Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1955 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1955
Page 17
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·CARR-7-^ Mr. and Mr«. Bill Collicott 'and family of Cheyenne will entertain at a; Christmas dinner. All the ;Collicott "children and their families''plan';to'" attend/-We Jim Morrison family ami the M. R. Cpl- Itcolls from C*rt twill iba' 1 , there. ,'. A Christmas diflDor"Monday will be rieM Vt-the' Leikr-Chadwlclc homo, for-the' Htchard Ayers..and Mahlo'ri Chadwicks.'. Mr";'and Mrs. Wilber Smith plan' tc'enlerUin the Lester Ch'a'dwiclss Sunday,-;-"^ ' Mr. and.'Mrt'.'.'E: O.'Chispe and family were' hosts Dec. ,18 at a Christmas' 1 ,dinner, -·tho' 1 V. Elmer Crisr*es from Denver wero : guests. Mr. and ^Mrj,.Horton, t^ni, lonj Rocky, p l a n ' t q spenA.'Chrlstiriis in Grccley ' with Mr. a n d . Mrs. Lester Underwood. V i ., ;;: ''. ; . . - · ' * Family Dinner · - , ' , - " . ; , jir. 'arid ;Mrs. ' A . T, : DcPorter arid Arvid will be hosts to the fam- ily'Christmas; day/ Those 'who'a'r* inviteS .Include "tho 'Lloyd .Galia- llns, Mra.'Lottie'.GiUatla, Mr.- and Mrs., Sherrh: Slater,; Mr.- and ..Mrs; 'Allen DePqrler and family and Mr. and Mrs.' Larry 'Batm'ah.^\'' : ' Mrs.. ^Laura' Ber're'y, mother,' of Mfsi'Hahloin ChadwicV,'. will spend Christ mas-'with them; Her home is'tn : Gree\ey..' ':. - ' . , - ' ^ . · ' . ' . ' . ]'. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Phillips and famllyVof .Yitiria' and Biid' Phillips will spend'chrlslmas at the Qeorge' Chadwick: home.'- ;/j. ,:..'C" ,-' :: '. Mrs. ! Margaret l.cisc'has invited Mr. and, Mrs. Gordon DiiBardj'Miss Rae' Tormey·' and her"fiahce 1: 'all from Cheyenne for.'Ch'ristmas' dinner. - V ';.'- .:' .. . . .... '· ' , ; ' ·Willis Chiciwlcki EntiHiliilrifl.;' ' A Christmas dinncir'Monday'SviU be'given at the'Willis Chadwick home. Those planning to'attend are Mr. and Mrs.'L. R. Chadwick, Mr. arid Mrs.'Couch,-Mr. and Mrs. F; D. Chadwick and'Mrs." Pearl Cunningham and Mary Ann. --' ''· · Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morrison-.and family will spend Christmas .with her parents, Mr. and.Mrs. BUI Dickerson of Platleville.-. : . ' i . r.^and.Mrs^I;, A, .qiHin;; will spend r Chrlstm«'.in th* -how*,at heir 'ton and family, the Alden Grlffini, 'at Cheyenne^ 'Ur».; Alden Griffin; who'is in ; a loc.-il hospit*], may'.not be able to be home for Christmas, as jori^irially planned., j' ' ' ' ' ' JQY5 : ,OF-: ; TH? CHRISTMAS SEASON BE "YOURS MAY THE; f!LLED"\yiTH:^- = : PEACE AND PROSPERITY! GL0UGH FURNITURE CO And in keeping with the Christmas jplrit w« extend our wishei to one and »lt -- for th« b«it of ·verything! Oart aDouataAA ROOFING CONTRACTOR - · and EMPLOYEES ; 131.4:15th Street They :Mad.2 GHnstitiiis: ' - ' ' ' i±~i;. Mrf,' ; 'ind ,Mrs. : :Lirry; Giffia;.'and Lee', will- Join '»'· faintly .'dinner - in lie home of Mrs,.GiHin t iv.fenls, the iDavW; Knouses "Of .Grc«l«y.Vi. . .; Mr. ·' .and' Mr»,' : . Dale '· Barnaby, Shela;:;.and -f^Jimmie will,'-have Cnrislmav'..dinner-- a t : th;.-. A. ; ,W. Barnaby.home/-..-'·....'... .j. t ··-·· : .One of the largest family gatherings; wjil-be; at toe'.M-.:E:.Giffin home'' Christmas-;eye,. Present will b« : their! daughters', and families, the George Balls Jr.,-of Pierce, the the .· Roy Bill-, Jon Frank '. Petersons . Jri,- Hayes, .Mr. .and Mrs. Lawrcn'c'e", Mr.-and Mrs. S. J.'Gif- fin:.nd ; .Mrl';ahd'.Mrs. -Jo": Dan- neltcll, and'Jim ot Chey^.--'e.'(i : .v' · Christmas.-morning ..Mrs.