Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 11, 1975 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1975
Page 3
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Nampa committee notes no action taken on plans Ilio Utahi. Krcc Press. Tuesday. Kebruarv 11. 1KV5 - .1 H'ontinued from I'age |) auditorium. '; The council accepted lliis proposal ihe '; same nighl il was presented by Johnson -··but no action was ever taken on il. '., · '" ^"mber ol 1974. the committee was . requested to reactivate itself and bri-ig in ,, an alternative proposal. The resulting plan ,'was accepted by the entire committee Jan ,13, and presented informally to Mavor Starr the following week so he and 'the .-.council could begin consideration of i! .., The proposal suggested: '.' 1. Acquiring the Kenwood School block , .for a future city hall site-since Kenwood . will not be needed by the school district . with completion of new elemenlarv facilities now being built. '. 2 Constructing a new police station and , jail immediately on city-owned property at -,'lhe corner of 12th Avenue and Third Street . .South. ; The committee strongly opposed ., building the police building at that silo. .however, unless the Kenwood properly . ,was acquired at the same lime for a future city hall. Members said they could not , .endorse a plan that would allow only a ..quarter of a block for a city hall. 3. That the city wail until the current , economic silualion has improved before ·.scheduling a bond issue to build a new citv ' hall. , · 4. Thai when a new city hall is built, that ,.|he present city hall site be developed "for . public use. for the benefit of the community and the downtown area." The committee suggested acquiring the Kenwood property by first re-zoning for .public use and then purchasing Ihe block '·lying between the Kenwood block and the ·"Central School block. This properly could [(hen be exchanged for Ihe Kenwood "block--thus eliminating Ihe necessity of the school district selling Kenwood at public auction, and n^un'TM 'he oi'v u-nulri receive (ho proper!) An alternative would be for (he school district to purchase Ihe block between Central and Kenwood, nnd Ihecily lo bid at auction for the Kenwood property. In either case the goal would be for Ihe school district lo own the block next lo its Central properly, and Ihe cily lo own Iho Kenwood block for ils future cily halt. "Although it was apparent ilia I there would need lo be considerable negotiation and cooperative elforl with the Nampa School District to implemenl this proposed plan." the report said, "members of Ihe Citizens Development Commillet? hail conducted sufficient p r e l i m i n a r y investigation to believe that a solution could be wurked out (hat would be of equal benefit to the school district and Iho city." However, the report said, the committee has learned since this proposal was made that "there is not sufficient interest in this proposal on Ihe part of Ihe four city councilmen to discuss il further, and, in fact, a scheduled conference with Ihe school board was cancelled by ihe city for this reason." II concludes: "Realizing that the four city councilmen are nol now. nor have (hey been, seriously inlerested in any proposal other than building on Iho present site, we feel that (here is no further service a committee such as ours can perform. "Unforlunalely. the need for a new city complex is greater than ever. We tried, but apparently our efforts were nol cam- patiblc with Ihe thinking of the administration. We had hoped that the