Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 3, 1976 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 18
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» n ..«« WilIlrt , lilw _ ]M Pieketttells why he signed Boise gets the quarterback it went after U.. I_L.. If i - - i i ^ Hr J o h i i t l . K i l l e n BOISE - Saturday was pay day for new Hoisc Stale head football coach Jim Criner. Tlial was the when Criner signed Dee Picked, one of people highi-sl on ihc- new- coach s most-wanted list, to a letter of mlent to attend Boise Slate and play some quarterback for the Broncos. Picket!, ihc former standout from Valhvuc High School. lvas one nf , he players lhal Criner had placed high on his priority list shortly after he took over as BSU's h«id coach three weeks ago. The reason Criner wanted Picket! so badly was that he's installing a new offense at Boise and he needs a quarterback Ihut can run as well as throw. "I need somebody who can run the weak side sprint. Dee can do all i;f those things and that's why I want him," Criner said two weeks ago. Problem was, up through Saturday Criner couldn't be any too sure that Pickcll would come to Boise. Seems a guy by the name of Tony Knap, the new head coach at Nevada-Las Vegas, also had eyes for Picked. Dee had been to Vegas to visit with the former BSD head coach and even though triiier had made a special trip to Walla nalla lo sell Dee on his program, things hung in the balance for almost two weeks. Finally, after a lot of soul-searching Pickc-ll made up his mind and came home for the weekend lo sign with the Broncos Tuesday, Pickctl was reached in Walla \\alla. where he's been attending Walla « alia Community College since fall term and the c-1, 180-pouncler talked about his reasons for choosing BSU. "Iguess the biggest thing was being able to play near home. It's easier lo play around people who know you and who you know. "I know f can live around the Boise area and I didn't gel back into a slitualion like I did when I went down to BYU. I was afraid lhal might happen if [ wenl to Las Vegas." After Pickell's senior year at Vallivue ilie graduated in 1974), he signed a letter lo attend Brigham Young University in Prove. After a few days in fall camp, he decided the place jusl wasn't fur him. He left and returned to the Boise area. In the winter, lie enrolled al Boise Slate and played spring football for (he Broncos. But then he found that he wouldn't be eligible for Iho fall season, because he had signed a letter with a four-year school. So rather than sit around and miss a year, he Iransferred lo Walla Walla. He'll enroll at Boise Stale al the start of the next term, play spring ball again, and this lime, because he's Iransferring from a junior college, he'll IK eligible lo play in the fall. liul playing in Boise wasn't Picketl's only criteria for choosing the Broncos. "I was awfully impressed with coach Criner and the kind of things he's planning on doing. I like Ihc sound of his offense. He's talking about play aclion and roll outs and the kind of stuff lhal I like to do." Pickelt was widely acclaimed in high school as a drop hack passer, sprint out thrower and a runner, and judging from his statistics last fall, his lalents haven't diminished any. Dee Ihrcw for over 1,300 yards and rushed for another 500. He had D E E P I C K E T T . . . Decides lo 6e a Bronco nine touchdown passes and ran for another six. He completed 57per cenl of his passes, led Ihe league in total offense and was third in scoring. And he did all that while splitting time with anolher quarterback -Bill While. "He (Whitci was awfully good and he was the starter for the first few- games." While musl have been good. He finished second to Picketl in lotal offense. Dul Picked's statistics prove lie hasn't forgotten how it's done Picket! also said lhal he's still very much into his other favorite pnstlime -- roilco. He's specializing in roping events -calves and learn roping. His taste for rodeo w a s something thai a lot of coaches who talked to him oul of high school dicln'l go for. What's Criiiui 5l i\ uluui ii" "He Ihought il was great." said Picket!. Prep stars of the week RANDYMARCHBANKS Nampa'High SHANE WHITNEY Vallivue High RANDY SKELTON Parma High MARKWILKINS Greenleaf R A N D Y S K E L T O N - Skellon has bee" Parma's big gun all year, but he wenl largely unnoticed as the Panthers struggled through a tough regular season. But now that tournament time has come around, Parma's been coming on and the 4-S senior has been a big laclor in the two wins his team has pulled ofl so far. "He's been playing the best he's played all year," says coach Larry Haddock " I t ' s nicetosee."Skelton had 25 and 20 points and I Sand 13 rebounds in wins over Marsing and Wilder SHANE W H I T N E Y - Vallivue is anolher team (hat's really.come on strong in Ihe tournament, and according to coach Jack Jones, Whi'ney has been a big part of the'Falcon surge. Friday evening in Vallivue's very big win over Kuna, the 6-5 senior hil 13-oH7 