Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 2, 1976 · Page 22
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 22

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Page 22
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.The Idaho Free Press 4 The News-Tribune, Tuesday, Mai :h2,1976- A-8 Selected stocks N E W YORK .UP!i - Aided by an afternoon blue-chip rally, prices' closed higher Monday in slower trading on the N e w Wk Slock Rxchange destine an apparent lightening of credit hv ihc federal Reserve Board. The Dow Junes industrial average up around two points al (he outset and off around six later, was ahead 2.75 points In fi^M shortly before the close. The blue- chip average lost 6.22 poinis Kriclay arid b 19 points last week, after challenging Ihe 1.000 level three times Advances and declines were n e a r l y even among the 1.87G issues crossing the tape. 1'hc 400 unchanged issues refledttl investor uncertainly. Turnover amounted to around 21.500.000 shares, drnvn from Ihe 26.9-10.000 traded Friday. I'rices were higher in active trading on Ilio American Stock Kxchanue. Must analysts said in light of the un- lirecedi'nlcd new year rally, prices were due for a pciiod of consolidation. They noted institutions, spent large sums d u r i n g Ihe r a l l y and were cashing in to accumulate some cash. UlistTVi'rs said ihi m a j o r reason for the eiirli decline ·.«(.·, svhal amounted lo a c o n f i r m a t i o n Ihe I'ed hail lightened credit in response In a sharp rise in the nation's mime* supply in reciMi! weeks By Depf. of Water Resources Water plan submitted AbtOtl L .10 11 1-| OIF 1 M Adim* Milli i ».j oil 1 4 Airco Incp l U I t Up j.| Alcin Al « IS M OF1 I | A^egCp .4Sd 10 J| Oil 1-4 ·1,'iiJ CD 1.10 « |.| Off M A I M S Ch« .40 16 5 1 Up 1.4 Alto* l.]4 47 3-| O.I 3 1 A M A X 1.M I I-J OH 1-4 AmHti tfq if J. Of) M Am Airlines 11 Oil 14 A Brant* MO 40 J.| 011 11 A Can MC* It M Oil M AntCvin I |.J is M 0f i-4 Am Moron ^ ].| up M AmNG J,$4g 31 u p 1.7 Am Stand 1 l] M on \,\ AmTIT 310 Si M Up M AMF in 1.24 II M Up 1-4 Anjend» .fO 10 i | Up 5 I Aril PS 1 JJ I] ].4 OH 3 1 A c m c o I fQa ]J I 4 Up M Arm-, Ck 6C JI 1-4 OH 3 4 Aiarco to 17 1-4 up l 4 AfhlnQI 1.10 15 1.] Up 1-* AIIRichl ] 1.1 |l M Up 1.1 Avco Corp 1 J Up 1-3 BibWiicox i ir M UP 11 Baslelnc .to II ] ) Oir 11 Bechmn ?i » Bell Hwl 14 II V( Up k2 BendiK 7 21 5i '-I OFI I M 8eih$teei la 4; i * UP 5 1 flobbie fl'ks $ M Up 11 Boeing Co l U M Up i-l Burden i 30 1) l i oil i 4 Borg W 1 35 IS 041 M Brit MI i.go ta 3 1 on M Brunswk .« IS ].4 Up 1-4 BudtJ Co .10 14 S I 011 1 | BurrgM il 10] 14 Up 1.4 CanPac j«b It S-| O f f 1.4 CalerpilTr 2 U 3.4 Up J| C B S 1.44 S i 1 3 011 M CflJflie MO II J-J Up M Cheiiie 2.10 J! S I Chrysler Cp II 1-1 Up Si Cit Se/V 2.40 41 l.J Off M CocaCol MS U 14 Up 7 1-4 ColgaH .74 ]| 7-1 Up M Co! Gas ].M 14 3-1 Up 1-4 CrmvEd 2.40 ]8 1-1 Oil 1-| Comm Sat f 11 l - i up j.j Car.Ed U VI 011 1-1 Consm P* 2 70 3-1 ContlAL IQk I Up 3 1 Cniican l go ll 3.4 ConlinllOil 1 « 3-4 Off 7-1 Coop In 1.44 11 Oil 14. CPC Int 7.14 *S M Off !·) CrownZ 1 13 4* Oil 1 1 I CurliiiWA 1 17 1-2 Up 1 7 Cyclops Cp I 11 J-4 Dart In .t4g 37 Up 1-4 DjytoiH .14 )1 1.] 011 1 M DelEO.i 1.15 it s-l Diamdlnil ] 40 1 I Up S I Disney 17g i9 ;.| Dew Ch l.tO Ut Up 1-1 Dra»o 1.10 II S-l OH 3 * DuPcnl Id I SI 3* Uo l 1-7 DuqneL l.II )| ).| Oil I J Eastern Air r j i OH i 4 EaiiK l.SJd 101 Up 1-fi E'P«C i 10 11 3-4 Oil 1-1 EJt/aCp i.;4 i) M Up 1-J Enldxln IS 3-1 OH 1.4 Etmdrk I.SI 37 3-4 OH M Ethyl C 1 40 45 l-l Up S-B Fvani Prod J 3-4 Up 3-1 ExCelO 1 10 17 1-4 OH S-l Etson i ?Sti H 1.1 up S-l Fanitdel 13 17 SI Up VS FnOFd Hd tt l.? Off 11 P u i i r ? 