Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 17, 1962 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 4
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P«g» 4 GREELEY TRIBUNE MOB., D«c. 17, 19«2 The Greeley Daily Tribune ·nd The Greeley EXECUTIVE STAFF After Giant Strides, Colorado Faces Crisis in Mental Health MILDRED HANSEN LKO G. KOE.NIU _ Publutwr Buiinm Mir. J A K E ESTR1CK. JR. Circ. ««r. Publlihri E.«r, Wnt Da» Evaoinf I) Th. TTibunt-Ktmiblicaii publuhini Co. OHIc.. T.I Ei.hH St.. Cretl.1. Colo. Rntcrvd u Mcvni! i-lasi matUr at tin root offi« it Greclry, Colorado under tW Act at M.rcb 3. 1171. Member Aavx-iaUd Pret*. I'olurud Pm» Auucutlon, Inland Daily Pra- At»orlation. Audit Bureau of Circulation. The AaaoriaUd Prmi ii entitled cxciu- iivel7 to the uit of republicaUon of alt the local ne«i printed in taia ntwi. paper aa well aa all AP newt dU- patchea. ROBERT W I D L U N D _ A. L. PLTKRSLN CLARK PAGE ROGER ROSS _ Editor Adv. Her. Ni«bt Edit _ i copy price ,, .. Subscription price -- By nail to Colorado. 1 year $10.60. i rnontaa $».W. one montb $1.20. By mail outalde vf Colorado. 1 year $1.ZO. r'orci«n coi City carrier, $1.20 month. Pl'BLlC KOKUM: Public furum l«t- Ur» roust b* no k'liier than IMI word* Correct litnaturea must be priuled taken giant strides forward in the' care and treatment o[ its men- tions should broaden its visualiza- ally ill during the past four years! ml still is in need of more and ctrned with only institutional op- IH.W. one nontk itriea $3.15 month. letter trained staff personnel. And it is in this area that the state faces its greatest immediate danger as a result of the impend-lgrams." ng change in st;;te administra-j Dr. Galvin said "We have be-f or t» The Trib. une-KecubUeaa Pub- litblni Co. by Greeley T y p o a r a p l ' Union No. (St. tions. This is the substance u! a report prepared by the U. S. Pubic XueT Health Service, after a survey of ead ,, of P lacin S th * m '" in!Utu ' proved and expanded, possibly b. Pause and Ponder Also I heard the voice of the Lord, baying, Whom shall I lend, and who will go for us? Then 1 said, Here am 1; send me. --Isa. 6:8 Foreign Aid Review Waste has occurred in this country's program of economic and military assistance abroad, there have four years the greatest of any been instances of foolishness and extravagance. There ^le in the union, the governor has been graft. Some of the money so generously poured out by the United States has lined the pockets of MtNkbois wid. A fane- Almot* An Ex-P«t ADA, OUa. (API-Jack Hfr Phetridge, a gwcnmnt *np»*. didn't know whether U hart has- burger for Thanksgiviiif Day da By JAMES D. HARPSTER DENVER AP) -- Colorado has ommendations were these: Among the federal agency's ret 1. "Tin- Department of Institu- tmfi (rom In the past 12 months, he said t!S senile patients have been trans- tion of itself from an agency con- erations to one concerned with _ wide range of functions transcend- housing available for young pa ing institutionally centered pro- feuls either at Pueblo or al Fo nursing homes. In the day care should be esUMiihea throughout center at 140 children re being cared for-- iyet. gun to do this already. We are taking our treatment program to sick people more aud more, in- Colorado's mental health program, and of comments by Gov. Steve McNichols. A report, a 99-page document of recommendations and conclusions by the federal agency, was jrcsentcd at a press conference ·"riday attended by McNichols, his director of institutions, Dr James Galvin, and members of their staffs. Frankly calling Colorado's progress in mental health in the past corrupt officials abroad, instead of being used to overtones, strengthen a people's economy and its will to be free These things are a matter of record. Charges of this kind have played a major role in the growing reluctance of Congress to appropriate the billions needed to carry on an adequate program of foreign aid. Such charges have been bolstered by persuasive contentions that our aid program lacks a clear, specific sense of said his program was based on the recruitment of top people for top jobs, eliminating all political purpose. All this points to the need for a thoroughgoing review of our aid program. This is precisely what President Kennedy has r.ow ordered--a "hard new look" at the activities of the Agency for International Development, with particular attention to whether those activi ies contribute materially to national security. The sternest critics of foreign aid could not ask for more. If, that is, the review is carried out in the spirit of tough examination implied by Mr. Kennedy's phrase The value of the study will be determined by the extent to which Gen. Lucius Clay and his committee hew tp this line. In an obvious reference to the incoming Republican administra tion of Gov.