from the field for U points and added 13 rebounds. JIM JOHNSON Homedale High JIM JOHNSON -- Homedale and New Plymouth have once again made the A-3 title game an all- SWIL affair and Johnson's play, according to Trojan coach Garry Matlock, has been one of the real helpers for Homedale. In the Tros r tourney opener, against Council, Johnson had 17 points and II rebounds and then followed with 23 points and !2 boards against Fruitland. MARK W I L K I N S - Greenleaf is proving that its regular season was no fluke with its tournament play. The Friends have lost one, but are slill in the running for a state berth. Wilkins has been one ol Ihe club's lop perlormers all year, but he's really shone-(n the tournament as he's averaged 23 points per game in the playoffs. RAND* M A R C H B A N K S - Nampa is still alive in the District A-l tournament, and, nf course, one of the big reasons has been Ihe play ol backcourt regulars Andy Vasquez and Brian Stanton. But Marchbanks, a 5-7 senior, has added the element of outside shooting and aggressive defense for the Bulldogs that's made them a tougher learn in the tourney and given coach Jim Scott a big boost oil Ihe bench. HONORABLE MENTION - Jim Biltick has had a big part in keeping Notus alive so far in the A-4 tournament. In three games (two wins, one lossl, Bittick has been his usual consistent sell, hilling 20, 16 and 24 points. Dan Johnson and Randy Hopkins kepi Middleton rolling as they scored 22 and 18 points, respectively, as Ihe Vikings dropped Bishop Kellv easily lo move into the A-? tournament finals. Vallivue JV squad takes league crown I'AYETTK - The Vallivue Kalcon junior varsily basketball (cam laid claim lo tin- Snake liiver Valley league lournamenl lille Sunday evening,dropping Pnyelle69-CI in the championship game at Payetle High's domed gym. Four of coach Jim Graham's Falcons hil double figures-is Vallivue led from Iheoulspl. Rock Brown's 18 points led Ihe way and Dan V'ogl added 15. Busier Whilne.v and Leon Anderson each added 11 more. Brown also l«l Sixkiiter signs with San Diego SAN DIEGO (UPli - Sonny Sixkiller, who lead (lie nation in passing in 1970 as quarterback for Ihe University of Washinglon. signed a free agenl contract Tuesday with the San Diego Chargers. The club did not disclose terms of the contract with the 5-11, ISi-pound Cherokee Indian who played willi the Hawaiian* of the defunct World football League last .season. Ilif Falcons in rebounding, pulling 12 off llie boards. Tun Teraborry was second in lhal category with 10. The victory ended Ihe junior Falcs season a! 18--!. Ihe best JV record in the school's 12- year history. The Falcons edged oul front early in the contest, taking an 16-10 lead in the first half, but the Pirates refused to be lown oul and gut Ihe lead lo seven at halftime. The margin was still Ihe same i5(H3 at the end of (he third quarter and Ihe stubborn Pirates allowed Vallivue lo expand Ihe edge by jusl one more poinl in the last frame. Kniefel led Payette with 18 points and added nine more rebounds. Stewart led Ihe rebound stals for the Pirates with 13. Vallivue outdid the- Pirales on Ihc boards 4339 for the night. Valhvuc u u a st Pa/eirp 10 jf 41 o VALLIVUE-- Brown 11. Vogt IS. Whitney 11. Anaerlcn II, Garcia 4. Kingliain ». Jordan 1. Teraberry 1. PArETTE -- Ashvarth 1). KnieKI II, Snilh J. Filth J. Reyes 1 Grief*.Slewail la. ireuqel. Booth 1. REBOUNDING Vallivut JJ. Payflte )*. Individual! Brown 17. Tfraserfv 19. Slfwarl 13. Kritlel * Maryland under gun as ACC meet opens LANDOVER. ,MD. iLTIi - Tfie Atlantic Cnas! Conference basketball tournament is outside North Carolina (or the first time in its 22-year history, and !he pressure is squarely on Maryland coach Lefty Dnesell - whether he likes il or noi. Tcrp fans have hei-n complaining for years about whal an advantage Ihe conference's "big four" teams -- Duke. North Carrilina. N C. Stale and Wake l-'orest -- hail because Ihe tournament was played in their own backyard. This year's edition begins Thursday at the Capital Cenire - a neuiral courl although ihe Terps played Iwo regular season games there - and most eyes will be on Driesell. Winning the lournamenl is his only sure path lo Ihe NCAA's :t2-team championship draw- Bui if Driesell feels any pressure, he isn't showing it. "I called up coach John Wooden i whose UCLA learns won nine national championships i to ask for some advice about preparing a team for He lold me he found thai a relaxed approach was better. I'm not goine lo w o r r y ;il»u; il. The Marshall fight with MSU is still raging EAST LANSING. Mich l.l[. - Los Ar.gcli'S Dodgers pitcher Mike Marshall said Tuesday he will continue lo work oul in a Michigan Sute t'niversily athletic facility from which he has been banned - nu mailer how ofien he is arre.ilerl "If ynu allow even a trivial injustice lo continue, then the injustice will grow un',:\ i: contaminates th nilire sysiem." the .unspoken and oflcn philosophical Marshall said in a tclcplioiv- interview. "I will tie in there