Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 25, 1970 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1970
Page 26
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Pag* 26 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon., May 25, 1970 Trailtra and C«mp«n 53 FOR SALE -- Camper. See F«1 J*ck- ·on, '617 Ash, Windsor or oil 68$. FQR SALE 1968 tent camper. Phone FOR RKNT -- t whnl trailer for hiuline or. 352-5123, ·veiling!. TRAVKL trailer he»Jqu»rten denier for Yellowstone. Monitor. Tern 1 . Cardinal. Orbit and Banner. 422 llth Ave. 352-3718. . "KONOMY HAMPERS" Best Made Pickup Covers-- Folding Tent Campers Sales Rentals Winnebago Camper Coaches "Expo" 14V 2 ft. Travel Trailer valu-pack 6 sleeper at budget prices ECONOMY BODY SHOP 352-6623 Highway 85-- Evani Traittrs *nd Camper* 53 L1KB NBW U63 'J toot Overoab Asi'en camper. 2K4-7976. ( Phone 352-M20. NKW ovrrrMi c»mper« »796. Trnllcn $1095. Nusser Sales. 1034 K. 18. '67 FORD ? tun pickup wilh 10 ft. Alaskan earner. Extras. SIccl'X 5. t^'JltS. Will sell as unit or separately. YOUR RED DALE DEALER Trailers and Campers Sales -- Service -- Part* WESTERN HOME IMPROVEMENT 310 N. Hth Ave. 353-1603 U»d Can and Trucks 51 Used Cars and Trucks 51 SPECIAL THIS MONTH Chev. Powerglide Cast Iron Trans. $98.00 Exchange* *plus oil and labor Other Transmissions Priced Accordingly BENDER RAMBLER 125 8th Ave. 352-4358 "BIG CARS" CAPTURED BY THE BUG '69 Pontiac GTO ?2290 4 speed. Bright Turquoise. '67 Cougar G.T S1895 All "White, auto, trans. '66 Comet Caliente _.. $1180 Gold 4 Dr., V-S, auto, trans., power steering and brakes. '65 Ford Custom 500 $845 Dark Bine 4 Dr., V-S, auto, trans., power steering and brakes. '63 Studebaker $480 One owner. '68 Camaro R/S $2195 327, auto, trans., power steering. '66 Pontiac Catalina .... $1495 Turquoise 2 Dr. II.T., lull power. '66 Chevrolet Malibu S1295 Maroon 4 Dr. H.T., V-S, auto, trans., power steering. '65 Impala S.S. $1195 "White, nuto. trans., air conditioning. '62 Rambler American .... $395 Light Green Station \Vagon. BOB MARKLEY Small Car Headquarters In Greeley Next to Gibson's Ph. 353-3311 Auto Servici and Suppliw 52 GOOD USED TIRES Plenty of Miles Left As Low As $3 WARD AUTO SERVICE CENTER 611 8th Ave. . 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Trailers and Campen . 53 SUN DIAL cnmpcr. Factory rebuilt ciifrino and transmission. 3G2-2GG7. GrTcArVlPER trailer, 2K ft., fully self contained. I.iko new. Will sider iiickuii romper for down pay- muiit. May be seen nnytime. 2S19 W. Gth St. FOR SALE -- Citmper shell for Dnt- sun pickup. Pnnclcd) cupboards, full ·roiir door, curtains, $150. Foam bed cushions available extra. 352-3345 ·weekends; weekdays after 6. Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from Weld County eneral Hospital on Saturday, May 23: Clayton Edmonds, 2503 14th Ave.; Margaret Craig, Hudson; Mrs. Stephen Bradley, 1114 19th St.; Doug Rehfeld, 2337 7th St.; Michael Taylor, Hudson; Brett Bruntz, Wiggins; Michelle Zoyiopoulos, 2201 51st Ave.; Sean McN'erney, 1709 27th St.; Ray Anthony, 1013 1st St.; Mrs. Gladys Bolander, Grceley; Albert Slrohmaier, John Trujillo, Mrs. Milton M r s Laramie Wyo.; 31014 9th St.; Holmes, La Salle; Mrs. Charles Leitz, Platleville; George Brill, Mrs. Edwin Ave.; Paul Walters, 2(i23 IGlh Ave.; James Bassett, 1515 7th Ave.; Mrs. Ronald Heinz, La Salle; Otto Boettger, Loveland; Mr. 2106 9lh Ave.: Enter, 2027 5th Knox, 1717 5th St.; Marguerite Palmer, 805 St.; Mrs. Lydia Olsen Bonell Retirement Community; Joe Davis, Padroni; Mrs. Ar- Trujillo, Rt. 1; Mrs SDX CITATION--Wylie Smith, right, receives a national citation of merit from Bert Bostrom, assistant professor of journalism at Northern Arizona University and Sigma Delta Chi adviser. Smith received the citation from the international journalism society for his outstanding work with the student chapter of SDX nt