Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 25, 1970 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1970
Page 13
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Stock Market in Review By JOHN HENRY AP Builness Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Wall Street kept hoping for a selling climax during the past week but it never materialized. "The market's groping for some kind of a bottom," said an analyst shortly before the market closed Friday. In the process of groping for that bottom, the market dived so much that it hammered down the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials some 40.05 points during the week to 662.17, its lowest level since March 1, 1963 when the blue-chip indicator stood at 659.72. The net result of this steep descent was that by week's end he market had lost $250 billion on paper, a 32 per cent drop, ince December, 1968. There appeared to be wide- pread agreement in the financial community that the explanation for the precipitous descent during the week could be raced in good measures to other factors beside I lie health of Mon., May 23, 1970 GREKLEY TRIBUNE Page. 13 THE LOCKHORNS chusetts Institute of Technology economist put it this way: "The weakness in the market is not explicable in terms of weakness n the economy. It's a reflection on the fact that our society is coming apart." Other observers appeared ake a more sunny view. tatte a more sun.ty v,u,v. , g% gt n % _ an(] Americ£ don't think the economy or the| phonei flff 2% at 43 .-,. market is going to hell in a Th fi m nst.-:iflivn is - ,, ,, The five most-active issues on] hamlbasket," said a Isew York [hc American Slock Exchange! analyst. "Certainly there are were Mi!go ElectroniCi off 7% a( problems here and abroad. But 7 , 2 . Canadian Homestead, off t would seem that the market ^ al 4 5 _ 1(f . ^ u]ly j,. und j ngi l has exaeeerated these proo- ,-rr i ui ms-, · pnmat-,-ii rv,fii-nii ' HE'LL TAKE THE OLD WAYS - Charley Dell, a strictly 19th Century man, hangs up long Johns outside his cabin at Guffy, Colo. The parking meters in Canon City made him mad. Now he'll have nothing to do with the town. Instead Charley does all of his shopping and banking at Cripple Creek, though it is not as convenient as Canon City. (Los Angeles Times photo) Canon City's Parking Meters Ran Charley Dell From Town ing in a 9,500-foot high forest|a bunch of tests. The hell with in the Rockies. jit." "He come west to get out o f j Dell is the banjo player in Rain Saves Mamie, School Embarrassment CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (AP) -- A downpour of rain Sunday stopped Mrs. Mamie Eisenhow er from refusing an honorary degree at Wilson College, an all-girls college here, thus av erting an embarrasing situation Mrs. Eisenhower was seatet in the front row and was prepar ing to join the other dignitaries on the platform, when the grad uating class started coming down the aisle. At the rear o the procession were dents covered shrouds topped four stu black papei skulls and the words Cambodia he economy. Paul Samuelson, yearly lows exceeded highs 1183 ·Big Board volume rose to the Massa- 59.68 million shares from 50.74 j million shares a week earlier. ! Among the week's 20 most-active issues, all declined. The five most-active issues on the New York Stock Exchange were Telex, off 3 7 ,s at 12Vt; Electric Musical, off % at 4Vs; Occidental Petroleum, off at IS'.i; Penn Central, off at 11%. and American Tele- THE H E C K 15 THE TEA FOR? WHERE'S MY 0ooz.e?" has exaggerated ms." Those problems were general- y considered to be hostilities in :ndochina and the Mideast, domestic social polarization and, to be sure, some weaknesses in the economy. Among these were the continued high rate of nflation and rising unemployment. The Associated Press 60-stock average skidded 12.5 points to 233.2, its lowest level since Nov. 19, 1962. Standard Poor's 500- slock index declined 4.65 points ;o 72.25. The New York Stock Exchange Index of Some 1,200 common stocks dropped 2.70 to 39.44. Of the 1,755 issues traded on the New York Stock Exchange, during the past week, 1523 declined and 154 advanced. off 1 at 15 off 16'/s at _.._ Equipment, off 12 r is at 61 Denver City Employe Found Dead Sunday DENVER (AP) ·- A city em Research Cotlrell,! 