Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 11, 1975 · Page 13
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 13

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1975
Page 13
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The ldah " fri'i- I'rcss i The Vows-Tribune, 'I Tuesday. Kcbriiary II. 11)75-- A-l ^^^^ ..."""V, tui-suu.ryuriiury II. 11)75 -- A - l Russell should lrish rivrixviTi ifiiii _ uiii ,,......_ . ^* *^ · "^ Sports wire-~" !: Ali doesn't need it CIN'CINNATI lUI'li - Bill Unsscll should ho enshrined in the basketball Hall of Kamc "whether In 1 uants In or not." says Jack Twjman. "The game is lugger than any individual." declares Twyman. ;i member of the Hall of Kame's board of trustees that voted In enshrine Kussell. Hussell. former Hoston Celtics star and now coach of the Seattle SuperSomcs. has said he will refuse induction "for personal reasons." Twymari siiid Monday lie \olcd for liusscll anil woulJ again even in light of Russell's spurning of the honor. "Whether Bill wants to or not. he will i.ake his place in the history of basketball," said Twyman. "The game is bigger than any individual anil he made one of the biggest contributions to it." Twyrmin. a Cincinnati Hovals slur lor II seasons, said lie Imrl "ni idea" if Itussell could now be voted oul of the Hall of Kame. "Hut I sure wouldn't vole him out." he added. "As far as I'm concerned he is in the Hall of Kame and he belongs Ihere. If a Kronp votes somebody to an honor. I'm not sure that honor is dependent upon the reaction of Ihe individual. "When I was asked to vole. I was not asked to measure the personal feelings of a person. I measured what lie did in t:t seasons for the Celtics. "And what lie did was bring tides (o the Celtics (or 11 of those seasons, lie was perhaps Ihe most outstanding player of the past 15-20 years and that's why I lor him aral would do it again." Twyman. 40. now an insurance company executive here, figures. "Hussell can say what lie wants and the Hall of Kame can do what it wants." Twyman said he doesn't consider (he (fall of Fame "tarnished or diminished" by Hussell's reaclion. Me said he hasn't talked with Kussell in t w o or three years. Since voting was conducted by mail, Twyraiiiisaid Ihere wasn'l a chance for !oard members to consider whal Russell's reaclion might be. "When I voted. I didn't figure lie would read this way, but I must say I'm mil really surprised because Bill has always been outspoken about things." said Twyman. "I don't pretend to know Hussell's personal feelings. I only know what my measurement yardstick was. "And (hat criteria was what Bill did on the basketball floor. 1 can't think of any sport (hat was so dominated by one man as was pro basketball during Kussell's reign with the Celtics." Hoos/ers No. 1 NK\V YORK lUPli - Indiana, for the sixth straight week, was I'niled Press International Hoard of Coaches' choice as the nation's No. I college basketball team. And. for Ihe third straight week, the Hoosiers were an Scores Akron 5? Kent Si. -t| Ccnl Mich. 9F Bulrjlo 61 6 III 13] Milhkin 1? Jndidna 4t Mmnejofa si won mouth (S Wm Ptlrsn if Mo Rolla n MW Mo. St. iO HE Wo ?? SE Ma. ?] Noire Dame 9t Air Fort? ti NoMKwesrein (1 Purdue !1 Oh'O SI n 1 0*4 it Ouiicy ?1 Lorii 71 UW-Milw Hi NO. WiCh. S] V*l City SI B;ifTirk ; Wisconsin 76 til 13 Soulhwcil BHiny Nil 11 Qkla Oini t tamar 91 T e n - A r l 1$ New Me«. tO LA SI i* W. IP*. ST J? Wthla SI tt W«. Denver l Rcqis 13 Utah St. 63 Spartle it Whitman it L e w i t - C i a r f c n PJC Luth 74 Lf*is«CUrl( 41 WhMworth 41 Geo Fn* W PrMP.fl 5r If Pvjjel Snd 7| W. Wain, it E. Wash. (.1 Willmile 14 S Fr«er li E*s1 Bsin $t. s* N Adms SI. « Cal i). f*3 10 Allijnce .'