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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, November 10, 1961
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WrltUn by Hone* arttl.y In 1«71 AND · . . - . ' · TH« 6RHLKY ··PUBLICAN VOLUME J4-NUMBER 31 CREILEY, COLORADO FRIDAY, NOV. M, TM1 WHKLY TRIIUNI ESTABLISHED W7» Area Officers Press Search For Aurora Girl's Kidnaper 8th Ave. Gym Condemned by Gity of Greeley The Meeker 'Junior : H i g l i School gymnasium was condemned Friday by George Bargelt, city director of building inspection, following an inspection. Bargelt said the-wall on the 8th Ave. side of the gym .is leaning precariously .and also is : warped. He added the defects have been caused by'improper .connection of the roof Joists and beams. The building is unsafe for use until corrections are made, Bargelt said. He reported he hsc notified School 'Supt. .Leslie. K. Grimes', secretary of the 'condemnation, at 11:45 a.m. Friday . Bargelt 'said he and Charles Elfeldt, building inspector, also had inspected Meeker Junior High rluay morning and found it to structurally" ufe with modi- cations, although there .art an- mecous fire .hazards throughout le building. )' '· Bargelt. and .EUeWt were ac om'panied on Ihe inspection by ohn Roberts,.director of proper y services, for Sqhool " Fuel Trouble Is Cited in Airline Crash 'RICHMOND,' Va. '(AP) - The pilot of the ill-fated Imperial Air lines Constellation said Fri. two of the craft's four engines 'were out, a third was losing power am the nose wheel was sluggish in going down when he pulled away from an attempted emergency landing at- Richmond's Byre Field. M o m e n t ; later the plane crashed in a woodland less than two miles from the runwa Wednesday night. SeventyJour Army'recruits and inductees'anc three crew members died in the burning airplane.''' : vBenald; H.^Cionway,. »,\W.erf Hollywood, Ma., said the-impiict of the crash into the wooded Area "didirt seem hardly anything 1 me. But then 1. realized the whole airplane was on fire!" . 'Codway and his flight engineer William': Po'ythress, 31, Miarn Fla., were the only survivors. After the two got out of th flaming crash "all we could ( was-slajd U»re and watch " in the 9th Av* uiMing at' Meeker Junior High School was .ordered closed lo arge groups by the State In ustrial Commission previously. Dr. Grimes, contacted Friday afternoon, said that he and the ward had just been Informed of he condemnation of the : gym nasium. He said the building has een locked. Further-study will be rtquirec Grimes said, before any definite course of action is proposed. The gymnasium of the builc ng .is used for band, orchestra »ys physical education, .assem blies. and school functions. George Johnson, principal he school, said that there is no other space in the building fo the band and orchestra. The girl ·yrnnasium in the 15th St. buil jig' is' already being used I capacity for girls physical edu afternoon Frida education classe cation classes. During the xys physical were held outdoors and the bane did marching drills outdoors. Bargtlt noted that the 9lh Ay Miildlng wi.ll require the replace roent of timbers hi the attic t make it structurally sound. Sony brick work will also be require Truman. Ike HoldMeetmg _ . _ _ . , _ . . _ _ . . . _ , Mo. (AP) n; ; .'Dwight.-''Eisenhower' mailed on former:: President Harry Truman-.Friday for. one of the rare meetings since Eisenhow was inaugurated in January 196. .Eisenhower, in Kansas City, address a Veterans Day. gather , - ing, came directly to'Truman burn," 'Conway told newsmen in offj^-after his plane : landed. his first public statement since - - - : . . . . . . the tragedy.' At "his side was his brunette wife, Beyerly. Conway, with a blackened left eye, held his wife's hand as he related the flight from Baltimore's Friendship Airport until it plunged to earth. He sat dressed in blue-striped, pajamas in a wheelchair. As Conway was telling newsmen for the first lime of the final moments of the-fatal flight,- fed: eral aviation officials continued sifting through the blackenec ruins of the airliner to try to pinpoint causes of the power failure The engines will be taken to Washington for minute study. There 'were immediate changes iri transportation plans for other recruits from the 1st Army area The Army said in Washington such . troops will be moved by train and bus until an invesliga tion of the Richmond crash is completed. Truman met him on the sleps the Truman Library, where las his office. Both attended the inaugurate President Kennedy last Janua ut did not meet or speak a wugh they sat only a