Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 1, 1967 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1967
Page 14
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AMH LAHDERS Mandatory Gym Angers Mother TV NOTES TV PROFILE Idaho Free Press A- Caldwell News-Tribune, Saturday, Juli'!, 1967-A5 NEW YORK lUPI* -- The role of Martin Peyton in ABC's "Peyton Place" series will be played for 15 episodes beginning Aug. 21 by Wilfrid Hyde- White, prominent British-bom actor. He replaces temporarily George Macready, who has been ordered to take a rest cure. Hyde-White shot his first episode on June 13. Holy Fashion! Burt Ward Dons Black Suede Boots they can pose for male magazines. Also, we do not send our girls to school to take show ers In front cf 50 other girls. "W»'d better go home now--you children are . very lirsd." TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for ttn ccneclne» of television programs ieil entirely upon the television stations. This newspaper can assume no responsibility for trrors in the lisfings. Channel KBOi-TV SATURDAY,JULY I Channel KTVB-TV SATURDAY, JULY 1 Dear Ann Landers: 1 am a us '° ln * ir Place. What do you mother who Is burned up about say?-D.O.D. something and I would like you to Dear D.: According to my print my letter and your answer figures, your brother and his before school starts next fall. '"He have had approximately 15 fall, ' Sunday dinners In your home. We send our sons to school This is a lot o'chicksn, no mat- to become educated-- not to ter how you slice it, learn how to climb ropes, be Your husband has s. legiti- wrestlers or build muscles so raate complaint and you should » An( j His Name SnaU j^ respect his wishes. one." an outstanding program + + + seen last September on the Dear Ann Landers: Whose CBS "Lamp Onto My Feet" place is it to late care of an religious series, will be repeated So why is physical education *Btai mother who can no longer by popular demand at 10 am. compulsory in our public school tate care ot herself? Does the July 2. The colorcast deals with system which is supported by responsibility fall on ihe daugh- the background and growth of taxpayers? A student cannot get ters ° f N e 'an»tly or 'he sons? his high school diploma unless We l^ve had endless dls- iie has iuu four years of gym. e" qslftl s "hout tMs but we I call this a dictatorship, not a cannot c °TM )o any reasonable land of freedom, if some parents conclusions. Will you help us, ^ d _ .. .,, , j want their kids to train to be Pl«a? -NEEDING ANSWERS ^^ t m "LTstletog ^rll monkeys that's their business, Dear Needing: A mother takes l y - -j^ documentary on this bul why must IJiis sort of non- "re of all her children doesn't snese be forced on everyone? she? Whether they are boys or -- A READER Prls does not seem to matter Dear Reader: If you knew the to her - So wh y ar e you having physical condition of most ofthe such difficulty in deciding who teen-agers in this country you'd sl ould lake care of her? be shocked, Lady. A country If 'she is Incapacitated and whose livingslandardisthehigh- needs hospital care, all the scries in which they would star, est in the world should hide its children should share in the Tne " nave taen seetl on a num ~ head in shame when over 40 financial responsibility ac- ^ ^ program^ since the Baha'i Faith. CBS has renewed the Na- By VER.VON SCOIT IIPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD t U P l ' -- Burt Ward, the impressible Robin of the "Batman" series, dresses as garishly off-screen as he does on the far-out show. His enthusiasm -- holy pep pills! -- matches lhat