Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 26, 1972 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Page 15
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Woodward Objects to Meeker S/'fe for Oil Shale Program DENVER (AP) - Harry \V6odward; director of the Division of'Garhe, Fish and Parks, says he 'objects- to the Depart- mentjof the ^Interior's selection of a region.'southwest of Meeker as for future oi! shale development/ "It is apparent that wildlife values were not considered when this, site was selected," the conservation officer said. The federal agency disclosed Tuesday 11. had selected .six tracts of federal land "for proposed leasing · for development of oil shale. There are two tracts each in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, which if approved after an environmental study would be offered next December. . Woodward takes issue with a region ..of 5,120 acres-25 miles southwest of Meeker,' where his agency has been-cultivaling deer herd. In a letter Monday la Tom Ten-Eyck, slate director of natural resources, .Woodward said he strongly disagreed. with the selection. Because of its isolation, he said,-the area is.especially attractive to wildlife, particularly llie division has spent con- iderable time and money tn mprove these lands for deer and to provide additional hunt- ng opportunities," Woodward :old Ten-Eyck. "We do not be- ieve that this program should be sacrificed when it is not necessary. It was our understanding that Game, Kish and Parks lands were to be eluded..." "The Division is also opposed to the suggestign that open pit mining be permitted on the Family Tract," lie said, "open pil mining will have a considerably greater impact upon the environment than underground or in-site mining." said the greatest impacl, Sen. Proxmire Cracking Down On Gabby, Tardy Witnesses particular area pro- deer. "This vides the environment which makes it one Of the most valu. able deer producing areas in the (Piccance) Basin," he said. He also noted that the so called Family Tract is surrounded by and includes Game, Fish anc Parks -land .-which was purchased with federal aid for wildlife restoration. funds GRADUATION GIFTS "Everything for tlio Office" 1 ' · · ' , 1303 Eighth Ave. wwever, would come from the influx of people. He said his agency approves of the second Colorado tract, in Stewart Gulcli several miles southeast of the Family Tract. Woodward recommended that the disputed region be reconsid- Rio Grande Shows 26% Net Increase DENVER come for (AP) - Net Rio Grande Industries, Inc., for the quarlei ending March 31 increased 25 per cent over the same perioc in 1971, officials announced al Ihe annual stockholders meeting here Tuesday. The corporation said net income for Ihe quarler was $3,421,001), an increase of $097,000 over Ihe first quarler of 1971. The Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., a wholly- owned subsidiary, had record revenues and profits for the quarler, the firm said. Following the annual meet ing, the Board of Directors held an organizational meeting and elected John Evans Jr., G. B. A spokesman for the Interior Department said about- i acres of .Ihe Family Tract is owned by the stale, but that the federal government holds the mineral rights to the land. The spokesmen said the governors of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah ted affirmed their support of the siles. The Interior Department said earlier selection of the six sites would not be made until after completion of draft environmental impacl statements. The department said Tuesday, l»w- ever, that the statements covering the six tracts are now expected to be compleled for public review by June 1. witnesses for about a and Tuesday he escalal- Aydeloft, W; K. gomcry Dorscy, Lcavefl and Hoy Coors, Mont- Charles H. W. Simmons lo the Executive Connniltee. Aydeloft was elected president of the corporation. Other officers elected were J. L. Kumsey, vice president; M. E. Ehrlich, secretary-treasurer, and Richard W. Hambrick, controller. 10ttj.8.89 it t tt.lAMLSLMLS.tif? o e 8_» ° ' q-119 t.HUUMLft APRIL SPECIAL' I COMPLETE A I R CONDITIOMNG SERVICE ·.Completely tost the entire system (or refrigerant I and oil leaks · Clean insects and dirt from the condenser · Replenish refrigerant as required ' · Adjust compressor belt tension · Perform- .'a'nce test the system. Up to SU (depending on condition) plus parts. EDWARDS CHEVROLET CO. ' reet Phone 352-7MO See us for the best in Chevy Service } Bike Rider, 10, Killed in Road Accident By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A 10-year-old Durango, Colo, girl who was struck by 'a car while riding a bicycle across an intersection in Durango Mon day evening, died early Tues day in an Albuquerque, hospital, tlie CoIorado'Stale:£a trol reported. The girl's';.