Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 15, 1962 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1962
Page 12
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Classified Advertising Classified Rates OF COUNTY ADS Each CfQi*cuUi« insert HD of unit md, y.nimutn chart* 60c CUs-ified «'h frtismj: iiibJKt to 10% , discouut, c**b 10 .!«*. E\rr7 othfr day tub to b* ch»r_;«d ·« ont day rat*. Blind box number* Z.c ttxtrm. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY M i n i m u m one inch. No cuti 01 i borjtrrs. |1.!« 1*1 ecl-tain inch. 1 Volume ntei UIKIII application) ERRORS TO BE R E P U K I L D AT ONCE. The Tribune will make no allowance for mort thun one incorrect Insertion of any auivcrUwment. Classified Index - Announcctuttta 4 Auction, _ .. . 48-A '"Auto Service and Snppllt* 62 B-Jsint-u Opporiuetlie* V Buslaeas Service! 6 . Coal and Wood 16 Cu-tom Wort .. -- ... 11 ; Education and Initruction f · Farm Enuipmtnt fU For Rent"- Aparlmeiila I't fat Rent-- Building. .... 20 . For Rent-- Farm, and TraeU 18 For Kent-- GaraKta _ . _ . . . It. For Rent-- Huu-fi _ . . . 16 . For K-nt~ML Home.. Cabitu 21 Kor Kt?nt-- Office Spate 22 Hay. Grain, Feed, Straw 40 Help Wan led House and Auly Trailer. H Houuhold Gwd. « Lct'i Swap _ 28 Live-lock -- « IMI and Found 1 Mticellaneoua . -- , -- , · -- . *1 Money to Loan SI Monty Wanted « Motclt 2 * . Moving and Storage _ IB .-Personals _ -- J Pet Stock -- *· 1'oultry . « Profeosional Servicm 6 Heal Estat. --.. « Hoofing and Imulttion aa Seali. Pluita. Flo»»n . S8 Sewing Machine*- Vacuum* 44 SitUHtiont Want** _ 1° Sportlnc Goodi -- »- A Trailer Space -- _ « TmnuporUtion -- « Trath Haullni - . « TV-Radio ScrvlcM . « Uied Cara and Truckt 61 Wanted To Rent . «; Machines « Loit on$ Found 1 . LOST -- Lndy'a Midi onyx rin. with diamonii in center. Reward. Call Ixms-mont, PR 6-2898. LOST in or near Wool worths. Mun'i bnwn wallet. conUlninft important - paper*. Reward. 3.3-1275. PtrwMlt 2 "GUARANTEED wmleb and clock re'/ pairinK. Griybul Jewelry. AL-ANON. " r.3-mn. 'OR drinkinw problems contact A' - · coholics Anonymous, 2GOR 7th Av«. 1'. 0. 209. 352-620!. 352-3435. ' MINNESOTA Woolen Company representative. Use our budget plan. SUGGESTIONS for Christ mu entertaining. Flaming inoballs, Christmas trees, bell center bricks and rolls, eHft nog, fruit punch. Eberle's ' Ice Cream Store, 1517 8th Ave. Ph. 353-15Q2. Trin.portQtion 3 ELLS Rent A Car. 922 N. llth Ave. 362-7660. We deliver. Anytim*. .CAR rentals, daily, weekly, monthly. Greeley Lwising Company. 352-9174. .1100 Sth Ave. Ann eu net mints 4 THINKING of bicycle* T Think of · Allure's Sporting Goods. 352-9501. LOOKING for a place for private parties, receptions, dances, catered dinners, covered dish supper*, or meeting 7 The Selale (shel-ah-lay) build- inc. at 7th Ave. and 16th St., with kitchen and sound system, is avai ' able to you. For rental price and further information, call 352-0348. Professional ServicM S T-IFK -- Iloipilal -- Income insurance Call Flan Williams. Ph. 353-1404. - PIANO tuning and repairing. GUNSMITH il town"! Yea sir! At ·-· Alkir?'i, Sporting Goods. 352-9501. nn'l tax forviw. We go to your J horn*. 352-73S2. Box 659. I GREELEY Curtain C!«mcni. No p n : marks. 706 9tb Ave. Ph. 353-1485 i DIAPER service -- W* rent or wil service yours. No diaper rwh. Bac } *;. tpr ' l frfc - Cail 352-3192. J "BICYCLE rqiaim, all make., models 1 Alklrk'a SjKjrtinn Goads. Omfiol ; Hotel JIMit. 352-9501. ·; WALLS cleaned by new mnchine. Re- lulu perfect, saves paint. 1'h. 454 ; LFjT us do your repair work. We hev i th« know-how plus genuine Hnrlcy Dnvldujn parU. Dale's Harlcy-Davld ton. Ft. Culliii.. i Help Wanted ;' SEAMSTRESS. Dennett Clpuncrc. 121 \ W A N T E D - F i l l i n g »t»liun attention i 6'M f-ih Avenue. '· - Q U A L I F I E U teachers needed. Enro rrau. S 1,500 U $7.1)00. Western Swt Teachers Exchange. Box 201, Bou nr. Cnlct. W A N T K D -- Wi,imn wjLh -mall K ir J f - M ' K H l K N C K n pjiltit utiriir.nn. SKT (HPT:!'. G"-'! f'l'-^ir. Acr _ l ' t-, 1 · . I r v i i r c n r o «i;r) n.tiT..