Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 41
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 41

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 41
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING TRIBUNE WANT ADS KATES AND DEADLINES - CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. RATES M i n i m u m charge (10 words) SOc First insertion ucr word .._ 8c Additional consecutive Insertions of same ad, pur word Sixtli day free. Month rate, per line (2 1 m i n i m u m ) _ 54.00 10% discount on reader ads i[ raid within 10 days, Every other day ads to he charged at one day rate. Blind Box is'umucrs _ | CANCELLATION Ads m a y - h e cancelled uy calling before 0:00 a.m. Insertion day. (One time service charge) CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS Rate: $1.70 per column inch Volume rates upon request. Minimum space 1 column Inch. Screen borders cuts may he used on ads ot 2 column inches or more. Deadline 3 p.m. · Day Prior. CANCELLATION 5 P M DAY PRIOR Bmlncis Service POWKll r.klnJT"«wtcn!ni[, I or sodding. 281-6510. 8 " n *" H A V I N G nutcm.tle Iransmfelon ] " Is it or .h; Are j-nn hiipn!n B too i II fix. flO or Ifsj. Call : MESKL mcchan'o u.inlcJ. 352-333C. extension 40. DIIIKCTOH of nunrs lor nu in nicelgy area. 353-05S1. VANTED -- Kxporlcnccd .ulomoliltc mcchnnic. CS6-2576. Kennedy Chevro- k-l, \Vimlfor. Help Wonted C ^v. n 9,V..^ tcd -. AMy '« Por.on EXl'BRIENCED. m a t u r e baby *it(cr to come to mjr^home. 366-13P2. P A R T time help needed: Stratocnsier Huitar. flBQ. 35G-I236. COOK full || me . 6 y dliy weck ] J L s h i f t , must be oNp io work fmluucpi]. _enl\y. Call 3B2-U65 /or aJiiinKt COCKTAIL ^vnitress, Ker^or Inn. E x - WANTED -- Kxprrlenccd f a r m hnml r ° Und worit ncar Grelei "- * 62 - itAlHlE School Is ac coi.lhiir npplica- Ijona for jcliool ciisiodinn. Contnct lion J I ties, Ut« 6*1, N e w K B Co., or pt G E N K K A L o f f i c e : Show your talent. Kirn rapM nh«nceint-nt. f^?B Call Sur Meyer, 353-i743. SnriMnff am! _hnelhng, ptivate employment asency. N C K D service station nttund- ·nt ii'itri mcchnnical alility, f u l l timp. C,nnd V.-RRCS to richt m n n , ms- _tu^p mnn only. 352-97fiO. LIGHT mtch.TiiTc. UrnVrs ar.J (one up. SiliSO.OO p l u s rommission Ac"" i j «^- £oni:ol Korvtce. 1220 llth A". ^^- An employment ;ij;cnc)-. DOCTOR'S Rfcsttnnl: I n t o l M f r p n l por- to train. Cooil clerics] sVills. '. Call I.nRiie. :i.1.CO-30. II U. ?mplnymeni agency. The Tribune assumes responsibility for o n l y 1 incorrect insertion of any ad. Pleas* read your ad the first day it appears. "Call in correction before 9 a.m. next day. PHONE 352-0213 714 Eighth Street Office Hours 8 a.m. to B p.m. Classified Index FTF.LT) representative: Silcs. Will tra'n. Tempo fary, ContitiLoui Kim mcr emjikj.v rr-i-nt. Ciill I.nKnr, rin! j066. It H, nn cmr!fymer,t upency. TVPMN homokcrp^r, duties. J21E plus room and board. A c u . _ Tersonnel Service, mil l l t h Avt., 353-8426, an employment ngcncy. Annoiincrments Auctinni Antiques _^ Bt _.... 2g Auto Eer^-ice and E u p p l t e j __^_ 52 Eicyclea--Motor Bikta , 60-A Board anrJ Ruom , 15 Hoats a n d Euprlits _ So flL-[1ding Materials .... _ $4 Business Oppprtunitiea ',,.,.'.'-- 9 Eiisiness Services . 15 Coal and Wood 35 Custom Work ,_ n Kducation and Instruction g Farm Equipment 50 For Rent--Apartments 17 For Rent--HuilJinga __" 20 For Rent^-Forms nnd Trjicta 19 For Rent--Houses -- 15 For Rent--Mt, Homes. Cabir.s 21 For Rent--Office Space ,, . "_" Z" For Kent--Iloorr.a _ 16 Fruits and VeRcLahlen 39 Hay, Grain, Feed, Straw 40 Heat me Cooling 3T Help Wanted - 7 H o u s e h o l d OSoods . SO Systems . \CC01J\TINfi trnlRpo. Ncp,l oiis, hard working person with man. RKement potential. Must have L;»su college accounting, ticrnfc 10 kry uddins me chine, iypo npproximntrly 40 w.p.m. T.nrnl m.inufnctnriTic firm. Paid vacation, holidays, o:her fringe U-nefiU. Write Box IM2 c/o Trilmr.e stiitin? ate, qjulificutioris und phune rumlver. Let's LiveatfH-k __________ '. Lost n n r l Found MtFceltaneous ...... Mobile 29 _ ___ 4 j . _ 1 , _ 27 IS- A ilbt/ile Home Space 2S Money to Loan ·__ Money Wanted 32 ?