Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1973 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 10
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· · · j . ' j " ·· : . . . · ; . i .· · ·· · "·/ ·· ' .'· - »·'··; '·· It GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Frl., April», W73 Bob Wolf Bob's Westview TV 3133 W. 10th St. Black and White and Color TV repair service. Antenna repair and installation. "SERVICE is our business not a side line" Phone 352-8553 Bob Frerichs HOLSTEIN DAIRY SALE Tuesday, April 24,1973 'll:00a.m. For Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BleviriV-x.,y Fort Collins, Colorado 41/2 miles north of Hiway 287 on North Taft Hill Road 14B COWS 35 first calf heifers; 8 cows are over 7 years of age. Remainder between 4 to 4 years old. Production records available day of sale. All cows are artificially bred with CSU for the past ten years. Herd average over 40 Ibs. 180 units MEDA base. Also 1000 bales of straw. Lunch served by the Ladies Wesleyan Church. W-W FARM RANCH AUCTIONS Bob Wolf art display slated here Bob Wolf of Fort Collins, a wildlife photographer, artist and owner of Wolf's Wildlife Gallery, will have his current collection of wildlife art featured at a showing in the Greeley National Bank beginning April 23. Wolf's exhibit contains more than 100 works of original wildlife art including oil p a i n t i n g s , w a t e r c o l o r s , _acrylics, pen and ink, pencil sketches, photographs and sculptures. In addition to Wolf's collection, several regionally ,and nationally known artists' works will also be displayed. 1 Wolfe describes h i s ' a r t as wildlife "doing their own thing" and added his works never depict man's superiority ^ver wildlife. Although he enjoys hunting and fishing, he , wants his art to be equally enjoyed by nonsportsmen as well. The exhibit will be on display from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Friday .until May 11. Wolf will be at the exhibit Monday and Tuesday, April 23 and 24 and Friday, April 27. Wolf has recently exhibited his collection for the Colorado State University Game and Fish Management Short Course, The Rocky Mountain High Plains Park and Recreation Conference, The National Extension Wildlife .Workship, The National Raptor ConserjLa^ion Techniques ConferenceTalifl The University National Bank in Fort Collins. Wolf has been invited to exhibit his works at the National Audubon Society meeting in June. One of Wolf's current projects involves painting endangered species in North America which will be published in two folios -one for endangered mammals and one for birds. Mefhoquo/one drug creatirig TM " · a 5.-.JT. problems among Gree ByJOIINSEELMEYER Tribune Intern Writer In the early years of this Physicians Desk Reference student affairs at UNC;,i«ys his (PDR) a standard pharm- office has not faced Any recent cological reference, concurs, problems with Melhaqualone The p D R notes the drug use among (hat .^school's TM nm ^ s[uden(S| ^t said .. tfitre was a Phone 482-6207 -- Fort Collins, Colorado JlmWingale Phone 484-1954 Ernie Wimmer Phone 493-3188 Season a stiffly beaten egg white with a dash of salt, pepper and nutmeg. r CLINIC FOR OLDSTERS -- One of the many problems of growing old is the inability to differentiate between minor aches and pains and the early symptoms of serious chronic disease. Clinic day at the Ault Senior Citizens Club provides an opportunity to talk to a nurse about health problems. Above, Above, public health nurse Kitty Stevens checks blood pressure for Mrs. Carolina Elm at the Ault well oldster clinic. The Health Department also conducts well oldster clinics in Fort Lupton, Erie and Frederick each month. ·- Clinics in Weld towns aid elderly health watch · The first Wednesday of every "Watching blood pressures month is "clinic day" at the and taking other tests," Mrs. Ault Seni6r Citizens Club. On Long continued, "might turn up clinic day, after lunch at the some undiscovered malady, but school cafeteria, members ihe maintenance of good health welcome the public health i s our main goal. This is nurse, who checks blood complicated for an oldster by pressures, gives flu shots, or the aging process itse lf. just talks with people about any Helping old people to un- health problems they may derstand the aging process is an have. The nurse also arranges important part of the public for speakers on nutrition or health nurse - s job in