( .,.., . death of a SS-ye^oldviliorfg mpni-rnan in-.aifc accidentsjtjW miles west of.'Ix)iigmpnt.":b|r.iy Tuesday morniiig,' raised^'inr state's traffic falatity-toll to-19; compared wilh H3 on the sanx dale in 1971. . ·' '..,-. ··?.,-»-. The patrol said Amelia Bak'ei of Djrango was struck by a cai driven by John Wesley Goff,'59 of Silverlon, Colo., and wa transferred lo a hospital in Al buquerque where she died early Tuesday morning. Koberl Lee Haskett, 35, Long monl, was thrown from his ca and killed when it left-Nelson Road west of Ixmgmonl ' an( flipped over, the patrol said. Leroy' 1 Meyers I1UNT1NGTON BEACH, Ca lit. (AP) - Leroy "Lee" Mej ors, '25, a former minor leagui pitclier who once was marriei lo aclress Mamie Van Doren was killed in an aulo acciden Tuesday. By LAWRENCE L. KNUTSON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) yielding a pink plastic kitchen imcr and a dusled-off law, Sen. William Proxmire is cut- ing off talkative witnesses at iis Senate hearings and insist- ng they submit their statements 24 hours in advance. The Wisconsin Democrat has been timing his sometimes gar- ulous " - - - nonlh ed his one-man war on (lie lar- ly and llie talkative. He dragged a huge, hand-let- ered sign from behind his carved oak rostrum and, wav- ng it in the air, accused consumer advocate Ralph Nader of breaking the law. Proxmire, it was learned, in- ended originally lo display his sign to Secretary of Commerce ""eler G. Peterson, whose 30- age statement didn't reach staff members of the congressional Joint Economic Committee until 11 o'clock Monday So Proxmire" ordered lhat Nader's name replace Peterson's on the sign. In ils final version read: ·Ralph Nader breaks Ihe lawj a n y prisoners," said Capl. Ray-his statement arrived 24 hours: mon(l .. J1 - Dobbins aflcr his cs- who were trapped tried to fight night. But Nadar, scheduled as T u e s d a y ' s second witness, didn't submit an advance statement at all. He brought copies of it with him instead. Wed., April 26, 1972 GRERLEY'(Colo.) TRIBUNE U. S. Adviser Describes Eluding N. Viet Troops don, Vielnamn(AP) -- "I As the enemy forces were. The they were taking moving from bunker lo bunker, an( i r.l " «;aiH f'nrtl DnvJemoll Cmilk \ri n «..n.« A » A ..»:i^. "point jcape through Norlh Vietnamese Jh'ncs by the dark of the moon. Proxmire cited a section of|A systematic search by the the Government Reorganization nemy i n i sscc j ] lis |, os jijon. small Soulh Vietnamese units Act requiring all Senate wil- nesscs to submit prepared slalcmehls 24 hours in advance. 1'roxmlre is also liming his witnesses. A warning bell sounds when two minutes of the allotted 10 remain. A buzzer goes off after 10 minutes. Senators questioning wit- nesser also are limited to 10- minute rounds, including Prox- nire. Sen. Charles Percy, K-lll., leaicd to Nader's defense, saying Nader's limited budget mid crowded schedule offer him more excuse than the heads of giant federal agencies. "A bipartisan reply would be, you're both right," Nadar said, and then ignored the subject. But the licensing sign, propped on a stand, stayed in place all the lime Nader was on (he witness stand. 1973 Cars Won't Cost Much More Than 1972s WASHINGTON (AP) - New automobiles in 1973 will not cost much more than 1972 models, according to a Price Commission official. Louis iN'eeb, executive secretary of the commission, said public- demand for new cars lias padded the profit margins of anlo makers 'to near or beyond levels allowed by price guidelines. "Thus, we anticipate thai Ihe increased demand, and the resulting impact on the profit margins of lhc firms, will help to hold auto prices down to very low levels,"-he said, Tuesday. Neeb was commenting on the commission's denial Monday of $2 million in price increases requested] by Ford Motor Co. Nee!) said Ford is so close to its profil-margin ceiling (hat "it is our tentative feeling .. . (hat approval of this price increase would have'put them over."'' Th« commission also ordered F. W. Woolworth Co. lo roll back the prices for its food operations lo levels below those of last fall's freeze. The commission said the food- operations are not eligible for Ihe initial percenlage markups given retail establishments am [hat Ihe company improper];, raised prices at Us food count Dobbins, 35, of Marietta, Ga., n adviser lo the South Viet- lamesc, (old newsmen today wo earlier attempts to slip out of (he Tan Canh camp in the enlral highlands failed after it lad been seized by Norlh Viel- liimcse tanks and infantrymen. The (anks were first sighted noving soulh down Highway 14 it 10 p.m. Sunday. hG 7 a.m. Monday they 'had rolled hrougli lhc barhed wire per imclor on the northwest sidu ol he base, which was (lie forward headqkarlcrs for Soulh Vietnam's 22nd Invantry Division and one of its regiments. Dobbins said Ihe bunker he shared wilh 24 South Vietnamese look three direct hits from artillery and two dirccl hits "rom the lank cannons. He s.ii'c 'he enemy troops were using car gas. "The enemy infantry was sweeping flic bunkers and Ihe houses. We relocated to another bunker," Dobbins said. The North Vietnamese cami close lo (he new location lur never found il. Dobbins esti mated lhat two North Vietnam PEG battalions were carrying out the search of the Tan Canl base. ive for the lie first trv .m. Monday but they were en gaged by Ihe enemy and withdrew. One oldier was :icm off, Dobbins said. ..TO?,' regimental commander^ :..alternaled as -then! man," because of tK* v slrain and because each w'a o» nto small groups of four and Dobbins and his unit split up familiar wifh different parts'?^ the compound. hps They received enemy : fiV| ? several times but did not return,, it since they did not want -'fcj,f give away their exact positions'.-,; Dobbins was in contact by ra,-,:i escape attempt, was made at 10 South killed. Vietnamese They tried a.m. his group and others rived a pickup point about-, mile outside the perimeter . T ' A . f i u i v , i i i no n i i n u , i UViY U J U U ,!· . . . . ·- , n « i _ 'gain at midnight but made d j°, w ,^ Jf ,TM c ,. f 5 rc j-t At AiS contact with the enemy a n d " * " "° " pulled back a second time. On Ihe first two tries, Dob'- ,, wlim . n , 0 ^ nel]c bins said there was too much ] irted Dobbins and 11 Vielna' uoonhglil. | cse lo safcty The third escape attempt he- jjan al ·! a.m. today when Ihe noon lowered and ground fog limited the enemy's visibility. Dobbins, the South Vietnamese regimental commander, an interpreter and an aide moved cautiously through a mine field tliat they had set for the enc- Bikecology CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) £, The Hamilton County Park Iricl is sponsoring Week May 1-7, wit daily routine callin of bikes instead of autos. " Tdi 7, with a suggesteJr 1 calling for the u'siT" " In Our TRIPLE LOAD WASHERS ANDGENTLE DRYERS The Laundromat at Hillside Mai Between King Soopersand Purr's Tel. 352.9924 Freshen Up ' SLEEPING BAGS AND , BLANKETS Come to a e » ·' § wingm Cookout WITH GAS! GAS GRILL COOKING DEMONSTRATION THURSDAY, APRIL 27 1 to 4 p.m. in our patio! Come see the only chicken cooked in a watermelon!! Terry Morrison, Chef Spur-of-lhe-moment patio parties can be great summer fun! They can be if you don't have to spend half the parly v/orking. Why fool with charcoal s t a r t e r , messy, hard-lo-handle briquettes and then pray it all gets going before your,company half starves. You don't have to worry"aboutall that. Not witha gas outdoor grill. COFFEE Buy now and save during May. No down payment/ terms .available. No interest or carrying charges. Only S3.00 added to your monthly gas bill. Normal installation is free. Visit us during our cook out demonstration. DREELEY CAS COMPANY 1200 Eleventh Avenue WHOLE K E R N E L 303 CANS DEL MONTE" GARDEN SHOW SLICED PEARS 301 CAN DEL MONTE GARDEN SHOW DEL MONTE DEL MONTE CUT' GREEN BEANS 303 Can l 'r. A sure sign of SPRING -- STEELE'S first BIG SALE of the Spring season. Come in and SAVE on those QUALITY ITEMS! FRUIT COCKTAIL 303 Cill) TOMATO SAUCE 0 oi. 99 C N O R T H E R N ' TOWELS 3 $100 FOR I JUMBO ROLLS DEL MONTE SWEET PEAS 303 Can FOR 89' f bEL.MbNTE'PlrYjt' PINEAPPLE- GRAPEFRUIT ,. Drink' 4i~:,:*: y^,-'89 cJ " FOR I GOLD COIN BONELESS HAM 89 Lb. SELECT SLICED BEEF LIVER 59 Lb. Shurfine FROZEN PEAS or CORN 10 oz. Pkgs. HILLS BROS. A NEW TASTE TREAT GROUND TURKEY MEAT 88% Lean 79 Lb. Ruby Red Grapefruit 2u,s29 c Fresh Green Solid Head Cabbage Lb. Arizona Kinnow Tangerines u 10 Lb, U.S. No. 1 Red Potatoes 43 "····'·'· = «5?. H »W fc ^ ^^^^ 10 15 SLICED CLING PEACHES 7'. Q Can O FOR DEL MONTE' 00 GARDEN SHOUT EATON, COLO. -STORE HOURS WEEKDAYS 7:3O a.m. to 6 p.m. CLOSED SUNDAY SAT.. 7:3O a.m. to 8:OO p.m.

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