Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1955 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1955
Page 25
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la . . . ; w. E. Anderson .'will h',lheir"guests for Christmas day dinner his mother, Mrs. Carl Anderson, Scottsbluf'f, ' Neb.;.;fheir, son, 'Donald, Sc'otts- '· 'bluff; .and Maurice Kinsinger of ·-Evans.- 1" L . V. : "·:,·-·' .; i · · .Mr. 'siu? ;Mrs;"G.' H. Beajl'le will have as-;t.Helr ·'holiday .'gucslsV-llieir son and.; family, .Mr.': and Mrs. Charles': Be'attie and 'children from ' Omaha,'.'Nc:b.,. The,; Beatties, . with . their hnus'eguests.'-'arid Mr. · and Mrs. Frank G. McCar.n and '. children of ^Denver, will obser/e Christmas eve in the Bcailie home: They - will al^be "guests of Mrs. Beallic's , sister, ?Mrs.;.R.;;i,.,iIbntgbmc'fy- of Greoley! for' Christmas .dinner.- '·"· ; Mr. and Mrs .-if red '-Areas 'will, be Chrislmas-i'dihnbr. guests', ot Mr. and.Mrs.'yVes Mosor of Hudson.". Mr.-'.ajid /Mrs. ' M a x Moser.and · Paula 'will- have. Christmas dinner . with her'parents.-Mr. arid Mrs. Bill Estes 'of ^Westminster.;. Christmas eve dinner .guests* of-. Mrs. ' Rose Moser will be Mr. and. Mrs, Kenneth While and Jimmy 'of Sunder" il I will be .their son and family, Mr.' ind Mrs. Robert Bjngle of Greeley, their:-daughter) -Janice, -and son; Corkey..,'-;/ · . '-·?;·. '"···^:., '··· Britt'Faniily *»afh«r(n0.' ·'.'· , Mr.-and Mrs.' Carl Bress will en 1 - :erlain for : their'.' so'ri-in^lay/'-'nd daughter, : Mr, ' and" Mrs; - Wayne Brake · of-.Sidney,' Neb., - and, their son,-Pfc. Wayne-Bres's'from Color rado Springs; . . - · - . 4'....'-. . - . i : Mr. and Mrs. Howard Boyer and children .will .enjoy the Holiday'din; n'e'r "at the home of her parents,'Mr. and.Mrs; Dwight Price in GreeleyV Mrs'. Sadie Hall of Greeley will.also be'a guest. Christmas.qight/Mr. and Mrs.' Boyer" and childreh v :\yill be guests of Mr;' ; ahd Mrs.'; Clark Mackoy of'Greeley.'Dale Boyer of DenveKwill'.alsb be p'res'ent..'i': - 1 ,Mr. and Mrs.,Charles.Girvan arid children will be entertained .by',Mr. and Mrs. A.' R. Cole for-thcuvholi- da'y 'dinner. "·'.-: ; · : · ·.'.'.::\'j: , Guests of Mr.' and Mrs. .Pat" Le- hah will be Mr, and Mrs,- Ted-.L'e- hah aridi'daughters'and Mrs.-J.\w; Lehan 'o(. Greeley.'.v:' .^.v,- ,, '^, land, Neb.}·· Joan. Moscr, and C*fo: An_n : La'rkey, home -.from.' Sacra- mento,^Caiif.ji'and 1 Mr. and' Mrs. Ha rold V Bohlcnde r . .and. Ja n ice. fiunday, dinner,:will -be.- enjoyed-by ·all .thb.'ab^bvb"at 'thVjiomb of Mr. and Mrso'Haroid/Bohlcn'der.'*'- ~7 '' DinrwrMrV G rt ·] ty' · ^r.: and'-Mrs. : John Annan/Mr. and Mrs. Jerry _Mpnfbe and Nancy · Mr; .-arid--Mfs.l/i'Jaek' Anha'h'- ofi/La Salle : ',!and';Mr., 'ah'd .--Mrs.