Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 3, 1976 · Page 15
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 15

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 15
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T1* Idaho ftee Press, Wednesday Miirch 3 , m _ B , MountainHomegame Thursday Nampa tries to stay alive in A-1 play By Haul Rulcer Free Press Sports Editor HnnYn : r l ~ r i St ' oU says il ma ' bc Mountain Homes confidence, more l h a n anything thai provides the pivotal factor in Thursday night's sudden-death A-i ,tktr, M tournament game wilii The Tigers may think they've got sleeping dogs on iifMr iiitiius. "I don't know." said the Nampa coach Wed- "L'suay. "I think it's going to depend on how they come out." "jf they come oul with the altitude that they're really going u, | a y j t on us j llst bv s h 0 \unB up' we ran heal them." ' W e might anyway," said Scott. "The kids, emotionally, arc really at a peak and they've been putting oul. We've had good practices, they're excited. It would take an excellent ballgamc to beat t h e m , but we're capable." Scott does know one thing as the t):30 game at Capital High approaches, [f AJarnpa is to win, il will have lo stop Pal Engelhardt. "We haven't done il yet,"says the coach. "And we haven't put near enough pressure on their guards." Nampa lias a let lo do. but ihe Bulldogs aren't complaining about their position in the tournament. Because of Saturday night's last-second. 47-45 victory 1 over Calrhvell. the school has a real chance at Slate A few weeks ago. thai would have been a joke. Borah and Boise play in the 7 p.m. game tomorrow and the Braves are favored. The winner there meets either Nampa or Mountain Home, and Scotl isn't forgetting that Ihe Bulldogs ripped Boise apart in Nampa during the regular season. Of course. Boise sort of returned the favor in its gym. The fad rr-mains that the Bulldogs, should they beal Ihe Tigers, will be playing a learn they've done u e l l against in the past. Afler Thursday's play, the scene shifts lo the championsbipoii Friday night, beginning at 8:30. In the 7 p m game that night, either Borah. Boise, Nampa. or Mountain Home will have grabbed off the last spot in the Slale tournament. Then Meridian and Capital, already in. sellle Ihe district title qucslion. "I'm not sure Boise will beat Borah." says Scotl, analyzing the opener tomorrow. "1 think il will be a lough game, just because it's an intra-cily game." Scoll is even less sure of how things will go between his team i4-18) and the Tigers 112-10). Engelhard!. the mobile 6-5 center, may get the final say. If he scores at will, boards well, and gets help from one of his G-3 forwards, Rich Estes and Chris M a r t i n , school's out. "They've bealen us badly on Ihe boards," admits Scolt, "And nol just Kngclhardt. Esles has, too." Il was Engelhardl who hit 22 points and had ID rebounds last week in Ihe Tigers' 57-48 tourney loss to Capital. However, M-llome coach Lew Montrose is never one to say he's been completely drycleaned, no malter whal Ihe score. "We did Ihe things we had lo do to beat lhem,"lic said Wednesday. "Bui we just didn't get the bounces in the last quarter." The Tigers did some very positive things in the game. Krom tt-'l behind, they roared back w i t h i n 51-45 with 3:12 left. They also outreboimded Ihe Eagles.'23-21. "With a couple breaks, we had a really gond chance to upset them,"said Montrose, who adds he couldn't be happier with his club's present f r a m e of mind. "We're peaking righl into the tournament," is his observation. Nampa. then, isn't figured a pushover? "No. I think they're gonna be ready," said Montrose. "It's a tournament game. There's pressure on both learns." "We have to slop Vasquez ( A n d y ) and Stanlon (Brian). There's nol much secret Ihere. And they have to stop Engelhardt and Schiller ( M a r k i . Schiller is