= m r i t i.Un. I 'a INDUSTRIAL NURSE pli( JHl! s l l d l l l f l IIP 1)'I wn t ; ,] ;; · yt.'ii-;- to lii yt-firs of »^c. TRULY R A R E OI'I'OKTUXITY Hnrt- IK yuiir i ti:un p fur a tc ?n,i!if|ii i M i s i l i n n fur ji nt:u]i f a ' t n n r "1 |ir»i-i»iiin o.lcclniti P i | t i i | i i r . i n l . Tuti salary. K r l n s iK'H'-fi's. Idr'nl \vt)rltillp '{nd lions In ultr.'i ni'ulprn p l a n t . Kur inlcrviijw send resum !,o Hewlett-Packard Cum pany, I'ersonnel Depart mcnt, RN. P. 0. Box 30 I.ovelami, Colorado. AN K Q f A I . n i ' I ' O U T f N I T ^ K M I ' U I Y K K ' a'S i!r"":T ?"%'"'*"'' l4«.liM W4 lHlrMti« 1 Can You Qualify for employment? "Training .Makes the Difference" l Day aurj Kveoini; School Classes starting jsuui.ry. i95.t i processed Admissions Office open 9-4:30 daily i College 920 N i n t h St. Greeley 352-5715 "Training Doesn't Cost -It Pays" ______ Business Opiwrtunirits 9 -KKVICK nation fur lease. E*f,ll«nt ^ Our Business Is Selling Businesses -- That's all \Vesell! In The Northern Colo. Area of Greelev, Longmont Loyeland, Estes, Ft. Collins. Jail, write or come visit with ou buy or sell a business. All ni uiries held In strictest con- idein-e. Hen l,iu. Hf 2-1717 COLO. BUSINESS SALES OS \V. .Magnolia Ft. Collins Situatitni Wanted 1 0 'RE-SCHOOI, child c»re, dAily Hill- «id« trea. C«ll 353-0176. BWINti - -Itfntioiii «proni doll clothes. Reasonable. 353-A315, a f t e r 6:30, evening.. VANT u do baby aittiiiy In my home. 353-3869. BABY silting in my home in Evtns. 35_-3.CK). ft' ANTED-- Ironing. Phone 352.6501. in my Home. 12 bushel 1001 Hh St V1LI. do f r u n i n f f in my homt by the hour. 2706 7th Ave. ·A1NT1NC. dont reiionibly. Call 3E2-1123. 35M311. HO USB doctor. Remotielinc -nd repairs. Urooka C. Cole. I'h. 352-5774. PAINTING, interior und «terior, free tstimBtc^. Dale Teittmnn, 353-0318. ·A1NTING ind decurttin.;. Gilbtrt Romerg, 352-607., after 6 p.m. HONING. U!os« to college. 353-1315. CHILD care, liceiwd ind experienced, 353-AT44. HONING. 353-2101. 1018 31st Ave. VANTEO -- Patch plasWrinj. Smi.ll join appreciated. 352-2505. PARK children while shopping w th experienced teacher and nurae. 352-7709. VI LL do practical nursing or b*b B ttins. Experienced. Write DOT E-ll, c/o Tribune. A1.TBRATION3-- Ltdies', men'i cloth- ng. Grace's Alteration Shop, 812^ 8th PL 353-2973. CHILD care, daily in my home. Reasonable. Excellent references. 353- 351C. * CESSPOOLS, grease trim, pumped. Fre. ingpcction. Ph. 353-1768. RM specialty. Firat class work and material. L. S. MfDaniel. Ph. .62-0250. PAINTING-- Exterior and interior. Wt aave you money. C a l l : JR. Rosin, BOOKKEEPING, -roill buiineua, filing stations, cu., quarterly and 353-3876 after fi:30 p.m. P A I N T I N G , exterior. Interior. Reasonable «nd courteous aervict. 454- 2G17. C. E. Myrick; 352-1095, W. J. Gebhnrdt 25 Y E A R old family man anrj vetcra reiurnintt to college, desirn pa time joli to finance education 1 352-6497 !itrtwe»n j*:30 and 6:30 p.m or after 9 p.m. Cuitom Work 1 WANTKD-Ncw hulMing or remode inir. Call 281-6500. or 352-0154. SMALL nnd carryall work. Bo Larson. 2S4-5552. M I U . W O R K and prc-hunit doon. Bey lor Cabinet Shgp. 2G06 8th Ave. M A N U R K haulinz. Clark Mackw 352-6372. CORN combininc. brand new Gleaner machine. 332-62r,t. Wilburt Robinctt HAY Krindins ind hauling. Car Luther. 3S2-U4.3. CUSTOM maniir* hiullnu from Mon fort Feed lots. Call Sam fiolh. 23* T H K N C H I N O for water linoi, lepti Unks RniJ Iwchin^ Holils. La S*l Plumbing. 2fe(-7832. Jean H. Brown DOZLIt or cfrryill wore. Sirell I«VB ing johs. corral ur anythfnc, Alw londer Fcrvice with a Hmmh V\ y u r 1 r^yloadcr. Trcnary'n F*rm Service . Ph. 2*-i.7!02. or 254-5401. - T R E N C H I N G - ft inch to 14 inc wiijr. 5 ft. dcfp. We no m y w h e r / fn^t rr.'ihil* unit Our prkea «r competitive. A1*o real aavincn n 1 plnstfc pipe. C/:ntral Tren-hm Service, Ph. 352-4864, IHh Ave. i ' ?th Strict. ' Troth Hauling 1 j H A K Trash haul.-r. Anythlr.K. »n 1 A K I 1 nr»l i r ^ i b hi'illng. Fred Olivn P!i. l"iZ.i3!-3 anytime. \l IT'S w* haul it. Oil Job K l i n r . 3r,2 167?, CKSSronl.S. -rptic tanki. grew . train wmip*!. WhitUkrr. J52-3H5 T i i f k . ^'i^-niCTi. U K U H I S H urnmM. Phonf J:,S-120 AW--.1t. P V V k K K I . Y IraJih rcrvic*. No litirnlr " I'K^nV.uvay ["iiUmihl (' 3i J 2-7r,) Movinf end Stert)* 1 ' I ^ f ' - r j y Moving »in4 fitorwi Tlifl'K.S f'.r r-nt }j hwir. -tiT p "TV. F..