Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 17, 1962 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 13
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V moo 6 · T LUCtfCI MALI (AP Newsreorurej) Hepburn Talks About Her New Motion Picture MOB, D«c. 17, 1»«2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Hag* 13 ·r tat THOMAS HOLLYWOOD API shoot from Katharine Htpburc lac-tors lark today: Ideas erythicg seemed vitality. Ev- like sparks from a grinding like dugs at our jobs 11 Mwkty Iminns SANTA WENT BACK to the office with Mr. Shnoo. There they found a letter for Mr. Shnoo »vit ten wi fine white paper with the letterhead engraved in gold. "Her Koyal Highness will visit Shnoo's Zoo the d»y after tomor lov," said the letter. " U last!" said Mr. Simoo. He rushed (bout the office putting things in order. "Thank goodness, ve are ready lor her!" "1 hope you will be the day after tomorrow." said Santa. "Why shouldn't we he'.'" "Too many strange accidents liavi- happened," said Santa. "1 believe someone Is trying to harm the 100 because he does not want you honored by the Queen." "Pshaw!" said Mr. Shnoo. "I don't believe il!" "Well," said Santa "1 shal stay here until the Queen comes for there Is certainly something mysterious going un and. to tel: the trutli, I am curious." | Mr. Shnoo fixed up a bed for Santa nexl to his own and they went to sleep telling each other animal stories. That night the watchman was pouig on his rounds when he saw wh.*u appeared to be the sun wheel. So when she is talking it's best merely to sit back and listen. important to us, and we worked lists. I can't believe they are the tremendously pinched, lecherous, scheming "1 don't believe in all this coo- pubhc. It seems to me i That Hepburn wanted to talkjthat the public appreciates was not unusual. That she would'tain mystery. The producers did talk for publication was extraor-lthat in toe old days. Take {females they seem to be to those jplays. "Maybe it's because my mother was an ardent feminist. Anyway. I've always had a great ad- Not Counting Porcktt BATESV1LLE. Ark. 'API - J. N. Waugh of Batesville. a tifise mover, says he's moved 3.000 wises in 22 years without an ac- ·ideut. Some of the houses went miration brought for lot women. They've of softness and iun- unattractive men think that they "I don't like the way WORM are appealing, and that's an act of kindness. JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! H« and KM mtnkiri wtft tn an liUrd urruniW by firt. · · i i ,, t, , . l'"J"'iu, 1 lUOiiJ lIU , kJUlJW *- ismg over beyond ihe f,snpond.| s l a n d it no £ ,, litf-aiiui if u a*.n t timn fnr Ihn inn . . . . . * it wasn't time for the sum monkey house there was so much smoke they could not enter. Firemen rushed up with hoses. They made everyone stand back while they poured water on the house. The monkeys screeched anc jliowled. Finally Mr. Shnoo could his to r: coat over his head and rusheo . ,, . i , ivui u'ci iiu iirmj aiNl IU31KU ·«. the watchman thought he,,,, lhc (iremcn and intothe ^ was seeing things as a result ofl an upset stomach. But while he rubod his eyes and considered going to his locker for some bicarbonate of soda, he lie did not need to see. He knew every cage by heart and the name of i very monkey. ^ Quickly hc broke a sky light ii^(,r"d""a"c"ra"ckfog"noiw a nd"lh'fj Thcn hc racod around "I*"' 11 * *« sound of all Ihe monkeys in Hie! 1 '^" and cal '"S out «K monkeys :oo screeching in [right. At lhc "Fanny. Robert, Hazel!" He sam time the sunrise became allwsled them out of the cages and bright orange color and (he watch-; 11 "* "«l ^rough the sky light man smelled smoke. | Tne ' did not noed urging. Hun- He turned on his heel ami raced! drw ' !i ot monkeys rushed out. off I - Mr. Shnoc' ihoutini;.! wl TM they were safe Mr. Shnoo "Fire: Fire: The monkey hou5e, cl ' ml)c d up and huddled with them Is on fire!" " !» "» roof. Everyone in Ihe wo came i m i - i nini; but when they pol to Ihe'fl, Smoke whirled around them and lames began