Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 10, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1961
Page 2
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'Overtake Iowa' Is New Slogan for Russ Farmers iy cUGEnc WTAi i DiifciUW r TK* Aktotttfel t»r*«« JSufc.iSd bukUr Ur aUWch 6,BW aN cultivated. The kisl » Jrtiri... |hopul»tl6n Di Ihe .collective Is When 1 lob) them, most refusedi.OOO; about half are 'children or Everybody in llx Soviet Union la believe M. One m»i, (n Yert- °^.persons unable lo work. Thus, Is frying lo catch up with some- van, eveti bicune abusUe aboutl^'P''* s " n*thanlzalton efforts "lying AthtHcans.'! · |«M worker Is still' niahaglrtg wily body, th Vcrtvim, tlio capital of So- Sdfew olhet- things which they about two acres of cultivated land. vkH Armenia, they hope lo exceed do not know, although the Sovicl Tbills's slum clearance program. govcrnhiM's figures prove thelt- Tn « pfliitipol crop is cotton- Tashkent wants more parks lh*h'lhHh: ' «boul 60 per cenl of which Is MoscfivV. . . · .' I v-rt,ii, t^L __ii K r tUfc-iu *~ i'pfcked by hand, according to Ihe . , .. , - . roriy per rem ol tne Soviet poo- - - - =·--· Bui mosl of all, ln« Soviet farm- ulallon Is hiiTM omwimr fn~i I or Is Irylng lo surpass Ihe AnwrJ-jwhte can farmer. So far, he ha becii consliicuously unsuccessful, des- pile the distribution of millions otjics copies of a pamphlet "Overtake Iowa." busy growing iooa,|- i.. 1« per cent of the popOUviTYi . . ., . - , jt. t^Tccdtty Is pfSnj SSS 8 - "i 1 !** "^, V7 in$i i**unU *v\ n * t 1 ' a i * - iDoocl now EM* ins rnooc in iftsn* * ^nffi^ttW*" 1 have P^ '° * .iK .^ n l..f I?''" "ill* fen* also produces calledmuch milk and butter as now i the UnUeil stales and . True; Premier Khrushchev bas Union produced nlmosl the same . . -IS and dairy pVbctiltnM that the SoVtel Unl6h amount ot milk in' now exceed* the United SUtek Ih United Stales did it with nearly milk and butler production. Without exception, eVety collective farm official I talked kith proudly recited this accomplishment. None, however, had hc«rd thai-lion for the American the United States has been vigor- problem. hut. tbi It million fewer co*s, and si oh Ohe woman, a clerical worker In the Ministry of Agriculture, in products. The farm village is spread oul along an, asphalt street. Many ul the houses are of sunrdried muc bricks, currounded by the usua! . ': - . 1 _ * 1 : . ' in un; iniiuaiijr ui ngi tvilliui c, III . '· - i * Ihe Kazakh Republic, hnd i) sblu. OTlt!nU| . mu1 ' ehce - However. ously. trying to recXtc* production of . "»«t »ericulturai products in- They're all loo sklny; I Ihlhk yoii See our cahptete ·election dl fresh, "Feed it to your sur pl us |lhere are many hew houses ol kiln-fired brick. Several more are . , under construction, women. people spend loo much money on your cars and skimp on food. We ie " se . It cannot be. sense of values . , , here, she sai Wed lhat her ipcrmllted her a gbriefous food al- peared Ib be In working order Elsewhere in Ihe Soviet Union, al rnosl eVery piece of machinery in the fields was rusty arid wilhoul feven elementary maintenance. An expert frotn the British Min lociiniuee jier a generous IOOQ ai- . , ; r Y , V, i , ., . Ilowahce. She weighed at least £ ^F* AgrlcUlliire who ylslled - .