-!o'.ph ,,., . . J^ Moving 1 and StotaRC __... l H Musical Instruments 41 NurinK Homes 26 PersomiJa 1 2 Poultry ; ' *j Trofrss-onKl Services TM 5 Heal Instate ,,J Roofinu find Insulation 33 Eewls, P l n n K Flowers Sewing A l a r h i n M - Vncuuma Kiluiilions \Yantid 1 l_ Sporting Goods 3S-A Trailers and Camrera . K Transportation. __, Tresh Hsuling TV-KaHui Sei-yieo. Sales .,, _ Used Cars nnd Trucks 51 Wanted to Rent .-.-.^ - M W a s h i n g Machines . - 45 a n d F o u n d LOST east of ftreelcy -- Silver and 1)1 ack Cock-a-poo, poodle cut. 352- FOUND in~~Eaton area: Brown female short haired Pointer. Please cull 45i- _2002. LOST--A sh.iTp rdgc on yfinr Eei?snrs5 We sharpen 'em. 1'inkirK shears, too. _3S-C5c on most. A [kite's, CIS Bth A\e. LOST cioif -- A n s w e r to SUiMor, smnll re-Jdig]] brou-n mnle terrier mixturo, ivilh it shnrtened tniF. (25 reward. ANYOKE who haa lost a pet, plenti visit l l u m a n e Society KlicLtcr, th Hi Rii-i S5 IJ--j)Rsa.^Hni]rs 8-S, Monday Personals ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. Ph. 3S2- 0852 for help or mcetinR information. Lras *nd girdle*. IS YOUR ehaver sick 7 Call the Raioi Clinic. Alkirc'jt. B13 8th Ave. 362-9501 MUST Ic-cnt« Dennis T). R«v, formerly w i t h D. J. P a n c a k e ' House. Pteasc Mil Fred, 352-S53J. WANT A G U A R A N T E E D P A I N T JO1J on your house? GKT A PRO TO DO IT. 5-15 YR. W A R R A N T Y . Clean and scale by SAND PJLARTINO. Leaves perfect surface for paint. ROOF SIDKWALL COATINGS. Call Magnum I'ntnt Service Ph. 352-X]3!S a f t e r 5 p.m. 1824 ]2lh Kt. Grceley, Colo. 21 years experience -TTBNDANT: M a t u r e person wantinjr to live on Kasy Street. f«M. Cnll Jean Kt . . e. S53-4743. Snellinn and Sneliing, jirEvatc cmjiloymcnt ARCIICV, rECRETARY · Hus off ic ml inR futuie. ?4fW.(H, Aomn Ver^onnol Service, I22n l l t h Avo., 353-812G. An employ. agency. LATR sleeper: '.XPERIENCEp irrlxntor for alfalfa and corn, -with transpuit.itiun. ConlJ furnish excellent huuse. Phone S52- 4571, d o y s : 3A2-191G. ningg. MECHANIC Experienced all around mechanic. Soe Doug Soenksen at D u H i o w n ChryRlpr Plymouth Inc. 817 7th St., Clreelcy Phone 356-0300 STUDENTS Male or female fl.75 per hour plus honus Interviews 3-4 p.m. 141523rd Ave. or cnll 353-7875 a f t e r 8:30 p.m. CONSTRUCTION · SUPERINTENDENT mmediate opening for expcr ent.^.d man that ran handle large comi.iDrcinl h u i l d i n g project in .he Ft. Collins area.' We neei a decision maker. Salary open Call Bol Murphy, collect at 759 2066 in Denver. C O M P A N Y TOP resent nth P: Ktni »i- p«*rl:nic ni«n io contact huslnc-M executive*. l J rrsll K « plu 9 l Cull Doris, 353-GQG6. 11 £ U, «n employment Help Wanted hnme - Baby *Itler In my home for 2 children. Huftronces, 353-410G nftor 3 \.m. VANTKD to mechanic. rroiKjsilion for right mm. 353-S43G jplm Tlioinpson Garage, 601 Sth Avc. PN or UN --3 Io 11 thift. Full or p n r t timp. Call 35^-3,170, Fairaercs Manor. Denver. A c m e Personnel Service, 1220 I H h Ave., 353-8420, tn c m u l y y m ajjtncy. B bu«: Keys f« trr.i-diro chest nrc vJKor, vitality. 4340. Cnll Chu- Whilmure, ^oS-H-lS. SnellinK «n- i E N E U A L maintenance-. All amnml man fits tiete. SGfiOO.OO. Acme Per- Bwnncl Service. 1220 l l t h Avo., 3, r »3- 812$. An cm ploy n*. en t a gc-r.ey. ' K R 5 O N A L sccrotary: Good Frills take chnllcn^inj: txwilion. 