Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1955 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1955
Page 12
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Saturday, Doc. 21, 1955 CiKEKLEY TUIBUNE In The Doghouse NEW BRITAIN, Conn. HI--'Hires patrolmen had to rip the root of( a doghouse to i-rrest Henry Mascl- has, 38, on a breach of the peace charge entered by his '-'c. Mascl- bas was hiding in the house. Amateur Haircut ,COLUMBIA, S. C. U1 -- Charles N. Jclcr was fined $40.^0 for culling off his wife's hair after lying her lo a bed with stockings'and dcihcsivc tape, ile offered no explanation for his action. They Made Christmas: 1, King Herod Thank You... . . . ii the most sincere expression we know of to.convey our appreciation for the friendship, cooperation and excellent business relationship which were so important to our mulugl benefit during the pas! year. May we «'xtend to you and yours a message of good cheer and much happiness at Christmas lime. MELVIN BAStY COY DICKEY MARVIN CREW RICHARD ROUSH LEOLA UA TORRA DEBORAH GALLAGHER RANDALL GALLAGHER 808 8th St. HEROD--Roman puppet, By DR. J. CARTER SWAIM Dirtctor, Department of th* English Blblt, National Council of Churches, EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of a series ol seven stories on the people in the Biblical report on the birth of Christ, written by a leading authority on the English Bible. The ancient world had no better way of fixing time than by reference to the reigning monarch, Luke (1:5) dates hirlh of Jesus "in the days of Herod, king of Jurlca." In a frantic effort 16 get rid of a n y . who might take his Ihrone, King Herod "killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all thai region who were two years old or under" (Mall. 2:16). Bul that was nol an unprecedented example of his cruelty: he hnd already murdered two of his own sons, suspected of plotting against him. Many kings Ixne Ihe name of Herod, hut this one is called Herod the Grcal, The title was bestowed by Ihe Romans for carrying out in his,part of the world the grandiose plans of Augustus. Herod gratified his dreams of magnificence by an extensive building program, which included iho reconstruction of the 'temple in-Jerusalem, and the erection of the luxurious quarters for his wives, o( whom there were ten all 'told--ninc-V'at one lime. He decreed tliat on the day he himself died, all the leading citizens should be put lo death. This was lo insure that there would he mourning in the land' Augustus said he Wiihdrawal of Public ! Land from Appropriation, Some in Weld, Announced A proposed wilhdrawal of 4104 acres of public land in Loganj Morgan and Wold Couniies, from all f o r m s ' of appropriation under the public land laws, except-the. mineral leasing laws, subject to existing rights, was announced today by Max Caplan, Slate Supervisor, Bureau of Land Manage ment, 3.i7New Custom House, Den ver, Colorado. The lands .are to be used by the Colorado Game i Fish Commission in connection with the Soulh Plalle" River Management Area and their slate-wide walerfowl management program. The Stale initialed development of Ihe South Platte River' .Maiv agemenl Area' as a wildlife refuge and public shooting grounds in 1047. The U. S. Fish..4 1 'Wildlife Service'reports lhal the State has expended $43,300 in developing the area, and approximately $10,000 annually for Ihe past five years in maintenance cosls. In all, upwards of 5300,000. of Stale and federal monies Save been invested so far in the wildlife program planned for this area. The lands for which a reserva- lion order is proposed are of two habital groups. The first group is primarily walerfowl habitat and will be included in the Slale's operational plans for managing Ihe large migratory water-fowl population which passes through