Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 17, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 10
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Page 10 CREELEY TRIBUNE D««. 17, 19«Z Americans Out of Step In Measuring WASHLNGTO.V-Americans arelconvert all its weapon measure- ter of the telephone, championed s country mile out of step withiinents to meters by 1966. much n{ the world when it comes to measuring. The I'nited States, Canada. Australia, ;ind New Zealand are the only nations still using Fahrenheit instead of the Centigrade or Celsius scale to gauge temperature. Britain changed to Centigrade in 19G1. Almost 90 percent of the world's population uses the metric system of measures and weights, says the National Geographic Society. The simple decimal system recognizes natural relationships. It measures length by centimeters, area by square cent;, meters and volume by cubic centimeters. ·5 Ways to Weigh, Meourc Americans, in practice, use the metric scale in such fields as research science and the.pharma- ceutical industry. Camera 1 film comes in millimeters--8, 16. anc 35. The United States Army wil jusheb, drains, gills, and cords. There are three different tons, two pounds, three ounces, three quarts, and three miles. The the cause 50 years ago. He called the metric system a "labor-saving device of the greatest importance In daily life, however, Americans employ at least 85 different weights and measures. Length comes by the inch, foot. yard. Many measures still used chain, rod, furlong, league, and English-speaking nations grew out j mile. Area may be in square of Egyptian, Roman, and British quarts, are stated in teaspoons, pecks, gallons, barrels. I T -i J f i · i i'tr i ---- ·".·· i « vi »«·». ujvm United States inch differed from We steps of an averag Hint nf /",,.,,, J,, . . - I M tn-rn . .. * ° that of Canada until 1959. New Explorer Satellite Lofted Sunday i WASHINGTON (API - A new earth satellite was hurled into or- may pose a major hazard The Egyptian cubit was the dis- manned space flights, tance between the elbow and the middle linger tip. The mile, from the Lathi mille or thousand, was determined bv the thousand dou- he satellite--named Explorer XV! -into space at S:33 a.m. from soldier. King Henry I established the space agency's launching site integral part of the satellite as' Wallops Island, Va American scientists and states-l medieval England's yard by men have talked about converting 1 to meters ever since George Washington and Thomas Jefferson advocated the system in 1790. Early Congresses might have measuring the distance between nounced the satellite had achieved the tip of his finger and the tip of his nose. An early Scottish king in g on micrometeoroids - minute defined the inch as the average width of the thumbnails of three Meteoroids are composed of children, ranging in age from 2 agreed but for popular revulsion) men--large, medium, and small ogainst the excesses of the French Revolution, which hac produced the metric system. Alexander Graham Bell, inven iron, silicates and other substanc- to 13. Greeley Plumbing and Heating ICompany! JOHN C. TAYLOR, Owner Sewer Service Specialty Repair Work We Specialize In PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE Telephone 353-1962 1009 9th St. Greeley, Colorado in size. The rapid growth of international trade has spurred the adoption of the metric system. India, Japan, and Korea have abandoned their confusing multiple methods of computing in the last four years. Previously, Indian traders bad to contend *Hh^ 143 different weights and measures. One of the more picturesque systems for measuring land distances was regularly used by the Gonds, primitive Hindu tribesmen. They placed a wet jamun tree in their headcloth and walked until it dried. The distance paced was celled a kos-- about two miles. particles of solid matter that speed rapidly through space. NASA said early, unrefined figures indicated the orbit is at 52 teroids-possibly the remnants "of agreed'when" they" were"married degrees inclination from the equa- an exploded planet-which revolve that they wanted "at least 12 chil- or and has an apogee, or high around the sun between Mars and dren." decided to try to adopt the loint. of 733 miles and a perigee. or low point, of 466 miles. Its earth's path, .ime for a single orbit was report- " ed at MM minutes. The orbit was thereby become meteors, as they ed pattern of 861 miles and 453 which reach the earth are called Space desifaeri also fed to know which materials are most atrocgly resistant to such t*oe- trating objects. Accordingly the satellite is designed to: J. Measure micrometeoroid puncture hazards directly means of samples of space craft structural surfaces 2. Measure particles having different momi'ntums. 3. Compare the performance of ·it Sunday to make a close-up protected and unprotected solar The cylindrical satellite is 24 inches in diameter and 76 inches A four-stage Scout rocket snot long. It was built on the motor casing of the Scout's fourth stage, which was to go mto orbit as an At 3 p.m. the National Aeronau- ics and Space Administration an- pounds. irbit and btgun its work of report- iatisfactorily close to the project- miles. experiments appear to be operat- ng satisfactorily." The new satel- ite is counted on to add greatly o micrometeoroid data gathered by earlier space vehicles. Scientists need to know whcth- ciently abundant to represent hazards to manned or unmanned space craft. Family Adopts 9 Orphaned by Auto Accident CHARLOTTE. N.C. 