Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 15, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 15, 1962
Page 11
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Sleeping Beauty's Christmas Story KbLEttoronwuwMGBg? souses WITH!/ i"' ~^ fiff Sl.KPiN'G BEACJTV SliEPS Ol.-| \ New Dulles Jetport Latest In Transportation Comfort »y VMM HAUGHLANO land ti» dramatic sighting o! WASHLNCTOX AP--\Vashin°-!a pagoda-lie control lower "thai ton's New Dulles International appears to rest on a pillar oi (lame--give the whole a dream '" Sat., Dec. 15. 1962 GREELEY T K I B I N E Page 11 moo 6 £-.00 By LUCRECE IEALE (AP Newsfeatures) Ch«pt*r 1! Sk*ti«| Hwwtt* MR. SHNOO went off in a corner and chewed on the knuckle of one thumb. He scratched his head and jerked his mouth sideways | and icrewed up his eyes. Every-. one could see he was thinking. The men stood about waitingi until finally Mr. Straw said. "I've got it!" H ordered the men to dig a' huge hole in the floor of tht-j elephant's cage. The edge of thej hole time right to Henrietta's j niddlc. Her legs hung over t'jel tide Mr. Shnoo got some wide planks and laid them in the hole to they slanted down the tide like · big bamboo slide. I Now Mr. Shnoo had all the men line up behind the elephant; and he cried, "One, two, three-- p'-sh!" They gave a mighty push and over Henrietta went, sliding down the planks to land on her feet in UK bottom of the hole. "Hooray!" shouted the men. But Mr. Shnoo was filled with dismay. He stared down at Hen- rietU. He thought, "She's on her feet but how will we get her, out of the hole?" b truth, Henrietta was as bad off as before. To make matters wors*. the poor elephant was now very upset about the whole thing. She stood unhappily at the bottom o! tlic hole and refused to look r.t Mr. Shnoo or Uke any food or do anything she was told ElephlnLs hove very lender! feelings and Mr. Shnoo was afrali Henrietta would not get over her experience unless he did some thing q u i c k l y . He thought Ntvtr h*4 (firm MWI H rtnurttiblt i light! ·There's^ only one thing left for ramp and fastened a skate each of HenrietU's feet. He pi. a rope around her waist end too the end of the rope to the to CHRISTMAS TREES One truck load of fresh cut trees jusl arrived. Reasonable Pric.t FERREITS 315 N i n t h Street 353-7673 me to do." And, much at h hoted to. he had to do it fo Henrietta. He went behind the door. H wV on bis head ind shut h eyes and wiggled hit toes an said. "Sclbuort Gnippop!" thre times. He was hardly back o his feet Wore Santa was then "1 was all ready to come, said Santa, "For 1 have b.-e Uvnking there are mysteriou things happening at this zoo an this time I'm staying until tr mystery is solved." "Yes. yes." said Mr. Shmx "Hut, first, how shall we g Hairictta out of the hole?" "Easy," said Santa. "BuHd ramp out of the hole and He: rielta can walk out." This seemed so simple * so! tion. Mr. Shnoo wis ashamed I had not thought of it himsc He set the men to work digging ramp which made · long gent slope into the bole. But wh( he was done Henrietta stared it and refused to move. The me could -.cither push her nor pu here out. Santa sold, "I have somelhir in my bag 1 think will do th trie!;." He reached in the tn he carried slung over his shoulck and pulled out lour gigantic el phant skates. He went down tr Make Golds Headquarters for AUTO PARTS NEW . . . USED . . . and REBUILT · Fuel Pumpi · Cirburttcri at low prlcei · Fin belts (or any cir t Wltcr p u m p i · VotUga regulator*, any c«r Shop and Siv* «t · Oil f i l t e r i it low prlcci · Spark Plufll · Tune-up K I U f H a d l i t o r hole · Wheel cylinder repilr kill · R e m a n u f i c t u r e d engtnei Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back AUTO PARTS Corner l l l h St. at (ilk Avc. Dial 352-0132 of the ramp. Then all the me pulled on the rope and swoosl the astonished Henrietta shot the top of the ramp. Now a surprising