Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 17, 1962 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 23
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Indian State of Assam Sequent Invasion Target WASHINGTON -- Invasion is I The Brahmaputra Valley d«n-! old story in Assam, the state inates Assam, stretching some 509 Though frequently overrun by (and unites again many tiroes, i I Moslem when the Moogul Em- ' ire controlled India, Assam never KU completely subjugated, the (tional Geographic Society says. In a pasuge e«pecially pertinent oday, a frustrated Mogul wrote: "Whenever an invading army hat altered their territories, the urn is one «f the worlds lead- sain is one of (be world's leading tea exporters. Most of Hs! rice is consumed by residents. Assam's fertile rice fields and 1 tea estates attracted past inva ers. Additional targets today are! important oilfields, which pro-; SONNY RGURELLI, accordionist, spends an evening at home, his arm around his brother, Junie. while his sister, Paula, his par- He Lovtt His Teachirs Star of Tomorrow graphed picture ol the artist ents. Mi. and Mrs. Mario Figurelli, and the twins join in the fun. By KINS* BLAKE Sonny Figuri'lli of 2515 12th| Avc. Cl., is a refreshing person- alily, especially for anyone who needs to regain hb faith in the younger generation. As soon as be was big enough to climb on a bench to the piano, he stalled tinkering with the keys, listening w i t h delight to the tones, and hummini; babyish s o n g s . While still a small child, he would listen for hours to an uncle who plays the accordion. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mark) Figure!!!, were quick to notice this tendency in the child and did something about it as soon as I hey could. Sonny commenced his music lessons at the Academy of Music when he was in the third graoV He had previously taken piano lessons at school, but decided in favor of the accordion because, on Ihis instrument, he can make music wherever be goes. At present be is under the tutelage ol Gary Wolfram of La Salle. Showi Mlturity ·* 1] At the age of 13. Sonny has a charactiT with balance and maturity. Already he seems to have grasped many of the real values of life. In the home, his parents emphasize humility and the Christ i a n virtues. "Without humilitj you have nothing." his mother commented. Church is a nccessitj on Sunday for the whole family. Hatlier than hearing a sense o criticism toward other child per formers. Sonny expresses kindness, interest and appreciation. Hi is too wlf-confident to be jealous He confesses that he is think ing nbout his music every mo mcnl that he can spare from hi school work and homo duties. He studies the showmanship of great performers and is an es pedal admirer of Charles Mag name, whom he heard recently ii concert at Phipps Auditorium ii Denver. During an interview will Miignantc, he received an auto Ptrhrira for M*ny Groupi Discovered by Grover Pelton, amateur talent collector of Boulder and Greeley, Sonny has performed publicly in hospitals, nursing homes, clubs and before PTA roups. Before he begins to play, Son! ii nervous. He always whis- wrs a prayer, asking God to ve him lhat special "oomph." artist needs to communicate ucceisfully with an audience tier the prayer is finished and he strikes the first note on his ccordion. Sonny becomes relax and the music pours forth. He rejects himself while he play* ending bodily expression wit! he particular rhythm of the com petition. Jut* Mluri Hmr Last quarter. Sonny missed the icholasUc honor roll by a hal »inl at Meeker Junior H i g School, when he labors in the eighth grade. A great disappoint ment this was to him, especially he explained, since his lead crs give him so much. "My teach rs this year are bringing th ery best out in me." stated Son y soberly. On this basis, he COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE · Major Overhaul · Engine Tune-Up · Brnka Service · Body, Paint and Automotive Glau Wi Service Any M a k e ot Cnr I'sinc Only Oiiiilnr- Ports -- Expert Mechanic! -W A R R E N BUNTING MOTOR CO. Eaton. Colo. Ph. 454-2591 northeast India that lies in 1 path of Chinese Communists. milrt with an average width of 50 miles, "fix broad river drrides creating gravel terraces and marshes. Rice fields cover rich alluvial lands. Palm trees and villages are dotted among the paddies.; arthtr away from the river are gentle slopes covered with As- ·onstantly striving to improve his rades. Although music is the big thin n his life, Sonny has many lesser interests. He is active in sports \ member of a bowling team, he competes every Saturday morn ng. supporting the "Saturda ilorning Risers." Then there' ishing. His father takes him many a jaunt during the summer "heir favorite spots are up the Poudre and Big Thompson Rivers. There is rupport between Sonly and his family. They underhand him and give every support o his talents and ambitions. In ·eturn. Sonny respects and appreciates his parents. His