Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 44
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 44

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 44
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44 GREELKY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., April 26, 1972 EitaU -- 4 bedroom hum (Jorrnls. 2tvJ.77S2. 48 R«ol e.- Je Z-'-nfcDHOOM horns with ntlarhcd Yin- ·_._·»».. CJ1 a f t e r 5:30. 352.362*". 'VtaJROpM hnusf in KMon w i t h fire- pl»ct*rid f t j l l basement. Call after -lX)R^SATiK-by owner -- KwMcntlAl j!;' nonie, close to both CAtnpi]t.w, Hy up* (;. point men t only. I'hant 353-T7H. JKT. COI.MNS f n m i i r looking for ?20.} , . ' O p o - t b 121,000 3 - 1*1 loom home to ;* * buy In CJreeley. Musi have trci ;'i'' Irtgc; yard, quiet e t r v e t . Karate. L'rill j t JuiJy' Emmcit, 4H-fi6E5 nr w r i t e 161!) CAM, ]!t» T i m o t h y for f a r m * - r n n c ! - Unit. 33.2JSE, lfirson Kenh}-. 2 IIKDWOOM houie. Csrpctfd. fenced «lijTrlck K.iuiic. dii 5 r to Jou n- 6 Ixirin, 6 car K«r*ixi-. C u r _ rmlKl. IH.995. C«ll 3S3-U34. SCOTT School urea, 4 bpitroom bt- level. 2 liAlh« a t r ron'lftlneit, ilnnbl gar«]t«. 352.4225. No acenU plcait. new- 3 bedroom mill*. OH i: ft »Uoul this r.csrlr compMc.1 ,-p[c\ i [.,'HifihlanrJ park. Unila r e n t fur'1225/ ',,-mo^ench. Thfs complex will tmvc ap- '.K pro*.' $3,570.00 A n n u a l pxiinisc* In- '·", .-eluding mansccmont. P e r m u n e n t fi- .;( if*ncine of JlJi.COO. 25 yc*\s. These I;; li^xury units hiive 1200 tr\- ft.. 3 I;; jbcdroomfi, 1'.(, JiatKs. kili-hc-n n|i[.Jimi- I.; -'cw., sp.-inktor system, soil f a w n . 4 ';: s*»rapes, p l i i i h earjielinp flint ninny :;;- Mtras. Call Chiiflt Wc*l 352-20M. or Loll Agency. Inc. ;(n3-lil3. ·HAVE YOU LOOK- iED, TILL THERE'S i S P O T S BEFORE i^OUR EYES? :HALF Af)RK, 3 Ijnd., garden, pasture, (wo cnr garage, fniil trees. $lS,500.0n. TWO. 2 tied, homes, nlmiK wltli ft i bed. home, or we can show you a 7 Ijed. home, Town nr .country. IlKIUG. KAIl.MS ll! iiercs. 'acres, Ida ,-icrcs, No. 2 ft nig · .T w n l c r . .""^ FLINN RKAl/fY No rerjiiesl too snml] or (no liirgo. Ch.-is. A. Kllini, Broker «Rfi-2S10 finhtcll Millet 1 , HalcBinnn 3ft2-2H71 . ||i 1705 1-llh A V K N U : t ltjru«m home ^·ilh c u u n l i y «U« kilchcti. Tint is n culc liumc ]*ralci liclwi«ii D N C «n.[ Ccnlrnl »x School. Fcncrd b.ick ynrl. I'Topprlr has n win-H of pn- miij M-il] ninV;e n comfnrlKhle home. To iiuinct call .Tim Itawaon. K3-IS71 or Lett A n c n e y , 3S3-1 U3. UOYA1. C.