Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 11, 1975 · Page 7
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 7

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1975
Page 7
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Tlii' Icliih.. l'iceh(»n'he News-Tribune.Tuesday. February 11.1975- ', , A TOTAL OF l.ROO couples from 21 countries are man led in ihe largest single wedding ceremony al ihe Changchung gymnasium Saturday hi iiKirriages arc customary. Senul, Korea, where mass (U'll'luitol Farmers reminded of license requirement of 'track buyers' ;BOISE -- A reminder to Idaho farmers and warehousemen lo (teal only with tiuckers who arc bohafide licensed and bonded "Jrack buyers" was issued here Monday by Jerry Williams. Biise. administrator of markets fiir the Idaho Department of Agriculture. ''Williams warned there have been a few instances where f a r m e r s ami warehouse operators -have loaded (rucks with grain and hay without securing Ihe proper idcii- lifiralion from the trucker. The loads were never delivered to the consignee and Hie truckers were never heard from again. The stale agriculture official explained that in some cases. Ihe truckers were licensed and bonded by other stales but this does no! necessarily provide proper protection for Idaho farmers and warehousemen. "Make sure they are licensed and hfinded in Idaho," Williams cautioned. A track buyer is defined by the stale law which requires their licensing and bonding as one who obtains from a producer or warehouseman a n y f a r m products i s p e c i f i c a l l y g r a i n , beans, peas, seeds, wool or hay) for resale. storage or processing. The term "tract:" is still used although very few rail Small cars capture big share of market ·DETROIT l U T I ) - Smalt cirs are commanding a larger ;sf)are of Ihe market than ever -- yhjch'ma'y be"why just four of iht! 17 auto plants being closed this week build (hem. Last week 27 plants were closed. Nine of Ihem assembled small cars. fn fad, since the current skimp wild Ihestart of the 1975 sates year in October, most closings have been at plants vhere small cars arc built. Hut in J a n u a r y , small cars accounted for 57 per ccnl of all new car sales -the highest penetration in history. II helped Ihe four L'.S. auto companies reduce part of (heir record inventory and reopen some plants. The automakers, who onlv Education group formed in Idaho GARDEN CITY - Mr. and Mrs. Al Westerfield of Garden City recently announced the formation of the Idaho Coalition nn,;'lhe Crisis in Education II- CO.i. an association of in- dependanl parent groups across (hastate. The Westerfields. founders an'd past coordinators of the National Coalition on the Crisis in Education,said that the Idaho organization is being founded for the same reasons, and will have basically the same objectives and procedures as the national group, with which it will he affiliated Food stamp buyers increase BOISE l U P I ' -- The number of Boise residents buying food stafnps has risen almost 34n percent in the pasl 16 months, yel'ldaho has one of four lowest food slamp participation rates in Ihe nation, says a study. The study, conducted by the Community Nutrition Institute, alsp' shows' 17 per ccnl of Idahoans are eligible for food stamps but only a fourth of those are'.gctling them Only Wyoming. North Dakota and Massachusetts had a lower per/cenlagc of eligible people buying food stamps, according lo Ihe study "I-CO is the direct result." Ihey said. " of the recent text- bonk controversy on Ihe slate level.and thecnncurrenl decline in academic standards in Idaho schools. While the public e d u c a t i o n a l system seems unable In give our children the basic literacy mid numeracy skills lliey need to function successfully in our society, it is succeeding only loo well in leaching values and a political philosophy which are foreign to Ihe majority of Idaho parents." Among the goals of Ihe new o r g a n i z a t i o n a r e p a r e n t a l evaluation of textbooks and nthcr instructional materials, mimilohnu of procedures and philosophies used on local and slate levels, and state legislation in four areas r e l a t i n g to education and the family. "When the policies (if Ihe slate- D e p a r t m e n t of E d u c a t i o n , directed by an appointed state board, no longer represent but indeed violate Ihe wishes of ihe p a r e n t s whose c h i l d r e n are compelled to attend the public schools." t h e y summarized, "there is no a l t e r n a t i v e left to parents hut to organize." 