Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 20, 1973 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 9
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Aurora, Boulder to receive grants Fri., April2»,im GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 9 more revenue WASHINGTON (AP) -- Un- of Aurora and Boulder in Colo- Under Ihe measure, which der IB- new' revenue sharing' rado would receive substantial- still must be approved by Con- measure announced'Thursday ly more federal money for ur- gress, urban areas are to re- by tW White House, the cities ban projects than they are now JNOTICSOF PUBLIC receiving. Hi:;!"' TRUITIE'JiALElol STATEOF COLORADO ) COUNTY OF WELD ) wtiefB»», Wilbur H. Bit ley ma Beatrice M. Bailey, County of Weld, State of Colorado, srantort by deed or trust dated .and R on Se Recep Public Color preml State Lots Bloc Frei In trus even t princij ·corder of Weld County, Colorado Ismbtr 8,. 1971,. in book 653 at ion No. 15747«, conveyed to the Trustee of said Weld .county, rf^i tht; following described BS situate in the County of Weld, f Colorado, to- wit: ·Jineteen (19'} and Twenty (20) in : Thirteen U3), In the Town of Erlck. to secure their promissory note ol ite with said deed of trust for the al sum of EIGHT THOUSAND FIVEiHUNDRED (JB, 500.00) Dollars payabte lo the order of Morris Sydow after the dan thereof, with interest at seven (7) per c{nt per annum, payable In in- stallrrjents ol One Hundred Dollars ( due on tho third day ol each month) applied firsr to Interest and balan* to principal. ANCJWHEREAS, tne said note was duty endorsed and assigned by Morris Sydow on December 21, 1972 to George H Wilson and Irfcne F. Wilson, and Whejeas, It Is provided In said deed of trust jhat In case of default In the payments of said note or the interesl mereon when due, or the payment of the taxes 4i said premises, that the holder of said nfcte may elect to declare the said nole die and payable; and Wh.eicas, default has been made by said ^rantoj' in the performance of the covenants and conditions Imposed upon them by the terms and conditions of said deed Of trust, In this, to-wit: That' said grantors have failed lo pay the MOO. 00 payments being due In December 1972, Januajy 1973, February 1973 and March 1973. and Whereas, the legal holders of said note and indebtedness have filed with the undersigned Public Trustee In and for Weld jCounty, Colorado, notice and demand in writing, declaring such .defaults and electing to declare the whole indebtedness secured by said deed of trust, Jue and payable, and demanding the sale of said premises described In said deed of trust. Now, Therefore, notice Is hereby given, ibal pursuant lo said notice of election and demand, and under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by said deed of Trust and the law applicable thereto, I, Waller L. Bain, Public Trustee in and for Wci^Cbunty Colorado, will sell the above dcicrii« land and premises for cash, at publlMuctlon to the highest bidder, at the Bast.iibgr of the Court House in Greeley. Counfto! Weld, State of Colorado, on June 12, 19$ at 10:00 o'clock in the forenoon for the plfpbse of paying said note, interest, taxes/jattorney's fees if any, and all ex- pensoij\i?f this sale, and will give to the purcUJHr thereof a certificate of pur chasejherefor as provided by law. Dnttd, 1 Greeley, Colorado. April 5, 1973. Li£ Walter L. Bain .^PUBLIC TRUSTEE IN AND FOR § WELO COUNTY, COLOHADC Icy Daily Tribune !0,27,MayOl,1973 NOTttl! OF PUBLIC TRUSTEE'S SALE *·· No. 100 STATJJ*F COLORADO cour^.y OF wntD wtw^s, RICHARD L. FORCE and SANDRA K. FORCE whoso address Is 1218 Park*)-flne Drive, Aurora. County ol AdfltflJ-^SIate or Colorado, qrantors by deed g^frust dated Hie 31sl day ol March. 1970. *rK! recorded In the olllce of the Counlj.