Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 9, 1976 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, March 9, 1976
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C_ JJKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE T»t«., March I, \m First Grce/ey firefighters Boomer Hook Ladder Co. founded In '79 BY MIKE PETERS were held on the Fourth of July, seemed lo be adept at races and was dug at each Intersection in the YMCA Fire Company. for sleeping at the station. Tribune Staff Writer and included band concerts, picnics, they had some trouble the downtown ire. to act much Alto in 1112, the volunteer The few full-time firemen still palpitation 11 look nine years and a major poetry readings, group singing, fighting fires. like our fire hydrants today, firemen rebelled igalmt the received help from the Year'itoUl ]n 18go a vear a n H (!,, But the 20-foot distance proved decision of the city council to volunteer firemen, who were -The weather fire before the early city of- speeches and prayers, ficials decided it was time for Greeley to have a fire depart- a year On August 10,1886, Greeley's department was formed, the Poudre Valley Hook and volunteers were called to fight a ~~i · L "dder Co - N o - l won tne state fire in Ihe downtown area in the 'f a!!."'^"TM 1 *!!?.!. 11 cton'P'onship ««i · goM «nd 700 block of 8th Avenue, and protection was taken in 1887 and silver beltin lhe slate fireman's despite their efforts, a grocery tourney in Georgetown. store, dry goods store, a bank 165,000 in bonds lo build The fastest member of the and a hardware and coffin store waterworks system, firemen's team was probably burned to the ground. There Despite Joe Beelham, who reportedly might have been a larger loss if could run the lon-yard-dash in the fire hadn't stopped at an Sept. falhers decided to buy rubber buckets and a truck lo carry ladders. Thai was the year after the Old Greeley House ~ an ( Cincinnati Hi|h Monday « Cleveland Low this morning 20 Denver Barometer 29.88,steady DesMoinw none DelTM' 1D3 Dulutb The higheat temperature ever Fairl ""|"' be the downfall of many hire a new fire chief. In the prompted into city service by recorded here on a March 9 wa ^ ",, burning buildings. years before, the volunteers the poll tax. go in 1972; lowest was -21 in A major setp in Greeley's fire were ibl « to « lect their owni At the turn of the century, 1932 chief, but In 1912, the council Greeley used a poll tax to The sun will rise Wednesday 188S- when the city issued chose the chief. collect money from men who ,t 6:20 a.m. and will set at 6:02 ' The firemen threatened to had to pay a tax lo vote. But if a p.m. (MST). walk off the job and disband the person would work as a city (River conditions Helena : of 8a.m.) Wl't'ta *" '" fire-fighting part of their jobs employe or volunteer firemen, South Pintle at Kersey: (they agreed they would stay his share of the poll tax would How aristocratic hotel built when the colony was first founded -burned to (he ground despite Grove Park near the 10.25 seconds in his work alley in the middle of the block. p ou dre River, and the water domes. Shortly after the big fire, the was pumped lo a steel tank atop An old story of Beetham city bought Ihe firsl fire engine, ' " the efforts of townspeople who relates how he once was paid to a La France horse-drawn Honolulu Houston Ind'apoiis Jacks'ville Juneau 79»cf. K»""» cit y 389 Las Vegas Little Rock Colorado -- Clear lo partly Los Angeles resullsof the walk-out cannot days of volunteer departments, Cloudy and mild through Louisville be located, the council', fire inadequate equipment and Wednesday. Warmer east to- Marqu ette chiefcandidatewashiredasthe water wells on the street cor- day. Highs both days 50s ana Memphis first paid fireman, and another ners. The department together as a social be dismissed. organization.) The fire department has Although the story of the progressed rapidly since those Gauge height 44 M » 17 « I! 37 M 36 24 25 11 17 2 90 44 21 22 « 34 83 70 76 46 44 32 76 65 41 31 43 32 