Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1970 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1970
Page 2
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Page 2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tues., May 26, 1970 Wise Downtown Shopper INSTANT SOLUTIONS TO YOUR SUMMER HAIR-DO PROBLEMS This Week ONLY! SAVE 7.07 This Style Here's the Answer . By ANDY LANG ..AP Newsfcatures Q. -- I intend to nail 1 by 3 furring strips to the beams in our basement ceiling and then staple ceiling tiles to the furring strips. How far apart should the strips be? A. -- It depends on the size of the tiles you purchase. If they arc (lie popular 9-inch size, then the ccrtter of each strip of wood should be exactly 9 inches from the center of the next strip. It is important that these measurements be exact and equally., important to remember, that the measuring be done fr'orii the centers of the strips, not from the edges. The s t r i p s nearest the walls necessarily will be less than 9 inches from the walls, barring the coincidence that they come out even. ' For the sake of appearance, the last line of tiles at the four walls should not be less than one-half a tile in width. If you determine that it will not come lout properly, start the first | furring strip a short distance from where you origianally ntended. You can do this only f you carefully pre-measure everything. A simple way to do this is by laying out a line of lies on the floor until the Border tiles are where you want .hem. Then use the... sa; arrangement on the ceiling. Reg. 21.95 As natural looking as your own hair and easier to care for. Modacrylic ready-to-go wig is pre- styled and permanently pre-curled. Wash it ... style it to suit yourself. Colors to charm everybody! Q. -- Everthing I have read about antique effects on furniture goes into the business ol using a paint, then a glaze. But a former neighbor of mine used two different colored much at- I'd like ,, ..,, his"method myself. Do you know anything about this? to use paints, tention to' try I didn't pay then, but now The Puzzle with the Built-in Chuckle AReorrangt tollers of th* ^^four scrambltd words b«- low lo form four simple words. ALEWIB 1 VVLAE i TEXAR r V J TOEHOS b EDITOR'S NOTE -- Getting high in the Himalayas doesn't always entail mountain climbing, it seems. For thousands of long-haired young Americans-"hippies," if you will--the lure of Afghanistan and neighboring areas is the easy access to hashish and marijuana. With schools closing now, the hippie season is on in Afghanistan. The story of Jonah and tht big f i$h is a -- of o story. Complete the chuckle quoted by filling in the missing word you develap'from step No 3 below. A PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN A UNSCRAMBLE ABOVE LETTERS TM TO GET ANSWER 1 1 -T~ 4 5 SCRAM-LETS ANSWER ON PAGE 4 A. -- There are a number of ways to get so-called antique 'inishes without using glaze. The most common is to put a base coat of paint, allow it to dry, then apply a different color with a small brush. The second coat is put on in a kind of dragging motion, with very little paint,on _the brush. The brush is dipped into the paint, then wiped so that very little paint is left on the bristles. In another method, a coat of .eave both colors showing Before you attempt either of ;hese systems on good furniture, try them out first to determine whether they give you the kind of results you wish. is thoroughly dried, a coat of another color is spread on the [irst. After waiting about 15 minutes, rub the surface lightly with steel wool, which will take off some of the second coat and Smoke More Deadly NEW YORK - Smoke inhalation increased as the major threat to firemen last year. A survey shows that nearly 90 per color is applied. When it cent of the fire fighters killed or injured last year while fighting fires were smoke- inhalation victims. That was a 14 per cent increase over the average for the seven pre- ceeding years. Hippie Season in Afghanistan By ARNOLD ZEITLIN AiuciatMl Preji Writer KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) "Warning!" cries the gaily colored sign on the bulletin board of the American consul's office here. "Death Penalty in Iran for Trafficking in Any Narcotics!" As on a supermarket bargain poster, the numbers 16 and 17 are crossed out ostentatiously. "26 Shot to Death to Date! One American on Trial! Don't Be the Next Please!" The warning is a harbinger. The hippie season is on' in Afghanistan. The sign is for the benefit of young Americans who, now that the weather here is warmer and schools at home are closing, will stream by the dozens daily into (he American Embassy, demanding mail, money from home, and official U.S. tea and sympathy. Braces for Spring "A kook a week," said Alford Cooley, young vice consul in charge, who is ordinarily sympathetic but now is bracing for a season of springing shaggy Americans from jail and offer- 'ng medical aid to types similar to one bearded customer who told a predecessor: "I've jusl been bitten by my pet wolf. I think he's got the rabies." The sign is also recognition of the link between the hippie wave and the narcotics trade which has become a worldwide problem. Thousands of the footloose young are lured to Afghanistan and other parts of central and south Asia by easy access Ho cheap hashish and marijuana, as well as harder goods such as heroin. Those caught have said they planned to use the goods themselves at home or sell it to pay for college tuition.' A $10 purchase of one pound in Kabul is worth more than $1,000 in New York. P a k i s t a n , Afghanistan's immediate eastern neighbor, University, Ohio, is a course in traveling for three months. One visiting sophomore said he would get credit on the diary he is writing. Sooner or later, visitors to Kabul, hippie or "world traveler," get to the Khyber 'restaurant, owned by the Ministry of Finance. It serves the best Steak in town for about 60 cents. Shaking his long blind locks, a young man who said he was a sculptor from Chicago waiting out a creative block, estimated a traveler could exist for $20 a month in Kabul. Topic A among the travelers is narcotics. "I used tq smoke two years ago," said the sculptor, fingering the love beads at has ordered stiffer money re-| his neck. "Not any more." quiremenls for the entry of per sons "commonly known as hippies or beatniks." There is no i evidence the decree is being en' forced, particularly, since Americans need no Pakistan visa for a visit of 30 days or less. ALL AMERICAN SALE 1970 APPLIANCES AT LESS THAN THE 1950'S PRICES self-cleaning oven RANGE · P-7 system electrically cleant shelves ... inner door and window... surface unit reflector pans · Infinite heat controls · Sensi-Temp 0 Automatic Surface Unit · Oven Timer With trtd» the entire oven . Compare then and Now! FREE American Flag Decals 1,1952 10.6 out *495°° (MoMNHIO) No-Frost 16.6 cu. ft REFRIGERATOR · Nodtfrortingever ·1EOlb.e«pacftyfrwz« -· : · Ice-m«k«racc«»«otyav8ilab!r vln ' Broaden View Many travelers say they are broadening ' their experience. Their difficulties are no greater usually than that experienced by a young Dutch couple who both wore their hair long so that male. "No trouble except in Iran," said the boy with a nod to his American sources claim Ka-j from (he rcav u was impossible bul is becoming a center forj ) o le n w | ljc h was ma i e or fc- professional drug traffickers But Abdul Sassir Hakirni, director general, Afghan police, said he didn't think so. "We welcome tourists," said. "Afghanistan is a small country with a balance of payment problem. We need their money." He carefully separates the hippie traffic from the narcotics pretty companion. "They kept ,, wanting to buy her." The simple life, combined with a sense of isolation 6,000 feet in the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains, keeps' travelers here for months. The Afghans believe they smuggling traffic, denying that cven pj onc ered the hippie spirit. harder ^goods than hashish are, Tne loca ] E n g]j s h_| an g Ua g e daily discovered Babak Ku, whom it described as "the