-elcct John A. Love McNichols said: "If this program is crimped in, cut back and al lowed to become involved in po litics, our recruiting of qualiliei people will be fantastically inhibit ed and we'll lose the people wi now have. "If this happens, there will be 'antastic waste -- millions of do lari -- and the people of Colo rado will be right back where w darted." Already, as a result of las month's election and change state administration, Dr. Galvi said the mental health recruitin program has come to a halt. "No one is Interested in com ng in now until they find out his will become I political si uation." he said. The survey by Ihe Public Heal Service team, requested last sum mer should substantial programs along the lines. recommended the 1950 report. The report beg: "In the short span of four year the State of Colorado, refusing rest on tradilion, has moved ve rapidly toward improved care ai treatment of its mentally ill c what clearly needs to be done to expand and strengthen jzens. On the institutional lev Those who recognize the central importance of foreign aid in our efforts to foster economic and political stability in the free world need not fear the outcome of this review. The men chosen to conduct it are of top caliber, and their study promises to be shrewd but fair. The chances are that the foreign aid program wil emerge from their hands a better instrument for doing freedom. 'Mono Lisa' Coming When the President of the United States opened his press conference before some 300 newsmen the other day he did not Legin with comment on nuclear weapons or Cuba or the national budget. He began with gracious words of thanks to the French government for having agreed to send Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" to this country for exhibition at the Nationa Gallery in Washington. The importance of this should not be overlooked in the hurly burly of world affairs. For as Mr. Kennedy pointed out, this loan of a great masterpiece betokens 2. The department "should clear Logan. Such lacilities are plannei d functions of the various in-| tutions, clinics and activities units administration, and bring Aut coordination of all mental altn resources In the state." Dr. William llcCarroll has been ssigned this function for the] ate Hospital, said Dr. Galvin, and Dr. Ulysses Schutzer, who will int the Institutions Deparlment taff in March, will coordinate the rogram in the Denver metropol- an area. Dr. Schutzer now is su ·intendent of a state hospital New York 3. The Institutions Department should provide leadership in the evelopment and expansion of pro- rams and services to meet the pecial needs of mentally ill chil- ren and tire senile mentally ill t the iState) Hospital and community levels." The need for more and better rained people to achieve this goal s paramount, said Dr. Galvin, lut gains are being made. many notable improvements have 3een made in clinical services. Oh he state level, professional leadership Jias been established in the Department of Insttutions and steps have been taken to bring its organization and span of responsibility more into line with newer concepts and philosophies of care, treatment and rehabilia- tion of the mentally i The report said the problem areas identified in the survey "are not unique to Colorado but rather are typical of rapidly changing mental health programs." Juide to Books PURPLE-6. By Henry Brinton. Walker t Co. The title of this novel is code word meaning that the Soviet Union has launched mis siles, and the English expec them to strike in six minutes. The central figure is Will Bur ley, a high level expert in » se cret British installation callec Faraden. The suspense builds up during an alert, but diminishes when the Russians urgently message England that a space probe has gone astray--excuse tht error, please. But when the space probe is wrecked on the English moors, it is discovered thai il conlainerj guidance system which was an xact copy of one developed at arnden. The British had intend- fl the invention for use in u itimissilc system which wouk ve the West a decided advah- age in the arms race. How did the leak occur at Farnen? Was it the chief of the lab- ratory? Was