Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 9, 1961 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 31
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UiW r.»n IIH. Trwb FO« SALb- IMS Fort fa! hardtop wllh 10S« TVjr.i --tar.-lt,««» mllCT.-tl.ino. 1* GOING CYX V-l IK HlttM. Krw tin*, n ' New palat job. fTM. Mi. U1-M2I, EL 1059 IMPALA .CONVERTIBLE Pow«r · itMrlng »nd Miny ntr«s. Beat ofl Se« »t '1005 32nd A ·:30. Phone EIv 2-0127. 1959 FORD FAIRLANE GALAX1E HARDTOP Grutn^om8itl(3, power power brakes, heater, r of the sharpest '59 »Vitlab]«l SEE IT AT BEETHAM'S 'AUTO £ 121» Sth A V E N U E "A-l" USED O 1957; Ford Faii-lane 500 Town T-Bird V8, radio, ·nd Fordomatic. tionally clean car. actual miles. Blai gold. Only ,$1195 1959. Chevrolet Impala Tudor Hard' V8, radio, heater, ?lide, power steerir er brakes. Red. Foi 31795 1957. Ford Fairlane 500 Fordor top.. V8, radio, Fordomatic, power dows. Raven black. $1195 1959 Ford Galaxie. Tudor with V8, radio, Fordomatic, power \ng. Corinthian white. $1895 1960 Ford Galaxie Fordor. V8, radio, neater, cruiseomatic. Extra clean. Monte Carlo red b SI !r)* W* leiblrd Ir.o- M-l»th Sh MM Cher. ecDenl con- and beater Mnt Rmitb C, or II A. ,E · bnlcOE. er UkK. ve. after LANE DTOP steering, adlo. One Galaxies 'S ES JE ^RS J Sedan, heater Rxcep- 50,000 ck and olet lop with power- is?, pow- r only d v Harde a te r jr win d Hardtop heater r steer- lite. d 8, radio, Ut*4j Cwt «·· Tfwki I I (1 (ULAXIE i Jr.. hw rxllwri. Will t«ke trade. Clll CL f-lllD. fOlt SALE-- '57 Saw I'lremmla, 2 door. A-l.ahaiit. BL J-1S56. OK SAI.t-- 1157, lilt, two Udroom. Term*. or tilde. EL 3-I9H. | ' bw m l t H K t Kl M731 o : SAi.h; mi fofj rMup. W U i n lttvl«i *l»t. ^inpplj · OR B A L K -1M1 H G A . · M»t xll. b«t akr lk«: KL !-5»ll. ran SAI.K-- '« 4 «or Kd*n. lood rondCtroii. Can be BNII at JCutth "«" Station, Ml. llth Ave. CASH. priv.K r.Hy. for Imill o)lr car. Huit be lew mileixe. ont', In »««i condition. Clll EL 3-OSK. FOR SALE-- 1951 Mercury »ed«ii, ex- ctj^ent runnlnK'eofta'ltton, itocd rubber, new icit cMeri. otie owner. ^225. KL SJ477. FOR SALE-- ·!( Ford ft Uuck.lrie- tor mil 'S3 Frcthiuf Ir.llcr. both in eiceLlcnk condJUoii. Seo «fler 0 al J19 23nl St. SiJ INKRNAT10NAL bt.vy out), '/: ton tiuvk, V*% motor. LOQK vhec'i bale. I peed vl!)i nv.rdrirf. $1.300 Call EI, «.7H». tr KI. 2.08H1. FOR SAI.K-- 1M1 Ford St«rllntr t dr. hardtop. Cr*he-c-matk rfrlve. Excellent condition. t203 9th Ave. PR. F.L !-M7« fiENERA7ORS and aurtors, «al«r pumps, fuel punpl. New, used ar.d reVuiLt. Come to GoM'a and Save. Corner of l\th St. and 6lh Are. KKPOSSe'-SSEU-- One 1954 Butch Road, matter, fully electric ; cne 195Q Dodife Corontt; "one l^ 1 " r'.ird |.« lltil lii boy.. Pacific Finance Loam, R reeky. SRC CORVE1TF, 3 UDeed. 2W cubic · b l u e lacquer. IliGa. KL 2^72£ a f t e r 5 '- p.m. · CNU1NES attain cleaned. 11.95 and up. All types bcdy ar.d rentier wurk. A-l paint jobs tow its 140. Joh» Thompson foitfre. Ml Sth Ave. or lit N. Sth Ave. EL 3-1841. ' '- KADIATOH cieaninr nnd . repairing. nnd IrueV rcpairlTis. Jnhu Thompson 601 Slh Ave.. or 115 N. Slh Arc. El. R-181S. STATION WAGONS '54 CHEV....I595 Radio, heater, aUndnrd shift, c can. '60 DODGE . . $2295 4 door, Fmtomatic shift, white tires, tinted glass, power steer ing and brakes. 