[.]cni. Tun lot in liuxl Cnrrlcn- Al] f l r c t r i c kitchen with Z220 W|. ft. of l l v i n n n r r n . N k « cellar t c n e f , IjsrV y*r] on n p r i v a t e OD\100 ft. lot. Klitpl*«, f u l l y c u r - pplcd, 2 car gflraifc »ntt I 1 ..', bnlhs. JnimciliMU' |xs^53ioTi. Call Loll Axcncy 3.]3-lin nr \ V n y n e LuU 'OR S A I , K - - f t m-tf tract, trfenl Rhnw. pl.K-p fflr i*Kisl«re-l livrsKicV ur u n i t n b l o Cor other tnj«inpai. 4 bedroom, 3 bnlh honip, c.urrals and f u l l y Cf|-]kp[icU oulbuiMinss. All city uli[- [tics. Mtisl sc? to n)iur«ciale. Im- n:rdi«lf pnwnlnti. Can 3JI-5RIJ to ^eo Rt anyllrre. woiH'l consider r*/it- Moblli H»mt. 43-A Mobil* H*mn 41-A ITIR RENT e.r «!·. Two bolroomi. A M K R I C A N 1067 50x12 ft. P.rk.d « n j Lovely jpaclo'jt. 3M-364 or 3SS.91W. »ki^W.J1n»nclnt «vallitlf. 3S2.S9J1. M rr. moMI. 610 «lh SI., AyA'V* 1 ,'," 1 M V, 6 ' i^'AJ^ r ° n l l i c A p o c e 1 I Chi«f. Jtftwiltbtf. 312-7369. 1'On SAI.K -- 1570 12x50 It. 2 tc.1. rvom ntobitc horr.f. 353-1M67. NEW 12 »-rJti. J3S9i. 1« wldci, J1.391. Nus!cr Salci. !03« tL HtwBj 31. L 1B72 WAVSIDK. 11x05 ft. 3 Icdroom. Smnl) rtown nnfi lusiinic lonn. Call 3J6.3276 or 361-3612 «flcr 5 r.m. 10x60 rr. I56i Victor. N«» »-»tcr heater, Jurnfture. drapei anil ear- pel, all 1'i vein ,,H. Sifrle.]. iSS- 1781. 10x50 rT. netroller. Fantastie for small family. K x c p l l e n l condition. Mim aeJI. W i l l Ki fast at l:rM tei ponabfe o f f e r . See to b«II«*« at *pace 2o5. 2036 111 A\t. A Little Salesman In Print . . . that's a Classified Ad! Real Estate PART OF OLD RANCH Bncks HP again!*!, n a t i o n a l Tor- HooiiEilully \voorlutl. lxoks down upon o p e n valley iiml across tlio v n l l c y lo s p e c t n c t i l n r rork cliffa, A former c a t t l e ranch this area lias Lha feeling being iimlcvclopci]. J u s t right ' your iniicjiiR niontUaln cabin' site. -1 acres near Ksles. l-(69- OLDEST.]N NORTHERN COLORADO BEST SERVrCE IN TOWN WESTERN WANTS YOU WESTERN MOBILE HOMES n south sth AVB. Grcelcy, Colo. Salesmen in Town Open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays Siiturilny S In 6 Sunday 1 to 6 MAGNOLIA. Top qunlily. front und renr bed rooms, 1'; baths, angle kllchcn no hnllwnyH. Was J10,BOO. NOW ONLY 58995 NORTHERN MOBILE HOMES (South of Hamada I n n ) ' 363-6750 IO«S K-r. 2 ».rx, SI655. Kinanclng KOli SALK 1066 Medallion. C«r- l i c w , u A i c r . Kir conriilkmed. KJC- _ ceilgnt condillon. Ph. 353.S2?. YOU SALK-- 10166 ft. njobilt liom,.. (juod cunditltin. Se« .1 1107 30lh-Bt. Hd. n-8. 362-1380. 0 7 2 . A M K K I C A N mobile home. U-t65 It. 2 or 3 bedruoni, TumfsheH, on lot a56-736: 3S6-I63I n f l e r « p.m. VA SPECIAL,- 12xGO 2-Bedroom front living room, ·{ n 11 y furnished $4,S35.. (i o w n payment of $221.00, S6 payments of JS1.77 includes innnrance and gales tax. ' ' ' ' . ' " Ready to live in 32.