1376. Call Sue Mpyer, !i3-4743. ancUinig nr.d Snell- ^"g. privalta vini'Juynic-nt ascnry. ilesk : Kxeellent opportunity fur a trirl ilo^rintr n vnriely of office duties, ('nil Jnckic, 353-OCC. B U an £mp!oympnl nsrenuy. CAHPKNTEllS helu Lejirn Irml while o a r m n u . Permanent, f.1200. Call KHen Hart, M3-1743. Snellin« n n j g[ieUinK, privnle cmjiloymcnt agency A R W salesman: Opening for i. fnvni nnd commercial leal c s t n t t salesman. All replica fcmfiMcntml. Ilox 0-31. c/o Tnbiinf. K't'Al L t mince: Carerr chnllcnRs ir nr;irby city. To^ r«Ml J?oOO. Cut KHon Hurt, 3^'-4743. Sncllinn RIII Snvllin^. private employment agency W A N T E D -- UN or LPN. Ton \vufcs Noun to 8 p.m. or 4 p.m. tn mid n i n h t , shifts. Hirrh Ave. Manor, 353 tiny ieoi]i nil bri^hton each eve. J«00! Cal Jean Kins, 3r,3-17-U. Sncllfntc nn. SticllijiK. jiiivatc employment npcncy ACCOUNTS rccciv-flhlr -- Purt t i m e $!76.00 l-:r month. Acme PcrKOiint Pi'rvioe, I2ZO J U h Ave.. 353-8426. A employment agency. FRONT .Ic^k: Nimble fincera plus Mi:ii-Uini; voice win li«iO- Cnll Chn TiVlittinorr, 3A3-474fl. Kr.cllfntr an P n o l l i n R , private employment flsenc) NEED more money? Join th« HUCCCS, group. Sell Shnkke Products to honi «ni[ industry, h'ull or j m r t til Help Wanted OCA I* i-dUMi^hcil cnmpnny needs 2 iltwt'E niechnnri-s, one weMer. Krinae bci:pfil8. $S,000 .to S10.0CO ygnr. - A l l fn*j LiiHcs contUlf lUhil. ScnJ leauiiK 1 to JtoK r-if. c/o Tribune. WO men (o F cry ice our niut^mnit *nd learn other worV. O p i - o r t u n t t y to cnrn (HO week while learnlnjr. Apply Kiectrolux office. BO^ 20th Ave., 10 a.m. to 1!2 noon, Wednesday throuxh FrJdny. CAHPKNTETl n r d concrete work. Gen- oral {oiiUncllnjT. Ph, 3o3-20?9, PA1NT1NC--AII kinds. Free estimates. Date Trelnianj S5S-0518. cement work. RenMiiclinR, SKASONAI, lawn moittnc. Power r*k- C'lpmtc, shrub trJnmiiui:, h A W N TiuiwInR nnrt Irimminc. Krer rs- "mntrs. ItcKiilar and vacations. 353- ' K E I M A N K N T work for m a t u r e woman : tiuui-rkcfLhig nnil cooking (one evening mo«l) for 3 ndulu. CJood wnces nnl private nice mobile lujtr.e to live in, Cuunle acceptable. Ni chiMren. 33-0300. I A N TO cii]crirT!(c matprlal* h n n J U n g in our ynr.!. Knowle.lsc of sleol and ct in? true lion tralernl deiirable. This fa n cnrcur job with Rood pay anil top f r i n g e benefit*. Wlnoyrad's, 131 Sth St. K X P K H T lB« - n iiervtcei KTHSR e u l l i n f r , clisMum;, removal ho!?e t i i m m l n g . Call 35G-1JOS or S52-143^, I O O K K K K I ' K H -- Permnnent. Full c\i-ATKc ItoobV coiling : imyrnll, sales taxe-i, government reports, receivables, BJilrs analysis. A chaUcnKiiiR enrcor position. Good MUry and tojj fririKc benefits. Vntiocr.itK -151 6th Str et. L A H K K cor[Hiratlnn IIRS rules t r a i n IKisitlnn avnibible to iersoTi n-nntinir f u l l time emptoj-ment. Applicants in List, have agricultural bcVurui JOK! kt;ou-ledg« cif frrlilizers and i ticiitcs. Suinc col] cue desired. IMense yctid resume to Itox P-JO, c/o Trl- Ed jcatipn and Instruction 8 Siluorions Wanted 10 T H R K K lotlrQOiu hw«e, partly fur Jshcd. T150. 353-0557 or 477-S077. 2 HDUM. mol.lle home tn counlrj-, 2 ehiWren alluwcd. Iloo:n for horse. 352-3CG5. T J I H K K bcdrocm furnMied home in Hillside. Fctu-eit y/.nl. J u n e t h r u An- L A R C H 3 bedroom ilui-le; imfuruislip-!. KfiifCil Im COI.LHCK itxiilent wnnts ]n itiK now « n j for Eutntncr. l vi. 353-7275. HOOFING -- lie-roofing, rcpr.lrinff, a l u m i n u m coating. Free estimates. al] \\-oik RiinrnnteeiL 556-OCSO. ALL'O R c w f i n r Cn. Uooflne residential niuL romn:erclBl, 352*2331!, KveniniTi P A t N T I N C - - Interior nnd exterior.! 'llenniiiK and repairs. Ksttmatcs. 353- For Rent -- House! 1 5 Wed,, April 2G,'1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 41 ' ' 2 HKDUOOM furnished cuwrlmrnt. No KUA|, \ V n t p No peta. 4170 , .. . n;onlh plus deiwsil. 35?-p2SO. omplfttly nl. Smull family nerrplril. »115. Mar 1. 353- THTtEK UJroom hgnie. Hec room unit flrcplnce in $2EO tv?r . r.-.oulli. Oil Welsh * ASJW., Inc.. 3S2-3S33. 2 I I K D I I O O M u n f u r n i s h e d mobile home, U65 , month. U t i l i l i r s in«]mlc.l. Dcn't ilclny call (cilny. bays 3S2-U74 · eves. 353-G411. 3 I I K D T t O O M home with full finished basement. cnriwslj and n u n fmre.l j-nnl. No j.tln. (235 ],]n, ,,... n m l lik'hts. Sro properly mnnRKer, 1102 Ulli St. For Rcnl -- Apli. 17 LAHC.K 2 bedroom u r n r t m c n t for r«nl. AIT. fur rent, 2 bedroom, furnlihcj. _U3» 5th_S^., SS3-G707. U N F U K N I S H K D cr.1. No chlljnm or ntl8. 62714 Slh Ave. Alii. 2. ONK bedroom dunlc*. 146 X. 25th Ave. , 552-1SS8. 