-. · thl farrw ^nn n»vt rfav, ^am fid pounds. Of the four collective farms which 1 visited, the Kiiil farm a Few miles from Tashkent is Ihe largest and most prosperous Tashkent is the capital of the Sok "P' viet Republic of Uzbekistan, The farm has 13,000 acres, this farm the. next day, said fig ures given her showed the aver age milk production per cow is about 3,500 pounds per year-hardly enough to justify I heir MISTER MEGER wen cancelled for Monday CYC- Page 2 ing, Nov. 13, and Saturday morning, Nov. 18, doe to the college wun show. Classes for youlh will esumo Monday. Nov. 20, and Saturday. Nov. S5. Driyw · TraMitf A cottrt* in drivers' trainkt wfU begi* -'7:M 'room. be cWsi. will be taught by Bill ibsort, a iteal businessman who as taught fever education to adults In New Mexico. The fee lot course is $30 plus $1 for text wok. Persons may register at UK! office before the class be ins. A minimum of 10 students ^ needed IK this course. "Buttons and Bows" Is the wrne of the Youth Center fashkiri (how lo be held at 8 p.m. Tucs- »j, . , the'Voilth Center. Clothes" won "YoU sure had him avtfully worriedYhit last iwikd, Siuggeiv-he thought he'd KiLLfct) ybii!" if'the'rtideU will ^be furniSed Mrs. Wbeelfer received her AB de- r from CSC and hasworked to- a 60 by 90 foot plot on which to build A house, as well as a little garden space, The garden vegetables produced The machinery on the farm ap- mav w M ^ fa tbe free market ' '· ' " for additional income. Almost all Families have chickens. Some have sheep. A few own milch co*s. . '. : - ; Whatever'their agricultural "cffi : ciency, the farmers 1 saw ap: pear£d to be the happiest people in' the Soviet Union, There can be foov' 21 in the Community no question that their personal, take' p'tide in -pointing it oiit. Their housing is less crowded 1 CCA News jptrt ScA «**« : , . Ski Reg Is! ration for skiing Ihslruc [Soil is now being held at the GCA office, 7tp illh Aye., :6r 'fegfe Irani s may 'phone' EL. J-J4J4'.',the clghl-week course begins at T p.m ing- Auditorium, 710 ;10lh .Xve material silualion is belter Ihan YoUlh and adults afe ellg'ible I it ever 'has been, and Ihey .all enrol) 'at per per spi. Begin ' ' ' ""- ' -------·"-- .^--^.:-.-.- On a collective, (he "profil" is i, afi i r , 1]l6 cilics. Tlicir ihcome 1 ivided among Ihe workers on the asis of working days. At Kizll, lis amtunlEd Ib nearly $3.50 a ·orfclng day, far rnpre thari on riy other farm I was shown. In addition to this casli pay- nenl) each working day earns a :redit of sii pounds each of. wheat, nions and potatoes. In this vil- igc, fcacn family may also have voricr, ar ANXUAI, XKETIKR OF ti'lNltaflK i.OCAT. ttKfcT The A n n u a l Meeting . of Uic .vlndsbr Lb^kl Beet Growers' Vssdcmtlon wilt be hMd rth NAv. 7 Bt ,7:0» .P.M. Bt Mic Windsor fifcli School !n Cotftmuiitty Room The purpose of ^hl* 'nlgellnic In elect a President. Secretary a District " ' ... tt · *»»»i«fc*^ Dlrecii Meet Hallmark Chtistmii csfds to btd 'With your name . . ·. quality cirds t'hit best ftflect yUt good Uste a'nd J)«rson»lit^ You yoariilf yoU'd shop Sirly. thfe yiit 1303 Eighth Avenue "Everything' for the Office" s comparable, their food much wller. 'Allhoilgh it is also true hat their situation Is much worse Leonard,- will rnalce up' the clas hon that of farmers in Western program. Kcgislrants will selec countries, Ihey have no way of four dates for the'snow lessons either Saturday mornings or Sun ;nowing it. Thursday: Russia's Asian shovv- H10 DE JANElRO-Brazil has announced plans for large scale Building projects for the state of Parana in Ihe next five years. IVlsbrr Doivrd ill Alfio A O e n e r h l to represent you at the f lin}yorlancc to nil E U g a r bcel rou'ers \vill lie discussed. Sighed': H E N R Y FEI.TF: ' Local Bebt Grpiverfi' ABSOC. 