Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 19, 1957 · Page 41
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 41

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 41
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Preview of Dinner "W.nt * tntt?" sht iks. Prtvitw cf dinntr--chicktn «nd rict ·-wini approval of husbtnd. Young hemtmiktrs find living li Miy wifh modtrn n*w ippliinets and uttniHs. Snack Bar Fits in Small Space A drop-leaf snick bar with built- in spice for storage cf small appliance la a simple workshop project you can build with saw, hammer and screwdriver. About 10 Inches deep with drop leif lowered, It occupies 'little door space. You ein precut all parts to sizes indicated in the drawing above and assemble them in minutes. L'ie glue at corner joints and countersink all screws. Us* Ccplng Saw Begin by cutting the lower rear corner of each side board with a coping taw for tight fit agiinit baseboards. Attich the four shelf supports to the sides with Hi-inch wood screws. Next, fasten shelves to their supports with a m inch screws. · · · Stand this subassembly against the will at the place where it nil! be attached, put the Blower w a l l strip against the wall be- nrath the bottom shelf and mark its position for an exact fit. Put the upper wall strip in place with the top edge even with the top ends of the side boards and mark. Remove the subassembly, locate studs in the wall, bore holes, and attach tie wan strip* with I Inch screws into the studs. Attich Btflem Shelf Now, put the subisiemhljr back in place against the wall and attach the bottom shflf to the lower waO strip with four m Inch screwt. Position the top, fasten It to the sides with, six finishing nails and to the upper wall atrip with screws. Assemble the drop-leaf supports with racial' corner braces and mending plates--as shown. BILL OF. MATERIALS X ft. Ii9 inch lumber (side, top, shelves)! IS ft. 1x2 Inch lumber (shelf and drop-leaf supports, wall strips). 1 lx3«x3/4 Inch plywood panel (drop leaf). 2 flat steel torner braces with 3/4 Inch screws. 4 flat steel mending plates with M inch screws. 4 T strap hinges with 1/4 inch screws. 3-2 inch butt hinges with H inch screws. lOprnnj finishing nails, No. 12 flat-head screws, glue. Metal parts should be put on the inside of the supports, which ire attached to the cabinet with T strap hinges. Next, fasten a piece of scrip wood to tfie underside of the bottom shell, in the middle about an inch back from the front edge, to serve is I stop for supports when folded back. Open the supports and put the drop leif in position on top of Farm Prices Not Likely To Improve in Relation to Others, Says Peterson Wednesday, June 19, 195? WASHINGTON Ifl - Asst. Sec retary of Acriculture Ervin L. Peton said Monday he believes the present farm price situation 1s "semipermanent it not permanent." Farm prices, he said, are about IS per cent below the declared £oal of federal farm programs. And he said tnere Is prospect for little U any improvement in the relationship between farm and other prices. Because of this, Peterson said, them, leaving 1/8 Inch gap be- tu-een the leaf and the bottom shelf. Attach butt hinges to the undersides of shelf and drop leaf. Now, glue four pieces of scrap wood to the underside of the drop leaf 10 as to form notches for the hinged supports. The notches keep the supports from moving while the drop leaf is tn use. Conceal screw and Dai! heads with wood plastic and sandpaper the entire cabinet, rounding all outside comers. If toasters or other such heat-producing appliances are to he used on the shelves, fasten asbestos, panels to the undersides of the shelves. it is imperative that research In jthe agricultural field be enlarged. I He said such research enables farmers to increase production efficiency lo match similar increasing non-agricultural fields. Addressing a meeting of the Na- jtlonil Assn. of