of Robin, too. Since the series began. Ward became a father by his first wife, whom he divorced recently, and married Vince Edwards' ex-bride, Kathy Kersh. Butt's daughter. Lisa Ann. is 10 months old. His current wife's daughter is 18-month- old Devera who lives with the actor and the new Mrs. Ward. Home is a modest ranch house ir. the San Fernando val- ley «Uh no bediooms and a paneled den where Burt keeps his (ligh. school aihleiie trophies. · At the moment the Wards are house-hunting. They want a large home on several acres of territory. Though Burt rides the Bat- mobile on his weekly ABC-TV show, he prefers horses and motorcycles on his oxn time. He keeps two Arabian steeds at a public riding stable some 15 or 20 miles from home. He and Kathy ride their motorcycles 10 ihe stables, hop off the bikes, hop on the horses and away they go. "We're looking for a place large enough to pasture and keep our horses," he says "1 try to do some riding every day I'm not working." Lonj Day Most often Hurt's work day is from 7:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at the drcarj' little Desllu Culver studio, a nail hour's ride 'in an automobile' from the family residence. Kathy Is up at 6 in the morn- Ing with Burt to fix breakfast. She is studying psychology at UCLA. A live-in servant cares [or young Devera hut Kathy dors most ol the cooking which, according to Burt is the best cuisine this side of Tour D' Argent in Paris. Burt is 22 years old but plays Robin at 15-, too young to drive, the Batmobile. type of bear will be telecast on Nov. 1. Tony Hendra and Nlc Ullett, comedy team from London, have made a deal with NBC for development of a half-hour 6:30 Pistols and Petticoats (C) 1:00 Saturday Nleht Movie "Lonely Are the Brave" KlrX Douglas, Gene Rowland 9:15 GunsmoVe (C) 10:15 An Evening with Roberta 6:00 F Troop 6:30 Lawrence Welk (C) 7:30 Piccadilly Palace (C) 8:30 Occasional Wife (C) 9:00 Saturday Night Movie "Ada" Bean Martin, Su- sail Havward Sherwood (C) 11:00 ABC News (C) 10:45 Weekend News 11:15 Weekend News 11:05 Movie TJme 11:25 Weather "Bachelor Mother" 11:30 Saturday Showtime Ginger Rogers, David Niven 12:30 Morning Headlines ^ T I K R A V r i l l V 9 O V y i i U A l j t l U l j l £ 9:00 Insight (C) 9:30 Armchair Adventure 9;35 Salt Lalte Tabernacle Choir ··neniapot" uinger Rogers, toward {.. Mobinson SUNDAY, JULY Z 7:00 This is The Life 7:30 Faith for Today 8:00 Linus the Llonhearted 8:30 Peter Potamus (C) 9:00 Bullwlnkle (C) 10:00 The Beatles 9 . 30 D | SCO very C) 10:30 Casper Cartoons KJ.QO p or |, v P j e 11:00 Silent Service 10 ;; 5" *J f S ,. . . w.jy Deany \^evii 11:30 Face the Nation (C) I1:00 Meel lhp Presi fc ^ 12:30 Nat'l Pro Soccer (C) 1 IG..UV n«\ * *t«~«~«* \~/ liioy r r u n u e r s Q i raiui LA vs. Atlanta i 2 . 00 Showtime 2:00 Canadian Opsn GolfTour- ,, Traln ,,, r^^^^.,, namenl , ,, Don Barey, Tom Neal 4:00 21st Century (C) "Sudden Death" Jimmy 4:30 Danger Is MyBuslness(C) Ellison yy m 55 ,'! C 9TM ,^ 2:0 ° Sportsman's HolWav (C) 5:30 It's About Time (C) 6:00 The Ed Sullivan Show (C) TiOO Our Place (C) 8:00 Candid Camera (C) 8:30 WtiuPs My, Line (C) 9:00 Peyton Place 9:30 Mission: Impossible 10:30 Weekend News 10:40 Weather 11:00 Movie Time "Blood on His Sword" J*an Mirals Hosnna i 2:30 Golt with Sam Snead 3:00 U.S. Women's Open Gob 4:00 Frank McGee Report 4l30 Smithsonian 5)00 Animal SecreU 5:30 Wall Disney (C) 6:30 Lefs Make a Deal (C' 7:00 Bonanza (C, B:00 Sunday NIghl Movie (C) "High Society" Blng Crosby, Frank Sinatra tTCAII m«(au ( tlVJattllua L ^ ' u j i\ti^ N£W5 Schauttlno . j 0 ;i5 weekend News and 12:30 Morning Headlines