Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 19
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; April 26, 1972 GREELRY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 19 Central, West, University Vie Thursday Intracity Track Records in Danger D E N N I S KUHLMAN THROWS THE DISC -- University High discus thrower Dennis Kuhlman will be just one of Greeley's track and field stars in aclion Thursday night at the seventh annual Intracity Meet. Weather permitting, Greeley West, Greeley Central and University High will clash at Jackson Field starting at 0:30 p.m. (Tribune photo by Steve Bauer) I Cloverleaf | . Tuesday's Races 1, Colonel George 12.20, 6.20, 4.40; ' Prissy Dee 4.40, 3.80; B.D.'s Andy 3.60. Quiniela (3-5) 28.20. Time 31.72. 2, Petrolia 7.00, 4.00, L.L.'s Delmar. 3.40, 3.60; 3.40; Rough Riders Beat Fort Lupton, Windsor JOHNSTOWN - Roosevelt of 11:17.1. Duane Bauer won _ beat Windsor and Fort Lupton the mile with a tirne of 4:49.1. ; Kiinyon's Detroit 6.40. Quiniela '(2-7)''9.80. Time 31.46. Double (3-7) 53.20. Daily Tuesday in a triangular track The' mile relay was real close meet that saw the team stand- Roosevelt upset Windsor. The 3, I'm In Orbit 8.80, 4.00, 3.80; Fire Whizzer 4.20, 3.60; Rosemount Rock 5.40. Quiniela (2-3) / 54.20. Time 31.80. '·-'"'4,'Sargent Orlanda 6.00, 3.50, 3.00; L.D.'s Mean V.20, 5.00; Mucho Fonda 7.20. Quiniela (13) 30.80. Time 32.39. 5, Runyon Sara 5.20, 3.80, .2,40; .Alrene .Page 7.80, 3.20; Browriy. Son 2.40. Quiniela (1-6) 23':60; Time 40.35. 6, Pawnee Quill 18.60, 16.00, 8.60; (D.H.)' Carpet Ride 5.20, 4.00; Jet Smoker 12.20, 10.40. Quiniela (1-7) 34.40. Quiniela {37) 84.CO Time 3L68. .7, Sue Fancy 7.40, 4.40, 4.00; "Rita Tray 11.00, 8.00; J.W. McCamey 4^60. Quiniela (1-2) 67.40. Time 40.25. , 8,, June's Tufty 4.20, 3.20, 2.80; ; Kolee'Z'.'4.00, 2.80; Jackie Fan 4.60. Quiniela (3-6) 10.00. Time V 31.55V ··'·'·- ' - " · · I 9, Shy Louise 25.60, 8.40, 6.60; ! Love Potion 6.40, 6.80;. Red Oak | Bud 13.00. Qumiela (6-7) 70.00. j Time 31.35. 3 10, Opal Queen 8.00, 4.40, 4.60; · Don Kessinger 14.20, 6.60;: Gold 1 -Nugget . 5.00. Quiniela (2-6) 126.00. Timr. 31.91. :·* .-ll,.-.Scal. Man : 82.40,- ,33.00, : 7 9.20; Auntie Mae 5.00, 3.20; 4 Runyon.. Annie,5.20. Quiniela (· ' ' - ' · ' ' The final team points were: and the Wizards were second loosevelt 85V4 Fort Lupton 74. Roosevelt ha winners and r ske the win ori Fort Lupton's Twin ; Quin-(2-6 5-7$24,346.60 J ^ 1 winner; ·'··' Handle : ' $238,470; ' Attendance 3^228. Greeley. track and field teams clash Thursday night under the lights at Jackson Field in the seventh annual running of the Greeley Intra- city Meet. While Gresley Central is favored to take the team championship for the second s t r a i g h t year, individual battles should take most of the attention. Two of last year's record- setters return this year and are expected to break their own meet records. Central's Bob Cowles won the 880-yard dash with a record time of 2:05 in 1971 in one of the most thrilling races of the meet. With a best time this year of 2:01.3, Cowles should set a new half-mile record. University High's Chris Scott will be out to break his own meet record of 10:41.7 n the two-mile run. Distance running, along with weight throwing are the University High strong points his year. Central has the edge in the sprint