few sea part. Estimated 800 Are Eligible To Vote in Annexation Election Tha Weather Temperature at 3 p. m. Frida: was 67. Local for 24 hours ending 8 a.m. Friday: Great Western High, 65; low, 22. Public Service High, «; low, n. College: High 63; low, 21. Colorado -- Generally fair to night and Saturday; low tonigh 5-15 high mountains mostly 25-35 lower valleys elevations high Saturday 90s west, mostly 60 east. FIVE DAY WEATHER COLORADO--;Temperaliires wi average from .1 Ui 6 degrees above normal west to 6 to li de grees above seasonal east: gen erally warm but slightly coole beginning of week; scattered snov northern mountains, a few show ers west early next week: high generally 45 to K west, K to «o east; lows »'s and low 30's lower elevations, 5 to 1 mountain*. Wyoming'-- Generally fair t night and in sooth tad east per tions Saturday; partly cloudy northwest Saturday wtth scattered snow flurries northwestern noun- tains Saturday afternoon; local warmer tonight; turning colder northwest portico Saturday after noon; low tonight »·» mountains 16-Year-Old Found Near Milliken Is In Critical Condition A VIEW Of THE AREA in which Sandra Smith, 16, Aurora high school student, was left badly beaten and shot by her kidnaper is shown above. The girl was found in i borrow pit along the road leading into Milliken, which is .designated by the arrow, Two farmers discovered the girl a mile and a half south of Milliken Thursday noon. She had been there since some time Wednesday night. State Patrol photo. Goliath the Monkey Dies in Atlas Blast British Girl Wins Miss World Crown, LONDON (AP) - A. British wauty who placed second in th^ n ''YtlW'^iss"iie'.' high"'over "the Uiss Universe contest in Miamijcape today, Beach two rhonths ago was namedj Officials reported. !0 minutes CANA VERAL, Fla, AP)| ^-A. tiny monkey named Goliath Idiid in the flaming explosion of " Miss World on her home territory Thursday night. She was the first British girl to win a major beauty 'competition. 1 The international contestants as usual indulged in considerable ac- imcny after an earl, a duchess ind seven other judg«i awardtd the title, to · , eyed Rosemarie irankliixj, IS, a moid, gtyt ' the'j tantrum*.; dU- i li»nii»i|IiiV' inilil Hr' Mrlj \vfrt of Huntington, .Wi'Va.-, wai among the seven finalists but didn't place in the money. -.Comedian ,Bob . Hope crowned Miss Franklahd and' saluted · her as "the 'most beautiful girl I eve sawV" When.the girls started bick ering,,Hope commented soothing ly: "Nam*; any of these girls and I'll say they deserved fo win: I want peace." Rosemarie won 2,500 pounds ($7,000) and a movie test but said, "My ambition is to be a glamor ous wife." Her measurements are par for beauty contest winners in the Monroe-Bardot age--36-22-3S. after the launching there was no chance that (he small-passenger had withstood the great explosion. His space capsule, tucked in the as.nose cone, had no escape Kchanlsm. ' ': ; " .-"·"··· The- Air Fore* reported the ange safety officer destroyed the sslle when it became erratic in [ht. Technicians began studying es of radio information re red from the. missile in an ef- t" : tb leanOwhat'went :wrbhg. . Tbc..missUc was an advanced laVE .model* this nation's mos powerful military rocket. The.ear more reliable Atlas D serie ill b« used in the U.S. man-in By JIM HITCH' Voting is expected to run heavy uring next Thursday's West reeley annexation election. Polls at Franklin School'·will ipen at 7 a.m. and close al'7 p.'iru or an estimated 900 eligible.vot- r s . " · - · : · Would tM 1,5*1 · If annexation is approved By"i majority of those 'casting baBotsi oughly 2,500 residents 'will' ; be added to Greeley's population, The area involves about VIOJ ;cres of land bounded rpujjnrjVby «h St. on the north,-'art 'Are HI' the east, 16th St. on the mQi md 35th Aye. on the ·'wall;, with modificationB. .- ·' Residents of Edwards';A'ddi(kn, Franklin, Broadview 'Acnev Hopkins Heights, Meadowlarlcj 'Hunter Heights, Westwood,--WiMiire and Sherwood Park are' include n the proposal. . ..' . OfftMtn MI Specific ATNM ·If residents of the' area'tun down annexation, a variety of things could happen. : Opposition apparently is centered in specific sections of the overall area'. So f annexation is defeated, smaller sympathetic areas'might petition ndividualiy for arjissation ints the city. ucceeded hi rallying enough sig latures to present council i valid counter petition, thereby ocking cut-anddried action le issue. At that point the battle turned to i heated controversy ove acts and figures, dollari am ents. Fifurtt Fh/ Hairfbirs. of an organised op - i = ; -' eyinmitlee cited an "au iaji hike" as their rea The annexation battle, quelled of late by the city election, has been [ought in the throes of controversy since city eouncfl put the wheeli in motto* last summer. On Aug. 1, city eoanefl »c«pt ed · petition by SI percent at"'fce property owners la the area aak ing for annexation and (ched a public boring for Sept, i. Under normal procedure 'the area would have officially joined i--- ins ciiy where; high Saturday *·* well, October. IMIeast. I M tppeMrtt to · i tt far wishing to remain outsid thVcity,' '.;,/; : Opponents ^presented figure. 