27,600 actua miles, 1 careful owner. '60 CHEV. . . . $2095 Heater, standard shift, G, 21,600 actual miles. '57 PONTIAC $1395 Star Chief, 4 door; hydramatlc icater, radio, power hralies, oul standing. '57. DODGE.. $1295 Sierra, ^ door, Torqueflite, heat er. radio, newer steering and Uw4 C*n m»4 Tr«ki 51 X» SAI.K -l5« CMC. 3/4 Ion p!cV- U|j. Coc4 ronuitlon. I'b. Ullcrc.t 8747. OK SALE-- HOI UMC Vj '"n pickup. V-{. Call Kvtnlnn. CL J-ISSt 'OX BALK-IBS" Cker. I n p a U convertible. EL 0-3119 after 1 p.m. COWARDS Chevrolet 1) keaoVjuarler) OR SAI.K - 1961 Corralr Monia coupe. !?H 12th St. «4 J K K P lUlton «ajron. 4x4 alx ey|. ne)er, automatic hub*, new ruliber. EatOH U9, e^-eikUn. Special ·On AH . 1960 Trade-Ins 960 Corvair 2-Door 1960 Corvair l-Door 960 Impala 4-Door Sedan 960 Irapala Sport Coupe 1960 Chevrolet 4-Door Station WaKpn, P a r k- wood model. .960 Chevrolet Biscayne 2- Door. 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne -1- Door. Edwards Chevrolet Co. - USED CAR LOT 1310 Sth Avenue Open Evenings 'til 8:30 Buying A NEW - Home? Save on furnishings -Read classifications. 21 and. 30 for real household bargains. · '-'8- , HHH fr Auto Troilcn 53 U««J C.n «.J TnjeV. S\\', I-H · TRUCK CENTER TOO MANY USED PICKUPS --MUST' SELL-See These at Once for Your Bargain! 60 FORD 1/2 Ton Pickup, ^our wheel drive. . Excel- ent. 57 FORD i/ 2 Ton Pickup vith canopy top. Slick and clean. 49. WILLYS Jeep Pickup, ''our wheel drive. 50 Ford % Ton Pickup. A good truck. Ellis Ccipp Equipment International Truck Headquarters 608 Sth Ave. EL 2-9141 A. to Service ami SxppKti 52 FOR SALE -- Two 6:40-1 M-W knobby El, Z-ST77. House t Axrc Trailers S3 TOR SALE-- it foot. 2 bedroom Her... lee. Call EL 2-7101 eves., 6 to 7. KOH SALE-- Clean 1559 Palace ranch home. 10*45, USB down. EL 2-2310. FOR SALE or trade for lato mold pickup. 4fi ft, 2 bedroom Andersen houEe trailer. Ph. 353-2870. FOR 3ALr; or Uadc-- Save 11,900. 300 and a.ume monthly payments of 365. 1061 ArU-ritl Trailer. MxS. See Let IF. 1S21 5lh SI. FOR SERVICE or littht repair on ynur mobile home, rh. Siahla'a Trailer Sale*. t^L 3-2S02. Service on all rr.ake^ hratlnz atoves. AUTHORIZED dealer tor Great LaleJ. Kit, «nd gky. Lar.e r.civ and usci house IratleK-" Weslern Trailor Silea, Inc.. 81t'2nti SI., "1101 5Ui St.. CTCC- Icy. Colo. W THF roark'el for a ilobjlej Horr-cT volume b u j i n w and selling;. llccauie we buy in volume, we cai o f f e r rp'jj'v'oliun.e priced r^omea nn' Krcler trade-in. Stop in" or en!l. Stahla'a .Trailer -.Sales [s kc»lad ,5 miles south o[ Gre«!ey on U. S-.fS. Phone EL 3-2*02. ' " ' ' · nri ii-- /"MSl-- A n P l -- r » T X / A I I lf~C* 51123.00.24.00: utltily flnd standard ~ l.lia j.) llolsleiji 21.51: a fav/ ulil- ly unJ standard iieci's W.50- 22.75; sliot-t'. load""choice" SB" Tb cifcrs 24.00; a short load choice 50 Ibs »t 23.7S; mixed good nnt liokx 23.25; good 22.55-23.00;. a ew commercial cows M.50-15.50; ullcr and utility 12.75-14.75; can. «rs 11.00-12.50; utility bulls 18.0020.00; standard and good vcalers 8.00-25.00. Sheep 1,000; slaughter lambs cak lo.SO lower;. choice and rime native wooled slaughter ambs · 16.50-17.00;. a part deck hoice and prime 115 Ib fed Westerns 17.00; good und choke na- vea 14,50-16.50; cull lo good 10.004.50; a part deck choice and rimo 88 lu shorn fed lambs with 1 pells 16.50; cull lo choice laughter ewes 4.00-4.50. SHD Will Paint Traffic Lanes On City Streets A Stale Highway Department crew is expected to start painting traffic lanes oa about Ihree mile; of Greeley streets no later than, he early part, of next week, II