NAU. Smith is a former writer for the Greeley Tribune. (NAU photo.) VAughn Retires as Eastman Board Head; Eilers Elected R O C H E S T E R , William S. Vaughn N.Y. --r e s e a r c h has Long Agenda FacesCouncil Tuesday Night nounced his chairman of retirement the board 1968 Rebel SST V-8, automatic, power steering, bucket seats BENDER RAMBLER AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, REBEL, AMX GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG. 125 8th Ave. 352-4358 Charles Liebenau, 1917 12th St.; Mrs. Allen Kaiser and daughter 28th Ave.; Mrs. Davk Pringle and son, 1811 26th Ave I Mrs. .lolm Mijares and aughter, Rt. 3; Mrs. Randall Eagleson and daughter, 908 31sl Ave.; Mrs. Schreiber Ambrose, Eaton; Mrs. Jay Steinberger, 614 35lh Ave.; Mrs. Tony Vaughan, 2603 13th Ave.; Mrs. Vern Whilaker, 1718 Fairacres Dr.; Mrs. Dorothy Miller, 2533 Highland Rd.; James Taylor, Eaton. Dismissed from Weld County General Hospital on Sunday, May 24: Jonni Thomson, 334 26lh Ave.; LuAnna Stcgner 1957 23rd Ave. CL; Wilma Swoveland, 1315 3rd Ave.; Connie Sandrin, McCowen Hall; directors of Eastman Kodak Co. and as chairman acid member of Hie executive committee. He continues as a director. Dr. Louis K. Eilers, president. was elected chairman of the board of directors at its meeting continues his responsibilities as chief executive officer and chairman of the operations committee. Zornow Elected President Gerald B. Zornow, executive vice-president, was elected president of the company anil chairman of (he executive committee. In other action at the board meeting: "Gwilym A. Price announced his retirement as a member ol the board. A former president of Westinghouse Electric Corp. he has been a Kodak director About 17 Hems are on the agenda for City Council's w e e k l y meeting Tuesday evening. The agenda is as 'ollows: Petition of Fritz Weiland for modification of plumbing code ,o permit use of plastic pipe, recommendation o f Water Board concerning purchase of 30 acres of land at north edge of Seaman Reservoir. Petition of property owners on Bluebell Avenue for cxtnesion of water main and contract will city, decision on application ol Don Nauman for rezoning to enable mobile home park to be built adjoining 14th Avenue am B Street. Report by council's finance committee on audit of city records for 1969, report from Environmental Committee or funds raised during Earth Day activities, discussion of city sea! and vehicular emblem. Report on federal aid projecl for Police Dept. and request for appropriation of funds, dis dussion of recommended budge for construction at Fire Station No. 2, approval of amendmen and extension of lease of Don Carlisle at airport. Final reading of proposed environmental sanitation or dinance, final reading of ordi nance establishing sanitation department, final reading o ordinances establishing refus hauler license fees. Decision on refuse collection system rules and regulaiton and discussion on proposed re, , . fuse contract with commercia and produce t rash REUTHER'S SUCCESSOR -- Leonard Woodcock, 59, was unanimously elected president of the United Auto Workers Union Friday. Woodcock succeeds the late Walter Reutner, who, along with his wife and four others, was killed in a plane crash recently. (AP Wirepholo) Transportation Department Lashes SST Program Critics By VERN HAUGLAND AP Aviation Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - In unusually strong terms for a government agency, the Department of Transportation has lashed out at critics of its program to develop a supersonic transport plane--the SST. Pointing to claims the SST disrupt the earth's natural environment. "This is not true for several reasons," the statement went on. "First, there are very few land areas over which an SST would fly at supersonic speeds. "Furthermore, once an SST reached supersonic speed it would be at