1 13 ]4 1-1 ^wc corp i » s ( on 1 4 FocaFar 13 s 3 1 Ffl/dMd 2 10 SI 3-1 Up 1-4 Frepitt 1.tC IS SI UD 5 1 Fruehul 1 10 14 1-4 up M G A T K 110 31 1 1 Up M GenCabl 7? II 3 1 Gtn Dynam 42 7-1 up J « Gn Elec 1 to II !| OH i GnFood I SO IS 1 4 OH 3 1 Gen Mot .ica (S 3-t Gen PcrCnd t 7 i Up VI G T E 1 M 71 Olf 1.4 Ga Pat SJq 41 J | OH S-l Giltelte I S3 ]i I - ] on i Gocdric II] iJ* ) j Up j a Gocflyr 1. 10 U L-] Up 1 i Great A f t p l! s I Up 5 B GIW1U 7 tib 31 Ug * M 1 O i; Gulf Oil i. ic 11 Heint H I. ll JD 1.4 Ko1F Efecin I J t 01F '.-2 HollyS ).Jja W ft \Jp }-a Roirislah ta -tl M Olf ' - 9 Konyvil 1 43 S? V ) Oil V4 KouiLP l.ii 71 7 B 1C Ir.d 1.3C iJf Uo J 1 Idaho P Hi JJ T a iCeaiflatic i it 1-2 on i a Irg Rfld 1 tt IS I-l Up 1-? InldStl ;.*ja 4* ?-? u fl j a IBM Corp 7 IS* 1 4 Up 3 S 3 I.HHarv 1. 10 ir 1.4 Up i j lnlHk 1.43a 31 OTI 1 4 lull PapCf 2 M J4 Up 3 1 Inl riT I to 71 3 1 011 I I JohnMv 1.30 » S-l Un 1-4 Kaivftl 1.70 13 M OH 1 8 Kentoll .IStf JI 3-4 Up 3 i Kerr WcG I x^3 3 1 Up 1 \-4 Kn!*jM R i4 JS i-| Oil 1-4 Kcppri 1 4 0 Si Up 1-7 Krallco MJ 4! 1-4 OH 3-3 Kreige .14 3S M Up i| Kroger l.H 19 ) I Leh Val Ind 1 31 up l ! Ligg MY 3 1-2 3) j-i UP 1.3 Litton 7 1.3k 13 3-* up i ' 3 Locvheetf J ]-4 Up l-? LTV Carp H S I OH J i LuknSill 1.40 H 3-4 Oil l 4 Mar CM 1 13 IS ] J Us 1-1 rVarcorlnc \ 31 S I Up I-l WarshF 1 n 11 13 McOcnD 44 \1 3 4 011 1-4 M G M .75d 14 3-t Up ' B MidSoU 1 31 IS Up 3 1 McrHlOl J.4fl i* Up l-t Montan 1 13 1S 3-4 Up k wo^rnv i. 30 31 OIF 1-3 MgnPw 1 13 IS 1 I OFI S-l Motorola .73 il Off I-i MtSITel 1 tl 13 U? 1 4 Nlhlltu 7 40 1.17 Up M Nail CAP .S7 13 1-S Up I S HKDiitl 1 if) J) M Up !·! un Grp 1 3s M 3 4 on i-s Nat Sll J I 74 SO OFI 1 I-l NCR C? 72 II Up 3 3 NiagWa 1 7 4 13 l-S Oil t NL IrauM I 11 UA Up 1 1 NcrFolkWt S r 14 Up 3 NONIG i it I 3-1 OFI i NO$tPw l f4 24 3-4 DM 1*4 Narlhrp 1 10 11 7-B OH 1-4 N A S l A i r l .45 31 1 4 0 ( : t-B NwB^n ) ;o 4S 1-4 0)m Cp 1.3] 42 U| OH 1 ! Oli\ El 2 10 37 S B OH « t OJIMNA \ 30 30 H 0*tJilll 1 II 51 1-4 OH J 4 l*aiGai 1 It 30 3 1 PatPtvr 1 73 31 14 Ofr I i Pan Am Air t I Up k-l PMI CMlr J 51 Off M Pfrniev 1.1* SI 1-1 OH VI f'ennPL I.B: 7C 7 1 Oil M Penniol 1.30 IS 3-4 OH 1-4 PCHliC* IM 70 J-2 OH J » Filler in ll 77 Up II Ph;1:p N'.or l S4 3 1 Up I J B PhilPel 1 !C 57 Up 1 S-S Poljrod 37 J9 1-4 Up I 8 PPGlnd 1 II 4t 1 fl Up 1 M P'Od 40a 1 S5 M Up il PuS C c l 1 13 U 1-2 Up 1 8 Pull-no I 70 3? J.» Up 3 8 Raliron f I 4r 3 I 011 M Pjilr-ccn I 41 RCA Corp I 7S M OH 1 4 Rca SM i i£ « 18 Off f.J Rer ird 3 01 tS 1-7 OH 1 4 Rerr.dMM l JI 1-B Up S 8 Rctrhn l 1.7 H il OIF I frackwiiin ? ;; !-j OFI 1-4 RcTion Crp S 3 8 OFI 1 4 Re/ID 3 lib O t-B Up I 3 S a l e w a y S l 3 ti j -i SfJMrirl J ?3 *» 1-4 Up 5 I SIRegu I SI 4B 1 4 Up 3 Seais l.tC.i 77 1-4 Up 3.4 SrciiOil 7 (C J4 1 7 OH 3 1 SininiC .f)a Ii 5 ! Up 1 I Skag^Co SO IS 18 Smi'ikhrf 3 !3 1-3 Oil 1-1 S CalEd Lit 73 1-7 SouirCo i -to 14 i-i SoPaciF 3 34 3S S fl OIF M Sp ^ a r O .7 AS i I Up S I Si Qrrd l.u 34 i· 5ld Oil ca! 3 :o ·JlOllr.d 7 ]J 43 OIF 7 I tlOMOh l.3i 62 1-2 SlaklyV I 3C If 7 I Up It $ludeW 1.3? IS J I OH i 4 igni,hine .3t ll S I Telpdyrp IV 46 J-I Up 7 i-fl Telepio-np 8 U7 Oil i I Tereco 1.74 26 3 J Toaco I 14 7 B OH 1 4 Tct irslr 1 us 011 : 1.3 T c K p c L 3Sd 17 J.i Tcilron 1.1C 34 1 J O f f S 8 T - m k n ? 3Ja i! 3 J OH '.3 IVansam 47 10 S-8 Trans W Air ); 1-4 Qfl 1-4 T r i Ccn tid ]1 3 f t Up 1-4 T*CFo* S? 1] 011 L8 UALInc 6Ca U M OF! 1-8 U-iCarb J!3 « 1-2 Up JI Un Elct 1 19 14 VS OIF 1-B UnOCa' 1.