Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 30, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1951
Page 6
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TAGE SIX LAS ClttrdES (H. M.) V«lM«U T ,ET.i.ina, Mir M. MSI ' Las Cruces Sun-News PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. One Bat In Wertz Hands Costs Lemon Chance To Join Pitching Immortals liy JOE (A«.wial«sl Sr-.n-. Wrilrr) · F . Jns or o, One »«;?* oi ;.h( til liy V:c! In winning his fourth Kami: U'tjrz ··*'" ^·'" ' "'t- "1:1 oiroi-' again!., five defeat.-:. Lemon fan- um.iv t/^V:if^" W!h»is i:n-|n«l ^ven. Of tho ntl.ur 21 h n t - ')·.-* who fncctj him, 13 grounded big -iSj:- Th«' ' Jfr spun Detroit action. But out. six flit".! in t h p ontfiolii, arid urn- lint'd to Iho i n f i r l i l . Al Rosen b;iUfil in holh Cleveland Min.H. nn« w i t h :i double. Tin; loli Cuin that" .-:r.-u:t'c:o;;t Sy W o t t z rost J Tl '»' f^ "'^""^l,^ R min'* f o i n i h Inns iitfiiin.'it Iwu wins. a i;.i !::tr; .1. a shutout. Tlif h nicr* 1 in t h e n j j h t h iiinir.j:, Ui*- 'inly Tip*r hi!. W r i t 7 v::i\ lht *in!y Ttprr b a j i f i u n r u - r . l.'tt'.t.n i l u l nnt walk or l i l t a i c i . Thf I n r l i f i n s inailc no ci KM.S l.rhin.l him. .M»\i-s Dunn I'I I T i t i i l UVitz camo to bat. I,f-ni'm Iiinl .-ri/twcd (town 21 ronsivmivi; l i n U d i f t . Me threw a u r i k f t jnst On- Tifti-r lilUKK*'!. f l i n t l«i f n r p him in ih'- i-ik'hth. TNC next pitch Mini- i - I in Uu UI|)IM i l f i h t Ht'ld M.-nui-. "It wan n sli.iiT," I.*fiiHut micini'tl u r i i ' i t h e C H I I I C . "II wniin't lil^li. I t W . I K I I ' I Jnw. ll W:IH jiu-t ii};lil f . i r him." Tin- i;|)(»ll(HH j i i t c l i l n ^ pr-i! N i i n a i i r ' « wan t u n u ' - l in by (.'h:it · l,.y I t n t i f i t . ' u i n (.f The f l i l r a c n \Vhi1- Hux. Ho whljijic-d lbt Tlf.i'i'H i.n A | ) i l l :«!. 1112!!. Sports Briefs ISy 'rllf Assui-iill'-ll J'M'^v BASEBAI.I. D r t l n i t Hoi) Lpillnn of ClirVO- l u n c l ju.M niiMi-l |llc:hliiK pcrfni-l K:MM' i i l l n w i n n (inly OIK; hit - ;in i - i « l L t l i - i i i n i n j ; h n n i c r - us nii'Vu- luiul i l f f i - n l f i l TI I ; ,.PH 2-1. Clcvi'luiul r.'lcvi'lnnil Incll:in:i i,i|;nc'.l l i i l l y j n i ' liavliiniin, I M - y i ' l i r - nM r r l l . j i - l h n y k'l U l H M . l r l . f u r "Jl.'ill IriJIIlin "W.fll 'iiVlT $100.(Illll." l i r . N ' K K A I I ' l l l i i l .lii|fit:l:iv Ornlmy, lOji.!'!'' ilcfrnli'il I i l n h S n v i l l . OriiMKi 1 , N. .1., 1-U, 11-8. (1--I. Mi, ll-.'l, in '!".·"- l u i C i n a l ! ; ul 1,'n-nili tfnni.'i c n n i n - | j i l , H H l l i | P H . l - l ' U M ' l ( I I I 1 l l l l , H H l l l | l « . O l h i T |iiTfwl i:nmi. i.ilrlii'l.'i C l i i i M l . l l l v , l' - inii'-" wcp.. .luliii Kli-linnl:i. U'i.nvnhT. A i n i ' i l r i i i i H , I n l liy W n l l i r r (:ii|i|u-rii; .Inliii Mmiiijii y xvoni. »"l. KII»W|,.B im.l m i l nmi|ii,i-li. T. l«B(i: r:y YIH'IIII;. Knx. H U H : A i M i i I n s : , ' l . ' v f l a l n l , I H I I T ; a n i l K r n l i ''. lli"l Sox. 11117. l l i K i l l h a l l , I-( ..... m'fi n j i e - h i t t o r wim t i n t n r i h r Ihi 1 hrason in t h e inaj'trs. I I will t i n - i i l H t l!nh pvi-r linih'il. ill- I l i n u x l i hi' pitched n nf;iiiliiit I h r liililli 1 T i c r i H i t i n l i l l n l Jimi- 31). 