'AF - Mr Jd Mrs. Dosald Meyers, who lave two adopted children aifl wo of their own. receive nine more youngsters into their family Mondav. "We need children We want,. " " '""" l f " a children," Mrs. Jean Mevers told C """· "* dQCt0r ' newsman. | The Meyers, who had seen only 1 photographs, get thvir first look at their five new daughters and 'our new .sons when they arrive here by air. The couple read in the newspa sembly. _ ^_ The total weight in orbit: 222 pers last 'jan. 13 that Mr. and The Scout is a four-stage, solid- when their fueled rocket 72 feel tall and turned in weighing 36.600 pounds at launch. es. Some may come from the as- Jupiter and periodically cross the Meteoroids usually burn anc enter the atmosphere. Those _, X T - _ ' -- -~.. -S..1U1 ivivi,, uttu 1IIUUC 1113 Ul'ZmC The NASA announcement said mate that several thousand tons known. Father Bryon learned that Explorer Xvrs "telemetry and of minute meteorites, or micro-the children were in the custody meteorites, may settle on the of Catholic Charities at St. Cloud', earth in a single day. These tiny particles may strike a satellite at velocities ranging from seven to 45 miles a second. Scientists estimated that the er the space particles are suffi- new satellite would gather useful data for about a yeai and probably would remain in orbit as long as three years. Meyers, an amateur mason and' DA]» \A/kn carpenter, spent Saturday alter-j ralr " n u noun PLUHJ the fiaishkig Iwek-! un a dining tab! for a family of li. Trying to be Bro»« CLINTON, Ky. '.AP)-A young ster who had injured his arm in a fall was brought into the office of Dr V. A. Jackson. 'We'll have to take a picture of "Doctor," the boy asked, holding back the tears, "do I have to smile?" Mrs. Walter Baker were killed pickup a ditch truck Lake, Minn., orphaning their nine Meyers and his wile, who gether. Meyers, an executive with Celanese Corp., telephoned the Rev. Paul Bryon, pastor of St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic Church in Minn. Meyers asked to be allowed to of Bobby Wilcoxson adopt the children. He wrote Catholic Charities in St. Cloud that "there is room here--in our home and in our heorts." Since their parents' deaths, the children have been separated and living in foster homes. Nussboum KinTo Collect Reward NEW YORK IAP) - Albert F. Nussboum's mother-in-law, whose ceive a $10.000 reward from Reader's Digest for information lead ing to the capture of Nussbaum':* alleged partner, Bobby Handel! Wilcoxson. . . The magazine said Sunday it de- Baker children and keep them lo- cided to award the money to Mrs Alice Majchrowicz after author! ties reported that leads supplied by Nussbaum led to Wiscoxson's capture. Mrs. Majchrowicz, in a letter . . . , . ., . i . «»«.j. «'"ij«-iii vn tvt, U| a 1CLICI *-'«v»\.V4 uiuv* *«v\.to lu* luawitic?* meteorites, and scientists esti- Charlotte, and made his desire to Header's Digest, said she had have sent to his North Avenue read in lost July's issue that the magazine promised 510,000 to the "person or persons who supply in formation leading to the captun The prmise of the reward in fluenced her to give the FBI in formation she hnd concernini Nussbaum, she said. "It was necessary for me to consider the welfare of my daugh ter and grandchild." she said. Car Charged in Kan. GOODLAND, Kan. (AP)-Auto heft chorges have been filed by Sherman County Ally. Selby Soward against two men linked to a car stolen last week it Fort Morgan, Colo. The suspects we James M. 'earson, 25. of Denver, and Lerojr Jiron, 22, of Washington, B.C. They were apprehended Saturday at WaKeeney, Kan., cast of here, by Police Chief Jack Kerth after Goodland officers issued · radio alert. Soward caid the two men abandoned the Fort Morgan car on a residential street hert and «tok another auto directly across the street. They were driving the sec- GTll I J 1 !_· . owtl-l. t t« J n^lc UIIIU1K fc"c D^v- K i, f? t Ca .? Ure ond vehicle when halted at Wain bank robbery charges, will re- Keen . v ·plvn X tlniW) ranv\rA r»n« D.nJ - * Soward said officials may file warrant today ehorging the pair with interstate transportation of a stolen car. Nervous? Who? BALTIMORE (AP) - For tht past eight years, pharmacist M. L. Cooper has saved some of the choicer order notes his customer! Shop. One of them asked for "1 small bottle of nerves tablets for people who is so nervous do you have any tablets for nervous?" There were other requests for: 1 box insane (incense); inarclt 'arnica): easy it tape 'adhesive tpe), and hair ranch 'hair rln*). India exported more than $34,000.000 worth of spicei in 1981. GIVE CARPETING A NEW VALUE BREAKTHROUGH IN CARPET LUXURY BY MOHAWK ...made ofAcrihn* in the super-wear patented Trendtex weave ONLY 9 95 sq, yd. Never h«ve you walked over such a luxuriously springy surface, looked at sucli a rich-looking car- pet that wore such a row price tag. Here is a carpet value event you can't afford to miss! Us lush pile is made of famous, use-tested Acrilan acrylic and modacrylic to look better longer. The many soft, sparklinpcolors of Popularity which make decorating so easy, it? resistance to soiling and heaviest traffic, add up to a fine carpet with the kind of lasting beauty and strength for which you would expect to pay dollars more! We don't ask you to believe us. Come in, sec Popularity for your oi',-n amazement. Open Evenings 'Til 8:30 -- Drive Out and Save! Greeley Furniture Co. M./TV** tyv. v.l · -*'* S *A " -· *^ ·'* -*f J?i a (W MONMOUTH OVEN PROOF STONEWARE CASSEROLE AN AMERICAN PRODUCT FOR OVER 75 YEARS with a Hew Savings Account of $100 or Kan or me Addition of $100 or More to Your Present Account at fmp/re Savings This large, family size casserole and warmer is hand made from pure stoneware day, glazed and fired to 2290" F. An excellent insulator, stoneware wi II hold either heat or cold... it is oven-proof, croze ond crack resistant. Set includes 8 inch casserole, lid and warmer baso with candle, WUH ordinary ««» it will last a lifetime. Open your account now at any Empire Savings office or if you wish, open an account by mail. Limit... one gift per account please... quantities ere CwUsd. 4'/ ·T percen percent CURRENT RATE PER ANNUM AND MAIl T H I S C O U P O N . Moil lo Empire Sovingt office whera you wiih account to bt opened. Encloied ii my (check or money ardor) for 1 ,,.«. Check Qni »W or nw.) 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