Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 36
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 36

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 36
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GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed., April 26, 1972 I ... VERY ATTEMPT TO IMITATE KING'S ONLY KING SOOPERS DISCOUNTS ALL MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE Ileclric-perl, Rejular or Diip Kings Coffee 3lb.Cin Wantll Boost Jnstant Coffee f a t In Sanka Coffee Soz-Jir .For Dishwashing Ajax Liquid Ql. Sin Dete;jenl Jhe Un-polluter'·· · KPho!ph»le Delergent The Un-polluter UiT.Hl. ' Fcvdtied 6[t«h Miracle White 26 DI Siie j 'Cheer Detergent 45 oz. Si;e '. Rtgililed Sudsine Bold Detergent Jill Purposs Gold Medal Flour 2.19 1.05 1.75 89c 1.48 89c 65c 89c 89c 2.05 1.00 1.65 69c 1.18 69c 50c 84c 84c fc^oo; Pleasin* KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE Sides Canned White Beans 15.5 FRYERS Grade A, Whole Si dies White Beans and Ham _ 28 Slokes RegulH or Kol Chili With Beans r .'^ ~ f r- · i f f.l'fl M HAMS MORRELL'S FULLY COOKED Moisture Added Slokes Canned Chili With Beans Stokes Canned Chili With Beans 5? :,s, f Shank End Lb. 49 c Regolar Sue Stokes Tamales ISOLSI» eu 1 *w t RIBS M A N U F A C T U R E R ' S SPECIAL SOUTHERN STYLE OR REGULAR King's Sooporb Grain. Fed Pork, Your Choice (Everyday Discount Price 85c L b. 79 COD FILLETS Top Frost t_b. Pkq. 75 e MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL SLICED BACON Swift's Premium, Vacuum packed (Everyday Discount Price 95c) . Lb. Pkg. BONELESS ENGLISH CUT OR ROTISSER1E Jem bo Size Stokes Tamales a s£ 'l Kleen Guard Furniture Polish SOLO. Per PounJ 16.6c PerPojnd 41.3c Per Poiiad · 36.2c · PerPousd 36.3c Per Pound 33.6c P(r Poand 29.9c Per Poi ad 30.8c ?er Quite 5c 16c 4Qc 35c 59c 1.09 28c 49c 45c FLOOR CLEANER _ . Per Quirt MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL ROAST SHRIMP Pi-cmium Jumbo, Peeled and Deveined, Top Frost (Everyday Discount Price 3.89) Lb. Pkg. 3 49 PIZZAS King's Own, Fresh Not Frozen, Cheese, Sausage, Pepporoni, Hamburger, Your '·'·-·-- ·*. In. Size King's Sooperb Aged U.S.D.A. Choice Beef, Your Choice , b M A N U F A C T U R E R ' S S P E C I A L Skinless WIENERS Mo'rrell's Pride, All Meat (Eycryday Discount Price 79c) Lb. Pkq. All Purpeie Gold Medal Flour HI Purpose Gold Medal Flour jBiili of Assorled Colon Puffs Facial Tissue i[.o!2M Assailed Prints Puffs Facial Tissue p^.ms i Cikn Mazola Margarine ib?t t . t or Mini Crest Toothpaste £.lra Kith Liquid Prell Shampoo 2.47 33c 33c 47c 68c 45c 2.22 28c 43c 63c 41c -THE CHOICEST OF U.S.D.A. CHOICE MEATS ·^ Short Cut 20 or. Size Great Western oi'HjIlj Beet Sugar SU.BH Pompeian Olive Oil G-nd H fiicii Blueberry Muffin Mixes Cnrn Bread or Collet Cake Aunt Jemima E-Z Mix fissorled Frosted Filters Ketloggs Pop Tarts 1.40 Per Pound 10.2c Ferquirl 1.70 PerPcutd. 74.2C' PerEjth 37c PerPo¥nd 62.6c 87c 51c 85c 51c 37c KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE 1 | UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PR CE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE Minule W*id fionn Orange Juice S a. Si;i Mmule Maid frozen Orange Juice i'd Duck Frozen Orange Juice F)c/e« Pitit CrinUes Ore Ida Potatoes Itlt'A IliUi Pizza Snack Tray hvAtt t,i* V«5i ti In Chun King Dinner Per Pinl 80c Per Pul 78.7c Per Pinl 60c Per Pound 37.4c P«rPound 1.88 Per Pond 98.9c 30c 59c 45c 28c 85c 68c ssorled From Virielies Banquet Cook in Baj slei's Chaice : reeze-Dried Coffee iter's Choice : reeze-Dried Coffee 1 5 OL Si!« 4 OL Jar S tt. IH nd»f Leaf nstant Tea 2 .u., ne Is A l-F Vermicelli Nested 10 «. PI*. tie Is A t-F Rigatoni w . tnt eie Is A Dillerence l-F Rib Macs 24* « t .cng Grain Rice a«teirr, Pe«h or Bansni Cieme ell-0 Pastel "hank You Puddings Hitmen's Smokf barbecue Sauce Ml 5/ Steak Sauce [1 Monle Sweet Pickle Relish D O C ^ ^ r ^ 2 Ib. Plj. 3 01. Sin I7ot. Ca.i II or. BlL 10.5oi.Bll. 12 CL Sue Per Pound 80c Per Ounce 27.3c PerOtHKt 24.7c Per Oinie 46.5c Per Pound 40c Per Pound 25c Per Pound 26.7c Per Pund 15.5c PdOinci 5.4c Per Ounce 1.5c Per Pound 38.3c Per Pound 96c Per Pinl 48c 25c 1.09 1.97 93c 25c 25c 40c 31c 16c 25c 43c 63c 36c ^^^^^r^^n^^^k. M MHle Whole Sweet Pickles M NHlc «n«l'r or Xotlm Sl;'e Dill Pickle Halves ((«« Kostitr Dill Pickle Spears Hernr K«H« Style Dill Pickles Heinr- Gtnuijit Dill Pickles CjUljirji Onion or Dtluit French Wishbone Dressings 12ozJii 22 OL Srie 24 01 In 32 at. hi 4ta.]it ! CZ. )l! Per Quail 1.18 Per Quirt 64c Per Quail 77,4c Per Quart 58c Pei Qaai! 55.4c Per Pinl 74c 44c 44c 58c 58c 83c 37c SPECIAL PACK /* oz. CAM Gajlord ^^^^^^^-Salad Dressing ^o^ar Miixlt Wdio Salad Dressing ^, ; .,,, Corinf Tomato Paste 6o t can Applesauce n«.^ ElM lfM Sweet Peas ^,,a- Keini ' ' ' . ' . · Chicken Noodle Dinner TM£i CjdMiOK Atwltd Hi* Spnids The Spreadables ^s,,-, Per Quail 37c Per Quail 47c Per Pound 40c Per Pound 18c Per Pound 15c ttt Pound 41c Per Pound 1.39 37c 47c 15c 18c 15c 39c 65c MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL WADING POOL CHARCOAL LIGHTER HI-POWER CUBE POLAROID FILM T-108 Each 3 95 MAXI BROOM°^1 47 ( LITE/EASY BROOM SPONGE KING'S DISCOUNTS ALL PRICE

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