3 I t K n U O O N T f u r n l i h c J apt. JH5. Air atldUioncd. Evnns locution. 353-5842 NEW 2 bedroom apt. {ISO nw. IVls · nil children. 853-OS50. After 6, 352. 12GS. TWO bedroom unfurnished ·pnrlrr.cnL Tlrnpes, c a r p e t , electric kitchen. 353- 2G7S. , . . e\rPrien?o. Krro oslimntes. Melton r h E l l f r s . I'h. 353-0434. WO tvc.lroom home will, cnr.i_ frlceriMor. stove, nciv earppl, newly ininlnl. Ulililira pnici. (160 month plui ileiiosit. ,Vo MIS. 2135 7lh Ave.. 2 HbJDIHHIM u n i t [n 4 rle*. Furnished or unfurnished. Kitchen npnlianec* enrpcllnc and itratwjs. S52-Oo3i. 2 ilKDROOM ninrlment In new 4 plcx. Ci-slam Work CUSTOM ruiiillnt;, atiythtliK. Um«ld Anilor.ion 5 j - 2 t 4 6 . ilACKliOK. !on,lor, trenelilim. S53-7765; . 3J2-69I7. Kotlin Hnckhoc Sen-. CUSTOM roiotillinit. I.nrne or mull. IM7-2ICIS. . Call 3nZ-8!-yj. K L K M K N T A R V time sludents. Cnll 33-H1124. JUDO. Karate. Men, ivonien, children, fiiotip or private. Cnll 352-5131. WANTED -- lleainiunFJ ortnn students. Business O p p o r t u n i t i e s GKUCKHY sto nr.a enrage, Cood loeatrnn on eorncr. 85 Hy-pass t.l I 3 l h St. 352-3740. W A N T to k u y : 14 to 2-i u n i t motel. Grceley or surroimdinK juon. All information kept confidential. Kc ' liox 0-39 c/o Tribune. ATAUTMV;NT rosirfpnt n-.Rr.nRfr WMII- ed, Children couple preferred. (Jnm- nn'ssEon of rentals. Business anrl m a i n t e n a n c e back K round helpful. 353- LARGE '3 BAY SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE «ni[ industry, roll or ]inrl time snles r n IrVinu r n r o r » l n v Prvlrv \ f*nn position:. I n t c r r s l c d ? Call 3S3-3SS1. V? ^Vj 1119 U - r e e l C J , COlO.) Con DMVI-P . i. t . i ' i' ' ' · · ^ ct Gary Van Hooser. Cham])Thu TMn%'oo"\;U^eTM 1 £,V 11 f P r; 1^ Petroleum Co., 341-0541 Denon interested, u-illinx worker. Wino- Ver. T R A Th on interested. u-ilUnx worker. Wino- Kia! 3 , 431 Slh St. K X I ' K R I K N C K D wnltrcea over 21. Newt in R j i p m r a n r r . Split shift. Apply in ]K.-rsnn nt The Driftwood between 11 n.m. anil 2:3G p.m.; evenings, 5:30 to S:30: oak for Bob. nt crnd. [· _ ,jcj ] l[H]r Minnlilc shifts. Comiilpr i Rc-loon1p nr rrwnmiilc. $0,X6D. Acrm Personnel Service, 1220 l l t h Avc., 3.S3-J2^. nn employment jijjcncy. SCHOOL, teaTher or college htudent Io work ns field mnn (W Incnl ncrinl flliplfrnlor ilnrmc fiiimmr-r montb-i. I ' u t t or f u l l time, will trsfn. Contact Ifn:oc. UoK-T^^i. S O J ' l l l S ' J ' I C A ' I ' K L .Mature yiiunK mnn tu k-jjrn in'si-lc iidmni fat ration work w i t h mnst.indini; cnm]inny. Cnl] Jac- ktp r 3::-CCn, ]1 U, nn employment nticncy. if you h:tve O I ' K K A T O K -- Will Ira farjii l-:ii:kt;rLmriil ami wnrk. E J , ] QO n t i n i m u m . Acn:e 1'cr- Ponnrl Scrice. 3320 H t h Avr. f 3fiH- SI2G. an employment nsrency. DO NOT H R A D UNLESS YOU WANT A 'NEW HOME, A NEW CAR , OK A BANK ACCOUNT .'oLciitinl of $15,000.00 per year No Selling rocess inipcr work WlinL ONE Exclusive Master Dislrilmtnr in siren. nvcsLmonf. of $2,000.00 rcnutred. uaranteed return of your in osLtnont. Teun and Twenty Cosmetic Corporation . 2740 S. Clenstotio, Suite 105 Springfield, Missouri tiBSOl 1'lione: 417-- SR3-7S11 · C f L - F I N A N ' C K -- Jrwiallnifiil Joan or c it liarkctrmmd for this rrwnn.i[LR sition, tCOCO.OD. Acme Prrwinro] P f r vice. 1220 l l t h Avc., 353-S'l'ZG. An cmr!(«yment aeency. L A R C K . D-vporience necessary." In it nelpfnl. Company will tr.iin. Cal] r»ul. 35a 7811. nnd romprtitivr rri [ '(" i *^ hnck you up, ?S10S plus rommisaion. Cnll Dovi5, floS-CCIGC. n 11, nn employ- tineiiL iiKiiiicy, NOT SATISFIED? Want to earn $20,000? College l i a n k g r n n n t l required. Must lie bonduble. Start jjari or full time. Must have car. Write or call: Lloyd "\V. Mngnlo 31G M a i n Street Loiigniont, Colo. 80501 Phono: 77fi-Si!00 lielpfuE E«1 not noccx«nrr. C n n l n r l Mr. CazT.ell at 353-GS36 for nn np EXTRA inrotr.e. He a Wntkir.s Pcrson- nl SnopiKT nrnl work yuiir own hoin nt lop f t might coniTnigpSons. 