Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 22, 1969 · Page 33
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 33

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1969
Page 33
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Regime Plans No Strategy In South, Agnew Declares By JAMES SAG6US At»ei«t*d Pi-tu Writer JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Vice President Spiro T. Agnew says the Republican party would give racism or a sellout to the South. He told a Mississippi GOP fund-raising dinner day night rtnat -"we Southern strategy. have state Mon- We do have a conviction that the people of the United States irrespective of their point of geographic residence, have'«n inherent right to be treated ev- Southerners a fair deal without enhandedly by their govern - - ment." Noting opposition to the Prsei- denl's nomination of Judge Clement F. Haynsworth Jr. of Court, Agnew said Haynsworth was guilty of no impropriety "unless that impropriety is his place of birth and residence." £gnew said the South had too long "been the punching bag for those who characterized themselves as liberal intellectuals." He said the Nixon administration "will never appeal to a racist philosophy. Every American is entitled to assessment on his personal merit, regardless of his race or religion." Agnew said some self-styled liberals, including leaders of the! nam war lo the President but would not protest it to the government of Hanoi, which is responsible for the war. "These are the ideas of the men who are taking control of Die national Democratic party," he said. South Carolina to the Supreme New Left, protested the Viet- Coffee ranks seocnd after bananas as an export in Honduras, followed by lumber and silver. A large silver mine operates near the capital, Tegucigalpa, Hill." Indian name "Silver Mariners To Help Determine Feasabilty of Mars Journey By MARVIN MILES The Los Angtltt Timw PASADENA, Calif. - Will a manned expedition to Mars be the nation's next space goal? Building on last summer's quick fly-by probes, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technol- ogy here already is deep into the development stage for two extended orbital studies of the red planet in 1971 (that will help decide the multibillion dollar issue). Mariners 8 and 9 are to circle Maw on different paths reaching-as close as 1,000 miles to, Wed., Oct. 22, 1989 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pa^TsS 1 return both television pictures -To scout landing zones for and scientific data for at least Instrument packages to be de- three months and long as a year. perhaps as Their prolonged investigation of the planet, a total of 240 passes in 90 days compared to the .single fly-bys achieved by Mariners 6 and 7 in August -and Mariner 4 in 19C5 -- will have major --To return a wealth of new detail on the Martian environment in an effort to determine if-the-planet could support life. FTY MEATS AT ALBERTSON'S!! BIG MONEY-SAVING OCTOBER SERVE CHEESE ANYTIME CENTER CUT ROAST U.S.D.A. 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' for life forms. " 1/! Like the recent probes that""-"-s flashed past the planet at a hr "? distance of 2,100 miles, the \yii''"°'n Mariners will not be capable of' J '';'' R detecting any organisms that ; i «i might exist. ... ······,-. But they will provide a long, ,ii detailed look at Mars and map : '··'!',' approximately 70 per cent of ·;.' sli All These Budget-Savers Plus BONUS DETERGENT Gre.-t cleaning pov/er. King size 4 C1 l«\ Xi^X GAIN DETERGENT For fxtra clennina power. Giant size OCf* liox OJL MR. CLEAN CLEANER For those tough cleaning jobs bottle D«IC A its surface as a prelude to the- 1973 landings and help determine the feasibility of a U. S. manned expedition. Dan Schneiderman, managing the project for the jet lab,-says the flights will be the first full' planetary missions carried; out by the United Stales in that · they will involve continuing daily operations over a long per-'- iod, compared with the single- critical passes of previous" probes. . Both spacecraft are to be" laimched during a 23-day per; iod (no less than eight days ., ' apart) in May, 1971, and should/' 1 ,, reach Mars within a span o f ^ . i ' 7 five days the following Novem- ' '-' her. v'- Developed