Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 19, 1973 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1973
Page 32
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3t GREELEY (Coto.) TRIBUNE Thurs., April 19,1S73 How did season turkey forecast hold up? By JAY 8HARBUTT AH Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Last September we issued our annual Fearless Forecast. It predicted -- or firmly hedged on -- which new TV shows we felt would or wouldn't survive for another season. Now that the networks are well into reruns, let us see how the Fearless Forecast held up. SUNDAY -- "Anna and the King" and "The Sandy Duncan Show," as predicted, expired. "M-A-S-H," forecast as a questionable starter next fall, will be back. No question about it. We get an accuracy score of 66 2-3ds per cent here. MONDAY - We said the "New Bill Cosby Show" would catch on and prosper. Oops. "The. Rookies" was declared too early to call. ABC called and said it'll be back this fall. Would you believe 25 per cent right? TUESDAY - "Maude" was declared doomed. Bad call. "Temperatures Rising," which also was counted out, also will return. But with a new star. Let's split the difference and give us 35 per cent right. WEDNESDAY - NBC's "Mystery Movie" got a 50-50- chance. Two shpws in Ihis trilogy were dismissed, but "Bana- cek" will return. "The Paul Lynde Show" was counted out and out it went. "The Julie Andrews Show" drew our go- ahead for a second season. ABC disputed the call. In fact, it up and cancelled the show. "Search" also was predicted to have a long life ahead. Wrong again. Call the accuracy rating 10 per cent. It makes us feel better somehow. THURSDAY -- "The Wai- tons" correctly was given a good chance of a second season. "The Men" was given little chance and subsequently got the big ax. One hundred per cent right here. t'KIDAY - "Little People" drew a second-season forecast. The forecast was right. Not so for "Ghost Story," which was declared a tossup and later tossed out. "Banyon," given a year at most, expired in mid- season. We'll grade this at 33 1- 3ds per cent. SATURDAY -- "Bridget Loves Bernie" was given three years. CBS sure fooled me. It tossed the thing out. However, "The Bob Newhart" and "Streets of San Francisco" series were called definite second-season entries, and the networks agreed. Rate this day's forecast at (J6 2-3ds per cent. Totaling things up with the help of a pocket calculator -he's a gnome we keep in the vest to work the abacus -- we come up with a 47.5 per cent accuracy rating. Or maybe 23.9 per ceil. Or somewhere in betweeni The gnome is new on the job and a bit dim to boot. However, we have an idea how to ilnprove next year's score. BulWe'll need the help of every vtewer who tells the rating services what shows his family is wafching every night. What we'd like these viewers to do is simple: when the fall season begins.Kust tell the rating services You've decided against watching anything for a year and are listening to radio instead. That will help \he Fearless Forecast no end. George Burns still on stage By MARY CAMPBELL AP Newsfeatures Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- George Burns has some advice for young people starting in show business: "Stay with it. But," he adds, "I think if they don't make it by 77, they should go into some other business." Burns, for years best known as straight man for his wife Gracie Allen, at 77 is more or less starting a new career. He has a recording out, "A Musical Trip with George Burns," and he gave his first concert as a singer in New York's Philharmonic Hall. The record prigi- nally came out, with then-current hits of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, etc., in 1968. Burns' says sales of the reissue prove that he was ahead of his time. "Then, nobody bought the album except my sister Goldie and I had to buy it back from her the next week." Things are different now than when he was