department. Greeley West is favored in the jumping events. West long jumper Doug Fanning is one Spartan favorite. West and Central both have potential record-breakers in the high jump. Spartan Russ Overbeck, with a jump of 6-2, and Wildcat Lee DeBoer, are capable of breaking the 1970 mark of 6 feet set by West's John Roscoe. A n o t h e r likely record- breaker will come in the 440- yard dash. Potentially the best race of the night, the quarter mile has a meet record of 51.5 seconds. Central has two 51-second sprinters in Jay Anderson and Zack Ferrier. West lias Tim Benieh with an entry time of 52.4 seconds and University freshman Bruce Schweers has a best time of 51.6 seconds. Greeley Central's touted mile-relay team has a best lime of 3:27 flat which is far below the record lime of 3:36.1 set by another Central team. Larry Gehring and Mark Cain, seniors this year, were a part of the foursome that set the record in 1970. One of the toughest battles could come in the shot put. University High's Ron Washington will be facing a trio of Central weight men- Eric Carlson, Pat Heine and Mark Florio. Intracity M«t R«ord» 100-yard dash: :10.1, Neal Brenner, West, 1906. 2 2 0 - y a r d dash: :22.5, Brenner, Wesl, 1S66. 440-yard dash: :51,5, John Suddulh, University, 1068. 880-yard run: 2:05.0, Bob Cowles, Central, 1971. Mile run: 4:36.9, Tom Quammcn, University, 1971. Two-mile run: 10:41.7, Chris Scott, University, 1971. 120-yard high'hurdles: -.14.4, Valley Wins Triangular Over University, Eaton ings change several times. Rough Riders finished in 3:43.9 }eWalt Stars for Broncos, 3ut Rebels Win Triangular of 10.4 seconds, dash with a seconds, the loi leap of 19 feet a triple jump inches. have. to. m Busschere. Miami Picks Up Morrall On Waivers '. MIAMI '(AP) - Coach Don . Shula -of-· the: Miami Dolphins 'says that in picking up Baltimore's Earl Morrall on waivers he acquired .-"an intelligent : quarterback who's won a lot of ball games for me." The 37-year-old understudy, to Johnny Uhitas : was acquired from the Coils for the $100 waiver price Tuesday. lie will join George Mira, Jim Del Gaizo and rookie Craig Curry in the struggle to win the backup job to the Dolphins' Bob Griese. M o r r . a l l ' s 26 touchdown passes in T968 gained him Ihe · most valuable -player award and led Ihe Colts, under Shula, to the National Football League , championship. the Suzuki GT-550. Look out competition you're being passed. The bike you've been waiting for. A big new 3.-cylinder that'll pass just _ about anybody. 50 hp/6500 r'pm. 110-115 mph. 4 pipes, 3 carbs, 5 speeds. CC1 automatic lube. Electric starter,'5-way adjustable rear shocks. If you know l««s»"! e some guys who've been asking fotjr, now yo.u've got the '·? answer. Forum. shooting cerned," 2526 8tfi Avenue .352-7196 , Windsor 79W, d six first place (line seconds to i depth. 's Dave Purdy places, lie won ash with 'a time s, the 220-yard lime of 23.3 ng jump wi!h a 4 inches and of 41 feet .3V* of Roosevelt was :r. He. threw the ; 3V4 inches. He shot put · of the 9% inches. :nsmann running or the first time won with a time at 3:44.4. Roosevelt runners were Eddie Lobato, Andy Sloan, Doug Williams and Duane Bauer. Windsor's Terry Walker won [he high hurdles with a time of 1C.1 and Mike Ehrlich won the 440-yard dash- with .a time of 54.6 seconds. ' Mike Metcalf won tire = 880- yard run with. a- time of 2:06.8. Bob Hayes high jumped 5 feet 6 inches to win that event. . Forl Lupton's 880-yard relay team won with a time of 1:37.7. Greg King won the 180-yard lo* hurdles · with a time of 21.2 seconds. Mario Figueroa win the pole vault al 10 ft. 9 'in. Figjeroa is just recovering from a leg injury. ers Afeef Knicks ight in Playoffs ,ES-''(AP) 'J- The kers' assistant coach, of the 6 Bakers feel they ralize . Dave Delie New York he_lask. ol slop- mbrlairi' . ".