62 41 rn ..cdy .. clr .. clr ..cdy .01 cdy .01 cdy .11 cdy few low 60s with 35 to 45 moun- M j am i tains. Lows tonight 20s wllh 10 Milwaukee TtaTsfNd"nren^n"w7s thr « ,r, V UoU7"«aled"in above zero to 5 below moun- M pls-St.P. George VenaUes, who was paid strategic sections of the city, uins - New Orleans WO per month to sleep at the with a fourth sub-station Colorado-Extended outlook New York tower on Inspiration Point. Inspiration Point was located carried buckets of water from a losc a race '" Cheyenne, Wyo. pumper. It was described in j n the southern part of the cily canal located a block from the He apparently agreed to throw early editions of the Tribune as on a hill which is now the ch ief was apparenUy selected building. the race and accepted the pay- a "big silvery machine which location of the UNC University The firsl fire company was °" from tne Cheyenne team. shownlikeamirror."Butithad Center. The water pressure the Boomer Hook and Ladder Tlie agreement was that ju problems, too. enabled the fire department to Company, which was not only a Beelham would "accidentally" The woo( i.burning boilers adequately fight fires within the H^ tt: ,'^j ^'serVce and drive scheduledin the southeast Thursday thru Saturday - okla. Cily hard-working group of '»" down in lne miwle of lne took such a long time to raise M i- the fire engine. industrial section of Greeley in Clear to partly cloudy except Omaha volunteer firemen, but also race - · the steam to drive the water out In 1912 there were five fire were known as a social club Beetham carried out his end of the truck thai many buildings companies in Greeley: the which conducted parties, of the bargain -- he ran half the burned to the ground before the Boomer Hook and Ladder picnics and the most popular race, fell down, then got up water could be brought through Company, Brush Hose Corn- event, the Fireman's Tour- again and won the race. the hoses. Much of the problem pany, Statler Hose Company, and second lieutenant, and firemen, in addition to namenl held each summer. He was chased out of wa s due to Ihe distance Soulhside Hose Company, and three "sleepers" -- men who secretary, twodeputy chiefs, an In Ihe tournament, volunteer Cheyenne by the city's firemen, required to pump the water. In the Greeley Hose Company No. were paid (65 per month as assistant chief and Fire Chief Although Ihe early volunteers those days, a 20-fool deep well 3, which was formerly known as firemen, wllh $4 additional pay Bruce Forbes. ..cdy .. rn .73 clr .'. rn .52 rn .01 cdy clr clr 46 41 1.21 cdy 61 44 ..cdy 53 40 .06 rn 27 7 .. cdy 53 46 1.23 rn 76 74 ..cdy ..cdy .01 cdy Later, the first fire depart- the near future. chance of snow northern moun- Orlando ment was selected on a non- From Ihe days when Greeley tains end of period. Highs 50s Philad'phia volunteer basis. had no full-time department, and 60s with 40s mountains. Phoenix There was a captain, a first there are now 51 fire departments from various towns would compete in a baseball game and foot, hose, Iiuuk and ladder and "Straightaway" races. The tournaments of Greeley Billings becomes CCS president Greeley Police Log Deaths and Funerals flORMSON MONDAY a.m. 7:33 Man reported his neighbor's apartment door wa I GIBSON David E. Gibson, Sr., of 2200 37th St., Evans. Father of David E. Gibson, Jr., and Mrs. Fred (Gloria) Keil, both of Greeley; brother of Robert Gibson of Greeley, Mrs. Velma Miller of Boulder, Mrs. Lela Klein of Estes Park, Mrs. Alice Brelhauer of Burley, Idaho, and Mrs. Mildred Evert ol Greeley. Also survived by six grandchildren. Services 10:00 a.m. Wednesday from Adamson Memorial Chapel. Interment Sunset Memorial Gardens. Friends who wish may give to the American Cancer Society. GREENEMEYER Alex Greenemeyer ot Keenesburg. Husband ot Louise Greenemeyer of Keenesburg; father of Mrs. Harry (Frelda) Becker of Keenesburg, John Robert (Lcona Louise) Palomino of Granada Hills, Calif. Also survived by six grandchildren and seven great- grandchildren. Services will be held 3* 1:20 p.m. Wed nesday from Ad am son Memorial Chapel. In- ferment Llnp Grove Cemefery. Friends who wish may give fo fhe Grace Lutheran Church, Hudson. JOHNSON The Rev. Alien D. Johnson of 150 S. 15th Ave. Dr., Brighton, Colo. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Johnson of Brighton; brother of Mrs. Jerred C. Peebles of Sacramento, Calif, and Ms. Barbara E. Johnson of Denver. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday from St. Aidan's Episcopal Church, Boulder. Interment Linn Grove Cemetery. Friends who wish may give lo the Order of The Holy Family, c/o St. Andrew's Church, 2015 Glenarm, Denver, Colo. LARGE William R. Large, III, of Chicago, formerly of Cheyenne, Wyo. Son of William R. Large, Jr., of West Hollywood, Calif, and Mrs. Albert (Lois) Felandof Greeley; brother of Mrs. Blllle Louise Hanusack of Johnstown; and grandson of Mrs. Robert C. Stratton of Denver and Mr. Cecil Knox of Windsor. Services will be held at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday from Adamson Memorial Chapel. Infer iTtent Sunset Memorial Gardens. SEELA LillleSeelaof 1914 19th Ave., Greeley. Mother of John Francis Seeld, Mrs. Ray Lila Jean) Kane, and Mrs. Virgil (Edna May) Mason, all of Greeley, Robert Lee Seela of Denver, Grant Wilson Seela of Ault, Clarence Calvin Seela of Portland, Ore., Mrs. Donovan (Evelyn Maxlne) Kahler of Gardena, Calif., Mrs. William (Lorah Loree) Tillon of Thornton, and Mrs. William {Arlene Ann) Hill of Gill; sister of Mrs. Glenn Stone of Springfield, Ore., and Mrs. Zella Beagle of Sedonia, Artr. Also survived by 29 grandchildren and 47 great grandchildren. Services will be held af 10 a.m. Thursday from Adiimson Memorial Chapel. Cremation. Friends who wish may give to either fhe Heart or Cancer Funds. C o u n t y C o m m i s s i o n e r CCI provides research for. the haulers on a per-ton basis at Chairman Glenn Billings, who county boards on state and county dumps. He said dispute also is board chairman of the federal legislation and had arisen over truck per-yard Larimer-Weld Regional Council programs, and lobbies at the charges in instances in which of Governments (COG), has Colorado Legislature on bills of hauler trucks were not carrying an d the neighbor is in jail; become president of lhe state- county interest. a full load. officers notified apartment ,f erre d to county jail w i d e c o m m i s s i o n e r s Billings said a CCI executive --Counly officials noted that manager, association, Colorado Counties meeting will have to be called value of tank batteries and Inc. (CCI). shortly lo nominate a southeast- other equipment of the oil-gas Billings, formerly first vice state commissioner as fourth industry based largely In complaint, president of CCI, was elevated vice president of the southern Weld grew in 8 . 34 Man to the group presidency upon organization. February by 5378,400 to a lolal slo j e tit mailbox lhe recent death of CCI In other commissioner of $17.5 million. President Charles Kouns, an developments: --Commissioners noted the Olero county commissioner. --Billings reported Monday board soon must lake under Billings was lo attend the Kouns that talks are to be held bet- study a possible county full-time Lows mid 20s to mid 30s with Pittsburgh zero to 20 above zero moun- P'lland, Me. tains. P'tland, Ore. Wyoming - Mostly sunny JJ?P' d - ai j today, slight chance of .now Richmond showers north tonighl. Clear soulh. Scattered snow showers north Wednesday, partly 5:06 Accident at 13th Street """«' X"""- uttle cooler and 2nd Avenue Wednesday. Highs today 45 to 55. Lows tonight 5 to 25. Highs Salt Lake San Diego San Fran Seattle b 5 MT^ biCyClereP ° rled W«' » « · TamPa by Mike Redus. 35 30 30 27 74 51 41 32 44 39 38 25 83 65 48 30 69 47 37 29 32 9 61 34 50 27 63 43 .41 rn 48 35 ..cdy .. clr .. cdy clr ..cdy .cdy . rn .17 cdy .. sn .89 cdy . clr . rn . rn . cdy . sn .cdy . clr . clr 46 26 62 55 55 48 50 37 47 30 8:10 Assisted UNC security 'campus with harassing telephone call 8114th Ave. 7:17 Prisoner released with fine. 5:40 Two prisoners Iran- NEW YORK (UPI) - The highest temperature reported ^ mn 6:18 Accident on the UNC Monday to the National Weath- Uamosa er Service, excluding Alaska Canon City Washington 52 35 .14 rn and Hawaii, was 85 degrees at Cheyenne 7:06 Burglary reported at Mc /uien, Tex. Today's low was Colo. Springs 6 degrees below zero at Crook Caribou, Maine. 