Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 9, 1961 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 29
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Classified Advertising Classified Hates CJUB WITH OKU1CK ON OU1 , or O M t wot^-- I tt.W B«t'p«r; r |.ir,9«r, ; BOf|th Ml* EYery ttlwr dlj ad* to kw c kt out day r*t4 Blind boa' *'m**n~.n Mit*. eharre Vfc.' 1D%'. diiinJun, "from abov* r»t*t If '. r pftld - Mint 4« 'of Adi ordered .till cJiKtlWd. UC«, percent discount f f - m M day of «.vtic*..itkm ' CLASSIFIED L|SLM Minimum"*, out · Inch; la . CC-JEH- rate SI.Q p«r column Inch U u i of c-vjnlj rat* 11.10 per column Inch (Volume rate* upon iipH ERRORS TO BE KKI'UKTKU AU ONCE. Tbe.Tribunt f - i l l - m n k e tig allowance (or root* th*p or.i WANTED--2 pan time wftltrtis*, or' Y. alien, *nd -1. full tine. See Mn. W-..HID. CtBi»eM Hotel. i WANTEU--Man for Item' rn.!rU«Mi«nci wcrir. Prrfer · oMer man wttl- njm- ! Income. Writ* BoK^V**, «A. Tr.hpm TRACHEKS nwd«d now ind (fir *«·. ond iem«ter, Enroll tn an *ctlv» gency. Western EtatM, Tftcher'i Ron ««, B*uld»r, Colo, Classified .index Auction* 1 '. ^ ·-.'- v-- 4%~A Auto beivtce and SuppH« t.'.'.,:.^- J Boat* and Supp.lta ,_, Building *faterial -V. Buifnna U[.porluni'.l Christmaa (lift G u W i Coal and Wood · CoTiilructJon Rqa.pment Cof.Y~-*~i*nt Home* Education and Inctruct.on Farm For Rent--AuarUmcnta" J^I-H-For Rent--Butldlni* _, ··"- For Rent--Farmi and Tract* For Rtiil-- GaVafrt -^4-.For Rent--H«n« For Rent--Mt, Horn a. Cablpi -- 2: For Rent-- Office Space "~ For Rent--Ilcotni Fruits andi Vesetablea Furnace*-. 'i.~ ,.-. __.'_ _ Kay, Grain! "Fwd, Slra'w !_. . 'Help Wanted -_ T _. _-,.... - HmeholJ Good! ' 1 rncatkin Syslenr.i , Let'- Swap . , --- , I and Tound MUeellanTCUi Monejf to Loan Money Wanted v · o « » T · - Movinr a r.« - Storar« Perionalv- -- -- .-Pet Stock? ' , - Pet S I'ou]Iry Li.-. _ rrofMsIonal. Serricei Real F-sUle \TM.:.-and. Institution . _ Seeds, Plants, Flowers ·'-,_ Sew Inj Machmes-Vncuurai . Situations Wanted ; Sporting Goods Trailer Space _ - -,,-- Trash Hauling TV.Ranto Service*..... , Uie^ C-Vt* and Track* . Wanted To Real -./.L WaihiciE Machinea - _ -- 3 _ 18 _ 44 _ 10 -S5-A _ 23 Lost «nd Found ' . CESSPOOLS, i . ASH. and triih* " h . KL M3S» ...... a,L--Unrr.ed wan' between act* 24 and Jl for oeverage route- *ttes-'traCnee. I'ermantnt job with ex. celtent ..d.-oc-ennnU. Write Box V-l, c/o 1 Tribune. M O V I N G and ·'Wanted MANAGER FOR APT. HOUSE /· -- I n 'Greele.v Must lii) 1 ciiifillficd to doal wttli public and accept responsibjlf. tVi'betwcon 26-45 yrs. Prefer no children. Excellent opiwrlunity for.' parties. Call after B p.ii:. (Liltlelou) PY 4-lfjM). TWO-.b«i!roou houje. firn. turn, .in. pcrifcy, S5S-21GO. FOR HKNT--Nice S Mrm..tomc. t i l t Education lnitiuclt«n S WOMEN ' opportunity fov tliat bolter j o b . ' A now method of lypiag. You too- may typo uj to- « words per miDute in just 4 short weeks. Also, ot course, stcno- script, a form ot shorthand using tho letters of the alphabet. This ulsci will ho offered ns a 4 weok course. Mrs. Swetzig'a studio will be located at 2619 Cth Ave. 353-3454. ' - - TWO bedroom dupte* lor rent. Cal ONE bsiroom dupfex. New. futnlsbM A J u l U -t50.' EL 3-lltO El, 2-ZJ01 THREE bedroom brick IMJUSC f o r ' r c n l Nawly decorated, attachcil saraee. 2] Kllicilt'Courl. EL 2-3136. Men and Wo.inen Needed TO TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOBS We Prepare .Men ind Women ,Age LS to 65. NO experieuce hecosatiry." Eramomr scliool r edu- raLiorj-usually 'sufficient Perm anenl job, :nr layoffs, short hours. High pay, advancement. Send name, horns address, phone numher anD time homo Write Box O-34, c/o Tribune. If rural, jjive direction. Buslntis WANVETK-Dcaler for TcVsccd Hybrid -eor»:iti-(Tre6]t!V are*. Write Dale R " WclmetK.