Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 17, 1962 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 6
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Page 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE MOIL, Dtt. 17, 19621 Bus/ness Highlights By JACK LEFLER AP Busintu Ntws Writtr reduction, and they don't coincide! with those of the administration. ^KEW VOKK (AI'i- l'iesident Mills has been represented as Kennedy reaffirmed during thelopposing a tax cut that would, week that he would ask Congress take effect in W63, preferring a for a quick income tax cut but slower approach toward tax re- there was evidence that clear form oh a broad basis. However, tailing through Congress is very he indicated his committee will doubtful. give priority to consideration of Taxes and weather were the the President's program, most talked about influences on Another powerful member of business-future and present. Congress. Sen. Harry F. Byrd, Proponents of a tax cut retro- D-Va., predicted that Congress tctive to next Jan. 1 contended that it held the key to better business in 1963 Others cautioned that precipitate action wouldn't be looked upon with favor and some said the economy was good enough to get along without tampering with taxes. A cold wave, accompanied in some sections, by heavy snows, had a two-fold effect on Christmas will reject the tax proposal if it sn't coupled with a reduction in spending. Statements of cautious optimism about the outlook for next year came from several quarters. Ladd 'lumlcy, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, predicted 963 will be "a good but not a boom year." Plumley said a tax cut "could buying. In some areas it aroused go a long way toward resldr- lagging enthusiasm and in others bogged shoppers down The storm threatened millions of dollars in damage to Florida crops. And newspaper strikes, which blacked out the advertising columns in New York City and Cleveland, bit into holiday buying. President Kennedy told his news conference in Washington Wednesday and the Economic Club of New York in a speech in New York City Friday that he would ask Congress for an early, substantial inr.jnv tax reduction when it convenes in January. In the speech he promised to couple a tax cut with a clampdown on rising federal spending. This obviously was aimed at con gressional critics of a tax rollback without a reduction in federa spending. Tn neither of his discussions did the President indicate how big a cut he will ask nor when he wants it to take effect. Earlier he had mentioned next Jan. 1 as the de- iked effective date. "This nation can afford to reduce taxes--we can afford a tern porary deficit--but we cannot afford to do nothing," he told the business-man audience at the Economic Club dinner. He had said at his earlier news · · .conference: · "What I think' should be of concern to us all 13 not the question of the immediate prospects for the next three or four months but, really, the general trend of our in dustrial growth, our employment lag, over the last five or six '·'· years." He added that, "It will be up to the Ways and Means Commit . tee and the Congress to make a . Judgment." The Ways and Means Commit tee--which originates tax leglsla lion--held the answer, and its chairman, Rep. Wilbur Mills, D- Ark., has definite ideas about tax ing more satisfactory economic jrowth." In New York City, the Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. concluded that business is finishing 1962 "in a hase of hesitant expansion" and that "sentiment is better than it was last summer, although fingers lave not yet been completely uncrossed against the possibility 6f a downturn in early 1953." A heartening indicator was the Commerce's Department report :hat retail sales in November rang up increases of two per cent over October and five per cent over November 1961. The same agency reported th»t sales of merchant wholesalers set a monthly record of $13.5 billion in October. Automobile production during the week spurted to another week !y record for this year. The output 1 of an estimated 175,000 passcnge: cars was second only to the I Christmas Bargain Days Values From All Departments Men's Boxed Tie Shirt SETS Reg. 3.99 2.99 1 PC. Challte Pijai Pi«k, Blu« SiMB 32 to 49 R*f. 3.99. 