Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 1, 1967 · Page 1
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 1

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, July 1, 1967
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FAIR Treasure Valley _ Fair and continued warm today, tonight and Sunday; highs both days in 90s; lows tonight 55 to 65. Oil Dumps Hit SAIGON (UPI) - American jets divebombed oil storage plants near the port cily ot Haiphong for the second straight day, U.S. spokesmen reported today. Heavy ground fire brought down two Navy planes and cotii pilots were listed as missing. The raids Friday followed by only a few hours a Soviet charge that U.S. planes Thursday shot up a Russian ship in Haiphong harbor. The Defense Department in Washington conceded the ship may have received hits 'luring attacks on antiaircraft positions. A Communist East German report said four ships, including a Hed Chinese, were hit. The Haiphong attacks ware among 115 strike and reconnaissance missions over North Vietnam Friday. Navy fighter-bombers from carriers in the Tonkin Gulf struck an oil dump seven miles southwest of Haipliong and another five mile.-- west-northwest of the city. The raids Thursday hit targets a little closer to the center. Returning pilots reported setting off a large explosion and destroying two storagebuildings at the Southern target and triggering four explosions at the other. In other raids Friday, Air Force pilots flying out of Thailand struck a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) site 60 miles northwest of Hanoi Spokesmen said the attack touched off two explosions and a broiling cloud of black smoke. Jets also struck road and rail routes. Along the border between the two Vietnams, L'.S. 352 bom- (Continued on Pg. 2 Col. 4) DeGaulle, Kosygin Confer PARIS (UPI)-Sovtet Premier Alexel N. Kosygin today conferred with French President Charles de Gaulle for the second time in 15 days. Kosygin arrived inParisfrorn Havana earlier today, Kosygin stopped over InParis June 16 on his way to New York. Informed sources saidhis stop today w^s designed to inform De Gaulle on his talks with President Johnson at Glassboro, N.J., and Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba. Kosygin flew to Cuba last Monday after attending the United Nations Genera] Assembly and meeting Johnson on two occasions. He was expected to leave for Moscow later today following a luncheon in De Gaulle's apartment in the Elysee Presidential Palace. Kosygin's second trip to Paris in two weeks wds expected to boost Da Gaulle's prestige at home, where critics have charged he has lost influence because of his "neutral" Middle East stand. "Aii Independent Daily Newspaper Dedicated to Community Progress" NAMPA, IDAHO, SATURDAY, JULY 1,1967 CIRCULATION PHONE fl you ow nor r«*iV*d your FREE PRESS by 5:30 P.M. pUase coll 444-7891 lor prompt delivery. Cir- cufotion pfior.ei c(ow at. 6:30 P.M. 22 PAGES 10 CENTS 6 Mess Blasted Into Relays STANDBY AUTHORITY pa System McNamara Given Power Set for Over Draft-Age Lists Military A MARINE COLOR GUARD steps out briskly in Nampa's Fourth of July parade which drew an enthusiastic assembly of spectators and praise from Mayor Ernest F, Starr and parade officials The color guard was one of some 30 units which took part in the procession. Officials expressed hope that Nampa can nave a Fourth of July parade each year from now on. (Free Press photo) WASHINGTON (i'pi) - Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara now has authority to put 19-year-olds at the head of the draft list, but he is not expected to use it (or al least a year. The standby authority was conferred in an executive order Welfare Recipients Protest WASHINGTON (upi)-wei- fare recipients demonstratec Friday in many major cities iiound the nation against what they termed inadequate benefits and inferior treatment. There were no reports of any disorders at the demonstrations, which were being coordinated by the National Welfare Rights Movement (NWRM) with headquarters in Washington. A spokesman for the group said however, there had been , "some heckling" of recipients is expected to continue high for picketing in Durham, H.C. some time. In August, 29,000 men will be inducted. But officials foresee a time issued Friday by President Officials said this was the Johnson in Texas. Johnson also kind of condition for which signed an act extending the authority was asked to draft draft four more years. men by age group. Under the But LI. Gen. Lewis B. Hcrshey, head of the Selective Service System, and Thomas D. Morris, assistant secretary of defense for manpower, told a news conference they did not foresee in the next 12 months a need to draft men by any particular agegroup, The reason, they said, was that the draft already is bringing In men predominantly in the 19 to 21 age group. In January the median age of involuntary draftees was 20.8, in March, 22.3, and in May, 21.4. Median ages of volunteers for Ihe draft during those months ranged from 19.5tol9.8. The average