-tWriir.ect, Ncbrabka. LOST--Your.p rr.alft Itluc.Tiy. Siamese' cat. Please call KL 2-90^31 STRAYED--156 lt Holilcin heEFpr. Norlhweit of tUton. Misain K t« 0 we^ki. Ph. collect EL.2-1820. · LOST--S^ix^O lire and wheel Vtwoen Gr«ley and Tlaltewillc on Hlshwuy Ea. Reward. Titxk R c n t a h j Inc. EL 2-135i. CAKE, truck etop. Good buiir.cvi, reasonable down, low rent- Fb. nfter 7 -p.yi; · : Personals MAN wants EL 2-3365. GUARANTEED watcu anti clock re* pairing. Graytetl Jewe.rr. I WILL not b« i«spor.slble -for -nny debts incurred by anyone other tV-an mystlt. Paul Fuqua. FOR drinking'* problems coptail AJ- eoboltei Anonjmous, 2608 Tin Ave. P. O. 1209. EL, 2-6001. :i-L 2-3435 Tm ELLS Rent A Car. 022 N, 11th A\ EL 2^7660. We deliver. Anytime. GOIKG to barber school in Denver, Would l i k e - t o , join car pool. Call S8S1. GJtettst. " CAR rentals, etatly, weekly, monthly. Gree'Iey Leasing Cowpany. EL 2-9174. UO 9 th Ave. BABY Bitting In ray fcomV.da night, 171* 8th St. Eb 3-SBO*. _. ' SEPTIC tank* . and ctwpooU elaan*d. lleooonable rates. Call EL 2-1740. Announcement! T H I N K I N G ' ol tleyelM? Think A Ik ire/3 gportiug Goods. EL 2-5501. EELF-SEflVICE dry cleaning. *2.CO per load. ClasiLC Clianina Center, 2460 8th Avenue. EL 8-391*. CALL EL 3-3310-ror private diamond BhDwing in th« qrHcw of Jck E)h- trorth Cv« -Diamond Broker*, til First National Bank Duildinft-- 1/4 CL Eolitairea, $69.60 u p : 'A CL Soli- tflircaj J«.00 u p ; ?/4 Ct. Solitaires, J137.50 up; 1 Ct. -Solitaires, *172.00 tjp. ThU pric* fneludei 14K white yellow rold mounting. A sic for ritnmond conpartion sho^*ln7. Cill EL 3-3340. . . / ECONOMY Fainting Benrlee.- Fret estimates, rmmcdiat* Mrrlc*. EL 3-3270, BABY sitting, i n . your horr.c. ifiddlc aged woman. Experienced. 1214 llth St.. basement apLj after 2 p.m. TRENCHING for vaiei lines, i tanks and leeching field*. La Hardware. AT 4.1832. Profeuional GUNSMITH in tovnT fn cir I At Alklre'j Sporting .Goods. EL 2-9SQ1 Business Service) GREELEY Certain C!eanen. No pin marlia. 1M. 8th AfB. Ph. EL S-Ui6 OABIKET shop. Neir work and r*pair. Gr«13' locnlur Co., 24C6 lOtb St. PORTABLE . »«[oin?. . elecUie and aettylcn*; .R^asor.ablo .ratea. Brown- ics Barsge. EL 8-3516... BICYCLE repairs, all makes, mcrfels AlkiiVa SporUna Goods. Cam field Hcttl Hide. EL 2-SSP1. FOR THOSE soft bacteria ir« diapers, talt GrVele/ Dlsitr Service. Wil wash -tours or: rent you ours. EL 2-8I9Z. -.·' HAVE yo'Jr~pillnri tone stale? Bar. isb perspiration odor. Feather pillows cleaned, flulfej, dcodorlieJ and pise ed in new tickinc by Ku-Way Clean. ers, 2422 10th St. KL 3-3014. BRAKE ReJIiia Ppecial.-- Most cars $16.S£ labor f deluded 1 . · 24-r.our .eririee Brake and li:Ht inspeclton stu'.ion W* riekup and deliver. Dick's-Tex. Ufa, 1744 lit Ave. EL Z-9707. ' Help "WANTED--Youna- sconian lor dininir room uoiV. Apply in person. Marshal Cafeteria. BEAUTY · jennol las'lructor wan Write I T ^ ' - i Beauty Academy, 1 21th ' ... WAN'n. ''jowi'e or mother fo well paid ,ittt tine work. Hour* »r ransed for your convenience. V ' Box V-16, e/o Trtbcne. RAWLEIGH dealer wanted at onfi Good opportunUy, In E. \VeId Co Wrilf at «mcf. R*wl«tgh'» Dept, COK-52-lOg. Dearer, Colorado. WANTED -- WarHed man for yea arcane] farm work and tattle feed l«r. Fonr room bouse with bath. Cal ET/ 2-5384 or write Kenneth. Mackey Routa 1, Boz 36, GiU. BEAUTY Counielori offer* » rfFea Incomt for mirrled wnmen over 25 No *nva*sinp. C»fl EL 2-1783, o . EL 2-6816 befor* 10 a.m. and afu YOUNG men 18-25, travel Californt. retarn. All I rat. sport a lion furnished Immediate cssh d r a w i n g account. D ir ( piblishers ««taet »ork. Ik pjre vlocs experience rennired. ' M u d 6 fr** tn trareT. See Mr. Gregory. A] fclon Hotel, 10 to 15 a.m., 4. to p.m. No phone calls. YOUNG women 18-25. travel Galilei rila, return. All tcansporution fur nlshed. Immediate cash drawinr at wiuot Doinr publishers eontsct work No previous experience required. Hul . h« free to travel. Parents vrekom at lnln-ls«-s. See Mr. Orifnry, Al hlon Hotel, 10 to 12 a.m., 4-t p.a No prione eallj. VANT 'a succejjful builneis of you c o r n ? ' A imall investment will se you" an as a Mac Tools Distributor for this area. E. Atti, Box 416. Boul 3er f Cob. W.nreJ 10 Call KU 2-4S14. 