--.Lloyd Meyers'-' of ; ' Gl a irinda,"Iowa j' wiir be : ·Kucsls.V'S(t Hi.; .aifd ! MfsV .Ofviile' cr.i..-.r. -' ",rt e i e y fpr^the^holiday.' Irs.. James/Bartoif .and L;.. ! : .have:dinner with" Mr. ind Mrs.vCliff llarfliriS-lof Brighlon, Otherjguests ,will be Mr? arid : .Mrs: ,'Howard^Mjriier of Brighton. '.." : llr, .an'd.-Mrs;"'J. H.VBrdwn, will be giiests.';of her uncle ind aunt, · Mr. and;Mrs..Waldo Markley,.arid Mrs. '^asmussen in Grcele/., for. Christmas' \dinncr. Her ^brplher-ln-! law aA'd-jsistcr,-Mr.-and-Mrs.- M! F. Earnhardt and.-daughler of New Burg,-.-N../Yf,.will'also' be 'present, t ihe Re'ese e the birth- · oPMrs.. Iayis as well: Guests a,.Mrs;,Wil- Mr. and Mrs..John Behrens 'of Greeley, wiil have a - their 'gueiti for'Christmas,dihne'r : Mr. 1 and Mrs; Allen Winslow, Vern Jay.and Mr. arid Mrs.'E. C. Morris bf'Jua Salle. 'Mr. and Mrs.- Roy.W_eigandt;will childr'en , ... t , · ; The, holiday' dinner, at th Davis'hbme'wiirobserve t mcr.Reichcrt.and-family, jMr. and Mrs. .Charles'Jack Jr. and family - and Mrv.and' Mr5,---Jamc5 Cox snd daughter^ all ...of. Greeley. (Mry""arid riirs. George Dickman Will spend'the holiday with her folks,; Mr,'^and Mrs.. Floyd Smith and family^and Mr. arid Mrs,-J. M. Smith bf''Lydns, Colo. ; ,\:. - · - · . - . . . · .'· Dciyvtritts'To B«: Gu«tti '' . / 't.GueitiS'\pf" Mr. and Mrs. C.' -A/ entertain Christmas ev'e for M"r.' and : Mrs. Fred '· Weigandt and daughters, Mr. and Mrs.'John Weigandt Sr. of Greeley; Mr..and-Mrs". John Weigandt Jr. 'of Brigh'jon-'and John WeiBandfHI'of Brighjon.' : ' Horn* frohi SouHi 'Amtriei;"' · Harvey Pless'will fly hope" from Venzuela, South--..Ameirica,-.-for 'his Jhristnias- : holiday - with -his'*par- !nls,' : Miv. and' Mrs.^Frank'.Piess':-' .Mrs:- v D6ra' Cheek- left: Thursday o'~ spend the holiday. seasoV with ler-'-son'Vrid .-wlfei-'-Mr/ aridi'Mfs' CharWs.Ch'e'ek of Bakersfiejd, 'Calif /Mrs,.Charles."Godfrey, will spent .wo weeks including Christmas with ler sori-.arid family' 1 . Mr.-' and Mrs Harold Welch .at. Santa ; Ana,"Calif ·Mr. : and ·Mrs; v A..:c.-,'Gi'van am Mr.' J arid Mrs.-'Forrest 'Straight wll be guests of Mr. and Mrs'.-A.'-C Giyan jr. in Denver for ChrisEma: duincr. ·'·'·''']'.·":, '. ·'. : ,..;-.' . ..Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hogei Reeves Sr.. will,be. Mr. and-Mrs George McClellan-and family, Mr and Mrs. Dick Reeve arid sons, Mr and Mrs. Koger.Heeve Jr. and fam ily,' Mr. and'.Mrs.- Lo'well.'Struigh of Qreclcy.a'rid.Mr.'arid Mrs;. Jerry Straight ot Delta. " ." ·'-.'. -';. colored, then add. Stir in flour ii -.Mr. arid Mrs..-M; v rR.-Mead am Mr. and Mrs. -M. J. ; Mead an. family 'will .be guests of .Mr. '.an Mrs. · Don" .Mead, and' family o Brighton., - . ; '" '· ^' . ·-. Christmas ' day dinner guests Mr, .and Mrs.