19'.2. and Digital] DISTRICT COURT Divorces Asked 12 Soviets Said Killed In Egypt Raids LONDOX (AP) - A British journalist in Tel Aviv reported Sunday that at least 12 Soviet military advisers in Egypt have been killed in Israeli bombing attacks and commando raids. The Israeli command denied it. Chapman Pincher, military writer for the Daily Express, said most of the Russians were slain during Israeli incursions across the Red Sea. "The Russian bodies were examined and their nationality confirmed," he wrote, adding: "Neither the Russians nor the ! '- "'jchild. Mrs. Sena, a minor, filed : the complaint through her molli- W, Mrs. Jane Gonzales. j Joel L. Redman of Gilcrest v,^, m --~ .against Mrs. Katherine Redman. Five divorce complaints werejThey were married on Jan. 17, filed in District Court here. They|19(il, in Brighton and have two were as follows: ichildren. Mrs. Kay Francis Jerrell. 19DG; Glen Alan Rceder, 147 N. 23rd 16th St.. 'against Robert LeejAve. CL, against Mrs. Nancy Jen-ell They were married at'Suean Reeder. They were mar- Stillwell, Okla., Sept. 11, 1963.:ri«l al Nowata, Okla., Nov. 8, and have no children. 11969. Mrs Frances Sena, 831 Gill' Mrs. Mary Jane Carrasco, 1130 St.. against Jerry Rudy Sena. 1st St., against Manuel Carrasco They were married in Greeley Granados. Married here June 22, May 24, 19(19, and have oneilOGG, they have two children. By CHARLES HILLINGER The Lai Angeles Times GUFFEY, Colo. -- Charley Dell, C6, woodchopper, mountaineer and lifelong bachelor, hung his long Johns on the clothesline outside his log cabin. The stubborn backwoodsman, whose, only concession to 20th Century living is driving a pick- w(:iiti i a u l c l i ,,.,,, ,,,,.,, ,,,.,,. ,,_, _ up truck, is "sore as hell." vcai . ,.. ^ m j sscl ] being a mil- 1 thanks mostly lo Charley Dell. the Civil War," said Charley, "in other words draft dodger. Same time his brother was a hero carryin' (he flag at Gettysburg Guffey's orchestra. "Everybody in Guffey is a musician. How many places can say that? signs protesting U.S. menl in Southeast Asia. After the students were scaled, the four went to the plat ploye was found dead with ajlsraelis have admitted these bullet in his back Sunday morn-ifacts, but I have established ing, near the rear door of hisjlhem from completely atithori- " re-!talive sources here." An Israeli military spokesman in Tel Aviv issued an official de-. nial that any bodies had been I identified as Russian or that! i any Soviet advisers had been' [killed in Israeli commando was raids. apartment building, police ported. The victim was identified as Thomas C. Fowler, ol (2243 ia janitor at Denver's Exhibition Hall. Police said the body form, took off skulls and placed them in front of the speakers' platform. ·suui-g. · "We get dressed up to beat all "It was a religious thing with! hell -- slraw hats, green vests. -- his skippin' theiWhy, we've even got our own pie-ano player." who died last! Guffey is alive with wildlife, Grandpa war." Dell's father, found slumped against the rear He added that there was no cnt to the plat- d()or ot lhe apal .i mcn t buildingjway of knowing if Russians were;| the shrouds ancl i a [ 7 . 1() a m and llal ) jj cen deadiamong the casualties of bomb,-H thorn m frnn!l,. f o i ; RQme t ' jmc ,, | ing rait j H on Egyptian military There was no apparent moliveipositions but labelled Pincher's up truck, is "sore as hell. Ycar ,.· y^ m j ss ed being a mil-'thanks mostly lo Charley Uell. _,\ r cw m inules later, the rains "I won't go back to Canon ! jionaire because of his affection who is forever flushing rabbits,i camt , anc ] the ceremony was CHy as long as I live." Charley,f o r a rnountain lion, squirrels and skunks out of lhe| movc( ] j n doors to the Wilson said as he pinned his under-l »p a had this here pet lion!bush, making pets out of them c 0 n ego auditorium. The cos-j uionr In Ilio lino kn raicnH frnm n hahv Tllt Mid Setting tllCIll frCC. him re worn Ipfl Olltside ill lllC: i.._ ^j-~ -- j | 1 IJUHJ \ V d S J1U njJIJ"' Llll JHUU VU'JJUOHiuiiri win. IUMV,*I^.U *. «n Mrs. Eisenhower, on seeing| ( t h j n . eportet |_ |report "sheer nonsense." the girls said lo a friend, "I re-i ' 1 fuse to go on the platform and! receive my honorary degree as long as those things slay there. I absolutely refuse." A few minutes later, the rains Serving the Greeley Area Since 1916 May We Serve You? wear to (lie fine. 'he raised from a baby. The|;.-nd setting them free. A few days ago he stormed|owner of the Jackpot Mine over; "You kill an animal in this in.o the Canon City bank lie had,j n Cripple Creek offered Pajanimal paradise a»H vnn IIP. been patronizing the last 30. a big share of the mine for the,hung from that tree years and withdrew his life]mountain lion. The mine wasn't!town pump," said ( College auuminum. mi; i:i»-| iumcs wore left outside in the; ·ain. Mrs. Eisenhower received jmuch at the time, for the last 1 .. pa wou id n 't trade. It wasn't 'long before the Jackpot began broke the ; ( o pay off and pay off an d pay " le: off some more. They just hit _ . . . _ _ next lo Ihejher honorary Doctor of Hu town pump," said Charley. mane Letters degree. savings. "I've been took time," he declared. The straw that woodchopper's back "damn parking meters." "I put a nickel in f.