father of Afghan hippies." Centuries ago Babak Ku sat at a gate named for him in the northern town of Balkh, founded by Alexander the Great. The pa- available. "We cannot blame all for the activities of a few," he said. "As for heroin, we are a small country. We do not have the technology for such things." At least one American diplomat has accompanied a hippie! p " er f ^ i lc was »ti ie loader of into a local drug store and | t i, ose W h 0 float in the air, must- watched the young man served !y disenchanted with the sys- witli heroin when he asked, (emi disillusioned with the es- "Got any horse?" tablishment." Asks Blacklist . ,, . _ - . _ _ . - . . - - . . However, Hakimi would like: A/,,TM 11 TM!;.'" 11 TM'.!' 'rl'iKKiVi'v. to make it mandatory for l o u r - l c n i . m s A j H i . ists to have at least"$200 when; T\n-t'\lt\uK A thmr ^.t-riwo iiirj In hlm'lrlicl nn-H"ltU 1 l ntl "'t'K'l'l' JH 'rilllr.iil.'iy, tney o-nive aim to oiaiKiisi po- I h l . .,,,, d . ly ,, c _,,,,,,._ 197U fol . lho lential visitors who have been ; · " · caught smuggling in Afghani-! stan. 1:11. will ri'folvo 111'. llffll'l- "f till. It, 1.11111 A SlP'i't. ° H-IMMIAKIXCJ AOKNT We Still Remain the Largest Appliance Dealer in Northern Colorado · 3-Level Thoro Wash" 1 · 3-Wash cycles . Built-in Soft Pood Disposer · Double deterflent dispenser « Rinse-G!o dispenser ' j v *n I*U with trudt ,,1956 10 Ib. capacity abort *270°° IMuklWATSON) Automatic WASHER « Big 16 Ib. capacity · Mini-wash* System · 2 wash/spin speeds · 3 cycles, including permanent press · Famous Filter-Flo"'System · Bleach Dispenser · Multiple wash/rinso water temp, settings Even l*u with All liiilK nri. Ill In- ullolFil FUJI. l i l i K K I . K Y . f()l,ORAI''O. , ,, , Sl'KCI l-'ICATKl.N'S IIIIIV In' oli- I How can we ask these people, n i i i i r i i ··« -\tt\er iiio nfrii-c i f _ i i n i Iwhy they have a beard and long i'" | '||;].\"^",',; jo -,\ ri '', :1 ',i(h' loi'iu..'^''^!' I hair?" asked Sa-yed Karim, di-!ui : - S K U V I I ' K 'I-KXTKU. 1.100 A ! rector general of airport sccuri-!'" 'iSVi'is w i n im opom-.i ami r.-mi i ty. "They ask us why our people'jj!;;^ 1 .,, 1 ".,,, 1 .";;^ 1 , 1 ,!;;";;, JJ.Tn"!"- jhave beards and long hair." IC'MAS'INI; ; \;;I-:NT. ' I Karim for several years opcr-' iSf Jv,'.i'' l J 1 'i',.^ K i 1 \'t, l ,' 1r rji.i'i'iiiiy r m" ;ated the Noor Hotel here untill"",,'^,'. 1 ,'.'.',, ,, t , ;r ,,,. k , v i-,,k,,.,.,,i,, I government pressure closed it a l t i i i / M t i i ii:i- ·! Jiiiy."nTo. | week before the January visit o f ; C I T V Viv : 'V'i)ViK'i!T' - iTM«'iVAci"° 'Vice President Spiro Agnew. Hippies could put up for a dime ;-.- day, and the hole! was known [ as a place to buy drugs to vir-;J lually every traveler on the Tur-if key-iran-Afghanistan-Pakislan- '· I India-Nepal circuit. Karim saidij the hotel staff passed the goods!* without his knowledge. " Hotel Reopens Three mmilhs after its clo-. sure, Karim rented it for ?200 a: o month to a Mr. Habib who has'* reopened it under the name Na-|J jjeeb Hotel, 20 Afghanis--about!} !25 cents--a day bed a night. Its · i wells still are decorated w i t h i j jhippie drawings of weird crea-|* |tures which seemed to have:* isprung from hallucinatory!} Ibroodings. !· ' With tourist entries up in 1969 £ Mo 63,001) from -14,500 the year!* ,before, Afghanistan expects its'* ! largest tourist season ever. An!} iestimaled half the tourists are 1 *, lithe hippie or "world tr;velcr"|S · ! variety. The "world traveler" is ; J ji usually the young American, « { E n g l i s h m a n , German or|J Frenchman working off a wan-i* derlust without the aimlessness|» , . .. .. , . of hippies. Hundreds pass:} AQdlllg IViaCnineS !through Kabul tveekly in char-!" ;tered buses, ca-mper vans or byj ,' hitchhiking. Now they are com-' I ing from Europe, heading for !'Nepal. In six months, they will start (lie return trip. The traffic has become a ritual, virtually institutionalized jby at least one American uni-j*"Everything f o r ' t h e Office" versity. 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