rela- ions with his brother, Junie, and lis one sister. Paula, are close and tender. He Li big brother, oo, to the twins, Johnny, a pale blond, and Gino, a flashing brunette. The twins are just learning to walk. Wand Family Orttwitr* Sonny is impatient that the other children in the family advance musically so the family can form an orchestra of their own. Paula is a student of the piano while Junie favors the drums. Tb» young Figurelli dreams o becaming a musical star when h grows up. But most of all, due to his parents' training, be wants to be a well-balanced citizen these United States. have sheltered them- aelm IB ttroog posts, and have ·treucd the enemy by strata [tat, nrprise*. and alarms, and ij cutting off their own provi- ions . . . In this manner, power- ill and numerous armies have Kink in that whirlpool o{ destruc oo, and not a soul has escaped." Alum AknMt Assam, bordered by B u r m a , China, Bhutan, and East Pakistan, is almost cut off from the main body of India. A narrow trip of land between Bhutan and )«st Pakistan connects the state with the rest of India The Himalayas rise along As- lam't northern frontier, and rug- led ranges of hills block the order along Burma. Cherrapunji on the south slope of the mis. is one of the rainiest places in the world, soaking up more than 423 inches a year. · Assam is a naturalist's paradise where alpine, Chinese, Indo- Ualayan. and Indochinese flora and fauna meet. Swampy low ands are the last refuge of the rcre Indian rhinoceros. Wild elephants, bad-tempered water buf -Mun.. D«f. 17, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pas* 23 great variety of tribal dialects. McllewilM Mlitic Among the tribesmen are pnmi- live groups who roam the Kaga' NEW YORK (AP.'-Symjhonjr |HiU: near the Burma border. In-i Conductor Joseph Krips says lots jvaders who stray into their terri-l lories could regret it. for somel .Sagas are headhunters. duce more than 115 million gal- RESTED - Former Venezue- lons annually, and coal deposits, hm dictator Marcos Perez Jim- Thomands of square miles ofj Inez sits in rear of car after forests cover Assam, but only a his arrest Dec. 12 in Miami by 'raction have been exploited. The| federal marshals. Arref. cost wests do supply wood for tea; the former dictator a major chests. In an average year, millsj round in his fight apainst produce some 2.000,000 chests. Stvtrt Earthquake Assam's liabilities include re curring floods, prevalence of ma-| \Virephoto laria. tuberculosis, and leprosy. -- Comeo Parts NEW YORK ' AP'-Guest stars are to have special roN in "Enter Laughing." a comedy planned for Broadway exhibit next spring. Producer Morton Gottlieb is seeking a quartet of name players, each of whom would appear [for 10 weeks in the show, with 'their stipend computed on a sliding scale in proportion to box office receipts. So far, he reports. Menasha Skulnik, Maureen Stapleton and Dennis King have expressed wilingness to play the cameo assignments. of music will eventually adjust the acoustics of Lincoln Center's new Philharmonic Hall. "It has to be broken in with a lot of playing." comments the Viennese maestro. "It is just like a new violin or piano." Melodic reverberations, explains Krips, eventually impart certain qualities to building materials better than fine engineering adjust- HATS CLEANED BLOCKED Greeley Hal Shop I 8101/, 8th Ave. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT A DS|I back to his homeland to face prosecution on charges of multi-million dollar theft. (AP poor communications, and earth- Language is a serious divisive ncked Assam, wiping out entire villages and lulling more than 5,000 persons. Unlike other parts of India, overpopulation is not a major problem in Assam. Some 12.000.000 people live in the state's 85.000 square miles. Population density in the Brahmaputra Valley is 170 persons to the square quakes. In 1950, one of the se-jiVce in Assam, and has led to verest earthquakes ever recorded]riots in recent years. The chief rivals are the C.OOO.OW inhabitants who claim Assamese as their mo-j thcr tongue, and the 1000.000 whoi speak Bengali. Others speak falo, and tigers also roam the mile, compared with 600 and more state. along the Ganges River. CHRISTMAS TREES Prices Slashed FRANK'S SEED HATCHERY 709 10th Street 352-1096 Ping Pong Tables Basketball Backboards · Handyman Tools Andy Williams Waited Years To Do His Own Variety Show By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP T*Uvlll«n-R4i« Writtr NEW YORK (API-Andy Wil iams, who sings like an angel. s i Mubborn devil--when he feels lt carper is «l stake. Five long years ago, baritone Williams decided he wanted a clevision variety show of his and he wns prepared to work| isrd to achieve it. With this in mind, he accepted summer replacement spot on ABC. It received dandy notices, milt him an even larger body of ans--but when autumn rolled around, there was no rorm left on he schedule for Williams. Undaunted, he agreed the following summer to star