-*rvtrifnR f u r n . *xc»pl rtr -r. T r - i r k ^ Kffittlp. Int., 408 26 Wonted to fttnt 1 * ( ^l^^^'iH'v Wwit*^ t* K«^ H VANTKO lo rtot. 160 to JM acr«. ' » i t h Kt-ade A milk Urn. H«t« Wp, fin»ncec an, *Quiln;eBt. Ph. p34. F«t ftaM -- H*«MI 15 OH^ _RtST - One t*dr*. n , jople*. JXK hide du(kk. furabhcd. 3K-2657. f K A I L K K boaw f v r rent, Htun'* traJI*r I't. Call 3.3-4T9.,. li K K K riiom niutivm bout* fur rent i K?n_-y. 3S.-W35. OUK riKm IV^UM for rent. Cull e*e- ninsi. 353-U17*. OU RENr--Stuall house. 3o.l-UU14. W(J L*druTra bnu_« with garage and J N R T R N t S H E D dupl« for rent. iU N. 26th Ave. 85I-163S, ru O IwHlnxim hoUM. Ukraice. lmm«- Ji-t* puuniioa. 1840 llth Ave. Motile home. 352-7868. 5.0 ll!th AVK. 5 b*droom. 1U bathi, liOU m.nih. Will k«r, Mel BuJ- nitcr. 352-3.42. OR KENT-- U n f u r n . 2 bedrvom brick house. 2 bedrwmi in baiement. 1U14 Ulh K!. Call 353-1169. Joynvr Bealty. r\VO bedrwjm duiletf at 3530 9th St.. U R N I S H E D 2 bedroom hnu.r w i t h /urn. 1 bedruoni bailment ai)t f 0 .3 St. J.ia-OTl?*. 1IKKK bctlruoin modern houxe. U l i U iU« furn. .jpanf.h people welcome. with itove and rrfrigerator. |)5.00 p w utilities ,62-7?y. ICE 2 bednwm home. 102S 4lh St. Nu more thh» 2 children, m per munth. S» owner, 1205 23rd Ave. Ct. UPLEX unit, two bwlrcximi, close to ndu-triil area. Ph. 352-OS71, or 35-J-4175. OMFOHTABLE home, two bfdrocm.. g»r«ce, close to ahopptnc center *nd |io.l office. Call 352-670*, mornings. - h 0 bedroom bungalow, furniihril. Fenced yard, garage. 11 LO a month. 62. 23rd St. Contact Ed Hoff. doy». 352-6570; «veningi. 353-4874. to college. schCK'li and »h(iping CPU. ter. '.'arpeted. drapeil. Only (95 per month. 352-3648, or 352-5407. OH Kr.rir-- One bedroom unfurniih- after Christmai. 1721 '^ IHh St. Call ^2-4.'35. after 5. WO bedroom unfurn. houu. One block from rolleg*. Fireplace, carpet, garage. Fenced back yard. Sublet to college student*. 353-2851. OR KENT-- Clean two bedroom un- furntBhed hou*e with garage in Evans. $60 per month. Furniih your own utilities. Two children welcome. No pets. Call only after C p.m. 352-3523. F«r Kint -- Roomi 16 OUSEKEEPINC room for 1 man 1029 Hth Street. LKAN. dwirahl. room for working man. 140S 15th Ave. 352-6675. · *J1CE, front room. Cloct in. R«aion- able. 810 12th SU COLLEGE men. Furnished roomi and modern kttrhen, college approved. 2021 8th Ave. NICE, clean bedroom with private bath. Reasonable, by week. Motel Hoover, 213 nth Avenue. LEEPINU room, cln 9e In. clean, ncn to brth, TV hookup. J014 10th St. 352-7713. FOR MEN--Clean. warm roomi, with or without kitchenette*, TV hookup. Turner Manor. 809 7tb St. ROOM for rent. Working man or Un- dent. Cooking privilege). 1040 IHh Avenue. STERLING Hotel. Roomi with or without bath. Monthly or weekly. Maid service, phone, cafeteria. A]] conveniences. 'ERMANENT room, from »20 month n annex section. From 136 month in main ·ectfon. Room and matin from (SO month. All convenience!. Parking lot, phones, wakeup itrvice, Wr will give you free moving service. Mr. Walton, Camfitld Hotel. Ftr fttnt -- Apti. 1' FURNISHED apt. for rent. Utilities paid. 353-2027. 1226 10th St. THREE room furniihed apt. in Ker- PWO girls to share college approve* FURNISHED basement apt., redecorated. Adults. Ph. 362-3272. ONE and 2 bedroom apta., furniihed, with utilities. Evani. 353-3002. apt. Ph. 353-4910. SEVEN room apt. Two blocki from town. 353-2177, after 5 p.m. NICE, clean. H room furnished apt. 70 TWO or 3 bedroom apt. furn. 10 13th Kt. 3-.2-8660. WANTED-- Adult tenante for nice! f u r n . apt., downtown. 3S2-3735. FURNISHED 2 And 3 rnoin nemihanc ment spUs. Utilities furnwhe.. Adu I only. Call 353-453(. FURNISHED ! bedroom semibasemen apt.; automatic washer. Utilitiei paid. Near college, 353-2644. THREE nnl 1 bedwm »pU. 1224 I2t St. Partially f u r n . Hot water h^a f u r n . 352.2095. rtlll K E N T -Two bedroom apl. Appl ancts. Jranes f u r n . 353-1 hfth, tn- F(IRNlSHI-;i) Ihnu-mpitr ni,t One per Avr. ziz'im. '""'' W A R M n HH,m f u r n . apt. I'riixt" linth Utilitir* f n r n . Shrpplii[ renter bu st'»p. Kl-lcrly lady. 13U, l l t h Ave. T l A l f . K K honii* for auk or rent ' mrxji-l in gajd condition, 8x35. I'h y i 6 FIFTH St. One bHroum upt. kitrh^-netti?, mnln flx-r. uliljti«, (35 HH IlHiniter. 