1IHR. nn-hftlc il l i I l i i n l i i i l i l n l ul K l r l l i i l i a n i l i l i - l l l j;nlf r l i r i n i | i i ( l l l : i l l i p . i . l,n;i A n ^ t - l c s - l i l n Nrwrnlilb t a n i n i l ' in '1:111.7 l u r Soiitiicrn C i l l l l n r l l i l l an II.S.C. wciil I , M i l l II- l l l i in raciTic Oiniil Inii'ii HiuH. I I A C I N I ; Ni'W Y i i i l t K a t l i i ' i - T l l j i ' i - ( f i l l . 301 win! K l l l i l l l t ( A V n III Kcl- m n n l . l.'iuniliMl. N. .1. Miiri|insn ( J H . - 'Kll won New JiiKii-y . y t n l l i i i n Hlaki-H at (Jilnlcn .Stnli 1 . I3«i;jt(in - Flic Fine $K.K(M wnn H r n i n t r c e al .Suffolk IJownfi. I BLOCK Of F tl.5.60 OM COtttCE TOAD BACK BY PUBLIC DEMAND! N 0 W i^to«ftosa!tfoWiei«it/" TM ' THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN SCENES tIKE THESE ON, " THE SCREEN BEFORE! . LOST BOUNDARIES - 1 BEATRICE PEARSON MEL FERRER EXTRA! - - - 3 COLOR CARTOONS FRIDAY NIGHT Bring a P n r l y of BHAVE Friends To the Rio Grande's 11:30 Horror Show C R E E P I N G . . . S T A L K I N G MENACE.. A Monitor that would not dill H G WEILS' fantastic oit of this work . . SIR (IORIC H f t R D W I C K E VINUN1 PRICt · MftN G R f Y -L.h^UUON Cecil KtlliWAY Guaranteed Cash Door Prize and to overy ono who is B R A V E enough to stny t h r u Iho onllro show A Froo Ticket lo a Coming Feature Attraction! YOU CANT LOSE H you'r« J3RAVE enough lo inko III Dukes Throttle Pioneers, Close Abilene's Lead Hy Tin? Associated P^tss The A l b u q u c i q u e Dukes, on two four-hit pitching performances, narrowed AbiJene's lead in the West Texas "-New Mexico League baseball chase last night to I V z nie:!. The Dukes swept n twin bill f r o m the Clovl.s Pioneers 5-0 and in Aibutjuevquc. Steve 1-Jigo- mar.sirio got credit for thn first viutrjj y ;md I3ob Spence the .second. Aiiiiirilto and Burger split «i dotiMu header lit Aiminllo, the last place host club losing tins first gaini' 11-2 and winning the .second 10-0. Piimpa beat Luhbonk 10-9 at Tampa. The Abilene at Larnefia gaini WHS rained oui. Stvllrh Aniiinil - Thr* teams switch ;i round Tnr M c M i t o i i a l Day Clashen. . A l l i n q t i f r - f j n o a n d Ckivisi gn tn Clovis. Anm- r i l l o ami Horgcr move In Border, I'ninpa gnf-s li» Lttbtiock n m l Ui- incfiJi lo Abilene. JjiM. night's AtbucfUorqiic games' were played in one hour find 22 m i n u t e s cur.!), a record for t h e Dultc flol ( I t h l s uiamin. The p i t c h - ing (Ud it. A i i K J i i l l n ciiini! f i ' i m behind w i l h (wo MMI.HC In the b o t t o m of thn n i l i l h In gain its; second ffamu victory. .111nmy IJciin xinglod in t h e w i n n i n g ruiiM w i t h the Ijiisc. 1 ! )ond- iil :iiid iwn - t i t l . 1'lrtys Uiult-r I'nid-f,! Tlic d u l y [ ; J M H \vuii p l a y n l n n .i.-i |iin(i'}i't i i l t . M I hi.- ticcond hy A n i : i r l M o . The ( J i l l . I Knx c l i l i m f d I ' n i t l [miiM-'H hlow thai boutiCL-d d f l (i l i ^ h t |)ii!;( hud .itrilclc l!u; .'.cmvlmiinl brfurc bfjiliiPing buck i n t o lln: j i i n l f . M a n a g e r \AXM M u l - cahy wus i l t i o u ' n oni at U i t i d on t i n - play, mli-il a tlm U l l l j t i t e K . I':inipa l o t i o n : ronld t i n - mid tiiniilR'n-(i i n i -k |iUclii!i- Ch:iH ll MISSION - Mi- « i l l t i PH i k Admission 50c · 0c - lOc Phono 413 Last Times Tonighl R I P - R O A R I N G DEVILS OF THE AIR! mure nmic mm IRENE DUNNE Tonight Thru Sat Ailvi'iiluiT - Kunuu AM. K1I1ST HUN P L A Z A * i 1IOV .vo.MAS "FELIPE DE JESUS" i Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. Al Iliv l'rliMiill.v RIO GRANDE STARTS SUNDAY SHOWING THE WAY - - -By Alwi Mov«r Vt-RN BlCKfORD, OF THE BOSTON BKAVfS, ' LEAGUE TO nV/t/ jf/15 HE GOT A FLY/MS 5TART TiiWARP tf/5 FIRST 2o MAJOR By h* AKtiocintcU AMERICAN' W. Chicago New York Boston Detroit Cleveland Washington St. Louiis Philadelphia 24 26 22 IT ]7 15 ' 31 10 ress L. J'CT. 9 .727 .70S .639 .