'lie Greeley Dally Tribune ' 10, IB, 18«l. ling, ihlcrmediale. and advance^ les'sbhs will' be offered. TVo dry land lessons, taught by Wes Sa: gent, .and four snow "lessons L Itiildeh Valiey;'laugh't by Dor .\OTIUK rn tne l l « r l e t iniiirt \VeIri, S f K ( e of Ci - ' -S'o. 14J7.I) (h this Matter of,;jhe-..Ie.-) Lermjn»tion of T H K H1;UL'J.E O*\T F COLORADO: 'J .. '.THE STATE day afternons. Ski equipment fo the dryland lessons niay be cheer ed out at Sargents's S'p o r 1 i n i Goods or Jones Company Spbrtinj Goods al no charge. Equipmen must be picked up and returnc( by the user. Special tow rates a Hidden Valley will be offered c'eiintr or class members for duration She class. Swimming CanctlUd. ·V. U, at Ofedcy High Sctaol -' ' · ' ' aught In the Adult Education program (or five years. Her new assistant this year Is Mrs. Audrey Cimball. The pre school class con- s»s! s of 16 four year olds who take pah In a wcU planned program of crive piiy, active' ud quiet «mc period*, fWd trips «pd rett iyMs. Sotne of 'be plaj-' aciivi- Iri,; Include: spwige, easel and ingef paiiitliigi-coloring. cu ,nd pasting; .clay modeling. Na the toggery Shop of Gi-eeley ·be faifatoe shoj» li fr«4 of chargti * ; la 'time holding Youib '.firiter Sf IWfltOcrSniJK. ·. fld ., 10 - - pftTCMS Youth ntrt hoWihg' menSberhip :ards will pay 25c"to see the re 'tew. Eight models chosen from 55 [iris *hp tried out for the review ii-e:. Mwker Jdoiof. High, Chru ;t«venget, and Bet|i Drisrolij Col ege High, Gwelt shaw ahd sherry O'Kfeefe, aid Grt^ey High. Shar oa bowing, D ! Anh Rogers, Joyce Shuse'and Jan|ce Sinele. Miss. CSC Homecoming Queeti Trecda Swanson will also appea n show.·'This entire review is .the project of Educa km 85 students \vhti were assign ed to Commiinity Adu^' Activities. H Instructor Mrs. Helen Wheeler, parent ed ucation insEructor, pro school, ha GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Nor. .10, 1961 Visit From Sister* OWENSBORO, Ky., (AP)-JUry · Barllett, a coed at the Univerwtj of Kentucky, brought some friend! hone for the weekend .receotly- 86 friends. All were membeH ol Kappa Alpha Theta serority. ol *n»di Mary is president. Tb« girls brought sleeping bags and mattresses and bunked in the five bedrooms of the T. J. Barlletl ur« study is also 'included and home, he class has made Individual plantariums. Field Irips have in eluded visits to Ih^ city library, 'ire station .and tarnis. Mrs. Whecfcr's h u s b a n d . Charles, is co-owner-.of McArlhur- iVheetef garag'e of Greeley. They iave two sons attending . Nerth Texas Stale University at Denton, CACONDE--C'aconde about 2W miles north o( Sao Paulo, Brail, offers five-year lax exemptiois o new industries locating here. Kpr, 14 in fc'bailrewn of Tex., and a dailghier, who is ;1 ..:, .- ;= i - :-· _, v. i. '·-...· . . . ' ^ unior . at . High School. jree froni CSC and has worked to ward her master's under Alberta leit'z. fead ot prfc school at CSC. KOTIC13 0F FJ.\.AI, StrrTLliJIKNT !