'hich they said showed individua wnershlp costs rising much in xcess of claims by'.ipro-annexa ion backers. - ;, Those in favor of'annexation ad mil to »me increase'in faxes art utility costs, but they also argm hat added benefits such as fir and police protection and Jowe ire · insurance rales, will aba offset the increases. , Rainy Summer Stiri l«w* A rainy summer also had some taring on annexation fortunes More than,one small flood'resul ed from torrential rains last summer and flooded streets and base Twiits in the area. Many resider avored annexation, hoping t city would do something to all viate the drainage problem. The city itself has played behind-the-scenes roll tn the nexatioa tussle thus want far. jtfar annexatia wi* *e city would take more M active part in campaigning f iU JFK Library vie mo rial To Be Built WASHINGTON (AP) - Presi ent Kennedy. anounced toda; at a'library and museum wii e built in Cambridge, Mass., fo presidential papers and me- wntoes. White House press secretary Pi re Salinger said that "I thin! at is a proper, assumption' len asked whether the Library ill be on the grounds of Har ard University at Cambridg md connected with the universi of which the President is graduate. Kennedy's action followed recedent set by his three imme iale predecessors. The library of the late.Pres: tent Franklin D. Roosevelt is k ated at Hyde Park, N.Y., tha '. former President.Harry S. Tru man at Independence, Mo., an tat of former President Dwigh Elsenhower at Abilene, Kan 11 were constructed with privat unds, but the government main a ins them now. This will be the arrangemen or the Kennedy library--it hasn een named that officially, yet. Salinger said it was prematur o get into the question of a com mittee to solicit funds for the 1 rary-museum. Dhild Bludgeonec With A Hatchet By His Mother DENVER (AP) -- Six-year-o Carl Veinberg wu fatally Mudg ewied with a hatchet today an died three hours later in a ho pital. Detective Ed Hammons sa the boy's mother told him s didn't want Carl "to suwer." Tf woman appeared in a state shock and police gave her doct permission to have her taken hospital. Patient P.ainad Docs LONDON -- Romak) Scotte ( cam* to Britain three years to work oo Pembrokeshire farm He w«« admitted to a hospital chest paim. After treatment, doc tors told Mm he was fit to \ but Romaic said he was not Tht law prevents a city from (^ re fu«td to budge from his bed iwtitutlng annexation proceed- H js answer was always, "I ha ings. CKy of Greeley apparently feds it should take an Impartial ace program. A D Atlas wduted to boost a chimpanzee 0 orbit from the Cape next eek and a man on an orhila! ;hl hopefully by the end ot the ar. 1 successful, the Atlas today uld have '.covered the 5,000 Ies in" "about 25 minutes. Two'aircraft,and a ship waited the -pjaijned/.impact area to at mpt fecovery'of the 12-foot-tal ne afleril made a blazing dive' ack through'the heat barrier of e earth's atmosphere from an ifude of 650 miles. The test was another aimed at rfecting means of keeping man space flight. Tucked in compartmeiits in the experi- wnt4oad4ci cone were fruit. flies "various stages of life, insect !gs, bacteria and other biologic a' iecimens. These'were to be slud led for radiation and other ef els. The furry little monkey, only Scientist, 4 Navy Men Die In Air Crash MCMURDO SOUND, Antarctica !AP)--A University of Minnesota scientist and four U.S. Navy men died Thursday night in the crash of a Navy plane homeward bound trom a magnetic mapping flight across the frozen Antarctic. The other four Navy men aboard the P2V7A Neptune were reported, injured but the extent of heir injuries was not immodiate- y learned. The Navy Neptune crashed as t was taking off from Australia's Wilkes Station on the last leg.o a 2,900-mile 'flight. over largely unexplored' areas of. the ice- capped continent. The expedition left the main U.S. base here-Men day and spent Uvo days at the Soviet. scientific base at. Mirny on the' Indian. Ocean. The Minnesota scientist, Dr Edward