this part of the State. The remaining lar,ds are best suited to upland game and will he managed as nesting and holding sites for pheasants, rjuail, rah- next fall. Privately, they, concede Eisenhower still the hardest to beal. · When Eisenhower will announce his Intentions is ur certain. Pre_dictions range from laic January lo somelimein March. - Democrats will nominate their ticket in Chicago the week of Aug. 13. Republicans choose their candidates a. week later in San Francisco. ' ' · . ' .' ' " I'Congrcss, which mccls- in "January, has half a dozen impor- tanl ilcms left-from the' 1955 ses'- sion. One" is whether to continue Iho Rcpublican-b a e k e d , flexible price supporl f a r m program or return,to the Democratic high rigid price props. · The - administration has promised a new farm program built around flexible supports. Democrats, who carried the Midwest farm stales in 1948 bul losl t h e m in 1952, will push ll.cir own measure. They are making the farm question their top issue. . - . The,1956 session of the Sllh Congress will have two programs to work on, one by Eisenhower and a 13-point program prepared by Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas, majority floor leader. The latter includes s-prcpccs! for .an incorhc' lax cut for low income groups. . .'. D. Harold Oliver bits and in some instances, prairie chickens. Suitable areas will also be used for. production of small grains for waterfowl'feed in an allcmpl lo further alleviate the depredation of crops by waterfowl on m a n y of the neighboring farms,A detailed description of the public lands involved in the proposed withdrawal will appear shortly in the Federal Register and .will be posted in the Land Office at Denver and in the courthouse and post- office nl Sterling, Fort .Morgan, and Grceley, Colorado. A 30-day period from the dale of publication in the Federal Reg- isler is provided during which written comments or objections may be submitted by the public. , Dual Cocos MELBOURNE M -- -The Cocos islands group in Ihe Indian ocean has been made a parl of Australian territory with Australia taking over the cable station which as- sis,ls shipping. 'operations in that part of the world: There is another Cocos island not far from the Pacific gateway ' of the Panama ' 1 This Cocos island belongs to Costa Rica. 1 Lineups Prepared Eaton Yule Festivities EATON -- Mr. and Mrs. A, A. Tinn are spending Christmas, in Tacoma, Wash., will).their granddaughters, Diane, Nancy and Susan and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Hiaif. The Thins drove to the Pacific Northwest, -Mrs. Belle Gillie went as far as Boise, Idaho with them to spend Christmas wilh .her son.-i.n:law ; ;..and daughter, 'Mr', and Mrs. Ja"mes Wesier and Stcvie. Also traveling to the.West 'Coast for- the holidays' were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. 'King.AThcy are spending Christmas wilh Iheir and daughter, Mr. ami Mrs. Hfey -E.. Honghton Jr., ahc Honolulu. Mrs. C a z e r - j o i n e d - h i m at Honolulu two years ago. She Is the former Marian Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wilson. Cazcr's parents are Mr. and Mrs.'G. C. Cazer.-. . '· ' '-.'": ' M r . arid Mrs. Fred Johnson recently of Briggsdale are just about setlled in home on Elm street. They have added a^ sun parlor and carport. The Johnso.ns' son and daughter-in-law, Mr. arid Mrs. Homer Johnson and family, recently of Briggsdale, now making their home in Wellington will entertain at a family dinner Christmas day. Guests will be the Fred Johnsons and the.Clarence Kirk 'family of Ealon and the Wilbur Gish family of Cheyenne.'