tiling ha pened. Henrietta was so fasc u;ed by the strange things her feet that she skated all ov the great animal house. She wou not let Uie skates be taken o When she was back in her cag and the hole filled up she skat from wall to wall and back agai She trumpeted long and joyous through her trunk and rose her hind legs »nd skated roui and round. Never had anyone seen so markable a sight! Tomorrow: Monkey Business Airport is making a big hit with I about even-one who s*es it uses it. The Federal Aviation Agency, operator ot the ItlO-miUion air- |TXrt. says public enthusiasm over le terminal building and the mo- lie lounges that shuttle to and om the jet airplanes is even reater than had been anlici- ated. Striking enough by day. its !ero Saarinen-designed terminal even mor? beautiful at night U Receives 9ver $900,000 : rom Foundation ,, ,, concourse, the luminous cascad- BOL'LDEH -- The L'niversity ing effect o( the outer lower walls, Colorado has received in the ist Uiree weeks more than $900,- . . 100 from the National Science /\|jlt "oundation for institutes ind re- * :arch projects. The funds were awarded in 10 ifferent grants, ranging from 18,800 for a summer institute for rhool science supervisors to (310.--i-- -- -· utvnu* v, .,i, .-i. uav.fcau uiii UIIU 800 lor the Academic Year Insti- Edwin Clauson hostesses l a s t ·eek. Mrs. Clauson. president, ircsided. The worship service was ead by Mrs. Jens Hansen. Mrs. ute i AYR Two of the grams were for research: $130,000 for a project by hysicists William A. Kense and lanfred H. Rees, "Theoretical 'hysics of the U p p e r Atmos- hcre." and J78.900 to Frank S. larnes and W. Reese Turner of leclrical engineering for a con- inuing study of lasers. Tne AYI ,now in to sixth year, s a nine-month program to im- rove the quality of science anc mathematics teaching. Through it le SSF underwrites supplemen tary and graduate study for about 5 secondary school and junior ·ollege teachers. Director is Prof lohn R. Clopton of the chemis ry department. The summer institutes vary in ength from one week to the en ire 10-week summer session an n content (rom secondary teach ng materials to college honors programs. NSF grants lor summer insti lutes and Uie institute directors re: --$59,000 for advanced median ics. Prof. James Chiun. --$53.800 for "Physical Horizon if Engineering for College Teach cis of Chemical and Mechanics Engineering and Engincring Phys ics," Prof. B. E -$28,980 for Lauer. 'Conference Honors Programs in Colleges o Engineering," Prof. Frank Kreitl --$111,900 for science and math emalics lor secondary teacher. Prof. John Clopton. --$08.700 for anthropology fo college teachers, Asst. Prof. Joh Ureenway. --$38.100 for microbiology f secondary school teachers, Asst Pro!. Charles R. Bitter. --$18,900 for elementary an secondary school science supei visors. Assoc. Prof. James Wailcs School of education. La Salle . . . Permits Issued For New Homes Costing $75,748 Building permits for 7 new, on family homes costing an estima ed total of S73.74S have been sued by the City Building Inspec tion Department so far this] By MRS. ESTA GODFREY month, records at City Hall show.j I-A SALLE -- Mrs. Chas. God jfrey entertained for the Neighbor permits were as fol-jl' Neighbors Wednesday evenin and Berger. contrac- 'or their weekly get-together dit ner parly. Tables were decoratec and Christmas boutonnieres wer individual favors. Games wer played during the social evening ed Friday. The home r ... lows: Berger and Berger. tor and owner, 3421 W. 5th St.. SS.%2; C. Howard Murphy, contractor. 