Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1955 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1955
Page 18
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Saturday, Dec. 24, 1955' GREELEY TRIBUNE- Good Workman OMAHA '.H--Debbie, daughter i ^c/m^'e r ' m r^r'H" onme.-saidthe.three.year.old. Mother?" . · " . "That's right," said Mrs. Taylor. "Gee, I 'think Ho did a-nice'job They Made Ghristmas: 7, Jesus GREELEY ELEVATOR CO. 700 6th St. Phone 750 Plans for Christmas Day Jijut--Brought Salvation to tht world. By DR. J. CARTER SWAIM Director, Department of th« English Bible, National Council of Churches (Seventh of a Series.) Concerning "wise men from the NOEL The Christmas Bell rings out glad tidings to all our loyal friends and customers; wishing Y OU aKappY holiday. MEYER BROS. HATCHERIES 719 7fh St. East," one tradition tells that they were men : of different ages: coming to "the place where the child was," they, decided'to .offer their gifts one at a time. First the old man went, to his astonishment he dirt not find a .'child at all. but an old m a n . Next, the -middle-aged man went in--and found of mature' years. Finally, the young man went in--and found himself confronted by a youth. · . ' They,all were puz/.led, because it was-one newrhorn to whom-they had come to b r i n g . l h c tribute .of their'praises. Finally! all went in together, ami found no man at all but B child 12 days old. Each had seen in Christ the reflection, of his own condition. Each had found in Christ" the satisfaction of his own need. Art has sometimes represented the wise men as coming from different countries. One may have een black-skinned, from Ethiopia; mother yellow-skinned, f r o m China. This is certain: foreigners ame and mingled their adoration vith that of Judean shepherds. The 'crsinn would no doubt have ound a Persian, the Ethiopian an Kthinpian, the Chinese a Chi-1 r.esc--ever since that time, artists ot every race have pictured Christ as one of their own. ff they had all gone in together, Ihey w o u l d - n o t have found sian nor an Ethiopian nor nese but a Hebrew child. dren. The greatest day ,in' an household is the day a child born. The 'greatest day since tim began was the day this Child wa born. To His cradle wise me came--and found tlic Star of hop Shepherds came--and found th Lamb.of God. To it we .must con ·for He "is indeed.the-Savior the world." (John 4:42) Don Ros«rM« to Derw»r Mr. and Mrs: Don W. llogers md family of 1520 Eleventh street, re spending Chrijlmas in Denver the Robert Warren home. Other icsts included Mr. and Mrs. C. . Rogers, Lindsborg..Kan.; Mr. nd Mrs. Kenneth Rogers and fain- y Kensington, Kan.; and Mr. and irs. Jim Schlotthauer of Greolcy. Celebrating Christmas with Mr. nd -Mrs. John Naflz, 1315 Fourth trcel, arc Mr. and Mrs. Calvin '.itlz Mr. . and Mrs. Richard S'aftz, Mr. and Mrs. Tele Mau.-o, Ir. and Mrs. R. S. Wood, Ronnie nd Sharon of Denver, D. K. Fals- tta of Aguilar and Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Schmidt, Kenneth, Robert nd Janice of Grcclcy. .Mr. and Mrs. 'Mirion Shcppard ire joining Ihc J. L. Bidinger fara- Iv of Denver for Christmas. Boitroms Entertaining Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bostrom of ^lalon .are entertaining Mr. and Mrs, Marius Conradson and Ken- icth and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ridgeway of Eaton. · Miss M a r g a r e t - M u r r a y ot Denver will be with her-mother, Mrs. R. J. Murry, for.the holiday* Mrs. Jim Br'esnaham, 1118 Eighth street, is spending Christmas with her son, G. G. Bresnaham at Brnsli. and children of . Laramie, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Warren, Nancy and Ernest of Omaha, Mr., and Sirs. Lloyd Dowland o f . Brush, ; J!rs. Belle Warren of Bci'ikclman, Neb.;-1 and Mrs.'Elan W. Kern* '· · ; Mrs. Susie Knhlcr leftist week (o spend the holidays with' relatives in l.os Angeles. /Mr. and Mrs. Donald -Uhrlch, Kalhy Sue and Kprol Ann of-east of Lucerne will