9:35 Accident at loth Street and 10th Avenue. funeral Tuesday In Fowler. 10:16 Woman reported per- ween spokesmen for the licensing system, involving sons dumping trash Inside city county's landfill dump con- some training standards, for limits, tractor, Weld Landfill Inc., and private security agencies 11:2 2 Woman reported area trash haulers on charging operating in Weld. 11:22 someone stole the $100 citizens band radio from her car. Born al Weld County General Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hickman, 3026 8th St. fid., a daughter, on Monday, March 8. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Austin, 3006 W. 5th St., a daughter, on Monday, March 8. Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from Weld County seburg; Mrs. Kelley Creamer, someoM , to |e »5 worth of food General Hospital on Monday, 2014 10th Ave.; Mary Merrill, slara _ from ,,,, ^ March 8: Grcclcy; Dcwcy Cactrcll, BSO Michael Elkins, Johnstown; 27th Ave. Mrs. Albert Becker, Keen- Mary French| 1104 ,,,, s t . Mrs. Millie Belvel, 1105 7th St.; Mrs. Paul Sheperd, 817 24(h St.; while ihopping at Jerry's Fire causes $1,000 damage 8:44 Man arrested on court warrant. 9:03 Fight reported in the 100 Albany block of 14lh Avenue. Albu'que 10:07 Theft from car repor- Amarillo led; CB radio taken. Anchorage Asheville 10:28 Man arrested on traffic ^tjj,,^ wwrant. Birmingham 10:37 Woman reported Bismarck someone stole her television Boise set. Boston 11:03 Employe of J L Wrecker Service asked for officer's assistance In The Weather Elsewhere By The Assoiated Press Tuesday 32 12 .. 55 30 37 29 .. sn .. clr .58 clr 31 17 ..cdy 48 38 .57 rn 63 45 .35 rn 62 50 1.10 cdy 39 30 .04 cdy Denver Durango Estes Park Ft. Collins Grand Jet. Gunnison La Junta Lamar Leadville Pueblo Trinidad clr .01 clr clr clr clr clr clr clr clr 49 26 47 15 51 30 43 24 49 26 57 21 49 27 55 24 48 24 46 22 52 27 clr 36 1 Clr 50 31 .07 Clr 51 24 T Clr M -1 clr 52 26 clr 48 26 .06 clr March 8. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rose, 2430 10th Ave. Ct., a daughter, on Monday, March 8. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Morrison, Johnstown, a daughter, on Monday, March 8. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ikenouye, 1434 5th St., a son, on Monday, March 8. MACY ALLNUTT MORTUARIES A bacMfirlng carburetor in a custom-built van caused $1,000 son {m , 3lh Ave . Mrs UIah damage to the 1964 vehicle Greeley Fire Department. Pat Williams, 2434 24th SI. she was Market. 11:43 Accident at 1201 A St. 11:44 Woman reported she received obscene telephone repossessing two cars; he said Mr,. William Jackson 26468th c . lls . lhe ,,,,,,, ,, t|w ,,,, ,,,, Ave.; Darrell Roth, Windsor. 11:59Acci(lenl . t23rd Avenue aK1 a U , led ^ wreckH . drivm «*»*"*· Brownville Buffalo Charleston Charlotte 45 30 3B 22 83 61 28 18 46 36 57 40 34 32 clr .. sn .. clr ..cdy .42 rn .57 rn ..cdy Hi-Previous day's high. Lo -This morning's low. Prc-Precipitatlon for 24 hours ending 8 a.m. today Eastern Time. OUk--Sky conditions outlook for today. ,,,, Mth A ve.; Rollo Stade, 517 35th Ave. Ct. d., told firemen he started his ,/om f ra "*' TM to ! S ^ Harold Schaefer, Berthoud; Albert Holm, 1802 24th Ave. Ct.; Rebecca Eycrc, Grcclcy. backfire caused the engine to Dismissed from Memorial erupt in flames, and Williams Hospital on Monday, March 8: ran to his home lo call the Melanie Zlegler, La Salle; when lhe engine through the carburetor. The p.m. 12:30 Repossesion of car ":06 Runaway juvenile reported by Northern Colorado relumed home. Detective Agency. TUESDAY 1:36 Report of juveniles shooting B-B guns at houses. 1:41 Woman reported someone shot hpr car with a rifle. fire department. Nancy Warren, 1010 12th Ave., Salvation Army Store. a.m. 12:33 Family disturbance. 