? CJfiiSiui IB A I A Eilt 7S CUricn 95 Grove CMy M Del Vjl 59 A'uh'erbg 54 E lrdibg 72 Lehigh J1 Fairlid 7J- si. Fran Pa. ii F D U . R t h r l d It St. Fran HY St Genevj I) Froilburg 80 Geneveo Si. n Mm* fid 70 Kmgi Pt. n N.y. Poly SI Hawthorn* 71 C u r r y 17 New Havn ts Sr Jos Me IS Quinnipiac II E. Conn t] Siena 10) rVinsi |7 SI V i n e II Crng.e-Mlln 4) S w a r t h m o r e i] w. fwa. *J Widener S] Elulown 41 W. Conn SI. 13 YorX U WeHmmiljT if Belhjny 4 * - « Soulh Alabaird B3 Mili. St. II Alcrn SI. « Mm. Vai 78 All Chr,s It NC Wilyn 43 Ausrin Peiy jB E Ky. 74 B a r r y 71 Nc Georgia i» Bechl«y 04 Ky Cfiris 7i B r y j n l 111 Nisicn »| Cappm Si 91 Lncln *? oena sr. TS Jckin^l si. i Orew IB Urnrus 13 DuVe !J D-nufine 11 Florida It Georgia iS Fuimjn 71 Eai! Car. 7C iS GJ. SW SI Gwrgii Cell GUI I f o r d »J L e n o i r - R h y n Housron 4? B i s t j y n e fl J.C- Smilh « S C . 51 14 JtVsn SI 173 Tex Slhrn 11 Kr Si. nc uria-i K Y . SB Kt W s l y n » Arixurrflg Jl Lender M ErUine di L i v i n g s lone 11 Mill v a pi j s U Tecft II Hout Bap i t| Mm phi Si. 74 UC Sid Brbii !? Mercer II Samlord t,t Mi?rri/nack IDT BiQjon Id? Mid Teim li E Ttni 91 Murray » Marehefi K y 70 .Mewberrr II Callm a Ht Kr Sr 1| Chafing a U N C A«T H Morgan SI i! Cowger, Lowe leading BOISE-I'ete Cowger anil Louie I.owe lead the lioise Valley Chariot Hacing Association contingent into Ihe Stale championships that begin al Idaho Falls Saturday. After Sunday's final session of racing. Cowger ended up leader in Ihe 'A' division and I.owe was second. Harold Drake and Maria I.owe finished oul the lop four while Ken Jensen, -Stan Session, and Lawrence I.ami) paced the 'H 1 division. The Slale championships run Saturday through Sunday and all of the local club's (op teams are entered Sunday's races al Les Bois: 'A' DIVISION -- Harold Drake d W a r l a Low*. Lowe Dnke 6 Dean Wyborg, Pete Cowqer a Bill Giles. Harley 61am d Clarence Brook*. Louil Lflwe d Lee Selll. '6' DIVISION -- ft'" Ruurll d Mcnle v a n Komen and R»y Mol««l»jr. Djr. Ackley d Lee Selll Sun Sennni d Sleinmel/ tjvr.tlert ** Gfenn BiKler, Sluarl Sclltd JakeMolenjar ina R a y V a n Kernel*, Kenny Jensen d Com-.loclt Mvrray and Leirer L4mb. EcVhcut Rux" d Laurence Ljmb jrnl Dan Addey COLTS- 0«k comflKk d Son MgrrJv and tr,t TMH. Cltrtfict ftroohl d Ltwrence Lams. Maria Lr* d Murray- iinanimnus selection by L'PI's board of 42 coaches. L'CLA maintained its hold on the second spot, bul Maryland replaced Louisville as No. 3 after the Cardinals were upset by Tulsa Saturday. Louisville fell (n seventh us a result of the loss. North Carolina Stale jumped (wo spnls to No. -1. while S o u t h e a s t e r n C o n f e r e n c e league-leaders Kentucky and Alabama claimed fifth and sixth, respectively. Arizona Stale climbed past Southern California into eighlh after the Trojans were upset by Oregon State. North Carolina «-as 10(h. NEW Y O R K t u P I ] U n i t e d p.-eii Inrei Board ol Coachei b^tkclball l a t i n g s . wMh ol lii^l.plite volfli and through S a t u r d a y . F e b . parentheses 141 of 4} volingl renlh week, earn Indiana 141) 121.01 UCLA 117.1] Maiyland 117.31 . N.C SI. (11-31 , Kentucky ( 1 7 - 1 ) A l a b a m a lull . Louisville lull Arucna SI. (l).i) Southern Cat 111.!) a. North Carolina M4.