1'n time or f u l l lirr.e. We t r u f n . No minor*, Phone 35Z.S019. I'AllTS trniEnec, f u l l time previous parti rccorrl -- K O V K A N D FOUR WO.MKN -- CJTRT.S over 17, single, to tour U.S. and return. Working willi fi-1 pnli- lishers that siwinsor ( h e Imirs. fiiinrnntnotl to s t f i r l . plus P, Irnns- i^, no ex pcricncn roqinrcd, fflKt advancement, permanent job. i m m e d i a t e omploymnnt. See Mr. or Mrs. Clyde A l l n n , 11:00 n.m. tn firOO p.m. Bar F Motel, 615 2GtJi SI. rionm fi. Ho not phone. Parents welcome at I n t e r v i e w . iiicentivu bonuKCs. portalion, on job SECRETARY- RECEPTIONIST n l i r only. 1'rc Olds-Cfl'lillrxc Inc., 608 feth A r l l i u _Avt-. R E T A I I , 5nlcs - O j i ] i . nnd f;ro\v. t t f i C D . O O i i t u i m r n n i i r i Acme IVrwinr.ol Service, 1220 X K A T u l r f t i l y liimest lady to help kee ew dninlry home clean. J^.nO per . .. 12 r.oon, n u h l-VtcI»y. -Musi hn LADIES ' T will lic.lp you Blurt and w ic.p you B u r t and \ ImiUr your own iiusincKR. f Barn $nO-$lOO-$£iOn nr more \ monthly, part tiittc. Choose f your own lionrs. No in- ( vcslmnnt needed. A p p l y in person at the... Tlnnmria. J n n Thursday, A p r i l 27 at 0 a.m. or 1 1 or 1 p.m. or 3 p.m. Ask for Air, Schneider Situations Wanted 10 I.TCKNKFJ child cnr*. rny hinnc. Ph 85 3-440 B. DAY C A K K in my home, nn^ 2 t 353-C6B7. L t n F I N R F n ittijr cure, c e n t r a ] I n c n l i o n r,TCRNSKD~T)»i1,l r.nrr In my tmmp n. 35:MIZ2]. ~^- I n l c r l n r H i U f i n , 353-ri220. n l k i , olc. nS2-[U]3. CAT'Ks I ' f l i n t i i u r n n d FOR r a ^ n n n F f i c p n j n t l n K . rrpslrlnjr. call K r n c s l Hln\r. H % 2 - f t 0 2 ] , " ~ ~ rcforc-nrt-s. C n l l lK=f«r« r.oon for in- w n r i l . D " l l k f t. OUTSTANIIX(; r»]iporLunity foi naif 21 iit ilirttt sales, IM^h conimMlons. I n i r j i j y hiclii'lc fi'11 resume of *i\t- c n t i o n n m l e.MWrience. i t c j i l y Itox r - l l , c/o T r i h t i n p . ECOLOGY o r l c n i f f l pennnr.el ile?.iicr a t c l y nircileil i n t x c e u x i v e m u n n K c m c n a n i l t r a i j i t u areas f i f t h t [willulion I n H u r t c s r t c n i i t i n i ; . I ' l l . Riipcrvi^nin, nr.'l direct sales ureas. M r , M n U - y k n , Nat'] - I n t ' l . R t r a n i l n n DIv., 4 H 1 K. t ' J l h A v c . S0220. 303-333-5676, NEF.D EXTRA MONEY? One of Colorado's oldest food We h a v e an opening for a companies micils wnmon for sccrctary-recoptionisl. The. per- i t .|cphorm ap|ioinlrnf:nl w o r k In son wn hire must he s h n r p , nhlo v n l l r ), O :n(;. Top r:oinmission nint;B. Call HAYS TreT"KTiFrc. I.lci J U K T O M pln inc, Travis K, EAvnltiittR, hhj- bnl- im. S97--i260. tgllccl. !G. Central Trenclilnc end llolinn Co., 3J2-I5CI. IOTOTII.I.1SC--Mnlrluni: nnd Icvcllnc ufllilens, yar.l. Jim llewlll, ?S3-06SO. { A C K H O K nnil londer. Hill NmiBhlon, ji52-40n^_Nnl EUm. 363-3617. 'XI'F.RT c w r n e n l r y . No Job too Inrrce or loo *mnll. 353-291C. VE f0 c'.lslnm h«ultn K . 853-2m. Kerin H..II;.UK/. MI nth st. I I A I L K Y ' K ruslom plowing. B52-F250 a f t e r fi p.m. USTOM' n i n n u r c Bpreidinp, loader work. DC raid Pctenun. 362-7154 eve. CUSTOM nloxvinn a n d m u k h i n c . Felte KllHO L'lu-n fcrliliicr n u p l M , crnli Sprny Scrvkc'. 3SZ-105I). CUSTOM Fnrm Bcrvlof. rlowlinr, nml- cliinr;, corn plnntinR. EM or Lr A l l m e r . 3f.2-02W or S. r »3-3^U. f.l. tyiu'i cement u-nrk. Vntion, Ri'le- ^Ynlks, drivDwnys. H c u n n n b E e rjitca. 352-06r;2 or 284-TC1C2. lACKlioK"worV. w«l-r. (cvvcr, Until linrs, nn.l snxlc t n n k s Instnllp,!. 353- lllSO or 3S1-3JCO. T l t K N C U I N U . (lilch clenniiiK nn.1 leech liiu-s. .2S1-G291. Scfiia-ffi-r's U i ^ K e r Snvicn. l)ANrFT,10NS u p r n y r d . Kverftrcens u n d lieilftea sprayed, litquttl t e r t l t i t « r ap plicii. lawn a e r a t i n g , f;licer l^pe. Soil B t e r i l i z i n K . Ccnernl Spray. 302-10.^0. FENCES i r o k e n yant (cucea rcpnlretl iiiul pnlntcd ^cw fences liuilt niul inKtalled to your specificnUons. Quality CraftsmniiBlilp -- Fnir PricpR 3S3-230I or 352-15.10 Trail, Haulinq 1Z T i [ K W A Y 'rubbish rrmovnl. JS2-CU4 ·IESTWAV DiipO"! Conr»ny. 3Si-7t.l. I I I I A N T N K I I Ti.isli Sc'! n! ro-Muilinl. CVIK'. M 3 - 9 I I O ; Doi Wanted o Rent ATI': IjimllnrJi -- 1,1st «vnllnljl« rent il will, W.I. U.S. 3B2-«5l. WANTK.n-. Tivr, Imlnxim » n n r l m t n t tn- t«-n riilli-nc nirl'*, f u l l rjimrU-r. A t t c .fi :30. 