- meter|c;'n"d it produced millions. " Charley Dell is strictly 39lhjp . i C n r i l i t v and it didn't work." explained "AH Pa had was the moun-iCentury. He has a heart uf gold, rOSlU I r U L . l . i y Charlev. "A cop come alongl ( a j n ij on . And he didn't have|but hates being took. -R'.Ae A ra ^nimhf while I was in a store and pin-:th a ( long. The lion bit a boy. That's why he now drives 2a D I Q b f\lC J U U y u i tnt ore, hit that vein, produced millions. My The woodchopper has a tooth- Walter Chronkite, television gave lhe, What kind arc you? less lomcat nf.-med Morns, a commen t a tor »,,,, 6Q ,^ ... beehive :n his backyard and a m .,j n commencement address Mexican steer he calls by itsL| S(J rece j v cd n honorary Doc"full name" - Espinosa Man-| lor o[ Humane L loya Carlos Gonzales. ! Charley Dell is strictly 39lh| ned a ticket on my truck. ;.\ cop come, shot and killed lhe miles over a winding dirt mountainous road to Cripple Creek "That con know'd the meter, lion." ·--- ·/ , , was busted. He's just on the Dell doesn't resent the facl lo pick up his groceries and do take. They're all on the take that his family didn't become!his banking, instead of taking At Deer Trail in Canon City. "There's 34 churches in Canon City. That's the trouble. Church people will take you every dnin time." The woodsman paid a 51 fine, U1C1L 1N3 UltllllJ \ 4 » w u V «^^"...- i u, _rich at Cripple Creek -- where!the smooth, fast-traveling 2a- the diggings totaled $800 million mile oiled road to Canon City. in g 0 id ! Charley's never going back "1 date to wy back and like it that way," said Charley, who would not have indoor plumb- lo Canon City. fey without looking back. The sign as you approach Guffey says population 27. "Whoever counted had double vision," said Charley. "There's 12 grownups here and five kids. That's it. "We aim to keep it that way. We ain't looking for no strangers to be movin' up here." Dell's grandfather was the first settler in the hamlet nest ,u ,,oi uovc ..muu. ,,.-..« Eddie Jones has been selling "if someone paid for andicosmelics at Gilberts WELBO- - · RADO DRUG for 19 years--we his log cabin. "I'll take the old way - thei'» ve outhouse, kerosene lantern, wood cook stove -- any day over modern stuff. The world's gone to hell. I think she's plumb gone. You can't trust anybody any more. The kids ain't raised right. "They called me the best hunting guide in Colorado. Then Adv. announced Friday that the Post Office Department will issue in- vitalions for bids June 8 for a new postal facility at Deer Trail. A basic lease of nine years with an additional option for three or for six years is being proposed. the politicians decided guides had to have book learnin'. Pass FUNGUS IN YOUR LAWN? MORGRO PLUS FUNGICIDE (16-8-4) PLUS 8% IRON SULFATE 13-Element Fertilizer AND Pelliled for rliiduol killing e! FUNGUS DISEASES. (Snow mold, broi-n polch, dollar ipot, lent ipol, fading out, mtltinQ out. «tc.) J. Full («dint (trlilii.r, lit, fir rftflint. »l« ·n4 vliiretil rial irlwlli. J. Mr, ti tMlill my lini ·' T"'3. Clfltnlf mill Plltt fiunri in turf. 5,000 Sq. Ft. LAWN PROTECTION 95 Bring a sample of grass to ANDERSON SEED CO. 714 10th St. 353-0188 your lawn and garden specialist Safe Driving Specials... ' Brake Shoes ' Head Lamp Bulbs * Tail Lamp Bulbs * Mufflers Lifetime Guarantee * Tail Pipes Exhaust Pipes ' Straight Pipe ' Flexible Tubing VERSATILE 5% Passbook account: Open for any amount, add to or withdraw at any time. An all-purpose do-everything savings account. FLEXIBLE 5'/ 4 % Passbook-"SO": a 90-day notice account for short term high earnings or long term investment with quarterly flexibility. PURPOSEFUL 5%% I 1 - to 2-year certificates in sums of- M $1,000 or more. Great way to save money for a future purpose fe or for funds you wish to avoid |s s temptation of spending. *l TRANQUIL 6% }J Certificates of two years or longer 9 in amounts of $5,000 or more. |i Sock it away and relax in worry- fe free contentment while you earn a fc satisfying 6% compounded daily. is AUTO PARTS All New, Re-built and Used Auto Parts At Savings Phone 352-0133 11th St. at 6th Ave. Need A Safety Sticker? Siatc Inspection No. 5 Is Due Now! one empire savings INTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY, PAID QUARTERLY. RESOURCES OVER 5175 MILLION Home Office: 1654 California Street, Denver, Colorado 80202 G r e e l e y O f f i c e : :U Sill A v i - n i i e Open Friday Until 6 p.m.

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