it Burley's wife' and s best friend? Was il the sci- nlific genius Sydney Slrokes, who ad a "pure scientist's con cmpt for nuclear jockeying? Brin'cn has buill a lense story around thai puzzle, B,ut at the both the universality of art and. the friendship between 'by a grand jury at Pueblo, home France and the United Slates. Many thousands of Americans who might not otherwise have had a chance to see the "Mbna Lisa" will now be able to stand before it. And as they do so, let them reflect that despite the differences currently irritating French-American relations, France continues to be one of our allies against -tyranny. Nowhere in the report, or in a summary prepared by Dr. Galvin was there a reference to sensa tional charges brought last May Leasing Operators Looking Forwa rd To Good Yea r in '63 lasis. When leasing of equipment iarted some 10 years ago terms generally were for only a year or two. Some half dozen leasing corpo rations that operate on a nationa asis have grown to 'he point where they now can obtain funds in the money market at lower By SAM DAWSON AP Buiinejs News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market break and the profit squeeze were among the things this year lhat boosted the trend toward leasing rather than owning production and office equipment. And the new deprecialion rules and the more optimistic business feeling should further growth in 1963. That's the view ol leaders in the leasing business, as you might expect, when Ihcy assess Ihe changes in their rapidly growing form of financing. One change if the lengthening ol the term o leases and another is lower rates in many instances. Leasing is done cither by the manufactureis themselves who for oln(;r financing of new equip- of the State Hospital. Amongother things, in its 30 page report the grand jury charged lexusl immorality, pa tient pregnancies, co-mingling drinking by at least one docto while on duty, escapes and con usion and unrest in the patien wards. Al the Friday press conference Gov. McNichols again dismisse .he grand jury's report as he has Before. Angrily and Impatiently h said: "They never have documen ed or substantiated a single on of those charges." On another issue that ha brought criticism to McNichol that involving delays in a mult million-dollar building program the Colorado State Hospital, th Public Health Service report sai "The decision to hold the bull ing program in abeyance iur t jast few years and not add interest^ than when Oiey started the (State) Hospital's patient c pacity has been a wise one." is small concerns. This has allowed them to bring lease rales down, an important sales point in tho increasingly competitive world of finance. "The profit squeeze in nwr.y in dustrics is helping cur bubinets,' says Robert Sheridan, presiden of Nationwide leasing Company, Chicago, "because it cuts the cash flow and increases the need , amc time he has managed to fill is book with a hearty debate ver the ethics of having scien. sts devote themselves to weap- ns of destruction, the arguments f pacificism, the moral issue of individual life versus mass urvival. His novel is right in line with he works of olher English writ- rs -- such as author-scientist -. P. Snow -- who have been ha ng a great flap over the amorally of science and the widening ;ap between the scienlisls mi .he men devoted to Ihe ethica! TOW. Inevitably, this book will be compared with "Fail-Safe." the novel by Americans Eugene Bur dick and Harvey Wheeler abou a mechanical failure in the push butlon balance of terror, which sets off a nuclear holocaust. Brinton's novel has a lot more meat lor the reflective mind than anyone will find in II may not be a great novel, bill it poses more cogent questions than Burdick and Wheeler have been able to suggest. Miles A. Smilh rent out their products rather than sell them, or by oulsidc firms specializing in this form o! financing. They estimate that American companies this year leased $900 million of production and office equipment, for a ?.»in o( 25 per cent over 1961. This doesn't include the renting instead ol owning of pl«nlf. stores, hotels, commercial buildings and oilier rcnl estate. The financing firms estimate the loUl 'or production and I'lfice equipment shoiik) top «l hillkm in 1963. Arid the trend toward longer terms should conHmie. Ex tension o( the life of loans markci other rW«Ui« institute- I h i s y r j and tilt. The btg - panfes tttto** th*t 1 0 » per wit ment wanted for cost cutting. "The stock market break also