-': : Fcrn McFa'dden;aod'.son and 'wife'",-,'the John McFadde'ris of Denver, · .will join th* Giffins and go to the home of; Mrs.. "GiffiB and;Mr si-McFad den's parents, .the A.. J. Campbells at-Cornish for. dinner and the^day · Mr". and Mrs; Roy Brees will-be guests Sn the Elmer Hultt home in Pierce - a t . a family dinner 'on Christmas day.: . ' - . · · - - NuimPeople Plan Holiday : NUNN-Th e' Russell ' Peterson home, northeast o f ' to'\vn, will be the scene of a family gathering of the_Kpn}rnn famUy:_Prcsent will be Mr."'" and"* Mrs. 'Paul ·Dumlar"' and children, 1 ' Mrs.: Lois "Peterson' of Greeley,'- Mr. ' and .Mrs. -'Stanley Barfool and children' of'Casper, Wyo.; Mr., and Mrs'. Jerald Rains and -family of Hugo, Mr. : ahd Mrs. Fred Senger "arid children," Mr.'and Sirs. Donald Elder and Mick;' Mr. and-Mrs. -John-Keller and daugh- ter,'-sll : of Cflsj-'en-rcj-'Mr.-ind-Mrs. Melvin Komma, Mrs. Hazel Komma, Bill; Harry Donald and Tommy of N u n n , ' - ··' - · - . - · ' . .· '-·' · · ' . - ·.,; At the James Edward home for Pelts Pay Off "-"LANS ING r'Mi'cK 'ir2rFuf trap ping," though less glamorous than in the days of the'voyagers, stil takes nearly a million dollars year from the backs: of the mink miisk'rat, raccoon an'd beaver In Michigan; , ' · ' . . · ' . ' · .; Many of. the trappers are farm ors 'ihl th'tir.'«in.s£jsvhoje'rid .thcl traps after school. ". ' ,' The 'usual mu^krat lake ' eac year is arjout a 'half' million, itate Conservation department re Christmas-dinner-will *be Mr. : ,and Mrs". -Van. Shipps;-Mr.' and "Mrs. Albert'Jensen, 1 Mr; an'd Mrs. Lynn Shipps and Lynetta 'and-Mr. iind Mrs. Richard Jensen and Ricky oi Greeley. 1 ·* · ·· ·· ind" Mrs -E. E. .Foster _ sperTd'the"Christinas noiiaays witn their daughter arid family, the Wil liam Browns at Pueblo. The Wayne Foster family, will-be with Mrs. Foster's . parents, the Lester Kemps, at- their home · In 'Arriba. ' -. - . t ; . ' To Hav* Hou» au*tt ·" The-'-Eldon-Fosters-will have a their; house guests, for-the holidays Mrs. Foster's cousins,-Dn and Mrs. Johnson of Whiftief,' Calif. .Mrs. Roxie. Lemohds,' Mr?' and Mrs;. Fred Kovach, Mo'nq and Di- ana,'\rith.Mr. and Mrs. joe'Arm i tage and Helen of Greeley will en-. yty Christmas dinner in the home of .their.'daughter and sts'ler :.ncT family, the E. D. Yocieys at Chey-: ennc, ' Mr. a n d . Mrs...' James . Taylor, Dean and; Joyce will .spend, the holidays 'with Mr.' Taylor's mother! at Chieo, Calif., 'and : , with their, son,- Raymond, who is'stationed at' Treasure' Isla'nd, Calif, - , Mr;'and Mrs.- William Lemonds'. and family will entertain the G. L.j Lemonds', Mrs. Paul Lea! - Cr. of Greeley and Amps Leaf ^of Denver at their .home on'Christmas.- · Christmas-dinner guests'of Mrs.' Frank .Spath" will be Mrs. John' Ponieroy,.' Mr..i and Mrs. Claude' Shaull, David'and Claudia, Mr. and Mft;. : EarC : Sperber, Mr.'- and' Sirs. J.-.'D:;'Spafh and Mary and Fred Pomeroy,' ' · '-· The\ Bernard Sperber family, of Greeley will be guesls of "liss Ino' Sperber and brothers Christmas day. : Mr and Mrs Hoyce Boyd will spend Christmas with Bojd's sis- te'r"ah4 family ' the "Mockers, at their hbme'iri.Lakewoid. Going to ChiytnrM Mrs. Nell e Green will spend the holidays';with her'son and w:. c e,«l Dale- Greens,-at" their home in Cheyenne. -' , /At the'Br'uce-Weber home their children, Duane from:Great Lakes Training school Mr and Mrs. Charles -Weber and ton:''of La Salle, Mr. arid Mrs. llarvin, Weber and Susan-'of Ault, Ruth Weber oi Denver a n d ; t h e C. L, McKenzic family of ; Nunn, "will be home for Christmas dinner. .:· : Mr's.