attend, a family gathering at the home of her parents, Mr..and Mrs.,Aaron Benson, east of Lucerne, Christmas eve. Christmas day they guests of his parents/Mr. and Mrs. Jake Uhrich, 1709 Nineteenth avenue. Also attending the dinner \ylll be his. brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and -Mrs. Robert Rhinchart and Aln of Raynard, Neb., . '. . , . B.rnhirdti' Holiday PUn» . Jlr. and Mrs. Harry Bernhardl SEASON'* GREETINGS COZEN S-DRALLE DeSoto - Plymouth : ,611 8th Ave. Political Action Stirred Up by Ike's Attack The politically active .year 1955 proutcd a plentiful supply ot- po- ential .presidential candidates and ssues and promises a dramatic ight for the 1958 farm vote. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebaslion of 1127 Fourteenth avenue, wil have their daughter, Rosemary of Denver as a guesbChristmas. Amold» Havinj Gu«»U Gathering at the C. L.- Arnold home, 1005 Sixth avenue, for the holiday dinner will be their children, Boh and Kjy; Arnold's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Arnold and Belly of Galveslnn, Tex.; Mrs'. Arnold's parents', Mr. and Mrs. George L. Skeen, and her sister, Glcnna. ' Mr. and -Mrs. C. F. Rains, 1028 Eighth street, are . entertaining heir son-in-law and daughter, Mr. ind Mrs. Jack Holland at Christmas dinner. . . . -..: , Guests at the family Christmas dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Loll Sr., 1125 Twelfth avenue, include Mr., and Mrs. Charles Loll Jr. and children, the Hey. and Mrs.' J. H. Stroh, Mrs. A. J. Kendcl of Golden, Mrs. Mabla Marsli and two daughters, Jean ajid Kim Sue will spend Christ mas eve with her parents, Mr. and Mrs: Mads Hansen of Ault. [·"our of the Hansens' six children will he.home with their families. Christmas m o r n i n g Earnhardts will .be with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brelhauer at Kersey for the Bernhardl ' family . celebration. Later they will attend a dinner at (he Roy Laney home in Aull. The 'day after Christmas Bernhardts 'will' leave for' California' 'to' visit Major Dale Hansen and family at El Toro Marine base, and Herbert Hansen at Inglewood. They plan to attend the Rose bowl game and j see the Rose parade. Mr. anil Mrs. Kenneth F.. Benson, Leland, Stanley and Rodney will attend a family dinner at the A. V. Benson home, east.of Lucerne. Christmas eve. Later that evening they will go to the home of Mrs. Benson's parents, Mr. .and n "x£^**t^Va.V ! L'XV*X!*KiS , JRIVE Safely! \ WALK Safely! 1 Safely! ........ . - . I55UC5 KEIpl (JdLC W11IL l:rtllul- rabbis had a saying that t i e world ^ ^^ m i ycar (jial 1)ro ,, B(lt exists by the hrcalh of lilllc chil- ? , most a conlimlous rolm(i of par |. SALES PERSONNEL Jay Fulford Harry Reimers Gilbert Danley Helen Williams Frances Fulford, Sec. 2305,10th St. i'J President Eisenhower's hear\' at- ack in September marked a polit- cal turning point of the pre-election year. Overnight it cast deep gloom over Republican hopes for 1956 and helped produce, a raft o possible Whi(e House aspirants in both-partics. : - ' At the year's enr 1 ., however, talk began to increase that Eisenhower might run again after all. E. Stevenson, his Demo- opponent in 1952, was ofi . running 'start as the only .avowed .candidate, for .the Deino- crElic noininatidri,-' bnt'niore were expected in. the ring.. ' , . Issues kept pace with candi- , Marsh "of Albuquerque, and Mrs. Frank Lowry ot Linnion, N. M. Mr. and Mrs. It. A. Warren, 36 Alles Acres, will have as their guests CnrUlir.s; V,r. SRI! Mrs. E E. Warren and Leonard of Akron, Mr. and Mrs: Ernest Warren Jr. |oYtk ofcbti^- san debate from the January open ing of Dcmocratically-controllei Congress Io the November gains by the Democrats in .local elections. Republicans carried high their "peace, progress and prosperity" banner. Democrats put falling f a r m income and what they called "big business" government . high on [heir list of 1956 talking points.' The Democrats., als'o tossed .back misconduct i n g o v e