1:04 A truck with the keys in vindows the ignition was found parked in an alley in the downtown area; officer removed the keys, but 2:15 Report of juveniles unable lo find truck owner, walking on the roof of the 1:46 Manager of Williams Garden Kitchen Reslauranl When firemen arrived at the Phillip Castillo, 1110 Cth St.; 4:22 Report of a possible requested sn officer to remove scene, the interior of the van Agnes Pofahl, 510 10th St.; kidnaping; case involved was fully involved in Hames. Janine Close, 3913 Glacier Dr. child custody dispule. an unruly customer; man left- upon officer's request. Obituaries Arsene Piedalue PIEDALU6 Arsene J. Piedalue of the Bonell Retirement Community. Husband of Mrs. Dora Pfedalue. Father of Mrs. Roy (Margaret) Dolby of Detroit, Edward Piedalue, Mrs. William J. (Mary Frances) Morion, and Mrs. Kenneth (Barbar a) Morrlll all of Greeley, Joseph A. Piedalue of Saugus, California, and Mrs. Paul (Bernlce) Groger of New Orleans. Brother of Mrs. Laura Beetham, Mrs. Almina Holfschulte, and Miss Reglna Piedalue all of Greeley. Recitation of the Rosary 7:30 p.m. Tuesday from the Drawing Room. Mass of the Christian Burial 10:00 a.m. Wednesday from St. Mary's Catholic Church. Military Honors at Linn Grove Cemetery, by Victor Candlin Post No. 18, American Legion. QUEREE Miss Pearl Queree of 1515 7th Avenue. Cremation. No services scheduled. 1960. Following her marriage Schaefer of Fort Collins; five Convent at Denver, she moved to Ault. In 1936 she sisters, Mrs. Leona Rice, Mrs. Survivors include his parents, Mass of lhe Christian Burial came lo Greeley. Eslher Warner, Mr«. Katy Mr. and Mrs. William for Arsene J. Piedalue, 87, who Survivors include five Troudt and Mrs. Eva died al Bonell Retirement daughters, Mrs. Virgil (Edna Weismiller, all of Fort Collins, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Johnson of Brighton; two sisters, Mrs. Jerred C. Peebles Community Sunday, March 7, May) Mason and Mrs. Ray (Ila and Mrs. Ethel Weismiiler of ofSacramenlo, Calif., and Miss will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Jean) Kane, both of Greeley; Greeley; nine grandchildren St. Mary's Catholic Church. Mrs. Donovan (Evelyn Maxlne) and two great-grandchildren. Recitation of the Rosary will Kahler of Gardena, Calif., Mrs. Services will be at II a.m. be at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday William (LorahLoree) Tillon of Thursday in lhe Trinity (tonight) in the Macy Allnutl Thornton and Mrs. William Lutheran Church, Fort Collins. Drawing Room. (Arlene Ann) Hill of Gill; four Interment will be in Roselawn Barbara E. Johnson of Denver. A sister preceded him in death. Friends may make contributions to the Order of the Holy Family, in care of St. Andrews Church, 2015 Military honors by Victory sons, Robert Lee of Denver, Cemetery, Fort Collins, Russell Glenarm, Denver. Candlin Post No. 18, American John Francis of Greeley, Grant Funeral Home at Fort Collins in Legion, will precede interment Wilson of Ault and Clarence charge of arrangements, in Linn Grove Cemetery. Calvin of Portland, Ore.; two Survivors include his wife, sisters, Mrs. Glenn Stone of Dora; four daughters, Mrs. Roy Springfield, Ore., and Mrs. (Margaret) Dolby of Detroit, Zella Beagle of Sedonia, Ariz.; Mich., Mrs. William J. (Mary 29 grandchildren and 47 great- Mrs, grandchildren. WEATHER FORECAST -- Snow is predicted Tuesday for New England and the Great Lakes. Rain is expected for the Pacific Northwest. It will be cool in the Southeast and cold weather Is seen for Ihe area west of the Great Lakes. (AP Wircphoto Map) William Large III ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ and MARKERS Quality Workmanship Downtown for over 50 years. Open Srilurdays tilt noon. Ralph Hollister John Da (ton GKtELEr MONUMENF WORKS, Inc. OIS7lbAv«. 