~' 'ms 'meet tonicht me of the best-of:o "determine the etball Association e. nationally tele- vith Los: Angeles vas scheduled to m. (PST) at. the ere is their best s - rebound ing and side are con- K.C. Jones, 'La- fool-6 Knick cornerman. 'He must be slopped.' Six-foot-7 Laker forward Hap py Haifston is matched agains DeBusschere, and the Knicks 6-8 Jerry Lucas at center 'goes 'against the 7-1 Chamberlain. ' Milwaukee's Kareem Abdu Jabbar, at least an inch taller and 'a decade younger, couldn' oufmuscle an inspired 35-year old Chamberlain last week. The Siamese cat was first im ported into England in 1884 ant reached the United Slates in KERSEY - Craig DeWalt lad one of his better days here 'uesdav as Plalte Valley hosted Highland and Weld Central in a Welco triangular track meet, jut the Rebels ran away with earn honors. With incredible depth, Weld Central ran up 98 points to 40 or Platte Valley and 32 for Highland. DeWalt was a triple winner hough and had the best individual efforts of the day. The lanky senior jumped 6 feet 4 inches o win the high jiimp with his lest jump of the year. He also won the 120-yard high lurdles with a good time of 15.6 econds and took his third blue ribbon in the 180-yard low lurdles with a time of 21.6 seconds. 100-yard dash -- Jack Ball, WC, :10.7; Robert Masden, WC Jeff Klausner, WC; and Pete Lucero H 220-yard dash: Jeff Klausner WC, :25.0; Dave Salur, WC Pete Lucero, H; Dan Marlin H. 440-yard dash: (tie) Charlie Dvess, WC, and Dave Satur WC, :50.9; Kirk Goble, WC Mike Piltman, WC. SSOryard run: Tim Engle, H 2:10.7; Max Craven, PV Rolen Mackin, WC; John While, H. Mile run: Mike McQuire, WC 5:20.0; Dan Klausner, WC; Jef Luna, WC; Steve Glen, G. Two-mile run: Wayne Goble WC, 11:14.5; David Bennett PV; Craig McPe«k, WC; Frank Gutierrez, WC. 120-yard high hurdles: Crai 1895. -. . ; . DeWalt, PV, :I5.6; Charli \ IM» · b»K · · m*^ ^^ t_ ^* ^*. ·*» ^*. 1*^. ^^. ^^ *· ^*J Dyess, WC; Bill Hultori Rick White, H. 180-yard low hurdles: DeWalt, PV, :21.6; Dyess, WC; John White, lulton, WC. 880-yard relay: Weld Carl Dyess, Jamie Salu (ramcr, Hob Masden), Plalte Valley; Highland. Mile run: Weld Centra Satur, Kramer, Carl Kirk Goble) 3:50.1; Valley; Highland. Shot nut: Gene Quadc 2-6; Mike Smith, H; I nann, PV. Pete Lucero, Discus: Gene Quadot 21-2; Mike Ikenouye, J. Estericl), H; Dennis garlner, WC. Long jump: Craig Gob 18--jft; Peie Lucero, H Whitworth, H; C. J. E H. Triple jump: Craig Go 37 ·a 'A; u. ,i. Kslerlcn, 1 Rein, PV; Pelcr Whitwo High jump: Craig PV; G-4; ,Dnn Dunhan Mike Smith, H; Jim Cc WC. Pole vault: Randy Hei PV, 12-8; Mike Kob/a, W Cook. WC: Les Kato. P\ Ri ni » Craig Charlie Dyess, Plalte Vro- WC DeWalt n, WC Doug Max, West, 1970. 180- yard low hurdles: :20.4, Max, Wesl, 1970. 