1-CO associates around the slate will work for an elected state sclinnlbnard. a legislative p o l i c y and philosophy of education, a Child and Family Rights bill, and a revision «f Ihe Sex Education A c t . reluctantly began offering cash inducements to slice into a 'record 1.7 million backlog of unsold cars, refused 16 provide e x a c t figures on w h a t t h e rebates have cost (hem. However, the cosl can be eslimated by malching up sales figures with rebate lisls. General Motors Corp. spent close to S12.9 million lo move out 49,000 small cars in its rebate program in Ihe final 10 days of January. Ford Motor Co. shelled out $12.7 million for about 35.000 cars. American Mold's Sl.C million, and Chrysler Corp., originator of the program. S3.U million mi In.t)t)0 cars. The small car segment consists of suhcompacts. compacts, imports and small specialties l i k e Ford's M u s t a n g and C h e v r o l e t ' s M o n z a . The segment reached an all time high of 57 per ccnl of all sales in January, compared with 44 per ccnl in December and Ihe previous record 54 per cent last January. Resides the four small car assembly plants closed this week, eight t h a i build medium and f u l l - s i z e d cars will be closed. In addition, two truck plants and three manufacturing plants are closed. While Ihe total inventory of unsold cars dropped by fewer than .'lO.uOO units by Ihe end of January, small car stocks were reduced by about 100,000, according lo Ihe i n d u s t r y ' s statistical agency. Ward's Automotive licport. Chrysler, which began January w i t h a IM-day supply of cars, mostly s m a l l m o d e l s , whittled its slock to a 107-day supply mainly because of the rebate program it originated. Al AMC, the supply dropped from ion days al the beginning of January In 90 days entering February. Ward's said. Ford now has a tin-day supply, down from lOf) days at the beginning of January, while GM's jumped slightly from R4 lo 91 days. Livestock, Produce ' . K I L I K T . 111. i UP I -Livestock: '. Cattle -1.000; trade active: slcers and heifers 25-.JO higher: choice and prime sleers : 362S-:l7.25: choice :B.75-3B.2i; good rind choice choice with some prime heifers IH.OU-MOO: pwl and choice 1l.3«-il4.«n. , . Hogs trade active: barrows and gilts IM-1.25 higher, no. 1-2 200-2:10 II). llS)-H75: no 1,1 200-2-10 H». JI.01MI.SO: iV) !!-:) 2M-2W Ih .M.SMI.OO. ·Tuesday estimated receipts m cattle: 1.000 hogs. CIIICAdn l,'l|i - liulk selling prices as reported by L'SDA: KgRs: 1'iices paid to delivery unchanged Prices lor retailers 'grade A. in carlons delivcredi: extra large M-d2: large SH-fiii; IllPflillllls .1.1-53 I ' D H T I . A N I ) grain. coast While wheat Soft white Harley delivery bas'is: no-day ·U1 (-ash lilt . 124.00 no bid cars are loaded by lliesi' buyers anymore. A $IO,(XXJ bond is required by Ihe law. Williams wonders if t h e $10.000 bond is sufficient in these days of inllated prices. "Just a couple of loads can be worth more than thai and il would behoove f a r m e r s and warehousemen nol to let any one buyer have a second or. al most, a third load without receiving payment fnr Ihe first load." he said. The stale official noted thai in almost all cases where loads disappeared, the farmers or warehousemen f a i l e d lo determine if the trucker or trucking firm was licensed and bonded. "Trucks thai ;ire bonded must display an official, three-inch by seven-inch decal, bearing the words 'Idaho Uonded Track Buyer' and indicating Ihe ex- .piralion dale of |he license.HJIO/ bond," Williams 'siiid. "If 'trie decal becomes illegible or is missing for any reason, a phone call lo Ihe slate agriculture department will verify whether or nol Ihe (ruck is licensed and bonded." He added t h a t truckers should request replacements for damaged or missing decals. W i l l i a m s provided some pointers for f a r m e r s or warehousemen wlm are about lo load a truck for a track buyer. 