the well arthritis or safety. oldster clinic. ' At the Health Department, they call it "well oldster " For mosl P c °P lc there '« clinics," and in addition to the n o t h i n g along the way to one in Ault, there are monthly P re P are an V of us for g rowin B well oldster clinics in Erie (third Tuesday), Fort Lupton A major health problem is (fourth Thursday) and nutrition, especially for old- Frederick (fourth Wednesday), slers who live alone. Appetites . According to 1970 census become less sharp with age, figures, close to nine per cent of and when a person is alone, Weld County's population is eating is usually not attractive.' over 65 years old. The Health The public health nurses Department's nursing director, arrange for Extension Office Iteta Long, says that most nutritionists to speak to senior oldsters need guidance in citizens clubs to emphasize the maintaining good health. importance of good food and to "Probably old people need present some solutions to the more attention to health than problems of preparing for one healthy children," she ob- person, served. "And yet we have for years conducted many well Abuse of medications is child clinics, while our well another area in which nurses oldster clinics are limited and involve themselves with old- relatively new. sters. . .1 J qhDUlU HOI wC USCU U V C i *n o.w«' century, a new drug was hailed "^ «° and that rea , crisjs .-^tween as a panacea for the opium lenflea ^ r: ',. *,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, Thanksgiving and Christmas." At that lime, Tanner.said, the of Methaqualone university's McCowen=HalI was tablets sold in the Greeley area, flooded with the drug and many Miss Witek says, but she says persons experimented-with it, there are "lots and lots of it in including «a u P3D8CC3 iui tiiu vfw - ee , ,,--,, and morphine addiction which some of Us effects are this then was widespread in country. The new drug's sponsors claimed it was non addictive and would offer a sure, safe The new drug was heroin. ...Now Americans may be cheap right now. Lots of 500 seeing' Ihe beginnings of a aren't uncommon " similar situation with a fairly Wees for a tablet range m new drug-Methaqualone, also 'he area of 50 cents each, known as Sopor or Quaalude,,an through v addicting drug used by area widespread, according youth. lown. One way of determining took the drug and then .began sources his off fee. knows of three persons wholsuffered severe physical reaction at that time, and there may lve been are four more incident^ which weren't reported. J , The drug's populafity can variations to at Ihe Do It Now Seven U S firms are Foundation, a Phoenix-based probably be traced tcj several p r e s e n 11 y ' p r o d u c i n g drug information service. sources, Tanner said { but the Methaqualone and a per- While there are no mam reason he sees for its eenlage of that production-no Methaqualone addicts in the popularity is "the unavailabilty one knows how much - is Greeley area that she knows of, of-other drugs. .,. moving inlo Ihe black market. Miss Witek said "there is a Tanner also said .youthful Some of that supply is moving problem with this drug curiosity may en pr into into Ureeley and, in fact, has locally." Methaqualone use alfng with been one of the most commonly A major problem with the belief, nulured IB patent used drugs among youngsters Methaqualone arises when medicine advertising, fliat drug for several months, according persons experimenting with the use is acceptable behavior, lo Tonya Witek of Ihe Drug drug mix it with alcohol, which Miss Witek offered, another Information Center on the has similar effects. Such a reason for the popurity of University of Northern combination is potenially fatal Methaqualone -- it B billed Colorado campus. and can cause severe physical among users as an aphjodisiac. Miss Witek says reactions, such as coma. In fact, the drug actsjlo stifle Melhaqualone first appeared in Miss Witek says her agency sexual desires. j Greeley about two years ago. It in 'he past month has handled No matter what Rationale wasn't until late last fall, several calls from local youths Methaqualone users' give, though, that its use became who were experiencing Tanner says one fact f-emains more common, she says. "problems with the drug. - "That drug is {darned Methaqualone is being used Gerry Tanner, dean of potent." primarily by college-age youth at the present lime, Miss Witek says, but it is