to lick Ihe edges the root. The firemen raised Z.C. No Longer Has its 'Lome Duck' Session COLORADO SPRINGS - Students are buckling down to fall stmater final examinations this week at Colorado College under a new academic calendar that eliminates the traditional holiday "lame duck" session. The new calendar, inaugurate last September, makes possible an unbroken mid-winter vacation and a week-long symposium scheduled to begin Jan. 13. To make the new schedule possible, classes got under way al the independent college of arts and sciences last Sept. 7. Stu dents closed their notebooks a noon last Saturday and began reading for the eight-day exam inalion period, which began Tues dinary, since she has been elusive Maude Adams, foi example. The beauty into the world For hu, for reporters in recent years. public was never allowed to know dredi of years they have made The reason for talking was tojwhat she *«? really like, lelp along "Long Day's Journey nto Night." the much-heraldedjare portrayed uy tho new dri :ilm from Eugene O'NeiU'i auto-)^ biographical play. "1 Uiiak it deserves a hearing," she said resolutely. "It's a fine piece of work, a truly great play 1 think it's encouraging that such 1 a serious film can be done at a reasonable figure and that its commercial prospects are good "I was delighted to do it. It was a real challenge, making use a range of dramatics that I have never shown on the screen be-1 fore, O'Neill had a depth that is simply marvelous." The actress lives in a curious aerie amid the high rent district in upper Beverly Hills. It is a cliff-hanging apartment adjacent to an estate. She explained: "It used to be Jack Barrymore's. Dear Jack, he was so und to me. 1 did my first pic-j ure with him--'Bill of Divorce-i ment.' The lower part of this lace used to be his projection oom." She showed me a stained- jlass door leading to what i? now ler bedroom. Pictured in it were Barn-more and his second wife, Dolores Costcllo. as far as 130 miles, he said, aod often the occupants remained in them for the ride. The only trouble he had in 22 years, he said, was losing a front porch now and then. AUSTIN AUCTIONS SM Our Listing On Classified Pag* ClaMiffcatiM 48-A Coupon Special Canh and Carry Pants Pllln Skirts Clwned and Pressed 55' Now At College Cleaners · 915 8lh Avc. · 835 16th SI. adders but they could not climb hrotigh the flames. Neither coulc plr. Shnoo climb down. He anc hc monkeys were on an Islam urrouiided by fire and soon the slaml ivould be on fire. loo. Mr. Shnoo tried to be calm. le told himself that Santa would save them but how it could be lone U could not imagine. Really ic wn quite frightened. Suddenly he heard a snout go up rom the onlookers below and Mr Shnoo looked down and taw everyone gazing off into the sky. Mr Shnoo looked up, too. and saw al lis reindeer swooping down from above. Shaking their antlers nix tossing, their heads, the deer skimmed over the tips of the flames and glided down to the roof top A little fat man looked down from the bock of Horace, the lead doer, and greeted Mr. Shnoo s iih a wave of his hand. "The Reindeer Express!" he shou'cd. "Hop on!" Tomorrow: Heady for the Queen Hepburn settled in one of the chairs she had made herself in the upstairs sitting room, a mar- lighted room with large windows and skylights. And she alked. Here in abbreviated form are some of the things she said "I must say that we had a great era in films. There were real stars in those days, and rea characters. We were expected to be a bit wayward, and that added to the aura. "There were great stars In the group before me, too. 1 think they and we had something that the F R E E 10 50 MOR-VALU STAMPS Clip this Coupon Good only Dec. 18 and 19, with any purchase! F R E E Why not get Double Value with Mor-Valu Stamps? ALL CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS--get the gift you want and get free stamps for your group. Get all the Information at Mor-Valu Gift Center on the balconv at Hibbs Clothing Co. Mor-Valu Stamps are available at these stores: day. Freed from the necessity to spend ChrisUnas vacations cram ming for semester finals. Colorado College students will be free- lo leave (lie carmi!