'A1NTING, dccoratrng. Lcacb. EL 2-6216. · VANTED--Ironing. "3 52-7031\ 'WO hndy men will do any k i n d of repair work. EL 2-6459. 12 «. Kr*d Olhas. F IT'S trash, we hial It, John Ktine; PL 2-1G73". tafferty:'Uovlni and Slrraze,"'.tl: 'OR local or long distant, nsovini.'.s'r* ·Truck llcntats. Inc. and save. r:i · 1-IM4 OJ ttth Street 15 :imKE VJroo'm house tor rent. Avail- nbie- l?gn:edtatoly.,KL 2-2S7T. 'OR^BENT-liouVei'atr'Aull. 3 'and'hall., '-' 'WO bedroom' haute for rent. }£!i month. 1203 2nd.. St. :' tWO bedroom unfurnished duplex for ron_i. 101X 6th St. · · " NICELY (urn. 2 bedrocra home. pcis. EL 2-4351. FOR 11ENT--Small house, ntar coll.. unfurnished, SG9. Inquire at 941 th Ave., week days S to 6. room rr.cdern IILMJSC. Spanish inity. InquiTO ' at 1001 I S t h FOR HENT--One bedroom hcuse Csr.ifrc, extra tootii in Ijasernent EL 2-7509. f U B N I S I I E D four bedroom ho-sc. ! baths, at 1228 9th Are, Call Anil 257-4447. " n brick. ·7-1515, FOR KENT-*Home..* 3 bed EL S-2678J or -NOrraa ONE bedroom f"o^se,':l blk. from col- Itesity. /'../ ' . · ' · ' ' . \ . . ; : . COSSPLETtLY furiv i a n d 2 bedroom cottaBea: Weekly acd monlbly' rates 2 C » ' U l b Street. ' : . . BBICK:;duplex. -Two bedrooms, tile bath. ^Automatic washer connection Oaf block ' from new-school... . fter month. Call KL 2-S6S7. . '. . FOH. 11ENT--2 bedroom' house. 1S2B 23rd Ave. Vfcst of Heath Junio lllch. tl] per moath unfurnished DUPLEX--Two drooTM. Furntshed un^urniihcd. Built-in ov«'n and rangr · Carpet, drapes,' -oany '. extras. El ' - - 'OR RENT--1626 Oh Ave. Main floor and basement a p a r t m e n t . CnH Kllewer it Hill Heal Estate, Er 2-CCOI. ' .' ,' tE\V 2 bedioom u n f u r n . duntuX. Stove refriKC-rntor, draperies. 2101 Oth A' 3BO per month. EL · S-0536, or EL 2-3760. ' ' '- GATiLES Art. Northeast corner 13th St. and Ulh Avo. Main floor, alea.. heated. Infl. 1313 Qth Ave. Ph. EL ' Z-0400. or KL 2-BOS8. , blleihomes,' electricity, ^-ater, - spac inellroed; nlso, piekup t'eoschca ·" eampfrs. Nujse'ra,' EL.2-7.66S. IMHEDtATE polssasicn;- kedroom hrkk home,-' Hi bath, carafe. Jack son-HeMh school rfstrict. tt20 per rr.onlS. Call owner in Denver, SKylin NEW. duplex, i beilroc-ms. boilt i ovenjC raneo, disnoaal. lots of rah' ncB.SWtll to wall carpetir.c. drape: Adniu," oo ' petj. 1110' month. E! r'OH R E N T . -- Near new 3 bsilrbc home: Dishwasher, oven - a n d ranu built in, automatic washer and dry age. J1IO Call P. J. Stolt Hralu KL 2.5(?7. WANTED -- Typing;. Have , experience. Ph. 3B3-U76. VILL cto baby jlttint In ray home. 60.6-Hlh St. E! 3-4531- 'OR* RENT--S"**W)Jn. 2 · bedroom' ho"us earpeia nnd 'drapes, tier trie , dU uaiher; Full baiement,' estra rooms flaratir. 1906 12th' Ave. SU.Q monthly. Call Dave Manican, Wheel . er Realty, EL 3-03li. 'AINTER. Beautiful work. No job too iTmall or"tie. Call D A. R's, EL 2-1243 : OK ., RENT-- Six -room .bouse, - T bedroprai .. .".Completely furntjhex General ··Electric kilehcn. Full basc- n-.cnL Recreation room. Utility room with washer, dryer, $160 per month CoupTa preferred. Call Dive Manyan Wheeler Realty Co/npan?, EL 3-fl(4C 'AINT1NG and deeoiatinz. Gilbert Romero. -EL' 2-6079. after 6 p.m. WANTED--New butldini oi rerr.odel- tne, town or country. Call 254-65QD, WANTED--All. typea of lewinz. new and alternations. AT 4-5EOB. PAINTING, r»Edenlla1 iralatenar.ce a ·peciaCty. First class work and teriaJ. L. S. M«DanieLTh. EL 2-C25Q. ALTERATIONS--Ladies', men's cloth Inc. Grace's Alteration Shop. 12V 8th St EL a-M73. SHEEP ri.earln?, faring and . Uscing. .Write Hcrt Kennedy, GoHen, Colo., Box «5. EXPERIENCED janitor, office «! Inc. -Cafeteria cook. Han and wife. Ph. EL 2-21M. PAINTING - Exttrkr, Interior, 1m- mediate tervtce. Fre« estimat*. Kca- ·oniblc. EL 3-0518. Oil* Tcfflman. BRICK,' 'block, eement work. First rlass work, low prices. Fre« esti- natra. E'h. EL 1-1616. }ESS POOLS. eras« traps, pumped. Frm inipectloa. Ph. EL 9-176J. Rei Cunningham, G U A R A N T E E D palntlnz and papei hinjins- For free' eatiaat**, call Don Moore. KL t-493», URB anii gutter, sioa. walks, drlT ways, pstlos, floors and block work. A and H Cemenl Co.