352-3512. Saltr. Lota of cl-nci «iii»rc. La Snll'p COMPLEXLY furnnhcd one and tw hHwim aptx. Utililiet p»id. W«k \7 ratcn. _OJ tl)tb St ' W ( J r'iom f u r n i i h ^ l hnncrrn-nt up Pth Sl.^Arfiilt, only. Ph. 3H2-0423, ( K i r i l N I K H W ) firrt f|.wr Hpxrlm'-n t i t c h - n , l n ' i n - l r y . A»luli* '-nh, N f u r n . upl. w i t h »t«)v«! »nd r r f r i k - f r inr. f»r ndiill count*. 1211 *\h K I n ' i ' i i r r Ant, 17. trie k t t c h « n , ri-friRrrnUjr, drnjicr ihroijRhnut. Wii'hcr nti'l 'Iryrr. Nc k i t c h m . H"lr"om». NTR* Hvinjt rv-n ('i'**} park In ji, (Jnr.iii*. 1P1I 1" v a - i . , B t h . *.h!M w H r o m r . riiliii f-.n,i.|,f,i. P H * a c«tM',r M . 1" »'.'.-'r nnd r o f r l R T n l o r , I t f ; . U fr.,ni S x f m a j r . utllMi* paiH. IK livirr r'^ifn, c'lmjil'l*; m/ 'I'm klif »n. A'-c'imm'j.lcf'j t!th«r KM dry*r. HM K«rl'»ge ii*r««ii!. Kt'« ir.-nih. 'Like Irt f*. it?"r:n1| »t i2 PARK PLACE APTf Kurnl^hcrt or u n l i l r n hntt 2 apis. Slcam h r a l . lint n a l r r » S i i t i l i t i p ^ . ?W ji' 1 !- month. AIM JJ «7 Sth St.. Rni. 210. Ph. sr "" I'h'. 5S2 r -5747'. '·«----*«. 17 ev te«-. J.^-Urt?. j *k cott-Duoitj UX-flS-t "OK KEN'l-Furiiiabwi apt t'liliti,* t U7KACTIVE furoufie.! gpt. 1 Ud- t JASbMENI' apt. fur rvut ruroih*d rUKKi; rwni* furnished. » a d fl«,r i TVi !3th A»*. Ph. S5S-i7W i M ^ I . L furiilhed apt. ^uiiatil* for 1 ur t. Call 35?-2T7fi. « to » p.m. rWO b*-Jrwm apt ID fourpki at 1434 7tb Strwt. 352-3M6. T'HMSHEU apt. CvHecc t-j^. Col- tl* aipru\td. 1700 13th Avr. 'LEAN. furui,h*d »pt Ctilitia lurn. 414 th Aw. :1,A.N. -A-rm. furnished apt Low i-ric*. 35^-6l5V. 'WO ro»:n furnished apt. CU« in. Prefer iady nlone. loitf Sih St. -AROK. uti.t*in. f u r u . 3 room apt. LAR:E 3 room apt. furnished. Private Iwth. S53-1815. JOLLEUE girls. Approved apt. Extra llv ng room. Inquire 1H41 lOtb Ave. 'OH RENT-- Fur m.« hed apt. «l«ani heat. priMt*- both. U04 Ctb St App y 615 l l t h Ave. KKASONAULI. furniih^ 3 room »pt., U|it_iirii. CrtXnJ best, utilitix paid. 35i-4450. LAKGE irmil^enient »i-t. 1S03 7th Atr. Furniihed, utilitic* paid. 515 10th A V E . S«vynd flour b u f f e t furnish^ apt. lUililiet, |60.0il. Me! S'ICE ^ nKm furnUhe-J U*«in-nt apt near college. Private «n trance. T1REK room furnished apt for cuu- p!f. L'lllitin. 1114 14th tit Phone .152-7X54. 'UKMSHED 3 room letnibkirment ait. with utilitiea. I*U. College vlcin. ity. Arfults. 1S.O llth Ave. 'OR R E N T -- 3 room furnished apt. private entranc*. utilitin paid. «10 Gth Strm. 'HltKE rfe/m fut-nishrd apt, clean and convenient Utillti.., IS5. 2601 10th Street 'HltKE room niodtrn upoL*i« apt. for middlr-Mue nian or woman. 150 per m m l h . 353-2729. M'ARTMENT. Oni- riK.m kitchenett*-. and bath. Purninhei!. Including util- slICE twt room «pt Heat furnished. Ideal for uldrr lady or w o r k i n g _ i r l . $45.00. Call 338-0175 after 5. For Rtnt -- Ftrmi, Tricti 19 "Oil RENT-- 80 acre* extra rround. Call .53-3.04. For Rent-- IniWm f i 20 ·OR KENT-- Block bMv., 25-10. Buii- 3HOI' buildinv '-'6x46 with extra 'OH RENT -- Two warehouse* with large fenced arra. Sth Ave. and 6th OOK1NG for a. place for private p»r- t w, reception!, dancex, catered din- nerc, roverdl dish suppen, or meft- ir^? The SeUle dhel-ah-lay) build- in ic, at 7th Ave. and 15th St.. with kiirhi-n and »»und ny.t*m, ii available to you. Fnr rental price and f u r t h e r information, cull 35.-0346. Offici SMC* 22 OR KKNT-- U f f f c M . 8th Ave. at I4th Kt Ph. M2-OI32. OR R E N T - O f f i t t apace, rround flwir. SIB 20th Ave. OR KKNT-- TAW office at 912 10th suited. avBilnMc 2nd floor. Park Place Bulldtntt. S27 8th St Inquire No. 210. Ph. 353-0752 or 352-5747. OR RENT -- Steam heated office space. 1 or 2 room mite*. 2nd floor, Coronndo Buildins. Wheeler Realty Co. 353-0346. Ceornt Hoccher. Troiltr S|M» 23 LARGE convenient parkins ipnce. 116 per month. Kapp't, 2.01 10th St 'OK KGNT-- Lnrxe »P"« for mobile home. 510 IGth St. 352-.C52. Room and Board 2! tOOM and board. Excellent meali by week or month. Reasonable. Camfield Hotel. MiKetloneoui 2' FOR SALE-- 4W uallon buUne lank ,p««r PlrkeU, Gilcrwt. 