2.99 Girl. Red Plaid Zi»*«t Lining An Weather toats SUM 7-14 Rtf. 1Z.M__ 8.00 SHI WAXIS ENTHUSIASTICALLY . . . Peggy Weber Francis, of Little Rock, Ark., shows candles like the ones her Austrian ancestors have been miking for years. Ready for Your Wax Work? December 1955 pace. The previous week poor weather held production to 169.159. The automakers, who have been building their cars with steel ulled out of big stockpiles By VIVIAN BROWN AP NtwirMturti Writtr Make your Christmas gift candles works of art by simulating design effects seen on imported Christmas candles, says Peggy Weber Francis. Her family has been making candles in Salzburg, Austria, since 1583. "You need not to be too ambitious in the beginning. A simple it effective design can be made ' carving a little niche near the Mom of a candle, and insert- into it small nativity figures massed early this year in antici- jation of a strike that never came f, have begun buying as much the metal as they can use. They also are considering step- ng up their orders in the next w months again to build stock les in anticipation of the United eelworkers Union reopening it ontract with major producers iext spring. Output during the week was an stimated 1,858,000 tons, off one xr cent from the previous week Stock sales during the wee ropped lo 18,384,700 shares from 23,901,600 the previous week anc !,990,435 for the comparable wee! f last year. Bond sales amounts a t2S.141.000 par value, down rom the $32,225,000 of the pre ious week and the (35,495,000 o he comparable 1961 week. For Christinas Resisted Western HATS 510CKMAN Open Friday N l g h t i Did Swimming Hole PARSONS, Kan. (API-There no use letting the city swimmin pool go unused just because coc weather hai arrived. The Parsons Recreation Com mission and Kiwanis Club pumpe water from a nearby creek in the city swimming pool, whic had been drained for the winte ordered 1,350 trout from a hate ery and organized a fishing co test for youngsters from kinde garten age through the six rade. Kiwanis members provided lil guards, necessary tackle and lo of free advice. WASHINGTON - World ciga elte output in 1961 totaled 2.33 000,000,000, a 4.4 percent ga over 1960. IBS Programs Get 9 of 10 Top kelson Ratings By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP TtltviiKHvRidio Writtr NEW YORK (AP)-As the tele sion season rumbles along,- i aecomes increasingly evident tha CBS network, programmin eavily in big star names an omedy, has estimated accurate! le public's taste. CBS, powerful as a bulldozer iresents nine of the 10 most popu ar shows listed in the most recen Nielsen ratings, plus J8 of the to 20. This establishes some sort network record. The Nielsen lop 10--based o estimates of audiences betwee Nov. 11 through 25-are, in orde he comedy phenomenon "Bcver Hillbillies," the Red Skellon hour 'Candid Camera," "Ben Casey 'Lucy," the Danny Thomas sho' Jack Benny, the Andy Griffi show, "Gunsmoke." and "I've G a Secret." Sole non-CBS show the list is ABC's "Ben Casey." Nine of the top 20 shows a comedy, three are game or pan shows and only tv/o are Wester ("Bonanza," NBC's only top- entry, was number 13). If nothing else, the list indicat. what the average viewer asks television: light, painless ente tainment. Major disappointment of tl week was "The Court-Martial Captain Wycliff," on NBC's "Di Powell Show" Tuesday night, started off powerfully--a milita trial of a war hero charged w; shooting down a scientist who t lermined to go over to this J at may be bought in stores. 'To trim the edge of the niche, II merely twist gold ribbon, dip ttll to parrafin and apply around II e opening. Apply the grid rib-1 n by pouring hot wax from an I d candle over it very carefully!! til decoration and candle arc|| elded." Pretly designs may be made Ih ordinary white or gold fash- n cord, pine, holly, little starsj scroll effects that may be cuti it of gjld paper doilies, she sayi. ip them Into melted wax to look ce real wax effects, she ex-j ains. Powdered fabric dyet may be ut into hot wax to color candles, II though some people use crayons II lat have been chopped up and I nelted. " "The artist uses a forceps heat ed ovr a gas flame to sculpture! esigns on the surface of the andle, although geometric deigns or has relief figures may » imprinted on sheet! of wax and pplied to the candle, sometimes overed with gold leaf, wmetimes iven an antique patina. Some motif are produced in special wooden molds. "Failure in candle making re- ulte from culling corners in mak- ng the candles from old candle tubs o.' from using the wrong materials for wicks," she ad-|| r ises. Beeswax withstands heat and [I burr"! longer but too soft. She! .uggests combining paraffin 1301 er cent) and beeswax (about 701| icr cent.) Heavy cotton must be used for the wick, an inadequale flame] will b. drowned by Ihe candle. A heavy white shoelace is good, io is strong cotton that Is twisted, jraided and switched lo hold it. 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