-EL 2^4~ EXPERIENCED married man with amajl family wants ittady yejz ·round farm work. Write Box V-13, c/o Tribune. WILL eaf« for children age* 2','a up, In ray licensed hccc*. Comtant, unoVrtUndiciff, adult I'Jpcrvi'sioa. Rtf- crer.ees. KL 8-4744. PAINTING, exterior. Interior. Rea- «or.ab!e and courteous service." Eaton 18, 0. E. tfrriek. EL 2-:005, W. J Gebbardt AFTERNOON empToyn-.ent. Expetienei general", office, typinr, IiJltt short- h a n d . .Local reference. All inquires antwered and confidential. Write Box V-15. c/o Tritur.e. Custom Work SI ILL WORK and pre-hunz doors, Reyd ler Cabinet Sbcp. 7 Ave. at 25 SL CUSTOH corn eoroDinTmr. . Jako Breihauer. 2**-*462. " CUSTOM corrt piekinr, p)ow(n^ Oliver Oiler, flilerrtf 3151. CUSTOM corn drying, LeRoy Rayburn Ph. EL 2-7838. WANTED -- Do?w work. Corra] or invlhmK. Dor.t reiionsbly. 28I-700'2 CUSTOAI corn eombininr. Harold Fi=r row. EL 2-2776. CUSTOM plowlrjr. Lather. EL 2-9495. " CORN combining er ptekfnr. E!« or fainfihcd. 110 p«r «er». Luther EL t-»493. K A V and itraw c*Hi%« rllh *«w I [eraational baltr. PauJ Butch. Eaten I85J1. - ,-. TRENCHING - » . f i c h ' ( e 14 lch wid«, S ft. d«*p, Wa S anjr» last mobiJ* unit Our price* art competitive Also real tavlnxs o" pi ii He pip*- C*ntnl Trtnehlna- Serfk«. Ph. £L 24E64. 11th Ac. MT 9th Klriet. WAITRESS WANTED" NI»bt Shift Top Wnfees Experienced. person. .(JAPER CLUB For Rent--Rooms VARM, clean rcomj. 803 linftton Hotel. ROOM, priv.te b.V.l, walkin elosct.'lo one. 311- 6lh SL WOE, ItTjje room, close In 810 12(li Street. , desirable room for workln 140S 18th Ave. F.L 2-6575. MARTIN Hotel. - SVeeklj in '·T ratej to icorkinK people. ICE, cleun bedroom irlth private bkth. Reasonable, by treelc. tlo:el Hoovei 113 l l t h Avenue. !T£KMNG Hotel. Rooir.3 with or with out bath, monthly or v,-cfk]y. Rale 1 · 3 low fli 17.50 per week with ball Maid Fervfee, phone, cafeteria, parV inR tot. All conveniences. UOOUS from J^.M per ni.jnlh. Kl. Coffee Shop, parfeini lot, Phoni rr.aid lerrke, all 'eonv., crorkins z pip. executive! and »enior eltiier Rooms : «Uhout bath, roomi rvit bath, radloi and television. Lunches packed. Room a n d meal rates tv th month. Really r o u t best deal loin.' Th'e Camtield Ilo'lel:" ' For Rent--Aprs,. FOR RENT--Clean, small apt. 10 B SU.Call KL1-MJ9. ·"OR RKNT--Two bedroom, I ed duplex. ET, 2-7702. TWO rr.oVHe homes. One teas furn Ished. Seott Trailer Sales and Cour APTS. for rent. 125 ar.d u(. 131S 12t Ave. IrxiuTre witain. TWO bedroom (urnlthed apt. Far School, liS. Ph. F.L 2.C2U. LrAROB t bedroom pArtlr f u r n . ap ·75.00. 1731 llth Ave. Ph. KL 2-ill FOR RENT-rFarnl»hed 1 roc Adults only.' 1701 Bib. St. FOR.JIENT--3 rocm fcrniihed «p Ph. 858-8861. APARTJfKNT, practically new. chi dren welcome. EL J-CtCJ. FOR RF:KT--2 bdra. u at TIaun's Trailer Ct. FOR RENT--5 room bale, apt, mh St. LARGE room apt. at 1J!S isih S Utilities forn. KL 2-W97 after apartment, utilities f 1 laity. 311 Slh St- 'YYO room furn. upstairs apt. for lad FOR RENT--Main floor. 4 room turn ihed.aPl. K16. 8lh Ave. KL 3-llCr GLKAN iwo. room apt, N'ear Utilities paid.'EL NICli 3 ''room k'iteheriette -a^t. afote Hoover, 213 lilt Ave. --Ctean. S room aut. 11 TIIRE£ rooin Krouad floor apt. Coup or Udr. EL 7-OliS- TWO bedroom basement apt. U o f u r : rshed. Call KL 2-S28I. aftei t. For i«l i ttyti.'!'-.'j' 17 jootm u n t u r n . Sth Ave. 2nd STRErTT, 2 bedren., u n f u r n . , s*ml. base. apl. Insult. 1«12^ IStb Avft . jsse.'.