737-2176. wnter heater. Regular prict 1100 special JW. Call 353-1962. LA H(! E house to b* moved or torn down, lioKen Automotive, 707 12t Street. 362-2885. PRE-CAST concrete icptlc tanks, 600 to 1,000 gallon capacity. One day in stallation in your cxuivatlon. Ca Moffat and Son, 852-3525. NEW RomlnKtnn 22 mitnmatlc. 140 Winchrater 30-30. ?f5 : Kteveni dou hip. |R5. AIM WinchMter and Brown nit Mnenums. Bnrtley Sportin Cwd!. «12 tith Ave CHAD'S for Chriitmai. Hand tcoc liulics' purser, new liillfolds. gun vet nnd many other itrms. 1708 Hi Street HEKE i» Kwd ncwg! We arc payin morr money ff.r j u n k batteries, le««, rKit metal, cupper, lirn^s, radir tors, a l u m i n u m , cant iron, ator r«ics. sarks. Drltver to fJuld'd Jun HWIKC. 'J17 6th Av«. 352-2045, FOR N E A T dependable printing yo will f i n d 0m modern dhon an ex rcll»nt .election. We follow rfi carefully and we K f v o you qua t work at reaionflhle cnnt. Hr'tie n your p r i t i t i n K work totlny. Ph, 3fi2 »21 1. TrlhirnMUffiilttlcRn Pnli. Co. T A K E HVI. r iiv/Rirntd on one rrninol nlorny record ttlnyer. Only *2 pc WH-k. Alio cln«e out on tmn»iito 14. '.'5; G trnniitxuir. I13.D5 and J7.?*i rxchnnsre, Ufcwl bHltericg. 11.95 H n l t c r y n'ruirinc. Ilchuilt a^nrrfi t n r ami «t_irt*»r». All lyp« "f »"' t n n t - i i r t unit rcpnlri. lined cflri an ni'-kuii-. Low prirr«. i-nty term* John 'Ih'jifp^n'i Ctnrnffr. BO] 6t Avr. I'h. HOS-JMa. r inp-7 T h r ScUl" '*hr]-nh-ilivi b ) 1' inir M 7th Avr. HI,,| H.lh St., wit k i t r h r n n n H n'^nd -v.;,m, f. f t vnl rhtc l/i v.,ii F«r rr-ntnl frier nn fi.-rlrter i n f o r n . B l i n n . rjlit .152-11348. · S p v p r n I iK'.-uilifnl IIHPI) ^."i i n M l i n m t r r cninf?r;iH aiul projcctom ' K o d a k . P o n t n x . and RVK. I Wilson ami Wilson Cfunt-ra « nnd Hi-Fi IT.l.T Slli Ave. Ph. r.W-flTl h . Christmas Trees $1.0 ' f You nit I i c m i n t i p r 1." iinrl }r 5 10 n i f l i ' H W«'st or Furl Collins Ui«t Ciiiiyon. j- CLYDE D A V I S = A L U M I N U M "^ J * Storm Doors "!' Storm Windows 3. * Awnings e rt ·' Siding *; CIrcclcy Glass Shop 2U03 Klh St. 352.826 -«-_·,.. J7| M^HU.. || AfcY bJaxy fvr .-!·. W ' t-_*ii _r«ji braLm. · U - K A K f »i:i MrCuliucb ensine. IREWOUD. all kitxik. Uvlivervd. r-b. UT CUB., boar) ! 4i Ib. ID 1 lb«. ilNNr-SUTA^ Wiw.m». tW «r e-li rHt: STOCKMAN-- OH SALt-*Jh t -»y (oud tyt« writer *.34.WS7. 'OK HUL'SE mount: M* Bift**. fb. JS.-31iC. Alo buildings for uLe. i U A K A M K K I ) u»«J and rebuilt : ».'y5 through J6.5- Dal*'. *Urln- w i t h miU and tap«5. S10V. I'h. 4(1.733. 'IKKl'I.ACK » w «l. dry. pitth pine. Fvrreil Wood Yard. Hd 3rd A t e «_-94.1. 'OK SALli-- 200 amp I.lnruln pi.rUlile- ;AB NtT wtrrk. »Uirm »ub. Comi'lfU- ·lock of wm cumM lumber. Ward Planing Mill Co. 352-70.4. U d K K I C A N Wreckinc * Salvage Yard. W« buy ·nythmc. Wt »t-!t ev- rUBKLKSS |iuienx«r flat* repaired and k-u»rant**d. Jl.OO. O.K. KuU- ber WtlJrri. 10. N. Utb Avt. 'LKAN culton r»«t wtnted. No imali pievRt, »oc)u or trou**r«. Urerley Tribune. OK SALE -- SiPtfler hraieri. West. view Cowl to Cowl. 2*10 10th St. 'OK KENT-I'orUfa!« .pr*d heater., Crer ey Buildin.; Supply. 630 J6th StTMt. S5^-6S44. j A U N U U Y iin.blrmaT Call CryiUI White or tiriiiK U to 31] l l t h Ave., u|i|MMJtr new 1'oal Office. 3L..^IV^. .ASSES repaired. Uruken lent** du- IllcatH. New frnmti. CrMey Optical Co.. UIZ'^ Sth A»t. 35i-56T2. r i K K balancin_r-0nly Sl.OO per piu- »cnier tir*-. WwitbU free! U. K. Rubber Welden, 103 N. llth Ave. IRSf clu. recover inf ami rri«ir!t,c of truck aettta. Canv.i work. Wntils GILD'S lame * pr \nt riTkiBK h,,r.*., Spirit duplicaUir, *,ri ntdre«iur. 3.12-5480. i K N r l l t A L Klectrk- iM.ruble dbhwnoh. financed. Call 362-7610 'OK SALK-- Chriitmai lr,-*. Wbok- ·ale and rrUil. IxjvrUnd Landncap- ins. NO 7-2076. VKSPA Cu.hmtti auttuiriied drtlrf. F r a n k l i n Scooltr Sain. 2^. S. lit Avenm 1 . Ph. 3SZ-6.1'.. 5 KOOT trailer houir. che«p : 1. ft. a utninum Ixial. nu.tor anil traitrr : piunii. I . I Chevy p i c k u p run* K-KiJ S2.U.2. .UHHEIt. hardware, paint. K v c r y t h l n f Stamp*. Grtrlry flu iM inc Supply Inc.. G30 _(Jlh SL 3S.-6S44. O t K K N T -- Uedi. baby f u r n . , chiir», ban'iuct table*, Klmiwnre, coffeo urm, )yli»hcrs, ru. shnmpoi)in|[ ^uip. Un t ItcnUU. 