8 8 0 - y a r d relay: 1:34.2, Central (Paul Turner, Tom Royer, Steve Royer, Rick May), 1968. Mile relay: 3:36.1, Central ( D o u g Kiernes, Larry Gehring, Mark Cain, Dale Hall), 1970. Pole vault: 12 ft. 10 in. Jerry Medford, Central, 1971. High jump: 6 II., John Roscoe, West, 1970. Long jump: 21 ft. 6 in., Randy Geist, Wesl, 1970. Triple jump: 42 ft. 9tt in., Dean Baskin, University, 1968. Shot put: 51 ft. 3*/i in., Al Kirschenman, Central 1970. Discus: 130 ft. SVt in., Ron Schell, University, 1967. Doug Fanning GILCREST - Valley sprin- ers, led by Alan Burku, were he big factor Tuesday as the 'ikings beat University High ind Eaton in a Welco triangu- arl track meet. Valley had 7C points lo 60 for University High and 36 for Oaton. Burke won both the 100-yard and 220-yard dashes. He also anchored a w i n n i n g Valley re- ay team. The highlight of the meet was he 440-yard dash with a neck- and-neck race between Univers- ty High's Bruce Schweers and Valley's Bruce Hrotemarkle. Schweers won in the last yard and finished with a time of 52.6. seconds. Brotmarkle was timed at 52.7 seconds. Valley had n pleasant surprise in the long j u m p Ihougl is freshmnn Jerry Monroe look first place with a leap of If feet 3 3 ,i inches. Results 100-yard dash: Alan Burke V,:10.7; Bruce Schweers, UH; Bruce Brolemarklc, V; Jin Morgan, V. 220-yard dash: Alan Burke, V :24.1; Bruce Brolcmarkle, V Tim Brotcmarkle, V; Bruce Schwoers, UH. 440-yard clash: Bruce Sch weers, UH, :52.C; Bruce Brote markle, V; Lee Molina, V; John Eisenman, UH. 880-yard run: Chris Scott, UH 2:06.!); Richard Hess, UH Steve Weiss, V; Jim Free me.yer, UH. Mile r u n : Joe Earnhardt, Ul :45.9; Paul Tappy, V; Mike mallwood, E; Scot't Quammen. Two-mile run: Rich Hilden- randl V, 11:17.8; Dave Me, :iure, UH; Chalupka, UH; teve nichey,- E. 880-yard relay: Valley (Tim irotemarkle, Terry Richardson, im Morgan, Alan Burke), :37.5; University. Mile relay: Valley (Steve Vciss, Lee Molina, Tim Brotc- markle, Bruce Brolemarkle), :39.5; University; Eaton. 120-year high hurdles: Dennis lice, E, :18.2; Calvin Dewey ; Paul Eiscnenach, V; Ever- :tle Arllsl, UH. 180-yard low hurdles: Car jeverln, E, :22.8; Dennis Rice, Oscar Alleman, 1C; Artist UH. Shot put: Ron Washington UH, 44-11; Bob Pfenning, E Mick McOarlhy, V; Gary Joseph, V. Discus: Dennis Kuhlman, UH 24-9V4; Bob Pfenning, E; Doug Craven, V; Brad Marich, V. High jump: Dennis Rice, E V2; Doug Craven, V; M Smallwood, E; Brad Marich, V Pole valut: Rich Hilden brandl, V, 10-6; Paul Eiscne nach, V; (tie) Mike Renn ant Dwlghl Hnglhnra, UH. Long J u m p : Jerry Monroe, V 18-3%; Jeff Stamper, UH Kerry Richardson, V; Duan Walters, V. Triple jump: Sieve Stofflei UH, S9-8; Mick McCarthy, V Jim Morgan, V; Jeff Slampei UH. Jay And*rsor) · Baseball and Equipment ARGENT ^^ :)· ~".^ '- - v l f . IWUfithAve. Ph. 353:4547 Right now at McArthur Olds-Cadillac, Inc. an air-conditioned 1972 Cutlass Hardtop Coupe for only Today's Baseball National League.' East W. L. Pet. G.B. .714- llonlreal 5 2 New York 5 2 .714 -- 'hiladelphia 5 3 .625 % 'ittshurgh 5 3 .625 % SI. Louis 2 7 .222 4 ;hicago 2 8 .200 4« West Houston 8 2 .800 las Angeles 8 2 .800 -San Diego 4 ' 6 : .400 4 San Francisco 4 6 .400 4 Atlanta 4 7 .364 4!4 Cincinnati 2 6 .250 5 Tuesday's Results Atlanta 9, St. Louis 3 Houston 5, Chicago 4 Pittsburgh 5, Cincinnati 2, 13 innings Philadelphia 3, San Francisco New York 2, San Diego 1 Los Angeles 6, Montreal 1 Wednesday's Gam«» Philadelphia (Champion 1-0) at San Francisco (McDowell 20) Cincinnati (Nolan 2-0) at Pittsburgh (Blass 2-0), night St. Louis (Wise 0-2) at At lanta (Reed 1-1), night Chicago (Pizarro 0-1) at Houston (Wilson 0-1), night New York '(Seayer 2-0) at San Diego (Grief 1-0),'night Montreal (Sloneman 2-0) al Los Angeles (Osteen 1-0), night American League East Division W. L. Pet. G.B .Detroit 4 3 .571 .Baltimore 5 4 .556 [Cleveland . 