* I. Oregon SI. (n.j) 1 Marquelle C I S . } ) }. LaSaue ( 1 1 3 ) * Ariiona t IS-41 5. UN.Lai V e g a s H;-3| 6. Crcighton 1 1 5 - 4 ) 7 Hew We*ieo St. C I S S) a. South Carolina t f. UUh SI ( 1 6 - 4 ) 0 Teia* Ef Paso ( 1 4 4 ) Th naliona colleg numbe r e c o r d I in coaches Points 173 m liy 1'iiiied I'icss International Adrian Danlley is healthy iigain. If (here's any doubt, just check v,ilh the Air Force Academy. Danlley. who has been playing for Ihe ],ij| week with a masklike contraption covering a deep gash over his eye, erupted against Air Force Monday night for 49 points, the biggest oulput of his Iwo-year eareer al Noire Dame, as the Kighling Irish coasted lo a M-GG victory. Dantlcy, a sophomore from Washington, D.C., hit his firsl eight shots and kept up his shooting heroics until he was removed from the game wilh nearly eight minutes left. He entered the game wilh a 30,1 point per game average. Tftc victory was (he iSlli against seven losses [or Notre IX-irnc, which fell from the rankings this week, while Air Force plunged lo 9-10. In games involving ranked teams. No. 1 Indiana downed Minnesota, G9-54, No. 5 Kentucky crushed Auburn. U9-7G, No. 8 Alabama blasted Mississippi Stale. 83-68, and No. 19 I! I ah State edged Scallle, 63-61. Scott May scored 26 points and Quinn Buckner added 18 as Indiana ran ils unbeaten siring lo 23 games Ihis season with ils victory over Minnesota. Indiana led by just four poinls early in tbc secnnd half but weni on a 10-I tear and held Ihe lead the rest of the way- Kevin (irevey scored 37 poinls as Kentucky maintained ils share of the .Southeaster]] Conference liad by routing Auburn and Alabama kept pace as Charles Kussell scored K points lo highlight ils romp over Mississippi Slale. Bolh Ken- lucky and Alabama are 11-1 in SEC play. 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J'rrss Inlmialiimal MUl.VMMAI) AI.I HAS MWIDKI) lo put his money where his mouth is and thai could lake a lot of money -but that's what Ali says be lias Admitting that he has made all the money he will ever need Monday in New York, Ihe world 'heavyweight champion announced lhal all bis profits from his March 24 tall with Chuck Wepncr will I* given lo the people of I ho ghettos, will) Atlanta, Philadelphia^ Louisville and (he slate of Alabama Ihe first to gain through his plan. "i feel guilty about making so much money so easy." said Ali "Now I'm going (o spread i( around." Ali invited other black entertainers to join him in the crusade. JOHNNY MILI.KU HAS IT IN mind lo lead Hie I'riifessiujiiil (rollers Association in money winnings for the second straight year -- and he's well on his way. Miller has wan three of Ibfc four louriiamrals he has played in so far this year and has thus far pocketed SlU8.:!-):(. Lasl year al Ibis lime Miller had eara-il $!».O.Vi and ended the season with S3i:l,U21. Second spol is held by Hawaiian Open winner Gnrv iiioli w ilh S-1U,47:( and (lene Littler, winner of this year's Crosby is in third with S49.I7I. I)()U! MA1MI.N', (iHKC MAUKOW. Mark l.ancasler and Terry Drenmm might not liiivebcen the most faniiliiir of names during hist fall's college foolliall wars, bill they all received recognition Monday as lirst team Academic Ail-Americans as announced by the nation's sports information directors. AIN.u-gnide performers. Hie lour star performers headed a list lhal included Pcle Demmcrle of Notre Dame. Dewey and l.c Hoy Selmon of Oklahoma and Put 1 laden of Soulliern California, a Rhode's Scholar this year MIUVAL'KKK HL'CKS' CKNTKH Karecm Alidul- .labbar had Ihe pivot much lo himself after Detroit's liol) l.anier had lo leave the game alter only four minutes Monday with knee problems. Thai made it all loo easy. The Mucks blew Ihe Pistons off the floor no-KUl in one of only two National Haskclball Association games. The loss dropped Octroi! a half game behind first place Cbic;tgo in Hie Mitiwesl Division :\m\ Milwaukee .stayed in lust, five game.