also gaining in popularity among high school and junior high students. Among users of the drug, it is hailed as a safe replacement for barbituates without the side effects, such as "hangover," which are common with bar- bituates. The effects of Methaqualone are similar to those found with barbituates. It produces drowsiness and a mild euphoria. However, it is not safe. Overdoes are being reported throughout the country. Miss Witek says the drug is potentially addicting, and the TEAM i ELECTRONICS ., NOW OPEN in the Greeley Mall Carrying the best in electronic equipment Hours: Mon. thru Fri. Saturday Sunday 1010 9 6 1 to 5 Thank you... Weld County Northern Mobile Homes wishes to announce a sale in recognition of their second full year in business! ^ ALL PRICES ^ SLASHED TO THE BOTTOM DOLLAR FREE REFRESHMENTS Special faster Weekend Offer...4 salute to Weld County's GRANDMOTHERS FREE... $ 300. CASH to Weld County's Oldest grandmother $ 200. CASH to Weld County's Youngest grandmother HERE IS HOW TO WIN; RULES: WINNERS MUST SHOW PROOF OF AGE AGREE TO HAVE YOUR PICTURE IN THE GREELEY TRIBUNE. TO ALL GRANDMOTHERS WHO COME OUT SATURDAY, APRIL 21 or SUNDAY, APRIL 22 A BEAUTIFUL ORCHID'.! We want to make this Easter a very special one... NORTHERN MOBILE HOMES 3155 S. 8th Ave., Greeley Just South of the Ramadn Inn on Highway 85 One summer with an J under-engineered mower makes a man ripe for a Toro \ "Any fool with a wrench can slap some hardware and a blade together and'call it a mower, says Toro's Chief Engineer. 'Toro aims for more. Every Coro" mower, from the basii $99.95* model up to the full) equipped 3219.95* mode], is rugged, precision-engincercf awn cutting machine." Tins rnicosK of Torn engineering J. is simple: to miike your mowin) ·liorcs easy and trouble fret 1 sunimei after .summer. Toro is easy to start "oro "Key-Lcclric '* models stari vilh n (wist of a key. Pull-start mod Is require minimum effort. A compact battery pack powers the starter dugs into house current for occa- ionul overnight recharging. Toro is engineered for safety "oro pioneered the design of the ear toe gimd and side stone deflec- or found on all Toro models. STONE DEFLECTOR Toro sub/eels every model to in- ^essant safely tests. In one test, a leel spike is rammed into Toro's lade while il runs at tup .speed. In en years of such testing, no Toro lade has ever broken. Toro makes Ia»ns look beautiful 'oro's Made and vacuum action Wind-Tunnel"' housing are engi- ecred to whip grass upright for a lean cut. Toro is easy lo handle V Toro mower is engineered for ease jf maneuvering. Its aluminum hous- X-ray drawing shows UamiM what makes a Toro a Toro t n 7n"ni wip ng is lightweight. Wheels arc firmly wiled so ihey won't start wobbling come midsummer. And the self- iropelled Toro mowers are a joy to lamlle.Theyhavefront-wheeldrive, as opposed lo rear-wheel drive. Ad- ·antage: You don't have to fight Ku-liivivi'-UllliI-Tlliilii-r Imnstnu v;u-mims limn. your rear drive wheels to back up and maneuver in light spot!. Toro is durable, easy to maintain Toro mowers are engineered for sim plicily, so less can go wrong. The rugged tour-tycle engine luu proven TORO MowEu99.95*i. »219.95'Tono wixiis'329.95 V839.95* e"Ijl» iotif. S lo S HP. lltcdl « Kcy.Uctrfc Hut Attnurin hcMmcM. l^ttpcr. iMdtr, MmMr.Mow assr- I^KSE--^O) nut nver jean of use. Partsjjiat take extra lrc» are given e\lr.i.strength. The home maintenance routine for a Toro K almost as simple as maintaining a child's lilcycle. Toro'.s gas and oil gauges arc caSJ-'to read. Oil drains easily througli'a spout. Air filler and cleailitjuickly. Blade unfastens \vilh a single boll, resharpem with a file. ·;·: Vacuum bag saves hours of labor The powerful vacuum action of ihe Toro mower, together wtffi'ils vacuum hag, can pic-knpgrass clippings, as you mow so you don't ralcelhem.- The bag fills, detaches, and reallaches in half the takes to mow, rake, colle empty a bushel basket of cli tics it nd llngs Thousands of dealers,! Your Toro mower is guaranteed for one year against defective parfc and workmanship. During that yfcr, it will lie repaired free, cxceft for transportation costs. * There is an authorized TovJserv- cc dealer near you. He is ittined to lervlce your machine. See o* and inspect the complete line ofjToro mowers today. . * Haven't you done without albro long enough?! ANDERSON SEED CO. 353-018 714-lOth St.

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