tomorrow al the regular lime in use thr: facility And Ihey may arrest me again if they like," he said. "I will ton linue In use the (anlm and gel arrested until Ihey agree to hau- an appropriate hearing m Ihis." Campus police h;ue arrested Marshall in MSl."sinlramural building twice in less !han a week -- once for disrupting a lennis jjame with hi* pitching practice and a second timo for refusing to lea\e ihe premises after he had been banned The arrests culminated a long-simmering dispute helwten Marshall and intramural officials over whether he should have lo reserve the !urf arena in Ihe building in advance to practice his pilching and hitting. Marshall, a graduate ns.iisiant in MSl"s Physical Education depiirlment. compared the situation to ihc impasse in ihe ma;nr league baseball player negotiations. Sim's gonna come up if we win it, and it's gonna come up if we don'l." he said Tuesday. Asked if he thoughl the Terps would have'a "home courl" advantage because they have had two games and at least two practice-; in the Capital Centre, he replied: "N'o. Do you really think so? "Defense is (he same anywhere you play, and 1 think you win games with defense," lie said. "It's really no different anywhere you play." li'tien someone suggested Ihe crowd would lie pro-Maryland, Driesell pointed out that six-sevenths of the tickets had lieen distributed through other schools. "You know how these people from N'orth Carolina pre. They'll prohably slay around here after llieir teams lose because they've never gone to the big city before. They'll probably get some good food, some clnlhes to gel in style and see some shows. They slick together like flies on rice anyway." "Ulien I was drmn (here. I used to wear skinny lies. Now I wear things like this." he said, pointing lo his mod heige leisure suil. The second-seeded Terps 17-5 in ihe ACC. 21-5 overall i meet last place Duke (M. !:)·]:{) in Thursday's 1 p m opener. After Dial. Ihinl- seeded \ C Stale iT-S. 19-71 meets Virginia ' 1-3. I n - ] ] : and fourth place Clemson i5-7. 17(!; plays Wake Forest '5-7. 17-0) The Clcmson-W.ike winner mcels top seeded .Will Carolina Ml-l. 2-12i. which drew a firsi round hyp. Friday at 7 p m . The other t w o winners play al 9 p.m. Saturday's championship game begins al fl p m . with the pri/e an NCAA helh. NCAA selectors will also choose a second ACC learn prohably N C Slate- or Maryland, unless ;m underdog wins Ihe lournamenl. In lhat ra.^e. Nonh Carolina would probably gel the If form prevails. Maryland, led hy All- America guard John Lucas, and N. C. Slate, willi the league's ie.iding scorer. Kenny Carr, should win their openers and advance lo a semi-final showdown. The Clemson-Wake Knrcst game is a loss-up. "Certainly, w e ' r e happy to have Ihr bye," ··aid Tar llec; coach Dean .SroiDi. "Jiul nn\ thing can happen in Ihe ACC tniirnainenl \ll one has to do is look al last year's lour namcnl lo see thai i North Carolina won the luurney after finishing third m !hc regular season i." Anil, asked lo pick a team thai i-uuld surprise Driesell chose Clcmsnri. a club on NCAA probation and harrcri from par- licipnling inpijsi-season toiirnamenls beyond Ihe ACC ·'This is their nnlaaial|)i»rnliifi," hi- said "Thej 've got a Int of incentive, and Ihey h.w perhaps the hesl shot hlocker i7-fonl-'l IVaiiir "Tree" Iti.llinsr that's ever jiljm-d in this league." N. C. Stale coach Norm Sloan said ho hopes his club can have shorl. sharp wnrkouls and face Virginia relaxed. Eastern has NAIA spot CHRNEY, Wash. (UPI) Dave Oliver took full advantage of a mit-and-une situation to break a lie and give Central Washington a 52--!9 win over Kaslern Washington and a lierlh in Ihe NAIA national lour- namenl. The win gave Central a 2-1 edge in a three-game series helwecn Ihe two schools for the one playoff hcrlh. Kaslern led by as much as five poinls through ihe first half, hut was lied 25-all at the intermission. Kven though Cenlral look the early lead in Ihe second half. Eastern fought back lo lead by a ·11-3-1 margin willi eight minutes lo go until Cenlral. in lurn.- fnnght back to lie il al 49-all. Oliver's Iwo free throws gave Central (lie edge, and (ireg McDaniels added one more point for insurance. Forrest hits 24 in win CKANU JUNCTION. Colo. (UPI) - Bayard Forrest hit for 24 poinls lo lead defending champion Grand Canyon loa 7457 win over Westminster Tuesday niRhl in (he opening round of the NAIA dislrici 7 plaj'offs. Aiding in the win were Bob Stout with David Everett, each Inssir.g in 15 poinls. 2ND HAND STORE 1167thAve. South, Caldwell Al! Sorts of 2nd Hand Items COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND · BUY .SELL .TRADE SAVE DOLLARS IM The Gas Saver Pill @ It's Here... AND IT WORKS! Users hove reported gas mileage increases of up to 25% Save up to 15C per gallon on every gallon of gasyou buy. Do it yourself... ' just drop Ihe Gas /^ ) Savei Pills in ; \f*,J your gas tank. '\K' Use only once ayeafoievery 20.000 miles. 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