Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 40
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 40

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 40
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40 GREELRY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., April 26, 1972 Dominick Flew to Pittsburgh AP Reveals U.S. Officials Using Corporate Planes By H. L. SCHWARTZ III ' Associated Press Writsr WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of Commerce Poler G. Peterson recently accepted a free ride to Chicago aboard a jet 'owned by Indiana. Standard Oil of Bui an aide said it was the relations for Northern Gas, replied: ".No, no. Because of the implication put on it. We don't do it as a general rule because it is easily misunrfcrslood." This wariness apparently is shared by the pilot of Southern Railway's twin-prop Grumman only time since taking office in Gulfsfream. "When are you go- February that the secretary ling to leave my passengers short, stocky and very angry man who declined to give his has ridden on a corporatelalone?" asked the pilot, a plane. Undersecretary of Interior William T. Pecora is another (name, high administration official who I Asked if his passengers were recently tonk a free ride on a [afraid lo have their pictures company jet, traveling to South!taken hoarding the plane, the Dakota and back courtesy of I pilot sairl "Home of them arc." Northern Natural Gas of Om-| No official was aboard South- aha, Neb. But Pccnra, loo, insisted was the only time lie lias ever accepted such a favor. The question of corporations^ ^ making their private airplanes available for government officials was raised last month by lobbyist Diia Beard of Inter-' national Telephone Telegraph Corp. Mrs. Heard, a key figure | in the Senate's investigation of ITT's relations with the He- 1 publican administration, suiclj some members of Congress i made liberal use of the company's jet fleet. Singled Out Singled out by name was Sen. Vance llarlke, D-Imi. The sena-j tor, said Mrs. Beard, consid-i eretl ITT "a sort of personal' taxicab company." j To find out how much use isi made of company jets by offi-! cials, the. Associated Press; staked out the general-aviation t e r m i n a l at Washington's National Airport for five days. . In addition lo Peterson and Pecora, six senators and two members of Ihe House were seen departing or returning to Washington aboard corporal ion- ownert jets. They were Sens. Herman Talmadge, D-Ga. ; Milton Young, R-N.D..: Lawlon Chiles, D! Fla.; William Spnng, D-Va.; Harry F. Byrd, a Virginia independent, and Peter Dominick, R-Colo., and Reps. Dan Daniels, D-Va., and Rep. John S. Monagan, D-Conn. An investigation of the individuals and companies involved, did not turn up any evidence of outright conflict of interest, although in almost every lern's plane when lhal cominent j j j w a s made last Friday, but one week before, the plane look Sen. and Mrs. Talmadge home Riding along w i t h Talmadgc, who is chairman of the Agriculture Committee, was John Duncan, head of Southern's agribusiness services. "If f could be bought with a free plane ride," said Talmadge, "1 don't belong in the Senate." Flew to Chicago been in the Commerce Depart mcnl's Office of Minority Business Enterprises that afternoon and had mentioned the company plane was going back to Chicago. "It seemed silly for them to fly commercial when we were both going to the same place," he said. As secretary of commerce, Sen. Dominick boarded a De- Haviland registered to Manufacturer's. Leasing Corp.,-which s located in the Koppers Corp. Building in Pittsburgh, Pa. Secretary of Commerce Pe-|Pelerson is the administration's lerson flew to Chicago onileading envoy to the business S I a n d a r d Oil's four-engine Lockheed jet last Friday, taking with him his 16-year-old son and two aides. He was going to Chicago to present a minority business award, to launch a new council lo encourage industry to use minority suppliers, and to speak at a He- publican dinner. Philip Droluing. director of Ihe