353.B025. W A N T I" rent 2 or S l.e.!room li»i:i in Unnicron Solioo] me*. 35G-41E' n f l e r i. 2 SK.Ninil m f n ner.l iinlr-1 2 Invlronn HFt. or lio:ue. Mufti IN* nvnUnhlo fo ti-.xt f u l l . Cnll 366-2111 « f l c r 6 p.m. 11V MAY ir. or .lnn» I, n 3 or I )«-i1 n i l.ou»o will, unmte. Cnll 6£C 2Sr.7. \VANT"i-:i - "" A r n n m r n t for 2 u l r l for f n l l qiiAtlcr, rlo*e Io]iut J M . 2 I L - C . QUIET ftmnfc arni[ni[« t t u i l i ' n l ncc* areaion. Cnll H7X-2S23 collect. NICK!) 3 or 4 :CThoom unfiirnlilii.! Ionise liy J u n o 1. Prefer tnun TICH' Cn.oley. Wrllc Ik,x USD. K l c r l i n u For RcrU -- Housoi I I O U S K for rent. G room«. Cl.« In Foncc.1 back y n r j . Cull 362-1118. 2 I 1 K I I H I I O M li.m-i.., 1MM 61h Ave. In r j n i r r 721 1 Uli .St. 2 HKDHOnM imil.lle hnmf. All nllllllr Trrniinc l.lnn.l. 3M-2:'lf. NI-: lH?(!r'«m f u r t i h l i e i t dpi. in 4-plp UIvUKOOM ho-.isf (Irss lin.cmrnl ««.). M n r r i f i l roil].!* or smnll fnm- ily. KarRu'c-. f n r n h h o l . y«nl, liol \vn- UT lipnt. MOO (plu! dnni»«c .lenmil). l^^ikinif fur poriimnpnt icntcis. Nunr cnllwe. I'lKine l-'oil Culllli?, 4S4-5219. Avnllnlilc M.y 1. For Rent -- Rooms 16 IOOM fnr rent for \vorkiiisr ^oumn collepe pfrl. 356-152. OMFO11TAII1.K rooms for rrnl, n-n- Fonnlile \st-ckly rR[oj. Commrrcinl Hotel, r^itou. 4M-36Q4. For Rent -- ApH. 17 ROYAL GARDEN Al^TS 2100 23rd Avo. . rind 2 bedroom furnished or Mifurnlsiicd hiiffct npnt'tincnts Electric kitchens, carpeted Ivupes, insido Iniiiulry, off slroe larking or cnrnorts. Adults, no ots 362.0152. N I-:VANS -- 3 room f u r n i s h e d nrl. I'rivnto ciurnnrc- nnrl bnth. 35t-C4bO. J A C H K L O R njits. for men only. t.!G fia-ipo. so2 lath st. 352.7060. H K n i t O O M npl. CnrpoK^. diniicd. Utilities urnUh«l. 3S2-C017. UnNl'siIKT) «pt. for 2., month. U.S. Moli'l. ·UHN1SIIK1) 2 hrOroom u p A r l m s n I Cfl m n n t h . No rclJ. 352-2023: W3 ISSS. N KVANS -- 3 room furrmhctl nvnrt- niciit. I'rivnle l.atli anil cnlni KCJOM furnisr.r.l n]it. nn K c c o n d fl,x,r. No noli, no clilHicn. 3J2-27Cf.. 1I2D 71h SI. U N P U R N I S I I l i D 2 bo.lroom «|.t. ^.... cnr]et n n i l Jrnixa. All litilltlia for- lilslietl cxcoiil eleclrlcilr. C»ll lift C ] f,S7-15M. :c, redlK- l l K n H O O M n ] i n T t m e i i t : erntor. enlist, Jritpcs. . 51SO plus ulililios. im IKU, IM Rnllc. Cnll .1o2-IS05. 312-JI65 nr 352-10%. U N I ' U I I N . 2 linlroom, large deluxe, cnrpetod knii dr«]u-il f location . . ., Avp. 352-Or.2'J or 32-M9i. MAMj 1 Imh fnrnl«lici) m.^il home for ll.p miiuthi M.y nnd ,1 only. S^IO ni.iiilh iilui u t i l i t i e s . Chr Sfi2-10ll3. 4 R O O M n[n1nlr» fiirni^lieil m,i«r1manl Coli]i!f only. Ulillliri, furnlilicil. I^i enlcd liclivccn collcte nml J'oul Of- ' K W A L K rooinniHte to R h n i e 2 ] ruom moliilc hnme. 353-2311 f * t . 240 n%k for Shlrlrr. A f t e r li cnll 3,'.S- i l O l t H for your eomforl, c o n v e n i e n t Anil niuliey. 2 Icilrooin townho'jiw n n i l yon won't l i r t v c to worry nliou u l i l i l y liilln. Cnll MO-I3J1. O N K hedroorn nnfilrnhlicil »pnrlmcn cxei'l.t cl.ivc mill rcfriuernlor. Cni JiDled, he.-it f u r n i s l i c i l , Kfiraw, irnpl' inu fncililiel. Morried couple or Inily No ,icl» or chlldicn. 007 28th Avc, tl2H n i o n l b . 3S3-1831. )I.Iir.!t I ronrn fiirnish.,1 n],l. Vciy tilre. Cnnxile.l. 1'rlvnle cnlrnnce. l i l r n l for worhinir Connie or 2 KlrK No IK'Us. S I M vcr mnnlli. lllllltl^ ]i*lil. Duyn, 3!13.Mr'J ; after . 32- isnr.. Kitchen npplinnceB, , . olid nir conditioner. Chililr come, r.o jcl*. 352-4G[)|. nr]H.