he weather continues favorable, .tervil Miller, city engineer, said Vednesday. · · The lane painting pricipally will IKS on llth Avc. from-9th St. lo 2Qth St., l«h Aye. from 9th St. p HHh St., and I6lh SI. from tth Ave. to 23rd Ave. . The painling will cost (he city about" $100, the engineer said. ENVER BEANS General IjJd lo growers IS* I ciop U,S 'a 1 pLntai fi.Ou i.o.b. Denver rule s Ing poUil*. U.S. N* -Js n less i i Grt*t Nortnerns C.Z5-S.50; LOT Is, No 2s M ICE. CHICAGO iUTTIR AND EGOS Itu'.lcr jleadyi prkes uxchjased; SO WUt *) lifiht while ; can 90 11 W/u ft C . steady lo Hnni unrhinjrd to 2 71 pir cent cr belle r grade A " i mlx«l 39 lirxUrdi 33 1 ditties Mi mediums 2SW 3014: checks 33U DENVER ESCS. Market steady; Semand lair; ofleriflts bcral: prices us.M delivered Deover lor KS candled ar.d graded In Denver, cases returned: Large whiles AA 4fl; large ilxed AA 39-4C; TCCdlum whiles aod Llxed AA 32-341 -large -whiles A 35-3* arje mixed A 34-36;. medium arfe »lutes A 28-30; me H; small A 20-221 ·nixed B 30-32! medL_... _ radcs large 17, «mall 7-1. on unli ·jantllles: U.S less othcrul« DENVER POTATOES Total U.S. shipments Wed 332. .... 9; on track Thur. 2; unloaded 1: [It cried 0; arrived Ot trucking Colo. Market steady: sales on uholMale in et in less loan carlol «fo 1 site : lalcd; Colo, round reds 2 in. up 2.25; V/ in. mln. 2.40-2.50; U.S. No 2s 1.75 Colo, lusftts bakers IB ot. min. and G-H t. 3.40-3.50; unwashed 4 oz. min. 2S pet cnl 10 0£ and larger 2.3-3.00; Colo ed McClurei 2',l lo. mln. 2.M-2.6S; M a. up 2.2S-2.4C) 50 Lb jacks 2.43] " ' rusteu fi-14 ox. and 10 oz. rain. 4.00- wets 4 oz.imln. H5-3B. Chicago Grain Prev High Low Close close Wheat Dec 2.mi 2.02N 2.02!i 2.03V Mar May Jul Sep ' Corn Doc Mar May 2.093s. 2.081i 2.08'i 2.09 2.11'i 2,10?, 2.13 2.11 2.1H; 2.121s 2.12V 2.16' Z.15V) 2.15^4 2.15« 1.10% IMVi l.OT'A 1.10 1.14% 1.1311 l.KHii 1.1« 1.1BH 1.16^1 1.16^4 1.17'A Weld County KeaJ Estate Transfers Hevenut stamp* on fell ltatt iranftfart are al tht rite el $1.10 pf ihousanet. At Hospital Admitted lo Weld County Gen jral Hospital Wednesday, Nov. t: Mrs. Samuel Fletcher, 1024 10th St.; Mrs. Fred. Bennett, Rt. a; Peiro Wudylak, Johnstown; Mark Allen Burnham, 1033 18th Ave.; Jess H. Dugger,'«9 6th St.; Mrs. Stanley R. Sutherland, 2413 16th Ave.; Mrs. .Henry Zoller 10J5 4th SI.; Mrs. David Hernandez, 600 4lh.Ave.; Georgo Little, 2130 Solli Ave.; Fred A. Bloom, Ealon; Mrs. Alec Heichert, Eaton; Robert Scales, 1130 13tli St.; Roy Knoles. H»y«mb»r 7 Jessie B. Mitchell to Paul F. loloriey nnd Annette C. Molonoy, 14 and part of Lot 15, Block Arlington Heights, Greeley. tcv. $14.30. Elmer E. Lundvall lo Vcra E. Lundvall, Lot 14, Block 18, Farr : s "ourth Addition, Greeley, Rev. 3.30. Ira W. Tlwmpson and Kntherine \. Tliompson lo Paul K Shepherd nd Ann M. Shepherd, Lot 17 and 8, Block 27, Frederick, Rev. $.55. Hillside Addition !nc , to Lawrnce Noga and Lillian Noga, Let 7, Block 6, First Addition lo Hill- idc, Greeley, Rev. $15.40. P. II. Iscnhart to Alva J. Wilson and Zella A. Wilson, Lot 27, lacklcy's Subdivision of Block 8, Greeley, Hcv. $3.30. n The Courts Eaton; Mrs. Zenith Lynch, liken; Elmer Wilson, 329 Mil- llth and white. $2095 Garnsey and Wheeler Tour FORD Dealer Til lltb St KL 2-9174 irakes. white tires and tinted glass. 54 FORD...-.