616 23rd A v r . 3G3-OS10. ICYCLKS. l«rite »--lecllon from I7.5D too. AILirf'jt Spurting Gumn. 721 Tin St. 352-'.!?iO 1 . OY Scout iHck ruck. ue«il om-c, bey', shoe roller i-katcs fi. t k c t r i c tun openir, plpctric k n i f e _ h n r i e n e r . I'll. 'OR SALK-PiiiB pnnff table, 4x*. Koldinn It^it, not -n-l p:iddln In- cludH. f i n e u t i l i t y Ul.Ir or fur ekc- tr n train. $1I. 352-1711. Oiristmti GiH Guidt 28 L I O N K L train for i-N-. 1 din. r l imli and 1 freight unit, plus vuriuui «c- ccssoriea. Sell u Co triplet* let. 353-iaofl, rvcnlnRs. PROFESSIONAI. SANTA GLAUS now available with 50.000 kids experience. REASONABLE for any budget -- Call 3r.3-2G^7. Make appointment EARLY! Household Goods 30 F I V K piece dinette ipt, K «'d conditi-m 125. 35.-17H. 2001 Gth Avr. AUTOMATIC wimher with hwM. W 719 1'udilu St., Kvnnn. FOR SALK-- 21 inch RCA TV. Kca tuinn'ol*. Almoat new. 454-2027. 2 piece Mcctional. 454-21.3. H A N D hiHkrd f h a i r imdn. Spt'clnll A U T O M A T I C wn.«^r, lry^. rcfmirn tor. nleclrlc r^nge. 2.12.0314, try. Bvani Furnitur*. 36^-06'Jii. .SKVKN pie-- tinctl» ret. Ilka new 170.00. Cnll 353.4111. I N D I A N Mini run lir.1 M-rrinl.. K.tMuHt Giftn, 107 18th SI. GAS Kaniic. »20. See r-nr 10U Gth S M A H O C A N Y conimlr S y l v n n i n I I I - l »ot. Kxcclli*nt condition. 2l?, zOt Street Iloaii. Ft)H SALK- Used kitchen fct, itn formirn top, 6 unddcd chittrt. (".( condition. $3.. I'h, 353-34 GC. STILL wiixlim fl«tr*7 Try the ne Scnl (\uxi acryli: f i n i i h f u r v n and linol'iini. Komim ]':ilnt SUTC. FOR S A L K -- (!·» ranitr. r f f r l R r r « l o rli«liwashcr. jilny P»'» *ri'l r rlb. Cn FM S A L K - A l m t w l nvw W.Miinfh.,1 K Imncriiil HO i u r h cWtrif r»nj:r. A- rnn-lilicti. Sct nt HI^'J 4lh SI. FOH S A L K - M n h n K H i i y I l i i n c n n 1'liyf dininir rH»n --, (H-L! nmiiitlm O v a ) tnhle. f- r h u i n t ami l . u f M . Wi M'll I-, hnt offer. 35M13U. ( J K K K N W O O I J*. - Unfair, C*lf)r« in »«cd f u r n i t u r e nnd rui-rr tannin* Wr Imy. m»!l or Irnd". 2' J 7th Avp, Jiint ifinth of V.F.W. l!» S A V K C.i«--( of«nn-lo 2: 1 , im-h r i,t..n TV. n l i i n i i n l r o ! p l c t u r i - tul,^. In n« Imvntiy n r uik. tlSt'.y.V No iluwn. tld.ri') tirr month. Cnmlilr. :no loth st. Fnn K A L K - lur.ti .idnxr is ft. \"* . (tflirr r^friifrrul/.r. Ukc n-'n. J^" i ii'i' B ,yM r.niii"iii'.ii. !«:,. ll'/l ;nt Av". Ph. .ir,;.2'i?o. 1 FOR S A L K - N l r r l!i.ll',i.i-t r r r l r r t i i i K C . K r i g i d a i r c r r f r i K f t d t . . ! : l.f, unrlnK*. "'"' t n n l t r r . t r ; r,iinl in t n h l r HTM! 4 - h M r « : dn.p Jr«f k l l H - Monoy To Loan 3 . M O N K V t" l»»» ··» nil l l n n « rf VM|II Chn.l'r. 17'IS !'Lh St. 1 L O A N n i ' i n i v [.rrw.nnllr if -.mi vent , n f i n t . wnnrl. i» t t i i n l ii.(.di.':ii )| ,, r a l , i n l n r « |.,tm. Ab.. L.iy f i r , ' n. · r-nnil mortpnK'-^. *'»H Knm for f n D A N ' S P A W N SHOP W*' l i n y , f f l l or tr:itlc, n''W IIS-M|. iiMincy to liirui. I'h. :!. r ):',-.t-l(i7 702 ! Avuniic Farm Ranch Loan? ASA T. JONES, JR. S.'i V r p r s Ixt.-in Ton* K i K i t n l f r Kan«:m C l l y» I l i n n n n c Clltfcinl (!. C n l r l p M I . MKP. 1019 Sill Ave. I'h. 3:.2-Sl Form 1 none rdllll LUdll. LOW COST LONG TERMS MANY PRIVILEGES KEYS AGENCY First Nitional Bank Bldj. ~''*tey J52-0070 t»IU~, kM«M 14 TKUNU il.r. nrruiittd iro. _4ini. All Ivnxlba. Wdl.r Lumu«r Co. TKKL building., ill ,!,«. ,nd kind.. W * will w^t and«. W*ll«r Lunitwr Cy. USED lumber, pipe, I beams, w i n d o w s, doors, plumbing, brick. Perlmutter Jobbing and Wrecking Co. Corner of Gth Ave. and 9th St »«t_ fr S«»litt 15 OHN.SON St*.l!urM »!«. ud Hrr- ic*. Wilber'i Outboard M«ri Bt . 2402 Itllh Slrv*t aKIU-TRV "utbo^rd mtrton. CompvU mirinr »al*i .ud t»rvie«. Rcrtwldi M u i p m r n t Co., 401 Uih S', Spirting GM^« 3 5- A »VK W A N T u buy rlfln and tbotcunt Any make. ·_:« or condltioa. AUin'i Sporting Good*. 721 7lh Su JUSTO51 h«udlMdini HKpowvr rifle nmroo. All pupuUr rulibrt*. 12.01 per box in your trnptitt. Alkfrt'. Sportinr G«xb. 121 "th St, U2-9501. J I I K nl« of new 10 «nJ 12 nui* icun* and immunitisn cloin DM 24. Hartley Sporting Goodt. 