^ 2 bedroom, ( r o n t kitchen, f u l l y furnished, Ket-up ft skirted, ?100 p«r r u n n i n g ft. 9S paymonls of 5J07.S6, includes Insurance and gales tax. We m a y r b c hanlUo find, tint our deals are impossible to beat. A-A Mobile Home Sales 2021 1st "Aye. Banna villa HomeUe VA FHA 972 LIliKflTY 13x51. IV« »6797. Now J427P. Only «52.60 per month, De- lu^c «pt;; available. Call 853-3814. 2x65 XT. three bedroom, l 1 ,^ balh. furnlshe.1. let tt|i. J200 ^own, f l O l ) ppr month, mi creilit check, or 1*600 'cash. 356-3136. DISTINCTIVB I 2 » 6 n fl. mobile kotrw, f r o n t nnd rcnr-bpdroums, 1 »i bath, p a r t l y furnished. retrlKculed. air conditioner nnil blurted. 3A3-CA44. )07|ILE h o m e for mle, 8x40 (t., ttx- cellenl condition. M a n y rttras, ini- mcdinle occupancy, ternn a v a i l a u E e -IC4-37V.. :OMMANDKR raolille home, 12,x6S fl., 3 bedroom, l i e n u t i f u l coiulttion. 1'nrk- cil, skilled in (luict court. MUM sell. FOP. SALK -- 1061 2 tnlrm. m n t home, e x c e l l e n t condition, Avnllnble J u n e Ht. Call 363-0057 after 6:30 t'OR. SALE -- 1971 WxBO 2 b«Jroom,, f r o n t mobile home, furnished, ekirted. immediate occupancy. 353- 2UU2 or 33-G3n5 n f l r r 6 p.m. Attention Veterans Duplexes--4-i?lexes No down, UI, Reply to FRONT RANGK BUILDERS 21S K. GUi Ave. Lovcliind or,B-1177 SHOPPING FOR A MOBILE HOME? Before yon htiy, slop at Countryside Mobiles Home factory outlet. A large selection to choose from at new low prices. Century, Magnolia Aiirl Cculrul Homes. Our finance plan is tailored to meet your income. COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE HOMES 124 22iul St. on the By-Pass 200 arrps wlinnt Ijinri in Washiiiglnii County. Over Sfl.UOO bit. firnln HtnrHKe. Owner will givo terms or cotiKitlcr trade : (nr development property. · Over (iiltio ncres sood s n n c l l i i l l crnss in Northeast Colorado, ;l also ICO ntres of excollenl irriKiilert Inml. l| WESTERN AGRI REALTY · : ,| Riverslrle Drive l!ix 1!U Slcrliui;. Colorailo S0751 ' Olfll-n r,22-37M LOTT AGENCY INC. MARK V MOBILE HOMES and COLUMBINE MOBILE HOME. PARK HAVE TEAMED UP to offer you the best in mobile homes Rnd mobile home living, featuring the FABULOUS MARK V. C O L U M B I N E PARK features clubhouse, pool, sauna, danre floor and lei-raced yards. COUNTRY JKSTATE living at low rates-mi extrii charge fur children or puts. MARK V MOBILE HOMES and COLUMBINE MOBILE PARK 2ii milen north of F-ovelaml on 287 J'Orclitnil 66!)-166f Lei lift h e l p -- we ran provide rnnslniclinn ruonny f n r your new home. And ;\\ tlio hrntir: l i n i o R i i n r n n l o o Ilia u mount nf money you luirrow on. your [KiniuuicnL loan wlicn Die homo IH f i n i H h c d . Our nxpcrlonred fttJiff is pngcr In serve you, ; ; ' BUYING OR REFINANCING Are you In need of exlni money for nnoxperted expenses. .or t h i n k i n g of m i l k i n g an I n v p s l m e n t , or planning lo liny a n n t h o r linimc? This money may be found in n new home loan. Let us give von n now, up tu (Iflte loan appraiwal. 