$395 Heater, .standard shift, economy Many Others Trades Terms McArthur-Wheeler" 811 7th St. EL 2,8288 THE GREATEST VALUES OF THE YEAR! 4 Brands To- Choose From 45-ft. x 10-ft. New! Washer, 2 Br. THE BEST USED CARS Are At W E L L S "Serviced before you buy -- Service after you buy!' 1108 Sth Avenue · 2100 We«t 9th"Street These One-Owner Cars Are Yours! I960 Comet 4-Door Sedan, Perfect $1895 1960 Mercury Park Lane 4-Door Sedan Perfect r $279i 1959 Rambler 4-Door Sedan. Nice! $1295 1958 Consul 4-Door Sedan, Very Nice! .._. $895 -- TRADES -Bank Terms to Suit the Buyer McMILLEN MOTOR CO. Lincoin-JIercnry-Comet-English Ford 1UJ Sth Avenue rtve.; Herbert E. Collins, 1107 Dili St.; Mrs. Robert J. Cyphert,,2G1^ 22nd Ave.; Mrs. Hoberl W, Ka'hler, P-116 Jackson Blvd.; Mrs. Catherine Lorenz,,Windsor; BraudTor- meny, Bcrlhoud; Helmut Yauk, \Vindsor. Dismissed: Patricia Gould, rtt. 4; Mrs. Clayton E. Edmonds, 2503 14th Ave.; Airs. Ltla Arnold, Lu Satle; James Burris, Rt. 3; Kathleen Kobe!; 1324 lllh St.; Mr. and Mrs. James Wesley Kendall, Estes Park; David L. Barnhart, Kehloi; Nursing Home; John E. Ericksor Jr., 921 51h St.; Frank Titmub Ri. 4;' Mrs. Dale 0. Vcrmillion Estes Park; Orville Johnson, La Salle; Mrs. Raymond E. Tappan Kersey; Mrs. Eugene Breeden Westminster; L i 1 a Warehime Evans; Carl Berry, I-oveland ^Irs. Dale Pralle and daughter J A u l l ; Mrs. Charles Tedrow am son, 719 20lh St.; Mrs. Conrad G Krieger, Orchard; Mark Allen Burnham, 1033 18th Ave. Jul Aug Sep No 50-ft, x 10-ft. New! Washer, 2 Br., Raised Kitchen 55-ft. x 10-ft. 2 Br. New, Diagonal Kitchen 50-ft.-x 10-ft. New! Washer, 3 Br. 1961 Lincraft 17 ft. Travel Trailer. 1957 Leisure Home 16 ft. Travel Trailer. Come in Soon-Ihe Selection is ' G R E A T 1 and 2 Bedroom Used Mobile Homes Now Reduced AT v Stahla's Trailer Sales 2 Miles South on 85 Phone EL 3-2802 KANSAS CITY CASH 6RAIN \Vfceal 3* cars; doivn 3 A to up 2 Imd and dark hard 2.05M. io 3 2.03Wj-2.43^S'; No 2 red 2.05-2.06?iN; No 3 2.«3K-2.CH1N. Corn 23 cars: gen. up I't lo 2Ui No uhllc 1-36-1-53; No 3 1.2C-1.S2; No 5 elH-*- t mUcd I.14K-1.22H; No 3 1.12. .JWi. Oats no cars:, unch. Miki malic 1 a-l K. Kalir 1.I2-1S2N. Rc 1.2S-1.30N. Barley 1.09-I.1SN. Soybean* 2.38. Bra a 33.5049.25. MARKETS .Huh standard lo avtrage food stci jbcugM to arriva at 22.00; cows 11.00- 2,4S'/4 2.48% 2.48',i 2.49U 2.52 2.51 2.51 2.5H4 2.53S 2.62V4 2.52',i 2.52% 2.53W i52 2.52tt 2.53 '2.45'A 2'.44 2,44 2.44Vt 2 Tie for Speaker Of Evening Award Al Miller and Charles Adam, iied for the speaker of the eve ning award at the Greeley Eve ning Toaslmasters Club Tuesday Miller selected as his title "Let' Take Time Out For Living" and Adams ' asked the question "Do Ve Need Better Schools?" Other speakers for Ihe evening ,'ere Paul Spohn who told the lory of Ihe pretzel and Jake Ul- kh, who dealt with the theme of "ishonesty. Critic of the evening award went d JIarlin Field who evaluated Spohn's speech "Story With a Twist." Field is a new member of the club. ·· Two new members' joined the Wail Stree! By ED MORSE AP Business News Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- The stock of steam and the market was irregular late this afternoon as trading slackened from its heavy early pace. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.7 million shares' compared with 6.09 million Wednesday. Gains and losses of fractions to a point or more prevailed among most key stocks. High-priced Hershey Chocolate was off about 13 points on disappointed stock split hopes. General Motors, which inspirec Wednesday's great rally, was ex- dividend and off a fraction. Most other motors dipped slightly. 