-Lena.Worley will ia'tlend a" family" dinner Christmas day at the John Polosky. home" Denver; Mrs.'Vplga .nixbri.and son, Edward Smith,; will .spend Christmas eve and Christmas'at the : Henry Wolf home In Berthou'd; They will be joined Christmas for dinner by^ Ke|th,;Kennelh and Milo Smith. ; 'Christmas eve and dinner |ufsU in the 0. A. Barnes home will be their sons and ifamiiics, .the Rich-] ard Barnes, Bill, Jimmie and I?og-; er and 'the Hobeft Barnes, David and Kathy. . . ; ; : ·· .Turntrt .EntrtTnln« ' ; Guests of Mrs. J.- A. .Turner Christinas eve for dinner will Mr.-Vnd Mrs; Thane Turn-r,.Jim; Carol and Irene, the Russell Turners, Jay and Judy and G. A. Turner: Christmas day the'a'wve group will be joined by Mrs Thane Turner's sister and family, the E. C. Cowserts of Denver foi dinmr at ihe'Thane Turner home. ;"Mr. and MrsJ-KirSy .Hart, Irin arid Christy will be with Mr. Hart's parents, the Louis I. Harts, at their {jomc" in "Greeley.··"-·;.-: , Mrs, Blanche Fairbairn is spending the Christmas vacation at the honie" of her "son and ,'amily, the Andrew Faifbairns, at their new, home in Salt Lake.City, Utah. .,:·'. lorls. Muskrat pelts 1 a r. t' yea irought'.about 51.ea.cli.'"'.-' ' ftlint bring about ?20_ a pelt ^n lichigan' 'trappers average abiu S.OpO of thein a year, The racco'o LUl'|averjfges''aijoiit'150,000 yea'rli he .'badger, 400,'and the skuh; About'J5,(tiO persons buy tra; ping licenses each year." (tinI; sun 'on that first Chlrjtmii ay »Ve m to cauae'tlw ihtdow «f'i roil to fall.upoia llie'manger?,;' Simeon, w[ip had waited king for od's deliverance, knew thit n«w Is'eyes had looked "upon Mesilah: "Behold this chUd L». set for .'the all and rising of many in Israel/' B u i ' what/wo'uloVjt' "do ' to. « ;other'§ heart IV Maw iOut b«r «y had ciuied the a'Terthrinr'el many of Uie great obet.of »artfl? V»s this'what Simeon meant jrhen e added:,'"·..'·'·' ''··.-.'-.·':'..:'i :.-·'·'· Mary--Kipt all HHM ttilnti, p«nl*rin« Hum In h*r r»rt. By. DR. J, CARTBH SWAIM .DIrtcHr, btp*rrm*nK*f rh* "Coontjl ef Church**'· · ' h^oJj .Series)^.._ ___ _. i: Of .events whica transpired, at the :firsi"t;hrisima« Luke yjn:ite"s;" "Mary kept' all these things, pon- .dering .Ihern in her h'eart t '' .What thihgs? '· Among them "surely; was the straw in which she lay as the child was\born, ands the rhang*f which--.strved~as i-ba;slnet. , f DW Mary feel'uiat the animals were kinder than the people? T ne innkeeper had no room, but the cattle did not oust her-child from .their feeding-trough". ' '..'"'.'".'.',- '' nd-then there..were til* pr nionltiohi about her boy: He wa '/ta 'iay« hli people from.the s^'-'But-wai'thls'-wliiit'lrii p« pie really .wantedT Would they no like it better If he led ; a. revolutic. arid heljied them. throw off. th Roman tyranny? How pppresslv it was to know that 40 per.'cent each family'* income was draini away by jjomel · And would'people w 11T5 rn'-«r.'' (3 od 1 i~ tprgi^e'nlis j ''There :was no place .for. them-in the inn." Would, there be any place for Him in the world? Did: th . ywiir 'O'WB'MU] !ili»"-f ;'. '.'";- ·" '. ..'.' t '-. " ' . out lorJker the' Joy rf .CSirUtmji.' It wa.'jhe wlw later told her S»:' "Wbtn i wdmu i» ia trav'ail iW h«T Wur.l . com*; but when ih« It o^rwecj at UMcliiU,''*k*;M loutr ru*» r kin: th* ,aj*ulaa, :«w joj tt«t.'