. Mr! arid Mrs. E. W. '.Widmaicr were in Denver Insl weekend;lo be with their daughter, Julie, who flew in from Los Angeles for the day. Miss Widmaicr, stewardess for -United Airlines, returned to Los Angeles 'on t h e 7:3.0 p.m. flight. She-Will spend her Christmas vacation in Ealon, arriving in Denver Christmas eve. Mrs. Dick Brown and small son, Carey,, arrived recqnlly from Iheir home in San Angeio, To.x., to spend .the holidays with, her par-. enls,"Mr: and Mrs. Marvin Collins, and Gloria Overman and other relatives in Weld County. Lieutenant Brown joineil his f a m - ily here. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. duy Brown of Salt Lake .City will be here for the New Year weekend. -Mr. and Mrs. Byrl Niswangnr of Denver are spending Christmfes weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A: Niswanger. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hill "and James have invited Mrs.' Janet Dcnhajn, Mr. and Mrs. David Hill, Kathy,.Dick and Joan of Greelcy, M'iss Sara Hill, Mr. a n d Mrs. Ralph Waldron and Mrs. Bert Lair lo have Chrislmas dinner in their home. J o i n i n g - a t dessert supper will be Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hill and Mr.''and Mrs. Randall Yates of Carr. Mrs. Elhel Manion and Marlha will he hfisles'ses at a family din- 'ner Christmas' day. Their guests will be Messrs. and Mesdames brother-in-law and sister, Lieutenant Colonel and. Mrs. Perry BaS- com, ;and -theirv six .children for a ew days x ' From 'there ' ' ' the /picked .where they vlsiled Mrs.-'Haza'rii's first orders he had been asslgrud o Camp Carson, Colorado Sprlnji. In recent greeting to friends the Hazards'.said,,.they, -had 'spent.,! . busy-year, i n ; Okinawa' imJ., that the lime'had passed alftoarapid- ly.-;;it proved .'anyiritereslirigVex-.' pirlcnce tor-Jail," "sceihg.'the-dlller- cnl customs of the people; of/the Ryukyiis. islands where, the'.'con- slr'ucUon'of houses is fantastic and goes on for'.24'hours' of the .day. Thai part of the world is noted'for wild Ladies, that is, typhoons. However "this-year has b«,un- eventful orje,; with 'several 1 -'t y- ph'ooris. passing ,qu,itb close =.with only one striking the .Island. The children of 'trie island look .Ifpr- few days x ' From 'there inc San 'Fjaricisco;';wli«e ; th up their- catVand. started across'e'.-f 'stiles.' Jliey reached Denver J.Christmas'.- Eve' and ', arc spending' Ihe? hqlidayV' wilh '-Mrs. Hazard's '.parents^; Mr.]. and :' Mrs. John i.e.* Caseyy brolheHn-law and sister.'-.Mr, .anjTMrsJ .Verh Welsh! arid.-'! their' Jr|r.eeV sons,'. 'arid with other /relatives ; itij? Denver :}'a r n d Lon'gmor'it.i From. lie. river, they. will drlve';.east .via-.Omahi'wliera they will visit. Coir-Hazard.^ 'relatives ' - : ; . b«(fore,'-driying : dn_to-F.6rt ; Dix, .N. j;;\lhc^v;ioncrs, '.lew .station. · ..' ward"io Iheir. 1 coming as they" are ablejlo slay home from schooL 1 The,American voter Is in for an almost continuous dose of politics in 1956 with two of the big questions posed at the outset: 1 -- Will President, Eisenhower seek a second term despite his September hearl allack. . 2--What will Congress do with the politically potent farm prob- to these questions lem? Answers could -have an imporlant influence on the oulcome of Ihe November elections. Should Eisenhower get a comr plete recovery .sign from his doctors and decide In seek another term,' it would solve a lot of GOP problems and raise, hopes of a Republican victory. Should ha bow out, a scramble for the nomination will be* on. . . . Democrats claim publicly they can win against- any Republican their - -three /--children,' Marsha Susan and Phillip. . Joining the exodus' of Eatonitcs who'are'spending Ihe holidays in other slates .are ,Mr. and ;Mrs. York Saxlon who left Dec. 19 to spend. Chirstmas , with .their r -sqn-' in'-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Saxton and their children, James arid Bonnie at Philadelphia, Pa. Joining Ihe'm Ihe'rc will be Mr. and Mrs. Herman