the Tigers' 0-1 senior guard. A good shooler, and su far unsusceptible lo Namjia's pressing game in Ihe backcourt. This time. iez. Slanlon, and rapidly-improving Handy Mardibanks will have to make sure Schiller and giwrdmale Dave Kosl feel (lie screws. Marehbanks has really increased his playing lime, nut only because of his defensive work, but Ihe occasional jumpers lie's hit in Ihe tournament. Any scoring th. .takes Ihe loid off Vasquez, Ihe region's Mo. 4 shooter, is a plus Andy, at times, has n a t u r a l l y had bad nights. And Ihe Nampa sails completely collapsed when he did, generally "Marehbanks has been a big help, and overall we've jusl gelling more balanced scoring," says Scotl of Ihe tournament. "Bui nol really enough. We've got lo lake pressure off the guard line." The key. says the coach, is (he middle. "Mountain Hume hasn't respected our middle. They've pinched the corners with their zone, been pushing lough on the wings and creating trouble ''.ir TMir guards." "Wehaven't been able logo to Ihe middle, and the middle's been wide open.' .loel 1-Varsall. Scolt Alarkus, Kay d'rondahl, and Ron Bradford are Ihe forward and center people \ilin gel the open shots when Ihe Tigers throw everything inlo the corner to .stop somebody like Vasquo/. "Whoever it is, they've got to liil that medium- range jumper for us," says Scoll. Bradford, the C-2 junior who hit the lying shot in Ihe lasl 1:10 of the Caldwell game, may gel the as-ignineni on Engelhardt in Nampa's m a n - t o - m a n defense. "We'vebeen working with him. He's a litlle more mobile lhan Joel, and in certain situations, Bradford will have him most of the time," nodded the coach. Scoll was a little mystified over Saturday night. Caldwell, after a l l , had nt turnovers. 11 was surprising the Cougars nol only stayed in (he game, but almost won it on Mark lleinrich's buzzer shot. "Yeah. I couldn't figure oul how they came so close either," said Scolt. "We only lisd 12 ttir- UNDER H E A V Y PRESSURE ON THE BASELINE . tfampa's RayGtondabl tires against Coups in tourney THIS WEEK Wednesday WOiVlt-N-S COLLEGE BASXETBHU. NORTHWEST NftZAHENE al Waua Walla, Waih [Whilman gym) lor playolf WhilAarlh College Winner fo REGIONAL* at paciiic Lu'vwan. COLLEGE B A S K E T B A L L Loyola (CdiiF i a Ariicr.a Sfafe. non- HIGH SCHOOL B A S K E T B A L L A -1 DISTRICT TOUR NEY AT PAYETTE 7 a.m. -- Cambridge *s CastJde (Winner '0 S'alfl S 13 p.m -- Noli,* vi. GreerleaF Utter our; Thursday WOMEh'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL REGIONAL* A! Pacific Lutheran, sNrl at fMudar id.rnameni. N01THWKST NAZARENE IK H win WedreidaY playoff HIGH SCHOOL B A S K E T B A L L A I DISTRICT AT CAPITAL HISH r p m -- BoraW vs. 8ci«. lairr out 1 1C -- Nampa v j Mojnlun Home, laser 3Ul DISTRICT A.J A T NAMPA HIGH J p \n -- rtiicer vi FruiHanS. laier oul S 3i -- Courcii v* Parnj. lojer oul D I S T R I C T A J AT P A Y E T T E DOh*E 8 D m - Noiti Greenieai winner n C a m b n d g e - C a i c a O e isier. w.Finer to (hanp.onitup qarre and d-nchei Stale Friday WOWEN-S COLLEGE BASKETBALL R E G I O N A L * a l P a c i f i c L u t h e r a n , second day MEN'S COLLEGE B A S K E T B A L L W E S T E R N A T H I E T I C Wrcmin? at Utah B!G SKY PLAYOFFS Af'iYEBcR STATE I ]C p m -- Boise Slale vs. Idaho Slate 1 a m -- Norir ern Anicna vi Weber Sialff NJCAA REGIONAL^ COLLEGE OF S O U T H E R N IDAHO HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL O l S T R l C T A 1 A T C A P I T A L HIGH r ro S a 13 -- Capital High vs Me rid 'an. bolh In Slale. qamc lor Dutr-cl Crtanponihip D I S T R I C T A 2 A T T V C C . OnHno J p m - K u i a v s B^hoo Kelly, icier out 1 ', 3 m -- .M.ddfeicn vs vaiiivue. thjmjnnship winner la SUIe DISTRICT A-3 AT N A W P A HIGH i p n _ Tiuriday w.nnpfs. licr cul 8 10 p m - No* P l y m o u t h v j Hcmeda'e. D.