-l. Jroi'is t U f r ' K r u i i f u r n i i h n l »pl. Appllnn drjiL'n «ntl utilities fnrnishc.1. ?1CM per n:onti plus J45 dci'O.'it. See Sur.'Iny, 4 lo E |..n\. nl 200i bill Avc. or c«ll Denver, 1-934-77SI for ai imLnlnienl. MAPLE MANOR [.urge, deluxe, 2 bedroom, \m 'iirniah'cd n p n r l m c u t , complct diction Including (iinli\vnshcr iluiR curpctinK hud drupes, cell .rnl iilr condlllonlng, private on rnncp . nnd balcony. J l G O - f l G tier ntniitli, 1032-1034 2GUi Ave. Sno jMatiRRcr No. 202 Cilll 3B3-7S73 For Ren!--Apl. N JOIINSTOWK I btdroom unlurn.,.- ' 'icJ mils. 657-O20 or 687-21J3. ·UHNISHKD |it. J8i. Married counlt. No chUJtcn or pets. 3fi2-06Z4. I N K bedroom funitslictl apartment for couple. CarpcleJ. $125 plus Uzhtj. Security deposit. No ptla. S53-5101. rc-lccnrfllcd nnfurntskcd 2 bedroom apt., n«r downtown, coupU only, SI3. A f t e r 6 L30. 352-5125 or ll'ACIOUS 2 licJroom unfurnlsHed np. urtine/Lt In new lownhou'e. T^irn« i -,v ki(-hen n'llh nil =pp!!incej. Utililr' .-, M^-n ivith waaner-dryor hookup, t',4 1 '-''' liAllu. Lovely drapes and EhtB carpet,--^! 1'rlvnto fenced lj*«k yard. 1 child, no licts. 35^-0353. ·!'. Deluxe 2 Bedroom . .1 Apartments ill electric kitchen, utility room. ,,-:lot wntur liciil, plus trash re-..^' moral, air conditioned. Closrj to y sliniiiiing center. Will nllow up : ·''· .o 2 childreiL. · Cull 352-G570 days, 352-S079 eves, ! 'if G E J I I N I APTS. -.''!" Uiifnrnlshed 2 licilrooni npart- !l " : ' mcnls, carpctoil, rirnncd, all-:-ll electric kiiclusns, 'central heat-"" 1 ' , utr cnndEtionlng. Deposit - · required. ?lii!5; f 100. 352.075-1 .' " Mnnngcr A],t. 101. 1100 20th Ave. ' Continental Apts. ·· 706-708-710 27th Ave. ";^ : Available: one and two bed-MM' room tmils. Children wel- ·;'. come. Call 35G-0325 or 352-4300 Got T?cndy For Spring! Von'Jl tlnd 2 prent ndvnntftKO In ile'i(lliiK in your HTUDKNT 1 H O U S I N G NOW. 1. 1-lii.OO lior.ritr. . per Hlndont 2. u t i l i t i e s Inclnileil I'OWNIIOIJKIOS completely fur- nislicd for A Stlidonlu.- Has. Mt-r. -2117 2Slh Street 3r,3-!)M7 Wlicolcr Kenlty Compnny · sr.o-i'331 $100.00 MO. PLUS % UTILITIES. nnd fllmro Inrge, Inxiiry 2 1111 furnished npnrtmont j w i t h 1 oilier working ct-Koii. Loss if yon have J your o\\'ti furniluro. 353-3703 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 Ijct.rotnu luxury. Air con- .·} dllJoiicd. TrlviUo p n l i n , R h n g rnrpet, doc trie hit- clicn wldi dltOnvnHher. MASON AT^S. 2100 27tli Avc. Place No^^' '2 linr]]~(ioin U T l l t H , ui[iL]'ii]shc!i], $l')r por month, $7!i l l O l W B i t . Cull Scolt Really HC2-12I2 BK1AUWOOD APTS. 1S2T, 22nd St. 2 a n d .*{ hodrooni n i i f i i r n i H l i e d npls. K l c n l r l e h l l c l i c n , sling cnr- pi;l, dniixjH, p r l v n t o l a u n d r y . OnulnaU; u l n d u n l K . N'u c l i l l i l r o n iliulcr 10. help hniRCTilKier. il. r^tn.I. lcKNKI-:n" r l . l l r l rare. Wnplcm IIA1IY "iui'iriit. tnr home. Cliisc !i.»-n- iroUtlTr";N~lneklin. Prrvire. Q n n l l t y WII.l7~niTr7.l~nr rfirMel ilairv b'trr.!.. J 7 i 0 n-nrk. COI.I.KCK iclrt nceik.1 In «h«re hr.n bnmeilinlcly. 1317 Utli KL ^S3-. l ,7^2. OMlSK~i^T~inil: (lirr.i;e. (.' If. Nn In Wimlxir. c tin *nlf in i r n l . ir. Cur- NEW COLONY 1009 13lh Avc. .. 1 l)Gili-oom .suite with balcony. Central nir contl., elevator, yciir-rotiml pool. ':'. ] In wallfiiif; (lislnnce of}'-'' « downtown. LeaNo rerjtiired.i:"'. · ?1OT to %2riO plus K' t \n nnd ll^litn TA.USMAN WRST APAH'I'MIONTS 1717--1808 10th ST. 1 nml 2 bedroom \ i n f n r n lied nplii., on ono floor -- $130, $U,0, nlso 3 fur- nlsliod Im f f e I R -- II.W. lienL [urnlslied n n d trneh ])li:lt-Hn. l |T nlly carpeted, (Irnputl, FrlKidnlro nppll-. ancos, air i-.ond., rrlvnto .lisml. sLorn^o in'cnH, laim- . dry uvnllnhlc. No H in n It dhllilran. flood imrklng. ·'jllKr. Apt. 10, 1717 lOlh, 3ri2-22-ID; Mr«. M. M. Cnr- I · T( ' fl i COLLEGE STUDENTS i p \ Now taking rescrvalions for Sprint; Quarter. (·· ! Completely funiitlied, 1 and 2 bedroom units. ; · Call :J53-C02G. \, i _ _ ;. ; W A I . I . I ' A I ' K K K I I - p n i to meet the piihlic antl have experience. Wn offer a good s l n r t - ing salary plus f r i n g e lienefil.