*-as soon as they have ToTiipleted their examinations. This puts an end to the "lame duck" session built into the con ventional semester system in which students go home for Christmas and the New Year, return for two weeks of classes and final examinations, and then Ukc « one-week vacation before the opening of the second semester. semesters," Dean Worner said, "permit review o! the semester's work, or perhaps a review ot :he work ot Ihe entire year, depending upon the nature o( the course." He said Ihe second semester!! reading period provides time for|| faculty members to make greater)! use of oral examinations as all part of departmental comprc-j| hcnsives. Basiy's Fishioi Shoos (dial Foot 1 Market Brand's Fool Market CawrM Coil CoMiiiy 8th Avnn Chovron EMOS Dairy Greeloy Chovroi 8th Avc. ind 15th St. Hibbs Clothing Co. CltiNrs Jowolry 91h Shoot Chovroi Piblic Market Sloll't Food Market GUI Famon Sorvieo GILL Horb's Cash firoeory LASALLE Hosoy's Fowl Mirkit HUDSON . - £ · ; Kiufc Much foot Markot EATON Jihttn't Grocery AULT -- i: r! The human heart pumps enough blnod every day to lill ; railroad tank car. NEW Compact OFFICE TYPEWRITER! Underwood Studio 44 All the important advantages of a full- size standard typewriter! 1. Standard Keyboard 2. Acwlernted Type Bars Larsjp Diameter Plater, 1 Touch Regulator ·5. 3-1'Osilion Ribbon Selector 0. K o v - S c t Tabulation H Onlv 98.00 plus lax Bach ma r*s ! . : · : : :".':!".' .;.. i-~ I-1 -.. "Kvorytliin.i? for the Office" Avenue Under lhc new calendar adopted at Colorado College, a full week will be set aside for a symposium. Although students will be required lo return to the campus tor registration Jan. 11 and 12, symposium attendance will be voluntary. Classes start | Jan. 21. "The Contemporory Arts and the Citizen" will be the title ofjl this year's symposium. More thanJ 75 expe rts in the fields o[ liler-i alure, music, art, dance and drama will take part. Included will be i number of Colorado! College faculty. The symposium will feature talks by Puliticr Prize-winning 1 poet Karl Shapiro, composer Milion Babbitt, orchestra conductor Gunther Schuller, a painting ma- 1 chine thnl has been programmed lo produce, "art." r.nd Ihe first Colorado production of Edward' Albec's "The Zoo Story." The new coleudar shifted fra-jj lernity and sorority rush acliv-i' illes from September to January. This permits new students an opportunity lo become l«?llcr ac-j 1 quaintcd with the social orgiinlzn- lions before Ilicy arc asked lo join. Those participoiing in rush week report back lo Ure cam-; pus Jan. 7. i As a result if Hie new schedule. rir,R term final examinations, ·ill be given May 17 thnraph \ and baccalaureate am! com- mejicemenl on May 26 and 27. "Independent c o l l e g e s arc lianpinc their calendars because icy must change to keep Ihciv Mac," 1 ," Colorado College I'rcsi- enl I«iis T. Brwztt noted after ic faculty voted overwhelming- y lasl spring lo ndopt Ihe new icndemic year, I "Wo have sol ourselves n ourse of {lellinp e\tro results' educalion from KMIct -than- aver.iRe pro^x-cls," Or. Benei!'! . "To win our csse wo musl liovc tilon^, disU'iu 1 -. «. iminsislcnfi,'s, ami hin- « lon; rmluifd as ncvitlcnl'- nhicit lKKiiiiP cusUini i.itlici Ihfln is criucfllinr.a! rallwi;*.^ " An additional .nlvAiil.n^r pro vided sludonts by the iww c:\icn-. d.u is Ihc- incrraw in Hie \fivi\]i of tlic pssminAlion (irrioils from r lo ei^ht days. IVan Uoyd K. \Vmner nnled lh:tl Ihe new schcthilr would ^o more Ibnn one i-\:imin.ili'm per day uiiltkcly. Final ex.iminnlions are niven followini; ,1 lliree-iiay rr.idmi; pcrisxl al llif rnl of hnlli s.-nios- Icrs. "The reading |ici in)s in hi^li "mcooiax Big, COOL CHASSIS SWIVEL BASE TV Vd^rriclj'VpcKir · 1 7ft^ J*l C«t* t'cna I IW\v Rta. 229.95 rHUCO ]U4 NEW! 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