second proposal included compromises that would make Ihe plan widely acceptable. II is our sincere hope thai you have the wisdom and foresight to give Ihe community the leadership it needs at Ihis time to resolve Ihis dilemma." Parole officer outlines problems of probationers Dr. J*an Dowton Dr. Dav* Mumford On the record Beet fieldmen slate Caldwell meet Wednesday CALmVELl. The Amalgamated Sugar Company, Nampa, will conduct its annual sugarbeot fieldman's meeting in Caldwell at Ihe National Guard Armory fob. 12 from 9 a.m. lo noon. Lunch will be served al the meeling and (here is no charge for any grower or landowner interested in attending. The program for the meeting is composed of three persons, each lecturing and discussing a different part of Hie industry. Dr. Joan Dawson is a research agronomist at (he weed control research center in Prosser, Wash. He will discuss weed control as a year-arounri projecl. Dr. Dave Mumford is a pathologist at (he crops research laboratory in Ogdcn, Utah. He will lecture in his specialty, powdery mildew and root rots. Both these factors were a problem to sugarbeet growers last year in the valley. Larry Corry, district manager for Amalgamated Sugar in Nampa. will discuss the future of Ihe sugarbeet industry. For those unable lo attend the Caldwell meeting, there are I wo olhers scheduled. Feb. I I , Incre is a meeting From 9 to noon al Ihe Elks Lodge in Ontario and Mountain Home, also on Feb. 11, will hosl a meeting from -1-6 p.m. It will be held in the legion hall. N A M I ' A - T h e N a m p a M a y o r ' s Commillee on E m p l o y m e n t of ihe H a n - dicapped and Older Worker was urged to help Iliose who tire "emotionally and socially" handicapped al ils vecenl regular meeling. Dave M a l l e r y . Idaho probation and parole officer will) the d i s t r i c t office in Caldwell, ami Carol Amiga, juvenile probation officer with Canyon County, spoke on the problems probalioners anil parolees have in obtaining jobs "Being handicapped is much more lhan a pnysiea! ifiiny." Mallery told the committee. "Il is also emotional anil social, and this is where (he cv-felon comes inlo Hie picture. He is handicapped because he is discriminatedagainsl liy society and business." Ho added that most job application forms contained questions about a past criminal record. An individual who answers yes to being on probation or parole "doesn'l get any consideration whatsoever for a job and Ihis makes him handicapped." .Mallery said he couldn'l blame Ihe employer for not wanting lo hire an ex-felon because many of them arc hurl by crime "But we've gol lo realize t h a t people need a second and third chance." he emphasized. "By making il difficult for the ex-felon to gel a job, placing iiiakt it ··miie oul ol u-ii times." did nol lell Ihe irulh aboul Iheir lie said rurrenl legislation c r i m i n a l records and were Lraijuonsiileretl by Congress lo hired. Bui alter they come It make il iincnnstiluiional In ask Iheir parole officers "we lell aljiiul probation and parole on a jol) upplu'aiion "desperately lii-eds to be passed." Another handicap Ihe ex-felon fuel's is in jobs available lo him Mallery coniinucd He said Ihe formi'i criminal is burred from such job areas as banks, law enforcement or sales for large slores and food chains Most evfelons who do manage lo BUI a job arc employed in nioiiih' home factories, lumber nulls, mining anil farmuork. "Mam ex-felons are qualified ior oilier jobs and llicy cini 1)0 hondcd tlirmigti ihe Stale Employment Office for up to SlO.dWi!" Mallery