^3 42 l- Oft V4 Un,royal SO 9 S 8 Up 1-B Uld Brardj ? t - ? Up I 4 Ur.Corp .72b 8 1-3 OH 1 4 US Ovp HO 31 1 Z Up 3 8 UiStCCl 2 53 39 1 2 Uo 3 8 UM TCC ? Jfl 17 J « Up M UmTe' 1.11 16 1-B OH Ll Ucjohn 1! 4C O1I 7-8 Ulah°L 3.4 3» I 8 Up S-8 UV Indus iq 18 3 i Up 1 7 Walgreci 1 14 1-4 Up 1-8 War.g Lb .10 *19 1-8 Up 7 1 \v s Wai I St 73 1.4 Oil 1-4 WiBanc 1.40 70 1-2 WUn-cn 1.40 II 3 1 Up 1-1 Wesin El »7 U M Uo M V/hlqPiH $11 21 S I OH S i Wftilt Molar 7 -2 OH S 8 WaolAh 1.20 14 OH I S Xrroji Co 1 i67 1 1 Up k YrgSIDr « 10 3 1 Zen^Rab 1 37 Uo S 9 Ky Marnun'l ftailey BOISE t U P D - A proposed slate waler plan designed lo lei Idaho "have its cake ant! eat il too" in economic development and environmental quality was presented Saturday lo (Jew. Cecil 1). Andrus. The proposal was prepared by ilu 1 Idfiho Hcpartmenl of Water Itesoiirccsover tlie pasl 10 years and was approved later in the day by the Waler Kesource Hn'anl.' Thp plan's 29 recommcnda- lions include allacalion of water ftir 1.2 million acres of new f a r m l a n d between the years 197-3 and 2020 and supplementing supplies for :MD,(jQU acres now w i t h o u t adequate water supplies. It recommends development of (190,1)00 acres of new land in Ihe Upper Snake River Basin, ·ttO.OM) acres in southwest Idaho, GO.tiOO acres in HID I.owor Snake. The Iwarcl said the f u t u r e growth and quality of life in Idaho depends on the acceptance and adoption of a coor- d i n a t e d , i n t e g r a t e d , m u l t i p l e use waler resource policy, a plan for implementation and a dme schedule and assignment of r e s p o n s i b i l i t y f o r i m p l e m e n - t a t i o n . The rcwmmieiulalions "would provide for a composite of additional Ptoiionw development and a c t i o n s to m a i n t a i n a q u a l i t y e n v i r o n m e n t i n t h e state." "To thai degree ... Idaho can 'have its cake and eal it loo 1 providing, however, that every nlizen recognizes the limits on existing resources and Ihe need for cooperation and coordination." The hoard lias determined lhal a stale water plan should be adopted by January 1977. The plan demonstrates that the waters available lo Idaho in Ihe Snake River Basin are inadequate for full satisfaction of all projected needs and makes a prime recommendation to a l l o c a t e available, u n a p - propriated waters of (he basin to satisfy existing needs, meet needs for fuiuro growth and protect the environment. A n d r u s said the p l a n is probably (he most comprehensive plan ever proposed by Idaho or any other slate. Recommendations in the report include: -- Allocating available and unappropriated waters of the the Forchevplytoydatchrycadlinwagen loan Your new car. Could come from 20 manufacturers, in a dozen countries, Your choice could be logical, or emotional. Rational or irrational. It's a personal thing. 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II would maintain and restore flows on tributary streams to (he Snake K i v c r for fish and wildlife. The allocation of water lo oilier functional uses recognizes existing flow requirements of 5,0011 cubic feet per second as established in Ihe Federal Power Commission license bclnw Hells Canyon Dam on the Snake Hicer which will provide water for recreational navigation. -- Amend Ihe Idaho Code lo provide authority lo the Department of W a l e r Resources director lo consider public interest when a p p r o v i n g or denying application to appropri- a t e public waters of Ihe