Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 12, 1975 · Page 9
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 9

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1975
Page 9
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IllKECTOR I'ETKR lloj-rtanovich anil llmah Shore chat w i t h Orson VVclles during the American Film Institute's p r e s e n t a t i o n tf the coveted Life Achievement Award Sunday The spec dinner was hosted by Frank Sinatra anil i a l o n C U S I ' i b . 17. (L'PII'hoto) ester experts predict irrigation NAMPA N E W YOKK t U l ' I i - T h e :sl way to bring the cost of food wn, or al least lo blnp prices from going up. is to step up rigation in the West, says a ' ler expert from Lubbock. x. 'Ron Sta-iley a d m i t s his ie'.vpoinl may be colored somewhat by self-interest. He sjjlls pipe and other irrigation equipment for L.B. Foster Co. of Ijjbboek. But his idea is shared, imol in quite such enthusiastic twins, by a number of other ejpctts. ptar.ley claims, for example, tlfc amount of farmable land coiild be |uadrupled in five big states--Texas, N e w Mexico. Colorado. Oklahoma and Kansas -in 10 years by more scientific irrigation and much rijiiUI hi- nrt'urr.plished iti'cither slfites. j j n i i i i g a l i o n expert in Denver lofd UPI he thought quadrupling the arable land in m o u n t a i n o u s Colorado was somewhat far fetched but "there is no doubt we^ could bring a lot more Colorado land intn cultivation by ir: fix- sophisticated irrigation." i'.her experts in Washington, in j'cxas'and in the Midwest told V ' J l Stanley not only was right i n ^ p r i r . n i p i e but s u b s t a n t i a l prj gress already is being made alo ig the line he suggests. 1 he -Jnagazine Irrigation Jol i nal said presently there are 59i n i l l i o n acres of farms in the Utt ted States irrigated by old fa:j lianed ditches' and furrow flo ding. This acreage is increasing by -I per cent a year. Tlflre are only 12 million acres c u r r e n t l y i r r i g a t e d by (he sophisticated overhead pipe muihods Stanley advocates but the acreage is growing by 9 per cent annually. The overhead systems are marie by around 40 companies and they vary enormously in design. Some are set permanently in a field, others are demountable and moved from field lo field. One ot the latest' and most popular is the center pivot system which resembles an enormous revolving lawn sprinkler. Such a system and the well to leed it may cosl anywhere from $\2,000 to more than S50.000. But Stanley and the other experts UPI asked all said overhead sprinkling was from 75 to90per cent effective in feeding crops compared to only 50 per cent for ditch and f u r r o w flooding. More i m p o r t a n t t h a n the method used is the question of the quantity and q u a l i t y of water available. Stanley and all the other experts told' DPI w a t e r of good quality is available rearly everywhere in the United States, even in semideserts if you drill deeply enough and con pipe the wulcr reasonable dis:ances after pumping it. Stanley said the htge increases in acreage and yields per acre will justify the expense in an era when the whole world is depending on the Uni:ed States for food "We'ie talking about getting more t h a n 100' bushels of wheat to the acre from land that now is producing 12 or 15 bushels lo the acre or none," said one expert. Stanley said he ihinks extension of sophisticated irrigation could raise the /tmerican feed grain output 50 per cent in a few years. "By the mid-1960s we Livestock, Produce | JOI.IKT. I I I . (UPIi--Livestock: ! Cattle .100: not enough sales any cl.iss establish m a r k e t . | Hogs MO; trade active; barrows ind fciltb mostly 25 lo instances 50 lover: 41)0-,TM Ih 2j.25-26.7S. Hogs for .Moiidav 72. Barrmvs ;iml ^ilt.s 1-2 41.73-42-.r. sows l-:i :t2ti-s:ia ib 2:i 2r- 2H.5D. Sheep 55. Too scarce for trade test. ! | I 1 r -3 c i i Nrf m c w M 0 ft T 0 C tt A C A R h i 1-2 200-240 Ib 1.25-41.50; no 1-3 20f-250 CHICAGO 'UPI) - Hulk selling prices .11)50410(1. no 2-:i 24U-2M1 Ib 40.00-4). 5ft. ;1 s reported bv USDA: Wednesday's estimated receipts 1.5UO Eggs: Prices paid In delivery unchanged illle- l.ODi) hogs. . Prices lo retailers igr.ide A. in cartons POKTI AND Ore (UPI) -- lUSf'Ai- delivered): extra large 59-62; large 5860; ivi'slock': mediums s:t-3 3 . Cattle and calves for Monday 5:i(t. Steers PORTLAND iL'PI) - Cash nw lots goixl 1225-1270 Ib Ifolsteins 32.00- gram. coast delivery basis: 1 (Hi- heifers mixed good-low chofce 864 :l(i-day 60 dav i average mostly 20.75; cows commercial White wheat 4.30 4.37 o(XK'17V cutter 12.00-19.50; bill's 1075- Solt white 4.3S 4.37 700 Ib -'i 00-26 7 5 - feeder steers choice Barley 12:1.00123.00 McWIN Everybody WINS With McDonald's Inflation fighting McWIN Coupon CU TT1UIC" upons? yNot te Your n? Feel !