reported. Kor example, lie said, convenience slores which are oflen hit by armed robbers could Iry them lo go back and lell Ihe trulh." "Ninely (o 95 per cenl of Ihe lime after this, Ihe person is laid oil within a week and given some- phony reason." Mallery said The file of the Probation and Parole Department is open to businessmen, he continued. "We will tell business what an individual's chances are. what lo look for and be prepared lor. I'm nol advocating taking jobs away from oilier people, but when jobs are available, these people should be given equal consideration." Amiga told Slit committee tthcn working w i t h p r o b a t i o n e r s , p a r t i c u l a r l y juveniles, "(he very smallest employing an ex-armed robber things we do can affect Iheir vvtii) lias now gimp slraiglu. This entire lives. If they receive Ihe person "could t a l k lo the "pIXTHmiiy lo wurk. ilicy sel uotcnlial robber and lell him ttcrkmn patterns (hat wilMasi.' 1 'I'M- been iheve ami n rtiicsn'i wurk.' " Mallery added that from his observations, I h e s t a n d a r d employe without a criminal record' "is more likely lu rip otf an employer Ilian someone wilh a criminal record. "I'm nol savins Hie employer isn'l going lo get burned once in a while by hiring an ex-felon." he said, "bnl Ihe same Ihing holds fur Ihe average employe." He asked Ihe mayor's com- hardshipsonhim andhis family, v m i t t c e ^ t o urge businessmen lo he may turn back lo crime." Mallery pointed out, "and Ihis hurls business." If he has a job and income. Ihe ex-felon will give the ex-felon a chance, llallerv said maiiv individuals M A G I S T R A T E ' S COl'KT. Third St. S.. $25: Rodney Ware. Xampa Section '717 S. Juniper, $12.50: Fred The following fines were paid Timm II, 419 12th Ave. N.. S25: Cliffton Swan. Rising Trailer Court, S23. Failure to obey citation: John Malison. Boise', $12.50; Billy Ward, Nampa Route 7. $25. The charge of failure to obey and penalties sel recently under Magistrate Phil Morford. Amounts listed dn not include Ihe $7.50 court costs charged in each case. Driving while intoxicated: Harold Miller. Caldwell Roule ·1..S150. provemenl; Richard Sailer. 319 Locust. S19: Danny Shellon. Nampa Roule 5. $5: Frank Gipe, Nampa Route 1, $10: Wendell Bledsoe. 124 Sixth Ave. S., $10: Around about The Nampa area citation against Benjamin Barker. 106 Belmnnt. Caldwell, son. Petil larceny: Ruby Thomp- was dismissed. 120 Diamond. $100. $50 Fishing with Iwn poles: m o n t h s George Kugler. Melba. $25 on a c i t a l i o n issued in Elmore County. Allempl lo lake ducks after suspended, probation. 'Wilful concealment: Betty Lawson. 423 Hannibal. Caldwell. Mallhew Parlgcl, 2113 Michigan, dance will be sponsored by the Caldwell, $10; Richard Sociable Seniors Wednesday al B Ferguson. 4!G Fiflli Ave. S.. S5 pm at n, e Communily Cejilcr, nn a citalion issued in Ada 1112 Hrs! Si. S. Everyone is Counly; Julius Kurpjuweit. 503 invited. There will be oldlime 17th Ave. N., SI2.50. music by Ihe Three Sharps and Speeding: Frankie Ragam't, admission is SI. Refreshments Caldwell Route G, $10: l.eon w ill be served. Gingrich, iN'ampo Route 7, $17; Raun Jensen, Emmell, $7.50: VETERANS -- A professional Daniel Hollry. 420 17th Ave. S., service officer from Ihe Division DANCE SCHEDULED - A bcnwnif lire official visil of Mrs. FREE COLLIE Marie Shaffer, president of Ihe registered Collie will be given Kcbekah Assembly of Idaho, free lo a good home. Call 405- Wednesday, The dinner will 24R). t e g i n a i 7 p . m . a l Ihe 100F Hall in Melba. A regular business meeling will be conducted al 8 p.m. All Rebekahs are inviied and are lo bring a covered dish. Meal will he furnished. Driver hurt in collision NAMPA -- One minor injury was reported in four recent t r a f f i c accidents in Nampa. according lo police records. Trudy Wright. 