in r.n hour- long "Andy Williams Show" to replace the vacationing "Garry Moore Show" on CHS. This, too, wun great notices, started a number of the young men work- Ing behind the cameras nlf on successful careers producing anc directing. But when (nil rollr-c around, CBS had no room on Its schedules fur an Andy William: variety hour. "Thai's it," said Andy. "Ni more summer replacements--ev er. And no more television, ex cept for guest shots, until I ge my own show." That wat four years ago. anc Williams abided by his own d« cision. And kept working towar I a television show of his own. 1 materialized this fall--on NBC Unfortunately, however. "The An dy Williams Show" started in year when comedy--not musica Th* Original FARMER'S SPECIAL JcH loort "buy 1 In '.own Htrc't *hBl yo" »«: OHAMBURGER 0 FRENCH FRIES QCREAMY SHAKE! 'S On Toaslerl Hun! lint and Delirious A c r f u of F R E E P u r k i n j SOUTH Hlh AVE. NO Tlpplni variety--was the most popula type of show. In addition, show suffered from its positio at the tail of a Thursday night schedule notable for awkward conflicts which keep a lot of viewers switching their dials among the networks. For obvious reasons, the singer reminds many people of Fred As- tfiire. He has that same quality of elegance in manner and dress, and works so hard on his performances that his singing, like Astairc's impeccable d a n c i n g , looks deceptively easy. When the NBC show started a ouple of months back, it ocn- aiiwd a portion in which. cach| ·eek. Andy would return to his 1 owa home town for a musical comedy sequence. Recently segment has been dropped-- nd Andy isn't certain It should ave be«i. "We put it in to give me n n d j lie show a sense of roots," he; xplnined. "And I always liked | lie idea. But we dropped it be- SUM- we were getting so many equcMs !oi me to do mere sing- He's a lop recording star, and ·an just nhrail write his own tick- ·I in the night clubs ol the na- ion. Last summer lie i.urnrd ac- or. playing the title role of "Pal Iwy" in record-breaking straw ml theatre engagements. Just, a year ai;o Amly wns niar- -ior! to the pretty French actress ir.d dnnci-r Ciniidrtle hinge!. And vthat conies next" 1 "Ob. I'd like \n do som-. 1 movies and a stage show." he said. ''But I'm most interested in trm- w. And besides. I'm not m i hun-y. Thoie are lots of ihug: lo do. wid places (o go." US! THI TRItUNt WANT ACS T 0i Tht reodit* the Co: dorado purp° s vrolls Interstate , of -»«' ishing rtunities. ads pur ir ,do and «e thought you ·IS" like : to ' to see short new , i" ho» Cofortiao's Questing Community se^^ ^ « the National Bureau ? , plasma physics, ana ine « , ahoratories on the premises of firms such agation, space telecommunications, zero. Others indulge their curiosity- ...-,,,, e.i, r nh«' as Ball Brothers Research Corporation (which made the Orbiting tar Obse and Development Company, and Dow Chemical Company. · Soon there win* ment has chosen Boulder as the site of the giant new National Center tor «.. chased a large tract as th. location for a futur., fadhty^^^^ ^ iont;atel completed ^ cyclotron and comr-.-g center, i s n o w d ^ n ^ , s t ^^^ Satellite). Sinks Research : . The federal govern- Research. IBM ha? pur- , which has recently -million-dollar Engineer- for Laboratory urpo ing Sciences Center, and. in Astrophysics which will be unique in the nation. a rich prize for industry-a fact of which industr roster of Boulder business establishments today S Aircraft Company, Granville-Phillips. ARF Products^corpo.ted Trans, TM, opment Corporation. Cryogenic Research Compony. and Thompson ManuUtunng the upsurge of scientific research and technological achievem- Colorado history. For certain hinds ot business in particular--'- s scientific frontiers yields many there(ore . the growing n Industries Incorporated, Electronics, Circuit Devel. ^ a bri ht new page in h » *r.t g ^ ^ C0nlbinall0 n of assets: proximity to markets, superio the nation's lowest. Plus unmatched research facilities, excellent educat,onal , environment in which to live. · Should rm locate in Colorado? To hnd out ge the fncts: write, or telephone Donald F. McMahon. Doctor of Arw nstitutions. and a most desirable all a , Development. Colorado Inteistate Gas Comply, Colorado Springs. Colorado. COLORADO WJERSnn GAS COMPANY . . . to wrve a great and growing area which offers so many ad- not only M a center for industry and comtncrce, but also as a wonderful pluce in which to live. A major bctor influencing the decision of many businesses to relocate in Colorado And Wyoming i» 'ttw.awdlability: of^naturali__gas_ aerates which^artyMnonjif ih* i25??L*!^*l^,j^L**J2S**!!^^ As the pipeline company wliich has been siippTying giw thronghbct thia region tor the past three decades, we intend to Continue doing our Ml sham to htlp your load utility cj-^ptmy keep gas rates far below the national ay*r«ge. COLORADO INTERSTATE GAS COMPANY ''' ONTHt 60 · · - '· - ';

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