3SMI07 Frances) Morton and Kenneth (Barbara) Morrill both of Greeley, and Mrs. Paul Thursday in Adamson (Bernice) Groegcr of New Memorial Chapel; cremation. Orleans,La.; twosons,Edward Friends may make con- of Greeley and Joseph A. of tributions to the Heart Fund or Saugus, Calif.; three sisters, American Cancer Society. Mrs. Laura Beetham, Mrs. Almina Holfschulle and Miss Regina Piedalue, all of Greeley; 21 grandchildren and three preat-grandchildren. William R. Large III, 23, of Chicago, formerly of Cheyenne, Wyo., died Saturday, March 6, The Rev. Allen D. Johnson, al Chicago. He was born March 27, 1952, Rev. A.D. Johnson 39, 150 S. 15th Ave. Drive, Mollie Schwartz Lillie D. Seela Mrs. Lillie D. Seela, 84, 1914 19th Ave., died Monday, March she came to Fort Collins as a 8, at Weld Counly General child wilh her parents. On Feb. Hospital. 14, 1926, she was married to She was born June 1R, 1R91, at .Take Schwarl?. Jr. She was a Atlantic, Iowa, and at age 4 member of the Trinity came to Bcllvue in a covered Lutheran Church at Fort wngon. She came lo Greeley in Collins. 1901, lalcr moving In Ihp Fort Survivors include Collins area. husband, Jake; three Brighton, died Sunday, March at San Diego, Calif., and at- Scrvices will be al 10 a.m. 7| a[ tne Brighton Community tended school at Los Angeles, " Hospital. Calif. He was born Sept. 15,1936, at He served in the Vietnam Greeley. He never married. War and after his discharge He attended Hugo High from the Marines attended School and was graduated from radio and TV school and worked the University of Colorado with for Capilol Records, an electrical engineering For Iwo years he lived in degree in 1964. He attended Cheyenne where he worked for Nasholali House in Nasholah, KYCU-TV,and recently went to Wis., where he received his Chicago where he was a TV Master of Divinity degree in technician for Channel 44. 1967. Survivors include his father, The Rev. Johnson served as William R. Large Jr., of West an Episcopalian priest in Hollywood, Calif.-, hli mother, Steamboat Springs, Milwaukee, Mrs. Albert (Lois) Pel and of Wis., and Fort Morgan. Greeley; hit grandmother, He worked as an electrical Mrs. Robert Stratton of Denver, engineer for Hewlell-Pucknrd his grandfather, Cecil Knox of at Loveland, and Stearns- Windsor, and a siller, Mn. Rogers in Denver, and at the Billic Louise Hanusack of time of his dealt) was working Johnslown. for the Prodigal Home In Services will be nl 3:30 p.m. Denver and also with the Wednesday at Adamson mentally handicapped at Memorial Chapel with In- Memorial rInsurance Corner By Bob Laubhan BAMBI CAN BE DANGEROUS Visitors to national driver grabbed the buck's Mrs. Mollie Schwartz, 71, 404 West St., Fort Collins dies Monday. March 8, in Poudre Valley Memorial Hospital at Fort Collins. Born in Russia March 2,1905, her sons, On Aug. 12, 1911, she was Raymond of Gresham, Ore., married to William E Seela at Robert of Greeley and Jimmie Brighton. He h*d taught · terment in Sunset Forl Collins. He died on Dec. 25, of Fort Collins; a brother, Carl count in religion al St. Anne's Gardens. parks are warned about bloody horns and tried to the dangers of getting restrain It and found him- close to wild animals, but they continue to risk life self in danger too. The affair ended only when a and limb by feeding bears, hunter happened along and Now, even the " of this even the deer, usually thought of as the gentle Bambl of the animal kingdom, can dangerous. A man and his wife, killed Ihe deer. The moral "gorey" story should be be fairly clear. Keep clear of wild animals. They may normally be hermits, but driving near Baltimore, they cannot understand saw a deer standing on the English and especially highway. Thinking It might cannot read human minds, get hit by a car, the man got out and tried to shoo It " * ' ' into the woods. The deer, T: , ls | ll( , rllwltoll ,,,, 1 ^ ^ in !!r lims ' "«·" ·"·«*''«y« «»a SES·SLKl'S: *£-»,,£"" The o*er gored her too. A AGE NtY,slliilh Avenue, passing motorist at- Gredey. Phone: 054-2SM. tempted to drive his car Y "" r "ne-rtnp answer to between the deer and his c o m p l e t e insurance victims. A more heroic prelection.

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