Weather 10:30 Sunday Showtime CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS T^v ik 4mf~~~~~ . . . f i b It mU^mM AlfltiM · faSU ^^ OT^^M winmw I \£K _^__v^l ftjk* Call tc * 459-1505 "^ MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 1:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Joseph Bent! Morning .News 8:25 KBOI Moaning News "A prize 01 uoio" Richard Wldmark SyWonhi o.E. 9_|klAI* ftjlMlml VVlVl Aomiwl T U Mogiwvw 1 W EmtrMn _ ." Curtll-Mofh« Service aiTM-**TM Wl V I V v MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 1 :00 Today Show (C) 8:00 Snap Judgment (C) 8:25 NBC News 8:30 Concentration 8:30 Jaok LaLanne (C) 9:00 Personality (C) 3:00 AniJy ol Mayberry 9:30 Hollywood Squares fC) 5:20 Die* Van DyXe Show 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:00 Love of Life 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10:25 CBS Mld-Diy News 10:55 NBC News 10:30 Search lor Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light i :00 The Newly Wed Game 11:30 Let's Make a Deal fci 11:00 General Hospital 11:55 NBC News 11:30 As Ih5 World Turns 12:00 Days of Our Lives (C) 12:00 Password 12:30 The Doctors 12:30 Houseparty (C) 1:00 Another World (C) 1:00 To Tell The Truth 1;30 You Don't Say 1:25 KBOI News 2:00 The Early Show 1:30 Edge at Night 2:00 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm MONDAY, JULY 3 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronklte C) 5:30 KBOI News Today (C) 6:00 Mr. Terrific (C) 6:30 Vacation Playhouse 1:00 Andy Griffith Show (C) 7:30 Family Affair 8:00 Coronet Blue (C) G/lfl T h a t f,\f 1 y !Uv ipst vjiri 9:30 Wild Wild West (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:45 Sports Final 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time MONDAY, JULY 3 3:30 Mister Ed 4:00 Big News 4:15 Weather, Sports 4:30 Hunttey-Brinkley 5:00 NBC Major League Baseball 8:00 Iron Horse (C) 9:00 The F.B.I. (C) 10:00 NUobeat News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) BEST SELLERS ifrpi) FlltUn "Dangerous Mission" Tire EIGHTH DAY-- Tbormoa wn!« Victor Mature, Wm.Ben- dlx 12:30 Morning Headlines Sentence Passed BOISE (L'PI) - Robert Jones, 30, Pocaleilo, has been sentenced to six months in the Adi County Jail alter appearing in Thfrvl Pllctrlpt f"t\nrt rtn Q in i n i r u L/istrtit i»uuri on * charge of second degree burg. lary. Jones pleaded guilty to entering the Soruu Building May 7. Police found him hiding under a couch In an office in the building. Judge J. Ray Durtschi handed down i two year term in the Idalio State Prison then commuted the sentence to six months In the county |all. THE ARKA?OBMCTT-- Ei]« Klun WASH1NQTON. D.C.-- Oort VldH TALES Or MANBATT*K-- Lou.'i Autbmclou TBS 8ECRST Of SAST* VrrTOm*- Robttt orlchtoa VA1J.IY Of THX DOIXB -- .lf»-qu»Une Susann HOSEMARVS BABY-Iri Lttla THE CHOSE S-Ch»:m Potok CAPABLK OP HONOR -- AlUn Dior FATriERS-llerttn Oold THE CANDMST1CK3 AND Tilt CROSS-- Rulll Fremiin aolomOD SILVERHIIX-Phjllll Whllmj 00 TO THE WIDOW MAKER-- JoTid N»lll« ·nrEAtrroBioaRAPHY OI^BIRTRAMI rer DEATH or A pRisiunrr- Wllllim yinchelUr UADAUI BARAK-Content OtU skloiv IVIRYTHINO BUT MOKrt -- ««· ECOAR CATCI-- TH» StfWINO PROPHTT-- Jm eiMtn OAMCS PtOPLE PLAV-- Eric Brnl. M D. PMRAKI.!