«i child - U : ben ' toto ti. - wortd" ' ' (Joha Je*ui)"' ' 'The-good Will 'dncj;| ' frifthds 'ore worthy' incieed of! our "siricerest besv"w'ishes,for a-Merry Christmqs'anid ' a Hrjpp^ New Year' . ' · " · · ' . . . - . ' . - . " ' - ' · ' , · · ' Heal Plumbing Heating Co, .428 ; 10th St. · ;Phon« 2935 A Visit From Si. Nicholas . Twa« Hie nlshl before Chriitmot, whtu all tfirawfh tHt No* · cr«aru?« w« (tirring, net «Y*n · Tht trcKkingi w«r« hung by th« In Kope* ttioe ST. NICHOLAS soon weuM be Jht children were retried ill mug In Hiclr be«(i, , : . While vliioni of iLgar-plumi danced in Hi*Ir he«dii And mamm«.:|nih«r 'kerehief, ond I In, my. e«p .-'. · ; Had just «ttled our broin* for a long winter'* n«p, When.'eut;en .the lawn there are» I'ueh · "ekrttw, '_, :. . . . I iprong from the bed to »e« what wot »h« tn»tt«r. ' : A*ay. »e th* winddw^ ' I f)ewjik« fl«iH f ; ^ " ' · fofe.epeii Hie'ihiH«ri and tfj«w Mp rfie;ta»h.'. : ;'The meefi en '·*· '·breo'irt.of the new-fal|ti) tiiew ·'.. (Gave «i« Imtre ef mial-day *o ebjieh b«low, ' '- ; ..When^'whaf to my Rendering eycrthoujd appeir,';., ·.,-But.a minia'tufe slelghj/and^ light tiny r«irid««r, '. ' Wirti « JJttle eld driver, ·' lively and quick, . . : '\ : j-fcnew In o moment It mutt berSt, Nick. · · . | · , Mori rapid thaji'-'eaglei hii i£our«er« they «arn«, { : .' 'And h'e whiitled, and shouted, and called them. by name; : "Now, ;p«iher! now/ bancer! new, Praneer «nd Vi»enl. ; bn/Cemet! on, Cupid, on Bonder and BlitxenI ' .; ' to the tepef thepo'rehl to the toc.ef Hie wall! ., . . Now"daih ;awayrdaih oway! dinh away «H!". : .' , '. 'A» dry leayet that before Hi* wild hurricane Wy, ' . : When^'rhey meet with an obitqeje, mount to Hie iky; So up to the houw-lpp, the eoariert.Hieyiflew, . r With Hi* il«igh full of Toyi, and^St. Nlehelai t»o. . .And then, in a twinklingVl heard on Hi* roof ; ; The prancing and pawing of each little hoof. ; -, A«;l drew in, my head, ard was turning around,; ' Down Hi* chimney* St. : Niehola» cam* with o bound, 1 He w« dmted all lh fur, from hi* head te hii foef, And hl» clothe* w*r*,all torniihed with i aine« andjioet;' A bundl* of Tov» he hod flung on hii back, " 4 .'·t And he.looked, like a p«4dler |«it opening hh] peek, Hit eyei -- how they twinkled! hit dimplei how merry! Hii check* wire like roiff, hit not* Ilk* a ehirryl Hi* droll littl* mouth wot drawn up |!k* a bow, And Hi* beard of'hit chin wot at whit* at Hi* mow; The itump of · pipe h* held tight in hit t««th. And th* imoke it encircled,hi* he«d lik* a wr*arht H* had a broad face'and · little round belly, Thor'ihook whin he/laughed like a bowlful,of jelly. He wat'chuiby and plump, d right jolly old «lf, And I raughcd when I law him, in ipit* of myielf; A wink «t hii ey* and a twist of hit head, Soon gave me to know I had nothing te dread; He tpok* not a word, but went itraight to hit work, AndTrilled all the rteckipgi; then turned w'Wi · jerk, ' Arid laying hi* fingir atid* ef hit now. And giving a nod, up Hie chimney he rote; . He iprani to hli-i!ejgh, to hii team g«»e a whittle, .And away they all flew like the down of a thlrtl*. - , : tut 1 heard him exclaim, ere he duve out of tight, CHRISTMAS TO ALL, f AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT." '... : ^CLEMENT-CLARKE'MOORE /, 1 the Weld is Bank Member F.D.I.C. Clement Clarke Moore was a poet and educator. His famous poem.''"A Visit from St. Nicholas," was written for his children, Chrisfmas, 1822. It was sent .without his knowledge to the Troy, N.Y.-"Sentinel," where it appeared annonymously Dec. 23; 1823; If.has been ; a favorite ever sirice -- ond per" haps always will be. ' ' s

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