- C. C. .Hyde will b Mr ;: ;':and Mrs. Roy CrandaU\'Monday will be Masfcr -. JSergeanl^'hy Mrs. A. Cri'iidaU,,'Mr;- and MtSjrlyan Waters ,'arid.;'CHairles and Arin'.Schneider, all-'of Deriye'r: ; M rtaifdj/M rs'H'Cius'i-'ii!01er viiiS . . will obaerys the holiday' -;at r home7 · ! iG"ui^sf,bf"'Mr.' and:.Mrs:';'".'j3ei» ' . Freem'an.Vill be Mr; and'-Mrsi^Joe Hut.chiB'6n'lf Denver. '='. ..-'· -"V*^ 'MrsiXfevel'yn Ehrlich/'-and il-etta - will bBie'rJe, the" holiday; ^iik 'their g'uesl's',;;'*|T.'..and Mjrs. :Ray Herder- and. ch'ildren of Thornton 'and'Mr.' ahd Mr.s"-jaek Love. -X -' .'· ;:;: ..-" : · Guests; of -Mi':-: and .'Mrs. "·!.: R. DuncSn will be'Mr. and Mrs. Mor.- daughters, '-.Mr..; and.."Mrs." ' Jac Brunp:: of 'Pueblo farioV Mr:; a'n'd Mr. Ralph:,Gbrrhley.of.''Brightbh: _.' '..Mt\ arid'--Mrs'. :Tom' ConneUi aV Tommy- will haye'-a's their-'gues 'for: lh* '-huUdayVMr;', and ^Mri'.;. $: Anderfipn^and'^sonTand' daughter" LaJ.'-SaUe.'/'ajKl'iMrs. .\Sadie "Slum phrey, of'Greeley,- vi: .-;,'. ''·'.- j'Mr..arid-Mrs.'Copper^Grimes wi enjoy'.havirig all'their family".horn include Mrs. James Moore d.children from Fort Clarkville, ehn.i Donlld,'horns from^jtrvicc, nd Chuck and penriy^ ^ ;~ ,.. : ; ; -:.·.' · L«mSinl*rt*tnlnt'.-' ;:!.··" Mr. and -Mrs'.'/Noljle'/Lo've'' will ntertainVdiring. the' holiday hav- g as their.guests Mr. and Mrs*R. ..;kidd,7:Mr.::and X iMrs.. Kenneth' Hey.,a'nd .c'hiMfen oi''peiiver,'.-Al- y's talher'from Indianapolis,' Ind., r.j ind'Mfs.'Node Carbau'gh and atsy i of'oGr'eeleyjV.Mr;' '.and .'Mrs. bb;Lov«'arid-familyi Mr.;arHi Mrs'., icic'Reeve and sons', Mr. and Mrs. la.rk''-V»ade.i-hoof and- soli Of- Fort .ollins 'arid 1 Mr. and.'Mrs.- Keiirieth eadley'ojt". Millikeri.\. V -: '.:; ? i'. V-' Mrs/JDo'rina/McClella " 'will have s ' her" guests'.,for, Moiday; "dinner i!r/: ;and'. MrsV. George vMcClcllah nd-'childreriVand- Mr. and.;Mrs. eftge - Johnson--of · Greele'y. ','?'·' 'Mr.'.iha Mrs? Ed Wailes,arid; son, oriny,'will!enjoy; the day.togeUier. onfiy is libme for the holiday" sea' ' 'guests-. . .- Nprris' ChrisVrhas' 'day. 1 ·Christ- mas eve Mr.'and Mr's.-Korrls and amily , and· .Mrs,:.Finlcy -".will~ s be Dr.-- and·, Mrs'.-: H. ·,£': · Dielmeicr nd Mr;' an-'. Mrs.! Ed- Wailes; arid loririy will be Chrislfrias'e\e gucsCs f -_Mr..'and( Mrs/-..Walter 'Carlson- t Denver. . :,-- .'·. ;.. ':-'.--''·. . ; --·.\aW : M irs .James §tewart will e'guests b' 'Mr.'-,»hd : Mr -i-'rarik .-Lynch-and. sons'Christmi: day n.;.' D e fiver? ' Monday ',, Mrs: -. *eba'ss: f . arid "'son,.' James',, and aughter, · Ann, "will v ehterlai_' for Jr.'and Mrs. Jambs Stewart, Mr", nd Mrs. 1 Frank.?. JLynch ..; d sons ; Denver; Mr;' arid .Mrsr--R?; t C. lercure JK and children-of -Bo'ul- er, Mrs..R. C. Mer'cure r. of Loyelaijd,'Dr..'