r n m e n t " ·charges to 'Republicans who raised that.issue against them in 1952, and claimed credit for repudiation by the. GOP.administration of the Dixoh-Yates' private power con- tract which Kiscnhower ordered negotiated by the Atomic Energy Commission. Foreign policy loomed as a possible 1056 talking point." but llir're were efforts n both parties to soft-pedal it. The farm debate developed demands for the resignation of Sec- etary of Agriculture Benson. The 'resident stood by 'his Cabinef m e m b e r , and Benson himself argued "Ihe worst part ot our djusfment is behind us." Basic- illy, Ihc Republicans stood by lexihle price supports, while Democrats urged a return to high rigid iricc props. ' · ' ' · ' . ' ; Other pqljiical highlights of the 'ear: . : ' Congress · ^ Eisenhower ' said Congress' record on "foreign at-: 'airs was -commendable!'.but .criticized · its showing., on; domestic, legislation. 'Democratic , leaders replied, the- record -.was'-fruitful and would have been bellcrif GOP members had cooperated with the President, more. . . . Conventions'-- Republicans decided to -hold, their 1956 convention in Sari Francisco". Aug. M; lhe-Democr.its',in Chicago Aug. 13. Both parties fixed later than usual dates with' the. idea .of waging shorter campaigns'.. · ' : Labor-- Agreement of the AFL and CIOto,merge increased the power'~ of · org'ahiied labor as a political - force, most observers agreed,..but'labor leaders denied a labor party was in the mak i n g . . , , . . ' ' . . . Off " year elections--Democrats interpreted. Iheir gains in Novem bcr's Iqc'Al elections as continu ing a three-year trend their way GOP chiefs discounted the result as having "no liational signifi cance." , ' · . . . D. Harold Olive Mrs. John Brass, 1617 Thirteenth avenue. The .Brasses' two sons Earlyon and Virgil, and .tlieir families will also be present to en joy a lale.supper. Christmas day Bensons will go to the Virgil Brass home, 2024 Sixth avenue,-for din ner with tfic Brass family. Mr. and Mrs. P . - H : ' G o l d s m i t h will open thdir home northeast o Greeley Christmas eve to thci sons -and their families. Gatherin at their home-will be Mr. and Mrs Neal Goldsmith, Carol and Brnce Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Goldsmith Bob', Lois and Janice; Mr. Mrs; Harold Goldsmjlh. Linda Gary; and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Goldsmith, Candace,- Kathy and Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goldsmith will'be with the Goldsmith relatives Christmas eve. Christmas day they will have dinner for her mother and husband, " Atr. Mrs. John Cribley, Gould Mich.; her b r o t h e r ' a n d sister-in- law,' .Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eakley and ' Barbara, Enterprise, Ala.; and her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. 'and Mrs. 'Elmer Wear and Roland, Lafayette. Lit'. B* Sure DEATH, Taktt d Holiday. Too! So W* Won'* Hav* To Er*e . . . the Life You Save May Be Santa'*: (and you twow wko' HE it!)-.'' ; · BE CAUTIOUS.and- C O U R T E O U S ' : ' i n TRAFFIC -"- Drive at safe.spceds."0b- serve Traffic signs.- Let your driving re--, fleet 'the Christmas/ Spirit of Good Will:' toward man! ,- · · DON'T MIX ALCOHOL and · GASO-; LINE -- be sure, you are" in complete control of your car, able to stop in. a split second. - ' · WALK SAFELY -you can be absorbed in your .thoughts »nd 'be-killed!MERRIER CHRISTMAS and a Happier New Yearl LOTT AGENCY Home Lodhi -- Bbiidi -- Iriiuronea. 935 9th Avenue Phone 702 . J.STOLL REALTY Phone 551 SEASON'S GREETINGS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS ANDERSON SEED CO. Vv ith reverent hearts we pay tribute to Him on this Christmas and hope that Hi* teachings of Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men will find''expression throughout the world. May your family .ehjoj^the! many rich blessings of Christmas! Adams Pharmacy 900 9th Ave. Phon« 1377 fcL t

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