«To ce This ,UseA J chine, .We Will ;ept All ipons lAny isonabfe /' ii "*. IVH» V T I M v ^ w v ^ ^ y r . This Covipon Entitles You To Pufchase One Big Mac, One 1 2 Ot. Soft Drink and One Regular Bag of French Flies FOR ONLY 97 Exp'res /\ /\ March 15, / \j \ 1975 i If 1 A Complete Meal 1 1 1 For Only 97' ·McDonald's 1 · lii Good Only At McDonald's of Kampa 1 48 Caldwell Blvd. could hi- prnducir.j; nine billion l/jshels a year." In Texas, he said, irrigation has succeeded dry fanning so rapidly the irrigated acreage has doubled in 20 years. Farmers in manv parts of the country will dr'ill 501) to 800 feel .lor water but one drilling expert tolrt UPI he would not be surprised lo see wells drilled 5,000 feet ricep to gel irrigation water w i t h i n a few year.-;. Package tour plans suggested BOISE ( V i P l l - Idaho's director of tourism and industrial d e \ e l o p m e n t s a y s packaged tours are one way the state could attract more tourist business. Director Lloyd Howe told Ihe Development and P u b l i c i t y C o u n c i l Monday t h a t a domestic travel agent's conference trill be held by (he Hiscover America Council to promote packaged tours. Howe, reporting on a meeting, last week of the U'.S Travel Service in Washington. D.C.. said the outlook for tourism is good. "Barring any major shortage of fuel, we found that it does not matter what the price of gas is. people will pay it for travel. He said Idaho will apply to the ] U.S. Travel Service for matching (unds to finance promotional advertising by Idaho in olher I countries. But he was not optimistic about getting the money. The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune. Wednesday. February 12,1975-- 9 With local "Greof Decisions" program Foreign policy talks planned NA.MPA -- Area residents will have an opportunely to lake purt in national discussions of key issues in U.S. foreign policy beginning the week of February 16 through a "Great Decisions" program o f f e r e d by (his newspaper and N o r t h w e s t Nazarene College. "Great Decisions" is sponsored in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Association, a n a t i o n a l , n o n p a r t i s a n educational agency. The first of the series of eight inst.'illmenls will appear in tliis newspaper Tuesday, Feb. 18, to be followed Thursday, Feb. 20 with small discussion groups at the Student Center at NNC from 7:30 lo U:45 p.m. Subsequent texts will run Tuesday, with discussions following on Thursday for seven additional weeks. Kach small group will have a discussion leader and eaeh individual participant in the program will be able to express iiis opinion on each of the issues t h r o u g h an o p i n i o n ballot. T a b u l a t e d r e s u l t s of the b a l l o t i n g will tie published locally. Local ballot summaries will be forwarded lo Congress and lo the Stale Department in Washington. The first topic of the scries will be on the world food problem, "C;m Hunger He Conquered?" with an additional article by Bernard Brenner, I'I'l agriculture editor, "Odds Favor Fighters Against Worldwide Hunger." llegislration may be made by Calling Dave Hanson al 467-8841, Hanson is a d m i n i s t r a t i v e assistant in charge of alumni relations at N N C . Women in the United Sates face an average of over seven years of living as a widow. Marsing Chamber hosts IPC speaker MAUS1NG - The Marsing Chamber of Commerce met for the regular luncheon meeting recently with Dale Dobbin presiding. Bob Vernon, district munafier of the Idaho.Power Company spoke on the coal-fired power plant that is proposed for the Orchard area. He gave comparison statistics of the Jim Hridger plant in Wyoming as well as oilier power plants. Twenty-three were present for the fried chicken meal at the Owyhee Cafe. A n e v e n i n g meeting is planned for March 5 with wives attending as guests. 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SALE, 1 NEW HOURS Daily 10 to 7, Sunday 12-6 NAMPA · BOISE COUNTRY 180 HAMPA- CALDWELL BLVD. BOISE ^COUNTRY? STORE

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