from Mariners 6 . ^ and 7, the new spacecraft will'.?"' be'considerably heavier -- about'"'"''' 2,200 pounds compared to 850'' : ';'-» pounds and much more sophisti- '"·"'" caled in terms of performance. ' -^ A fundamental difference will" '':'_; be the addition of a 300-pound- -' '*· thrust rocket required not only '··" for course changes, but to slow':; i.i the spacecraft with relrofire for V "''"J. capture by Martian gravity and''-'-'"':; refinement of its subsequent or-*' 71 -bit. ' · · -.wm Mariner 8. with a basic mis-vfV sion of mapping the planet and- '···,, studying its surface and atmos-u :j;-;; plieric properties, will be aimed ·.··: for an elliptical orbit ranging ."-j^ from 1,000 to 10,500 miles high.r/ifrr On. such a course it will chv .... cle! Mars once every 12 hours.;,....^ for two close photo research -,'..Jv passes each day. · . ' " . '" 'The pictures, wide angle as'----? wtll as a close-up, will cover an"estimated 70.pei- cent oflliej planet's surface' (compared/ jo. 10'per cent each for Mariners-^ and 7) -- .three times clearer, than the -photos.-returned by«;j£j Mariners 6 .and 7 from' /ijlOO. miles. ' : V/ : ' v '.'v.-v-f 'Mariner 9;"'a sister ship to Mariner 8, will he aimed into ah orbit that will have the same ?-' low .point of 1,000 miles, but'-'i^ reach out 27,000 miles. '- MV ' As a result, its period'or time..-'-v; ; of'rotation will be 32.8 hours to .;j return to the same point'over .-. thc.Martian surface every fourth^..,-, day. ;;-,^ With repeat coverage of var- ·:;,,-, ious selected areas, for exam- .. ; ;H : pie, the spacecraft could ob-;, r-': serve (he curious wave of dark-,. : ,iJ ening that each spring begins, i^ near the Martian polar cap and.··;,-,.; spreads toward tlie equator. -,-..-,·; One theory has long held that ·:-. -'. this is vegetation. ·;· : ,'v Asked why neither spacecraft - ·'',, ill fly closer than 1,000 miles,---.--,^ Schneiderman explained this is · ; ·· in ^optimum range for picture .-.-« :aking, otherwise the planet's . .,," ·otational speed would cause. r ;-;,, smearing in the photos. Orbits of the two spaceships are designed so each will have ,,, *·' he best sunlight 'for its partic- 1 j "i Oar mission, Schneiderman '-' said. ^ Manner 8, with its extensivcj · ei mapping role, wiU make its'^ \ passes with low-angled sunlight to assure the necessary shadow i; l contrast for good pictures. j; j ' Mariner 9, which also will re-- \ «j turn scientific data as well as pictures, will snap its photos under a zenith sun lo assure the ... most effective camera studies '"'' of surface feature changes. "; . While the normal mission for" ~ u v both spacecraft will be 90 days, ' % '-Schneiderman said, the two Ve--' r ^ hides could remain operative- 1 '" for a year. -' : :i After the intensive operation i! V 13 of the first 90 days, however -- ".^ 180 passes for Mariner and 60 for Mariner 9 -- the two space- £li craft probably would be "work--'' '··' ed" on a twice-a-week schedule.·'···.$ The project manager is par-' " ( 'i ticularly pleased with what he' s! -, calls the "adaptive" nature of "'''.' the two spacecraft. · ··'-* This means that their orbits ·'·"''' around the planet can be chang- '''·' "i ed as desired lo make parlicu- . :: Vi larly detailed studies of unusual ·/·'.' features discovered by (heir '·"' '·?. cameras. '·'·;·· Trains Struck By Shots, Man Two Boys Held HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS,--':.", Colo. (AP)--A man and two v:j; 16-year-old youths were arrest-^:.';? ed Monday night after someone'..'·-* fired on at least two Denver-'ft-; and Rio Grande Western Rail-;icU road trains in Byers Canyon Wj. near here Sheriff Leon Clift of'''A Grand County reported. ·'.:·"· Clift said some 20 shots were'.vir. fired from high-powered deer"rifles at the trains. The targets,-;·; he said, were new automobiles' ''·'·; being transported by rail. 1 '· Clift said the suspects were--^ released and the adult's name was withheld pending n decision; : on what charges will be' brought. ' · Damage was estimated at Prices effective through Saturday, October 23, 1969 We-reserve the right, to limit quantities. $500. America's Favorite 2700 WEST 10th STREET-WEST 9th AVENUE at 25th STREET-SOUTH

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