-- Robfrt Blsltt VARIETY OP KEN-C P. 8r.t» fAPIR LION - OMt|l Pllmplot AKYOSE CAM MAKE A MILUOX- Uoicon Bhulinan per cent of Its youngmen are rejected for military service because they cannot meet the physical requirements. If high school gym were not mandalory, some of our kids would get virfuallyNO exercise. One of the curses of our pushbutton affluent society is that people ride instead of walk and everything is motorized and mechanized. This is one reason so many young executives drop dead from heart" attacks. Dear Ann Landers; My problem Is a brother and a sister- in-law. They lost a child in an accident three years ago. The whole family has bent over backwards to be kind lo them. WG hsvs invited (hfs counls fo our home for dinner every other Sunday since the tragedy and they have accepted every invitation. Yet they have not asked us to have a meal in their home even once. My husbar.j says he is ted up on this one-sided relationship and we should not Invite them again until they invite Cigarette Commercials Blasted WASHINGTON (CPi)-Ttie Federal Trade Commission lashed crit Friday against television commercials by cigarette makers depicting smoking as enjoyable and non-hazardous. It appealed anew for legislation to · require health warnings in all cigarette advertising. The commission said In a report to the Senate Commerce Committee that a health warning on cigarette packages, required for the past 18 months, has had no significant effect on smokers. The FTC said the warning label failed lo overcome the p r e v a l e n t attitude towards smoking "created and maintained by the cigarette companies through their advertise- menls " The commission cited the "barrage of commercials on television, which portray smoking as a harmless and enjoyable social activity that is not habit- forming and involves no hazards to health." The FTC report was in response to a request by senators in 1965 for an assessment of the effectiveness of the federal cigarette labeling and advertising act which went into effect Jan. 1, 1966. The warning required under the act says: "Caution: Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health." Charge Is Made BOISE ((.'PI) - The first suit under Ihe state's new Blue Sky law has been filed by State Commissioner of Finance John Silva. A criminal complaint was lodged against William Chaney, 39, Botse. It was alleged before Judge J. Fred Cromwell (hat ' Chaney made false statements in writing an application tiled In the cnmmissloner's office on Wednesday. Silva said the application was filed as a result of new legisla- 3 lion governing securities in Idaho. The legislation is under the nev Blue Sky law passed by Ihe 39th Idaho Legislature. M i t c h u m To Rome HOLLYWOOD UPI ' -Robert Mitchum has packed his buns for Rome and n starring ra!c In "Anzlo" for Dlno DC Lnurentlls. cording w tneir amitty. if -- -- " " ' it's a matter of making her home with one of the children, John ^ ltax ^ k \^' "^ she would probably be the bes Mlce and "f": a blg hlt both iudae of where she would be as book and play 30 years ago ' judge 01 wnere sne would be w , u te dramatlzed on ABC dur . rai)plesl ' Ing the new season. George + + + Segal. Nicol Williamson, Fran- Unsure of yourself on dates? c hot Tone, Joey Heatherton What's right? What's wrong? and Donald Moffat will have Should you? Shouldn't you? Send the leading roles. for Ann Landers' booklet "Dal- · · · ing Do's and Don'ts," enclos- Dean Martin, also known as ing with your request 35c in Cluude Productions, has enter- coin and a long, self-aridressed, ed into a new long-term agree- stamped envelope. mcnt with NBC for continu- Ann Landers will be glad to ance ° f "The Dean Martin help you with your problems. Show," which begins its third Send them to her in care of sea s°" in the Fall. this newspaper enclosing a --Jack Gaver self-addressed, stamped en- PHONE 466 . 7e91 or W9 _ 46M Velope. to plaise your classified ad. 