C. Thiel, 33, had made magnetic measurements from the air whicft were expected to help MT other devices so that scientists more readily learn his region to the stresses of rocket gbt, especially the weird, state weightlessness. The as trained to sip wal libber nipple when a light flashed! at intervals during the flight. Goliath, a native of the Amazon ungle of South America, was in aluminum cylinder one foot By FRANK COLOHAN A 16-year-old Aurora girl who was discovered shot and beaten along a roadside iVi miles south of Milliken Thursday was reported to be still in critical condition at Children's Hospital in Denver Friday. Meanwhile, officers pressed the search for hicr kidnaper. The girl, Sandra Lee Smilh, an Aurora High School junior, had been shot twice through the head with a sniall caliber gun, Karl II. Ahlborn, assistant district attorney, reported. Tn addition, she had been beaten and assaulted, ho'said. The girl told Dr. Edward J. Kinzcr of Johnstown at Weld County General Hospital here Thursday afternoon she had been kidnaped at gunpoint in Aurora about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday by a man who told her his name was "Dr. Allen." Ahlborn reported Friday the girl told -Roy" Vogt, assistant chief investigator for the Arapa hoe county Sheriff's office thai the man who kidnaped tier ha said his name was "Dr. Tru man Allen." Girl Describes Abductor The girl described the man a bout 40 to 50 years old, weigh ng about 100 pounds and bein; letween 5-feet-D and 5-feet-ll tall She said be was driving a lal model black and red Ford, whic she · thought ' had Wyoming 1 cense plates. Ahlborn said the girl lold.o icers she had been on her^wa o school in Aurora Wcdnesda afternoon 'When the man stoppe in his car and asked her abwi an address. . · -· x inches high''and with a long (hrow , igrt ,,,, Eeo | 0 g ica j ; mvstcr . .1, was iKrt.restrained by straps ies below (he icy wa s (e i amjs . Navy officials said the expedition--a phase of "Operation Deep Freeze 62"--was by far the long' The girl told the man she didn think there was : such an addre Ahlborn said the man then to the girl he would give her to help him find the. address a then would take her to school. 1 address actually turned out be at a cemetery. Whon'il became obvious to tl girl, after she- had got in placed the girl in the trunk of his car and drove north to th« vicinity of Milliken. · · ' · · . ' " Ahlborn, who with Sheriff 1 Bob Welsh and other officials made an investigation Thursday after- · noon in the area where the girl j was found, said evidence at the : scene indicated ''the- man took ] girl out of the trunk in a Id about a quarter-mile south \ where she was found. - . , ' · · / } The man then hit the gfrl over '"] e head with a flashlight a n d . . j locked her down, whfcrnwas the j; st she remembered until alter : * was.found, Ahlborn said.. . - : "Based on Uic evidence, · our : eory is that, alter the girl fell-./, the ground, the man shot her .'' ice and left her for dead," the "; sistant district attorney said.- One of the bullets wenl in above K girl's right eye, dislodging e eye and going, through the · ; ·e socket, then coming out of her' · ead under the left ear. The other ullet struck'-her at about the airline and is .still lodged in : the p of her skull, Ahiborn said. The un used was probably a .13. je 25 caliber revolver, he added. Mad* W*y Out of Field ' The evidence indicated the girl ot up sometime later and made er .way. about. 75 to' 100 feel'out : (he field, then down the road or 1,160 feet', 'where she col- apsed in a borrow pit alongside north-south dirt road, Ahlborn epbrted. " ' ·· ' "·'' The assistant district attorney aid the girl's shoeprints could x traced for about 200 feel alone he'road to a point where she lost ler shoes,, than her footprints 'or the. rest of the distance. . . Fwt'Fmen · . The girl'apparently was left:In Ihe field late Wednesday night and lay in Ihe borrow pit until the was found about 12:15. p.m. Thursday. Ahlborn said her feet had been horribly frozen and lhat her hands also were frozen but not as-had as her feet. girl was found in the borrow pit by Dick, Walton of Johnstown, a farmer and part-time cm- man's car, that he wasn't looking for I lie address, she asked to ", · ^ · f r n· M E " be let out, Ahlborn reported.- She est airborne scicnt.fic Hight ever ., .. man ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, hfr IB monkey undertaken by the United States iler from a in Antarctica. i ajummum cylinder one tool Speaker Sam Rayburn · 11 and one foot in diameter. To weak but more alert .. hi reported Thursday. 