Lodge was recommended to get the "Certificate of Merit" for all officers being present at the' rrteetlngi'-.Mrs..William Mayer served coffee and cookies at the close ot the meeting. Faulty Anns hold their annual husbands party at the .Farm Fare at Greeley Saturday evening. A turkey dinner was enjoyed by 53 the. Platteville High School, with a gift exchn.igc of secret pals. Mrs: Donald Miller, prcsideni, thanked th«. members for helping at the concession' sUntl during the football games. Altar and,Rosary society met at the home of Mr.. Herbert Sullivan at La Salle, Thursday, ofter- noon. Final plans were made [or the turkey dinner to be held at Ihe Platteville cafeteria Sunday, Nov. 12. Members will serve from 4 Rattling Good Record HESCOE, Calif. AP) - Halley Wing thinks ho set a 15 rattlesnakes lo a gasoline. Record of gallon of Wing was chasing'a largo rattlesnake near this community' in the gold mining country of tlie Sierra Nevada foothills when the snake disappeared into a burrow. Recalling advicu that gasoline fumes would bring snakes out, lie poured a gallon into Ihe burrow. Out came'the big snake--three p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The public Is feet Iong _ and 14 i m i e rattlers. invited. Wing killed them all. b*ctm*' · Fr«rtch colony in 1830 when an expedition splashed ashore to subdue the Bafbary pirates. 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