.'and Mrs..Rbb : rt Pbrter.-'and family of Greeley, lr. and Mrs. G. ,E. .McClelland ol rreeley and Mrs'. Eleanor VVilhro'w f Greeley.,: ! : , ,''' .' ·' 'Sit'.and Mrs. ilehry.Krebis^ 1 and 6n of keYsey'wiil be'guests.of Mr. i'nd"Jlrs';'ArKn'e.spel and family'Vor ;hristmai dinner.; '.·'..,'·'"· : , " V : ' _'· "Mirf'niri,H«vin« ttOiifi ; : Guests-of'.Mr. ".and 'A 11 ?' W," ! ,A". lia'rriner for Christjrnas':diri'rie'r will Mr^c^and "Mrs/ -James 'Marriner Irs:·: Hugh ..Martinson''and'; family )t'De'hvef; : Mrs. : Geo'rgiari;yal'eritinc and ^childr'en" or Laramie ·'and''Mrs Hattie'Slonetiacki ?."·" r -t'- -.!"'·'·· ", Mister'.'Sergeant, i.nd_;Mrs.- - 'B'eh Fbx arid "children^ of" penvjsr-.'-'will spend the 'Christmas hqlldayr'wesV at the home of her; parents, 'Mr and Mrs. O. C. McWilliams. Oihra [uests fpr r Christmas D will -be' Mr and Mrs'.'"Pat"Craven and son^ Mr.--and* Mrs. .-Jack -Noel'.and imily will enterlitn for Mrs. Daisy' 'oel'and Mrs,.!Vulle!DeVoe Christ' ' " Liodi . D«mir««!», BirtMiy .: '-Two' "celebrations :wilh occur uriday at the De'an Demaree.home.' Jesides. the. traditional;Christmas bservancc, · the · Demarees . will ave a .birlhday parly for jtheir aughter, 1 Linda;i.- j-.-;.- -,; ··- '. Chrislmas' dinner ;hosts,v'the' 1^6 Johilys · of · riorth.'of^'Kcr'sey,;-.will e Mrv:ahd Mrs^JoKB'^^^^!!.','^?;; nd Mrs. Janies 1 .Gaivin v and''chii : renlvJlr. arid-Mrs; Bernard "Gal; in and c h jldre n' and'. Mr.' 'and M raj? qD'Colspn'and'dauElller.of pcriy'cr:' The ArLBr'adtcys of, Kersey.^ill iave as.their guests, Mr..and Mrs.- 'oefBradleyj' arid family^ qf-.Lpng- rriont/Mr.; and Mrs. -Ed .Coxj.'ia;: lue 1'.Mr: and.Jlrs.. ; Clarence Bauer and sons,.^Ir. .and J^rs. id Carey and !S'aricV-Mr'. and Mrs. finl Carey, Mr. and:';Mrs,- Ronald Wine and-Terry'of Plbttcvillc, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Doty of-Grceley;jMr. and Mrs. Charles Carey: and-Kenneth, Mr. and -Mrs. Mike Carey, Pat nd Mickey, Mr. ind Mrs.'Alaii'At- woodland Douglasjand Mr. and Mrs amesyppty^rAurbW.':;';.;.,';;.' - -^h) \ V:'? H»HI'.T« "'HiV'ii Coi«tt :'*..'."' ! ''. TJie Jo'rvlilb' iloff r ranch 'cast 'of' La SaUo,wiu"be't|e sjjene oVchrlsV mas;din'iier,-,Thc'.gue'sls will be the' Al 'Peters 'faihilyv tho .George Peters'^family,- the v , John' Rein family and-Mr;-.-.and ^Irs/. Johnny Reip. r ' r / i and\ Mrs. 'Lee ^Archer.' of. lheuSt'.ot. Kunc'r)will 'ehEerlaln her t pa renls,' il r.' arid., M rs. 'A'.' ,'C, Aschlock;.,of Wr''d his father, A.'.L./Archer' ot : Kcrsc'^.;) V . ; ,-., '-. Thi;'Rcubcn'.'Gic5ick's'.will:be"'at thc'ir ! .ho*mc, .east of'.Cj.rec.leyJ, Their' sqn',-..Bobh'y;'11,: Is. fccbyering ffom chick'eii pox.'.Dinner gLVests^ 51 r''an d. Mrs. '.'A r Ihur.