*1nct Cfanptonship qame D I S T R I C T A l A T P A Y E T T E torn -- Chi^^onsh.p if jrtttffa'en (earn Mim Cdfi 'o -late 11 beaion team wins Saturday COLLEGE B A S K E T B A L L N O R T H W E S T N A Z A R E N E c p e n s icaicn COLLEGE B A S K E T B A L L BIG SKY PLAYOFFS e o i ^ c S t i t e r d a h o Slale winner and NAU Weber *:nn3r plav Or 819 SVy Tillo, Mrth .n NCAA wei'crf Reg cna's WOMEH-S COLLEGE B A S K E T B A L L REGIONALS- Paciiic Lulherar. l'.fll day WESTERN A T H L E T I C Arnoaa State a Ar.iora Wycmirg al Br.qnam Your? Co'crjds SMI* Jl Uiph UTEP al New Mexico N J C A A PLAYOFFS Q T TWIN FALLS Fin^i '·eufld. tnamp-c^ lo Nai.ooal lourramenl aF Hvjicri.iion. K a n a t HIGHSCHOOL B A S K E T B A L L DISTRICT A - J A T TVCC.Ontario TWO ONCE B E A T E N T E A M S PLAY vVirmr 1C Varc h I pisyod Icr i*i1 berri- m Stale 'ourney D I S T R I C T * J A T N A M P A H I G H TWO ONCE-BEATEN T E A * A i pl.\v- dr Ird place. *i"rer lo Slale D I S T R I C T A lal P A Y E T T E DOME THE NHL * t T P l i 0.1 qa 41 ig 14 » 171 in l u n it 1 til 13 ) 7 11 3 1 1 II! w t T pn qf qa n n n ** "s i'i 3i 1 7 I I I I 7 1 3 111 J] 10 IJ II "S »' II Jl 4 40 UO 714 1 7 4 1 1 0 34 l i t 7IJ C o n l e r c n c e 0 - v i i i o n w L T Pti q' qa II » 13 C1 7'0 141 II ;; ! I) ill 111 Hit II II 371 ;l , ( ] I 4' '"!, n i :( HJlll W L T P l l 9' 9" 4 J H 11 'I « ' 1" l( I I I I I I ! · ' · ! ] , , ) u I t 3 ' i 13! 1! 11 I !')«! »' C h i c a g o V a n c c u v e r Si Loim Pil|\t]urq*i Dei/ail fluH.HO roronla KENTUCKY (DARK) AND MARYLAND DUELED LAST NIGHT * * * * * * * * * ' Indiana, UCLA hot in city 7th ball Hi itatiten N A M P A - W i t h jusl one more league game left for encli team in Ihe N a m p a Little League 'sovenlh grade 1 , the l i m e has come to talk tournament As the end of the regular season approaches, it looks like I n d i a n a ami L'CLA have trie momentum, hut Ohio Slate. 'Rama. Kentucky and Washington are close and for that matter. M a r y l a n d has been coming on. Tonight Ihe 10 seventh grade coaches met with L i t t l e League officials lo seed the teams for tlie tournament, which starts March ninth aw! will run on different days unlit March 17. After Ihe 17th. all games will he al Central as the tourney winds down into its championship stages. In the regular-season race. I n d i a n a , Ohio State, and K e n t u c k y were No. 1 with 6-2 records, while UCLA was a step behind at 5-:i. This Friday, the league w i l l send eight learns lo M e r i d i a n . Lowell Scoll, and Eagle schools in a final luncup before Ihe tourney. Indiana, one of the co-leaders, has the (op overall record in the loop al 9 2. Scores from last w e e k includod Kentucky ."A Indiana 44: Washington H4. Alabama 33: Ohio Stale -13. M a r y l a n d 3»: i:C!,A 44. Lowell Scoll No. 1 13 in Ihe year's first overtime: Indiana 34. l/nvcll Scnll No. 2 with 20: Notre Darnell. Lowell Scott No. :lwi(h 17: Alabama 27. Meridian No. : i w i t h - i . Meridian No. 1 33. N o r t h Carolina 18: Ohio State m . Meridian No 2 w i l h l.i: Maryland defeating M e r i d i a n No. 1 by 31-fi and Scoll No. 4 heat USC 22-18. ,1 |J York had 32 points, Julian Salutregiii 14. and a red-hoi. 35-point first half carried Kentucky past N C. Scott Snyder i 2 0 i and Uon Kinricy ' 1» led the losers Snyder got H s e c o n d - h a l f points and l e a m m a l c .lack Morris had ciglit in the second half, tail Kentucky gol too far in front early. In a game air-light all the way, Scoll Krd- m n r n . Chris King, and Charlie Mori were the playmnkers for Kevin Kowrr and Tim (Icn- zales of Washington Koive had IB, Gonzalcs 14. and 'Harna replied w i t h lirad Cnldwell's 1C and Illake McCalluin's 13. Ohio Stato came from 8-3 behind lo beat Maryland in anolhcr close one. even though it finished with four players nftcr gelling into (oul trouble. Jay Murray had 14 points and Curtis I'armcr 10 for Maryland, while OSU noi |fi irom Draig Gardner. 