stale. - Establish a major waste resource funding program lo supplement private and federal monies lo develop, preserve, conserve and restore the waler and related land resources of Idaho and to implement the state water p l a n . The fund would receive a n n u a l appropriations of $C to $8 million beyond what now is appropriated for such efforts. -- Amend the code to provide Ihat changes in nature of use of existing water righls may he authorized by the director, the same as now provided for changes in location of (he place of use and point of diversion and t h a t (he director may consider public interest in granting or denying applications lo modify existing water righls. -- Amend Ihe code to combine the programs of waler quantity and water quality planning and administration into a single agency, except with respect to public health aspects of waler quality. -- Seek legislation requiring lhal claims be submitted on all existing unrecorded water righls within the Snake River liasin by June 30. 1982. Board member Franklin Jones said he considers (he recording of waler rights an inventory taking. It would not threaten e x i s t i n g waler righls. -- Seek legislation requiring that sellers of parcels of land i d e n t i f y flood prone areas as identified by the department. -- Seek legislation aulhorizing Ihe granting of waler righls for inslream flow purposes, ll would delegate responsiblity for determining flows and administrative authority to the depart- m e n t . -- Seek legislation to establish a Slate N a t u r a l . and Recreational River System and to provide necessary authorization and adequate funding to state and local government lo protect such rivers and related lands for recreational, scenic and natural values white slill allowing the widest possible opportunity for use by private interests. -- Seek legislation (o establish grecnway and bcltway systems. -- Seek legislation giving stale and local units of government authority lo adopt and enforce l a k e and reservoir surface management plans. Seek l e g i s l a t i o n establishing a IVater Supply Bank for the purpose of acquiring water rights or water entitlements from willing sellers for reallocalion by sale or lease to other new or existing uses. The bank fund should be self f i n a n c i n g in (he long run with initial funding to be provided by c r e a t i o n of a W a t e r Management Fund. -- Seek legislation to permit creation of Water Conservancy Districts. -- Seek legislation authorizing the p r e p a r a t i o n of a s t a t e electrical energy plan. Visit our compete display room and set the line of famous Carrier Air Conditioners and an actual working model ol the Carrier Heat Pump A REVOLUTIONARY PRE-SEASON OFFER Carrier RECEIVE A $100"U.S.SAVINGS BOND 1 'value at rralunly .When You Come Round To Carrier Central Air Conditioning Carrier Number 1 Air ConiMionlnq 38GR SERIES '^. Declare your independence from discomfort and high ill-season prices on central air conditioning. 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This saves energy and hardens grease so it can be washed away more easily. Use full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher --- small loads use almost as much energy as large ones. Take more showers than baths, and install a flowrcstrictorin the pipe at theshowerhead. For more tips on wise use of energy, call your local Idaho Power office for an Energy Adviser appointment. Idaho Power Company WISE USE fS COMMON SENSE

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