812 Itb IVKST Sl«i»« apple*, diff«rtot virlcticf. !tin*nu. ormniTrt and 'Brap«ftult. Putab*. and onion*. Other frtiiti ant vegetable.. DiU'i W-rkeL I2.021 O N U K K K U L Klvfer i«n for «atlnf, cantilnjt, 1. bu.h.l; Win«ap apple*, $4._:5 b u s h e l ; eooklnf Jonathan. $1."| buihrl. Want heatH placi to park f r u t truck. 12 n l f h t AppU truck. 204 Ifith St. H. r , Gttin, Fttrf, Straw 40 WANTKD-Ear corn. Northern Fred i-iui i; r aln. EaUin. Colo. Fh. 46I-2G.7. M A L L amount of ear corn and b.Ud h w y . W.-RI5,, T H A W for, R. J. Ifaion. Ph 353-1^6. 352-2Sfi3. A K K H A Y . alfalfa, maw. DHlv*red. Buy and *rll. Don Kelly. I62-.49L UK Stockman- Wen tern wear. W A N T K D -- Several truck lo-di of ha; and grain millet*. For pr[c«» ca 1 «2-4m. Crffl-T Sr*d Co, InealwJ ! mli« north of Grcclry «n 86. UvtttKt 41 OH SALK--18 white fac* cow*. SUrt f u l v i i i K .«on. E31-.4?4. W I ) f.nrr i'ainrnfno pony colt*. Will hold till Chrbtmai. I'honi- 46*-!Ob8. c HM in. 3r,».49lG. tlltTLSS artificial brwdlng Mrvkr. 17.00 a hem!. Allen Hoar. I6J-n«l. THK STOCKMAN-- A f n i F I C I A l . brHdinx. CourUoui, efficient service with A.U.S. provtd FOR .SALK -- U.n.lK.m- youn E Bhct- Innd pcmy with »tddl* and brldlp SS1.1V4Z. pxperiritre. Urantnrr. Ph. XbLieiG or SST-4440. FOH SALK-- Cuttlt rhutM, calf tablw nnd *UK-k unkx. Good price*. Wf. View Coait t« CoAit, 1410 10th St Ph. 3.2-4303. FARMERS, RANCHERS In Greeley Area $2 and ?5 catth [mid (or fresh dead cows and horses. $ft to $11) Tor crippled nnd down horses and cowa. (Cull ris Soon UK PoBulbU A f t e r Animal Dies) Immediate Service Seven Days a Week -- N'lght or Du Cull Collect; Greeley 3(i2-17R8 LK1-. BI-I'RODUCTS CO. FARMERS If You Need.,. a good used car or a fine place to live, TV service man, a ' truck, a tractor, a i job . . , : READ TODAY'S ; CLASSIFIED PAGE i ?*ft 12 GREELEY TRIBUNE S»t.. D«c. IS. 1MZ r* \ Greeley n J / Producers Public Stockyards One Mile North of Greeley Phone 353-4121 FEDERALLY APPROVED 6 DAY LIVESTOCK MARKET \Ve ire equipped and authorized U a-'t for you at private treaty or us an alternate service we sell at auction on Tuesdavj and Wednesday of each wwk. Our facllltle are imouj the flnett. AUCTION TUESDAY, Dec. 18, at 11:45 a.m., itockera and feeder). ADVANCED CONSIGNMENTS 61 good Charulul* h n If e r calvei. Avg. weight 400 Ibn. welKht 600 lb« 20 good Ansu« steers. Avg. weight 600 Inn. 10 HolstiMn uteers. 2B choice WF steers. Avg weight £75 Ibn. 26 choice Blaok A n g u s tteeri Avg. weight 870 Ion. 20 good to choice WF steer and heifer calves. A v j weight 350 Ibs. 8 good to choice WK heifers. Avg. weight 600 Ibi. Uuar- anleed open. 123 good mixed steers. Avg weight 725 Ibs. 60 WF heifer calves. Avg weight 400 Ibs. 30 black steer calves. AVK weight 400 Ibs. 30 good WF steers. Avg. weight 676 lb«. 36 good WF heifers. Avg. weight 550 IDH. 86 good black and blm-.1i WF heifer calves. AVK. weight 450 Ibs. 65 good WF siecn. Ag. weight 7GO His. 50 good WF steor calves. Avg weight 376 Ibs. 60 good black ulcer calves Avg. weight 375 lb». 53 choice hlark stecri. Avt weight 750 Ibs. S good mixed uteen. Avr weight 800 Ibs. 50 good lu choice WF steers Avg. weight r,75 lb«. 60 good to choke WF steer! ATS. wolRht 025 Ibs. 25 good to choice WK heifers Avg. weight (125 »« 25 good to choice WF heifers Avg. weight 575 iba, 45 choice black n n d WF heifer calves. Avg. wcl«ht 400 Ibs. 50 choice mlieil steer calves. Avg. weight 400 lb». GO choice inlied heifer calves Avg. weight 400 Ibs. 71 choice WF ulcer calvei. A-,-g. weight 375 Ibs. 91 choice WF steer and heifer calvei. Avg. weight 3!!i lb«. WEDNESDAY. DEC. 13 st 1:00 n.m. SI.AI10IITEU CATTLE GOLDEN HORN ' eilauranl open 6 dnys * week. We Invite you to visit us at nnv time. If you have slocker and feeder cattle or fat cattle of any kind nleano contact u« at 353-4121. We will have one of our represunlallves call on you. LISTEN TO K K K A 6:40 A.M. ANT) 7:30 A.M. FOH O U R B U T I . M A T E D RECEIPTS A N D M A R K E T REPORT. L I S T K N TO K V O I I AT 12:10 P.M., M O N D A Y T H R U FRIDAY. Regis McKay -- Manager -- Poultry 4 l)Ur:K.H Mnd K«*c tnr *·[·. Pit Stock 43 PKTfl for ChrliUnM. ;iv. Cttlll« JJUIX CMI1ISTMAS r'TOlf. AKC rr«l«n» It^Elf.. l).. n lUnkin. I'h. 8f'3-2Bfi3 51'IUNCKK SpinM puri'lr" for in i Tulta .l(K-kril. I'h. tgc.:7l. TWO Iml.lArrf lln.lnn H u l l T-Hl' IiiPti{r. .liMl In 4 f m « for C h r i n t m n i TIIHI'ICAL fl.h, mi,lfllh, .qll.rlllm. Hltui-.. »tr punn'. ,'Ai-mlont Frjlnk'i 3wH intl H«U)hcrr. 709 1/r! Slr..