Television and Radio Farm Directors, the official called for "thorough debunking" of the contention that farm research should be stopped because agriculture already Is able to produce more than it can sell at sat isfaclory prices. "Past research," he said, "has resulted in farmers' being enabled to keep competitive with other seg ments of the economy. It hai helped them tn reduce their costs." And he said farm research re turns benefits to consumers in the form of better and cheaper food products than would be available without the research. Pvt. Ferdinand Chudy of the U. S. A r m y recently completed his tour of duty in Iceland. He requested to be sent to "someplace in the south." He had had enough of cold weather. His new orders assign him to the Ice breaker Glacier at the South Pole. tddie Canlor Honored as Father of the Year SAI. tRAN'.'ISCO «i - Eddie "inter, honored Sunday ni(ht as 'Father of the Year" at a hotel dinner, passed out this advice: "Every teen-ager should read ht Bible. They forget the 10 Commandments and the cost Im portant one: 'Honor they father ind they mother.' Kids should not learn from each other. They should learn from their parents." And for the fathers: "A man will spend a whole week figuring out what stocks to tnjy with {300. But he won't spend an hour with hit child la whom hfc has a greater Investment. Tare dividends never stop paying off." The star of films, stage, radio and television, the father of five daughters, was honored at a dinner sponsored by the San Francisco Committee for State of Isra'e} Bonds. He was presented a silver- covered Bible inscribed by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion of Israel. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Dollar Day Specials! A purchase from our store entitles you to buy a nice THROW RUG ' $f 00 atonly , Any Site Purehiit RUCKERS Phont tOO 102S 8th Ave. Western Style Square Dancing High Falulin' ST. LOOS UP - Western style square dancing has gone high falutin', podner. The western style devote«i are the puriits of the trade, seeking to do away with some of the rau- rousness associated with old time squire dancing. They have deserted barns and Itraw floors for the ballrooms to whirl around in expensive tqujw dresses and western style clothing. Some 12.000 western style dancers from tie United SUtes, Mexico, Alaski and Canada flocked to St. Louis for. the 6th annual National S q u a r e Dance Convention. They'd hurry over to sprawling Kiel Auditorium in the mid-morning and "box toe flea" or "box the gnat" lite into the night Once in a while you could find I couple lilting one out, but mainly they came to dance. These people aren't on expense accounts. They hold no contests and cive ' away no gold eup«. They came juit for the run of dancing. Blue Jeans are out for the upper trust In the square dancing field. The jtmosphere licks the fiddle- playing and fervent shouting often found m country style square diocmg. In case you are curious, "box the flea" means to link hands left ind reverse direction while "box the gnat" means right hands joined and turn around. At the three-day convention, which ends Saturday, discussion groups and panels came forth with ideas to improve the dances. The convention was on an almost scientific level--that's how serious the dancers ire about it. Orvell Essman of St. Louis, the square dance chairman, is an expert caller and overflows with knowledge of the western style. Essman estimated 300 million Americans -- mostly middle age persons--go in for western style dancing. "People who have two left feet won't dare ftep out on a public dance floor but they have no hesitation about square -dancing," he said. 13 Appointed to Alaska Rail, Highway Commission WASHINGTON t* -- President Eisenhower Monday appointed 13 members to the new Aliska International Rail and Highwiy Commission. The commission was created by- Congress recently to study