young in show business, Burns says. Then, before radio or TV, a song might Thursday evening take three years to become a hit and equally as long to.fade away. A person might stay in vaudeville for years, never realizing whether he had talent or not, while today a recording can come out, sell enough copies so the artist has enough money to retire and the next week disappear so he has to write a new song to remain in the public eye. He wouldn't want to be retired. Burns says, or even semi-retired, which he decided he'd try a few years ago. "You get old too fast. "Jack Benny just bought $30,000 worth of rosin. We're going to stay around. We're booked." George Burns and Jack Benny have been friends more than 50 years. How have they stayed friends? Easy, Burns says. "He tells me I'm a great singer and 1 tell him he's a great violinist." Burns recounts a usual Los Angeles day's routine. "I get up early, have orange juice and coffee, smoke a cigar to loosen up my vocal chords. I go to my office at 10:30. At 121 quit. I go NEW YORK (AP) - Remarks a widower gets tired of hearing: "You'll love to meet her, Joe--she's just your type." "You've got to quit thinking of the past. After all, you're still a young man--comparatively speaking, anyway." "Why don't you come eat with us tonight, Joe? Me and the missus aren't speaking, and maybe you could help break the deadlock." "Listen, old pal, will you do a buddy a favor? How about me borrowing your apartment tonight? You could go to the movies or something." "How's your love life, kid? A guy with his own salary to spend -- I'll bet you have to beat them away with a baseball bat." "You'll thank me later for introducing you to her, Joe. She sews her own clothes and likes opera." "This is the second time you've had us up here this month, sir. Don't you know you're not supposed to try to flush hot grease and paper towels down the toilet simply because you sink is full of dishes?" "Did you ever think you might be too particular, Joe? You know you're not getting any younger, and beggars can't be choosers." p.m. 6:30-- 2 Andy Griffith 4 Holly wood Squares 6 Art Studio 7 American Adventure 9 Amazing Kreskin 7:00-- 2Truth, Consequences 4 Flip Wilson 6 Beautiful Machine 7 National Geographic 9 Mod Squad 7:30-- 2 Dragnet 6 Insight 8:00-- 2Bonanza 4 Bob Hope 6 Humanities 7 CBS Movie 9 KungFu 9:00-- 2 News 4 Dean Martin 9 Streets of San Fran 10:00-- 2Movie 4 Eyewitness News 7 News 9 News 10:30--4 Tonight Show 10:35--7 Movie 11:00--6 Inform 9 Possession 12:00--4 Joyce Brothers 12:30-4 Yawn Patrol 9 Its Your Bet Friday evening p.m. 6:30--2 Andy Griffith 4 Price Is Right 6 Week in Perspective 7 Bobby Goldsboro 7:00--2 Truth, Consequences 4 Sanford and Son 6 Future Is Now 7 Soney and Cher 1 9 Brady Bunch 7:30--2 Dragnet 4 Little People 6 Book Beat 9 Partridge Family 8:00--2 Bonanza 4 Circle of Fear 6 Week in Review 7 Movie 9 Room 222 8:30--6 Black Journal 9 Jose Jimenez 9:00--2 News 4 The Champions 6 Masterpiece Theater 9:30-9 ABC Special 10:00--2 Science Fiction 4 Eyewitness News 6 World Press 7 News 9 News 10:30-4 Tonight Show 6 Silent Years 10:35--7 Movie 11:00-9 In Concert ll:10-2Sci-Fi-Flix 12:00-4 Midnight Special 12:30-9 It's Your Bel 12:35-7 Laic Movie 2:35-7 All Night Movies » to the H,llcrest Country Club , ;You ^ , t he , s t for lunch. I sit at a round table a secret jr) frjen(J but dflesn , t with Danny Thomas, Groucho want us to meet her ^^ Marx, GeorgieJessel and Jack. he - s ashamed ot her » We fight to get on sometimes. ,, rd ljfce (o gQ ^ ^ pol[er "I play bridge until about game with you tonight, Joe, but 4:30. I go home and have a 1 can't. My wife and I are cele- little sleep until 6. I get up, brating our 20th wedding anni- have a few martinis, have din- versary." ner, go out sometimes, sing a "I promise you, Joe. You'll lot. It's a nice life." not only fall for her on sight -Daytime TV Sc Monday through Frida Denver channels: KWGN (2); KOA-TV (4) M (6) PBS; KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) AB a m 7 Edge of Night 6:00-7 Sunrise Semester 9 Dating Game 6:30-4 World Tomorrow 1:00 ~ 2 Mov ' e ·1 CBS News 4 Anolner World 9 Curiosity Shop (Fti) I £** '? Jf^-i i 6-55-4 News 9 General Hospital 7 Evan Slack 1:30 ~ 4 Pe ^ m Place 7:00-4 Today Show 7 1M Iywood Talking 7 Capt. Kangaroo 9 One Life to Live 9 Cartoons 2:0 °-" Somersel 7-30--9 up 7 Dialing for Dollars 7:45-2 Morning News 9 Love Ame TMean Style 8:00-2 Flintstones 2:30 ~ 4 Days of Our Lives 7 Cartoons 9 Newlywed Game 9 Not For Women Only 3:00-2 Perry Mason 4 Raff IP 8:25-4 News Capsule 1 . le 8:30--2 New Zoo Revue 9 Bewitched 7 $10,000 Pyramid 9 Mike Douglas _^ ' 9:00-2 Blinkey's Fun Club T T 1 1 1 V I f^ ^ 4 Dinah's Place 111W V X\_ L. 7 Gambit Thursday, April 19 9:30-2 Jack LaLanne 1 p.m., Channel 2 (BW) -- Cry 4 Hollywood Squares Danger with Dick Powell, 7 Love of Life Rhonda Fleming and Richard 9:50--2 Fashions in Sewing Erdman. 9:55-- 7 Mid-day News 2 p.m., Channel? A Lion in 10:00--2 Denver Now the Streets with Barbara Hale, 4 Jeopardy A n n e Francis and Warner 7 Secret Storm Anderson. 9 Password 3:30 p.m., Channel 4 (BW) -10:30-2 Green Acres Red Planet Mars with Peter 4 Who, What, Where Graves and Andrea King. 7 Search for Tomorrow 10 p.m., Channel 2 (C) -9 Split Second Drums of Africa with Frankie 10:45-4 NliC News Avalon and Marictte Hartley. 11:00-2 Phil Donahue io:35 p.m., Channel 7 (C) 4 Sale of Century Yankee Buccaneer with Jeff 7 News Chandler, Suzan Ball, Scott 9 All My Children Brady, Joseph Calleia and ll:SO-4 Three On Match Hodolfo Acosln. 7 As Hie World Turns Fridav, April 20 9 Lei's Make A Deal , ch ., mlcl 2 _ Smok Noon-2 Bent the Clock wi|h ^ MncMnm A n n e 4 I.,ycw,lncss News Bnxlcr nm , ,,,,,,, , vcs 7 Guiding Light 2p.m., Channel 7 -I'd Climb 9 Today al Noon |hc , I i g h c s ( M o l m ( a i n w i t h p.m. Susnn Hayward mid William 12:30-2 What's My Line Limdlgnn. 4 The Doclors 3:30 p.m., Channel 4 -- Semi* As Bovle sees it\ By HAL BOYLE \ you'll also be crazy about her four kids." "You're not the only one\who misses her, Mr. Joe. It's so lonely now when I come^ to clean your apartment. Every minute I still keep expecting to hear her call from another room. She was a real lady." ', "I don't blame you for not rushing into another marriage, ' Joe. I rushed into three of them -- and I'll probably die in alimony jail." "Aw, come on, Joe. Let's stay arid have a couple more. You won't get bawled out if you get home late." "This is a girl my wife suggested, Joe. She needs a little cheering up. She has lost two husbands and -- who knows?-you just might be the guy to change her luck." "Maybe you ought to get married again, Daddy. I'll be through college pretty soon, and you know I probably won't be around home much after that." "Who 7 are you waiting for -Raquel Welch or Julie Andrews? What you should be looking for is a nice comfortable retired nurse." "All you've got in your refrigerator is four pounds of hamburger and three packages of cottage cheese. Is that all you ever fix yourself for dinner?" "Hey, Joe, you're just the guy I've been looking for. I lost my father-in-law last month, and I been wondering if you wouldn't like to help console my mother-in-law. Her house is paid up, she has two cars -and her husband left her his liquor store free and clear. I'd love to have you in the family, Joe." 3:30--4 9 4:00--2 7 4:30--2 7 5:00-2 4 7 9 5:30--2 4 9 6:00--2 4 7 Film Festival Merv Griffin Gilligan's Island Joker's Wild McHale's Navy NYPD Hogan's Heroes NBC News News ABC News Dream of Jeannie Eyewitness News News That Girl To Tell the Truth CBS News World of Adventure nole Uprising with George Montgomery and Karin Booth. 8 p.m., Channel 7 -- The Cool Ones with Debbie Watson and Gil Peterson. 10 p.m.,- Channel 2 (BW) -Outer Limits with Vera Miles, Barbara Rush, Scott Marlowe, David McCallum and Sir Cedrie Hardwicke. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 -Oklahoma with Gordon McRae and Shirley Jones. ll:10p.m., Channel 2 (BW) -Monster From the Surf with Sue Casey and Walker Edmiston. 1:05 a.m., Channel 7 -W u t h c r i n g Heights w i t h T i m o t h y Dalton and Anna Colder-Marshall. 3:05a.m..Channel? (BW) -Francis in the Haunted House with Mickey Rooncy and Virginia Welles. 4:25 a.m., Channel 7 (BW) -The Sergeant Was a Udy with M a r t i n West and Venlia Stevenson. WOKK1 IM BAme BY StMSEREMA TRIBESMEM, IN AFRICA, -- MADE OF 4 STCIPS'OF LEATHER AMD ADORNED WITH COWRIE SHELLS- IS BELIEVED CAPABLE OF RENDERWS- ITS WEARER by THOMAS JOSEPH 1* r FlRST OPERATIONAL LOCOMOTIVE VfS BUILT BY RICHARD TREHTIIICK AND PULLED A LOAD OF 25 TONS 9Xi MILES IN4HOURS.5MINUTES FROM AM RON PLANT NEAR .2I.IB04 1x9 = 9 12x9 = 108' 123x9 = 1107 1234x9 = 11J06 123l5x9 = 111105 123456x9 = 1111104 1234567x9 = 11111103 12345078x9 = 111111102 123456789x9 - 1111111101 MAGIC NUMBERS DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE-Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES D T M F M E B C J A T C E V J B I I A I I 0 M U F C B M B T P Z B M G K D C D T H D Y M E O N H J W M E Z C E M D T H J H F M E B C J A T C B P D B R V P M D G O . - I H A H T H E G H G J M T E V Yesterday's Cryptoquote: IT TAKES A CLEVER MAN TO TURN CYNIC AND A WISE MAN TO-BE CLEVER ENOUGH NOT TO.-FANNIE HURST (© 1973 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) ACROSS 1. Oriental porter t. Turn aside 11. Turkish city 12. Craze 13. "Boys in the Band" playwright (2 wds.) 15. Islet 16. Spirit lamp 17. Dwell 20. Fog drip 23."--, du lieber Augustin" 24.-- lily 25. "Little Sheba" playwright (2 wds.) 29. State (Fr.) 30. Man's nickname 31. Put on 32. Cling 35."-Mable" 37. Hoary 39. Virginia . Woolf" play. wright (2 wds.) 43. Papal crown 44. Do a puzzle 45. Premature 46. Equine DOWN 1. Syrian city 2. "Robin 3. Dull in , finish i 4. Picnic \ pest 5. Varnish ingredient 6. Chastised 7. "Cactus Flower" Oscar winner 8. Burden free 9. Never (Ger.) 10. Scottish river 14. In flagran- te delicto 15. Seaman 19. Here (Fr.) 21. Fellow (si.) 22. Anguish 24. Locate 25. Get hitched K3E0 _ HHH Hill IIP Yesterdty'f Aniwer 26. Auntie 34. Pupil Mame's in an houseboy ecole _ 27. Type of 36. Noblema armed 38. Legal conflict (2 documen wds.) 39. French 28. Angel in summer Persian 40. Across mythology (prefix) 32. Marshal 41. Nincom- 33. California poop oak 42. Fate 4--I9' SCRAM-IETS ANSWERS · ; Island - Poach - Capon - Nipple - PLACES '-. The prettier a girl's map is, the easier it is for her to ' go PLACES. M-19 v HENRY By John Liney? ARCHIE By Bob Montana NO, BUT ' -* HERE' EVERYONE ELSE ) CHEW WHO COMES J THIS INTO MY OFFICE WIU SMELL OF THEM.' YOU DON'T MISS BEAZLY-^"xHAVE MMPH.' WHAT WAS THAT? ARE YOU MAK1N6 ) TO THOSE SPICY ^ MEATBALLS H ANY.' ASAIN ?! AND YOU'LL NEVER NOTICE .' REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis WHAT I DON'T KEEP THIS MORNING 16 A SMART ALECK NURSE/ WHO WOUIP I JUST ONE JUNE 7 IS THAT YOU · WHERE ARE YOU ? THAT BE r^f WAY TO FINP GOOD A\ORWN6 .' 1 I'M VP YOU'RE. UP EARLY J EAKLV TH/S BRIGHT/ ^^ EVERY BEAUTIFUL ' MORNING- AT MY AGE, 1 CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS A THIHG. JOHNNY HAZARD V\NI7 ALOMS THE BANKS OF THE RHINE, A ?RIM MANHUSTT _. FOLLOWINTHE TERRORISTS' FINAL. ULTIA\ATUV\... REPEL LSAt^EKS WITHIN TWENTV- R3UK HOURS, Frank Robbins I WHILE IN.THE ZURICH AIR. I TOWER... j qp) re^AreW^l^yi yCU'UL ACCEPT ' ^?2^ AW ASSISTANCE, AN pTHE GENTLEMEN? SERMAN WILL NEVER TAKE HIM ' ALIVE/ Li'L ABNER SO VOUR HUSBAWD OWNS THE FIRST "CORPORAL CROCK COMIC BOOK- By Al Capp r-^ A(E MEVAH WAS ABLE ^ I HAVE AH'M NOT · I TO RAISE A QUARTER ) THAT ID S'POSEDTO N A6IN,SO HEMI66EDJ/VEARS- KMOWIT,BUT ) TH'NEXraOY'ARS ) ALL EXCEPT HE DO- ^J ( OF IT- n ·--- THE FIRST ISSUE (OF IT- ®^T~J ILL PAY A YWECAINT FORTUWE ] AGREE FOR IT-- IT'S J POKESHON.'.' AGREED? I PAPPV'S POSSESHUN-

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