12 from Ricky Lobaio, and seven from Scolt Uiwrcnce. It wns Uii£! P.iniels, ijoiig Gardner, l-awronce, and Carlos L'orlczwho held off Maryland with a four-man s t a l l . In UCLA's overtime win, M a r t i n Galindo w a s at il once more. If he keeps it up, they'll start calling Marlin The Machine. Gulindo, with fine assists from James Carl. M a r k I'ullmer. John Geier. and. Larry Widiek, had 41 points. UCLA, in winning its fourth of five games, also had good rebounding from Hobby Collins, Drew Mason, and Jay Evans. Indiana jumped ahead 10--! against Lowell Scolt No. 2. ami with Mark McCurdy and Hector Gara hitting eight apiece, and Joe Cliaslain defcnsing (he devil oul of Scotl's Unn Spielman. the resl was easy. Chastain and Corky Davis scored seven points. Dave Lively hail 18 points as Notre Dame started to put things logethcr for the tourney by Iwaling Scolt No. 3. Todd Garlic had eiglil points and Duane O'Very and Ken Milbourn were assist leaders for the Irish. USC. ahead 7-0 in the first q u a r t e r , fell behind «-7 by h a l f t i m c and couldn't buy a free throw in its defeat. Neil Hussell led the Trojans w i t h eight points, Itobcrl Burnett had five Brad Caldwell. Hlake McCallum. and Charlie Wcslerbcrg provided the punch in 'Mama's win over Meridian No. 3. w h i l e Scotl Snyder 171. Jack Morris ( S i . and Tndd I'inller f 4 i led North Carolina in its deloal (11 n good Meridian No. 1 learn. Uicky l.obaln's p l a y m a k i n g and 15 points, Doug Gardner's 14, and Doug Thurman's eight paced Ohio State over Meridian No. 2. Doug Daniels also had several assists. Coach Max Poullon's Maryland learn has looked pretty good. It did in a 31-0 win over Meridian No 4. as six of eight players hit. Curtis I'armcr had 12. Jay Murray B, and Dand Martin 5 points N A M P A L I T T L E L E A O U E STANDINGS I T H C d ' . D E - U P T O F E B . i ; W L W L Scaion Indiina Ohio Stale i ) 7 ) Kenljcky ( J 7 3 UCLA t ) t i Alabama 4 4 t 4 Waihmqlon 4 4 j s NorrcOame 1 s s * North Carolina 3 j j j USC i l l ) Maryland 1 7 1 1 LATEST SCORES K E N T U C K Y n. North Carolina II; WASHINGTON !S, Alabama 31; OHIO S T A T E 41 r Maryland 31. UCLA aj, Lcwrll Scott No 1 4 ) . INtJlANA ]l. Lowell Scoll No 1 ]0; NOTRE DAME It. Lowrll Stnll No ! II; A L A B A M A J! MerllianNo 13) 1; MERIDIAN No I 11. Norlh CjrcliM II: OHIO STATE II. Mm**/) Ho 1 It; MARYLAND II. Werid.AnfNfi I) 1. 1 OWtl I SCOT; Nn an. USC II Goodyear Tire Super Market Values A- rft · nil r» · r ij i A i n ·· · Bias Ply, Bias Belted And Radial Plus S1.82 '.o 52.76 F.E.T., depending 31 s ze. Listed sizes fit models of Falcon, Dart. Maverick, Mustang, Camaio, Clieviolet. Charger, Cougar. Ford, Cenluiy.Cutlass.Buick. Grand Prix, Olds. American Motors. Dodge and others Any size listed, one low price: E76-14, F78-K, G3B-14. G78-15 $ 29 $ 30 $ 33 $ F78-I $ 35 'Cushion licit I'ohglas BlackHallwilh trade. Plus $1.82lo $2.65 F.E.T.. depending on si?e Whitewalls at slightly higher prices. Listed sizes lit'noWs of Vega, Pinlo, Atr.ericai Holois.Pc.iliac, Dcdje. Foii. Cne«ilet. Mefturj it.t Mm. $ 44 $50 $ 51 'Radial UhiicHall with'Irade. AR78-13 with trade f'l.Ji Si v? :: S 3 ? i F.E.T o o r e n d . n g c - s . : Lisleil si«s fit models ol ii{i. f\t'.c. Chevroltl. Fcrt. Anentan Mjtors. Ciirysler. Suick. Cadihac and ethers Other s ; zes o r o p o r t i O T a t e i y o r ' 8 Ways to Buy · Cash ·Goodyear Revolving Charge Our Own Customer Credil Plan · Master Chaige ·BankAmericard t American Epfess Hooey Card .Carte E'anche · Diners Club See Your Independent Dealer Fot His Price. Prices As Shnvin Al Goodyear S e r v i c e Slores. Lube and Oil Change rngine liinc-rp Brakes ^our Clioicc IJ? T. I GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 1111-1stSt.S., Nampa 466-8411 OPf N DMLH MUu 6 P.M. SAT. 9 UUo 5 P.M. TARTERS OK TIRE STORE 127-11th Ave. N., NAMPA, 466-9241

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