2G23 6th St., $12.680. KH 26th Avc. Ct., 510.652, and 409 26th Ave. Ct., 453 S6th Avc. and · v - o- --~.. e ..nj w i u u illdliuv^ tlllU - - - - - --- «'"i an exchange of gifts at the guests, Mr. and Mrs Paul La 416 25th Ave. CL, each $8.544: close of the evening. Those pres- Borne, had a Christmas dinne- nnd Gale n, Snnner, contractor, cnt included Mmes. Josephin . . . . - _ 2535 Mounlair Lane. S17.K2. lArens, Verna Cuningham. Rose Other permits issued this month JMoscr. and Josephine Davis, or work costing an cslimatcdj Guests of Mrs. Pearl Humphre; $1.000 or more were as follows: jSaturday were Mr. and Mrs. Hat Earl Frascr Cnnslrurtinn Co O jd Humphrey of Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Humphrey and Mrs. Karl Frascr Construction Co.. contractor, 44 by 52-ioot motor gradc-r paragc 1500 2nd St.. $10.000: Sunset Memorinl Gardens, tiwner, 40 by 70-loot ineta! ware house building at ci v 000: Andy Carbaugh. , model residence llth St., si.- 000; I/wis N. Ilavitliis, owner, remodel business building nM'j 51 h Avc.. 58.000; and I'oudrc Provision Co.. owner, install meal von- like appearance. William E.' Cullinan. airport manager, said the prai-tical-muxi- ed regular traveler appears tu*t pleased with the new mobile lounge technique that does way with carrying suitcases down lon^ corridors. The passenger arriving at Dulles by limousine walks from the entrance to the ticket counter, and then to the waiting lounge, all on he same level The total walking lAff-A-DAY . , , ""· St "" c retei. lue ujwi walking l.f: ^ ,"!?,,*' ? dKlance " no mor « thM »» ieet. The lounge in effect is a com- ly MRS. CRAYCE ALLEN At'LT -- Woman's Society met i the social room of Congrega- onal Church with Mmes. Vernon tewart. M. A. Backstrum and Elton Doughty reported a barrel f clothing had been prepared to K sent to missions with two lankets to go to Algeria. Group reports for the year were ivcn and new groups were formed. Mrs. Jens Hansen will re- reive groy? two for January tea. The officers to be installed at the anuary meeting include Mrs. Hauson. president; Mrs. Doughty, rst vice president: Mrs. Fred loffman, second vice president: Irs. Jens Hansen. third vice iresident: Mrs. S. L. McDonald, treasurer; Mrs. Mads Hansen ecretary; Mrs. Lillian Sanden ley woman. Mrs. W. R. Davisson thanked the society for their Christmas gilt. She announced the choir concert would be heard Sunday evening, Dec. 16. Members were asked to furnish cookies for the social coffee following the concert Mrs. George Paradicr was in charge of the program. Mrs. Dav Uson s a n g several Christmas songs of other lands accompanie by Mrs. Melvin Geib.. Mrs. Jens Hansen will be th lostess on Jan. 23 with Mrs Mads Hansen serving as co-hos ss. Mr. and Mrs. Mads Hanse were hosts to the Neighborhew Ciub in their country home re ccntly. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Has brouck were club guests. Contract bridge was played an high scores were won bv Mi S. L. McDonald, Mrs. C. L. Nei ler and Charles Bass, Mr. an rtable waiting room on wheels, xclusively for the use of passen- ers on that particular fligiit. The ime that the lounge dr«v»s away om the terminal building, to go o the airplane, is the official de- arture time for the flight. The 90-passenjer lounges load t either end, so that like ferry wats they go forward and back ithout turning around. The trip rom terminal to waiting jet plane akes about five minutes. Invalids and other handicappec wrsons have found the system a lessing because there arc no :airs involved. The airport's spe- ially built wheel chairs can ma euver into and through the ounges and the airplanes the\ meet. Dulles Airporl was named for lobe-trotting John Foster Dulles 1 ecretary of state during the Ei *nhower administration. Dulles led in 1959. At the dedication ceremony Ei senhower said it was fitting to ranor a man "who had spen most of his life serving his coun ry in the cause of national secu ity and world peace." Dulles has parallel north-south 1 runways 11,500 feet long and 150 eel wide, 6,700 feet apart. A third runway 10.000 feet long extends n a west northwest-east south- ast line, and there is provision or a fourth runway parallel to t when traffic requires it. The airport is 27 road miles west of