|. Kdll 5tAI,F - rUcl.lrr.,1 chlhinh : nnpiiln. ! bin. frm.Ir. Will h"H 1 rhrWjniu. » I 4 Snth A»*. C M2-22IU. ! Houiehold Goodi 30 Houi.hold Goodi 30 i CLOUGl ·; Roll-Enc - 1 II f l . 1 In. x 12 fl. Mil Ny m Shir. I'lnk l"ici' I - - - 1 I (1 2 in. x 12 fl. All woo r 1 -- X fl i n I I I . x 12 fl. All B-nol 1 · 1:. fl. X J« f!. 8 in. !,.··:·« nl ! l.'i tl i 'i.l ft. 2 In. I,IM-'» I a n n n d Ivriry - 1 --12 fl. j If. fl ft in. l,pp'« tin 1 -- I I fl. x 12 ft. I t r n w n nylci 1-- 12 fl. x 17 fl. 5 In. (fulilen '' 1 - 12 fl. I !fi fl. SO] N j l n n , K l - » ft. 1 III x 12 fl. IiO! ,\ylo 1- 1» fl. x :i fl. 4 In r.fl N ( 1 '.i II x 12 fl.'n ion . r All new r j i r i ' f l . No ns^d nr «1 H'S, INC. Carpets n n l n n i n leaf I n n IfUift n f j . yil. u .trblilp IwlRr I2.r,o jt(|. vi|. ;t on b l u f b c r r y . . ILT,.'iii s wool, imrulf l U M i f u i yt). ^r n y l n n gdlili'il ll.a'iiwi.yil. :» rrlle twist^ green . . 21f).n(t i;n . '.n IiO 4 haw, all wool 299 r.i) 159. r rir..n ami blue 2v.t Ml I V i f n. orcnn green 117. Mi 7 Ion. Irsf green . , . 1S4.M n blttcri»w«i(»l . 1 1!* r,o '? owhoiiup m a l r r l n l Inrlml-'-d In lii 7 J_15 Rth Ave. n:,' wit Nt Sktcfc 41 ^C r«tut«r*d minUttuc cilvar IM_k. uaV t«. ( _int_i .Id. t-nl-»jk«. C 1 SV5J34I. ·!!« f. XMitiuns. ?rr{«t tut C_m-- BM (!'· at. 697-6MI. Lcvrkud. wi_, M*tfc-OT-- Vim i 44 LAST MINUTE SEWING MACHINE SALE FOR CHRISTMAS ad hang on to vour ChristmM ash. BEW-VAC COMPANY ha» any name brands. Ui«d an ew sewing machines. ChooM bat you want. No money dowi ud small payment* sUrtlng eh. 1S63. Tai free aa Chrtstmai ft to you. Machines sUrtinc om {14.95 and up. t year trt* rvlce and private sewing in- ructiona In your home. Call .i2-5544. Free Home Demonslra- ons when dad la home, iTe* ngs or dayi. K years Is Greey inles and service. W.,ki M MK.JMI 41 Cill 55S.2!5 »(l»r « D.m. TV-- (Uw-^Stnim 44 CTURK tub-i lniUMxl. II9.M. ftll ri»r »u«r.ou., Urou. ISZ-16J1. KW TV pirtufc nibM. |!9.H liiUU. «d. Fj»y tyrma. 35Z^1W. TV scnrlc* oUll, Uy or Blfkt. All work Kuarint««d. All m«k«i. Prompt ·*nlrf. lluibTM TV. !«-ll!0. V .Irk 7 Clll TV CoapkH* ur'lc «ll mke% Pkon« 1SI-011I, 312-53SO. 1111 ^» SL, E.«u. tuir.n-~J. I5S.SS. |lt don, 110 month. 3'j2-MBO. SKI) TV uu, ftill7 rjir«nl-«i. tin n*w Sflnnl* tV, B(-FI *n4 6UMO, TV llo«piul. I!U Iti St, Enai. Muiicel lnitniiM_ti 47 OK SALK-Kplnrt pl.m.. nnllm eimdltlon. 1'h. 352-12*6. I'HICillT ,,Utic Coo4 eoidltkn. H. 7J7.:2IL'. r,rnlni.-i. "U, prind low. Oil Ut-UU Mori U .m. (1 t .SAI.r^-^iWm ruiUr U)4 unpll. f l « r : r:o b_ui trwrdtcn. Good run. ditkni. C.l! 35MI.O. ifur 4 .m. Rnl I*«t. 4| AIJj mv rtvKrrflrif laeomo vroptrtr. Mrl D-jIncrr. 1S2.JSI:. lUlu Asm. Oil SALK by OWB«1. MUIt Mil 111 IVo n«,,l»rn homrt with lupportlnj buililinKi. Ditch w»t*r pltu w»ll. I'rlcr IS7.WO. r.r»d lliuinrlnf. III.. Mil dnwn. B.K. of U S.Ik. A. Hold- Hagan Agency, Inc. Realtors - Insurers FARM SPECIALS!!! mllei of Cireclcy. 120 cres with ICO acre! of paitiire. ^Illk parlor, corrali. Modern lomc. niilcH EitHt of Evans. 160 acres, with some pasture, mora thaji noiiKh water. Name jrour erntH! 'op water rlnhts plus (nod well, excellent improvementa on thli 0 arre furrn East of La Sall«. Suti(hp.i«t of I,a Salle -- p»d 0. The price js rlnht. 120 acri-i near Baton. Eicellent producer, rlly-type ImproTt- ments. Intorenteil In Livestock? Check this out. ;M acres with world) of water, potential for 200 A.U. callle operation, or worth Ul» risking price as a fanning unit. Ideal locution. Jail 352-73S7 for more Informal on. or evanlnK* cull: DEAN H, A Y K K S -- 8FJ-4«)» CARL ANDERSON -- 352.8414 Did You KNOW! Parkway West Homes , OFFERS bedrooms Unexcelled location Complete Klcctric Kitchen Oilnrpd Hath Fixtures · NO DOWN- PAYMENT TO QUAIJKIED VKTEUANS 1 LOW DOWN F.H.A. (t ·' PHONK 3R2-f.7!iO l 2103 W. Ht!i Street n ,, Oprn 2-IMI In 8:.1I D»l1y I ' l i O ' l H l e i b a i h 3M.«4!

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