age that the draft brings in under the present system varies wilh the size of Ihe draft call. The larger the call, the lower Ihe average age. Recently the monthly draft call has been increasing, and il when the draft call will be executive order Ihe defense secretary couid request men in several different age groups al (Continued on Pg.2 Col. 4) Canada Observes Birthday OTTAWA (UPI)-It was ralh- er fitting that Canada, born by royal proclamation 100 years ago today, should have Queen Elizabeth 11 on hand as guest of honor for the gala birthday party. The largest crowds in living memory swarmed over Parliament Hill Friday night and early today as Canadians welcomed in the centennial day. Thousands were milling In the streets in the predawn hours and automobile horns sounded across the city. Queen. Eliwbeth and Prince Philip were receiving an'ac- dress of loyalty today from The majority of the demonstrators at most places *ere Negroes. . In many instances, the lowered. Than the mathematics demonstrators handed welfare of Selective Service will cause rcss c oyaty today from "'""" ""'i c «» miuviuuai officials a pamphlet listing the average age to creep up. If parliament and the Canadian £ round st ^ions for several days hOUSehold ilornc rho Vinf»nm inn* ,,,,,]-,J _**.- nPOTllP af an nnon.oir onumoni *" URIC, CAPE KENNEDY (UPI)-A Titan 3C rocket carrying six military satellites left earth on a geyser of flame today to close the gaps in Pentagon communications to Vietnam and test a new radio link one scientist said may change the way wars are fought. Four of the Titan's moonlets were radio relay stations joining the network of 15 already in orbit. The satellite system went into full-time operation today, flashing jam-free orders to overseas forces on a routine basis. Another satellite was readyto try out a new communications system for front line troops and the sixth was designed to grow long, silver "whiskers" inorbit to see how well gravity can stabilize it and a television camera thai will beam back unique color pictures of earth. The triple-barrelled air force rocket roared Into life at 9:15 a.m. EDT In an unusual start to the Fourth of July holiday and raced skyward on a six-hour series of space acrobatics. , Its goal was to string the six satellites one by one in slow moving orbits 20,930 miles above earth where they win be within range of individual clothing and household items the Vietnam war ended offi- they felt should be considered cials predict, the age would rise (Continued on Pg. 2 Col. 4) to 24 » - j (uommuea on Pg. 2 col. 4) to 24. ^ Holiday Traffic Jams Highways HU JInJfoJ n n n _ ~ r _ . i _ ~ ... _ . . . * _ United Press International Americans responded to favorable weather today and jammed (he nation's parks, recreation areas and highways on the firs! full day of the four- day Fourth of July weekend. . Patriotic o r g a n i z a I i o n s at Ihe city hall on Tuesday, throughout the country planned celebrations commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Lidependence 191 years ago. President Johnson was spending most of Hie holiday in Johnson City, Tex., with his family, including his new g r a n d s o n , Patrick Lyndon Nugent. people at an open-air ecumenical church service. The loyalty expressed by Canada's 20 million people amounts to a celebration of tradition since all limitations on the autonomy of its government were removed on June 30, 1931. The Queen was to reply in English and French to the loyalty addresses in parliament m with her own centennial comme- In M i 1 y a u k e e, astronaut ra °rative address. James Lovell planned to Join in a liberty bell ringing ceremony at city !^! en Tuesday. The National Safety Council fewed that between 700 and 800 travelers would be killed in traffic accidents during Ihe The early stages of flight appeared flawless. "We'reright on the line, and it loots good," an Air Force spokesman saidas the powerful space machine dashed toward its first orbit. From there the rocket's third stage had to fire twice rr.jre to reach the planned circular orbit. Ky Urges Sacrifices For Nation THF. LITTLE LADY in the stroller seems to be more interested in the can of pop held by a yoiuw spectator than in watching Ihe Fourth of July parade that wound through Nampa's streets Friday evening We don't know whether he shared his refreshment with her or not. He seems to be more interested in the photographer than in either (lie parade or Ihe beverage. (Free Press Photo) Storm Activity Hits North Area weekend, which began officially at 6 p.m. local lime Friday and SAIGON (UPl)-Soufh Vietna- ends at midnight Tuesday. mese Premier Nguyen Cao Ky If the Safety Council predic- making his first statement since Uons were realized It would be bowing OU | of Soulh Vietnam's the bloodiest Independence Day presidential election in Seolvn. weekend in Ihc history of the ber, today called on government I iT« K SDWly - ^ army leaders A United Press Internalional count at 10 a.m. (EDT) showed £?M ?,, .T 1 * n tad teen tailed in traffic accidents since ^holiday period began. example and mate "sacrifices for the country In a surpri = Friday, Ky said he was accepting the number two There, four of the Tftan satellites were expected to join the 15 others orbited by two earlier Titans to complete the Defense Department's globe- girdling satellite communica- ,tions network which got underway on an experimental basis a year ago. D e f e n s e communications agency officials reported before launch that the 15-satellite system was used during the Arab-Israeli war to relay government messages to and (Continued on Pg. 2, Col.' 5) INSIDE BROOKOVER'S SEMI-ANNUAL Clearance Sale BEGINS Wednesday, July 5 DOORS OPEN AT 8:00 A.M. DON'T MISS IT SAVINGS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS · Spring Coats · Knit Dresses · Blouses · Shoes · Pants · Skirts · Car Coats · Miinery · Sweaters · Better Dresses · Budget Dresses · Jewelry · Formats · Cocktai Dresses BROOKOVER'S m "Sff m Star* Wa I* OoMd Mon. it Tim. - July 3 fc 4 Nampans Parade For July Fourth who helped to make ilasuccess. ,., ' Starr andCharles Wilson, par- Wllson sald P 60 ^ 6 " are r «*l ade chairman for thesponsoring na PPV" about Ihe parade. Exchange Club, said Ihsy hope He and Mayor SUrr said il is that Nampa will be able to mate hoped that in the future parades a Fourth of July parade a reg- floats will be able to lake part, ular annual affair. They pointed oul that for this Some 30 bands, civic organ- year's parade plans were made Izations and veterans groups on comparatively short notice and that there was not sufficient time to construe! floats. A nf . n ... II-L-IJ A 9^ncy Upheld WASHINGTON (UPI}-- A comprised the parade. "I think the parade was real successful," Mayor Slarr said. "We have !o attribute the sue- cess to the many people who cooperated and participated In WASHINGTON (UPI}-- A fe the parade. I especially want deral courl has upheld the to recognize the Exchange Club Federal Communications Corn- under Ihe parade chairmanship mission's authority to regulate of Wilson, Leonard Bowes, who community antenna television organized the parade sequence, systems in the absence of Doyle Cain, publicity chairman specific auttiorizallon by Conand Dr. Waller Cameron, F.x- gross, Slorm northern tier of states today spoiled an otherwise sunny weather picture across the nation as Americans poured out of doors to celebrate independence. Except for turbulent weather in portions of Ihe South and in the northern border stales, most of the country enjoyed' clear skies and balmy weather. Funnel clouds were sighted late Friday in Minnesota and Wisconsin where severe thunderstorms and high winds struck. Stormy weather stretched from Ihe upper Great LaJces to the Wyoming Rockies and drenched the South, from Texas, where one funnel cloud was sighted, to Florida where winds gusted to 68 miles an hour. Winds were clocked at 10 miles an hour during the night at Eau Claire, Wis., just east of a Minnesota tornado. - vui.i kvi» ma ^mei iiviii noad down. Most states canceled Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu leaves for state police. In some In another move connected states, National Guardsmen with Ihe election, South Viet- were called out to aid in traffic nam's National Assembly today controi voted overwhelmingly to post Visitor lells of Africa... Page 3 Stampede queen cand, .. .Page 3 Almanac .......... p a g e A1 Ann Landers ....... Page A5 Classified ads. ...Pages A2-A4 Crossword ...... Page Al Deaths ........... p aEe 2 Dr. Molnor ........ Page A2 Editorial opinion. , . .Page 4 Heloise .......... page A2 Horoscope ........ page A! Sports ......... Pages 6,7 Women's news ..... Page 5 Spaceman Nixes Candidacy For Wisconsin Senate Seat SPACE CENTER, Houston a possible opponent for Sen fam'l · ell has no intention of running KcSHllin^^WKtlreawiscoS '"MTM"? vac -'' cn . ^"~~ss^=Su.E5 In his ~ consin, he said Friday. A Madison, Wis. political columnist reported that Kepubli- cans are grooming Lovell for Ihe job. Lovell, 3D, said lie is taking his family to Wisconsin next week but It Is a vacation, not a political tour. Lovell, who iias more time in space than any other man, said no one from Wisconsin has ap- Pr °. duct ' t h °"ehhehasbeen Jj, j. , ,, , Candidacy Told OAKLAND, Calif. (DPI) - Negro comedian Dick Gregory announced Friday he would run for preached him aboutTRmubU President of the United States on an independent ticket. "I know 1 can't win," he said, "Rit I bel I moss up all the history tanks." wings, of course, until Gov Gov. Warren Knowles decides - ments of the re-designed Apollo spacecraft. (l!Pl)-Sen. can candidacy. He said ho ernor has nol announced wheto- n,l f n o T O N U F would refuse it If they did. «r tie will seek another term or ? ' Brmter . D -- V Miles McMIUin of Ihe Madl- ran against Nelson ,n, today fo stud y 'he son Capital Times said Wednes- "There are reports " McMH * Ea sl situation for the day lhal Lovell was considered Hn wrote, "that Lovell and his" , A r m e d S m I « s Commit-

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