1. Check to sec t h a t (he tractor has a valid decal. These should be displayed on each side of the power u n i t , just behind (he door of the cab. Also, record Ihe numbers of both the traclor and the trailer license plates. 2. Check (he driver's piTsonal chauffeurs license for positive identification. :i. See that the invoice under- bill of lading is properly signed by the driver. 4. If ihe iruckcr is one that is hauling for hire--not involved in the purchase but strictly as a transporter--be sure vim know the individual or firm he is hauling for. "Most iinporlant," Williams added, "know your Imcker and gel a .signature." Forecast director named SALT I.AKK CITY. U t a h Dr. George Crcssman, director. National Weather Service, has announced the appointment of Harry I., Klscr lo the nositicn of meteorologist in c h a r g e of Boise's Idaho Weather Service Forecast Office. Klscr replaces Arthur llosick. who retired last fall. lla/.en II. liedke. director of the Western llrgion. National Weather Service. »'ilh hpadiiuarlcrs in Salt Lake City, slated that the lloisc KorecaKl O f f i c e provides a complete range of services, including weather forecasts anil warnings for (he- slate of Idaho. The llnise Knrecast Office is cii-lncalcd with the Hoisc Inter- Agency l-'ire Control Center, which combines ofliccs concerned w i t h forest lire control activities throughout the wcsl. Klsrr loaves liis position as chief of Ihe Data Acquisition Division al Western Region Headquarters lo assume his new ilnlics al Boise THE VERY BEST SMALL APPLIANCE BUYS ARE AT PENNY-WISE IN NAMPA OR CALDWELL uiannn 12 SPEED SOLID STATE HAND MIXER y . Push button beater cjeclor, 150 £./} beater Walt motor, oversize balers, 12 I speed lunclions permanently etched | on handle, choice of colors. CAN OPENER/ KNIFE SHARPENER AUTOMATIC The automatic cutter pierces ihe lop, easily opens the can, ihen auloma' lically slops and holds the can, a magnet holds Itie lid, convenient coid storage in base, choice ol colors. stands 8 1 /! 1 ' tall, single sheel knile sharpener. YOUR $12.99 *}*»»··- No. HM12 No. C02 waring© POWERFUL STAND MIXER OR PORTABLE HAND MIXER 12 Speed Finger Tip Speed i I Control Dial, 2 Clear Glass jm [Mixing Bowls, Automatic 3^| I Bowl Roiaiion. Pushbutton I Beater Ejector. 150 Walls. 13 Point Counlei Heel Rest when used a s , I Hand Mixer. Handsome ' 1 Woodgrain Trim. 12-SPEED 2-WAY MIXER [99 No. Our fleg. $22.95 COMPACT 2-SLOT FOOD TOASTER No. B140 Our Reg. $11.99 Eicep:ic.ial va'uc-- To- the bucgci-.rnicd laiTi.'y ' 2 n-aiCF-ert u!cnit?n:s per sic:-- assu-es eve-! trorfrmess on bcfft ssites ' Sjpfiile s i. net anc voll-igt? co^rc-sa: -- tmfeci loasl evei t.-re 69 locds CONAIR PRO-STYLE Model 060 Lighter and More Powerful. 1050 Walls for fasler, \ easier drying. 4 Temperature positions. The unbreakable ., case and unbreakable healing'. elemenl give you the durability you wont. 1 Year Guarantee. Styling nozzle included. Our Reg. $26.11 ISO PORCELAIN MULTI-COOKER FRYPAN · ComeiopaM for complete cleaning · "CooVi Clean" Cradle · DuPont Teflon II cooVmg lurfoci 1 · S-jper-toi;gh porcelain exterioi · Removable heal control · Harvcn Gold, Avocado or Sunset Red 99 Ourfteg. $19.69 \ Model FP652 Similar lo Illustration uianng (ujj BLENDER "TRIPLE VALUE" No. 92LH !59 Our Reg. $34.95 14 regular speed push buttons become 14 Flash Blend butlons with a turn .of the Blend Conlrol switch. 5-cup heot-resislonl glass "Power Pitcher". New blade design for smoother blending. Solid slate. Many other features. 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