-; out. In inc only other game. New Orleans posted its seiond straight win over the Allairta Hawks. (iii-U'j Tin; I'TAn STARS AND Moses Mate went to Virginia Monday night and Squires couldn't have been too happv about Moses 1 homecoming. Malone scored 23 points in his old home slale, Utah guard John Ifoche got 2i. and the Slars pounded the Squires H7-00 in the American Itekelball Associalion's only game Monday. It was Hie IJihstraigbl loss for the Virginia club. Immediately after*the game. Ulan Coach Morris Ituckwaltor received word lhal he bad been fired and succeeded by Torn Nissalke. former head coach of the San Antonio Spurs SAM .SlTll'I.MA.V. MV.S'KK (IK TIIK Seattle Supersonic* iind Ltill Hussell's boss, said Monday lhal he will try (o convince bis head coach to accept induction into buskeibnll's Hall of Kame. Hut .Schultnann added that he uon't Icy to force iinsseil into being enshrined. "I jiisl uanl to kno\v his reason," said Schulmai) "We'll discuss it and he'll have (o make his own decision." Siinili) liusspll refused imluclion inlo Ihe hall when notified o! his seleclion. hul failed to explain bis reasons. NATE I'AVNK'S I'KUKdKMANl'K may have not been enough lo Iwosl his Northern Arizona Lumberjacks lo victories over Ihe past weekend, bul there was more IlKin enough lor Ihe S-ll guard lo be selected Big Sky plam of the week Payr.c scored 4C points, in NAU losses to Idaho Slale «l-7Li ;uid Boise Stale i l(i(;-y3) and added 111 assists and nine steals. This was Payne's first award Ibis season hul he received it onc-e last year and once Ihe vearbetnre. VTAI1 STATK IIKI.I) ON securely"to Iheir No. 19 national ranking Monday nighl. nailing down a close decision over Seattle University. G:l-61. The I'hieflflins missed a chance lo tie the Aggies wilh 2U seconds letl when guard Frank Olyeiuct; missed a layin and the ball went oul of bounds. I'Sl' rj:i tint Hie clock alter mboumling (he ball. The Aggies, now 17-4 on Ihe year, were led by Kiel) H;i«s. who bad 2:t points. TKNMSA.MLIKICA 1ST., a tw.nis leaching company in vhich Billie Jean Ki.ig and hef husband are major ilockhniders. is in financial Iroubh'. The linn reportedly has liabilities ol S-IW.OOO and assi-ls a\ S.IT.IIOII as ol last November and is considering lilmi; Icn bankruptcy. OPEN DAILY 9-10; SUNDAY 11 -7 WED.,THURS.,FRI.,SAT. AUTO COUPON SPECIALS SERVICES INCLUDE l.lniliHBrakiSkoii Z.NKiiHltaliiDicri Itt BUC(W*LLS 4-PLt POLYESTER CORD GUARANTEED U LONG U rou am IOUR CM HEAVY-DUTY MUFFLER OurJOj. 16.11 ¥·*· 4 Da,, i I WITH COUfON Double wrapped, ilnc coot ed. For moil U.S. can. FOUR WHEEL BRME SPECIAL O ur «.g.^.96-»U»8 4Do r , MO WITH COUPON For most U.S. c a r s : d i s c brakes higher. STANDUD SHOCKS COMPLETE FRONT END ALIGNUEKT OurB.j. l.SS tm 4Doyi J 4 Days Jf Ca. WITH COUPON Replacement shocks tor most U.S. cars. Most U.S. c a r s : cars wilh AC $2.00 exlra. 48 MONTH AUTO BATTERY Our Reg. 32.38 - 4 Day* NO EXCHINE XECESSm Quality tnt^necrod tor dependability. Mcji U.S ar.d foreign car sizes. QUAKER STITE' MOTOR OIL Kmarf QUALITY OIL FILTER Oi/rlttg. 1.99 f|J Dpy I WITH COUPON Solid slate FM convener Choice ol heavy-duty 20 or JO'weight oil. Spin on or cartridge-type mosl U.S.cocs. or compact 8'lrack player. Wm IOW30 O H . . . . | 2 . 8 8 Col . ftltilarflagt . . . J i f t a . IUII liME Sfin'K rilltS icltfrlct _g, HEM CLUHEPIS "* OurStj, 97« , ,. 4Doyi 66 E TIH1IC LITE/DWUL TiCH 3i)r»ttj. I 6 « J J » MA aJDoy! T«»T£o tmmn CMCE 411 FILTER WIEIrCN ^l"' 28' 12 NOON to 5 P.M. Sundays 454.094^ 730 AMERICAN BLVD. BOISE 343-7703 KARCHERRD.HWY.30 NAMPA 467-1332

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