the economic ind militiry aspects of transportation facilities connecting continental United States and middle Alaska b? way of Cinida. Among those named to the commission from Congress were Sens. Barrett (R-Wyo) and Magnuson (D-Wash), ind Rep.. Mack (R Wash). Dollar Day Special One Day Only-Thursday, June 20th DON'T RISK TRAGEDY ON YOUR HOLIDAY TRIP BRAKE SPECIAL Here's what we do Rimevt front wh«li and Intpict lining. Cltan, Iniptft and repack (rant whttl bter- Inpl. Iniptct brat* drumi. Check and add bratt fluid If nitdtd. Adjust the braVt irtett to ttcun. full contact with drums. Cartful)/ lit! braVit. Here's all you pay Reg. »3 5 ° VALUE ANY CAR Dollar Day Only fire$fone Stores Corner of 8th AT«. it llth St. Phone 4880 THURSDAY ONLY Courtesy Parking 913 11th St New Wool Toppers Would be 29.95 $Q80 9 Everr topper length from v»-aist-lcnj? to finger-tip! · Every shape from straight-lines (o flare* to capes! · New Wool Fabric* in Beige. Aqua, Grey, Gold, Pink, Dlue. Juniors' 9 to 15. · Misses' 8 lo IS · Half Sires, 14 i to 22!',. TOPPERS .. . (TREET FLOOR Special Purchase For Extra Savings Sheer--Cool -- Summer Fashions-DRESSES · Junior* . * Half Sizes · Misses Only . . . D R E S S E S .. . STREET FLOOR Pretty woven spreads that don't show wrinkle?, that just ahout never wear out. Green, Brown, Yellow, Red or Lime. 8.93 value U IAIEMENT FLOOR . . . DOUtlTICI Cotton Jacquard Bedspreads 00 5 Dollar Day Specials O N T H E M E Z Z A N I N E Ladies' Sailcloth Jackets VS'itrr rFptllrnt. Jft 10 lltht »'l|tit. Flt»«: IMS. RFC. i.» 4 Ladies' Knit Tee Tops Combed rotton. Etftforited. Bin: S-M-L. Rtr- «-»». $ 1 Ladies' Halters Wonderful cholc« of colon. 3:-3S. $ 1 Ladies' Dusters WtihabU Dacron and Cotton. Fan- forttrd. Fllfi: 10-11. 7.»l T»lu«. Ladies' Swim Suits »r sr *6 Perfect lor U» svlmmltt Mason. Sliei II 21. Reg. :.»!. Girls' Shorts Wathibl* rotton. Ewforit**. Win 7-14. R'f. I.M. 2 Pair STREET FLOOR Girls' Blouses Miny colors. All coot *le«t*l«i cot- loaf. Etiti 7-14. S T R E E T - F L O O R 3 1 boys' short-sleeved' sport shirts rr Helenca .' all (7-11). Attractive prints or so 11 d s, Sanforized, fast colors. Convertible neckline. Sizes 6 to 18. Buy several --he'll wear them all summer long t SPECIAL Boys' Stretch Sox 2 forl -tretch. One size fits 10YS' SHOP . . . STREET FLOOR SALE! 60-cauce sheer, perfect Full-Fashion Nylons re*. SSe 0 for 2 Never before, nylons like the.«e for the m o n e y ! Stock up! Dress sheers, self or dark feam?, in S o f t Beipe or Soft Taupe. Sizes 814 to 11, medium length. MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Cool, cotton, short sleeved sport shirts. Sizes S-M-L. Reg. 1.38 for LADIES' CAMPUS PANTIES Lovely rayon. Nylon reinforced. O .O Many colorF. Sizes: S-M-L. Reg. 39c _ . for L A E S N Y L O N G O W N S So sheer and lovely. Completely washable. Sizes: 32-40. Reg. 5.98 PADDED BRAS Circular ititchod foam rubber bras. Sires S2A to SGB. Rfg. 1.00 88c LADIES' COTTON DRESSES All (style* and pattern". A real selection of colors. *% Sizes 12 to 20,141/j to 32Vi- Reg. 2.79 *· for TOTS' SUN SUITS Lovely pastel fhadcs. "No-Iron 1 ' cotton. Ruffle rumba backs. Sizea 1-2-3. Reg. 1.9S .. The latest thing in polo shirts. Assorted colors. OQn Sizes 4-6-8. Also Sizes 6 to 16. Rez. f 1 ........... OOL Magic crcp*. the No-Iron material. Infants' sizes. Rcjf. SI (DANNONWASHCLOTH Soft terry cloth. Assorted colors. 4 ^ RCB. 18c for Printed Collons yards for Utg. lo 1.79 · yd. Woeil.rful Ml»ctlon ft rnlofi In jirlnt»4 rftolXM rottotu. BUT now ind IIT ' V A R D 0000* ... lAtlMINT FLOOR girls' and misses' Triple-Cuff Anklels pairs 1.00 Soft. durable coated ccttcn. n v j n n r p i r . f f . r ( ' d. \Ytlt* only. Fun f - i to 11. Indies' I'rint Skirts 5.9S-6.9S values ... Car i« FT';"*' V'Mrllnl rnttnn » k ! r t « In c.inr prints. H l l » * 1" to 15. . Smooth, firm foirw. Or«T, *·

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