· tkf CoHiilr C««r( In and (c tint C»NBt7 »t Weld NM SUU it C-oliriH. .,. : · ; NoJ S665 ESTATE,OK . . . ) MOLLIE U / S W A . N , ' ) alsp k n u w h t* ) "IQLTjIi: p£N 1 NP:E SWAN,) DecDAseO Notice Is hereby riven that have hied my flrial report In thi C o u n t y . Court of Weld Colorado, and that . County person leslrln tri object to £he s.inn 1 ihall f i l e written objection, wrth he said cou u r l on list. or b e f o r e No ·\Vir-l,TAM II. S W A N , Executor Charles A. KarowaUy, Attorney for Eatnte 807 GrtfeUy BUtldlris Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Dally Tribune Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, 17, 1051 AUTO GLASS SERVICE PITTSBURGH SAFETY GLASS WHILE YOU WATCH P I T T S B U R G H P L A T E G L A S S C O M P A N Y 1008 8th Ave, EL -1247 I h e Cft»t^ I k e C««iti SUte ·! ' ' . ·Nb.' ESTATE OF · lip k n o w n »3 ; KLINGINSrilTH, Deceased Notice Is hereby g-lve,n that 1 e tiled nly final report iri thr County, y person fhe 1 «arn' 1 ivlth fiav County Court · ol Cdlorailu, and that desiring to object to fhe 1 etial! f i l b written objection the. .Bald c o u r t dn or before No- vernbor 37. 1561. . BLANCHE KIjINQIKRUITH, Ezecutrl Charles A. JCarowsky t t o r n e y for: Estate 07 Gfeeley Bulldlnir Greeley, Colorado ,. .. -. . ··! i The Greeley Dkily T r i b u n e Youth swimming classes nave o c t. n, NOV. 3, 10, 17, i96i WE DELIVER F U E L O I L No. 1 and No. 2 RAY BUS Texaco Distributor EL«in 2-filOO Greeley .NOTlt;tj or , r k \ A l j ' SBTTJiEJMteKT til* CuHifr 1 \Vrlrt *m4 *UJ*- it oio'TM^. No. S6£0 F.STATK or- . . j ~^Aft!,t:S W. HAHR1SON.) Dtceasfil " j - Notlct Is liereby felvcn Ih^it I HAVe fllfea my f i n a l reiibr* Ih the County Court of VVetd County, Colorado; Artd thai a"ny person d c J l r t n K id object to the frame 5hal] f i l e w r i t t e n ohjcctton w i t h the s»td c o u r t on or b e f o r e November 50, ]961. PHVLMS L. HAHKISUN, AdmtnlsUatrlx M e l v l n Ulrne/ A t t o r n e y at Law 2DO Flrit National Bulk Bulldlns Greeleyj Colorado . The Greeley Dally T r i b u n e . Oct. 27, Nov. Z. ^0, 17,'1951 To. -H'/l^'Hdokj'KHth 'ilook, J.|l C. ITook, . R u t h ttoiitclth. Jesse I Hook, Jnirica HooVf, ROby Couch- j m n n , Koberta Jolitisoh hd to all" i t h t r rcrsona w|io are".nr claim .6 be helrd o f ^ R n l d decedent, and .o oil Jiersona Intercileti. OBEETIXG: ' - ' r Taki Notice .that a petition Una been" filed' In'.Oils -ckuko, il- (eirlnr thai Ihe nbp^c;-naine(l de- o n e - n n i r (14) Interest in ftna to the following dcscriiied, property: f,ots i. 2, 3, 4 find B and the Southeast Quarter (SB14) . o f the Northwest Quarter ( Aiici " "" of Sect Toil Sir" ( 6 ) Township Nine ( 9 ) Nortli,-rtanse Firty- elght (68), \Vest "of the Sixth V.M., In \Veld County, Colo- ratio. That the pot!lion names the ibovn persons as the heirs of the decedent,' n n J the present owners of Ih^e said property. HURRY - HURRY - HURRY ,- HURRY - HURRY - HURRY - HURRY : ftortnwesi wearier i ^ y v ' t i i il tlie K o u t h TTnlf ( S t f ) of j N o r t h e a s t g u n r t e r (XJ3U) . Yo -OUR MODELS - "I can draw my own Will! (BUT SHOULD HE?) iu a'rft notlflftil to a n s w e r . s a l d ;ton w U M n ' t A - t t h t y ( f e O ) . d a y s a f t e r service of this notice on yon (\f served by publication- within twenty (20) 'dayh a f t e r the last "publication o f . this notice) and in default bf an ah- ·Vver, the Court will proceed to hear the matter us provided by the law. ' · Dated it Greeley, Colorado this 25th day of October, 134J. SBAL) ROBERT'W. RHODES Clerk of the District Court By BETTY 