such a high altitude will cause air pollution, result in|that (he sonic boom which , , -, .,L,« O I , hauler, introduction of destructive sunic booms and is: would be t ransmi tted to land or development programs planned d j repealing portions of! 0 0 costl ' the department said waler surfaces would be greatly to meet customer needs and to!,,,.;«,,,-,,,, ,,,,,! ,,,,,.,,,,;,] ,·,, nma \m a six-page statement: !reduced below the sonic booms "Many of these arguments achieve substantial growth in the 1970's and beyond. Zornow, who becomes the linlh president of Eastman] fj' nalu , c Kodak Co., has been wilh the' Report of status of Westlake are specious. None has any sub- diversificd photographic chemical manufacturing and firm Subdivision, report from council committee on police 1 pens raise lions. with which the public is famil- lar. The department also said art"! there is no se ' cn ' mc basis for '·'""".charges that large numbers of stantial basis in fact." The Transportation vision raise, firemen's pension. mo , nt ' s , defen |= of llle '-'""-.charges lhat 1;lr g e numbers of use and fire and police vaca- mile-an-hour SST came as onej S s T f | ighls at a i liludes above 1 leading critic, Sen. William, 60i0 oo feet would pollute the up- Proxmire, told (he Senate in a per atmosphere a»d drastically prepared speech today the plane : C h a n ge the earth's weather, "will probably never be able to, A hold up on t h e SST pro- fly in the United States." igram, scheduled to begin com- The Wisconsin Democrat said.mcrcial delivery in 1978, pre- recent testimony by Russell jsenls "some very real threats to Train, chairman of the Prcsi--the national interest," the stale- dent's Council on Environmen- ment declared, lal Quality, indicated "the SST; The Soviet Union and a com- I 1" f L I r'will not be capable of operating j bined Brilish-Frcnch effort al- I l K l i r P \Vffinfll iwithin the noise limits already'ready are ahead of the United J U Jl Il» V J J 1 1 IIJvl announced by the FAA for sub-i Slates SST program. sonic aircraft." ! Loss of sales by American Citing Dr. Richard Carwin, a; SST producers combined with ...rnier presidential science ad-! purchases by U.S. airlines of viser, Proxmire said noise from f o r e i g n-b u i 11 supersonic since 1937. lie has had broad responsibilities bolh in (he U. S. and abroad as a vice-president for the phootgraphic marketing activities of the company, l l e j has also been a Kodak director! and a member of the executive c o mm i 11 e e and operations] committee. Since November,! 1%9, he has been the executive'^ vice-president of the company j with general management rcs-j ponsibilities. | At the start of his Kodak) NKW YORK (AP) - A state-, ,, 0 _ _ , career Zornow was assigned to| n e n l w a r n j n g ,,f an "attack on former presidential science ad-!purchases (he former Eastman Kodak ., sym i )0 i ,,,. institution of Amer- ' Stores organization, then to Weatherman Warning Cites justice" within me next 1 the SST "will be equivalent to! transports would result in an since 1954. Dr. Donald F. Ilornig, vice- president, resigned as member of Ihe board and a vice-president of the com 'i Francisco pany. He had previously announced his acceptance of the presidency of Brown University. Walter A. Fallnn. vice- president, was elected a member of (he board, succeeding Dr. Ilnrnig. Kodak exhibit at the New York j tw o weeks has purportedly been I the sound of 50 subsonic jets; unfavorable swing of at least World's Fair where he became!i«,, P ri hv th» Wnailiprmnn Ihn lakinn off simultaneouslv." .W billion in the balance of pay: iissued by the Weatherman, the taking off simultaneously." manager for the 1940 season.l revolu |j ( ; n . irv " vmlth m . gan j za . "it is highly improbable that "icnls through 1990, the Trans. lie then held t j o n th( , x cw York Times re-lhis kind of environmental mon-:I»rtation Deparlmenl said, .