1 irp.tect him from possible injury, uring the pulse-pounding trip, sides were padded with a astlc foam. A nylon net stretched over one de of the circular wall to give le animal something to hang on To one side of the net was the ipple, attached to a small canis- er of water. Rayburn Weaker BONHAM, Tex. (AP) -- House n "is very his doctor said the man refused lo lei her out, pulled tlie gun out while they, were still in Aurora. Pirt In Trunk of Car Ahlborn said that, according to the girl's story, the man drove lo a place near Byers, where the man assaulted the girl at I gunpoint. The kidnaper then tegular Saturday chedule Here On Veterans Day Saturday is Veterans Day, but Greeley stores will be open and : will not be a parking meter Tolirtay. The Tribune will publish usual. The Greeley Public Li- wary will be closed, however. Government offices and banks, ·ill be closed, but they would normally close Saturday. 8 Per Cent Salary Increase Proposed For CSC Faculty By BOB BEARD Faculty salary increases of ap-; proximately eight per cent were: presented by Dr. William Ross, president of Colorado State College, as a proposal for next year's budget in a hearing of the Legislature's Joint Budget Committee on the campus Friday. The proposal would raise the average faculty salary to around $8,100 from this year's average of $7,597. Atki To IncrMM Faculty Dr. Ross also proposed the" ad- dition of 24 full-time faculty members to the staff of 'CSC as a move toward improving inslruc- [ion at the institution. " The CSC president reviewed several indications of increasing excellence achieved by the college during the past year. He noted that CSC received full accreditation without any exceptions, one of only 10 institutions in the nation to fall within the category. CSC during the year was rec- (Continued on Page 16) da pain." Hospital officials applied* for an extradition oroer and Ro-[ thereby esca(iii£ anyjrnaio left i'ne lun|m«l HIK! Ihe eharf«* of trying'la "bull" thejcountry--after 16 guest- into IS* cHy limits. 4. A SHOE MARKS THE SPOT in borrow pit '·*here'Sandra Smi:h, is, o: Aursrc, by from Wednesday night Thursday noon. She was abducted at gunpoint by a man in Aurora Wed- nesday ' afternoon, assaulted and then dumped into lhi« borrow pit DT«T Hmir', ,SUie FiHrni photo. iloye at the Great Western Sugar · actory there, and a young companion, who were out hunting small game, Ahlborn said. Walton wfified Rex Wakeman, the Mini- sen marshal, who in turn noti- :ied the Sheriff's office and Dr. KInzer. Brought First to tUspital Here The girl was brought to Weld County General Hospital here about 1:40 p.m., then transferred shortly before 3 p.m. to Children's. Hospital in Denver. Ahlborn reported he and-other Weld county officials had had a meeting at the; Sheriff's office here Thur;sday night with Vogt and two officials from Aurora and one from Denver. "The purpose of the meeting was to coor- iinalei our efforts in the case," "le said. Ahlborn pointed out that, if the jirl dies and the man is appro- tended, the case would be tried in Weld county. However, if she survives and Ihe man is apprehended, the case undoubtedly would be tried in Arapahoe county, since kidnap- ing and assault .charges could be filed there. The penalty for kidnapping wherj.the victim is harmed can be either death or life imprisonment, to be determined by a jury. Assault is punishable by a prison term of three years to life. Miss Smith is Ihe daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Smilh Jr., lifetime residents of Aurora. Her father is a mail carrier. Friends described the girl as a scholarly A student and "real nice." She is a member of the junior class and active in Silver Boots, a majorette twirling group. Aurora police said t. e family reported the girl missing at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and asked a search be started. Officers said sh apparently was kidnaped while returning to school after having been home for lunch. Shi; did not report for a'ternooa ·lasses which started at 1:30 p.m. iul had left borne shortly before that. The assistant district attorney. Sheriff Bob Welsh, Charles R. Lyons, deputy district attorney. Pad Close, investigator for the district attorney's office, and Deputy Sheirffs Irl Timken and Lee Garrison made an investigation Thursday afternoon hi the area There the girl WM found. · There were two or three large [spots of blood at this point in tha jiieid where'.the girl «ii|j»i roily iwas shot,,the largest areuad t*w 4att \A diajxttttf Afelbv9 H^fti ..·^r-T. .

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