1* PRYOIt, Deputy. West and Weal Attorneys for Petitioner 311 Greeley Building Greeley, Colorado , . The Oree-ley Dally Tribune. Oct. 27, NOV. 8, 10, 17 r 1961. Anyone can draw his own will -- but, unless he is on attorney, there is danger that it may not be a legally accepted document, or that it will not achieve the end-results he desires. Be sure to hove your lawyer draw your will (and the sooner tne better). FOR COMPLETE TRUST SERVICE, SEE US ·CftVICI tS OUR · USINEtl Member FbIC Counry BAIIK || XOTICB OF SAt-F, ^iS'l^ER. CHATTEL MORTGAGE NOTICE JB HEREBY filVEiS , that the fbllowtng; described I equipment wjll be sold . to tut |j highest bidder at a public sale "to be held on Friday, Nrfvember 17, 1961, .at 10:00 o'clock A.M. at the premlEBs of Golden Point Drive-In, 2Z08 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado: All e q u i p m e n t located at the premises of Golden roltit Drive 1 In, 2203 9 t h Street, Greeley. .Colorado, Including, but not llm lilted to, the following; 1 3'8* f r y e r s t a n d enclosure. w i n ends and back panel. 1 3'* vent system. I 1 stainless steel duct enclosure to houe the top of v e n i sy«- 8 Hotpnlnt HK7 Mark 313 electric fryers and a t t a c h m e n t s . 1 1'6" long- %yrapplnr counter ·with healer' strips. 1 6 ' 4 " Ions open shelf fca*e ;riildle Bland. 1 G ' 4 " vent eystem for griddle x l a n d . 1 stainless steel duct system f o r vent system. 1 fi'O* electric g r i d d l e counter. I G ' 4 * ilainlcsn steel open shell cabinet. 1 3't" stainless steel open ihelf cAblnet. 1 3'«* heated f r e n c h fry »nd h a m b u r g e r display. 1 J ' S " open shelf cabinet itnln- IPSS sleel. I Cory "C" coffee maker. 1 W v o t t automaitc cream dispense r. 3 cupliolders. 2 National cash rrgislerj". 1 custom d r i n k dispenser. 2 Taylor 3/4 hp ahakemakers 1 Scotsman Ice machine. 1 12'8' *alk-ln cooler Including 2 compressor* and al controls. All bags and paper holders. All pots and pins. All c o u n t e r s a h d shelve.* and window service on the p r e m - ises. Lollipop c u r b sign located out side of the building. Prior to the sale, t h e equip , menl lilted above may b« In-, sp*cted at ESftS tlh Street, Gre« ',«, Co3or»do. The aal* of t h e foregoing Items will b* mid* pursuant to ^he l « r m « of a chattel tnertgftge d«ud Mar M. ISSt, glTen br Bbdl* C Smith to th« Golden amtnrger Drive-in Corporation, i mortgagee, and thereafter as- ...gned to (5ene-.-al Klectric C r e d i t Corporation on A l i g n f t 21, US*. The safrl Assignee has repot«*««^d Ihe f o r e g o i n g equipment hecanre of d e f a u l t s occurring u n d e r t h e D a t e d . November 3. 1-3fil. , CORPO'RA'TION"* * ' By J o h n T. S h u f r o t h Us A t t o r n e y The Greeley- Daily T r i b u n * Nov, ft. 7. I, I, 10, l l 13, II, U.I 16, 1961. BRENTWOOD 9 Lovely Brick Homes Move In This Week No Payment* Until 1962 Save Your Rent SHERWOOD 10 2 aid 3 Bedroom Brick Homes $14,200 to $19,000 Many Extras ROYAL GARDENS 4 of Greeley's Nicest. Remember- No Payments Until 1962 * FRE£ * FREE * FREE * FREE Gl FHA Conventional FINANCING WIN A N E W CALORIC KITCHEN Will Trade Will Deal Will Make It Easy For You Never Agaii Sich Valies * · * · * . * * * " · * * * * * NO PAYMHTS tflfTIL ?§62 /^^ ^^aa^ ^^r -c-tr* A T 01O NINTH AVCNUB Bill EL 2-1081 Clyde Wffliam EL 2-4748 Ray SctMonmakc |L 3-6743 8-V4O7 ELZ-S6S4

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