-apt . . ... itaoal. Call" EL' ; tr2B*». OR RtNT^FurntskM Hrii .[loor apt] gtlllUei: paidKlil lltk At«. '.. ! CONOMY prka«l Mt.. 2S'l. «M ft, ' t !U3 »U Ale. OX RENT~1iri:ieh»4 «"pl.. UHlftM* tui«Ua»el,"AV:rlo.- 1. l4| «1a Ave, OK»euii. »! .M'... W Vmth . * 1 9 . N IttV Av. . .' LAKUF, ebn'venleflt parKtRK-apace, lla per.'muotk. .'Rappay «/!·'10th St KOR .IJKNT--llawmenl avl.. furnlsljej; utilities -'ual4. Atlults only, ''I65.COJ EL a-iin. . . . . fourp\« f»eir coflcre. ConXj Oil RENT--3 Vpom f'urni«he',i mcnt apt.; utilities furnished, ORK1NK'l'-- a p i ; - Kveryliilnn furo'. ; -|3.00 .and up per v,e«k. - - ' "- - - · ·OK- EENT--Fir»ls«eJ apt. · Close to downtown area. Prefer lady. 11C8 Slh Slrteu- v '. ' .' ' Oil -RENT-iTwo'or Ihree .room base. apL.-uniurp:, utilities ,paid. 1'b. KL ·' ' ^ '\i · J ' \ -'. j .:.,, URN. 2j bedroom baiemcnt apt: Near Cnmeron and lllirh'School,-MS. ..-rli. KL t-2616, afler 6. ; OR llErTt--Five r o o m a ' a n d I,ilk Un(urnis)ici. Main floor. Close, in. Ph..EL 2^128. ·- '··· t rlfUIIElj 'Apartments.: Cleanl' ( nlccly furnished apartment..'Oloso In. for working cirl. 1201 Elh St. Apt. 17 ' O H ' RENT--3 roum rurmsec; apt. ckvas \n. all modsrn. EL 2 T 3]SZ,-b«^ Fore p p.'m. · . . j V, ^ · 'OR HE-NT--Larse .4 ,roi)m lurnlsher main.fkxir apartment. Inquire 1S34 7th Are. Kl, t-4176, afler 6i!0 , ItACHCLOR apis., everythinp lurn,, week. Sunset Motel. West on U.S ai. 3101 10th St.itL Z-7MI, 'OK RENT--S room p a r t l y , turnlahed n u a r t m c n l . t'rivale entrnce. 12C6 jib' EL 2-!OS(. 'OR JIF.NT--Clean a room- furnished, se/nibairment Apt. Adults. No · peta. No TV. 1314 Slh St. :LA|IENDON b'.itfet apt.. Inelut..., furnishings, SIS. ,932 Dtb St. EL .J-1524. . - . · PR BENT--17J3 7th. Ave. Good Inc« .tfon. Main floor apartment. Cal -KJicner at Hill Real Estate, EL ~OH. RENT--1SS4 18th Avo.' 2 bcjrm, basement apartraenl furniaheil. in- cludinjr jtarace. Call Hill Heal l^stato, Kl,.t-OCCl. ; . '; j .; 'OR'. REN'I -- Downlown apartments, 7z^vlOth tit, Reasonable - rates, ira- raeJiale poasesston. partially furnish'. eO. Optlykl Aisney. EL 2-5111. FOH RENT--Small, ''r.lcelj turn. ·«; ond floor sn^J.Cloie^n.-Utilities,p'sld CLj»i3772. fe across strce\ from InbpptriK e'ente a n d laundromat Utilities palrf. week ly and .Blaaljh rate^. 240: SPACE FOH KENT WEST 10th' STREET ipliroxlmately 950 to 1000 qtiare-feet, Suitable for oflico ·r'6rtt»ll:vbu'sin«SB. Call, KL 2 090 or.'bii !-51?Y ,«tter five. '[\VART)3 l - h e v r t c i i* fof new «ntt-g»*l trueln TriilK !«:.' OH IlKNl . ^ ' H o d e r h Italic.! spaces - Mataral cas Hoovei Trallej ' Court IIS l l t h ' A v e Ph El CUMl'LtTK repair wu:V ou autos, balers, tractor*. Call tlrnwniei Canae, EL 3-Uie. CIS 14th SI. m*fvj tot XOOKI 'RIVAfE'hoe«''to : rcli!erly pMple. 1'h. KL 5-J51S. ' OUM-jn'if uon'rej UwoJ, row, 'lunclie pscKed.. modem rooms. Al cuoven Icnees.- r)r week, by month. KletB'ni Fre«'. Mrklni! TamfleM Hotel,- .. 27 FOR SALE--Overacn.l. one piece, ca- rare' cioor. 7x10, Ph. EL Z-3IGO. fOTH SALE--Vouiiir.b«k. Call Ealon : OH..SAIjK^Vsed' water softener. Ph. f'OR SALEJ-4 toii in Sunset 'Mc-ir.oiial Garden. EL 2 : 4944. FOH SALE--One" buck aod rabbit. .'KL ; J-1S6S. /ISIT'oilr Toyland. l.aysway toys at Gaulles, 10 14th St. F.L 2-9 FOR SALE--Used clolhine. F.L 2-J7I9, N K W and'i^ed welilers. EL J-70SS. S P A R K plugs. tSt, Casb a n d Rapp't GHS. KOII SALE-- Used Uuck tlcvs. 7.SU. S12S-ZO. titeelet Auto Supply. USED air eomprCGK EL 4-7M9. A a l K R I C A N - J u n a Yard. Buy a n y thing. sell 1 everrthlnE. 402 Stb St Olt SALE-- Uirt,' Eiaiel. Abo QIOV dirt.' Ph. EL 2-OZ50. 1IDTO-KAKKH foi EL Z-10P6. TDK Stockman -- Wraternwear. FOH HOUSE m'ovlni see Bl:bee. Ph . EL 2-5126. Also buildings Cor lale. lATl'ERIFJi. Two year cuaranlec. '?9,5io^...tl3.