21, of Nor- Ihwesl Nazarcne College, was slightly injured when her 1972 Volkswagen, wcslbound on Amilv. collided wilh a 19C8 She said me organization, ihe Neighborhood Youth Corps. sponsored by Ihe Department of Employment, is' involved in working with employers (o train and pay youths in various jobs. "II is important to have (his opportunity lo work and learn success antl failure." she added. In other business al (he m e e t i n g . Dianne Hickcy. chairman of (ho Poster and Essay Contest C o m m i t t e e . reported judging had been completed and entries soul lo the Governor's Committee for the statewide contesl. The local awards breakfast is scheduled for April I. when winners on the junior high, high school and college level in N a m p a w i l l receive cash awards. The breakfast is cosponsored by ihe Civil an Club. RAINBOW CHAPTER Rainbow Chapter No. 80. Order of EaslernSlar, will meel al Ihe Dodge station wagon driven by Masonic Temple Wednesday al Edna Thompson. 26.1124 Elder, K p.m. for a regular meeling. soulhbound on Elder. Thompson Sojnurncrs are welcome. was cited for failure lo yield after slopping. A citalion for failure lo vield HEL1EF CORPS - G.A. STARLIGHT CLUB $5; Gerald Pcllit, 1716 First St. ,,?' VeTer'aiT's' Affairs," Depart" Hobarl Woman's Belief Corps Slarlighi Club will meet Wed- , j ; ed ( S.. $7.50: Robert Loya. I/is mc ni O f Hcallh and Welfare, -'" »·'" """' wTMl»»«l=v »i ,,.,,, ^HTM ,,, ,, ,, m = , ,,,,, ,,.,,,,, ,,, »«! *V NAMPA-- Warmer weather has apparently turned oul Sliehl. Nampa Koute l. S5: in Nampa Thursday from 9 a.m. aml husincss meeting al Ihe Leonard Ford. Nampa Roule 5. unlil ·) p.m. He will assist wilh nomc of N d U c J(mes - Midland $22 on a citalion issued in pension questionnaires and lilvd Jerome Counly. olher matters p e r t a i n i n g lo Speeding: Kathryn Hennis, veteran's benefils. Nampa Houle 4, $15; Tim Larson. 4ir C h e s t n u t , $14; T R A I N I N G SESSION Robert Ward, 623 Hudson. $16; There will be a Iraining session Carl Budell. 418 W. Dakota. $5; forilolline volunteers Thursday Kenneth Allen. 1012 Holland, at 7:30 p.m. al Ihe Communily : Dennis Labrum. Nampa Center. All volunteers are urged Ss7fivedavsTaii7us D ended six hours: Tom Faught. 608 Hudson. S.. $7.50: Robert Loya. us menl of Hcallh and Welfare, will will mcel Wednesday ai 12:30 nesday al 8 p . m . a l l h e home of M , ' B ^ * - w R , , $50. ive days jail suspenaea. six B Angeles. C a l i f . , $20; Honda be al Ihe American Legion Hall p.m. for a covered dish luncheon Gertrude Urandi. 240 Rt.wcna ,f, r r his 1967'Ford westbount months probation. *"· ~.. e .. .. , . . . -- . . . ~. . 6 ,, .,,,,( i,.,^,,,,TM ,~ nn ti~« ni h n \,. n u u r /us iyu/ roro. \\eMuouju Conlerrim of courl: Sam Failure to give immediate Davila, 123 N. 25th SI.. $25; notice: Donald LeFavour. 1631 Bruce Stephens, 115 IMh Ave. S. !2lh Ave. Road. $25. Estt $25- Clifford Hanson. 511 Speeding: John Ong, 329 Sixth Elder. $25: William Colvln. 