Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 19, 1957 · Page 50
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 50

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 50
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[You Can Give Old Chair New Look By VIVIAN BROWN AP N«w f fiilur«i Wriltr Perk up in old chair with a stylish new cover. U you upholster it ol- vinyl, you'll htva ibe added advantage of easy care, especially important in the home with children, pets and party-giving adultj. It'll lake about three yards of material in 54-inch width lo do an average sued arr.iless chair. Choose one of Ihc colorful. Jib- rics available, equip yourself with hammer, screwdriver and shears, as well as burl»p and colton filling, and get to work. How r» Do It Here are some bints for expert upholsterers on using vinyl fabrics. Remove all old upholstery and lacks carefully. Put burlap over the springs, cutting the burlap slightly larger than that area so that you can pul) it taut and double the edges over before tacking it Trim off the surplus after it it tacked. Throw away the old bur lap and cotton filling. Use the old seal cover as a rough pattern for the new uphol stery. It's a good idea not lo Iry to cut it exactly as vinyl fabric upholstery has a lot of stretch and should be fitted directly on the chair to be sure there are no wrinkles. It's best to use oversize pieces and trim after tacking. Tut new cotton filling over the Z-Garage Car Is Replacing 2-Car Garage PUT BURLAP ov.r , pr lng«. AN OLD SEAT covtr mv.i · u n i r linger than mat ir« pattern for new vinyl fabric whtn so dege may be doubltd before upholstirins »n irm chair. springs. Then take your rough piece for the seat cover and fit it lightly over the chair seat. Mark the exact line of the edge of the seat as the line for teu-infi. Cut out shout one-half inch beyond this line. Then cut out the side and front panels, make welting and you arc ready lo sew, Welting is an important item in DOLLAR DAY Specials 1 Group Spring Dreggel 1 Group ftprlng Coats Shorties and Lony ; DRASTICALLY REDUCED JACK JILL SHOP 980 9th Avenue TACK INSIDE back of ital .t FINISHED CHAIR has profes- top. Git It tight, from »op to sional look, Bultons ire added bottom, itr.teh from ilde to lidt. for looks and will help keep vinyl taut. upholstering with vinyl. It Is inadi by sewing a narrow strip o[ viny fabric, about iVi inches wide around a fairly heavy cord. Make plenty of it and make all you are going to use at one time. The top of the scat should be sewn to the welting, then the welt ing sewn to the side and front panels. On all four pieces you should fold under about one-hall nch and sew it lo the welting :ace to face. (When sewing viny' fabrics on Ihe sewing machine, regulate It so that the stitches are about six lo ari inch, not closer ogether. Use a 16 number thread with a size 18 or 20 needle.) Keep the seat cover pulled taut as you tack it to the boltom rame of the chair with the front corners and then do the back Cut notches for fitting after the seat cover has been put in place, 5o this carefully. After you make he notches, tuck the scat cover hrough the opening between chair back and seat. Pull it taut in back and tack it to the frame of the chair back. Finish tacking around Aye! and yM really saw at this Dollar Day Sate Summer Comfort 1 MEN'S CANVAS . OXFORDS · Brown · Blue · Wine · Z-Tone Save A Dollar on Summer Shoes and Wedgies · Red Cross · Gobbles * · Mannequins · Florsheim (Men's) ' · Winlhrops (Men's) Fashion Point for Shoes in Greeley · 814 8th St. Ins botlom, placing tacks one inch apart. For the insido chair back cut a piece 6 lo 8 inches oversize in both dimensions. Put tacks in two or three places til [he lop ant pull it toward Ihe bottom ant tack it to Ihe chair frame. Ge' Ihe material as lighl as possible from lop lo bottom first, then work from side to side. Back If Easy The outside back of the chair is usually easy. The welling can be carried up the sides of the chair and across the top and lacked with regular upholsters lacks. Then the large piece for the oufside back can be brought right up to the welting, folded under and tacked with decorative tacks in a color matching the fabric. A few buttons may he added as an interesting touch and also be cause they help keep the viny' tight. Cover large metal buttons with vinyl, and sew them on to the front back before the outsidi back is covered. Use a long needli for the job. Sew the button: through the vinyl fabric on thi inside back and around the ropi or wood supports in the back o the chair. In Armed Forces Herman Visits San Francisco SAN F R A N C f S C O , Calif. CFHTNC) -- James A. Herman, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Herman of Eaton, Colo., aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge, visited San Francisco, Calif., June 13-17, following a major Pacific Fleet training exercise with the U. S. First Fleet off the California coast. Some 18,000 men and 40 ships were involved in the exercise. On arrival in San Francisco Bay, Vice Admiral Robert L. Dennison, Commander of the First Fleet, conducted a Review from his flagship, the cruiser USS Rochester, is the ships paraded in column under the famed Golden Gate bridge.' The visit to San Francisco was for rest and recreation for personnel of the ships who had been operating under intense simulated combat conditions during the first two weeks in June. The ships were' scheduled lo relurn to their home portt in Long Beach and San Diego following the visit. The two car garage soon will b* i