Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 12, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1975
Page 6
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TheJdahoFreeHressTheNews-Tribune,Wednesday Febi-uarvi 2, IS75-G | MON. - FRI. DAYTIME TV -JiH « JO ».30 10:30 II 30 11:30 1:30 _HS -in 4 : 3 9 1:30 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Gimfcit Lett 01 Lilt Stirtli far Tomorf.* *l »* WurW Tgrm Ed* 01 Ki|M Mlllti Giini Mikl Doug»I iH9w KICI Nlwl Ch.4 KAID(nS) Sttamc SlrHl Eiictrlc CampMy Villa Altflre Career Edjcition Seumr Street Mr. Ro9tn Villa Jlrwrf Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Th* Lvcy SKew PiUttord All MY Children 110.004 Pyramid Central Hctpiiai The Money Mai* New Zoo Revue Siir Trek ARC Evin:ng Newt Six Newi Server Ch.7 KTVI(NBC) TM T«4«y She* Hi»h Rclltri Jackp«i Wheel c1 f wlyni Ctlebrily ?wttp$1lkri Another World Somers^l The FBI Green Acre* Andy Griiniti NBC Nightly Hewi Ann Landers UIVKE-ALL TV-STOK O GE-APPUANCES-AU REFRIGERATION SLACKER'S WEDNESDAY'S TV *:JO 7:30 8 : 3 0 9:19 10.30 ,11:30 12:30 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) T/uih or Ccnieqjentes People 'i press Conference CBS Sjwf.jr-'Cher 1 Cannon Eyewilnesi Ke«s CBS Lj IF MOV it Morning HMdhnei Ch.4 KAID(PBS) Electric Cqnpjnv SUIehouif Reoorr . CUssit Film Feilivil " Creil Perlcrmjntei [?:lil Ford'i Arrcr.CJ Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Chjpjrrjl Thu'* My Ma ir a Wednesday NigM Movie CM cnrutie Love Ccmbaf Ch.7 KTVB{,NBC) To Tell Ihe Truth Little House on Pnirie Lutdi Tanner Sandburg's Lincoln Newsbeal 7 The Tonight Show Tomorrow " THURSDAY'S TV 4:30 7:30 1:30 1 9:30 la i 10 ji 11:30 II 11:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CiS) . Family AlFair Tht Walloni CBS Special Eyeivifneii Newj CBS Lite Movie Morning Keid!m«i Ch.4 K AID (PIS) Stil*f\d«s« Report Idaho Wildlife Bill Mayers Report Trie Japanese Film Ch.6 KITC(AK) High Chaparral Barrwr Miller Streets of S.F. Harry 0. Combat Good News Ch.7 KTVI(NBC) To Tell Ihe Truth TrW Mac Djvli Show Archer Ironside Newtbeat J The Tonight Show Tomorrow Program Highlights 6:311 (21 KAM1I.Y AFFAIR"A Nanny For All Seasons" 7:00 121 THE WALTONS- John-Boy w r i t e s a story basing a character on a local resident. 7:00 Hi IDAHO WILDLIFE-This series is produced in cooperation with the Idaho Fish and Game Department. 7:30 HI CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT-"The Used Car Lot: Lemon Tree or Horn of Plenty" This special episode removes Ihe element of luck from Ihe buying of a used car by giving viewers important- yet simple--gui- dlmcs to follow. 8:00 (2) CBS Sr'KCIAL- "Queen of the Stardust Ballroom" starring Maureen Stapleton, Charles Durning. The drama concerns a widowed housewife who finds thai her acute problems arc loneliness and the well-meaning attempts at comfort by her family and friends 8:00 141 BIU. MOVERS' JOUKN'AL: INTERNATIONAL REPORT-Kmmy award-winning journalist Bill Moyers hosts this new international affairs series which features interviews with world leaders, discussions with foreign journalists of world events, and film reports on global issues. 8:00 (7) ARCJIEB--/.«»' Archer (Brian Kcilhl gets involved ., ilh the pliy.tical fitnes v - *; "i oblaii, ,.,., THURSDAY ptioiographs ol a wealthy d i v o r c e e ' s ex-husbaml. Archer refuses Ihe case hut is hralcii up by [wo men ivlio arc unaware of his refusal, lie then lakes the case to find mil who and why. 10:35 (2) CBS LATE MOVIE- ··Banacek -To Steal A King 'with George Peppard. Knvin McCarthy. Roberts. A collector brings his valued coin collection, known as "The Kings," lo an auction, hoping lo raise $3 million. The collection vanishes from a holel vault, and police ami holel .security arc helpless to solve Ihe case. Banacek, a modern- day insurance liounly hunter, is brought inlo the investigation. "THE MATYS