704 SI. N.. $100. d r i v e r im- B/ke thieves out again Washington. The house was ransacked, but il is unknown Rniile *. S'2: John Bone, 315 i» attend. bicycle thieves as well as what is missing since Hayes is Amily, $20; Forrcsl Ehrlin 106 · - ,\amoa oolice oul of town Dewey, $5; Lverelt E'.udcr Jr., ^ WCA CLASSES -- The Recent arrests included that TM Fifth Ave. N.. $15; Julia VH'CA's beginning oil painting Ihis morning of Karen Loman, F'TM'. Nampa Roule 3, $10. class will meet Thursday at 9:30 1 6 1 1 F i f l h S t . S . . o n a c h a r g e o f Speeding: Raymond Harder a.m. al Ihe YWCA. The in- driving while intoxicated. She » E. Lincoln, $10; Richard lermcdiale oil painting class LA LECHE LEAGUE - La Ix^che League will meet Wednesday al 11) a.m. al ihe home of Mrs. Carl Hamilton, 911 Win- Iher. The discussion topic will be prcveniing problems and overcoming d i f f i c u l t i e s in breasl feeding. All inieresied women are inviied. · ,. . .. on First Street South', struck a AEBl.E.,.Aimliary. -- Eagles. i%7 Punliac driven by. Gordon Aerie and Auxiliary "No. 2103 will liorl. 45. 1903 Seventh SI. S., moel Wednesday al 8 p.m. al southbound on N a m p a Aerie Hall. Boulevard. q i u r i F q DANTM - Th« " arry sim l' so "- 62 - 523 bINGLtS DANCb - Inc Fairv j ew . received a cilation for Treasure Valley Singles Inc. an , h j s ' driver, by 19. Nampa we, om Koberl Adams. bicycle riders. reports listed two stolen bikes Monday J Diane Summers, Northwest Nazarene College, told police her Schwinn ID-speed girl's bike. bright green wilh a red pouch. had been laken from Nampa Clinic, 811 12lh Ave. S. The bicycle was valued at $123. Jack Kimball. 119 15th Ave. has been released on her own Sliles - TMlw recognizance. Arrested M o n d a y were Ronald Fuller. 216 17lh Ave. S., on a charge of conlempl of courl; and Will Richards, of nf Irtahn. $18; meets al 12:30 p.m. Anyone Donald Sinclair, 319 High, $b on inieresied in laking Ihe classes a citation issued in Ada County; is asked lo call the YWCA, -167- Tony Davis, 207 Yale, $20; Viola 1200. Hegislralion deadline is Case, 502 Sunny Lane, $7.50; Wednesday al 5:30 p.m. Ronald Dickman, Nampa Roulc 2, $5; Mark Hamilton, Nampa LITA CLUB - The Nampn LUNCHEON SET - The Home Circle Club will meet with Mrs. John Brondl al 1 Wednesday for a luncheon, when ihcy willcclebrale ihe 46ih anniversary of the club. - , . ,, . t v u l l , aim HI" i l l l - l i u . u", v. ^ ^ ^ ^mj-j^ n U I U M L U t l , I X d l l l ^ J d 1*1 1 /\ V,lj N.. reported the then 01 a sen- M c iba, on a charge of oblaining Rnu(( , 5 S5; Sco u Taylor, Lila Club will meet Thursday al wmn 10-speed boy s biKe, (larK property under fa | se pretenses. Caldwell Route 6. $10. 8 p.m. at ihe home of Mrs. Sid rerj. valued at «0. from his front T wo t r a f f i c accidents, in- Speeding: Janet Deppe, Baslian. yard. a eluding one hit-and-run, were Nampa Route?. SlBona cilalion TOASTMISTRESS - Speech conlesl run-offs continue Ihis week ai the Nampa Toast - mislrcss meeting. Women in- ieresied in personal develop- meni are inviied lu altend. There is no obligation and no p.m. conducting a paper drive.' For R TM (! , 3 ' was ci '= d fo ^ """"'S informal^ call «frim vvillioul reasonable safety after his I9d truck, eastbound on RETIRED TEACHERS-Thc Caldwell Boulevard, backed into N ' a m p a - C a l d w e l l R e t i r e d a General Motors pickup driven Teachers will meet Wednesday bv Pa(ricia Ro nerts, 24 Xampa al 12:30 p.m. at Sir Richards. ]{ oul(; 5 Cupid's Coming... Valentine's Day Friday, Feb. 14 OFFICE SUPPLY 11 24 -1st St. So. Land-use bills gain support 1969 Ponliac GTO had been ""' t · . «r J tiuuiug uut im-aiiu-i uji, T....V i^ampa ttouif I, »IOon a L-]ldllijlJ rhartfp Thp vrdlin will mppt riirnini:cmnpri; In other complainls Monday, r e p o r t e d lo N a m p a p o l i c e ^ n Ada Coumy . Darrcl