replaced by a two garage car if today's trend continues. ' Today's home--349 vqn«n feet smaller than Dad's--forces Ihe i garage into double, and sometimes triple, service. A recent survey by Atlantic Engineered Products, Inc., makers of prefab garages, reveals that (he garage which once was merely a home for Ihc far is today classified under extra room. Not Room for Cir The report said that most people put bikes, garden tools, flower boxes and firewood bins undor Uic garage root. Many then add work shop:, darkrooms, home laundries and rainy-day playgrounds. Often there isn't room for Ihe car. Space for today's larger auto is disappearing in more ways fhan one. Home builders are construct-1 Ing fewer garages. The Allantic survey revealed that 75 per rent of Connecticut's new homes arc being built without garages. Build Your Own? It's up lo the homeowners. .Do-it-yourself and prefabricalion concerns are doing a record- breaking business in the garage field. Any homeowner willing to mix muscle with mortal can build his own relatively low-priced garage. Rulet Ara Given Whether or not you build the i garage yourself, keep these basic) rules in mind: 1. Build it big. 2. A nine-foot door is recommended for single garages. Make it 16 feet for two-car garages. 3. Include at least one pedestrian door. 4. Both front door and service door of house should be easily accessible from driveway. 5. The driveway should be as short and straight as possible. 6. At least one window is neces* sary for ventilation and lighting purposes. 7. Make provision for atlic storage space. 8. Concrete floors should slope toward door. In-lhis way, water dripping from car has an outlet. 9. Locate light-control switch in- sidp. house. Foreign Aid Real Defense Essential C. A. Herler Argues EVANSTON. III. HI - Underiec- iretary ot Mate Cnnsiun AI Hiriu Moadiy jid without U. S. aid the | underdeveloped nations of the world "inevitably" would (urn to the Soviet Union (or help. Herler, former Republican governor of Massachusetts, said economic «s'ij!snre (o ilifse ti "is no* 'foreifn »iT but ID esson- GREELEY TRIBUNE li»l part of our own military de-l Wednesday, June 19, 1957 i lions "the less developed countries I n * commencement day address|could not achieve the economic at Northwestern University, his al.' srou ' lh wh ,', ch wiu he| P thel » «· jmi mater, Metier said: i 1 " 3 " 1 '"^ "We are today Ihc only'nation |entitle ic Savic: ortit -itict caa; A T, Hf)f1prl»lt 1)»s I afford lo help in supplying that de-j J "Pits! which would giv«; SHORT HILLS, X. j. w - Chief nations an opportunity toijustice Arthur T. Vsnderbili ot :mak» a real beginning toward rjis-|Ne,v Jersey, credited with reform- '·"g tbeir standards of living." ins New Jersey's court system and Herler said that without u. S. once considered for the i:. S Su- |assijtance programs ind our vari-'preme C'oun, dici 1 Sunday He · AII, ,W* ( ,,e jiKianrt, t,-ii), ,2 ,,«-',,,,,,;,( i,,, e ),,,, ,;.. ..,, j,, ; ; 7 New One N. U. LT-AI- buqucrque officials are used lo per-pje missprlling the cily'j name. Bui a n»w on" ram* un iwentlv i in a IclUT from Johannesburg, jSoufli Africa. The Idler waj ad;dressed to: "Allrigneiene, New Mexico." Korea got new tire, cement, fee* iliipr and glass planli in 1356, Matchabelli Dies MYRTLE BEACH, S. C. Ml -Princess Norina Matchabelli, 77, international actress who .with her late husband founded the Matchabelli perfumery, and in recent years was patron of spiritual leader Mchcr Baba of India, died Saturday. She was born in Florence, Italy. IT'S AT WOOLWORTH'S Ladies' BLOUSES Imported and Domestic Solid Colors and Prints Ladies' PANTIES Acetate -- White Sizes 5, 6 7 and 8 "W 1'air 4 Pl BRASSIERES Slightly IrrSiul.r f | OUCCTC $1.13 Value, First Quality Red Label ij 0*7 I 1C OnCC I O Pepperel! fitted bottom sheets, _ Pair £i9 I HANDKERCHIEFS .IC.",,!!*,SMO ,. r '$9e UEU'C UnCE 39c value itretch host, A O7. men o nuoc louncoion o pr i, oiC LAMP and SHADE cB r^ 1,47 Fine muslin, 128 standard. DCh Dll I niMC 18 ' ln ' x Z6 ' ln ' Orion, linen-type A Ql DCII rlLLUIIO ticking, candy itripcd. ,, Pair £|31 WINDOW SCREEN US, ,, 5,98 Inch to 37 Inch. Electric motor guaranteed one year, SPORT SHIRTS - 25% OFF 79c Value--22 in. x 44 in. TOWELS Thick, Thirsty CANNONS Solid Colors and *\ and Stripes £t for 97 C 25 in. x 37 in. Tweed Rugs $197 66% Viscose Tufting, 33'/ 3 Acetate '. D Tutting. Colon. Gray, Yellow. Pink, £ Red, Blue,, and Brown, F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 814 Eighth Street Thomas Hawes Dies HARTFORD, Conn. u3--Thomas Hewes, 69, an assistant lecrelary of the treasury in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration | and also a onetime special assistant to Secretary of Slate Cordell Hull, died Saturday. He was born in Baltimore. S P E C I A L ! Take over Joe, I'm heading for HARRY'S BURGER HEADQUARTERS -19c BURGERS for ONE DOLLAR (Tax included) (Special Good Dollar Day Only) Served at these hours only . . . 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. lo 7:00 p.m. TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! Harry Cameron's Nodelay Drivin · South 8lh Ave. Tel. 497 HARRY'S DINER West 9(h SI. Tel. 5587 TOM KERR, INC. IS MOVING On July 1st -- Right Next Door To Roomier Quarters We CAN take It with us, but we'd rather not! So, we're offering DOLLAR DAY SPECIALS on all merchandise In current stock, as follows: UNIT LIST PRICE SALE PRICE WITH TRADE DOLLAR DAY BONUS TV RCA Color Console Sylvgnia 21-inch Tahle with matching swivel base. 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