3,400; stead/ lo 23 lots cnjtr 300 Ib 15.50; MKVIK UVilTOCK 'loiSft'eMee *MU1 d: Hojs MO; banows aid nilw iV Ua ]«.75; :\tity lo 23 BIlltKr; M 190-2JO Ib bar- ,-ovs «rvl gill] 1-3 200-210 Ib 1635; 1-3 27MOO Ib SOU'S 14.25-15.25; Ib 15M-HM. 1 awi . . steady lo weak Phone EL 2-5950 mb,ed i "to j'^sfriw -2 and 3 209-254 1US 18.00- Vo 2 and 3 MO-X5 lb K.tO-l 4C-1T5 Ib 12.7J-13JO. leady to ^Ironx; beavier steady j 'pelts IS.OO: ewes : t; sowi steady; barrows and fl'ls . U.S. l-OJ?: al .i ^..iZ'S-'V^iST. JOSEPH IIVES LUCKY WINNER In a recent contest says: "Sell My Brand New 1961 Rambler 2-Door" Will considw t.rscV terms or cash » · OPEN EVENINGS, TOO! AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Growing with Gredey RAMBLER OF GREELEY 25 hlfher; b«Lftrs about steady} steady; · efcoi« 1,190-l^M [b slaughter, cannt! ~ L ] ..._ easte 22. ehoko sw-ln Ib " " utility Ib SU load choice «0 [b hellers 23.20; lew food and eboke 373^00 Ib sloeV steer calves · 24.oft-2t.SO; tood afrf cfcoke belfer ealvej 24.CO-26.20. OM/.HA LIVESTOCK Sheet IJW; all rl» ekoiei aad ctttict witt 1321 Sth Av«. EL 2-90S8 Steel and Youngslown up more than a point Pharmacal, up well over "NO point, responded to advisory serv ice recommendations. International business Ma U.S. Sheet, each, highlighted a narrowly mixed steel section. Zenith up a couple of rxjinls Revlon ahead about 3 and Nor f!OK barro«s and! jlili under ·"·"··-""·~- "- sieady 10 i» imcr; mixed NO i-2 chines halved a nearly 6-pom 'ibutchers 200-235 Ib 16.3SI mixed No M - - 280-KO Ib H.2S- gain. U.S, Gypsum, responding I a dividend hike, gained mon han 2. losses exceeding a point were , , j 21.00-24.70: xood **A mixed gMdial .IO-Zl.Wi " J ---- --" and I tt«sr uliciy" ' n -eaier"« »'°°' 13 M: ""''""'.taken by Texaco, Liggett My ntn a chlio- ! trs~22:sS| tr |5T I ', 1 JSJi te l r1 -|a - rn S . l^h^l^. .*A ~in*- 9C-100 ]b Thurs., Nov. 9, lf)61 GREELEY TKIBUNE fage St Johnstown... By Mr i. E. L*» TrtgonLnj JOHNSTOWN - Tire Cub Scouts let Monday after sclioo! with Iheir den mothers where they worked on crafts. Mrs. Norman' Carlson's den mel at her homo ith the folowlttjj seven attending: evin Andersan, Bruce .Carlson, Leslie Carlson, Bobby Bueken- orf, Ricky Redabaugh, Ronny Walters and David Weinmclster. Irs. Keith Moore and her assis- anl, Mrs. Edwnrd V/aremberg av« six cub scouts in their den ;ho ore; Ricky Hayes, Carlton 'osl, Fred Blockwcll, Mike Oil-' x;ck, Larry Warcmberg and Gary loore. This group is making lur- :eys from paper sacks and pij- irims from nut cups. Mrs. Dee tales and her assistant. Mrs. Jrnest Rieders, have seven cubs n Iheir den who arc: Dean Burns, Jean Nicks, Alan Kicdcr, Jeff ielson, Charles Nelson, Danny Pulver and Terry Coatcs. they arc working on mlnlalure stove; made from plastic botllcs. The Cub Scouts have n pack meeting on Ihe third Tuesday night at the Letford School, with Norman Carlson, Cub Maslcr, Noble Burns, secretary and Keith Moore, re porter. Jolmslowii Chapter of Eastern Slar met in regular session last veck at Ihe Masonic Temple with and Paul Shafcr, wortiiv Tialron and worthy patron, presiding, ficporls were heard from hose who visited the friendship nights at fail Morgan and Her- houd. Plans were made for the next meeting Nov. 15, at which imc the worthy grand matron ami worthy grand patron of the Grand Jurlsidiclion of Colorado make their official visit. A social wur was enjoyed in the lower temple after the meeting. Hostesses were: Mmes. Charlene Nel son, Evelyn Winckle, Virginia Wailes and Wilda, Neubauer. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guest \ dinner guests Sunday a' the Wil Jam Guest homo at Greeley, ,\. a farewellget-lo-gelher for Mrs Catherine Guest of Ellsworth, Wis., who has been visiting her : amily. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Grott spenl a day at Denver recently with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Al Moore ar,c" family. . Mr. and Mrs. George Scott Icf recently for California where the 1 will visit their son and daughter in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Scot ot Pacitica; They will also go t( Salinas to see a brother, Walte Scott. They expect to he gone hvc weeks. Callers at Ihe Kemictli Black- veil residence Sunday \s-ere: ·yj Balcomb and Phillip club, St Schlagel. Another member, Jack Byrd, ill speak to the World War I Veterans Monday on the subject 'America, Too Young to Die. irork Express Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Johnny D. Laney of Gillette Wyo., a son on Monday, Nov. 6. He weighec market's newest upsurge ran out 8 Ibs., 13 ozs,, and has been named Bradley Glenn. The Laneyi lave two other children, Dalenne and Johnny. Grandparents are Mr and Mrs. John Hoffman of Grov- ;r and Mr. arid Mrs. Roy Lancy Sr. of'Ault. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ysmorel 31vcra of Eaton a daughter on Wednesday, Nov. B, at Weld County General Hospital. Born (o Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. iVright of Gill a son on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at Weld County Gen eral Hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holinar of Johnstown a daughter on Thursday, Nov. 9, at Welt County General Hospital. Born In Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Coffey of P-139 Jackson Blvd. a daughter on Thursday, Nov. a at Weld County General Hospital ^ to Mr. and Mrs. Jack L Fish of Rt. 1 a son on Thursday Nov. 9. at Weld County Genera Hospital. lash Grain . and choice choice and prime K .tS 1 2 i'°5 "· M; b ' jl)t cfl1 ; ;c ' 3,!0 load'cii!) ;o food slavth Elite more itan cleanup crs, Johns-Manville, Sobering and 'Pooled lambs' Eastman Kodak. Xerox and Sears n i6.op-i6.90i Roebuck were off about a point. L-*« 4 1±: Ifva ' Aircrafts were narrowly irregular. DuPont was up more than a point and Union Carbide lost . 0-73 Ib native feeder CHICAGO (AP) -- (USDA) -- »K*d7 el and Ma i!5S.! 1)d ^.j. Hogs 9,000; hulchers weak to 25 about a point in a mixed chemical '- -'--_ijjower; 90 head 1s 190-210 lbs group. chers sorted l?.^: mostly 1-2. Prices were mixed on the ',180-225 Ibs )7.00-17.!5; mixed l-3"Anwrican Stock Exchange after lbs 16.75-17.0C; a load 1-2 early gains were, trimmed. Trading was heavy. Corporate bonds were higher. ad tboicc- dMn · alavfMer la N« I a»d 1 KlU H-if-Ia.OO: »«s e*U la cMirc 3.1a9.90; lal sy M«r liv« loada O-74 ]b dK HW fM4r la»ka U.K. Cattle 1JM; ealiM 2M; . trade: scat(erL_ .. is M« fa low chotco 950-lJaO OM-M.KI Maarfard aid low ' faod U tff ehotce ''l canters wd^cSTen lV«iv 3s 400-600 lbs 13.00-14.25. 14.00; few a«I a*, choice vealer, 22.M-, ,,.,,,. , ^. p a ; v c s J183. lbs 17.00; mixed 1-3 and 2-3 ereT"k5!i,'220-2« lbs 16.50-1S.75: 2-3 and 3s lbs mixed 1-3 The U.S. government list re- j Ib sows H.00-15.50; 2-3 andlmained nwstly unchanged. Hots HMt, U.S. 1-2 barro»s aid «IKs' !,,..