918 IHh Ave. · 353-1443 STOLL SEAY CONST. CO. . Builders of "DISTINCTIVE CUSTOM HOMES" . Presents n completo iinrHnnnlizod home bnDdfng norvict InclutUng (IcslRntnK. d r a f l i n g , [iriEiiiClTip. nnd n homo trailo- In proprnin. We spncinlixn In q u n l l l y cnnfttnictton a n d . orafLinnnslilp, pliiH (tie nnv/pHt idciifi inirl innovatluii In custom home tmilrlhu-, I ' l i u n n 352-fiGS7. Save up to $2,000 this week on Aetna Homes. J2 wide used Hillcrest, new carpel and drnpos. Npal. home. Reg. $4,495 now $3,950 14x65 2 bedroom, 1 k i n g size, plush sthng carpet Ihrouglioilt, couifitclcly furiiiahod. Reg. $8,995 now $8,250 1'lxGO 2 bedrooom, shag carpet. Ijftani i^GiHngs, f u r n J B h e r i . Reg. $7,900 now $6,250 Luxury home 1 -1x70 huge front L.R., separate I n i i n i l r y room. 2 f u l l hntha, all carpeted ami exquisitely furnished. Reg. $13,950 now $11,950 AETNA MOBILE HOMES Mobil* Horn** 41- A . "! Klnnw«l. »S39i. d^ oicJ. Nmer S«l«, IOH. East 181h. M»r«lton, c t w . F. 352-8991. form Ei4j[pm«Ht 50 ALdfOST n e w Ford corn p]»nt*r h»rd- ty bccn-'uiHJ. Call FOR SALK -- 720 John Deere Altte] lr»ctor. Fully e]iilr'p*d. Kx eel] cut. 352-5^^3, FOIl H A L E -- IH 4fA\crn filmier. G u n d y and f ^ r t i l i i c r ljuei(«l», J5EO: wit?,! burner on trailer;-'!!! -185 Yltx ,l»ni.:r. R87-21'^3. . . . . FA KM" buItiMnEJ. Grain itorn»«. Dry- .««. AuKen /inj elevator legs. Call 431-255, Scbmeeclcle Co rut rue lion »ncl Supji'r. Inc..Jet. Hwyi. -14 »nd · 52, New Jtnymgr. Co: ' (5 now John . Deere . mwJd TO Flex planter with. 3 point bar and markers. Law Equipment''Co., your John Dcore dealer in Grteley. Phone 36- 3C6S. ' ' COMK in b fire t h e . - 1 7 6 Honepmrer mwtel 6030 »nd Hit 4 whcd drive · 7S20 John Deere tractors in Block now. IiR\v .Kquipment Co., yimr Jfihn IJeore dealer in Greelcy.. Phone 366- 3CCO, 4 J t U W inU-rnnlionnl pult-.tyre model 453 corn planter with- lry feitiliiei, hprbieiile. inseelioid* ' attachments. I.ik« new conilU!on." L a w - E q u i p m e n t Co., your John Ucere dealer, in Creeley. Plione 35G-3fi6fi' L'VVO bedrdom f u r n f i h c i l mobile home for 5nle or w i l l rent. Iteal nke. I'ark- *xl anil skirted. Th. 3L1-1361 at tioon or a f t e r 5 \i.iu. Bicyctes-Moior Bikti 50-A 3 SI'KKD mpn'a 26 inch bike. Call 3537030 a f t e r 5:30. FOK SALK -- '72 Kawa»kl MacH IV, 760_ cc. 200 miles. 35-V60SO, Mike. A M K R I C J A X Hometlale 2 bedroom, p a r t - ly furnhhc-rl. Purkrr) «nd skirted. Space 91. Country Estate. Ask lor key at space 9o. COofLK home, 1970. 