BROS. MARIA Direct from Las Vegas... To The 7 MILE DANCE HALL ON HIWAY 20 4 EAGLE ROAD FRI., "VALENTINES DAY" FEB. 14th Dance Floor Show OIK Night Only! 8:30 to 1a.m. Admission $3.00 Per Person 'Tickets available at the door- Mother suggests list of alternatives Dear Ann lenders: I icad with inlerest your advice lo Ihe mother who signed herself "N'umb." She walked in on her 17-year-old daughter and boyfriend and caught Ihem in the act. As Ihe mother of five beautiful, dimpled, blonde girls, I'd be thankful that I caught Ihem and not Iheir dad. Fathers have a Ihing about daughters, you know. If this happened to me I would ask my daughter and her boyfriend to go inlo anothjr room and put on their clothes and then we'd liave a talk -- the three of us. The following alternatives would be suggested: 1. Continue lo have sex and risk pregnancy or taking Ihe life of an unborn child by abortion. 2. Get married, when possibly the only attraction is sex, in which case Ihe marriage would probably fail. 3. Agree to send our daughter to a doctor for proper instruction and Ihe best method of birth control. I In essence, I'd be saying, "you're going to do it anyway. At least don't gel pregnant.") 4. And now Ihe lough one: I'd lell them they might decide thai sex outside of marriage isn'l right, but abstaining would take Program Highlights G:30 (21 PEOPLES PRESS CONKERKNCE-"Boise Schools" 7:00 14) CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL -"12 O'clock High" Gregory Peck, Dean Jagger, and Gary Merrill have the lead roles in this film. The story is about a bomber group in London during World War II which is suffering heavy losses and depleted morale. The commanding officer shouldering the blame, is relieved by his friend and superior, who finds the men resent bis discipline. When the number of successful missions increases, though, the requests for transfers are withdrawn. But he falls into (he same trap of "identification" jind is replaced. However, he realizes thai even with a job well done, a man can do only so much. (1950) 7:00 17) THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE-Pa and Ma Ingalls disagree on how to handle a drunken child- beating falher. At a town meeting, called to deal with the mailer, P.i insists the men should be thrown in jail, but Ma also speaks out at Ihe meeting. 7:30 (6) WEDNESDAY MOVIE OF THE \VEEK-"Cry foi Help" slarring Robert Culf and Elayne lleilveil. When a nameless young girl phone;in a suicide threat.a cynical radio talk show host' who daily insults his audience, WEDNESDAY frantically tries lo get Ihesi same listeners to locate Ihe girl before she can carry out her threat. 8:00 (2) CBS SPECIAL"Cher" starring the incomparable Cher in a star- studded special joined by superslars Elton John and Uetle Midler, comedian Flip Wilson and other guest stars 9:00 (7) SANDBURG'S LINC O L N - T h e s e c o n d presentation based on Sandburg's biography of Lincoln, "Sad Figure, Laughing," deals with Lincoln's humor as a release from personal and political problems and pressure. Hoi Holbrook stars as Lincoln. Elizabeth Ashley, Roy Poole and Severn Harden co-slar 9:00 12) CANNON-"Killor on (be Mill" Cannon is exposed lo Ihe corrupt side of (he political world. 9:00 IS) GET CHKISTfE LOVE--"Murder on Ihe High C" A mad bomber is terrorizing Ihe city, and the only clue the police have are the mysterious tape- recorded poems containing veiled clues lo his targets and his motives. 9:15 HI GREAT PER- FOKMANCES-"Mozarl 1 s Requiem" Karl Bohm conducts the. Vienna Symphony in "Mozart's Requiem." Soloists are Gundula Janowitz, Clirisla l.udwifj. and Walter Berry. The program is joined in progress. 1II.