·ISO Wednesday's Shedule 'New York at Boston ( 2 ) Philadelphia at'Washington (2) Detroit at Cleveland (2) SI.-Louis at Chicago (2) Tut'Mlny's Results Cleveland 2. Detroit 1 (Only game scheduled) Brooklyn St. Louis Chicago , Boston ! New York ! Cincinnati Philadelphia Pittsburgh NATIONAL W. 22 20 18 20 20 11 10 15 I,. I'CT. 14 .011 17 I G 18 20 .541 .·1211 .1)26 .500 .459 .421. .417 WedwMluy's Schedule Brooklyn at Philadelphia (2) Doston at New (2) Cliii-aico at C i n c i n n a t i (!!) PILlalnirfrli "I St. I.oul:i (2) Tur.-iiliiy's ItraullH No games scheduled nod opposing h a t i e r s in each even f r a m e except in Hie e i g h t h when the t i l i r d mini popped out to the Ciiroilnu and six in Now Yn Texas this .'inason. Yonlreis Raceway fans or l!). r iO contiilinleil $ to the New York Sifite Treasiny liy neglecting to rash winning tickets worth Dial amount. Ezzard Charles Is 3--1 Favorite For Clash Tonight In Chicago With Maxim CHICAGO, May 30 W J Ezzavd Charles rules a steadfast 3-i favorite lo retain his heavyweight boxing uharnpionship tonight in Chicago stadium against Joe Mnx- im. the sleek light-heavy king. Despite the rarity of two chum- Minor League Scores By The Associated Press WEST TEXAS-NEW MEXICO Albuquerque 5-3, Clovis 0-1 · Pampa 6, IjUbbock 3 Borgcr 11-9, Amarlllo 2-10 Abilene at Lamesa postponed. rain. SOUTHWEST INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE El Paso 9, Tucson G Juarez 10, El Centra 7 Phoenix 11, Bisbee'Douglaa 5 Las Vegas 20, Yumn 7 Tijuana 4, Mexicalli .1 TEXAS LEAGUE Houston 4, San A n t o n i o 2 inning.-) Beaumont 5, Hhreveport J ' Dallas :(. Fort Worth 1 . Ok'lahnma City 8, Tulsa !i (11 Fighls Last Nighl D a s t o n - -- Geno Hairston, IGO, New York, and Joe Rlmlnne, 103, Biwtoii. dre-.v. 10. Miami lieach, Pin. -- Harold Ciccn, IGO, HrooUlyn, ontpoinled Jorr- Diaz, Ifi4 i/,. VLn21l!ea, 10. Bronltlyn (Fort" Hamilton) -Konny Lou Volpc, 143 '/i. ^ nw York, outpointed Johnny Luciano, M l . Putcrson. N. .1.. 8. Los Angeles - Jin'nny fiivlns, 170 Y 2 , Cleveland .outpointed Wil- "ic Bean. 202, Los Angeles. 10; - pions battling and the promise of a lively brawl from the start, tlie turnout may number unly 7,000 .to 10,000 with a gross gate of lest than $100.000. More than 30 million persons will sec and hear th-; scheduled 15-round title showdown on television and radio (CBSI. The bout begins at 9 p. m. (ESTJ. They weigh in at noon. CharlcR expected to scale 183; MaMni 181. A brewery ha assured financial success for the International Boxing" club show by paying $100,000 for TV rights. ,, Chariest 20, generally is favored to defend successfully his heavyweight crown for the eighth Lime in 23 months because he has defeated Maxim in three previous meetings. Twice in 10-rounders back in 1942 the Cincinnati negro outpointed the 28-year-old - Cleveland Italian, nnd he wnn a split 15-round decision in liis home town 27 months ago. .In first two figlils both men hail barely emerged from the amateur ranks. Euso Your Financial liimlyn · · · with u jieraomi) loan from Chilton Luun InHuruace Co. LAS CRUCES LIQUORS The Stors of Good Splrlti COOKING HAUTF.UNT, FRKK KKCll'KS Your Family Package Store 334 S. MAIN TREMENDOUS SAVINGS DURING SHOP THE MANY UNADVERTISED , VALUES! ', '· GREATER THAN EVER BOOKS CLOSED! All Purchases Mado Now Will Appear on July 1st Statement! MEN'S SUMMER TIES ^ f Men's f i n e q u a l i t y s u m m e r ties. Cold f i r e colors. Values to ? 