plane usually is leased to his firm. The company helped M'2ani?p n rlinnar at knU,irVi nTM : world. Interior Undersecretary Pe- )ra said his flight on the Northern Natural Gas plane April 13 was arranged by the office of Sen. Young. Speaker at Dinner The undersecretary was the principal speaker at a dinner that night in Sioux Falls, S.D., marking the start of construe- had CABBAGE CASSEROLE -- It's made Ihe quick way and is delicious to serve with roast beef and other meals. Easy Cabbage Casserole case there were strong common ties. By C E C I L Y BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor A group of women in Louisville, Ky., has put together an interesting ai:d unusual coin- Most of those spoiled at I h e l p i l a t i o n o"f recipes called "The airport indicated they saw nothing wrong with accepting the favors, but some d i d , including Pecora and the lobbyist who ferried Ihe undersecretary and Sen. Young halfway across Ihe continent and back. "There is no question about it," said Pecora in an i n l o r view, "it can easily be misconstrued " 'Asked if his company made a practice of offering transportation lo members of Congress and government officials, Lynn Mote, head of government. Farmirglon Cookbook" for the benefit of Farmiuglon, a historic house near Louisville, t h a i has been restored and opened to Ihe public. he first part of the cookbook is ciiilcd "Freewheeling in the Kitchen" because it sets forth c c r l a i n general p a t t e r n s on which cooking is based and simplifies foot! preparation hy using .shortcuts where possible. In Ihe second parl of Ihe cookbook, called "Distinction in ihe K i t c h e n , " many recipes have been simplified u r b a n affairs for Standard Oil,| lion ,,,, a $io- m illion federal in- slallation lo store weather and other information from satellites. Young, according lo lobbyist ote, was going out to "receive jaccoladcs" for shepherding the 'project through (he Senale. j Mote said Northern is inler- jcsled in the project because it |will generate 1,000 jobs and the 'company hopes new residents 'will buy n a t u r a l gas. i Pecora said he didn't know j l h c plane belonged to Northern j i m l i l just before he boarded it. He added that lobbyist Mote never raised any questions dealing with the policy of Interior, which has responsibility for natural gas. On Friday, April 7, Sen. Chiles, a Democrat who won election in 1970 with a campaign based on hiking Ihe length of Florida, boarded a Brilish-made Falcon jet registered to GAC, Rental Corp., of Miami, a sub-i sidiary of GAC Corp., one of! Florida's largest land developers. Chiles was heading home to make a walk-through of Big Cypress Swamp which the Nixon administration wants to designate as a federal water preserve. The Senator introduced Ihe administration bill to take over the swamp. No Direct Interest A spokesman for GAC said the company supports the takeover but has no direct in- shortcut-ingredients or methods are used unless they make no difference in the f i n a l product. This Cabbage Casserole was adapted from "The Farmington Cookbook" and we found it economical and es|ccially delicious. When we offered it a! our house we accompanied w i t h Both meat made four lo six servings. KENTUCKY CABBAGE CASSEROLE 1 small head green cabbage, about I pound 1 cup t h i n l y sliced celery 1 cup Ixiiling walcr '/i Icaspoon salt 1 can (10!2 ounces) condensed cream of celery soup, and sent the plane "as a courtesy" to provide roundlrip link. The senator said he wasn't transportation for the Senator. Dominick, a member of the Labor Committee, spoke on labor legislation lo the Pittsburgh West Virginia. The charges, A Koppers spokesman said Personnel Association. He collected a $500 fee. . . . Although Dominick apparcnt- dinner at which Do-ily is not involved in any legisla- mmick was invileri to speak'lion that might directly benefit ThfE LOCKHORNS Department, were recommended by Ihe Knvironmental Protection Agency. Internal EPA two-rib roast of beef Ihe casserole and terest because it owns little or no land