«4 IZ-^alt). Kapp/s rass. WANTED--Olean cotton Greedy Tribune. WAriTKII--U.S. coins, all kinds. I to *1, silver and eo'id El. 2-C030. FOH SALr-CoJeman oil floor f u r n a c e , complete with siile rrRiMcrs. $50.00. John Dahliren, 117 2nd St., Ault. Coin. WANTED to bur Inn wool nnd faclr.r. sHcrp pelts and (leer hkles. Highest ruh price pnid. Kor information xvrite Ifatry J. Murphy, box 307, Windsor, Colo. . HOUERUAnD .alt-seasons eomblnalu.. ,RluifilnU[ii door, 1 32x80 inch anil 36x80 1 Vlnch.'- Kxelusive expanders, pneumatic door cheek, pUno hinge. All for $27.95. No down payments, $5.00 e, mo. Camblls, 10 IClh SI. EL 2-318 G O I N G oversea!, V-8 210 st sell 13S6 Chev- stallcn Vftinon. Kx- . . ·%*c'ellent condtt^n-Mliaw tires, radio J.nil heatirtl4e^Calnt job. (795 JSemeant SmlA. rhor.e 151-4021. El NF.W batlerics;*"eusrantee^ ona yea 37.98 cxc-hnng-e. Used batteries. f3.95 tlaltery rennirlnq. Rebuilt penera tors and starters. All types, of lineups and reps]rsKUK..d CAT* ^kups. Low p r l c w l . e a ^ y tt p.Tjohn Thompson 1 * Rarare. «* ·'OR RENt^Or.e rietircxim nji.-irtFtlent. Second floor*; private entrance. Sliive, refrigerator, drapes and ' utilitii., f u r n i a h e d . ' A d u l t s , no dogt. 3 blixfc. west Post Office. I60.CO..EL 3-11.3 -E L i J m r i ' -- · _-··*.-- I TWO b«droon ur.kt In -.fourple*.- Has c«r*mlc 'tile balh. ·· Carpete.1 wall In wi.ll. PrAim, difhwasher. eye level oven., l u r f a c e ' b u r n e r , hot wi- ter heit X ncl K^rasel- All of Ihli for ?120 frer'jnodtV rb. /EL J-88S3. UN'PURXISHED APARTMENT FOR-HBNT - , Jroiind. floor, priva'to cnti'aiicc ltd / bath. _, Permanent, single ady preferred. EL, 3-0420. For Reiit --'"See This !31ean 3 room. Turn. apt. Private lath and entrance. TV hookup .nil garnge. Reasonable. 1C20 Gib Vv'e. ' ' : rin. (urn. b u f f e t apt. J51,50 ! rra. furnished' 'a!i. 557.50 j'T»'0 room.fnr'n.'apt.' UUlltles fufnisheil. ELfiin 2-4759 PARK PLACE APTS. urn. or u n f u r n . buffet apts. heat, Steam atllitles. $30 hot per water month. and Ap- Tested, Approved and Guaranteed USED APPLIANCES -- REFRIGERATORS -- R1G1DA1RK--Automatic defrost, full width freezer,; door shelves, butter conditioner, slide-out shelves. Excellent condition. . · ' ADMIRAL--Full width freezer, double hydrntors, door shelves, butter conditioner, repainted and recondi- ioned. /·HILCd--Apartment size. Nice condition. Just right that limited space. FRIGIDAIRE--10 cubic foot, double door, large frcez- ply 827 8th St., JRm. £10. Ph. Bl 3-0762 or Opdyke Agency. Inc. Ph. KL 2-5747. For R«nt--Forms, Tiaet* 19 FOR RENT--140 acra farm. Plenty water. 101 22nd AT., Cl, A f i e r _ i p. LA SALLF, area, 125 acre excellent farm. Adequate water. mode houre. Tenant leavine for armcc farce*. Write Box V-l I, e/o Tribun FOH LEASE-- te« A. )rr. Mode. ho'J»e. Good soil, .rr.ple water. lu have reffrencea. Wr[t« Box V-7, ej/o Tribune. For Rent-- Buildings 20 B U I L D I N G (or EL !-5«0. nl at 115 10th SU FOR RENT OT l«»e. Business build' fnK. 4.000 iq- ft- 1703 1st Ave Mountain Horn*I--Cabins 21 ENTERTAIN, nwchl parlies in mour t a i n cabin. Will accommodate 12. F.I OfliM SfOM 22 ONR roota office. ICtb St., pear eo]l«ve 40 mo., InrL heat, llzhl; EL J-M C R O U N D (loor olfirt ipace. Hit IDth Ave. Ph. EL 2-2:36 OFFICE? ipace for rent !· Coronado Newlr decorated Inquin Kealtr. El J-03U FOR RENT--Furnished apt. -at 12; Hh St. No ehildrln or peu. TWO bedrooa. apt. at 1500 Ulh Ave. Adults. Call after 1:30. EL 1-1515 letn air-conditioned office labla. Contact Kirst Na OFFIHF.3 for rent. F-levatot. attUtles janitor MrTlcfs furaishcj. AU eon venTenees; InclodiKg parkinr. sWn ressonable, Caasfklu Hol.l. ; .' THRF.K room * fumbtod . ap«rtio«nt. Individual he4t, private bath and intrar.ce. IV «n!«n»a. Call -I S2« ISth Slre«i. FOR RENT -- Furriihed biifmen I ii^arUnFni. OullHe entrar.ce. WorV ' lr.jr 1 eouVe preferred or Me child over two yean. For partkulari. call EL RUPBISH Downing, ASH' and traak baullnx. Qeo.. 'Rnpple. -.'