-.10 17) THE TONIGHT STARTS TONIGHT · K-TELPRESENTS KERMITSCHAFER'S MY OPER based on radio * T.V.'s rnosthllarlou$boner»! A J f t ^ · · r Bccceil-'e-;: ;P; ire I single 'You Blew It" by Sam Coslow and sung by Danny Street R | -plus- MAKING IT FREE ELECTRIC r*» w ^___^r( flATESDPEN 'MAR |[f!lliT!l!liT!Tniiril 6:45,SHOW HEUTERS UU^itnm'^UJ AT 7:15 HELD-OVER * 3rd Big Week! A TRUE STORY PfO!l(ll)fPf«$68tS Seven Alone aDOTTUnnrasa Slarring DEWEY MARTIN · ALDO RAY · ANN COLLINGS · DEAN SMITH and iSFEWARTPEIEfiSEIU John Sagef, SHOW--Hope Lange will be one of Johnny's featured guests. 10:35 12) CBS LATE MOV1E- "The Last Challenge" with Chad F.verelt, Angie Dickenson. A marshal in Ihe Old West, in love with a dance-hall girl, is forced lo meet a challenge which leaves its imprint on his small lown. Passports originally were official letters. The first United Slates passports bound between liard covers were folded, single- page letters issued in 1918. U.S. passports first assumed booklet form in 1926. a lot of self-control and discipline. This means being alone as little as possible, more double-daling with another couple who Bon't neck and pet. Vow to abstain from kissing in a car or any other place where sex might he possible. I'd then say, "You two must make the decision, bul whatever il is, we will always love our daughter. We mighl be hurl bul our love will still be there." - Another Mother. Dear Mother: In my opinion, your approach is much mure idealistic than realislic. Some teenagers might abstain for a while, bul Ihe odds for permanent abstinence are small. Along wilh the hope, trust and confidence, I'd make sure that daughter had plenty of information. received a phone call from a hospital across town. My husband was in critical condition. He had suffered a heart attack while driving home. By Ihe time I reached the hospital he was gone. I couldn't believe il. The man had never had a sick day. the ironic part of this st thai less than one month he died 1 asked him lo buy life insurance. He re saying the smart thing to keep his money in a sa account where il will pr interest. When he died, Ihe bank ga*ve me the $2,200 he had in his savings account. If had bought the life insurance policy I have received J50,000. ' I loved my husband di bul I can'l help feeling n After all. the children and 1 HIS responsibilily. He si Dear Ann Landers: l.asl year . . _ al this lime I was a secure, have looked out (or us. I |g)e happy wife and mother. Today I ' " ~~'~' """ '··" -sit here wondering if I can gel together Ihe money to pay my ulilily bill before they shut off the electricity and gas. The grocer has been wonderful ubout credil. He knows 1 must children are paying for. Jj feed myself and the five-year- old twins. Fourleen months ago I you will print this letler. somebody will learn from His Widow Dear Widow: Younhi made a mistake, which fortunately, you and aside your resentment · accept Ihe fad that he wa'^ ot inconsiderate. He was ignorant. HELD OVER! 2ND MUSH WEEK! Plus temptuous co-hit RiMIU-Uidnliiilifaitltd TOI'GNKMA Doors openal 5:30 454.1T31 Dear Pulion: H you woyfd be offended by a film of o seiual ycur pa';oragc n nol sol'cilsd. The Monag merit MOVIE MTIKG GUIDE Fir firufi ni Tt-r cb/tit-rt at fie rt r.-i»» ·! lo -"i*"* fX*r* tor-ftM Of ft-truf tf t"t" rf-if^fr FAflENTALGUIDANCt SUGGESTED 5o-ot Mutual Miy Noi He PG ^ NO ONE UKOE* 17 ADMIT ItL STARTS TODAY! From the Smash Suspense Novel of the Year... "THE ODESSA FILE" The movie will startle you! ·r JON VOIGHT, .MAXIMILIAN SCHELL ·: 3ti iOGH' - ' K CKSSS F t£" 3astJ KI i ».-; vn b, F»f Oi 3CX!OfiSYIH A .R9K. 1 ) K AW: hi ^ ,« i« K .V.W,' . A'J SO£U · V-a: Qxn yffA ty ffTOV UOfl'rtlHS fceer^y bi'Jt'W'ri FOSSailKORa VA9KS1M : ajv*jt,ja;iv,00f Djecled rftSl'.'iitfW S/.;t)-f -RiVOO'-K) ls.^a..! 1 ^ t -.RctB " TIMES, 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 WS/U'.WjKOl'.AW PCIiKSWOBMS WC n Times. 2:dO-4:36"-7:00-9:30 STARTS TONIGHT AT 2 THEATRES ALLDISiNKY FAMILY EMKKTAIiNMEM "OLDYEILER . dot«O««n6i45,SH.w 0 l7:lS I "*««·

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