-- Giesick'. o t vies} p^'Grecley['.son'.and daugh(crH the hosts, 'and the.Reuben b rcakf ait ,a rid gi f I excS'an'ge aro'u rid tho'V trcev'willi. IJs'-.'at ,th,e .home ;.of Mr:' ( 'and. Mrs.iH'.- i/.-:Bropks;at _Ea- " ibri^/There" jT^pcesent including: Mr^.and. M is', ^y. ; , B.- Grc s s, parents f\ : of-- f -Mrs'. V^_'Br«iok"s",v" The. G ressps.'b't hefjfchi ldren"an (j^ the ir families, sharing the/.festivities, ,will b* Mr. 1 and'^Mrs^Jc'rry. Gress- pf Seye ran| e,;. Mr J! ajid M rs'..l-Howr, a'r'd" Lair'of- Ealori, ; '-Mr.:'and Mrs/ Jack^ GalbrcaUr and:Mr. and Mrs. Earl' Shepherd; pfsGfceley.'vMri. Grelch'eh '-- Magnuson .{of ; ''-ii)ehyer\; Michael Grc,ss" Galbrcath:and,'Nfeh- · Mrs;.Marguerite.Hollbway is hav^ in"g Christmas'dinher.,witli'-hc'i. par ^ri'ts,.'Mn and'.Mrs['-R6bertHanna) 743' Sevcnlh"aenuc.';;:'-:;-: ^J'siv I - 'Mrs.-~-Mildred;-Spaldm'g ;: .will, be a -^guest'; a t' a 7f amily: 'dinner ; parly Christmas. Da* "at-'lhei" hpm'e' of Mr.' arid-.Mr!;' fc-' J.'"-Sp'aldln'g":and sbii/iiSM''^^^^^^.^^^^!. 1 .·!:'·_.:".'. .'...Mr.' and -Mrs'/'l^o'rm'ah Baldridge are/"spending. 'Cnristrnasl-at 'the hohib fi of:thcir",daughte"ri Mrs."- Ray Schneider, "in' Sbycrance. ' i'-. : . -·· : ", Mrs. ,0. M.- kllriger :will:-go to Colorado, :- Springs'for Christmas with hpr'.slslcr and family..'.., ; : .-": Mr..'and · Mrs'.vJ. '.R.. Duncan- of OL a,'- .S alfe, f . will _- ha ye : · Mrs. ;· Emm a SomiryUle .'.as'.-' their "guest" f6r ChrisUia's'T.dinner, .'..;-;- .(·'·-·.'.-·.· ,;;Mr.^and Mrs.. A. L.,Hamploman, 311' Elbyenth': L ave"nue J /.are! ha.yinx the a.eRbyX.Ham'pleman, famUy "of Denver'Jp'r u Chris Ima s-dinner. ·' -.-'·'-'". To oil our many friendi : and;customers ,'·'·;: : "·;· . {:SV,-'^- THE^ARf--'^"^""-'^''-"^'"'' 1 ' Saturday, DM. 24,1955 '··' " ' ' ' " · ' ' · · · ' · · · ' » · : 'V'JGREEilEY^flRIBUNE ' : . Mr. and Mr«. R. M. Bolt and'LoriWa^'i' WSe You" for po*' favors :'it" corne.s'straight from f h w a y ' y o u h a v e a · M«r Pfaff Sewing Machine Fabric Ceitcr To o«r rhdny ,ei»4om«r$ and. ; fnends 77 May. fjiis Chriitrriat b« ,bfigjitt,and.'goy And filled witfi mony, v mony bleujngtl Grtcley Farm i Machinery " - " ' - - . ' - . * - , - - ''.- "' ~'~':'~'^. · - . . - ' · · . Dealers SaUe,:J£r,-;'jnd-..Mrs.:l,:-H.^Wire of Denver and 1 J.'C. Brewer "of Greeley will be Christmas'dinner guests of Mr. and Mrsi Richard Blake and son of Greeley.- - ··· ' iThe Rev. .and Mrs. Moore jBell and daughters will observe.xthe holiday season in their own home with guests frpnrlowa...':.' '" f - . " ,Mr. ahd Mrs.'. Is"J. Crowley'will -- be-guests of Mr. and ;Mrs. John Craven aiyl childreri^for. the .holiday/ ::-:v;-:v ·'-""·'· ·"'· '. Guests in the H. O. Bingle hohie » -m ·-.-.-- :'i- -»-STrr.'-".'

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