-_ FOR:KENT ' Furnished 'or nnfiirnlshcil 2 bedroom apartment,' Unfurnished 2 b e d r o o m CrUSSPOOLS. septle tankl, irea.e trail liuinped Wh!U*k«. EL I.Mil. duplex., S1L 3-1888 FOR RENT--Offie. spars. Two adjoin ing rooms at 1817 9th .St, Utilitie furnishccc. 175 per 'month. 'Ph. EL 2-4U71. FOR R E N T . r - - t . » n d f rooea »Ke · suites' available- 2nd floor: Psrk Plae« Uutldinc. H) fa St: t No 2» Ph. KL 1-0712 ot EL !-»747 FOR RF.NT - Desirable'e(ffc« spaee available i»,.Gr«eky Brlldiag Ele- ierlic*. - A p p l y I f ' · Gre*l4i Poll RENT-Tbie«'rMm office mill : Mewl, dernrale,! lltllllles (urnlshed · -'!ri"ve.'''M'a'ngarr 'El'.'V-fiiii KOK ItKN'l'-- Medical and kXilal space · valbhU n It. Ucdlcal Aria rlulld- Inr Air ind bested Coo- c'eniently located to tk« hospital I.a - WkKler Bulll Co, El. A L U M I N U M * Storm. Doors * Storm Windows * Awnings * Siding Greeley Glass Shop lOOH 9th Sit ' BL t-826! Household Goods Mi««Hv«m"r"--'rr|Thtirs.r.'Nor.-y,"1961-"GREELEY TRIBUNE P»f« 29 Ire ipokt. ill holr, 19 Inch.' (7S-5W. Tii» md tubo. 110. El, J.1710. : 'WO Kl'l''' c»t' l:e S «nj 10. Gooil .- l i l l llth Arc. or ph. KL ij - · OK SALB-2 tKtl InllVr.- «a»l« llres. N«w box-4*7. 'Also Roy*] typ« wrlltr.-Klr X-211. ' ^ · 'OX SAI.K--Three TMl bli.ktl,. I d«lrk hl.nltl.' All llk« law, !!!' 9th Avtnue. . ·' 'OX SALE-- S m i M Z roori hvus« to br mbtrd. Alyp« hov houan Tor u]r. Hli El, I.1SS8. MUST chsi tccovctlnR r e p u l r l n ^ of I'Uck Btala. Cnnvxi work.. \Voci!« L'inY3» 1'roJuctB, ISiO 20U St., S.W. l^SSKS repaired liniker len..- duplicated*. Mcvi frames. (jree'C) nptlcnl Co. 912V) It Av. EL 2-S812 IRE H s l B n e l n B -- o n l y tl.Oo per pas- u n e r tire. Webhls free! O K Rubbet Welders. 103 N lllh Ave irk, storm sash One. stock ol vest cult lumber. 1'lsntr.g Mill Co EL 2-1054. Houhold 3D HttiulxM 10 Chlanda Furniture Bargains ' . . USED ' Two piece'Kro«hler modern'living room set, . rose, beige .,._ $29.95 One browri hide-n-bed __i $59.95 Mahogany drdpleaf table and four chairs. 559.95' Two-piece modern living room set. Gray mohair Slfl.95 One five-piece blonde modern bedroom set. Includes ·vanity, bench, chest, bed and night stand, --579.95. OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS ' Chlanda's Furniture, Inc. 821 8lh St. -071? 'OR SAT.U--4 cylinder Hcctric Jlcnl for rabina or fallout eh el Lor. 1123 4th AVP. P K C I M i mcd p l a a t T c COB ltd egc h«- KrU. *..S5 each. Ucyer .Irui; Hatch- I t A D K in what jou tton'r 1 winl fgi coniQlhtnji vvi can use Hi the Won. t i e r : Whit Hut, US2 lit AT*. El 2-21(11. . LKGTfllti -m.xo.-s. all «!MI -- new a n d rebuilt. f U t r l n r El«lTlc»! Wnrki, 521 Kth St.. · 2 blocki E»1 of I'oit OffiCft Ph. KL S-067Q- BICYCLES. (aw «e!«ction from $1.11 tip. f!uns. ammunition, fishinc tackle too Alkira'a Sporting Cnn^i, 721 Hh St. EL 8-9501. ielge Couch and Clialr \qiia Rolteo _ ,, . 3eigo anil Brown Ueclluer ,.. Deige 4 PC. Rnctionnl ,, Mhg, EnJ Tnlilea (2) Mhg..Round CoTteo Table Jrey and Chrome S PC. Dinette I S I K G L K K p*s and oil healerj, and ased.. Mwrill'j Weilview Cent to CoAit, :i10 IOIK St. KL. 2-4S02 Opfn «venin2t until 8:30. ALL typpi fn-*utj fiord doni t pervtud ttudtnli at greatly le price*. Qr«el«y Beauty" School, - Pth Street Yellow nntl C h r o m e ' 6 PC, Dlnotio --,' Set of 4 Chroma nml EllacV Chatts 7 PC. Walnut Dining Set Walnut Game Table with 4 Upholstered Chairs 15x18 Reversible Car|ct (Greenl · ' 11 x IS Brown and Beige Nylon Carpet '.^ naiehln**, TYHKWKITBH3. n d d t n new and used, Salra Work Euarcntefd. Kd Feldhava. EL 2.CCC6. 1Z01 l l t h A.T«. · JNrONDITlONAI.LV ciiamntecd t -tJre* -- aU «Ir«». Northern G t n r Tire Inc.. 2710 8tb AT*. Pa. STQKM (iouri iml TrlnOuv-i, Ckaln .link fcnr*. Alumtnum "*wning» A l u m i n u m . (Ibreslasi, i?ood pitta ro*en an^ carporLa. Ftrt'etcapeA CliflofT* Homi S«r»k«. EL 1 " f-«006. NEW Spice Kinlslt Dbl. Dresser'with Mirror . Spice Finish 4 Drawer Cheat Spice Finish Panol Bed '. Spice Finish 5 Drawer Cbest r'OH K A S l fiTiitlj laundry irr rail Crystal Whit* Laundry. Washed, dried ir.d folded. 