inside the swamp although it has some nearby. "There are some ecologically rich areas in the swamp which should be preserved," the spokesman said. However, James G. Pace, an and real estate man n e y'-Hvho heads a group representing .._ TM c 1,300 of (he 35,001) landowners in Ihe affected area, said: "It may not benefit them very much. But it won'l h u r t Ihctn either. If you lake 540,000 acres out of the market, what happens to the balance? It goes up. The demand for land here is terrific." Chiles, in an i n t e r v i e w , sairl the plane ride home (Ihe plane r Junior Editors Quiz on-PEMMICAN PEMMlOxM WAS ONE OF THE FIRST OF BY /NDIAM4 /N NORTH AMERICA FIRST. 1)111 no undiluted was headed for Miami but J-3rd cup milk dropped him off at Lakeland) 4 Icaspoons American-stylciivas offered by "Ihe president I soy sauce . ]of one of their corporations" at i 1 tablespoon, minced onion ·}» meeting in his office. He said Generous dash of tabasco he couldn't remember the sauce 'man's name. 2 tablespoons butler j The subject of Big Cypress '.a cup f i n e l y crushed round'came up in a general way d u r - j b u t t e r y crackers :jng |b 0 meeting, he said, but he · Knife-shred cabbage coarselyljidtlcd \\ l;] \ ),e w a s n()( a s k c t j 'to m a k e l cups packed down. |f o r ),i.s help or for any favors. Into a large saucepan t u r n , chiles said he oflen rode on [he cibbiiHc. celery, water and corporate planes. Asked which | salt: covor and boil 5 minutes;-cumpiinics. lie said he could A'" 11 w e t l - ' o n l y recall Ihe Jim Waller ' In a I'i-cniarl rr.und ulass Corp.. another Florida con- casserole i7! 2 by Zli inches) or glomerate dealing in shell . s i m i l a r utensil whisk loijelher homes, steel, piping and other ' t h e soup, milk, soy sauce, onion, products, ami labHrcii: ?.dil rtrairi-.vl rib-! gens", 'spong and Harry Byrd ij;e and ce cry and mix well. i l t u l fiq , Daniels rode a Iwin- In a small skillet mell the p| . np p |. |nc ,,, charlotlesville. b u t l e r : mix in cracker crumbs. V;l ., for the funeral of former prn-k .· I I V I T (j-ibba?c nvxlnrc. rj o v _ j 0 | ln 5 r} ;i iilc Hake in a preheated »de- signs checks ·jii-c oven i r n i i l hiubly-1-.| and ne p]anc lvas rcg i s [ crc( | t o is hrnwncd-aboiil 111 Alderman A v i a l ion. Inc.. of : Oiarlol!csviitc. A John Nelson janiiwercd tiic telephone there 'yaid he was a vice president. Bill he ^aid he didn't know who owned Ihe plane, or anything ·r'si- aboul it. "I .just sign Ihe chocks and pay Ihe hills," he said. All aide to Spong said Ihe I.M2NVKH ( A I M A 31-year-plane was sent lo Washington n'd 1/w Augck's man was or- by » Claude Jessup. Newspaper exposing it lo t h e sun for several clavs. Then, w h e n (he raigned before llu- l.'.S. maKis-|fjle.s in Charlnllcsville show m e a t was well d r i e d - o u t , t h e y p o u n d e d i t i n t o a powder. : ·'""« ' ] '»TM^' "" " ( ; lir ""«? «f :; te; "'P s . j^"TM 1 " ° f t h c T-, . . ,, , · i . - , L i , r i i j a r r v i n i ' a weapon aboard an hoard of (.onlmenlal Trailways, They nuxcd he p u l v c n / c d meal w i l l , hot fal a n d some- -. ' n|i illcil|nll . a11 o f r i c c r or d i r c c t o r of mlmJcr . limes a d d e d d r i e d hcrrics to i m p r o v e Ihe f l a v o r . When the ! M ( I ] V | . . i( j.,.,.;],,,,,,, i t j| e rna-'0us o i l i e r enlerprises, and m i x l u r c cooled, il was f o r m e d i n t o cakes. 1'cmmican is i i l l l l ; l '['Air'purl. ;i'hairman of Alderman 250 t o u g h and not loo pleasant in f l a v o r , but i t is compact and | Thn Federal liurpau if Inves-S ( - 01 1 1 -, a real estate develop- docs not spoil. It was used hy the I n d i a n s lo s u s t a i n t h e m |ig a |i nn ( K i l l ) i d r n l i f i e d lhe| n l c n ' company. The files also d u r i n g t h e i r travels. A s m a l l hag of p e m m i c a n would k e e p ' m a n as .lames M a r r y Jr. Spc-! s l 10 w that Jessup has leen a a person alive for d a y s . I n the " N o r t h w e s t , dried fish was - r i a l agent in charge James 0.jfund^ raiser for bolh Spong and used as ( l