led lo more leasing by companies ial formerly lurned to the pjblic 1 or new long term capital. "The new deprecialion rules for ax purposes, as they spark in- resscd capital spending. "elr our business because we arc r U] husincs The reason for this, said D Galvin, is that Colorado has em phasizcd intensive Ircalmenl a rehabilitation programs for Ihuj menially ill ·-- IxjUi at the hospital, al the new Fort Logan institution in Denver and in the stale's !8 communily clinics -rather than concentrate on giving bed space and, hence, confinement, to more and more patients. "Treatment programs arc infinitely more important than buildings," McNichols added. In many of what the public Health Service report called problem area. Ur. Gavin and McNichols said Colorado has made -- am was making -- progress during Ihc survey period. outsid* lighting ha* re- cantly been installed Canwor School? dooe'ufl five-war or longer firms. i llowcd by thr law IT n.jss on he credit to our lessees." Big k'iisin^ co:[Mirations have urncd to many specialized ['.IMC-| tions. One is financing mergers] and acquisitions by 'raying the assets of the smaller company ! and leasing them back lo the mergedIwnip.'iny. Another is tin- depwlfin,! the growth of medium *1zed family-owned nusincsfc.-. Leasing permits them to expand without diluting their equity or surrendering control · of their Call Us For Service on I all makes TV and Radio All Work Gunranfeed Reasonably Priced WELD COUNTY GARAGE APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT Phone 392.131) For Night TV Service »hone 192-1171 S10 10th Street \ dwuld he afpMed. the fefU*iire for tafe M* jMt far c«* rf *· tiijIUli mt sUutkn abo ii btiaj prepared. ector of rnetveh to b* kir*4 m- mediately, and tor about the same amount a ywr hater for a director aacts to uturc that spare parts art rtevatv available Men market. ate the turkey the trapper 6 tetter public relations, ed- a i d comnuiicatMs (aliening for his own CROSSWORD the departmeit aad the varioui In ACMMM LMoaKup). u wtttr ». Small quarrel t. Sprite «.WinUr-Umt iO.Prin Tkk it esfMcialljr true at tbt State Hospital, said Dr. Galvia rhert, he said, "inadequate com municatkms" prevail within the nspital and between hospital ol 4. "It is recommended that fa ficials and the **« t*d (amiliei cilities for the care and Ireatmen It. Aetna*: - Dunn* It laaiui trite defwted by Carte* M.Chirf pluck IT.AujroM II. B.P.O.B. iMmbur 11. Je.Aflowtr It. Gtctntlt H.PoUto«: of mentally ill prisoners be im 7. An "updating o( budget prac tices" is reeded. Next year, the Institutions Department plans t buy drugs by generic, rather than p ropo «d legislation to this en trade names and apply this same will be introduced in the comin operation to Hi purchatei for the session of the legislature. old age medical care pnj|ram The result should be "(aotnti ·-· a aUape* ···»». tw raa*. laont M. Exclamation Jl.TmltorUl dlvitton W.Mr. Tnuua'i 8UU M-BuWitool MOoni*. ·JUWCI ». SpWUd hone 40. ConUwIth hotrfroft U.Btunten WRIGHT MOtMWS' ·:rH£ FIRST AlKPlANt TO TViAH f/,000 70 BUILD DAILY CKYPTOQUOTE -- Here's how to A X T D L B A A X B I i L O N G F E L L O W One ktUr abnply itud* for Mother. In UiU Miapl* A ta for Uu thru L'l, X for UM two O'i, «tc. Slnjl* MUn, trophlw, th« length ud formation at UM word* u* in hint* Bach d»y UM code IttUn arc dlihrtnt. Gret/t statesman, KrtfW CrVHS 20,000 A Cryptogram VXB J B O I H B A V I If T B I A M Y B Q X B t B A O U B Tit A B O . HOKW6ILL. WAS-SO ~ Statm**; 1 ! CryptwiiMta: AND GOD SAID. LJ7T THEM B* LIGHT: AND THEM WAI UGHT.-GENEBIS By Carl Anderson JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbing leo FKIEMP TMSLINS SHE CAN HIM.' WYEHEAWTHE score, HWARR *IU YOU HELP us an THANKS FOR ASW6. Mlfl NAP AN? OTHER CHOICE; MAKE WUR FIRST THE COL. IAWSON rTOWSE I HOHS KONG VfTTH UTTLE SISTERS--NOW ASK WE RETURN TO CHINA,,SHOW WHERE IS. IMJUREP OPT. OKI i mm* VITAL MOIMATON AW A MAN'5 UFE AT STAKE.' By Bob Montana I'M MAKING TISTS...OF - THE AIR CURRENTS / WEU. STOP IT/. RIGHT NOW/ REX MORGAN, M.I) By Dal Curtii \ fl SIX MWTHS AND THEN. I TNttWfFCRAtlAR/H ORM...NITIflKrttrV THEY wtmTURNING oirr ^ PRETTY INHWtS LIKE TOO, IM6HTCUTDOWCN HH TIME Off/ excuse f«...rD KTTKttTMCKIO THEHOSPITW./ WHILE DR. ttORcAN IS XAVIN6 A LATt SHACK WITH TWO WTHt INTERNS FRO* THt HOSPITAL, WITH «VcLl JOINS THEM IN THt CAFtTEWA/ VO' CLAIMS WE KW MAKE MORE AHM3TESTQSMCOT HlM,fiwy. I/.CM ·WUWTHlKIG.r AM VOTES TDGfTTH MOMEV,AN" SHOOT HIM

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