4 4 .500 V, iBoston 3 4 .429 1 Milwaukee 2 4 .333 IV New York 2 5 '.2S6 ' 2 West Division Oskisnd 5 2 .714 Chicago 6 3 .667- Minnesota f 2 -66' ' Texas ' " "$"'t .555-1 al Kansas City 4 C .400 ' ZVz California 3 6 .333 3 Tuesday's Results Minnesota 12, Boston 0 Oakland 4, New York 3, 12 innings · - California 4, Milwaukee 1 Kansas City 3, Baltimore 0 Detroit 4, Texas 1 Chicago 6,' Cleveland 0 Wednesday's Games Cleveland (Tidrow l-l) Chicago (Johnson (0-2) Boston (Culp 1-1) at Minnesota (Woodson 0-0) California (Clark 0-1) at Milwaukee (Parsons 1-1) Oakland (MeLain 1-0) at New York (Kekich 1-0), night Baltimore (McNally 2-0) at Kansas City (Splittorff 1-1), night Detroit (Coleman 2-0) at Texas (Bosman 1-1), nighl Pro Basketball Glance By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ' Playoffs NBA Championship Wednesday's Game New York at Los Angeles, na lional TV, 1st game of best-of-7 series. ABA . Division Finals Tuesday's Results No games scheduled Wednesday'* Games East Division Virginia at New York, Vir ginia leads best-of-7 series, 2-1. West Divlii.n Utah vs. Indiana at filoo min'gton, Ind,, Utah leads best cif-7 series, 3-2. Pro Hockey Glcnce Playeffs NHL . Tuesdty't Retullt Stfn (finals Boston 5, St. Louis 3, Boston wins best-oI-7 series, 4-0. CclllM BlHblll By Tkt AMOcUltd Prttt Denver 7. Colorado Stale 3 Northern Colorado U, Wyoming t CoTornfo 3-9 Kansls Slice 1-6 Oklahoma Stale 6-1, Oral Roberts Mt Air Force 16. Metro SUIc 1 Kailcm Montana 4-3, Montana 3-?, 1st ame 11 Jnnlngi, 2nd t tnnlngi Wellington StaU JV 7-13, North Idaho 4 CoUega Ten nil UCl-«, 7, Arizona 1 Bowling At Classic Lanes Oassetfe Scratch Scores High team game: Scheirman's Service Center 825; La ^alle Grocery 804 High team series: Coors 2257; icheirman's Service Center 2247 High ind. game: Edith Warner 221; Treasure Werner 204; 'Mnda Hughes 199. High ind. scries: Edith Warner 502; Treasure Werner 488; )arlcne Brug 486; Linda Hughes 486. At Bowlcrado Lanes Friday Night Mixed Top team series: (ireeley Sta Power 2276; Greeley Industrial Bank 2258. Top men's series: Dean King 513; Mike Kinney 511; Dean Small 400. Top women's series: Jessie Morey 471; Henrietta Siegfried 469; Judy Moody 456. Top team game: Greeley Sta- Power 787; Low Level Dusting 784. Top men's games: Eddie Barnharl 188; Mike Kinney 186 Herb Morty 173. Top women's games: Mary Barnriart 193; Henrietta Siegfried 185; .Judy Moody 175. Splits picked up: Mary Barn fwrl 4-10; John Chrlsman 5-7-10 Car Value of the Year! *Prlce includes these Value Packageoplions: vinyl lop, louverecl hood, air conditioning, tinted windows, Hydromatlc transmission, power sfeerlng, deluxe push button radio. Comparable values on our entire 1972 Oldsmobile line; Cutlass Supremes, Delta Town Sedans, Delta Royales, 4-4-2's, Olds 98's, Vista Cruiser Stationwagons and Tor- onado! Oldsmobib 503 9th Avenue

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