1% Ib*. 'only 9Cc. Frrt delivery. 014 lltb Av«. KL K-31U2, -OR NEAT dependable prlntliuT JOT will find, tkii moHerD shop an, ex. cellent select ion. We follow .C.OPJ carefully and we eive vou quality work at reasonable coat. Brini vonr printing ' work today Ph. EL 2-C2I1. Tribune-Republican Puk Co. your hunting and [lahlng nses and other aportlng good* a t " ( h o new M K R R I L L ' S WESTVIEW COAST TO COAST STOKE 2110 10th St., Oreelej Ph, EL 2-430Z Open evenings until 8:30 KILL-MITE Especially Effective f o i lover Mites and. R e d Spider Mites. Balcotn's Industries GOG 10th St. ET, 2-0057 HouickoM Go«.s ; 30 USED FURNITURE VALUES _ 79,95. : .. __ 49.95 -' -- H.9E;'.."' H.95 '.'·-. 29.95 1 ',': 99.85 SOLID W A L N U T DROP-LEAF TABLE, BUFFET AND 0 C H A I R S 295.00 , 19.95 . 34.95 . 19.95 . 39.95 AT 718 10th Street NATURALLY Phgne EL 2-4582 W A R D S Used Appliances on Hand'· B«hdix Combination Record .Player'arid ~,adt6 '_.$25.00 Coronado 17-in. Table Model TV _ 39.95 M-W 21-in, Mahogany Console. TV Mahogany 6P.05 40-in, ElectricJRange, Frigidaire, as is J 25.00 M-W Refrigerator, Deluxe Model ^__: 45.00 ' Kelvintitor Refrigerator, full width, freezer in top _.. : : G9.95 Frigidaire Refrigerator, runs nice. Clean 39.95 Frigidaire Refrigerator. Good condition, clean _, 59.95/ Coronado Refrigerator, across top freezer. Clean ?9,95 Kelvinator Refrigerator, ^orks nice, good and . .clean. . . ..,,4. Westinghouse Laundromat. Works good. _ Hbtpoint Automatic Washer. As is Hotpoint Dryer. Good condition 40,95 M-W Auto. Washer, works nice, clean. Several good treadle Sewing Machines. Your choice. 20.00 39,95'.: 49.95 . 25.00, Montgomery Ward Co, 815 10th Street double crispers. M A N V O T H E R MODELS PRICED A S LOW AS er, -- FREEZERS- SUB-ZERO--14 cubic foot upright. Excellent condition. -- RANGES-- ' FRIGIDAIRE--Electric, deep well, timer, lamp, appliance outlet, full width storage drawer. deep well, Lots of storage space. i -- WASHERS -- FRtGIDAIRE--19G1 Custom ^Imperial. A selection for every washing need. Like new condition. KRIGIDAIRE--Repossession. 1960 Imperial model. Take over the balance. Fabric selector, load selector and rinse selector. FRIGTUA7RK--An older model but working good and priced low. · -- DRYERS -- FRIGIDAIRE--1960 Custom Imperial, no vent model. Fabric selector; automatic sprinkler and foot pedal. NORGE--Real clean.- Heat selector, porcelain top.j safety switch on door. Only _ $79.95 -- TV -Crosley 17 inch blonde table model. New picture lube with one year warranty. OUR TERMS 'ARE THE EASIEST IN TOWN Weld County Garage Appliance Deportment · - · "Our Service is the 'BIG Diffevet.;e" Floor Sample Clearance -.-,.-. .. · Appliances, TVs and : Stereos, j | . '. " ' TELEVISIONS . - " ^ 2 RCA Victors 23 in. with Remote control Reg. 5439.95 now 5250.00 with trad« 1 Philco 23 in. Walnut cabinet Reg. 5389.95 .._now $250.00 with trade 1 Philco 23 in. Blonde cabinet Reg. $339.95 .._ now $250.00 with trade 1 Philco 23 in. Mahogany Lo-Eoy Reg. $369.95 now ?250.00 with trade i RCA Victor 23 in. Lo-Boy Reg. $349.95 now ?250.00 with trad* STEREOS · Ultratone, 6 speakers, AM FM" Radio, Reg. $249.95 _ now $179.95 RANGES 1 40 in. Whirlpool Deluxe, Reg. $289.95 __now $177.00 '. 1 30 in. RCA Whirlpool, Reg. $199.95 now ? 159.95 :!· WASHERS : ; :;; RCA Whirlpool Imperial Mark 12 Reg. ?399.95 _ ...__·...... _._. now $269.95 :. 1 RCA Whirlpool single hose Automatic : '- : Reg. $229.95 now $179.95 ' DRYERS 1 RCA Whirlpool I m p c r i a l M a r k 12 . Reg. $329.95 .._.. .' _ now $229.95 FREEZERS V nt r 1 RCA Whirlpool 11 Cu. Ft. upright Reg. $229.95 - now $179,9* 1 RCA Whirlpool 17 Cu, ft. upright Reg. $349.95 '. now.*269.W JOSLIN'S APPLIANCES 810 10th Street LOWER FLOOR KL 2-m31I015 9th Ave. ' V EL 2-4030

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