Washington, near the vil- age of Chantilly, Va. Eastern, Braniff, Delta, Northwest. American and Trans World Airlines use the airport in most cases for jet flights that formerly served Washington through Baltimore's Friendship Airport. Pan American is expected Jan 1, United Jan. 13, and Nationa and British Overseas Airway; Corp. later. Planners expect the airport t handle 4 million domestic passen gers and 156,000 international pas sengers by 1965, and 8.7 million "Kicked out of college in your freshman year, eh? Wow! There's a six-thousand-dollar windfall I never exnectedl" Weld County Real Estate Transfers Rcvenui lUmpi on real Mtitt trinlftn in it the r«t« ot 11.10 pir thouund. Dtctmbtr 1} Albert J. Hendricks Jr. to Ott Scheller. Lot 25. Block 3, Firs ddition to Hillside, City of Gree ey. Rev. $2.75. Hillside Addition Inc. to Glen . Schoening and Cecil Maxin Schoening, Lot 19, Block 8, Thir 11... . . . . . . .ddition to Westview, City irecley, Rev. $17.60. Elmer B. Johnson and May D ohnson to Evangel Temple i Greeley, that part of Lot 4 Alles Acres, City of Greeley, Re ·7.70. Curtis Strong to Margaret E Scheldt, the west 10 feet of tl south 82' 2 feet of Lot 9, Block 3C Town of Platteville, Rev. none. Mrs. Bess Hicks to George M. Dixon and Mary E. Dixon. the east 45 feet of Lots 9, and 10, ilock 4, Arlington Park, City of Greeley, Rev. $11. Victor C. Brug to Albert H. Eickhorst and Evelyn M. Eick horst, the south 36 feet and 8 inches of Lot 34 plus the north! 30 feet of Lot 35, Block 2, Sunny View, Town of Evans, Rev. $16.50. Byron Lopp Will Address Bankers Byron Lopp, president of Na- ional Speakers Inc., will present, a talk entitled "Raise Your Sights- or 1963, Human Relations in the Banking Profession" to the Deif- '· ver Conference of NABAC at the. ; regular meeting Wednesday. Social period at 6 p.m., will be lo£" owed with dinner promptly a[ 6:30 at the Hilton Hotel in Denver. The First National Bank, ' The Greeley National Bank and The Weld County Bank are merit bers of Denver Conference. Much "pumpkin" pie is really made with squash. Hard-shelled winter squash has been an important American food since Indian days. It's NOT too late Christmas Cards M;, .ss-^rne^ f-- -·«·' Guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. J . . . . Copes this week were Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Minnick of Greeley, Mr. and Mrs. Verne Albertson and their son, Shane, of Gypsum. The Auxiliary to VFW Post had a regular business meeting in the/ VFW hall with Eloise Hcnsloy jresidem presiding. Shirley Russell, chaplain protem gave the opening prayer. Elizabeth Foster reported on membership. The community sen-ice report was given by Edna Mae Gustafson. A social meeting for December will be replaced by the Christmas party for the post and auxiliary. Fortnightly Ciub members and Sherman Slater of Carr. Members of the Women's Bible Class held thdr annual Christmas party at the Farm Fare. Later Mr. and .Mrs. J. H. Burroughs were hosts for an evening of contract bridge at their home. High scores were made by Mrs. Edwin Clauson. Erie Hyde. Mrs. B. M. Jacobsen and M. C. Wid- niaier. . ., * V.IUM IH.IU UJVU (UlUUOi «.HtlMIIUU TM IS *An"' !-Lt',r m r tCry ' W '" '""^ " nd «' li ' lhan S! "f S'f"S =1 nnn. n ,. i-,r .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. ^e-j!^ | lonK 0 ; j lr!i j ohn Henncit. Thursday afternoon. The meeting opened with group singing of carols accompanied hy Mrs. Bennett on the piano. Roll call was answer- ler and addition 703 l l l h Avo . '" , pul n I t c ^n :«1 by 13 members present who ! recited a verse from Uie Bible "_ ir-irl ins !hc WOT( ' " facri ' icr -" Ifi ' *"' passengers by 1975. Father Spurns Son's Pleas, Kills Himself GEORGETOWN (AP) - A father spurned his son's pleas and shot himself to death Friday night as the pair sped here in ear. "My father has killed himself!" cried 18-year-old Lynn Kidd as w leaped from the car at the home of Sheriff Haro'rd Brumbaugh. The father, Lawrence Kidd, 47, was slumped in the front seat of the car. a bullet wound in his head and a .38 caliber pistol in his hand. He was an employe of the State Highway Department at ZREXJAMN. Yugoslavia APi --The hat factory here has 400 hatters, all of them hatted. The management decided each em- ploye could have a headgear free on promising to wear it regularly to advertise the product. From) director to messenger boys, all joined the "army of mannequins" and business is reported booming. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS with YOUR name Quick SERVICE Silvi Th, Plume. · son said Kidd had been de- Airlift Aids Borneo Rebels Cleanup Drive LABUAN. North Borneo (API-A round-the-clock airlift rein- spondent recently, and threatened Friday to take his life. Young Lynn pleaded with him to no avail, and forced his father into the car. They were driving here, where the boy planned to bk officers to help him. The boy was treated for shock. Other survivors include the widow, three other sons and daughter. -- --., _.,..,, ,,,,.,!, tt.ii- \MSTEKD\M \ir t n f f i p ai ACCRA. Ghana ,AP. - ^^^^^^TMf*' ^ Brilish tr »P s =" Miri Fri- Holland's fields h» cbmW ta Ghana have signed an 18'jjj.-"j ^',. L) 5 ^|" IR * ., C J" 1 r . | - . ' O1 '. il c l canll P drive against I record heights in the last few month agriculture acrcrmrnt pro- ,, ,. , , " ' , ' ,i 1C ,', ° m i nal '°nalist rebels in Sarawak, imonths. vidlnc Isrnc-li experts, will pin,,! a "' " Mo lollmjet1 b - v l' ril ' cr The rebels struck las! S.m.rda : ' '"'·. Bennett presided al a INClUDfS · dtoning, oiling, polithiflf · odiviting, tltrtricol lifting · rtpltcing »Md«d parti · Fully g u a r o f l l t t d by A ica't torg«il j«wil«nl · ONE IOW M I C E lor itondord *olfh f.l )«· nlk it Ik kWi if uptml Wt't OtlUMI III Itl Illltl KiWil! l f ill ittltJ f,,( t : Dili lEFIHIiSm U'U IZ ALE'S 805 5th Street Open Mondiy and Friday NlghH and implement some i larm« bid to unite the sultanate Brunei and the neijjhboriRj: HIS BIRTHDAY IS NEAR U 1 , 1 , 1 ( 1 . W f 1»»W !PfiMt' Vouf l l u i ' i H ' . . . \\'ith faatltwlo AIH! p i a i M 1 . . H r i n u s c Yulir h i r t h - il.i\ \\ ill I"- hrrr . in jun n ftMV Ir.nrr l i n i ^ . We tt'Htlt t n ( i - l r l n i i t e . t h e llitli! . Anil iiumiviii Hint V n i i i-nii\e . . ,\n:l llinnli ^ :*n for Uie t'li'sMni:* ivn . . . Ciiulil ' ' liMir . . Yc.iir ^.TIC t!i-' wcrlri d i j t l o v i n c Iiran \ in v »;ul 1 o n r Ripry is niiiiarcnl In (I !.iri!. !.!· ]M!II In tin; clii'lns i)f . . . I'll 11 Btii;^!« at Y o u r llirnno , . . t h n n k Yral for Vnilr !I|I".«|IIR« mill . . . flip lotf Reed t. Adomien thni YOU imvp nin.wn. ;IIDII and answer program on the . Bible. Tiie .Innusry hnstess will 'Hn 1 Mrs. ratline Kauffman. l.a Salle Flames met at tnt of Mrs. Hill Smith, Thurs- evening witli Mrs. Hob Uir- wn :isbting thv hostess, Nine- 'nilvr.'; and one jjueot, Mrs Brown, were present »t-re pljycd. with Mines, j MKl.noi'HNK - Aiislralia now Brnwn. Pill and I.yim Smith rc-iclaims l o b e America's 14th larc- cei\ins; pu/es. Mrs. Murvin CoK-iest customer, tn.m iix'eivcil the door prize. An; was held (r British colonies of Sarawak and. i North Borneo in an independent! ·' te. They were reported puttinc. 1 s|»rndic resistance as they rc-i (rented toward Hie junule interior.: wlicrp they miglit try !o wsgc ai long Ku»rrilla war. ;i!ci;nd n lichtrd I'hri^mas tree.] scerel pii!? of Ihe p;isl year Mme.* l Baker \\iil HAMSTKKS. ( J l ' I N K A I'HJS, and i'AUKS I ' K A N K ' S S K K I ) and H A T C I I K H Y 709 toth Strtct 3S;. 1096 M H. Ron Adamien Adamson Mortuary nli"" 9th A«c. ot 5th Sr. 24 Hour Ambuknc* S«mr.i Phone 353-1212 Member of tht Ord«r Coidtn CHRISTMAS TREES Wreaths SAALWAECHTER'S MARKET 90 1 Kasl ISIh Slrtft Sr.'S F/OST /Si 7lh SI. George's Repair Shop .;.J-M in?

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