11x51 ft. Great KorLhcrn. Partly furnlslied, Eln.p, re- friycrator, ivushrr uti'l drvcr. 3537-155. H U P P tmnUcycIe--mow mohiles. ,,««, Service. Economy Body Shop; IHway 85, Service Ud.,. Evans. 352-6525 NO DOWN Payment on VA Loans Low, Low Downs on non-veterans with good credit NORTHERN MOBILE HOMES S. of Ramadii J n n 353-G7GO Classified Ads Are Fun Ads. "Read and use them Irrigation Systems 49 I R R I G A T I O N Hyste.-n. Includes 3 and ·1 inch a l u m i n u m pipe with assort f i t l i n K h . motor anil Dump n n t t ' 20 Mirmk'cr nciHj,". Muist be tulfi a? t Plcte unit. M n c K c n z l * Co., 2S12 4th Av«n;ir. Farm Equipment MASSRY I-Vrviiann t w i n e h»ilpr w i t h e n c l n e : "Cfi" Oliver tractor, livi PTO, stood tires. Both sooti contij tMin. IJctlhoiitl, a^i!-2"Jl-l. VK H A V E the following ii^cd trnctora for s n i p rind i-paity 1o go: SHOO Fonl u-ifh rali. nr«rly nrw condition: IS50 Oliver; -IO?0-D John Deere with b!ou-- e r ; 3Q2CNU Jnhn Deere with hauled e n g i n e ; 730-IJ John DLLTC w i t h electric R t u r t ; WU-45 Allia-Chnlmprs ; and K very clnrn t10 Altia-Chilmers rtlesel w i t h turbo charger. Law Fxiutpment Co.. your Joh/i Deere dealer in /re«lcy. Phfjne Open Evenings and Sundays South of Greeley, Hwy 85 356-1200 j! WANT A GUARANTEED SALE : ON YOUR HOME? for Information Call: StOTT REALTY CO. 1212-8th Avnnue, Oreeley, Colo. 352-1212 ·FOR SALE 19G3 John Deere 4010 with 1020 sleeves nnd pistons, 4020 advance Injector pump. New !S.ii\:iS rear MrpK and new front tires. I'lione 353-2690 971 Y A M A H A 203. Orm »h B pt. W i l l -acriffre. 355-1632 ultor 5. FR 2.SO SsvnKe-completely ti.Y.T. V i t . SALE -- *67 Triumph'BokneviI, new tires, paint, winng and new 7nOCC enpine. new clutches, plates and springs. 356U753 after 5 p.m. Used Can bnd Trucki · * 51 * Ikycln-M«««r BiV«. 50-A H6I Y A M A H A fO cr. Cull 355-5070 1971 HONDA CI1 350 Cherry I! J770. ·6S USA M a r k IV, $«00 f best offer, 454-3CH7 of't'r 6. Slj. ^00 or !j In a I 1970 Cll 3(9 llond". (575. CXC-2919. ' . 1971 Y A M A H A SO. Eicel!cnl condition. 350 iclml mlln. 353-6164 «[ler 6. KOH SALK -- 1369 150 lloncli. Excellent, cundill.m. f,21 Klin SI., WinJ^ur. 1971 HONDA Cull 1971 Y A M A H A 200 twin. 2500 mil«. I'grfccl »nnif. 284-0316 nf(rr 6:30. CHAPAHltAL trill b l k e j nnH ino-rao- bllca. nulhorhcJ fe»ler. Ferrcllj. 101 Sth SI.. 363-6558. 1871 MACK 111 X.v,-*.»U. |{50. 3501632 iftcr 6. i · BSA 2(0 S'.irfirr,-19E9. 3S3.5SB8. FOR SALE or trade [or Dune liUKJty. 1071 IIT1MX Yimih, noiv. 353-1SS9. LOANS for new ind meJ motorcycle. IJtAl lornn, Itmtit rAtes. Carlisle Aviation, 352-7835. HOY'S Schwinn Slinsi-ay faslbick, rlO- dert 1 summer. Like new. ?50. 