1 - 50 'QO|« E. 0. M. Sale '.....UOb BOYS' JEANS , Boys' heavy eight ounce Jeans. Coarse weave for longer wear. Sizes 4 to 16. E. 0. M. Sale !.... $159 pr. MEN'S WORK SOX Men's w h i l e work sox. Four pairs guaranleed four months or four new pairs. All sizes. E. 0. M. Sale for only 4 PAIRS FOE ',.. $1.00 MEN'S ARMY CLOTH KHAKI SUITS Made to our own high standards. G u a r a n t e e d to be first q u a l i t y . A l l sixes . . . and each size i n d i v i d u a l l y tailored for per-1 feel fit L 1 1 Aif.\J 1 1 I L U V 1^1 [1(1 I 1J $5.00 suit MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Short sleeves, seersuckers, skip dents, dolled swiss. A l l sizes.. E. O: M. Sale for only 174 CHENILLE BEDSPREADS Values to $14.95 . . . Special clearance of our better spreads. Many pat- terns and colors to choose from. E. 0. M. Sale SUMMER MATERIALS MEN'S JEWELRY Made by a fnmous^rfianufaclurcr. Ind i v i d u a l l y boxed. ,-TTii! bar and c u f f links to match'. "Made'to sell for $5.00. E. 0. M. Sale $1.88 FAMOUS ' WHITE DRESS SHIRTS MEN'S DRESS SHOES · Values to $14.95 . . . Broken sizes from our spring and sum- j rner shoes. '" E. 0. M. Sale CHILDREN'S SANDALS Red While, Wheat . . . All sizes up to children's si/.e 3. One , or t w n straps. E. 0. M. Sale ..... / l i t M £ U A U[J $1.69 LADIES' CASUAL SHOES Broken sizes from our f i n e line of .summer shoes. Leathers in low medium nnd high wedges . , . In whites, reds, browns, two tones and many others. E. 0. M. Sale . $1.99 pr. Hundreds and hundreds.of yards of these fine materials. Piques, Dotted Swiss, Rayons, Chambrays, - Prints, Butchers Linen, Seersucker and many others. Values to 7!)c yard, E. O. M. Sale YARD 44c MEN'S BRIEFS, UNDERSHIRTS WHITE T SHIRTS AH first q u a l i t y . . . Guaranteed lo be permanent f i t . E. 0. M. Sale, 2 FOR 88c DRESSES DRESSES One large group of early sui dresses . . . From our f i n e s t ' labels. Cotton and rayon sheers. Values to ?lB.!)fi. E. 0. M. Sale ft.90 DRAPES Fuji 90" long. Made by a famous manufacturer. If perfect would se for $9.95. cjevcral colors to choose! from, E. o! M, Sale 4 .39 SHEETS! SHEETS! Fine first q u a l i t y sheets . . . 72x108, or 81x99. A marvelous, E. O. M. Saving .... $2.39 TOWELS Jumbo size, extra heavy, dry fast c a n n o n bath towels. All the new cannon colors. E.-O. M. Sale IRONING BOARD COVERS AND PAD Fits any standard 54" board . . . There is no p i n n i n g or tacking. Also comes with heavy w a f f l e notion pad. E. O. M. Sale $1.44 REMNANTS One large table. You are sure to f i n d several hundred to choose from. . E. O. M. Pride l /2 price CHILDREN'S FINE PANTIES Values to !)8c. Sizes 2 mmt to 12. Special E. O. M. n I ft fjf Sale for only ~* W f" ' SUMMER HANDBAGS Values to $7.95. In leathers and patent leathers. Reds, Greens, Browns, Blacks, Navy, Two-Tones | and White. E. O. M. Sale NYLON BY THE YARD Hundreds of yards, all colors. 36" and 45" widths. E. O. M. Sale 69cyd. SUMMER FLOWERS and - COSTUME JEWELRY Values to $2.00. For this sp ciiil- E. 0. M. Sale for only . CHILDREN'S DRESSES Sizes 1 to G . . . Prints nnd sheers. All prettily trimmed. Values to $1.98, E. O. M. Sale for only ...'. itnci snuL'i a. $1.19

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