Scheller Niria-Saxlori) from'Piltsburgn. The Saxions will be gone a month) dividing t h e i r - t i m e between the Schcllers'and the Saxions. .: ' Boarding the ' s a m e train, the City of Denver at La Salle were Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer Rutherford and Miss Adelc Rutherford who are spending Christmas wilh Dr. and' Mrs. Dean McClure (Mar : garet Ann Rutherford) anil child : ren at Pittsburgh. They went as fir as Chicago on Ihe City, of Denver', and from there-they flew to Lansing, Mich., where they Cleet Bennett of EaloS,'' Ernest Bennett and family.'.o'f-;-.Gfeclcy, Leslie Bennett ami family, Bob Bennelt arid family.'ofiFojt Collins and Irvin Adams; and family of Lucerne. · -.;'';.-. ; J ' ' Lieuteiiant. and Mrs. Alyiri"'Dbr- sey Jr., (June Wykcrl)." arrived Dec. 23 frbrj}''-San Angeio,' Tex., to "spend the, holidays with their parcnis," Mr.'atirt--Mrs.:--Alvin Dor- se.y and family! arid Mrs. Bill Allman and f a m i l y , jand' other relatives in the area.; \ T .! '-I- ' . Mrs. Hqward/^Iiang j 6 f r Grcclcy is, spending the' holidays^al-Bailey .with".the Gordon Tripp jand Jim Ijmg families. The Jmv tarings are the "parents" ol lueic ··seeond^dau'gh ter, Lisa,;vho .was'.bqrrKJy'oV. 32. y Lieutenant _. Colonel.' arid-".' M r s David C. Hazard"(Kathle'en Casey and their, children, _DaVe;- Emily Bruce and Ma'ry'i Ixiuise, lef Okinawa early in 'December to fl; lo Japan, and then', to, Hawaii '' : Cpl.;'):HazaroVs,Borders .w e r'.c , Foremost; among -our pleasures at · . / ' . '. · ;this holiday time -is the opportunity to send greetings to our many friends " and customers. for a joy-filled season ond the Merriest Christmas .ever .".·' 'i 1 -:" ·'/ . OLIVER WELL: The brighleit tight of the Chriiimai season ts the opportunity to expfaii our thanks for your confidence ono 1 loyalty ond to with to each of you the mony joyt of a Marry, Merry Christmas.. , r Bertha and J. M. Graybeal, Jr. Nadine Hoyden Edith Rice would rather be Herod's pig than his son. All that Herod did was done with an e y e , t o perpetuating his sovereignty.'it was to m»ka his throne secure thai Herod ilew Ihe Infants. But what a strange reversal is here! History has put the Child at the pinnacle. Luke dates the birth of Jesus "In the days of Her'od, king of lurlea" (Luke 1:5). N.OW there'is another point in reference--and . one -that does not change. -Everything now Is dated before and after Christ. The reference books even say that Herod became king in 37 B.C.I picked up car and drove to Pittsburgh over the norlhcrn roule. They, will,be gone-until the firsl of the year. Also'boarding the. City of Den : ;er Dec. 19 .'was Mrs, Gcorge-'-C. Johnson .who traveled to -Murphy, N. C., to spend .Christmas with her father, A. D. Evans, who is 84 years" : old, Mrs. Johnson.will visit Johnson's relatives' in! the area before returning h o m e around Jan. 10. -. ' , Mr. and · Mrs. Jack Cazer are home for Christmas as they arrived last weekend from California. Cazer has completed five years in Ihe navy and was separated from service -Dec. 14. .They flew inlo San 'Francisco from Helen Fleiichmann Ilberl Wilion ' E . JL-4* Fach Christmas bringt to m a deeper appreciation ot the loyal friendships and pleasant memories that make life worth! while. So, at this Holiday icason, may wt extend 'our cordial greetings and best wistit* for your health, happines* and success.. D.vld P. Kelly GlWyt Simpion Je«nii Swanton N*rm«R D. No* Ma.ine M, NM ' and . FRED W. NOE; Insurer To all of you who. have favored us with your potrbnag*. ' - . ' · ' · ' - · ' - · * .. ; - · · Best.vyishes fpr'q jolly, fun-filled holiday. - -\ · . ..from our .entire .staff. . . ; . ROOFING COMPANY " ' *'-. rv.' : HMrV.;.W. :Koeh '' - : V 2416 14th Ave. Court : IL

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