^responsible posts in marketing!p ort( , d lodav l s i c r w j|| ever be permitted lo; This situation also would cost' m-lil 1 Cm TMK° Ncw York rmi San l The statement also claimed to use our airports," Proxmire.thousands of American workers. have identified the third persorJsaid. jtheir jobs, Ihe agency staled, to Rochester killed in an explosion in a In its slalemcnl, Ihe Trans-l Even though the Soviets and in 1904 as Greenwich Village townhouse portation Deparlmenl said i the French-British planes are in assistant general sales manager, i as t March as Terry Robbing, aj "There have been many fanciful,front, the stalemenl said the and two years later l)ccnmcj\Vcathcrmaii who was a radical)charges that Iho overpass of reunited States can stay compti- dircctor of sales for Kodak's,leader at Kent State University!SST at supersonic speeds would;live if the 1978 goal is met be- newly formed Apparatus undjj,, iggg. the newspaper said. I I cause the American SST will be He returned Headquarters Thomas M. Bonnar, assistant se TOYOTA COROLLA 2 DR. SEDAN 73 H.P. Engine delivers around 28 M.P.G. Engine has 5 main bearings ChassLs never needs lubrication The roomy interior features reclining seats, nylon carpets 4 speed synchronized transmission 2 speed electric w/s wipers washers Flow thru ventilation system Fresh air heater Rear windows that open Tinted glass White wall tires Deluxe wheel covers Back up lights Underrating No other car offers all these standard features at a price of only-$1925 DELIVERED IN GREELEY Edna Chavis, 201 14th St.; £kajTMmptroller. was elected 2402 Sunset Ln · assistant vice-president of company. \piRd.; Mrs. Charles Young, TM'i am 'S*,r* n Harbert, ci^JD a c o n o; Arne Langseth, TM Loveland; Mrs. Bayard Corey, L a k e w o o d ; Mrs. Lodema Straight, 412 llth Ave.; Steven jPellican, 1808 23rd Ave. C Mrs. Mary Branlner, Evans; Mrs. Lola Chsvez, Kersey; Mrs. Edward Weinmeisler, 127 16Ui Ave.; Mrs. Dennis Renzelman and son, 612 19th St.; Mrs. Ross Bernhardt and son, Wiggins; Mrs. Merle McKay 40G 1411" Ave.; Mrs. Louis Salazar Platleville; Lawrence Dorsey 1322 10th Ave.; Mrs. Dave Bender, Johnstown; Mrs. W Ray Lawrence, Pierce; Claude Mains, 1127 13th St.; Mrs. Jake Brunner, Windsor; Mrs. Charles Redmon, 1115 E. 20th St. Donald Johnson, Aull. City Traffic Accidents nounced F. his Shepard retirement Larry Bainbridge. La Salle, received a leg injury in an accident at 8:17 p.m. Sunday at 2nd Street and Mlh Avenue. ^ l l t was an accident involving two i| motorcycles. TJ Bainbridge was a passenger secretary of the company. Ira C. Werle, an assistant secretary, was elected secretary and reappoiuted an assistant general counsel. il a r m a" r Brercton, vice- president and general counsel, announced the appointment of L. Story Zartman as assistant lo the general counsel. Pay Tribute to Vaughn The Kodak directors paid tribule lo Vaughn, who has been associated with Kodak since 1928. Advancing from positions of increasing responsibility in R o c h e s t e r , N.Y., London, England, and Kingsporl, Tenn., he became a Kodak director in 1959, was elected president in 1000, and became chairman in 1967. K o d a k made exceptional progress in many areas during Vaughn's years in genera! management. A notable success was the introduction of Kodak Instamatic cameras in 1963 anc subsequent production of Optical Division. In 1958 he was. T j, e Timcs said lnc statement elected and a sodak office ho coinpar. staff. In 1'JCS lie was appointed vice-president and in 1969 president. Zornow was graduated from lhej a transcript of a tape recording University of Rochester m 1937 K V Bernardino Dnhrn a Wpth- JujRoy a 1S157 motorcycle driven by Sprinter Fast Back Station Wagon . $2055 $2075 Russell Bush, also of La , which recceivcd ?GOO damage. The second motorcycle was a 1954 model driven by Robert G. Stone, also of La Salle, which received $800 damage. Get your hands on a Toyota and you'll never let go. Ted Nieters Motor Co. Your Authorized Liiicnln-Mercury-TnynU Dealer 1412 8th Ave. Pn - : » 2 - r # Loon for Protein Plan TEGUCIGALPA - Honduras, beef consumption is very is pushing a livestock.