M A S O N I C MEETING T Ka7 at commissioners Gerald Pearsoll. of Kuna. sain a Mondav Dav e Brumbaugh, 807 Bloomquisl, 812 S. Powerline, Ashlar Lodge No. 90 will mcel al ' Homelite "Super Lasy cnain seventh Ave. S., reporled his $13-Mark Smilh, Nampa Route 7:30 p.m. Thursday al Die- saw, valued at $250, had been · - - - - -· --- . . . . . . . . . . ·· _ . .. _ . . stolen from his Jeep parked at 216 Yale. William Thomas, 119 Maple, reported the theft of ap- pr ^ ima H e ^e?f 0 o^?rVm Z hTs Sevenlh Avenue. The hit-and- T v A ^ toted in th run vehicle was described as a Kuna. $28. unlocked freezer, located m the ^ ^ Volkswagen. Failuretouseheadlights: Lori while struc |( [,'y a ve hicle which left the scene. The Pontiac. which sustained . carport of his residence. gill Montgomery, principal of 4. $25; Doyle Overman, 512 Masonic Temple for a staled Eighlh SI. N., $18; Harold communication and work in ihe Jordon, 30717(h Ave. S., $25ona (hird degree. Sojourners are c i t a t i o n issued in Elmore welcome and refreshments will $125 damage, was parked on Counly; June Cooper. 124 E. be served. Lincoln $5; Dianna Bnehlke, ART GUILD - The Nampa An Guild will meel Wednesday 10 a.m. ai Ihe Communily Joe Pineda, 27, 124 15th Ave. Cornilles. 324 Lake Lowell. $5. n i'." i"T.',"nT n r Hioh' 141S Fifth N - . was ciled for b a cking Improper l u r n : N a t h a n ^ ^ n l n ^ l i c e two window of without reasonable safety after Wilson. H12 Amity. $10. fhfschcll^a^bZenand ^ !%5 Chevrolet, pulling out of Failure to obey a Cenier. M I S E c U P l I - I d a h o Counly and clerks 7 p.m. ai the joined Ihe Association of Idaho Nampa Fellowship Credil Union Cilies Saturday in full support o! Hldg.. al Ihe corner of Holly a package of land-use planning Sirccl and Sheridan Avenue. bills being considered by the Idaho Legislature. A M E R I C A N HOME -- Dean Huntsman, executive di- Amcrican Home Deparlment of reclor of Ihe Idaho Association i h e Woman's C e n l u r y Club O f Commissioners and Clerks, meets Wednesday al 1 p.m. al said commissioners and clerks Ihe home of Lucille Lillle, Lone O r the 44 counties had been Siar Road. Please call Ihe "exposed" lo Ihe measures, and hostess if unable in anend. ||,(. rc W as no "stiff opposition." Serving AH Faiths ani electric staff !lae pencil sharpener driven on se con d control device: s( 7 ucka 1970Buick Nampa Routc 3 $7 . 50 . Dean Jackson, 65, of traffic KEBEKAH LODGE - The Joni D u r r , Melba Kcbekah Lodge No. 105 will hosl a potluck dinner in "»««-' . residence al 319 W. was reported. NOTICE! PLAN TO SHARE THIS SPIRITUAL FEAST OUR WORLD TODAY AND TOMORROW ATTEND A FREE LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SUBJECT: "Your Right To Be Right" LECTURER: JESSICA PICKETT, C.S. Member Of The Christian Science Board Of Lectureship. PLACE: KARCHER MALL-UPSTAIRS TIME: FEBRUARY 13,8:00 P.M. AUSCPICES OF F/RST CHURCH OF r, SCIENTIST, NAMPA, IDAHO SUNSHINE ??·· BOOKKEEPING ft . , \ SECRETMIU V .; SERViQh -'/"nl\'' 1209 3rd Street So. PHONE 467-5751 VaRena Offers YOD Reliable, Accurate, Bookkeeping Servke ai Reasonable Rates. ASH WEDNESDAY LENTEN · SMllOPt D COII WITH OYSUIS . TMU SPMXETTI CUHIOLE DENNY'S LINE-A-DINER 1923 2nd. St. So,, 466-9824 WITH UNDERSTANDING 0 UT concern... TO PROVIDE THE FINEST OF FACILITIES Every memorial tribute arranged here reflects the beliefs and customs of the bereaved and Iheir families. Alsip FUNERAL CHAPEL JohmF.,\l f i f .J,. Corner of lOlh Ave.S 4ihSl. So. 166-3545 or 888-2735

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