*.,, ·feady (· xtronz; MUS AUady; tie i.2, 5 l a ugni 20t-22S Jb bulchers lltSK.TS; N% 1-1 \ fr VL'Hh , "NO ii HMO. ib| n.2H5«o; NO 24 4«M«o IK|a er steers weak lo 25 low- « r * ith »«ver»l loads still un.sold; KAHIAt CITY LIVIITOCIC CattH ttttl chM Ml M load mixed choke and prime |1.200 lh steers ».00; a few bads , tnt .'choice 1,050-1,200 tt.7S-25.00-,-good SYDN'KY-llalf-a-million young trout have been dropped from aircraft into lakes and reservoirs in Victoria, Australia. The fish were rflenscd at a height of about 500 ltd, ilessrs.'and Mmes. James Dickr ind family, Cell Blackwell and Eel nekkerl. Paul Carlson spent Sunday with lis parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carlson. Carlson is attending Ihe Parks School of Business and vorking in the credit department f J. C. Pcnnys. Mr. and Mrs. Dicl: Satberg Blended the homecoming festivities at CU and enjoyed the game between CIJ and Missouri. Mrs.'Alia Milner received word of the 'birth of a grcat-granti daughter, born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hudson, of Roto, Spain. She was born Oct. 22, named Donna Suzanne, and weighed .7 bs. 7 oz. The mother was formcr- y Joyce Beckman, daughter of Ur. and Mrs. Loren Beckman of Sebastapoo], Calif., formerly of Johnstown. Mrs. William Beckman is also great-grand mother Mrs. Eugenia Ricdcr of Her- Ihoud spent last week visiting at Ihe home of her son, and daugn- H«w*rcl Murray's JP Court Jose Solomari Vigil, Brighton, drunk driving,' second offense, 150, costs aiid 180 dayr. in Jail, vith 90 days of jail suspended if 'ine and costs paid. Eldon D. !auck, Fort Collins, allowing unauthorized person to drive, $10, costs. Emanuel S I i c b e n, Greeley, drunk driving, $100, costs. Steve Rodirqucz, Aull, procur- ng malt beverage for minor and llegal consumption of moll beverage by minor, $25, costs. Eleazar R. Gonzalos, Eaton, llegal consumption of malt beverage by minor, $25, costs and 30 days in jail, with jail sentence suspended on payment of fine and costs and good behavior for 18 months. . Juan 0. Trevino Jr., La Salle, illegal consumption of malt beverage by minor, -?25, costs and 30 days in jail, with jail sentence suspended on payment of fine and . costs antJ good behavior for IB months. - » Louie Conrad Ashenbercnncr. illegal possession of pheasant, $24, costs. Joseph Raymond Vi'hisenand, Ault, drunk driving, §100, costs and 30 days in jail, with jail term suspended if line and costs paid. Harold Leon Baldwin, Greelev, failure to yield right-of-v(ay, $3, costs.' Robert Gonzales, La Salic, no operator's license, $5, costs. Carl Joseph Cbiappone, Denver, speeding, 550, costs. William R. Michael, Cheyenne, careless driving, $10, costs. D. F. Mathiion's JP Court Gary Lee Nowak, Greeley, no operator's license, ?5, costs. Margaret E. Blobaum, Greeley, careless driving, $10, costs. Wheat finished S to -H cent a bushel lower, December $2.02:14 «; corn 11 lo 1 cent lower, De :cmber Sl.M'.i; oats H to 1 cent cv.xr. December 67; rye *.i to 1i ower, December $1.41-4in; soybeans n to 1 cent lower, November Mrs. Miller's parents, ·Irs. Ernest Slagle. Mrs. Reinhart Kosin of Greeley pent the day Monday at the Hen ry Rosins helping with their new son born Oct. 29. Born to Mr. and Mrs. I,ouis Wolf of Windsor Nov. 3 named Nicholas Andrew, at the Weld County General Hospital. H has one brother, Arthur and three