^productivity program aimed at ,/j i m P rnvin £ its citizens' intake ol r a"'protf!in. To further Ihis effort %' the government has oblaincd a *' 3 $2.B million, 50-year, inlercsl- ;/-j frpp loan from Ihe International t " j Development Association, an 'S a f f i l i a t e of the Internationa ! Bank fnr Reconstruction '.Developmonl. more than cameras of c om p a n y a Kodak vice-president ! was roc . 0 j VP d nt ii s Chicago bu year Dialer moved to; reau over lhe wee kend. Radical as a member of sources wcr( , q UO | ef | as saying he company's management; t h c documcnt was authentic. The Weatherman are a fac- ion of hie militant Students for a Democratic Society. The three-page statement was for marketing executive vice- Born in Pitlsfnrd, N.Y., Hike Funds Help Hungry In Mexico faster and can carry more passengers. In answer lo charges thai (he cost is loo great--$1.4 billion i just for developing two proto-. I type SSTs--the statement said I the government will get back its SI billion subsidy, plus a profit if all goes well. , DENVER (AP) - Several reported by the Times as being thousand junior and senior high -school and c o l l e g e studcnls! Stork Evnrett marched 25 miles through a! 1ror * EX P re " oy Bernardino Dohrn, a Weth- innan leader who is in hiding, the Times said. Lamar Youth Killed in Fall LAMAR, Colo. (AP) - Mich- SO million sti this type. The also expanded with a B. A. degree in cconom- cs. He is a director of the Marine Midland Banks Inc., the lochcslcr and Monroe County C o n v e n t i o n and Publicity Bureau Inc., and chairman of the board of Rochester Community Baseball Inc. He is a trustee of the University of Rochester. New Divisions A major new division of Eastman Kodak Co. was announced. Called (he U. S. and Canadian Photographic Division, it has Clyde Moon Sr., a neighbor, responsibility for directing the had taken Michael and four other children on a hike up the nounlain and the group was coming down when Ihe accident occurred, the Baca County sher- ff's office said. Undershcriff John Arbuthnot said Michael fell about (iO to 75 eel. and suffered a fractured skull. Ho was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Comer. number of city parks Sunday to Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth raise funds for several projects.!.N'ickcrson, 109 16th Ave.,. a Estimates of the Walk From'daughter, on Sunday, May 24, Hunger participants r a n g c d j a l Weld County Genera! from 4,000 to 14,000, most of Hospital whom were sponsored by individuals or groups who promised Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Isador to donate amounts of money for'Chavez, Milliken, a daughter, on each mile completed. ael R. Comer, 11, of Lamar, on Gwen Jones, a Hill a Sunday aflernoon outing, wasiHigh School sludenl, said she! killed when he plunged more was promised ?1.30 a mile from] Born than 60 feet in a fall on Twinlfriends. j Sunday, May 24, at Weld County Junior]General Hospital lo Mr. and Mrs. James . JFeickert, Rt. 3, a daughter, on Butte Peak south of Pueblo. | Don Ridgway, one of the old-! Sunday, May 24, al Weld County in Rochester; K o d a k C o . vigorously inlo other product l i n e s , including man-made fibers, pelrochemicals, and plastics. It was a period of continued growth of the business and of its sales and earnings and has been reflected in broadened stock ownership. Share owners today number about 212,000 or 100,000 more than in 1960. Dr. Eilers, the new chairman, has been with Kodak since 1934 and president of the company sinct .January, 1967. He continues