3533524. KO"u SALE or trade for Dune R u K g y : 1971 . HT1MX Yamah» 360 cc, new. 33-13S9. Used Cars and Trucks 51 B!cye1e«-Mo*er 50-A ONB J.IKE new unlcjcle, $16.; 1 older Klrl's bikv, T8.: 1 oltler boy · Sdnk'my, t5. Call 363-8870. Y A M A H A , B.S.A., and Cujhnijn. Au- thorlzrd rtpaler. Franklin Cycle Sain 2S25 S. let Ave. 352-6992. Died Can and Tiucki 51 1963 Sl'ORT Fury, 1970 383 cu. In. engine «nd 4 si«d trans., chrome* nii.l Anscns, J5CU. Will jfll en^lnt and trnn^. E...arnlely. 1509 28th Ave. Cl., 353-416J after B. 1070 SUIJARU economy site eedan. S3.- OCO miles. Excellf nt second car. Near 30 miles per gallon. $1.000 or will trade for pickup of comparable value.' 353-S079 after G or a n y t i m e week- en ils. R-12 Renault 4 Door $2295 P.O.E, Front Wheel Drive BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, MATADOR, AMX .GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG 125 8th Avel . 352-4358 SPECIAL S *VE FACTORY PURCHASE 71 PLYMOUTH · (FurylII4Doorl Equipped with; ].; Factory Air Conditioning 2. · Automatic Transmission '3--Power Steering ,4. Radio .5. tinted Glass . .6. Deluxe Wheel Covers 7 Whiiewall Tires R. Body Side Mouitlings 9 - ' Light Package 10. Electric Clocli Stock No. 2169A · . SALEPRICE $ 2695 71 DODGE (Polara4Dr. Equipped with: i Factory Air Conditioning 2. Automatic Transmission 3. V-8 F,ngine 4. Power Steering 5. Power Brakes 6. Kailio 7. Tinted Glass B. Deluxe Wheel Covers 9. Whiiewall Tires 10. Light Package I ) Body Side Mouldings Stock No. 2I78A SALE PRICE $ 2595 71 DODGE (Monaco 4 Dr. 1 Equipped with: t Factory Air Conditioning 2. Automatic Transmission 3 V-8 Engine ·I. Vinyl Top 5. Power Steering 6 Power Brakes 7 Radio B. Tinted Glass 9. Deluxe \Vlieel Covers 10. Whitewall Tires 11. Light Package 12. Body Side Mouldings Slock No. 2168-A SALE PRICE $ 2875 DeBrown Chrysler-Plymouth Inc. BEATS ALL 6th Sf, 9lh Ave.-817 7th St. Ph. 356-0900,353-9902 Open Evenings Till 9 P. M. Saturday Till 6 P.M. Died Con and Trucks STOLL REALTY 27H1 W. JOlli Kl. 3S2-SOS7 M U I . T U ' l j K F.ISTINC! S K H V I C . E 1.0OK NO F U K T I I H K f^hcck this nicfi \\vt liorlrooTii lirii'li. ^IKK! ( i n n l l l y r M V i i r l anO draper. Tills lioinp i* in r;.\cellcnl coitdfllon rently for pos- scssion Lncitlcil on a nlco corner lot. rnlwonil fence and nicoly landBcapnd. Lwm can In- assumed. REDUCED TO $20,300 on t h i s 3 bedroom brick home In Hroaclvlcw. Thin is 3 very a U r n r l i v r luiino w i t h n pnrll.illy f l n l M t i A d li.iHininl. Nicely fenced yard am! ntliirlieil gnrnKn. Jllino . l i m n r i l A or n r j t l i l n p flown \'A T l i i R home [R vncunt fftr q u i f k ;KIS- fcefcsion. Don't n i i x n II, Hi In is n r p n l buy. BVK.VPNOS ANfl WKEICKNMIS HOMES and KAH.MS find Ja!