sisters, Cynthia, Mary and Randi, Mr. and Mrs. Henry woit of Johns town are li:c paternal grand-parents. -Mrs. Wolf has been at Wind ior taking care of the family. Mr. and Mrs. John Fry of Brush were here Sunday to help their daughter, Mrs. Cliff Pace, cele brale her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nazarcnus and family visited Hie Paul Goss family of Loveland, and at the iwme of Harold Maul of Kort Collins, last week. Dr. Long Hakeem Island, N. Shumsuddeem, Y., confidence [arne, dismissed; sho t check, 30 days in jail subject to release to \ebraskn authorities. Samuel A. Salaz, Denver, drunk driving. $150, costs. Donald Sweigard, Fort Lupton, non-supporl, ordered to pay $3D month for support of his child and case continued 90 days. Arlura Lomos, Gtecley, no operator's license, $5, costs. Buckingham By MRS. R. E. L1VENGOOD Mrs. R. v ,. Livengood was hosl- ·ss to the GT Club in her home last week. The husbands and sons were invited to a turkey dinner. Day was spent sewing quilts for ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rieder. Mr. and Mrs. G|enn Miller and family enjoyed the weekend hi Torrington, Wyo., at (lie home uf 'he Red Cross and Cancer fund. Next meeting will be with Mrs. Orie Hill, Dec. 6. Ray Moore is spending some time in Sedalia, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Castor, Larry and Debbie were supper guests at the John Dunning home near Stoneham Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Castor visited Mrs. Lulu Campbell in Fort Mor;an recently. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller, Terry and Gayle, and Mrs. Elsie F. Miller of Grcejey were Sundny dinner guests at the R. E. Livengood home. They visited at rhe Orie Hill home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Milzel visited at the Bill Mitzel home near .Gilcrest Sunday afteinoon. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Pastor entertained Mr. and Mrs. Duane Caslor and family at a pizza supper Monday evening. Mr. and -Mrs. Emil Holzwarlh Mrs. H. B. Sherman h well oni 31 "' Carolyn and Mr. and Mrs. he. way to recovery alter 14-weeks Hcnr y Bcrnhardts of Fort Morgan )f illness. jvisited at the Rudolph Mitzel home Billy Sclby had a tractor lurn' Sunda y evening, over and pin him under the stcer-j Mr - and Mrs - Wayne Cass en- ng wheel Saturday evening. He 'erlained the pinochle club Locai Markei Wheat NOV. » ) S1.7S Dais, cwt $2.05 Barl«y $i.«5 Pinto Beans « Pinto Btans No. J $5.25 Bimerlat A medium eggs 3fl A large eggs .36 Heavy hens ....... returning it lo the Erntst iieder farm when the attached oader became intanglcd with tree iranclies, turning the tractor over. it was taken lo the Weld County General Hospital where it was diagnosed that he had a fractured elbow, cracked po'vic bcrre Iheir home Monday e v r. n i n g Those present were Messrs. a,°d Mmes. Rudolph Mitzcl, Orie Hill. Ii. E. Livengood, Adolph Heinle, and Keith Ashbaugh. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford and family were Greeley v i s i t o r s They also visited Lydis bruises. Sclby is the son of Mr Gunthert at the Weld County Nurs- and Mrs. Robert Selby. i"g home. ( Mrs. Howard (.larrell entcrtain-l ed s^'» code* (or. Mrs. Sammons l.ind Saturday afternoon Mrs. Light h*ns .85 of Manilou Springs and her dmigh-|Sarnmons is a former itsident ct Icr, Mrs. Glenn Bokelman oi Love-llohhstcwn.

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