as chief executive officer and will be chairman of Ihc finance committee succeeding Vaughn. Organizational Builder Dr. Kilers is Ihe chief activities of these U. S. graphic divisions and Canadian companies: Oislribulion Division; Kodak Apparatus Division; Kodak P a r k Division; Marketing Division; all with headquarters and Canadian Limited and Canadian Kodak Sales Limiled, wilh headquarters in Toronto. Kallon was appointed general manager, U. S. and Canadian Photographic Division. Douglass C. Harvey, an a s s i st a n t vice-president, president's staff, was appointed to Fallon's staff as director, corporate photographic product development. The establishment of an administrative services division within the ministration Finance and organization Ad- was also announced by Dr. Eilcrs and Zornow. The division will have responsibility for corporate c o o r d i n a t i o n o f system? development, corporate cnor- dinaiion of computer hardware er marchers, said he was receiving donations totaling $3.90 i mile from his students at the John F. Kennedy High School if Denver. Mrs. Lillian Cook, of Denver, said 15,000 pledge cards :iad been sent to schools Fake Weeds Fight Sea AMSTERDAM -- The Dutchman has a new weapon in iiis unceasing battle against the i: artificial seaweed. The North Sea is encroaching on the coasts of Zceland, Terschelling and Rotlumerplat, and I response is an experimental planling of a "seaweed" made of lightweight poiyproprene. Similar experiments are under way in the Uniled Slates, Britain and Denmark. development for Kodak office, the company's headquarters. Robert Millers, vice- president and director, finance chilecl and builder of much of and software, and direction ofjam! administration, the company's e f f e c t i v e " · · · - - ' - ' - " : -- -'-·- - "·- ·"-«TM«'v-««i organizational structure and that time, and of the currcnl a n (1 long-range extensive the Kodak office data processing services department, of Iho Kodak office operation ilcparl- Ihe appointment of Bonnar to head Ihc division wilh (he title o f director, administrative had General Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Doll. 3500 35th Ave., a daughter, on Sunday, May 24, al Weld County General Hospital _.. and Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Ken- lollcges within 100 miles of Den-lnelli Elder, 1402 25th Ave. Ct., ver. She said some marchersja son on, Sunday, May 24 at were from Steamboat Springs i Weld County General Hospital. and Evergreen, Colo. j Miss Carol Kuccra, a social studies teacher al Abraham Lin- coin High School and a inarch official, said about $28,000 \vas i raised last year and perhaps] three times the marchers were year jArmy To Be Debate Topic Some marchers looked "liredj The question of whether the id beat and full of blisters," draft should n u m b e r o f involved this and Mrs. Cook said. Forty-two and one-half be replaced with an all-volunteer army will be per debated by two sludents and cent of the donations will go to j two faculty members in the building a water system and Garden Theater at 4 p.m starting a credit union in a viI-|Tuesday. lage near Guadalajara, Mexico. The American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, Inc., will ship of the Associated Students. mont, and of the sysicmsscrvices. receive 15 per cent. The remaining 42% per cent will go either to the Baptist Health Association in Monte Visla, Coin.; the Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver, or the Holly Springs, Miss, co-op farm. The public is invited to attend the debate, under the sponsor- Sludenls debating in favor of an all-volunteer army will be Ray Rczner and Dave White. The two faculty members on the opposing side will be Dr. S t e v e Powers, assistant professor of history, and Ed Kearns, instructor in English.

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