(ft Pfleiger .lfiS-1721 ' l ( l t | rv ainiiM-l Riive Sc.ay SfiS-SSII i,.bp «pi i m rHi Leon Sinn, Flrnkcr · .1M-BCS7 ' ' ou """ lv M3-16(15 t!S(i-2G25 "OF GREELEY 5 STAR MOBILE HOME PARK M Sl'ACU IlKN'TAL, GUARANTEED WITH I'URCHASE KOR ONE YBAR LIMITED OFFER SPECIAL 1972 LIBERTY 12x60 $3995 ( U n s e ) STOCK REDUCTION SALE / ^©5^^fi?^'» \ / hla** sfs^ \ io x cn it59'?,'p'a i f ^?-jf5'1 E' S^'J-S'I? JLt-AUU rid'6 ** ^ t \'..?*' *'"; WAS \ · ' · ( ' · " · · ''',.^.^/."--' ff ^~' ! §6796 v %^%^'fepjS'p NOW ""^ A! "" $3995 . ) (D.iae) ALL MODELS -wfV^W** 3 ' EASY LOW FINANCING v ^ ; :v;-v ' x OF GREELEY ·'. · ' 200 N. 35th Ave. Grcelcy ' ' · · v A '· 353-3781 HUNTER MOBILE HOME SALES CO. DEMONSTRATOR SALE 1972 Marquis Brougham 4 Dr. FuN power, air conditioning, am/fm stereo, speed control, tilt steering wheel, power door locks, Michelin tires, 429 V-8, Green-Gold w/Dark Green Vinyl Roof. $6312.00 US! PRICE. SAVE $1000 1972 Mercury Custom Monterey 4 Dr. Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, 400 . V-8, am radio, Ginger Glamour w/White Vinyl (tool. $5022.00 LIST PRICE. SAVE $800. 34222 1972 Montego MX 4 Dr. Power steering, power brakes; air conditioning, am radio,- 351 V-8, Green Gold w/Dark Green Vinyl Roof. LIST PRICE J4298. SAVEJ600 $3698 1972 Toyota Mark 114 Dr. Radio, heater, automatic trans., tinted glass, white wall tires. White w/Blue Interior. 'LIST PRiCE 12933.00. SAVE $200 i: us . T $2733 1972 Toyota Mark 1.1 2 Dr. H.T. Am/fm radio, heater, automatic trans., tinted glass, white wall tires. Polynesia Blue w/Blsck Interior. 1IST PR!CE 43100. SAVE J200 1972 Marquis 4 Dr. Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, am radio, 429 V : 8, rear seat speaker. Gold w/Dark Brown Vinyl Roof. 55347.00 LIST PRICE. SAVE $850 ........ 1972 Lincoln Continental 4 Of. Full'Power, air conditioning, am/(m stereo, speed control, tilt steering wheel, power lock group, ' - ' Ginger Moondus't w/Brown Vinyl Roof. LIST PRICE $8162.00. SAVES1200 1972 Montego MX 2 Dr. H.T. Power steering, pov/er brakes, air conditioning, 351 V-8, am/fm stereo. Red w/White Vinyl Roof. tIST PRICE $4409.00. ' SAVE $650 $3759 1972 Toyota Carina 2 Dr. Am/fm radio, heater, 4 speed, tinted glass, white wall tites. (Steen Aitair w/Black Interior. tISf PRICE $2505.00. · SAVE $200 1972 Toyota Corona 2 Dr. H.T. Radio, heater, 4 speed, tinted glass, white wall tires. Red w/Black Interior. LIST PRICE $2691.00. SAVE $200 $2491 TED NIETERS CO. 1412 ath Ave. Your Lincoln, Mercury, Toyota Dealer ' Greclcy, Colo. 352-5950 a m m (k i.

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