i e base of t h i s f o o d . This was p e r h a p s t h e f i r s t js'ewphcr said Marry was ar-:" f o r m of c o n c e n t r a t e d food. j reeled by agents at the airport P a n m i c a n is used hy explorers, s u r v e y o r s , h u n t e r s and ! Monday. I others who m a k e t r i p s ' t o r e m o t e areas where Ihcre ore no [^'^^ loaded'koal'jdoos not make a practice of us- supphes. I he base of p e m m i c a n today is u s u a l l y beef. The j ) C r a ,, toma {i c i,, ,, small toilet :ing corporate aircrafl. !kll he was carrying. Thc dis-j »'«!. also through an aide, he said, I said he had no-recollection oi QUESTION: What is pemmican? * t * ANSWP.R: Thc N o r t h A m e r i c a n Indians prepared a food k n o w n as p c n i m i c a n . They dried b u f f a l o or deer meat hy Makes 4 lo Ii pel vines. Man Arraigned For Carrying Gun Onto Plane Through an aide Spong said show were "YOU JUST 5ANK MYPECOY'." by the then acting commissioner of w a f e r - q u a l i t y , David D. Dominick, a cousin of the sena- Koppers, there is an indirect even aware of it. Koppers has been accused of water pollution in Alabama and A Tamadge aide said Southern Hallway and other Georgia based companies often call the senator's office on Friday afternoon to say the plane is head- now in the hands of the Justice ing south with seals available. The aide specifically mentioned Lockheed Aircraft Corp., which last year got $250 million memos obtained by the AP in federal loan guarantees lo the charges recommended originally last year Talmadge cosponsored that leg- tor. 'No Discussion' .Sen. Dominick said in 'an interview he did not know the speech was arranged by Koppers, although he knew it was a Koppers jet. No one at Koppers has ever discussed any EPA action with him, he said, "and I didn't even know there were any." Sen. Talmadge .flew home in the Southern Railway plane which, an aide said, was headed for Florida but made a stop in Georgia for the senator and his wife. save a California subsidiary. islat ion. Shortly before Talmadge departed aboard Southern's plane, Rep. John S. Monagan, a Democrat, flew home to Connecticut on a jet owned by Uni- royal. "I want to say this was no joy ride," Monagan said. "I've never before ridden on that plane. I've only been in that airport.once in my life. "We had matters to discuss. We discussed improving the position of this company. It's one of the largest employers in my district. We have 9 per cent unemployment in my slate and Uniroyal has had lo lay off about 200 people." UARANTEED TOTAU FOOD PLUS MOR-VALU STAMPS AT ED'S FOOD STORE BONELESS Old Timer Brand Ground Fresh daily. HAMS GROUND BEEF BEEF TRIPE LONGHORN CHEESE CHUNK BOLOGNA All Meat Old Timer Ib. Ib. Shurfresh Kraft Maxi-Cup MILK MARGARINE ORANGE JUICE D D E E T C Laundry Soap Ulmlili mmms tbs. 3 oz. - 40= OFF FRUIT DRINKS 1/2 Gal. Shut-fine 12 oz. Shut-fine 46 oz. 3-79 CiKDlH FRESH FRUITS AND VeeifAUfS people of South A m e r i c a and Soulh Africa produced a dried foot! s i m i l a r lo pcnimican. jcovory was made, 4/26 i w ) 1( ,n Ihe man walked through ever flying before on a plane . . . , ! _ · . , _ i _ i _ j _ _ i _ _ ,,._ i._ i _____ ],,.! fiirntoliml \\\t Irtccnix "T^Virt Cfin. (Donna Cohb oj Savannah, (irurgia, wins a prize for f/n'r ' question. can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Ycarhnuk if viiur question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care oj this newspaper, is selected jor M prize.) a melal deteclnr as he Iwnntod a Braniff Inlcrnaliona flight for Memphis, Tpnn. . Marry was released on $2,(HX) bond afler appearing Iwfore Ihe policy magistrate. 'aide. furnished by Jessup. "The sen- alor certainly doesn't deny he has flown before in corporate planes nnd doesn't have any against it," said the UTILITIES POTATOES AVOCADOS ORANGES CANTALOUPE APPLES Delicious Store Hours 8:30 a.m. 'til 8 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sundays, ED'S F STORE Prices Effective Thru Tuesday, May 2nd -10th St. at 7th Ave,

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