^OerK and Recorder ol Weld CountjJ-Colorado, on Aorll 2, 1970, in book 623 R|£etlon nn. 15dd75t. conveyed lo the the lollowinq described )ss. pr St*l T 7*. T 6lh I' th?S omln situalc in the Counly ol Weld, t*leSPCo1orado. to-witi Thqjrjutheflst Qwarler ( S E ' 4 ) of Section jhlp 1 tNorlh, Rang 066 Wcsl of the Weld County, Colorado, Except 1290 feet thereof and Except that pirt p^nid SE'u subdivided as Nelson Subdivision and Except the South 60 feet of tract Ascribed herein, which strip ol land is rcifrycd as a right ol way for road ()urpoi«, ,ind Fxrrnl Ihe coal and other mmocittr underlying the tract described herelBp'Also Except herefrom the followTng described tract located within the Jfeovc described tract of land : negin'Aing ai Ihe NE Corner of the above deu.r|fcd tract, thence West along the NortntUoundary thereof 400 feet, I hence Southjtjlght angles 200 feet, ihence East at rignj ! anglcs to a point on the East line, ihcncjE- North easterly along the East line to Ihtxpoinl of beginning. in trull) lo secure their promissory note of even (jhtt* with said deed of trust tor Ihe prlnrffia| sum of Eight Thousand Nine Hundred.. -and no/100 (58,900.00) Dollars payfit))«. to Ihe order ol GEORGE E. NFL S^N : with interest at 0 per cent per ,mnurft;-'pfiynble monthly is is more partirtj'lJMv set forth in said Deed of TrustgTfiforcnre lo which is hereby made for matter certainly, and Whv*as, it is provided in said deed ol If ust .*3Hat in case of default in the paymfnU ot salt! note gr Ihe interest lhcreoj : fwhen due, or the payment of the taxes inlaid premises, lhat Ihe holder of viid note may fieri to declare the said note dlir.and payable; and WtiiJ-cas, dot .lull has been made by said arantvs' in ' h c performance o( Ihe roveri|nts .ind conditions imposed upon them by^lhu terms dud tonditions of said deed of (trust, in this, to wit: Thai said or in !0s have failed to pay the principal and i nitres I when due as in said note provided/ iind Wheiis. Ihe legal holder oi said note and irBlebiedness has tiled with the un dorsinped Public Trustee in and tor Weld Couni^/- Color ado, notice and demand in writing dnclarinq such defaults and elertliK) Jo declare the whole indebtedness serurejl'hv said deed of trust, due and paya.hlp.''irui demanding the sale ol said premises riosr.ribed in wid deed of trust. Now. Therefore, nolico is hereby given. lhal ptfr'sunnt to said nolice ol election and\e.V«tMrt under and by virtue ol the rtuthorjlY vested in me by said deed of Trust wncl Ihe l.iw apolicoble thereto. I, WilleM:'. Bain. Public Trustee m and for Weld founlv, Colorado, will sell Ihe above descried land and promise!, for rash, .it publirmuclion to the highest bidder, at tin- East door of tho Court House in Greeley, Countfof Weld, Stale ol Colorado, on May 8, WaTal 10: to °' r - lotk '" tlic forenoon for thf piifporir ol paying said note, interest, tflxcs.;At|nrncv's Ices it any* and all ex- penscr-of this sale, .md will qivc lo the purfhSsfif 'hereof a certificate of pur- fhflSf-lticrclor .is provided Oy law. D.itwi : . Grcolc V- Colorado, March 23, 1973. r- \ Wrtiir L. Bain ?"-; PUBLIC TRUSTEE IN C 1 AND FOR WELD t, t; ' COUNTY, COLORADO The Gfcpjey Dally Tribune Mar. 30, Apr. 6, 13, 20, 27, 1973 TV TROUBLES? JPHONE 352-2240 M5AYS, NIGHTS S» WEEKENDS BankAmericard £ ' Welcome fc ' at : BILL'S TV .'.CH SERVICE Aurora would receive $212,000 during the first year of the program which would begin July 1, 1974. Aurora has been receiving an average of 122,000 during the past five years. · , . Boulder's share would be $259,000 the first year,.some $75,000 over its five-year average. ceive funds based on a formula that takes into account population, poverty levels and the number of overcrowded housing .units. No other Colorado city would receive an increase unddr Ihe proposal although the state government would receive an additional $1,498,000 in "discretionary funds" to be used i n ' urban areas throughout Colorado. William R. Nelson i gets federal prisons job DENVER (AP) - The Denver director of corrections will take a job in the planning department of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons in Washington, Mayor Bill McNichols said Thursday. William Ray Nelson submitted his oral resignation from the Denver post, but no date for his departure was decided, McNichols said. Nelson, 38, has directed the city and county jails since September 1969. Colorado split on mass transit legislation WASHINGTON (AP) - The Colorado delegation lo (he U.S.. 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