-;. A p p l y in person Ccntrnl Homes Inc. A TI.S. I n d u s t r i e s Company 2S7 22nrt St., (Jreeloy A u t o R e n t a l o* 1 ransportat'ion 3 CAR rtnWll -- Dnily, weekly, mnnlhlc. Ctcclcj- I.cnilnK Co., TiOO R[h Avo., 52-9114. After hrs. :1:^-5629. Profciiioral Services J AND J UphnMery. Free Mlim«tcs, __picknp anil f l c l K c r y . 33-OJ62. MA NO l u n f n j T $12. Complete r«r-air srrvle* Carrfll* C^nn, 3n3-702T or Business Service 6 f SAW ikarpcnir.;. All kind". Or.e day Jen'. Alkiro't, 6 I S Slh Avf.. 352.05ni. ROSCO'S Trie Senk«. lii-tr.i'H »T.d Ir.- imcd. Fre cf-.imftlro. 2sl-7^6. C H A I N " .aw sh^rppntHFT. 2 hr, n«rv(ce. Allltf',, Ml Slh Avc.. tel-KM. J A N l f o S i A L i f r v k f . Fnmily o p f r a l f d . _Chiircl»j,_iffi«». H"-. Cill SS2.2SSV r6w"Kli~r7kiiiz. If W h«vf luirn __lrnuhlM, r«ll u i ! K3-UM. l.AWN mtu-*r itharpenifiir »rirt mnirtr rcp»lr. An!»rain Srvl Co.. "M 10:h Si.. 3 ' S 20 WOMEN o neerlotl p a r t time. l O n r n |] ?3.fifJ h o u r l y plus. Snlnrir-d o posiMonw opon. Apply in jl person at ... S Iho Cedar llonm, 5 Itamiiilii I n n . I) T h u r s d a y . A p r i l 27 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. or 3 p.m. Ask for Mr. Kelly. paitl. Call fir,7-!iniO Collect u.c.s. Employment Center k. tip r 352-7:111. Frxe «1im.1l'.'. 3F,V3=;77.. J,'_K. ' M r O n n l M . ' I'll. 3:,2.«,2rA" ' O W K R r n k i n i t . If ·»,, h a v t IlomNCJ^'warilrii -- 711 271h Air.. ( J A R I - K N T K l V sxirk nf nil k KrfA.c Irar'. Mitnr^l. , MM. lira C o n n i r . n l . 2 I l K M t O f l M !,n M-«ilnlilc_Mny 1. Cull ? IIKDUOO.M li tiliiir^ W.-\ ]*n. NKw""l' T"e".irrym nvlilli ITCifcrit^Mhy 1. 3;fi.22Hl n f t r r r,. ri'ir,-oi!'S.._[_ !»««' IT. inTil.lle linrnr, fnrni.lie.l. Nr. ,.,-.. I,. rrr.rU, .,f I ' l u t t e v l l l r . C.nll l(:,_a-^Jf:,-mi. 3 H K I I I I I I O M t-'.u-- F'ir r f r v l [n ftr.'i A in'inlh |I|UH rlimilric 2X1-FH32 j i f l ^ r fi I'.rn. rol!li,K l^.mc -- 2 l.cilrn'.m. Air f/,n- i l l l i i i n i n » . u n . h c r . C«ll 3.'.;-109.1 « f l « r X K Y N A l c a Iritr I N D I , . K N ' f S I N B K U ... $7.200 ,, ,, "^ro^rfcnir ,".',". P t I X C I I I ' U K H S Ol'li. . 3.4fl hr.[ T l t K C K n i l V K . -- SK.MI I''-XI. K I 1 I I ' . f : I . B K K 2.00 u p 3.7.1 lir. np ileno-il. | i N K A K; iliiflex. 2 U»lrn,in. r n r p c l . rjll'lrrj.' 853-ljWi;'. r i l K M I S J I K I l inr.le. W n r r l M f . n n K n.. rhil.lren let H t«. 113T.. Ill I Hlh I . A F E i ; K 2 \*.\rt*i\n u n f o r n r ^ h ^ d i l ' i n l r x . " i A|.|li»r.rr» n v i l l n l . l e . M«y 1. W a l e r . [' _ l r n » h _ i , H . i | , |,/iid. -f.-l-lHii-. j r, ' r.i'.VJ il-Ji^x."v, p Al..r Will. K » - l ' l FAMILY RENTALS Appliances, Fiirnlshcd, A i r Conditional!, Cnrpntod ThroiiKfiotit. Ono hisdroom u l n r t l n g at J12C ptjr month. Two hodroom Blnrtlng nl f l u O per nionlli. 8 M A M , B.VCi. M K C I I . .. 3.00 np 1M)L H I ! I ' l l . ?r,0ffj up K t d r l i r i K M A f M I I M S T ?730f: np Slnrling M A f M I . T K A I N B K 2.00 lip o l l N V K N . STK. CI.K. . |175-Sfll) f l l W A I l K I I O T J R K M A N ?3 r n l o r n l o U f A ! KAT.KS HBI 1 . $ R ( f l f ) + r.'ir C A I U ' E N T K I l ».-nrV, n i m n l r i . Cnll Ml.f fjiACCT.-TAX K X f . . flO.nflO up .VO U I ' X i l S T t f A T I O . V FKE S:.'!0r, SI. t h r u K; i-3 Kat. 028 13th St.. Suite 5 35fi-3-ifiO A p r i v a t e f - m f i l o y m e n t at^pno DO YOU L I K E TO H U N T A N D FISH? I F you're an experienced flsloKinan . . . I K yon can mako a l i v i n g on commission ... IF you will work f|imlifif;d n o r t h e r n Colorado nn.l flsh r'ft ,..v.l. '.AI'iiB 2 im 1-F.lrr. K l l r l u n _asj.iisji_. _ ' ,, ,,1 n ' V''" A INTKillOK""tn'l .r-]l!ri»r p » l n l l n z . ; l l | Sii'.'iii'f.s. '"'*" * ·t-.,%,r. lj-(,j("|. K K f"r,, li|;,n ri nil-. F r ' e j ,,.,.,,, rni.Mlr h'.m^. [ 21 7*. nr fli't M«i;i S ; 2 Hf;r ; rtfl ' r , H ' ^ni.ii, LAWN SPRINKLERS j K~"r.'TM,*, "",n± P Trenclilf;fs I n . ^ l n l h t i n n tinrl rn-!_. S l r r f l * .. - pftlr. A l « f j l a w n Kr-r-rlinK, H N i J i l i u K j 3 r or rcrlilixinK. For tree, c n t l n i n t o ' LARGE NEW Two Hcdroom U n f u r n . A p t . 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