'Separate Togetherness' For Steve and Eydie By PATRICIA E. DAVIS tally, while still continuing to United Prtss International nurture heir own separate NEW YORK (UPI) - Steve car ,l e " and identification. Lawrence and Eyile Oorme, ,J% me ««"«*. «** ^tev*. husband-wife singing team, " ,f u had " to f° aU ?TMf: m o ^ D D o t n mioin o,.,.,,,,^ you d marry me again, womdii i managB to retain separate .,, "^Wnk^f S^ 3^'; ^ Ve one k and iXow A recent anoearance at the you Waldorf-Astoria Hotel's Fmplre Room Is an able illustration of their separate togetherness. first half of the act; Eydle relieved him for the second portion, and they closed the performance together. Steve and Eydle, who were married in 1S57 and have two young sons, compare themselves to the newspaper business. "We met, we merged, we had an early edition and we had a late edition . . . but unlike the current newspaper trend, we haven't folded," they say. Early Start Eydle began performing at an early age . . when she was three years old she appeared on a children's radio program. She recalls that while other little girls were "playing house" she was more interested In "playing singer." Eydle became a professional singer after graduating from high school in her native Bronx, singing with the orchestra ot Tommy Tucker and the Tex Beneke band. In 1953 Eydle was signed to appear as the regular "girl singer" on the old "Tonight Show," headed by Steve Allen. It was on the "Tonight Show," that she began doing musical duets with the program's "boy singer." a young man from Brooklyn named Steve Lawrence. Steve also began singing at an early age, appearing in ch V:s In Brooklyn at the ase o. eight. After his high school graduation he began making the rounds ol radio and television stations, eventually end- in? up on the "Tonight Show." In the process ot working together each night, Steve and Kydie's professional relationship grew Into R personal one and in December, 1957, the young "musical sweethearts" ol television became Mr. and Mrs. It was not until 1960 they appeared together professionally, after their stint on the "Tonight Show" ended, but they have maintained the practice since then with some regu- 'Ambusheri' Role HOLLYWOOD ( U P I i -- Newly wed Beverly Adams do hair stylist Vldal Sasoon) will play Dean Martin's scerclary In the new M a t t Helm thriller. "The Ambushers." Robords Signs HOLLYWOOD c UPI )-- Jason Robards has sinned to star In a CBS-TV special, "Spoon River." m?g . H JL kjfvW-^iigJ \£~l%mrf ;A^^T^ M*- ^^·vi^BMI^ST wm f ^wm\ Wj^fC^y^ c'Wvfc. rA/rm^J W TMlr S -Jtfvt^ir ird i ky\ IK J \«W \-^ WM/ V;l M/ I T j I 5 ^ » f\ aw f^ /·/iiTiAil JAl A III IM Mil tilll JIM fi^iV l^ii · · 1 1 1 I V MONEY FAST! · · m RELAX AND M/E FuN! YOU CAN MAKE ARRANGEMENTS n i l l f K I Y A T W U I ^ r \ L 1 A 1 A A A A FINANCE CO. 113 South Ximbill Phone 459-7461 Cildwell ^ | I I H 1 A i [TMd |fWiiww FINANCE I CO. 122 12lh Avenue So. Phone 446-46*7 Nimp* L«l First Security's 3-month 5% Savings Certificates work for you. Just deposit as little as $500, O r more in multiples of S100. Then in just 3 months we will mail your interest check to you. Deposit any time - and 3 months later you will receive an interest cheek. Your deposit is waiting for you -- to keep earning another 3 months -- or to spend if you need it. It's that simple. At maturity, Savings Certificates are automatically renewed for periods of 3 months, so you can receive income just like a dividend. Each depositor's account is insured to $15,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Member Federal Deposit Iniurance Corporolion

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